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Nursery Rhyme Crimes Harvesting Grid, The Magical Kingdom's secret school system

Parents share this video out to other parents…. Stay informed… and take your little ones out of these hypnotizing elementary schools immediately…out of the 13 Disney elementary schools across the United States… maybe more…..

Right Now there are currently, what I have charted in the United States, are 13 ran funded and owned Walt Disney Elementary Schools..

And by the way there is no Wikipedia list for these, there is no collective list or data search pulling the records for these elementary schools online. You have to look and verify each one by state. So I may have missed some. Because this was all I could verify, but their definitely may be more of these, nationally and or even globally. I wouldn’t doubt if there wasn’t a handful of 100’s of these in China, given they have outnumbered the US in magical kingdom parks that they have. These schools are hidden and discreetly found up on the internet searches.

The schools are in:
Alvin, TX
Tulsa, OK
Springfield, MO
Mishawaka, IN
(4 locations) in Chicago, IL
(3 locations) in California, (Anaheim, Burbank, and San Ramon)
Omaha, NE
Levittown, PA

If you know anyone, you know has their children enrolled in magical kingdom elementary schools…. You may ask them to rethink their education choices…

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