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Psychics and Lottery Numbers
I have always wondered if psychics could pick the winning lottery numbers in advance and I got to talking to Karen about it. What she said made a lot of sense to me and I thought I’d post the info here. :)

Quote:Do I think a psychic can pick the lotto? Well I do not think so, as you know the lotto is not really a game of chance, it is all set up, I do not think a particular person is picked to be the winner, but if you had a psychic sitting while the numbers are being drawn I am sure they would get them all correct, but trying to do it a week before, no. A psychic can only tune into energy that is ‘certain’, but the greatness of the psychic is ’how’ they translate that energy. You can only see the future of someone or something when it has become part of that person, therefore is in the energy that surrounds them.  

Test yourself, take a guess to the lotto numbers a week before, then an hour before the draw, take another guess but visualize the numbers coming out, write down how many you got right. Try this for at least 5 lotto draws, see how you go. I am sure you will be surprised at the answer.
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It all is rigged

Either there's technology controlling the balls, or no drawing is held at all

On 9/11, the NYC pick-three was 911. Heh
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