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Putin & Tucker Interview | Kabbalah, Satanism & Chabad Lubavitch
Why I'm Interviewing Vladimir Putin.
By Tucker Carlson
February 8, 2024

This interview is so informative and insightful and impactful that it will be talked about for years to come.

    Tucker Carlson Reveals Why He Wanted to Interview Putin

    “Because they told me I couldn’t.”

    Tucker is still infuriated that the U.S. government spied on him illegally and leaked his communications, which spooked the Russian government into canceling a previously planned…
    — The Vigilant Fox (@VigilantFox) February 12, 2024

“I’ve been trying for three years to do this interview. The US government prevented me from doing it by spying on my text messages and leaking them to the New York Times. And that spooked the Russian government into canceling the interview,” he said.

“So I’ve been trying to do this but my country’s intel services have been working against me illegally and that enraged me because I’m an American citizen.”

Tucker Carlson Interviews Vladimir Putin
A victory for free speech & a fascinating conversation
By John Leake
Courageous Discourse
February 10, 2024

The first thing that jumped out at me as I listened to the Tucker Carlson-Vladimir Putin interview is that Putin is 100 times more intellectually capable than President Joe Biden. No wonder Biden won’t take his call.

It says a lot that the terrible people who run the United States wanted to prevent Carlson from conducting the interview, and then to hinder it from being made available to the American public.

Many, including Carlson himself, expressed frustration that the Russian President began with a history lesson, going back to the founding of the Kievan Rus state in 882. I suspect this was Putin’s sly way of expressing a salient point that has long struck me about we Americans—namely, while our government is ever keen to send weapons and armies all over the world to police mankind, we find it onerous to sit through a 30-minute history lesson about the people and places we wish to control.

Russia is, in Churchill’s formulation, “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma,” and it has always been governed by an authoritarian state. Nevertheless, with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, there is plenty of evidence that Russia wished to cease living in a state of enmity with the United States.

To me, it seems clear it was the U.S. Military-Industrial Complex, and NOT Russia, that wished to maintain this state of enmity, for without it, there would be little justification for the U.S. government to spend hundreds of billions on weapons goodies such as the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II—a program that started in 1995 and (if DoD accountants are to be believed) has cost U.S. taxpayers about 500 billion.

With Bill Clinton’s NATO expansion in 1997, no less of a Cold War eminence than George Kennan characterized this decision as a Fateful Error that would likely result in precisely the instability and insecurity it was purportedly supposed to prevent.

From the beginning of the Russian crisis that developed in the autumn of 2021—shortly after the Biden Administrations’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan after a 20-year occupation that achieved nothing—I have suspected that administration and the terrible people who advise it did everything in their power to BAIT THE RUSSIAN BEAR into invading Ukraine.

The Administration did NOTHING to defuse the crisis, and it insulted the Russians by sending the imbecilic Kamala Harris to the Munich Security Conference on February 18, 2022. I suspect that an Austrian-style neutrality deal would have prevented the catastrophe that has apparently gotten hundreds of thousands killed. It has also seemed obvious to me that, since 2014, Ukraine has been the CIA’s favorite pet project.

To to this day, not a single person has been able to explain to me why Russia would consider tolerating Ukraine joining NATO. Since President Monroe outlined his foreign policy in 1823, the United States government has increasingly pursued a policy of zero tolerance of any foreign military alliances or installations in the entire Western Hemisphere.

And yet, this same United States government, which has invaded and bombed dozens of countries since 2001, claims it is perfectly reasonable to propose that Ukraine (whose northeastern border lies 370 miles from Moscow) join NATO. The distance from the Mexican border to Dallas is greater.

Key Putin statements in the interview are as follows:

    On the negotiation process and its failure: “[Talks] reached a very high stage of coordination of positions in a complex process, but still they were almost finalized. But after we withdrew our troops from Kiev... the other side threw away all these agreements."

    On his last conversation with Joe Biden: "I talked to him before the special military operation, of course... I told him I believe that you are making a huge mistake of historic proportions by supporting everything that is happening there, in Ukraine, by pushing Russia away."

    On the possibility of global conflict: "It goes against common sense to get involved in some kind of a global war and a global war will bring all humanity to the brink of destruction."

    On Russia's territorial ambitions: "We simply don't have any interest [in Poland, Latvia, or anywhere else]. It's just threat mongering."

    Commenting on US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s remark that the US has to continue to fund Ukraine or US soldier citizens could wind up fighting there, Putin said:

        This was a provocation and a cheap provocation. Don't you have anything better to do? You have issues on the border. Issues with migration, issues with the national debt. More than $33 trillion. Wouldn't it be better to negotiate with Russia? Make an agreement. Already understanding the situation that is developing today, realizing that Russia will fight for its interests to the end. And realizing this, actually return to common sense, start respecting our country and its interests and look for certain solutions. It seems to me that this is much smarter and more rational. I do not understand why American soldiers should fight in Ukraine. There are mercenaries from the United States. The bigger number of mercenaries comes from Poland, with mercenaries from the United States in second place and mercenaries from Georgia in third place. Well, if somebody has the desire to send regular troops, that would certainly bring humanity to the brink of a very serious global conflict. This is obvious.

See complete interview on Tucker Carlson’s website

Feb 9
I didn't find it onerous at all to listen to the history and back up to explain Russia's stance on how they believe we arrived to this point. I found it refreshing that Putin/Russia DOESN'T forget their history and their past. They plan 50-100 years out for their country, with a vision for their citizens, while we change directions every 2-4-6 years depending on elections with no real long term goals and throwing our own history in the trash. Fascinating interview, worth listening to a second time.

Karen T Foust
Feb 9
It was a great pleasure to listen to such an accomplished and articulate world leader as Pres. Putin. What a gift for the Russian people. How sad that our leaders in the US are so incompetent and actually evil. Lord Jesus help us!!! Thanks to Tucker Carlson for a job well done.

The Putin Interview
By Paul Craig Roberts
February 10, 2024

Although his questions were on the sophomoric side, Tucker Carlson did a good thing by giving us a two hour view of how Putin thinks.  The neoconservative warmongers and the shills for the armament industries are angry, because Putin did not present as they have portrayed him–an evil aggressor out to conquer Europe.

What comes across from Carlson’s interview with Putin is that Putin remains a captive, after all the betrayals and deceptions he has suffered, of his ideal of reaching an agreement with the West.  He discounts Washington’s insistence on its hegemony.  The fact doesn’t fit with Putin’s idealistic approach to international relations. Putin still hopes for sanity and good will to emerge in the West.  His idealism blocks him from proactive actions, which he regards as provocative. He is yet to accept that his tolerance of Western aggression encourages more aggression and thus continues to frustrate the emergence of the cooperative multipolar world that he envisions.

I don’t think we are going to get the mutual defense treaty between Russia, China, and Iran that would cause Washington’s neoconservatives to accept reality and to give up their goal of American hegemony. 

Watching the interview will help to free you from the propaganda that keeps you in The Matrix.

My concern remains that Putin’s reasonableness will continue to be taken advantage of by Washington until the conflict Putin seeks to avoid becomes unavoidable.

Tucker: The Last American Journalist and a War To Break America
By Joseph Sansone, PhD
Mind Matters and Everything Else
February 10, 2024

Tucke Carlson’s interview of Russian President Vladimer Putin has faced viscous assault from government/corporate controlled fake news outlets and personalities. The Pfizer pimps are in rampage mode. Attacks range from calling Tucker Carlson a useful idiot to a Putin stooge and Putin Pawn and propogandist along with the constant repetition that Tucker Carlson is not a journalist. Of course, Tucker Carlson is actually a journalist and, in a sense, may be the last American journalist that arose out of the legacy media.

The fear and viscous attacks by media propogandists toward Tucker Carlson for interviewing Putin demonstrate how potentially dangerous this interview is to the current regime. The message is you don’t need to give your attention to this, we’ll tell you what to think. This will work on many people, however in general will backfire and this interview is likely to be one of the most watched in history, at least in the United States.

So called journalists should have been interviewing Putin a few times a year over the past 24 years. Remember, there are three sides to every coin, your side, the other side, and that thin side that nobody pays attention to, is the truth. Yet, these enquiring minds had no curiosity for a quarter of a century. Why is there so much fear over this interview?

We’ll get to that…

Tucker Carlson’s interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin lasted over two hours. Putin gave a long history of the region to start the interview before addressing the contemporary situation. It was an interesting interview. Tucker should have interjected more, although at times it seemed he was intrigued, and other times it appeared that he did not want to act disrespectfully with the head of state. The most striking difference between listening and watching the Russian President and an American President being interviewed, was the contrast between watching a knowledgeable person give detailed explanations, and a puppet provide soundbites to prescreened questions.

The fear of this interview is in part to the history lesson given by Putin. Although, the dictator could have been more effective if he condensed that presentation. It was the contemporary history lesson that is the threat. Putin’s rehashing the expansion of NATO since the 1990s against Russia’s objections and in violation of agreements, the color revolution and CIA orchestrated coup in Ukraine, the 2014 bombing of Donbass by Ukraine, are all issues that the fake media would prefer to keep concealed from Americans. Even more of a threat is the fact that Putin exemplifies leadership and is very capable of presenting a logical coherent case for his perspective and dispel the media myth that he is an out of control mad man. Maybe a worse threat, is the fact that Putin is signaling that a negotiated peace in Ukraine is acceptable, and the West is rigidly opposing this. If Americans process Putin’s statements about the Russian hypersonic missiles and weapons programs then it may actually register how reckless the rhetoric and actions America and the West have taken.

The responsible response from the United States would have been to immediately seek to deescalate the conflict to reduce loss of innocent lives in Ukraine, and to avoid the potentiality of a direct conflict with Russia. Some argue that due to the reduction of nuclear weapons that a nuclear war with Russia would not destroy the planet and only about 4 billion people would die. That’s encouraging…

Instead of responsibly seeking to deescalate the conflict, the United States and NATO went into full blown propaganda mode. The effectiveness of this propaganda campaign easily measured at the time by watching the dumb dumbs switch their social media frames from virtue signaling that they got the C19 bioweapon injection, to I stand with Ukraine frames.

Military aid and funds were pumped into the dark money laundering slush fund called Ukraine, and the United States and NATO decided to fight a proxy war against Russia. Apparently, nobody read the proxy war 101 handbook that you only fight proxy wars in third world countries, and that it is totally moronic to fight a proxy war in the neighboring country of the other major power. The only potential outcomes of such a proxy war would be the destruction of the superpower in question or a crushing defeat for those engaging in such a proxy war. The latter appears to have occurred.

What was the purpose of engaging in such a stupid foreign policy adventure?

The Russia Ukraine war appears designed to break America.

Surely nobody thought that it was to defeat Russia. I suppose it is possible that there were some idiots that thought that was a possibility, but let’s leave that off the table and consider other potentialities. In doing so it should be noted that very rarely do the people that pull the strings behind the scenes have a single objective. They usually have a dozen or so goals behind an action so that there is always movement toward their goals.

The obvious goal of cashing in on the killing is definitely a subsidiary if not one of the primary objectives. Depopulating in Ukraine is a viable secondary objective. As already inferred, laundering money through Ukraine was at a minimum a secondary goal.

Still, consider the conflict from the perspective of globalism. If the intention was to break the United States, then that goal has been furthered. In fact, consider the possibility that the U.S. military since at least the Post Cold War has been a mercenary force for globalist to further the goal of World Government while simultaneously depleting America of its resources.

This is necessary for the creation of a world government. An American dominated world interferes with the globalist designs. The gradual displacement of the dollar, global realignments, all run contrary to American interests. If the purpose wasn’t to facilitate the displacement of the United States as the dominant world power, it is an unintended consequence.

In the interview, Putin points out that Russia’s economy has been boosted and the U.S. dollar has been hurt. The conflict is facilitating the creation of a multi polar world. The Russian head of state mentioned the Roman empire and its decline within the context of the modern world and the rapidity of the evolution of events. History does appear to be moving faster. Pax Romana may have lasted 500 years, Pax Americana appears to have lasted about 35 years or so. The American NATO course of action of escalating the Russia Ukraine war, was a blunder, to say the least.

I guess we can never underestimate human stupidity…

(Note: the poll below is out of levity, we have to have a little fun…)

Which dictator would you elect to represent your country?.
Biden 1%
Putin 97% Trudeau

Feb 9
Liked by Dr. Joseph Sansone

Yes, they have been intent on destroying the USA for over 100 years, at least. The grand puppet masters decide who will fight the wars, for the benefit of global bankers, and media picks up the story fed to them and runs with it.

The destruction of the USA will have been an inside job by the puppets dancing by their pulled strings. And the people will follow the narrative blindly, never questioning the media, or how they are being played. Most don’t even consider it, or care. They want to watch the (ball) games in the arena, and that’s all their non-thinking brains of mush care about.

Paul Vonharnish
Feb 9
Liked by Dr. Joseph Sansone

This was a *very* well stated article by Joseph Sansone. Thank you. I was obvious from day one that the Ukraine conflict was just a change of money laundering technique by the usual suspects. The only difference between this sanctioned disaster and all previous, is there will be no winners this time around. The insanity is contagious, and there is no cure in sight...

Read: War Is A Racket - By Major General Smedley Butler >>>

Tucker Carlson – President Putin Interview – Philosophical Take
By Helena Glass
Helena-The Nationalist Voice
February 12, 2024

While I have many opinions as to the purpose of last night’s interview between President Putin and Tucker Carlson, the one that is most impactful with me is the disparity with which the West sees the world;  pods of hostile people warring for eternity – vs. the East/Russia which sees the world as a means of growth and evolution, like a bag full of candy.  His lack of care what happens inside the boundaries of a country’s government is as it should be – sovereign respect.  By contrast, the West has used human rights as its focus of chaos and victimhood since WWII.  As though there are two completely different species…

Was the West fearful over the fallout in the knowledge that the CIA is running the US and every single person in the White House is a useless stand-in like in Hollywood.  A body for the cameras.  While two parallel universes intersect.  The Media’s job was to create the allusion of a fake America.  A Fake Globe.  But like the UFO revelations – the CIA fraud and corruption is already old news.

The Fake Globe was created on a foundation of Human Rights which could evoke emotion, driving free cash, because emotion opens wallets.  Instead of contributing to growth, we were conned into giving our money to “victims”.  Only the money didn’t go to “victims” – it was redispursed among the many middlemen.    Which is why for example, the Border Bill allocated so much to the salary of each new hire – $650,000+.  While paying the new hire $75,000 – the cost associated with the new hire was $575,000.

The interview did not give way secrets, or conspiracies, it focused on Ukraine – the why’s and wherefores.  AS such, many tuned out – looking for quick fixes and answers.  But Putin followed the advice of The Bible – ‘give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man how to fish and he eats for a lifetime.’ 

Carlson and viewers wanted Putin to answer all the questions, open all the conspiracies, and then ‘save us’.  Instead, Putin was adamant that it must come from us.  We need to be taught – not given.  If America is destroyed, Putin is not going to save America for us.  Only WE can save America.  Putin’s focus is now and forever 100% on Russia.  The same loyalty we yearn for–

A question that had plagued me was also answered, albeit from a philosophical view instead of a political one.  ‘How is it that every other country in the world accepted the fakery that Biden is President?’

The answer is multi-layored depending on your culture:  From Putin’s standpoint he knew to deal with the CIA given the WH had/has no power.  When Daddy George told him ‘No’ on NATO Putin asked for the guy above who could tell him why.  2.  Most nations outside of the western colonialization don’t care what is going on in any other country politically, or socially – they consider that sovereign, off-limits, like asking a woman her age.  It isn’t any of their business.  3.  When the US began making every country their business, Putin shrugged.  Still, it was viewed as off-limits.  Someone else’s problem.  Which explains the Saudi and Middle East response to Gaza.  Their thought processes are simply on a different plane.  They don’t tread on other people’s business –

By Contrast, every US citizen is the business of the CIA, MI6 and the Mossad…  A different species.

Note:  Which countries immediately came to the aide of the US with $14 billion in funding after BLM destroyed major cities across the country?  What countries immediately came to the aide of the US with $50 billion to pay our ‘bills’?

We hid this victimhood transition in the form of ‘charity’.  While simultaneously building a completely fake Hollywood stage the Media claimed was America – and The Glob.  In terms of political activity, meetings, events, discussions, etc… The oppression imposed on our enemies made them stronger economically, socially, and in unity.  Just as Bush labeled 9-11 as America ‘coming together against a common enemy’.  The DISTRACTION.

While the Bomb expected after the Tucker/Putin interview did not happen, I instead focused on the culture that Putin had created, how, and when. The journey of his own personal growth that fed the intellect and mentality far surpassing anyone in our government.    Add to that a military acumen that bore out the defeat of Ukraine, CIA, NATO, MI, France and THOuSANDs of mercenaries combined!  I hear ego dripping from the pores of the defeated Club.

Putin’s discourse was more reminiscent of the philosophical discussions enjoyed by the Impressionists sitting at outdoor cafes sharing their views, arguing, drinking, and sometimes severing a friendship.    Yet always real.

In the end, Putin put the ball in our court and turned his court to dark.  We will get what we deserve, and the world will go on with or without us – May The Best Man Win.  Only the enemy is not China or Russia – it is ourselves.  In the long haul – should chaos erupt, no more tithing 60% of our wage to The Country Club.  We Are MAGA.

February 12, 2024
Wars and Putin, Lies and Biden
By Christopher Chantrill

In a three-part piece arguing against the various U.S. populist and isolationist movements of the past century, starting with the movement to stay out of World War I, and continuing to World War II, Cold War, Middle East, etc.,  Thaddeus G. McCotter argues that the best way for our leaders to “garner public support for foreign policy is to tell the truth.” Except for one thing:

    Question: How do you know when a politician is lying? Answer: when his lips are moving.

When a leader wants to start a war or gift his supporters with a new government program, he will say anything in order to start his war or pass his program.

Meanwhile our liberal friends were all worried about Tucker Carlson’s trip to Moscow to interview Vladimir Putin.

Because? Because they are afraid that Putin would lie to Carlson? That he would launch a Narrative that would end the Ukraine War short of total victory for Zelenskyy? That Carlson would score a major coup in his post-FoxNews career and boost himself into the top tier of journalism?

President Woodrow Wilson ran for reelection in 1916 on the platform of “he kept us out of war” and then promptly sent the doughboys to the trenches in France so that Doris Day would be able to star in On Moonlight Bay.

As for FDR and the runup to World War II, well, never mind.

So of course Vladimir Putin was full of lies in his two-hour interview with Tucker Carlson on February 6, as emigré Russian businessmen Mikhail Khodorkovsky bellowed in a twelve-part X-post.

And you know that the interview was a Bad Thing, because our liberal friends are busy fact-checking Putin’s statements.

But when a politician -- whether Wilson or FDR or Obama or Biden or even Putin -- makes a speech or sits for an interview, the question is: what is the Narrative? What is the politician trying to put over on us?

I don’t know about you, but I am interested in hearing what any headline politician has to say. My question is: what is he lying about, and why?

For instance, the world is wondering whether President Biden’s trainwreck press conference in the wake of his non-indictment for mishandling vital regime secrets was a cunning and sophisticated attempt by his handlers to dump the president before the 2024 election.

Alternatively, the question in the minds of experts across the world may be whether Biden’s handlers are now so far gone into incompetence that they forgot to keep the White House basement locked. If Biden is the most incompetent president since Jimmy Carter, imagine how incompetent the people he hired must be.

Enough of Biden. My take on the Carlson-Putin interview is:

Whatabout the Huns and our pal Attila? How come Putin’s Year Zero is not 370 CE when the Huns swarmed into Europe to rape and pillage? And where was NATO when we really needed it?

I was particularly interested in Putin’s references to the Polish/Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Austrian Empire and the significance of the Dnieper River between Russia and Europe. Take Lviv (or Lvov) in today’s Ukraine. It used to be in Galicia, part of the Austrian Empire. And when libertarian saint Ludwig von Mises was born there in 1881 it was called Lemberg.

Putin didn’t mention the Jews. But the area he was discussing was exactly where the Jews of Eastern Europe were concentrated before the Late Unpleasantness in the mid-20th century. On the “Jewish Population Maps” there were many cities in the area where Jews were 50% or more of the population before the Russian pogroms and Hitler’s Final Solution.

Putin practically said that the Poles in 1939 were playing both ends against the middle with Germany and the Soviet Union. Our U.S./European Narrative is, of course, that the Poles were helpless victims caught in a vice between the Nazis and the Commies. I wonder, what will “historians agree” about Poland and 1939 in the New York Times in 2039?

And Putin played the Nazi card when he accused the Ukraine regime of tolerating neo-Nazis in eastern Ukraine. I thought that our liberal friends had exclusive use of the Nazi card.

Here’s the thing, dear liberal friends. Whenever I detect a liberal Narrative on some issue, I always tend to think that the opposite must be true. So, if you liberal experts in the New York Times all agree on something -- like Putin -- I immediately start to wonder: “What’s the angle here? What is it that liberals don’t want me to know?”

Another thing: do you think our liberal friends actually believe their own lies? I think they do. See, one of the functions of a religious service is the believers to repeat, every Sunday, God’s Sacred Narrative. Kinda like mostly peaceful protestors reciting mostly peaceful slogans at the latest mostly peaceful protest.

13 hours ago
The Left hates Tucker. They didn't want Putin to appear human, much less rational, because it will interfere with the Russian bogeyman narrative and regime change plans. We've witnessed how Uniparty regime change plans turn out in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and particularly Ukraine. It means war, death, and destruction. Both Russia and Ukraine are paying a heavy price as their young men are ground up in this war. The population of Russia is around 144M and the median age is 39 years old. Russia's population is expected to decline to around 133M by 2050. Do they have the manpower to conquer Europe? It doesn't seem likely.

10 hours ago
Soros was a Nazi collaborator, and Soros is the benefactor of many, including Biden. Biden would not be in the WH if it weren’t for the best pal team of Soros and Bloomberg.

13 hours ago
Putin had his "truth". Putin is a smart guy. He told Tucker what he wanted Tucker and the West to hear. I would be foolish to believe every thing he said. As Reagan said "trust but verify". The fact that the Democrats and far left went nuts tells you a lot more about them than Putin. Democrats have their "truth". Everything contradicting that is disinformation. In that respect they are no better the Putin.

Thomas DiLorenzo
Putin’s Hour-and-a-Half-Long Rendition of the Past 1100 Years of Russian History for Tucker Carlson reminded me of Biden’s very scholarly account of the past 248 years of U.S. history.  More scholarly in fact than anything Harry Jaffa or any other “Straussian” has said or written about the topic.

The Only Thing that Would Generate More Hatred of Tucker Carlson by the Washington deep state/media complex for interviewing Putin and treating him like a fellow human being would be interviewing Trump.  Carlson could get JFK’ed himself for that.

EU Freakout: ‘BAN Tucker Carlson Over Putin Interview!’

Putin’s Statecraft
Cory Brickner

I think for most of the Lew Rockwell audience Vladimir Putin’s viewpoints from the Tucker Carlson interview are nothing new.  I’ve been watching and reading what this man has to say for years.  My guess is you have as well.  However, in there is a nuance that I realized while watching him talk to Tucker.  He has extremely long time preferences a la Hoppe’s “Democracy – The God That Failed.”  Vladimir Putin has 16+ years being Russian head of state and he is reminiscent of a monarch’s ownership stake in his country.  He most definitely has skin in the game and Russia’s long-term interests at heart.  It is from this aspect that he can run circles around western politicians with short time preferences, who adhere to post modernist and neocon ideologies, along with having trouble remembering if they put on their Depends when they woke up.

A perfect example of his personality, leadership, and ability to communicate is when Putin makes a seemingly minor digression to talk about Tucker’s unsuccessful application to the CIA.  In one sentence he subtly communicates volumes.  On the one hand he implies that he literally crawled up Tucker’s private parts and dug decades deep to get background information on him.  It tactfully but playfully conveys a warning that says “I know very private and confidential things about you.”  Yet, at the same time, he had to have sent the State Department and the intelligence (sic) services into a tizzy disclosing that Russia has access to at least a roster of CIA applicants, if not more.  In one strategically placed “off-the-cuff” remark President Putin creates a pucker-factor of 10 on multiple levels.

This is real 3D Chess in action folks.  I admire his style, his intelligence, and his statecraft.  You should as well.  If the US had politicians this well versed in history and its ramifications, with even half his ability to articulate and communicate policy objectives in order to make sure that the citizens and their families of our country continue to have the ability to thrive in a future full of change, we would be much better off in incalculable ways.

It is why Tucker has been threatened with imaginary crimes for interviewing President Putin.  It’s also why the leaders of western countries don’t want to talk to him.  Putin removes the mask.  He reminds them that they are corrupt, unintelligent, and ineffectual politicians, and he’s unwilling to subvert Russian interests for “the rules based order” that only benefits US hegemony.  The emperor has no clothes.  And he throws responsibility for their actions squarely back at them.  There is no “Potomac Two-step” when Putin holds you responsible.

If you can’t intelligently debate the nuances that surround the truth and come to understand those other perceptions, all you have left is coercion and violence.

Biden Rejects Putin's Offer For Negotiations On Ukraine Issued In Tucker Carlson Interview
Last week in the wake of the Tucker Carlson interview with Russia's President Putin, we highlighted that Putin's offer to the West to negotiate the end of the Ukraine war appeared genuine. "We are willing to negotiate," Putin told Carlson in the lengthy interview. Importantly he said in reference to the US government: "You should tell the current Ukrainian leadership to stop and come to the negotiating table."

We further noted that Russian media is touting the widely watched interview as the first time Putin has offered 'concrete conditions' which can lead to settlement. "I think the most important message in Putin’s interview is that Russia is ready for for a political or diplomatic solution of the Ukraine conflict," said Dmitry Suslov, deputy director of the Center for European and International Studies at Russia’s Higher School of Economics, to Russia's Sputnik. "But it requires a political will from the United States." he said.

The overture's significance also lies in the fact that Russia is winning the war, and thus has less reason to enter negotiations at this moment of having the clear upper hand. This fact alone means Putin's words could represent a significant and authentic invitation to start serious talks.

But perhaps to be expected, the White House doesn't see it like that, as the US has swiftly rejected Putin's offer. A spokesperson for the White House’s National Security Council responded to the Putin interview by telling The New York Times there's nothing to indicate this is a genuine offer out of the Russian leader.

"Both we and President Zelensky have said numerous times that we believe this war will end through negotiations," the spokesperson said. "Despite Mr. Putin’s words, we have seen no actions to indicate he is interested in ending this war. If he was, he would pull back his forces and stop his ceaseless attacks on Ukraine."

The NSC spokesperson also repeated a familiar Biden administration talking point, telling the Times further that "Ultimately, it’s up to Ukraine to decide its path on negotiations."

Yet Ukraine would have to do the one thing Zelensky has vehemently refused to do: territorial concessions as well as forever giving up claims on Crimea. Even if Zelensky refuses, it is likely an inevitability, even if it takes years, Putin and his officials have pointed out.

Russia for now appears content to militarily solidify its firm grip over the four annexed territories of the east, and to continue to drain Ukraine of its manpower and ammo along the largely stalemated front lines. Planning over the future course of the war has already caused division within Kiev's leadership, resulting in Zelensky embarking on a major military and government "shake-up". There are also signs that a bigger Ukraine military mobilization is on the horizon, which could trigger division, and protests and unrest on Ukrainian streets.

As for Tucker Carlson's perspective, he has since voiced as reported in Russian media, "Putin wants to get out of this war. He’s not going to become more open to negotiation the longer this goes on."


The Kabbalah Codes Tucker & Putin
There's was much more going on here than Political Handbags

Well it was hyped up by the likes of Alex Jones as the most important interview to happen for decades. The illusive Vladimir Putin sat down one on one with a man who I tend to believe is auditioning for the current vacant role of Messiah son of Jospeh, a role who’s purpose is to act as the saviour of the West. This man is former Fox journalist Tucker Carlson.

The Messiah Son of Joseph is what Carl Jung would perhaps describe as an archetype (Arch-on-Type?) though another way of describing it might be simply as a famous character role such as say The Hero or The Anti-Hero in the theatre play.

Mass Consumption means consumption of the masses by the 1% … Or Tax as its also commonly referred to.

The Hype Man
So the hype was on, and like a ring announcer for a prize fight (or WWE Scripted wrestling match) Alex Jones came out full force to promote his friend Tucker Carlson.

This is not a dig at Alex Jones by the way. I actually think Alex has done incredible work through the decades and I for one appreciate how he was a major reason why we have any alternative media in the first place. I also appreciate that as I write this Alex also had the courage to invite David Icke on to debate Alex’s support of Transhumanist Elon Musk ( We will get to Musk later).

    Friday LIVE: Alex Jones & David Icke Debate Elon Musk, Transhumanism, and the NWO as well as Tucker Carlson’s Putin Interview! TUNE IN
    — Alex Jones (@RealAlexJones) February 9, 2024

Having said that I also do not agree with Alex’s recent support of Andrew Tate, Elon Musk and the current narrative Tucker Carlson is now falling into. It really does seem like a small faction of well publicised “Alternative Media” journalists are now circling the wagons.

Kabbalah Collision
Anyone who has been following my work over the past 6 months will know that I have been investigating Chabad Lubavitch who are an Orthodox Hassidic Jewish sect that follow the Lurianic Kabbalah from their HQ in Brooklyn NY. I have conducted much of this researcher with fellow researcher and an absolute genius when it comes to the Kabbalah, Christopher Jon Bjerknes of

Chabad Lubavitch are One of the main Hassidic Jewish sects that follow the Lurianic interpretations of the mystical Kabbalah. These are the same guys who recently hit the headlines for a bizarre tunnel dug underneath their HQ building in Crown Heights (see images below).

Chabad Tunnel found in Brooklyn Crown Heights

So what does any of this have to do with both Putin and Tucker Carlson?

Well in a world where we are supposed to believe that Putin is at war with Ukraine and its current and sixth President Zelenksyy. I find it incredibly revealing that BOTH Putin and Zelenksyy appears to be paid up members of Chabad Lubavitch as are many other major political names from all over the world (see image below).

But what about Tucker I hear you cry ?

Well what we are looking at in the above image would likely be a few rungs higher up than Tucker Carlson but what is clear is that Tucker looks to be a Kabbalist of some degree, as shown by the Red Ribbon he is often seen wearing such as in the images below.

The meaning of the Red Ribbon in Kabbalist terms functions as a warding off or protection from the “Evil Eye” which is a curse usually considered to be brought about by Envy.

Does this mean Tucker is a paid up member of Chabad Lubavitch ? No absolutely not but it is certainly interesting to this journalist and does mean it is fair to consider him a Kabbalist.

Top Trumps
What can be added to this small bit of visual information is his clear friendship with former US President Donald Trump [Promoter of the killer vaccine] . Donald Trump was raised with a Kabbalah teacher as he states in his own book “The Way To The Top” .

Trump’s own son in law Jared Kushner is openly a Chabadnik who has donated money to them over the years. And on a side note Kushner was picture in the image below with another man who appears to be auditioning for Messiah Son of Joseph Elon Musk.

WTF is a Israeli Zionist first Chabadnik like Kushner doing with Elon Musk at a football match in Qatar, with what appears to be representatives of the Qatar Sovereign fund. Musk also has business ventures bankrolled by factions of Saudi Royalty.

It’s almost like the illusion of separation is only for public consumption or more accurately consumption of the public.

Tucked Behind The Scenes
What few people will know about Tucker is that his father Dick Carlson was a member of something called the ‘United States Information Agency’. The USIA was a “United States government agency”.

This agency was part of US Intelligence and Jeffery Epstein’s close friend Bill Clinton was also connected to this agency which appeared to be some sort of bridge between the broadcast media and US Intelligence.

Remember this is Tucker Carlsons father Dick Carlson. So when Putin throws a cheeky little jab at Tucker in the interview for not getting into the CIA after applying to do so. It is my belief that Tucker may have got into the intelligence agencies in some capacity and as Putin is reportedly KGB perhaps this was an in joke between the two Kabbalist’s at the expense of the audience.

So Tucker Carlson clearly comes from an Intelligence background which seems to be centred around Intel and the Media, which would make perfect sense.

Symbols and Signs
Now we come to a couple of clips that I believe may be coded ways of describing what the Lurianic Kabbalists have planned for their “World To Come” (See my previous articles).

Remember Putin is openly an aggressive promoter of Chabad Lubavitch, even going so far as to dismiss one of his own staff for daring to describe them as “A supremacist cult”.

In this first clip it could be that the under-code is Putin referring to the two separate parts of the Kabbalist “God Head”, the left side being the Male aspect and the Right side being the Female aspect that when combined together (In a 3rd Solomons Temple in Jerusalem on Temple Mount) would then become the “One”. This would also likely be where the main Hub of A.I would be stored, like in WestWorld who even use the name of the Son of Solomon Rehoboam for their main intelligence system.

Again, these are questions…..And there are no silly questions

The Second Clip Tucker brings up the issue of Elon Musk and ask’s Putin about his thoughts on both Elon and his artificial intelligence technology. Here we should keep in mind that Musk has been seen spending time with Chabad Kabbalist and son in law of Donald Trump Jared Kushner, whilst at a football match in Qatar with representatives of their national fund (image above).

The “control” I believe Putin is talking about here is really code for Government regulation and overall control of all A.I technology, in the same way Bill Clinton (Tuckers fathers friend remember) brought into place to “regulate” Cloning in 1997 .

All in all the information here susggests that these supposed “enemies” all have a Messianic and One World Order collective aim and that which connects them all appears to be a Messianic Cult that claim to be of the Jewish faith when their actions align more with that of Sabbatian Frankists, who are also referred to as Donmeh which means “to turn”.

For more information and another perhaps much deeper perspective on the Tucker Carlson and Putin interview I would highly recommend the video below by my friend and fellow researcher Christopher Jon Bjerknes (see below)

Hege Fredriksen
Thank you for your continued efforts into these matters. What is hilarious, is that the "jewish" leadership view the "gentiles" as the "seed of Satan", but participate themselves in satanic, ritual abuse. Highly recommended in this regard, is the rather lengthy testimony of Toos from the Netherlands (Youtube), who tells how "Rabbi" Menachem Schneerson (the "Messiah" himself) was one of the most brutal, of those who abused and tortured her. How "messianic" his "activities" truly were...well, I'll let the viewers be the judges of that.

Although we need to keep an eye on what zionists and other groupings are up to, we must not lose focus of the "hidden hand" behind it all, and warn ALL people of this planet about this, INDIVIDUALLY and DIRECTLY. After all; there is a reason why the "jewish" "religious leaders' " plans coincide so heavily with the plan for the world from the unseen.

Tucker wore red threat during Putin interview

Quote:The red string worn around the wrist is the most recognisable sign of the Kabbalah movement. It's often worn on the left wrist and is said to ward off any “evil and misfortune” that could be “caused by the evil eye”.

Pretty bizarre. Tucker Carlson is likely C I A affiliated / part of some modern "Project Mockingbird", so the whole thing is likely some sort of psyop.

Putin literally pointed out that he tried to work for the CIA in this interview and basically laughed at him because he didn't get the job.

Putin knows he did get the job.

The mental games these guys are playing is top tier stuff

Only to level one truthers. The rest of us knows that if Tucker was not a servant of the parasite class he would have never been allowed anywhere close to their Russian asset.

He also told him "You wouldn't have been able to handle it." Which is funny AF, b/c it's pretty much Putin telling him str8 to his face that he's in over his head.

Putin was propped up by TPTB as well. He just happened to meet Klaus Schwab as an unemployed former KGB Officer, lucked his way through various jobs and ended up president through a series of fortunate co-winky-dinks then just happens to flare up when the world needs a change of pace from Covid fearmongering. He may be looking out for his own best interest but the easiest way to further his own means is to play the boogeyman that the west needs.

I have thought the exact thing, to be honest its not really an original thought from myself, was just applying the whole 1984 thing of controlling the plebs by making us believe we have an enemy when in fact, our enemy is in cahoots with our own leaders.

Nobody will tell you they're in the CIA because if they did, there would be no point of the CIA. There is a popular theory that when someone's Wikipedia entry says they tried to join the CIA but couldn't get in, that's a code to signal they're actually in. Joe Rogan has a contact, who many believe is his handler, he claims to be "former CIA", Mike Baker.

which he must know its way more complex than that so putin is also part of psyop

Why did Putin point out to Tucker Carlson that he once tried to enter the CIA? Gotta look at the cause and effects:
    prior to this interview was it common knowledge that Tucker applied to the CIA?
    how did the revelation change your perception about Putin, if at all?
    how did it change your perception of Carlton?
    what questions did it provoke vs what answers did it provide?
    did the revelation provide an advantage, disadvantage or neither to either Putin or Carlton, however slight?
    who benefitted most from the revelation?

Gonna have to agree. Tucker is definitely affiliated some kind of intelligence agency or secret society. The question is if its malevolent or benevolent.

Gee I can’t understand how the mega drunk on wine can’t see this. I could tell you major things Tucker and Fox left out of interviews to demonstrate a level of being controlled opposition over many years. But just to fast forward to the now. Notice how he somehow can just get the interviews nobody can get. Like Assange in prison. Why. To suggest he is actually suffering in prison I guess? When infact I suspect he was used to collect information from leakers and is doing quite well. Then Snowdon soon. What was he used for? In his own words he did it just to get the information out there for people to know and decide what to do with. Nice, transparency by his handlers for us I guess? In my opinion Tucker actually is just onto the next mission for evil. And what is that mission. The three talking points they wanted you to know here are this. Musk is onto something on AI and will play a role. The Ukraine leader is a Jew and he will play a role and can not be ordered what to do. And the name that was left out of this. Trump. That is the equation of this interview and Putin is retired. Just observing and maintaining status quo to the next big roll out. Trump plus Musk plus the President of Ukraine who is a Jew but supports Nazis equal what?

The Egyptian "evil" eye or the eye of Horus is also said to be fighting against evil spirits.

I noticed he wears this often! Didn't he used to wear a CIA pin sometimes when he was on Fox News? Or maybe that's Sean Hannity. Either way, I thought it was interesting that Putin called Tucker out in this interview for trying to join the CIA, and Tucker's reaction to this statement was also interesting.

Yeah I was watching that too, and Tucker didn’t even say anything back from what I remember right? Which is weird because he was replying to Putin a lot about other subjects.

Wearing a thin scarlet string (Hebrew: חוט השני, khutt hashani) as a type of talisman is a Jewish folk custom which is practiced as a way to ward off misfortune which is brought about by the "evil eye" (Hebrew: עין הרע). The tradition is popularly associated with Kabbalah and other mystical forms of Judaism.

That's the thing, there's no one enemy or sect. It's not just the rich as the other guy said, it's every head of the dragon, every tentacle of the octopus. The normies are right on one aspect that stops them from believing in anything, and that is that the world IS chaotic and made up of too many individual factions for there to be one. The problem with that is the people in the know and big players with influence and money don't need to be told how things are or what to do in specific situations because the courses of action chosen are inherent to the sustainability of their businesses and power of their families. Who we need to neuter at least politically are ourselves. The control system would adapt if we adapted, which is why there's such an outrageous investment in the perpetuation of how things are, using race/class/intellect as weapons to make us hate each other. I just learned about Enrico Mattei, an Italian energy dude trying to create a self-sustainable Italy in the 60s/70s and tying together the "communist" nations against the west control system and "seven sisters" of big oil who controlled the majority of world reserves by the 30s. "They" killed his ass. Much like JFK as a comparable, you can have your pick of the litter. Was it the intelligence agencies who actually run things? The mafia? Big oil hitmen? Actually a rogue accident? A turncoat paid off? By who? A Russian assassination? Take your pick. It doesn't matter, because all those questions negate serious inquiry. These questions are baked into any conspiracy because all "they" need is deniability and other group to point the finger at. Which is a confused mess that no owned state or bought media will want to comb through, out of either fear or direct instruction.

That's how it begins. Most people don't understand that there's a spiritual battle going on behind the scenes of planet earth.

I’m with you on this. And like i said he very well may be one of them. For me the more convincing thing that tells me so, is not so much the red bracelet but what Putin said about him trying to join the seeiaye and then not taking him on. I understood that as Putin outing him. Why? Because if they want you, they aren’t going to hire you right away. You’ll get deny letters or something for records and mostly because you don’t get to be the biggest talk show nightly news guy without their go ahead. If he was a threat or not controlled opp… then he went have gotten to the heights he has.

The Kabbalah is a lot more than surface images. If you are actually interested in “conspiracy “ you need to study the Crusades, the Rosacrucians, astrology, Alister Crowley, Egyiptician magic, The Assyrian assassins and much more. Most conspiracy threads devolve into Cristian nonsense and “Illuminattie” or other crap. The history of Earth is far more interesting and fascinating than you give us credit for. Read a fu*king book, I suggest starting with “Portable Darkness”.

Our "Leaders" are Mind-Controlled Puppets


"And if you look at the history of Benjamin Netanyahu, you see a dark-occultist [Satanist], you do NOT see a Jew."

Netanyahu is a non-Semitic Pole, who is the son of Ben zion Mileikowsky, who was an assistant to Vladimir Jabotinsky, the founder of the Jewish terrorist group IRGUN.

The above visual shows BILL CLINTON having been switched temporarily into a motionless "Makeup Dummy Personality" by way of "Illuminati" "mind control"; this having taken place backstage during the 1992 campaign for the US presidential "selection":

His "Illuminati" handlers would have used a code-word, a catch-phrase, or a hand-signal, to get Clinton to switch into this motionless "Makeup Dummy Personality" so that he would sit still and shut up while his visage was being polished. But then, after this makeup session, the same handlers would have used a different catch-phrase or hand-signal, to switch Clinton back into his normal "Puppetician Mode" so that he would then continue reading Cabal-prepared speeches from his teleprompter, or autocue, and thus help him succeed in duping most of the US, and world, public into thinking that these teleprompter passages were all "his own ideas".

That is the SAD REALITY of world politics today ... and of all of world politics since at least 1945.

The first major revelation of "Illuminati" "mind control" was by John Frankenheimer's 1962 movie "The Manchurian Candidate", left, in which a victim of "Illuminati" "mind control" is willing to do anything (even jump in the lake) when instructed to do so while simultaneously being shown the Queen of Hearts playing-card. The leading role was played by Laurence Harvey, whose name the "Illuminati" may well have reused to base their fictional cartoon figure Lee Harvey Oswald upon. The name Oswald is also based on "Oz", taken from Thelemic Black Magic. The Talmudic "Illuminati" also use the name "Oz" to refer to their godhead Osiris. Other such dupes included the figure Osama bin-Laden, also Tim Osman, and the semi-fictional persona Ozzy Osbourne of pop-group Black Sabbath.

"Illuminati" "Mind Control" (as just demonstrated above)
Patrick O'Carroll
In his books, Fritz Springmeier provided most of the details on how the "Illuminati" bloodlines raise their own children in satanic ritual abuse (SRA), which includes torture, child-rape and "mind control", to create multiple alternative personalities (called "alters") in each of their children by the age of roughly 7, at which point the child is free to remain in Satanism or else opt out (because even "Illuminati" Satanists have a "moral" code, whereby they are still obliged to grant some freedom of choice to their victims). The sheer uniqueness and accuracy of his vast content propelled Fritz Springmeier to becoming one of the leading authors in the world over the past century.

Very many prominent people (CEOs, puppeticians, stars), especially those who belong to prominent "Illuminati" bloodlines, are programmed to have multiple personalities. GW Bush is said to have had one "alter" in which he recites sports stats for his "Illuminati" handlers. In this personality, GW Bush keeps a straight face, even as they break into laughter at the accuracy of the stats he can regurgitate.

How SRA victim Jay Parker managed to courageously OPT OUT of "Illuminati" Satanism
One victim who opted out of "Illuminati" Satanism at the age of 7 is Jay Parker of Arden-Delaware, who spoke about his experiences and life in very many BitChute talks, many of which are shown here:

But despite exercising his free will to opt out, Parker nonetheless suffered a lowly existence as an "Illuminati" slave, for several decades until his mid-40s. He then took many years to self-repair and self-rehabilitate. In 1963, Jay Parker's mother told him that the practices of "Illuminati" "mind control", and of satanic ritual abuse (SRA) within "Illuminati" clans, go back several thousand years, and that she belonged to a continual maternal line of witches that traces its origins back over 3000 years to the Amalekite people in the ancient land of Canaan.

In late 1963 too, Jay Parker overheard his parents confirming "we ['Illuminati' Satanists] did that" after they had made a quick review of the general details of JFK's assassination, as stated by the official-"truth" narrative.

In his childhood, Jay Parker knew Benjamin Netanyahu distantly because he had a similar upbringing to Jay's and also grew up in Philadelphia PA. Philadelphia is close to Arden-Delaware and, for the "Illuminati", it represents the spiritual capital of North America. Furthermore, Philadelphia was the original US capital, and its name is really the Freemasonic term "brotherly love". Also, Philadelphia just happens to be a key node in the Arcadian Ley Line.

Jay Parker revealed that a distant acquaintance of his from his own childhood, Benjamin Netanyahu, was raised as a Satanist in an "Illuminati" family that practiced satanic ritual abuse (SRA), when he said of Netanyahu:

"In the mid-1980s, I was visiting my mother at her apartment. Benjamin Netanyahu was featured on a noonday TV presentation. And I said to my mother 'What is HE doing in America?'. She replied: 'THEY are training him' [where Parker qualified that 'THEY' quite definitely referred to the top 'Illuminati' Council of 13]. And if you look at the history of Benjamin Netanyahu, you see a dark-occultist [Satanist], you do NOT see a Jew. And among the Talmud Jews, you will really see a lot of corruption".

A few years later, in 1990, the ZioFascist doomsday sect CHABAD probably crowned Netanyahu as "Moshiach ben Yosef" for our whole current era, as shown at this link: Note: In Judaism, the role "Moshiach ben Yosef" is counterpart to that of John the Baptist; because the "Moshiach ben Yosef" has the job of preparing the way for the actual Antichrist, who is called "Moshiach ben David".

Like ZioFascist Zelenskyy, Netanyahu is now appearing on Tell-Lie-Vision dressed in military duds in an attempt to make him appear "cool". But in reality, he is one of the leaders of the Synagogue of Satan that is mentioned in Rev 2:9 and Rev 3:9 ("those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a Synagogue of Satan").

In fact, the trio CHABAD, B'NAI B'RITH and the SANHEDRIN (re-founded in Oct 2004) almost perfectly match the description for the Synagogue of Satan, with the satanic Netanyahu as "Moshiach ben Yosef".

Today, this Synagogue of Satan is again abusing Holy Scripture to "justify" genociding all Palestinians, with ZioFascist Netanyahu claiming 1 Samuel 15:3 ("Go and smite Amalek") actually refers to them. Netanyahu is a non-Semitic Pole, who is the son of Benzion Mileikowsky, who was an assistant to Vladimir Jabotinsky, the founder of the Jewish terrorist group IRGUN. Like Netanyahu, most of the top ZioFascists are neither Jewish nor Semitic. In fact, most of them are Satanists, as Jay Parker confirmed, and almost none of them are Semitic; they are mostly of Euro-Khazarian-Ashkenazi stock.

The Three Great Powers of Satan
Tony B

"Three great powers of Satan which have progressively had their way in the world to the point of considering themselves untouchable, even by God, are suddenly being made impotent by their own gross errors of satanic pride."

There is a God, your Creator, my Creator, the Creator of all that exists.  His enemy is one of His creations whom we know as Satan, Lucifer and other names.  There is constant strife generated by the insane pride of Satan against his creator, which God uses to teach and judge His creatures, you and me.  Having given us free will, He judges how we use it in our journey through this strife giving lots of leeway to Satan's activities at times but never beyond His wishes.

It appears that we have reached a time when Satan's excesses are to be curtailed to some extent.  Three great powers of Satan which have progressively had their way in the world to the point of considering themselves untouchable, even by God, are suddenly being made impotent by their own gross errors of satanic pride. To wit:

1.  The Rothschild cabal which has stolen the wealth of almost the whole world has become so overbearing as to openly use its agents to claim that they will now control every human soul, giving them nothing other than what the cabal wishes, all to be total slaves through economic destruction to all but themselves.

However, their arrogance has been turned into, first concern, now desperation and panic, as the nation of Russia, which Rothschild had on its back already stealing its resources, has in a miraculously short time become the unstoppable world's moral and military superpower in league with China's economic explosion.  The two have established proper order of fair economic trade behavior which all the world is now seeing as their savior from the evil controls of the Rothschild cabal which is being deserted by droves of nations, soon to be every one.  Putin of Russia is generally credited (and hatefully discredited) for this phenomenal 20 year turn around of fortunes but he, a true Christian, would be the first to admit that this is only possible through the grace of God.

2.  The false "Israel," better described as the "Synagogue of Satan," whose mass murderous conquest of the ancient peaceful nation of Palestine has been an ultra arrogant thorn in the body of the whole world ever since that bloody event, claiming itself not only the leader of all Jews but the only humanity of the whole world, long committing assassinations of anyone it has pleased world wide for its own gain, but has now by it's own actions and words openly shown the world that it claims itself justified to do to all others as it damned well pleases no matter how cruel and otherwise its evil.

The world had long been fooled by Israel's constant lies or its buying off of other nation's leaders with the money it blackmailed from those nations but now that leadership's satanic minds have gone completely insane and shown the whole world in no uncertain manner just how satanic they are, and with too many of their underlings agreeing.  They have assured for themselves that this false Israel will soon be nonexistent, too evil to be allowed to continue in the world's eyes.

(Putin and his handler, Chief Rabbi of Russia, Beryl Lazar)

3.  Perhaps the most hidden of all evil powers manipulating much of the world has recently been the sect of Chabad-Lubavitch.  Though seeming to operate privately, their special pride seems to be in circulating images of themselves shaking hands and otherwise surrounding top national leaders throughout the world, showing off their ability to consort with those at the pinnacles of world power.

But now proof is building rapidly that their real power is likely in child trafficking, possibly in procuring the elitist love of the blood of terrified children when murdered, apparently the most expensive drug in the world.  What world leader, even corrupt ones who may be their customers, will want anything to do with this self-love bunch after these exposures in their tunnels under New York Synagogues?  Another evil power curtailed.

God does work in His own ways.  It appears that the world is due for some changes in direction.  Still, no one escapes chastisement without returning to God's rules in true desire and effort.  We have not seen what sort of souls will replace the satanic ones now in power, perhaps God is waiting for conversions of souls back to proper, loving, adoration of their Creator.  The present is always the best time for such action.

COVID was Another Satanist Scam
The plandemic stripped the West of any moral legitimacy, or pretence of freedom or democracy. The Rothschild WEF freely admitted that they control all governments and plan to steal our money and freedom. Every social institution in the West was complicit in this hoax which killed or maimed millions: government, medicine, the mass media, church, the justice system and law enforcement. Why would they destroy their system? Did they simply overreach? Or was destroying our faith in society the real goal? 

The WEF has pulled off scams like COVID for a long time. Included are both world wars, the Cold War, JFK and other assassinations,  9-11, climate change wonder they thought they could get away with it.

The covid scam and Ukraine are reality checks. As the meme above suggests, we have not been tested for a long time. Instead we have been duped and manipulated. We have grown self indulgent, stupid, entitled and soft. Now they've torn away the curtain and let us in on our real condition. Far from being free citizens of democracies designed to uplift its citizens, our governments, media and social institutions have been taken over by "globalists" intent on killing or enslaving us.  Without their candor, and overreach, we could have gone on for decades living in a fantasy. Now we are being tested.

Vlad Putin. In the words of Tony Blizzard, "We are not far off of having to kiss his feet.  This guy has almost single handedly STOPPED THE RESET.  Their monotheistic world is in tatters already and PUTIN HAS ACCOMPLISHED THIS WITH LESS THAN HALF THE POWER IN RUSSIA. Putin has, in an ultra short time, built a powerhouse all the Rothschild money influence in the world cannot overcome.  More and more nations are leaving Rothschild enslavement to join with, in many ways free, Russia/China, et al.  Satan's reign is being rapidly weakened by a man who actually speaks and acts in a Christian manner.  He knows the strength of righteousness as well as the weakness of satanic destruction of proper rule, proper morality.  Apparently so do his soldiers."  (Whatever his role in a bigger plot, I do feel grateful for Putin, the only adult in the room. And yes I am super grateful for Elon Musk, who liberated Twitter, which just might save our ass. Be very thankful for the world changes coming about via the clear mind of this one man.  Which seems impossible without supernatural cooperation.

There's Nothing Chic About Satanism
The "woke" promotion of vaccines, Ukraine, homosexuality, transvestism, CRT, "climate change" has nothing to do with human rights, or it would not trample on the human rights of healthy people.  It is a flimsy pretext for the destruction of Christian Western civilization, depopulation and the imposition of a Communist New World Order dedicated to serving Satan.

Satanism is war against God, i.e. the Moral and Natural Order. It negates and unravels both. It shreds the social fabric. Satanism is not a religion. Religion discerns & obeys God's Will. Satanism is an anti-religion. It is anti-life. Its god is Death. It is the religion of Death and Destruction.

Atheists and agnostics are Satanists. Creation is a Miracle. If you deny the Creator's Design and Purpose, you are a Satanist. The only way mankind will make our rendezvous with God is for us all to serve Him by living morally and doing His work, as we see it. Raising healthy children is an example.

God is a Spirit, Perfection. God consists of the spiritual absolutes we all crave: Truth, Love, Beauty, Peace, Justice and Health. Satanism is the inverse of these ideals.    Evil is good; false is true; sick is healthy; hate is love; war is peace etc. "Modernism" is Satanism.

Satanism Explained
1. They call themselves "progressives."  Satanists invert everything. They champion everything sick and dysfunctional. They are actually "regressive." Despite their moral pretensions, "progress" for them is the degradation and destruction of their fellow man. God is Perfection in all things. They invert all things: Sickness is health; ugly is beautiful, false is true, injustice is justice, hate is love, misery is bliss, and vice versa.

2.  Man is connected to God through his soul. Take away God and man flounders about like a fish out of water. Looking to fill the void, he idealizes anything because his God connection has been severed. Take away God, and man will create false Gods, Carl Jung said. See the absurd idealization of women, sex and romance; literature and art; "great men," politicians, celebrities, etc. Because of his hunger for God, you can sell him anything as a substitute. He imagines he's getting God.

3.  We were programmed by God. True religion simply is following the program.  God is the program. Satanists are trying to deprogram us. (For example, we are being forced to unlearn heterosexuality.) Why?  Money and power as usual. One percent has over 50% of the wealth and they want it all. Like the COVID hoax and vaccinations, cancel culture is about cancelling us. hubbard.jpgDepopulation.

4. Although we've been brainwashed to deny God, we're actually in love with God, the freedom and bliss our souls crave. God is Reality. The Only Reality.  The God of Satanism is Death.

5. We are witnessing a cosmic struggle between Good and Evil, and I regret to say Evil is in charge and close to victory. Satanists (Freemasons) control both the "progressive" and "conservative," "nationalist" positions. There are no "nationalists" who are not also Zionists and defenders of the rich.

6. Cabalists (Satanists) believe perception is reality. Thus they seize control of education and the media. Naturally, they deny the existence of objective reality and objective truth (so they can substitute their own.) Denial of objective truth is the denial of God. God is Reality.

7. Man is sleepwalking to catastrophe. Satanists are setting the stage for a catastrophic third world war which will pit the US and UK , the EU (and Israel?) against the USSR, and possibly China, Iran. Everything "American" is already under attack. The plan already is plain to see.

8. As far as humans are concerned, God is Consciousness. God is a Moral Dimension, the Fourth Dimension, where Truth, Justice, Beauty, and Love are self-evident like light and darkness. We are programmed to enter into the Light. Satanists lead us into Darkness. "We corrupt in order to control," Giuseppe Mazzini  said.  Satanism is low or no Consciousness.

9. Satanists control the world central bank cartel. They have us by the short hairs. They create our "money" out of thin air. It is just digits on their Ledger which they can erase at any time. They're leveraging this to control everything, including thought, culture, religion, and your children. Banks are actively promoting homosexuality and white displacement yet we trust them with our "money"?

10. We're being inducted into Cabalism at the lowest level.  Satanic cults exploit and control their members by making them sick, corrupt, and perverted. Sick as in gender dysphoria, sex addiction, promiscuity, pornography, pedophilia, incest, "vaccines," endless war... They have undermined the most wonderful and essential thing in life, the love between man and woman, and parents and children. The nuclear family is the red blood cell of society. These fiends are determined to kill it.

I'm 73 and will only be around for another decade or two. But I shudder to think of what is in store for humanity. It's time to recognize our dire predicament. A fatal cancer infects all social institutions. It must be recognized and addressed. Will Western Civilization go to its grave due to our fecklessness, cowardice and naivety?


Does the US know how to Compromise and Cooperate? – Analyzing Tucker’s Interview

Ariel adds in the comments:
Generally I had to throw him (Tucker) on the list (CIA/Mossad/Zionist). But I now know for the sake of his reputation he had made a deal which is the only reason he was able to get that interview with Vladimir Putin. Which is why everyone overlooked that Easter egg that Mr. Putin dropped when he told an international audience that T. Carlson tried to join the CIA but failed. Not to mention the favor he asked of Hunter Biden to get his children into a certain college. So he is playing out his role until he is no longer needed.

Notes to Readers:
Most of the top media talking heads are CIA agents/operatives. It would seem this includes those who have made it big in alternative media news, as well. This awareness is going to be a bitter pill for many to shallow. Alt news hosts also often play the game of limited hangout, giving out some truth, but not the whole Truth. They choose (or are instructed to) to ignore something that doesn’t fit the narrative they are attempting to build. If you believe everything someone says, then you’re acting stupid. We’re in a war setting right now. This war is a war of information; misinformation and disinformation has been and will be used by both sides. It’s up to you to discern what if any kernels of truth are embedded in the flood. When the war is over, then it will be time to let your guard down, but not now…

Golly, who can you trust these days? No one. Go within and sort it out with God. The answers are there. Listen to your gut, to your intuition. Make mistakes. Learn from them. I’ve made tons in the past and even now… So, if you have been following some of these alt media hosts, you’re not alone. Have I had reservations about some of these individuals. Yes. Still, I attempt to remain fairly neutral, observing.

Today, Mike Gill dropped some more info on Mike Flynn in a chat with Michael Jaco. Should we trust General Flynn? Hmm, just keep an eye on him. Should we trust Jaco? Or any of the others? Trust your Self. The time for naivety is over.

Notes to Readers:
Just as I was listening to Putin explaining how Russia declared they were giving up communism and expected to be welcomed by the West, and then were disappointed. It occurred to me that as the USSR gave up communism, the West was beginning to embrace it under the guise of “socialism”. The same people responsible for the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia were already actively putting people into place, infiltrating institutions, educational systems, etc. preparing the West to eventually crumble from within and be taken over by the New World Order, as originally imagined by the Freemasons, Nazis, Communists, etc. Of course these people would reject the new Russians who were eager to join the capitalist way of life, to prosper, for their agenda was to depopulate the planet. Russia was just too powerful, even in its weakened state, too well-educated, too healthy… to easily recapture. And Putin made sure the central banking system and the Rothschilds were kicked out of the country. The Rothschilds, being descendants of the ancient Khazars, still held an age-old enmity towards the Rus. The latest reiteration of their attempt towards revenge — besides the Bolshevik Revolution — was NATO’s and the U.S/UK proxy war using Ukraine to attack Russia.

For those who do not understand, the Khazars are still around, although they have changed their names and identities, even religion and countries, often to throw off those who would punish them. They are false Jews, sometimes crypto-Christians, but always Satanists. They have created multiple political fronts, infiltrated and inverted once benign secret societies, started communism, socialism, fascism… and most of the so-called “color” revolutions. The CIA and Mossad are some of their international military special operation groups, subversive, taking down foreign government by corrupting members of the indigenous population.

Beyond this, the roots of this group are very ancient and related to Reptilian-human hybrids. Why else would a small group of families be able to build up so much power and influence over centuries unless they were backed by an unseen, powerful (and off-world) force. Unfortunately for them, that force was removed in 2021 (and before) with the cooperation of the Galactic Federation and Earth Alliance. Now, the boots on the ground military have the job of cleaning up the remaining minions of these creatures. DUMBs are being taken down, hence all of the shallow earthquakes throughout the planet. The hidey holes the cabal was counting on are being destroyed. They wanted to depopulate the planet, create an atomic war, and live out their lives safe underground in luxurious cities. That opportunity is being denied them.

I have put up numerous articles and videos about these people who invoke demons through their satanic blood rituals. You’re also welcome to do your own research. More information is becoming available despite the cult’s efforts to remove this history from the collective memory of humanity. The tide is turning, folks

Letters To America #47 – February 10th, 2024
Tucker Carlson: Interview with Vladimir Putin
There are many reasons why Putin went into Ukraine in 2022 that he discussed in the interview with Tucker Carlson. We all know that the Clinton's, the Obama's, and even Biden have had long-standing business dealings in Ukraine. There is also proof that Putin has talked about before that he didn't talk about in the interview regarding the existence of bio-labs in Ukraine, which were indeed destroyed by Putin among other things. But what Putin did talk about was a logical reason why he went into Ukraine, and he didn't start a war; he went into Ukraine to end a war that was started by the military-industrial complex of America that started in 2014, as he said. There is a reason why in the days leading up to the Tucker Carlson interview with Vladimir Putin, Hillary Clinton was frantically posting on her Twitter profile and going on the fake news to talk about this interview with Putin, and of course, the fake news followed suit and was reporting on all types of stuff regarding this history-making interview that Tucker Carlson was doing with Vladimir Putin.

We have to remember that Vladimir Putin is a very smart and wise man, and the things that he talked about in the interview with Tucker Carlson were very carefully placed words based on the truth, as he did not want to give anyone the opportunity to call him a conspiracy theorist. Putin also clearly stated, when Tucker Carlson asked him who blew up the Nord Stream pipeline, that it was the CIA, which those of us who do our research already knew, but Putin confirmed it for us on the world stage. I can guarantee you that the Clinton’s, the Obama’s, and Biden did not like that. They realize more and more with each passing day that the truth is flowing out like a massive river, and they cannot stop people like Tucker Carlson and all the other thousands of journalists who are speaking the truth to the American people and, quite frankly, to the world.

Putin also mentioned that Russia was willing to work on a missile defense system with Europe and the United States. He said that the United States pretty much told Russia to get lost; they don’t want to be a part of it. In his interview, he mentioned his willingness to work with the United States on many different things, but in each case, the United States pretty much told them to get lost. The Putin interview also proves that, unlike the Clinton’s, Obama, and Biden, who are claiming that Vladimir Putin is an evil man killing innocent women and children in Ukraine, it is actually the other way around. It’s the neo-Nazis who are fighting on behalf of the military-industrial complex who are, in fact, killing innocent women and children in Ukraine and then the fake news is claiming that it is Russian forces, it’s all a big lie. This is another reason why Hillary Clinton was in a fury on Twitter in the days before the interview because she knew that her lies and the lies of Obama and Biden would be exposed for the entire world to see, and there’s nothing she could do to stop it.

Tucker Carlson asks Vladimir Putin who blew up the Nord Stream Pipeline…

Tucker Carlson: Who blew up Nord Stream?

Vladimir Putin: You, for sure. (L a u g h i n g.)

Tucker Carlson: I was busy that day. I did not blow up Nord Stream.

Vladimir Putin: You personally may have an alibi, but the CIA has no such alibi.

Tucker Carlson: Do you have evidence that NATO or CIA did it?

Vladimir Putin: You know, I won’t get into details, but people always say in such cases: ”Look for someone who is interested“. But in this case we should not only look for someone who is interested, but also for someone who has capabilities. Because there may be many people interested, but not all of them are capable of sinking to the bottom of the Baltic Sea and carrying out this explosion. These two components should be connected: who is interested and who is capable of doing it.

Tucker Carlson: But I am confused. I mean, that’s the biggest act of industrial terrorism ever and it’s the largest emission of CO₂ in history. Okay, so, if you had evidence and presumably, given your security services, your intel services, you would, that NATO, the US, CIA, the West did this, why wouldn’t you present it and win a propaganda victory?

Vladimir Putin: In the war of propaganda it is very difficult to defeat the United States because the United States controls all the world’s media and many European media. The ultimate beneficiary of the biggest European media are American financial institutions. Don’t you know that? So it is possible to get involved in this work, but it is cost prohibitive, so to speak. We can simply shine the spotlight on our sources of information, and we will not achieve results. It is clear to the whole world what happened, and even American analysts talk about it directly. It’s true.

Letters To America #47 – February 10th, 2024

Part 3 of 6

Tucker Carlson: Yes. But here is a question you may be able to answer. You worked in Germany, famously. The Germans clearly know that their NATO partner did this, that they damaged their economy greatly – it may never recover. Why are they being silent about it? That is very confusing to me. Why wouldn’t the Germans say something about it?

Vladimir Putin: This also confuses me. But today’s German leadership is guided by the interests of the collective West rather than its national interests, otherwise it is difficult to explain the logic of their action or inaction. After all, it is not only about Nord Stream-1, which was blown up, and Nord Stream-2 was damaged, but one pipe is safe and sound, and gas can be supplied to Europe through it, but Germany does not open it. We are ready, please.

There is another route through Poland, called Yamal-Europe, which also allows for a large flow. Poland has closed it, but Poland pecks from the German hand, it receives money from pan-European funds, and Germany is the main donor to these pan-European funds. Germany feeds Poland to a certain extent. And they closed the route to Germany. Why? I don’t understand. Ukraine, to which the Germans supply weapons and give money.

Germany is the second sponsor after the United States in terms of financial aid to Ukraine. There are two gas routes through Ukraine. They simply closed one route, the Ukrainians. Open the second route and, please, get gas from Russia. They do not open it. Why don’t the Germans say: ”Look, guys, we give you money and weapons. Open up the valve, please, let the gas from Russia pass through for us.

We are buying liquefied gas at exorbitant prices in Europe, which brings the level of our competitiveness, and economy in general down to zero. Do you want us to give you money? Let us have a decent existence, make money for our economy, because this is where the money we give you comes from“. They refuse to do so. Why? Ask them. (Knocks on the table.) That is what it is like in their heads. Those are highly incompetent people.

Tucker Carlson asked Vladimir Putin about US presidents making decisions and then being undercut by their agency heads…

Tucker Carlson: So, twice you’ve described US presidents making decisions and then being undercut by their agency heads. So, it sounds like you’re describing a system that is not run by the people who are elected, in your telling.

Vladimir Putin: That’s right, that’s right. In the end they just told us to get lost. I am not going to tell you the details, because I think it is incorrect, after all, it was a confidential conversation. But our proposal was declined, that’s a fact.

It was right then when I said: ”Look, but then we will be forced to take counter measures. We will create such strike systems that will certainly overcome missile defense systems.“ The answer was: ”We are not doing this against you, and you do what you want, assuming that it is not against us, not against the United States“. I said, ”Okay.“

Very well, that’s the way it went. And we created hypersonic systems, with intercontinental range, and we continue to develop them. We are now ahead of everyone – the United States and other countries – in terms of the development of hypersonic strike systems, and we are improving them every day.

But it wasn’t us, we proposed to go the other way, and we were pushed back.

Now, about NATO’s expansion to the East. Well, we were promised, no NATO to the East, not an inch to the East, as we were told. And then what? They said, ”Well, it’s not enshrined on paper, so we’ll expand.“ So there were five waves of expansion, the Baltic States, the whole of Eastern Europe, and so on.

And now I come to the main thing: they have come to Ukraine ultimately. In 2008 at the summit in Bucharest they declared that the doors for Ukraine and Georgia to join NATO were open.

Letters To America #47 – February 10th, 2024

Part 4 of 6

Now about how decisions are made there. Germany, France seemed to be against it as well as some other European countries. But then, as it turned out later, President Bush, and he is such a tough guy, a tough politician, as I was told later, ”He exerted pressure on us and we had to agree.“ It’s ridiculous, it’s like kindergarten. Where are the guarantees? What kindergarten is this, what kind of people are these, who are they? You see, they were pressed, they agreed. And then they say, ”Ukraine won’t be in NATO, you know.“ I say, ”I don’t know, I know you agreed in 2008, why won’t you agree in the future?“ ”Well, they pressed us then.“

I say, ”Why won’t they press you tomorrow? And you’ll agree again.“

Well, it’s nonsensical. Who’s there to talk to, I just don’t understand. We’re ready to talk. But with whom?

Where are the guarantees? None.

So, they started to develop the territory of Ukraine. Whatever is there, I have told you the background, how this territory developed, what kind of relations there were with Russia. Every second or third person there has always had some ties with Russia. And during the elections in already independent, sovereign Ukraine, which gained its independence as a result of the Declaration of Independence, and, by the way, it says that Ukraine is a neutral state, and in 2008 suddenly the doors or gates to NATO were open to it. Oh, come on! This is not how we agreed. Now, all the presidents that have come to power in Ukraine, they’ve relied on an electorate with a good attitude to Russia in one way or another. This is the south-east of Ukraine, this is a large number of people. And it was very difficult to desuade this electorate, which had a positive attitude towards Russia.

Viktor Yanukovych came to power, and how: the first time he won after President Kuchma – they organised a third round, which is not provided for in the Constitution of Ukraine. This is a coup d’état. Just imagine, someone in the United States wouldn’t like the outcome…

From Hillary Clinton…

Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton calls Tucker Carlson a “useful idiot” and a “puppy dog.” Hillary is mad that a journalist is doing journalism. “He’s like a puppy dog. You know? He somehow has been fired from so many outlets in the United States.” “He says things that are not true. He parrots Vladimir Putin’s pack of lies about Ukraine.” You know Tucker is doing the right thing when this woman is mad at him.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Alex Wagner, the former first lady appeared unsurprised by the news and highlighted comments made previously by Carlson about the ongoing war in Ukraine. “He says things that are not true. He parrots Vladimir Putin’s pack of lies about Ukraine, so I don’t see why Putin wouldn’t give him an interview,” she said. Carlson has publicly voiced his opposition to U.S. support for Ukraine, arguing that American cities have suffered as a result of Congress and the White House providing billions of dollars in aid to the country.

The Daily Beast also said:

The former secretary of state reacted to the news of Carlson’s forthcoming interview with Putin—the first by an American media figure since the authoritarian leader initiated the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. After anchor Alex Wagner asked what Carlson’s latest act shows about himself, right-wing media and Putin, Clinton was scathing. “Well, it shows me what I think we’ve all known: he’s what’s called a ‘useful idiot,’” she said. “I mean, if you actually read translations of what’s being said on Russian media, they make fun of him. I mean, he’s like a puppy dog.”

Clinton then said Carlson’s future could lie with state media in Putin’s country.

“After having been fired from so many outlets in the United States,” Clinton said, referring to Carlson’s on-camera careers at CNN, then MSNBC, and finally Fox, “I would not be surprised if he emerges with a contract with a Russian outlet.”

Letters To America #47 – February 10th, 2024

Part 5 of 6

Let’s not forget this information from 6/15/2022:

    Ukrainian document released to Russian media outlet @izvestia, showing decree from Zelensky to destroy all files on Ukrainian defense service members, employees and staff of the state, and any involvement with Hunter Biden’s biolab METABIOTA, on 02/24/22, the same day the air strikes on Ukraine began.
    Remember that infamous video of Ukrainian MIL burning documents RIGHT IN FRONT of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense building in Kyiv, Ukraine? On 02/24/22 THE SAME DAY OF THE DECREE FROM ZELENSKY.

Yup. The MSM broadcasted a video of Ukrainian MIL destroying evidence of Ukrainian State involvement with HUNTER BIDEN’S BIOLAB in Ukraine, right as Russia was beginning its missile strikes.

You guys… we caught them all. We caught them in broad daylight on MSM. Check it out.

    So yeah digest that for a moment, and then there’s more.

This Ukrainian document release came at the same time as an official press release from Russia via the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, this morning, demanding the US comply with the investigation into their biological activity in the post-Soviet space.

In the article, Zakharova lays out a response to the US DoD response from 06/09/22 in which the US deny any such nefarious US DoD activity in Ukraine. Zakharova stated, “We call on American colleagues to show professionalism and instead of propaganda information stuffing to urgently engage in substantive work to correct the situation related to their military and biological activities in the countries of the former USSR.”

Here are a couple of important excerpt from the interview:

Will the Russian side take any measures to increase control over U.S. activities in biolaboratories in the post-Soviet space?

“Yes, we intend to use mechanisms in the near future, in accordance with articles V and VI of the Convention, which provide for consultations between States parties to the BTWC in resolving any issues regarding the purpose of the Convention or in connection with the implementation of its provisions, as well as cooperation in any investigations into possible violations of obligations under the BTWC.”

How, in your opinion, should the interaction between Moscow and Washington be built to build confidence and comply with the provisions of this Convention on the Prohibition of Biological and Toxin Weapons?

“We call on the United States, as the depositary of the BTWC, to take a responsible approach to fulfillment of its obligations under the Convention, in fact, to contribute to strengthening the regime of this important disarmament mechanism for international security. We expect to provide not general information, but substantive explanations on specific issues raised by the Russian side in connection with U.S. military and biological activities in the post-Soviet space.”

So essentially Russia is saying the US has to comply with the UN and that they have been stonewalling any investigation for decades. Russia is demanding the US cooperate and answer any concerns about their biological activity in post-Soviet states, like Ukraine, Georgia, etc.

Here’s the article, there’s an option for english translation.

    Russia released the little snippet that Zelensky was actively covering up Ukrainian involvement with Metabiota specifically, which confirms Zelensky knew what was going on, knew this was why Russia was moving in, knew that the labs exist, etc etc. This proves the Ukrainians are more than complicit and proves they knew that Biden was directly engaged in nefarious activity at this lab.

Russia is slowly letting evidence slip out and they claim to have a whole lot more. They are asking for US cooperation so we can clean it up together, but Biden also happens to be directly responsible for the biological crimes against humanity.

Letters To America #47 – February 10th, 2024

Part 6 of 6

Can we depend on the UN to do their part and demand the US comply? I’m not sure. But Russia is going to keep releasing information and evidence until they do. Russia is attempting diplomacy, and if the leaders of the US had any intention of world peace, they would agree.

Ukraine is the Deep State Keystone…

After a deeper dive on the impeachment debacle, the webs of corruption are more intertwined than I thought. Ukraine is the keystone. Ukraine has the goods on EVERYTHING.

Back in November 2019, Trump was speaking in an hour-long interview on Fox and Friends. He claimed the DNC hid the server with a company in UKRAINE. See quote below:

“A lot of it had to do, they say, with Ukraine. They have the server, right? From the DNC … they gave the server to CrowdStrike — or whatever it’s called — which is a company owned by a very wealthy Ukrainian, and I still want to see that server. You know, the FBI has never gotten that server. That’s a big part of this whole thing. Why did they give it to a Ukrainian company?”

This is a rhetorical question from Trump. Of course, he and Military Intelligence knew everything behind closed doors, but as soon as he publicly started talking about Ukraine, the Dems launched their impeachment scam, shortly followed by releasing C19 on the world just a month later, and thus they were able to hijack the narrative, and everyone forgot about the Dems’ dirty dealings in Ukraine.

2.5 years later, with more pieces to the puzzle, we can see the DNC set up an entire puppet government in Ukraine and have been using the nation as a proxy to carry out acts of global bioterrorism. Now it makes more sense as to why they sent the crowdstrike server to Ukraine, because Ukraine was a proxy government fully subservient to the Deep State. Fully outside the scope of US government oversight and jurisdiction, yet still in control of the Deep State players.

Ukraine was clearly the Deep State stronghold for the DNC. All the dirty sh*t they couldn’t get away with here in America, they just sent it to Ukraine. Just like they did with the Crowdstrike server, human trafficking, drug trafficking, money laundering, unethical medical experimentation, biological weapons production. Just send it over to Ukraine, and the US government can’t do anything about it without using military force.

Now it’s starting to make more sense as to why specifically the Democratic politicians in the US were the ones most concerned that Russia might move into Ukraine. As well as to why, out of nowhere, the left-wing and globalist politicians worldwide began publicly worshiping Ukraine. Why Joe Biden and the US establishment are sending tens of billions of our tax dollars to Ukraine. Why the western media complex wants you to believe Putin is literally Hitler.

All of it is because they are desperately clinging to power, and Ukraine is the stronghold for all of their Deep State activity since around 2014. Ukraine is the Deep State Keystone.

For those that don’t know the definition, see below:

Keystone: The most important part of a plan, idea, etc. on which everything else depends.

If Ukraine falls, the Deep State falls. Putin is gunning for the head of the snake.

You can view the full Tucker/Putin interview here:

And in case anyone is wondering, “Is this the real Vladimir Putin?” He isn’t:

    ~ by Freya Ferdinand II

    On to the story…
    The original Putin was said to have been deranged mobster and gangster, according to members of the Russian government. He would kill anyone who got in his way or anyone he simply wasn’t a fan of. Everyone around him…
    — Ice Kates (@kathrynwise6869) February 6, 2024

Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin Interview: What President Putin Really Said
By Michel Chossudovsky and Peter Koenig
February 13, 2024

Introductory Note

In Yesterday’s article entitled

NATO Confirmed that Ukraine “War Started in 2014”. Who Started the War? (February 11, 2023)

I focussed on the implications of a controversial statement by NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed (speaking on behalf of NATO) that the “war didn’t start in 2022”.

In an interview with The Washington Post (May 9, 2023), Jens Stoltenberg unequivocally confirmed that “the war started in 2014″.

What this statement unequivocally confirms is that US-NATO was already at war in 2014. It also tacitly acknowledges that Russia did not “initiate the war” on Ukraine in February 2022.

Jens Stoltenberg’s bold statement (which has barely been the object of media coverage) has opened up a Pandora’s Box, or best described “A Can of Worms” on behalf of the Atlantic Alliance.

What Stoltenberg’s statement bears out is that the beginning of the Ukraine war coincided with a U.S. sponsored Coup d’état, confirmed by Victoria’s Nuland‘s “F**k the EU telephone conversation with U.S. Ambassador Pyatt  in February 2014.

That was exactly ten years ago.

Today, I am featuring the text of guest author Peter Koenig which carefully reviews the implications of Tucker Carlson’s interview with President Vladimir Putin.

Koenig explains how the Interview has opened up another “Can of Worms” , which questions the legitimacy of U.S. foreign policy.

Michel Chossudovsky, February 12, 2024

Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin Interview: What President Putin Really Said

by Peter Koenig

First, much credit is due to both Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin for having agreed to speak to each other – or rather President Putin speaking to Tucker, as it was a lesson in Russian history and Russian culture and Russian soul, that President Putin gave not only to Tucker, but to the rest of the western world, most of whom have no clue what Russia is, and what makes Russia tick.

Tucker shared his reflections straight after his interview with Putin…

“You’d have to be crazy to think that Russia will give up Crimea.”

“You’d have to be an idiot to think that Russia is an expansionist power; it’s already huge and doesn’t need more territory.”

“You’d have to be an idiot to think that Russia could roll tanks into Vienna; there’s no evidence of such intentions.”

“We are ruled by lunatics”— referring to the US leadership’s desire for regime change in Russia.

Here is the full interview (with transcript)

After this widely anticipated interview, announced, and awaited with high expectations, Tucker Carlson has been widely demonized by western media and politicians. “How dare you talking to our prime enemy!” was the common tenor.

Unelected EU Commissioner, Madame Von der Leyen, talked about “sanctioning” Tucker Carlson, by banning him from entering the EU. It is more than ridiculous and will never happen. The sheer propaganda moment in such a statement shows how desperate the EU is – to follow in the boots steps of America – for the EU as well as the Washington Masters, are falling apart rapidly.

In the US, voices could be heard to call for taking Tucker’s US nationality away, to ban him from re-entering the US. And these voices were even louder than those decrying the Biden Administration-made immigrant scandal at the Texas border – that many are afraid could work itself from destabilizing American society into an outright civil war.

This is the state of affairs in a – not crazy, but defunct – world. How to get out of it?

Tucker Carlson has tried an opening to the East, to Russia; preparing for a geopolitical olive-branch, bringing back conscience in the ranks of American politicians. Will it work? It remains to be seen.

For all those who still believe in the mainstream’s vilification of Vladmir Putin, but are ever-more doubtful and would like to know the truth, President Putin tells an extraordinary story of reality about Russia, the country’s history, all the way back to the 8th century, laying out very clearly that not only eastern but also western Ukraine – Kiev – is historically a part of Russia.

If comparing this Russia knowledge of history with the Zionist claim over Palestine – you know who is telling the truth and who is lying through their teeth, just for grandeur, dominance, and power – all to achieve a Greater Israel – stamped out of nowhere – to present themselves to the world as “the Chosen People”.

Fortunately, eventually Light will prevail over Darkness and the Zionists will not achieve their wicked objectives. Unfortunately, though, with the pathologically sick support of western leaders, their defeat could take years – and the death toll during this period could become astronomical.

And who says or believes that Greater Israel would be the endgame?

From what can be seen today, and also read into President Putin’s interview statements,  the West, the combination of the dying empire, US of A, and the puppet Europe with her unelected leadership, and the individual EU countries with World Economic Forum (WEF)-implants as Young Global Leaders (YGL), speak tyrants – those who were privileged to absolve Klaus Schwab’s Academy of dictatorship and fascist-teaching – Trudeau, Macron, Von der Leyen, Scholz, Rutte et al – are hell-bent to go to war with Iran for her riches and because Iran, a close ally of Russia and China, is a disturbance for the west.

Iran is a powerhouse for the new BRICS. A western attack on Iran would be as suicidal as an assault on Russia and China. Russia assumes currently the leadership of the BRICS. Under Vladimir Putin, it will be a strong leadership.

Nothing of this was put in words by President Putin – but it is as much of what he did not say and one can read implicitly between the lines – as what he did say, that makes President Putin a formidable diplomat and indeed leading Statesman. The west has none of his kind. This interview may become an extraordinary milestone of history.

Despite being showered with western insults and sanctions for years non-stop, President Putin used not one word of insult against western leaders.

To the contrary, when asked by Tucker, how Putin’s counterparts reacted to his approaches, conversations, or suggestions for negotiations, on Ukraine, for example, Putin said he would not comment, and the good journalist, who Tucker Carlson is, might better ask directly at the source.

It is also clear, Russia does not have, never had at least during the last 300-plus years – any ambitions for expansion. Russia’s territory of some 17.1 million square kilometers (km2), of which about 16.4 million km2 land area, representing about 11% of the earth’s total landmass – and the riches of natural resources it harbors – are so huge, there is no need for more, as President Putin had already pointed out on many earlier occasions.

There is no reason at all for any recently-joined-NATO Scandinavian countries to be afraid of a Russian invasion. The ugly truth is, the leadership (sic) of these countries know it, but they play along with the US-EU-NATO Russia-Russia-Russia demonization.

Do they think, it is good for them?

Or have they been coerced, or even threatened to play along?

What do they get for the lies they spread and fear they plant in their people? For the crime they commit?

When President Putin spoke about the western so-called “invasion” of Ukraine on 22 February 2022, he made clear that the war started already in 2014, when on 21 February 2014, almost to the day eight years before, the democratically elected and Russia-friendly President Yanukovich was ousted by a coup and had to flee Ukraine.

NATO Secretary Stoltenberg recently said the same – the war started already in 2014.

The great diplomat, President Putin, did not say that this coup was inspired and planned way ahead by the US with the help of the European Union (remember Victoria Nuland’s infamous “f*ck Europe”?), but it was obvious to most listeners and, of course, also to the interviewer, Tucker Carlson.

President Putin was visibly and deeply disappointed and disturbed, when he found out that the September 2014 Minsk Agreement, and the “Second Minsk” in march 2015, both sponsored by France and Germany, under which Ukraine essentially had to disarm, become neutral and de-nazify her society, were never meant to be adhered to.

In December 2022, then Chancellor Angela Merkel told Die Zeit, “The 2014 Minsk agreement was an attempt to give Ukraine time; it [Ukraine] also used this time to become stronger, as you can see today.” This was a Bombshell, not just for Vladimir Putin, for most of the “innocent” – still believing – world.

The 2-hour-7-min interview is maybe best summarized by Scott Ritter who spoke to Sputnik on “X “ (6 minute-video) – providing a brilliant summary of the interview (9 February 2024):

Mr. Ritter lauded both President Putin and Tucker Carlson for their courage and in many ways audacity – and especially professionalism – to sit together and talk about Ukraine. Though, as we know by now – the interview was much more than an exchange of views, questions , and answers about Ukraine. The interview was more a lesson to the world on the Russian – Ukrainian joint past and – without mentioning it in words – western interference in a clearly internal affair.

Scott Ritter referred to the interview as a tour de force, where the Russian President was introducing an American audience to the nuances of Russian history and the complexity of the Russian soul. Because if you do not understand the basics of Russian history and how Russia functions, then you are on a journey without a map. So, Scott Ritter. He believes this may be the real value of the interview, creating a map.

According to Scott Ritter, Mr. Putin created a map for not only Tucker Carlson to understand, but the entire western world to start grasping, what makes Russia’s heart and soul.

President Putin attempted again to make the West understand what Russia is all about – namely not aggression and expansion, but seeking harmony and peace, while defending eastern Ukraine – especially the Donbass area from Kiev’s Nazi aggressions. He knows exactly what he is talking about.

The Stepan Bandera Nazi Nazi forces were fighting alongside Hitler’s Nazi army against the Soviet Union – causing countless deaths and misery

Mr. Putin clearly referred in this interview to a MUST de-Nazification of Ukraine – and he also pointed to the other three main objectives of Russia’s intervention, making Ukraine a neutral state, no NATO in Ukraine, and foremost defending the Russian communities especially in Eastern Ukraine, from Kiev’s Nazi aggressions.

Tucker Carlson opened the door into modern-day Russia, into understanding President Putin, into the History of Russia and into the Russian soul.

President Putin’s tireless effort in seeking harmony and cooperation, may be one of the key points shining through in the interview.

Mr. Putin knows, of course, that so far, the west has no interest whatsoever in seeking cooperation and harmonious cohabitation with Russia. To the contrary – the west wants to weaken Russia – hence, the senseless war funded by trillions of dollars or euros of US and EU taxpayers’ money – to dominate Russia and usurp her natural resources.

Despite this recognition, Vladimir Putin’s sending out positive signal and vibes, one day may bear fruit. That is the sense of peace seeking, of cooperation and friendship – that is a major objective of the Tao philosophy.

According to RT (Russia Today) of 10 February 2024, the two-hour interview gathered more than 46 million views on Carlson’s “X” account (formerly Twitter) and just under a million views on YouTube in the first hours since its release on Friday, 9 February.

In a previous post on “X” earlier this week, Carlson accused Western media outlets of lying to “their readers and viewers” by promoting Kiev’s stance while ignoring Russia’s.

“That’s wrong. Americans have the right to know all they can about a war they are implicated in,” he said.

Speaking to Russia’s Izvestia newspaper on Friday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said:

    “This is phenomenal. Their reaction reveals the mendacity of their approaches so much that, frankly speaking, you can’t believe it.”

    According to Ms. Zakharova,

    “they’ve had a hysterical fit – the White House, the Department of State, all the mainstream media are shouting at the top of their lungs one thing only: don’t watch [President Putin’s interview], and that an American journalist shouldn’t conduct the interview.”

She added that such behavior takes the wind out of Washington’s sails in its attempts to present itself as a beacon of morality, human rights, democracy, [if there ever was ‘democracy’- PK comment] and freedom of speech.

Ms. Zakharova is more than right. This applies equally to the spineless EU. Let’s stay tuned for further fallouts from this interview – hopefully turning from negative to positive.

Rob (c137)
Robert's Occam's razor
18 hrs ago
Despite the WEF coordinating Europe to screw Russia, Russia has been happy with their plans for digital ID, CBDCs, the WHO pandemic treaty, the con-vid shots and lockdowns, and global governance.

Multi polar is a buzzword that hides the fact that like you said, Russia is going to manage BRICS somehow.

Honestly, I think China would be a better administrator of BRICS.

Russia is still run by oligarchs, while China limits their influence.

William Pritting
18 hrs ago
The “West’s” obsession with the destruction of Russia is the fulfillment of a long-ago vendetta of the Khazarians (Ashkenazi Jews).

The West = “British/Rothschilds” Globalist Fascist Oligarchy.

The British Rothschilds are descended from the European Ashkenazi Jews.

Untaught history…..

The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia

The secret History of Khazarian Mafia and its evil plan to hijack the whole world is now revealed for first time.By Preston James, Ph.D - March 10, 2022




Tucker Slayed the Mainstream Media Dragon
By Ron Paul, MD
The Ron Paul Institute
February 13, 2024

There has been much written and said about Tucker Carlson’s interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin last week. As of this writing the video on Twitter alone has been viewed nearly 200 million times, making it likely the most-viewed news event in history.

Many millions of viewers who may not have had access to the other side of the story were informed that the Russia/Ukraine military conflict did not begin in 2022, as the mainstream media continuously reports, but in fact began eight years earlier with a US-backed coup in Ukraine. The US media does not report this because they don’t want Americans to begin questioning our interventionist foreign policy. They don’t want Americans to see that our government meddling in the affairs of other countries – whether by “color revolution,” sanctions, or bombs – has real and deadly consequences to those on the receiving end of our foreign policy.

To me, however, perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Tucker Carlson interview with Putin was the US mainstream media reaction. As Putin himself said during the interview, “in the world of propaganda, it’s very difficult to defeat the United States.” Even a casual look at the US mainstream media’s reporting before and after the interview would show how correct he is about that. In the days and weeks before the interview, the US media was filled with stories about how horrible it was that Tucker Carlson was interviewing the Russian president. There was the danger, they all said, that Putin might spread “disinformation.”

That Putin might say something to put his country in a better light was, they were saying, reason enough to not interview him. With that logic, why have journalism at all? Everyone interviewed by journalists – certainly every world leader – will attempt to paint a rosy picture. The job of a journalist in a free society should be to do the reporting and let the people decide. But somehow that has been lost. These days the mainstream media tells you what to think and you better not dispute it or you will be cancelled!

What the US mainstream media was really worried about was that the “other side of the story” might start to ring true with the public. So they attacked the messenger.

The CNN reporting on Tucker’s interview pretty much sums up the reaction across the board of the US mainstream media. Their headline read, “Tucker Carlson is in Russia to interview Putin. He’s already doing the bidding of the Kremlin.”

By merely doing what used to be called “journalism” – interviewing and reporting on people and events, whether good or bad – one is “doing the bidding” of the subject of the interview or report?

No wonder fellow journalist Julian Assange has been locked away in a gulag for so many years. He dared to assume that in a free society, being a journalist means reporting the good, the bad, and the ugly even if it puts those in power in a bad light.

In the end, the massive success of the Tucker Carlson interview with Vladimir Putin demonstrates once and for all that the American people are sick to death of their mainstream media propagandists and liars. They are looking not for government narratives, but for truth. That’s the really good news about this interview.


Quote:Henry Makow: From a reader:
This kabbalah wizard explains the kabbalah of the WW2 holocaust.
The Zohar says that before Moschiach, the world must become very dark and full of evil....
But there was a problem: The "Jews" were bringing too much holiness and light into the world.....
So "Hashem" had to take 6 million of them away. "Hashem" is the elite kabbalists.
Judaism is Edom. And the Zohar is the curse of Zechariah 5.

JC said (February 18, 2024):
I think Michael A. Hoffman said it best: "The alchemical principle of the Revelation of the Method has as its chief component, a clown-like, grinning mockery of the victim(s) as a show of power and macabre arrogance."
They are somehow bound to tell us what they're up to. IMO, these false flags and fake shootings, and the incredible establishment b.s. that always accompanies them, is indeed a "mockery of the victims." We're being mocked. They're giving us middle finger productions, laughing in our face.

The East Vs West Gaslit War
How the Kabbalah Drama of WW3 is being Gas lit by the Messiahs of the Alt Media

Richard Willett |

Recently Alex Jones posted this bizarre video on his X account, apparently have a pop at Michelle Obama for being Transgender. This maybe the case, Michelle may well be Micheal, but in adult land who really cares.

What is more interesting and important to me is that once you realise that Alex is spending a lot of his online energy promoting his longtime friend Tucker Carlson and that Tucker is a Kabbalist, then the video below takes on an entirely new meaning.

This video was posted by Alex on his X account where he seems to be poking fun at Obama and his “wife”.

Kabbalah Drama Decoded
At first I believed that the Black Pig in this video represented the female aspect of Yahweh which is Shekhinah, or the Moon being shadowed by the Black Pig of SET.

After speaking with Christopher Jon Bjerknes he explained to me that this was another representation of how the East is being pitted agains the West in a mutually destructive third world war.

The Crocodile represents Leviathan, the Sea creature of the West. Christopher explained to me that in this context the Black Pig represents the land mammal of the Behemoth.

Perhaps Alex is signalling to those in the know that he is pushing the West to defeat the East, perhaps without knowing that this is supposed to be a Mutually Destructive war which would leave only the Israelites of the 600,000 Points of the World Soul to roam the earth in what they believe to be a ‘World To Come. In conspirators terms this is The New World Order after The Great Reset.

Unfortunately most people will not realise that in US Politics you have the choice between one Kabbalist Chabad Lubavitch candidate and another, as demonstrated below.

All Major Political “Choices” connected to a Messianic Kabbalist Sect Chabad Lubavitch - why?

As the above graphic shows, all of these politicians are on the Chabad train to their version of a “World To Come” and that world to come does not include any of us. Like any good cult it also does not include most it’s own members either, although it is likely that those in the image above believe themselves to be “Chosen”.

Before I move on to explain what this World To Come entails please remember that this Cult is so desperate right now, that they are trying to sell us a saviour of their own.

Any any old Schmuck will do……

Selling Musk
Musk often drops Kabbalist and Messianic symbology on “his” X Platform. Musks companies are finically backed by Saudi Royal and Qatar National Funding as well as huge loans from investment firms.


Above you can see just one example of Musk signalling for the Noahide Laws or the 7 Laws of Noah (7 is encoded again). Now Noah is simply remix of the story of Gilgamesh with some notable changes. One of these changes see Noah buil a boat not a “Cube” like Gilgamesh, which in of itself is very interesting given the Saturn related symbology of the Black Cube and the BlackRock investment firm.

The Noahide Laws sounds pretty nice, until you realise that this Cult will cast them as laws for the gentiles! Here they are:

No 1": Do Not Profane Gods oneness in anyway should be cause for alarm from anyone who doesn't believe Yahweh to be the true “God”.

Musk was also having loads of fun dressing up as the God of Mars whilst sporting an inverted Cross to signify the Anti-Christ as well as a goats head which could be the Goat of Mendes/Baphomet.

This is they guy that the likes of Joe Rogan with all of his BlackRock related funding is trying to sell you as your saviour.

In Kabbalah, Mars is the 5th Klipoth, the SAVIOUR Samuel and the Logos of MARS! It is also considered the 4th Planet from the Sun, so it really depends on the context of what system you are using to decode their behaviour and what it means.

There are Twelve Saviors that are related to the twelve Sephiroth, since each Sephiroth is related to a planet that is the physical body of a Logos. A Logos is a Monad that Self-realized the 10 Sephiroth in itself. These Twelve Saviors are also related to the Twelve Constellations.

Mars is also known as the God of WAR!

(He’s not a Genius, he’s just had a lifetime of mummy telling him he was whilst daddy told him he was an idiot thus confusing and abusing the poor lad)

This is just one example of the saviour the likes of Alex Jones, Joe Rogan and Kabbalist Tucker Carlson (with his dads intelligence background) are trying to sell you.

All For War
The sad reality appears to be that these guys are circling the wagons in the alternative media and they are all for war, whilst crowing that they are trying to stop a 3rd World War. Wether they known this or not only the will known themselves.

In the clip below Joe Rogan (financially kept by Spotify who are floated through JP Morgan who are themselves owned by shareholders through the likes of State Corp, BlackRock and Vanguard for their Shadow Clients) grovels at the feet of Technocrat and I believe Kabbalist, Elon Musk.

Do not fall for the rhetoric of these guys, look at what they DO not what they SAY!

These guys take the money from the exact corporations and institutions they claim to push back against and they think YOU are I are too stupid to figure it out.

Unfortunately for you Joe, all that weed has clouded you mind, the true alternative media are light years ahead of you.

At the apex of this Kabbalist Cult they want a mutually destructive war between the Leviathan of the East and the Behemoth of the West. A war that once the dust settles , will see the death of the Leviathan and the exhausted easy pickings of the Bohemeth at what they term the “Great Banquet” in Abrahamic religions.

Jesus was said to have spoken not of the Kingdom of God as a place but as the return of The Kingdom of God, this could be seen as the return of the Golden Age where Saturn was said to be the original Sun (Sin) in the mystery schools. This is why we have seen thousands of years of human sacrifice to the planet/God Saturn also known as Cronus/Yahweh/Death as well as many other variants.

They want to appease Saturn because it up and left which led to the Flood and the first Great Reset. This is what is meant by the Noahide Promise.

Trump is doing his part by enticing in the Christian Nationalists for his Zionist Messianic Kabbalist Masters to this “Great Banquet” whilst on the other “Side” Netanyahu and Putin are pulling the string to get the East to the table. All the while BOTH the East and West do not realise that it is THEY who are about to be served up for this End Times cult.

Remember the likes of Trump, Putin, Netanyahu, Zelenksy and now Milei are not actually making the decisions. They are playing given character roles in a Kabbalah Drama that sets to bring about the following:

    WW3 - Mutually destructive War between the East and West
    The Building of a 3rd Solomons Temple on Temple Mount
    A.I to be housed in this 3rd Temple (See Rehoboam in West World)
    Human 2.0 Transhuman slaves - Neuralink Chipped to the Cloud/Hive Mind
    New Garden of Eden in Ukraine ? - Fertile Lands
    A one World Religion - Rockefeller Inter Church world Movement
    Return of the Moshiach - 7th Rebbe was the final Rebbe
    A Thousand years of a New Golden Age for the 600,000 aspects of the World Soul

And you, I and our future loved ones will not be part of this World To Come which they call HaOlam HaBa , even if we try very very hard to stick to their 7 Noahide Laws.

REMEMBER: This is in no way indicative of all people of the Jewish faith, this is Jewish mysticism and an interpretation that only a small sect of Jewish mystics will hold let alone truly understand. Jews themselves are in as much danger as the rest of us, they are also being used by this Global Kabbalist Cult, as are the Zionists, as are the IDF Soldiers, as are Israeli citizens.

I am not claiming to be an expert on this, I am still learning and am at the very begging of this journey to understand this.

Having said that, what is apparent to me is that you would have to be a die hard coincidence theorist to dismiss videos like the one shared start of this article to believe these Mainstream Alternative Media Messiahs have no idea about any of this information.

Till next time, remember to do your own research and come to your own conclusions

Tuck & Vlad: The Interview of the Decade, if Not the Century!
By Cherie Zaslawsky
Truth Be Told
February 14, 2024

Tucker Carlson interviews President Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin, February 8. 2024

Though summarily booted off Fox News only ten months ago, Tucker Carlson has single-handedly pulled off the journalistic coup of the century. He’s now the envy of the myriad sycophants in mainstream media newsrooms, who do nothing more than read the scripts given them by their handlers, all of whom are in the pay of their globalist masters. Predictably, they’re attacking Carlson on cue, meaning he’s over the target.

Way to go, Tucker!

He just enabled us to witness a two-hour candid encounter with one of the world’s most important leaders.

Those of us who’ve listened to Putin’s speeches in the past—especially his remarkable speech from February 24th, 2022, when he announced his reasons for beginning a military operation in Ukraine—were not surprised to find him a highly intelligent, knowledgeable leader with an unflappable demeanor.  But as Tucker’s interview with him proceeded, we also got a glimpse of his candor and wry sense of humor.

Predictably, the Putin demonizers—i.e. the mainstream media, Dems, RINOs, the globalist Left, etc.—are clearly scrambling to enact damage control now that millions of Americans have seen for themselves, by virtue of Tucker’s two-hour interview with the Russian President, that Putin is no bogeyman after all. And that means we’ve been lied to for years.


Those of us who watched all two hours of Tucker Carlson’s interview of Putin were treated to an historic conversation in which we witnessed a true statesman steeped in the history of his country and that of Europe, giving insightful, measured, candid yet diplomatic answers to Tucker’s questions.

Yet the Leftist media found nothing of value in the entire interview, and everything to disparage.

Two memes appeared almost immediately in the MSM’s attempt to discredit Tucker: the claim Tucker is “not a journalist”, but rather a “useful idiot.” Just in case we miss the point, the press lackeys go on to discredit Putin as well.

Case in point: A recent MSNCB article by Frank Figliuzzi contends that Tucker is “not a journalist” but a “former Fox News entertainer”, and that Putin is a “master at manipulating” a ”despot” and a “stone-cold killer” who “used” Carlson and “played him for a fool.”

Here are some woke attempts at zingers from Tucker’s former colleague, Chris Wallace, who says Tucker was “basically broadcasting fascist propaganda to credulous people in the West who are eager to buy into the mythology of Putin…as an enemy of wokeness.” Wallace elaborated with the memes du jour, saying the interview was: “one of the most disgraceful — to call it a journalistic performance is wrong because he’s not a journalist. …It was just simply being a scribe to one of the most vicious dictators of our time.” (Emphasis mine)

Nice try, guys. But you’ve got it exactly backwards. Having been shills so long probably makes it hard for you to recognize a real journalist when you see one. The biggest tip-off is that Hillary herself called Tucker “a useful idiot.” That’s a badge of honor coming from the Hildebeast who refers to American patriots as the Deplorables.

In fact, with his rational discourse and impressive knowledge of history and changing global power alignments, Putin puts our own President, Vice President, and most members of Congress to shame, though they were in no need of outside help on that score.

Putin comes across as sincere, principled and even, dare I say, compassionate. What a shock! Of course his perspective clashes with that of O’Biden’s destructive policies, as could be expected. And another shocker for many in Tucker’s audience may be the provable fact that the West, and particularly America, repeatedly betrayed Russia after the fall of the USSR. So instead of Putin appearing as the villain in this piece, we are confronted with our own guilty role in the war in Ukraine which we are stubbornly prolonging, among other things.


During the interview, Putin put to rest a few of the West’s main charges against him. It’s your decision, of course, whether to believe him or not, but many facts bear him out.

We learned that Putin favored an early diplomatic negotiated plan regarding Ukraine, and that such a plan had been in the works, but got torpedoed by the UK’s Boris Johnson, presumably at the behest of the U.S. Here’s some outside verification.

Arguably the biggest lie of the Leftist press has been that Putin plans to take over Europe. Here’s Politico quoting Strobe Talbott in February 2022: “Putin certainly has an endgame in mind: It’s recreating the Russian Empire with himself as tsar.” And here’s the title of an article from the UK’s Independent from March 2022: “Putin the imperialist: Why Ukraine is part of his dream of a Greater Russia.”

So Tucker asked Putin: “Well, the argument… is that, well, he invaded Ukraine. He has territorial aims across the continent. Latvia. Expansionist behavior. Can you imagine a scenario where you send Russian troops to Poland?”

And now we have Putin on record: “…they're trying to intimidate their own population with an imaginary Russian threat… we have no interest in Poland, Latvia or anywhere else. Why would we do that? We simply don't have any interest. It's just threat-mongering…. It is absolutely out of the question.” 


And though most of Tucker’s questions were apt, I, for one, winced when he asked Putin: How could he be a Christian and yet go to war, when Jesus said one shouldn’t kill, but just turn the other cheek?

Of course, if Christian pacifism under all circumstances was a necessity, Britain should never have gone to war against Hitler, since England is a Christian country. In fact, so is nearly all of Europe, though the Nazis cultivated paganism. Or did Tucker mean to imply that this supposed Christian standard—refusing to kill no matter what—pertains only to Russia?

One more gripe. Here’s a paraphrase of another of his questions: “Why are you concerned with de-Nazification? After all, Hitler died 80 years ago…”. Did Tucker not notice the worldwide recent rise of antisemitism? Had he not heard of the Azov Battalion with its Nazi heritage and a swastika on its flag? Does he not know that copies of Mein Kampf were found among Hamas terrorists’ belongings?

Of course we owe Tucker our gratitude for pursuing this historic interview, and for asking Putin a number of vitally important questions, especially those about the war in Ukraine, and for allowing Putin to speak at length with few interruptions. And though I have quibbles over a couple of his formulations, it is possible, even likely, that his questions had to be submitted in advance for approval, as one might expect.


Nevertheless, regarding questions, this was not vintage Tucker at his brilliant best. Here are some questions I wish he’d asked the Russian leader:

·      You must know that a number of American politicians not only  support Ukraine, but have called for regime change in Russia, i.e. they want to see you ousted from power. Why do you think that is?

·      Why do you think the American elites, media, entrenched political establishment, and even many of our courts fought so hard against Trump while he was in office, and are trying to keep him from running now?

·      Trump has declared he could end the war in a week if elected. Here’s a quote from the BBC from last May: “’If Mr. Trump cuts off the supply of weapons, the war will end on Russian terms, which is the West's worst nightmare,’ says the former head of Britain's secret service, Sir Alex Younger.” What do you anticipate would happen regarding the war in Ukraine if Trump is reelected in November, and how might that affect Russia’s relationship with the US?

·      What can you tell us about corruption and malfeasance in Ukraine, including Hunter Biden’s role, his father’s role, the reported biosecurity labs, etc.?

·      You say that the West is focused on practicality and technological gains, while Russia remains patriotic, religious, and nationalistic, in an almost mythic-poetic way. Yet you observe that the world power structure is changing and that one should adapt to it, and so Russia is increasingly allying with China, at least economically. Isn’t that being practical? And mightn’t there be a downside to allying with a powerful Communist country?


Though Putin spoke about Russian history at some length, I don’t recall him referencing the Warsaw Pact by name, and the fact that while the Pact was disbanded in 1991, its counterpart, NATO, remained—even after the collapse of the USSR. This shifted the balance of power against Russia, and of course the threat of bringing Ukraine into the NATO fold on Russia’s doorstep was a bridge too far.

Putin likely felt it necessary to review Russian history since the Western media misrepresents it, pretending Ukraine was historically an independent nation, though long referred to as the “bread basket of Russia.” Similarly, the same Leftist press misrepresents “Palestine” as the former country of Arab Muslims, though it never existed as more than a region, and where Jews were inhabitants long before Arabs.

Interestingly, there are some additional parallels between Russia and Israel. Both nations face what they perceive to be an existential threat, and have responded militarily to that threat, yet both are being accused of war crimes as they defend themselves. Furthermore, Western and especially U.S. indignation against them has resulted in the O’Biden administration and their pals in Congress clamoring for “regime change” in both Russia and Israel. We’re told Putin plans to invade more countries for Greater Russia, and that Netanyahu seeks to create Greater Israel, so both should be stopped. More Leftist lies and scare tactics, used to confuse the actual issues.

Let’s be honest: under O’Biden, for all the administration’s verbiage to the contrary, America is essentially on the wrong side in both wars. We’re fighting a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine—the seat of money-laundering and major payoffs for the Big Guy and pals; and though Biden/Blinken claim to be supporting Israel, they’re actually funding the terrorism by funding Iran, resupplying Hamas, and attempting to tie Israel’s hands to prevent the defeat of Hamas.

In fact, a case can be made that neither the war in Ukraine nor Hamas’ October 7th attack on Israel would have occurred without American aid to the miscreants.


I suspect President Trump would have had an excellent relationship with Putin if the Deep State hadn’t tied his hands, and excoriated him with their “Russia Russia Russia” faux accusations, which made it awkward for him to court a new friendship with Russia. The two men likely recognized they were both nationalists fiercely opposed to globalism, giving them common ground.

Is it coincidental that the Dems/Marxist Left engineered the theft of the 2020 election, and are doing their damnedest to keep Trump from even running this year? Is it merely a coincidence that Progressive Leftists at home and abroad seek to remove Putin and Netanyahu? Or could it perhaps be because, whatever their individual flaws and shortcomings, all three leaders are dedicated nationalists who love their countries and stand firm in opposition to the global predators seeking their dystopian New World Order/Great Reset/Agenda 2030—the abolition of national sovereignty and personal liberty?

In fact, I’d argue that one of the many reasons the Dems/Deep State/Leftists concocted the Russia hoax and made up the nonsensical charge of MAGA Trump being a Russian spy, was to keep him from forging an historic relationship with our former Cold War enemy. And that may also be one of many reasons they want to keep Trump out of the White House once more, as well as a reason for their push to topple Putin. For if Trump could engineer an alliance with Putin, if nationalist America and nationalist Russia started working together, that would be mighty inconvenient for the Global Elites as they pursue their One World Totalitarian Government “Utopia.”


I was surprised when Tucker threw Putin a curve ball in the last ten minutes of the interview, accusing him of wrongly imprisoning America journalist Evan Gershkovich and asking him publicly, on air, to release him then and there.

Though Putin gave a diplomatic response, last-minute focusing on the Gershkovich issue would have ended the two-hour interview on a sour note, so I was relieved that Tucker asked one final question. In response, Putin told a remarkable true story, invoking the presence of the Russian soul that he believes resides in the Ukrainians as well as the Russians.

It made a beautiful last word for the interview, and Tucker graciously let Putin be the one to say: “Shall we end it here?” So the master statesman, who began the program with half an hour’s history lesson that most of us could benefit from hearing, ended it on a hopeful note that healing will follow after the war, as he alluded to the profound, soulful connection to Mother Russia that, through it all, will persist for those on both sides, once peace is achieved.

In the meantime, we’ve also learned that this is a new Tucker, freed from the shackles of Fox News, courageously pursuing truth and making journalistic history. And that he’s unstoppable.

Mad Badger
Feb 14
It is also an inconvenient truth that the Jews have a large presence in Ukraine. In fact Zelensky and other oligarch types in Ukraine are Jews and support the Azov battalion. They are instrumental in the Nazification of Ukraine. I still haven't figured out why.

Crush Limbraw
Feb 14
Bravo! And since you mentioned Christianity, here's an interesting 'coincidence' - - the Civil War, WW 1 and 2 - most of the combatants doing the fighting, dying and killing were who? And why?
Warning - this opens a whole kettle of worms.

"In The War of Propaganda, It Is Very Difficult To Defeat the United States"
By Caitlin Johnstone
February 15, 2024

One under-appreciated moment from Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with Vladimir Putin came after Putin implied that NATO powers were behind the 2022 bombing of the Nord Stream pipeline. Carlson responded by asking why Putin wouldn’t present evidence of this to the world, so as to “win a propaganda victory.”

“In the war of propaganda it is very difficult to defeat the United States because the United States controls all the world’s media and many European media,” Putin replied, adding, “The ultimate beneficiary of the biggest European media are American financial institutions.”

I don’t know about the specific nature of his Nord Stream insinuations, but Putin is definitely correct about the strength of the American propaganda machine. Of all the fronts one could possibly choose to challenge the United States on, propaganda is surely the least favorable. The US empire has by far the most sophisticated and effective propaganda machine ever to have existed, operating with such complexity that most people don’t even know it exists.+

In a “fact-checking” article titled “5 lies and 1 truth from Putin’s interview with Tucker Carlson”, Politico Europe labels the above claim a lie on the basis that Russia has state-run media whereas US media is privately owned.

“The biggest news media companies are privately owned and operate without direct government control, in contrast to the state-controlled media landscape in Russia,” writes Politico’s Sergey Goryashko. “Russian state TV and the primary news agencies there are the property of the government, and the Kremlin controls other media or destroys those not willing to collaborate.”

At the bottom of the article is a line which reads as follows: “Sergey Goryashko is hosted at POLITICO under the EU-funded EU4FreeMedia residency program.”

EU4FreeMedia is a European Union narrative management operation set up to help integrate “Russian journalists in exile” into leading European publications, ie to provide maximum media amplification to Russian expats who have a bone to pick with the current government in Moscow. It is run with participation from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, a US government-funded media op under the umbrella of the US propaganda services umbrella USAGM.

    Applications for the EU4FreeMedia Residency are open! @RFERL is proud to participate in this program for young, independent Russian journalists to grow their reporting skills, build a network of fellow journalists, and more.


    — RFE/RL Pressroom (@RFERLPress) April 26, 2023

I really couldn’t have come up with a more perfect illustration of what I’m talking about here than the US government and its European lackeys running a complex and elaborate project to further slant European media against the Russian Federation, which then manifests as a Politico article calling Putin a liar and claiming propaganda does not exist in the west.

There’s an old joke that goes like this:

A Soviet and an American are on an airplane seated next to each other.

“Why are you flying to the US?” asks the American.

“To study American propaganda,” replies the Soviet.

“What American propaganda?” asks the American.

“Exactly,” the Soviet replies.

In reality the nature of the US-centralized empire allows it to run a massive, nonstop international propaganda campaign through mass media platforms which are mostly privately owned. A diverse network of factors feeds into this dynamic which I’ve detailed in my unusually lengthy article “15 Reasons Why Mass Media Employees Act Like Propagandists”, but the gist of it is that anyone who’s wealthy enough to control a mass media platform is going to have a vested interest in preserving the status quo upon which their wealth is premised, and they will cooperate with establishment power structures in various ways toward that end.

The fact that these mass media outlets look independent but function as propaganda organs for the US empire allows its propaganda to fly into people’s minds without triggering any gag reflex of critical thinking or skepticism, which wouldn’t be the case if people knew those outlets were feeding them propaganda. Propaganda only really has persuasive power if you don’t know it’s happening to you.

    According to @theintercept analysis of US media, the term “slaughter” was used to describe the killing of Israelis v Palestinians 60 to 1, “massacre” was used to describe killing of Israelis v Palestinians 125 to 2. “Horrific” was used to describe the killing of Israelis 36 to 4.

    — Laila Al-Arian (@LailaAlarian) February 8, 2024

The invisibility of US propaganda is further aided by the subtle methods by which it is administered, which we’ve seen exemplified beautifully in the coverage of Israel’s ongoing US-backed mass atrocity in Gaza.

In an article titled “Coverage of Gaza War in the New York Times and Other Major Newspapers Heavily Favored Israel, Analysis Shows,” The Intercept reports that a review of 1,000 articles from the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times about Israel’s war on Gaza found that the outlets consistently used word choices which served Israeli information interests.

“Highly emotive terms for the killing of civilians like ‘slaughter,’ ‘massacre,’ and ‘horrific’ were reserved almost exclusively for Israelis who were killed by Palestinians, rather than the other way around,” The Intercept’s Adam Johnson and Othman Ali report. “The term ‘slaughter’ was used by editors and reporters to describe the killing of Israelis versus Palestinians 60 to 1, and ‘massacre’ was used to describe the killing of Israelis versus Palestinians 125 to 2. ‘Horrific’ was used to describe the killing of Israelis versus Palestinians 36 to 4.”

This is the sort of manipulation that a casual news consumer wouldn’t notice. Unless you’re on alert for bias and are keeping track of what words are and aren’t being used where, you’re probably not going to notice the absence of emotionally-charged words when reporting on Palestinians who are killed by Israelis.

    It probably took a team of five CNN editors, along with their IDF liaison, to write this disgusting headline…

    — Jeffrey St. Clair, CounterPunch (@JeffreyStClair3) February 10, 2024

This type of slant shows up in all sorts of ways, like today’s headlines about the IDF killing a six year-old Palestinian girl named Hind Rajab along with her family. Reliable propaganda organs of the empire like CNN, The New York Times and the BBC have respectively gone with the headlines “Five-year-old Palestinian girl found dead after being trapped in car under Israeli fire”, “Missing 6-Year-Old and Rescue Team Found Dead in Gaza, Aid Group Says,” and “Hind Rajab, 6, found dead in Gaza days after phone calls for help”. In contrast, Al Jazeera reports on the same story with the headline “Body of 6-year-old killed in ‘deliberate’ Israeli fire found after 12 days,” and Middle East Eye goes with “Hind Rajab: Palestinian girl found dead after being trapped under Israeli fire for days”.

It’s easy to spot the difference when they’re placed next to each other like I just did, but unless you’re really watching out for it and have a good background on what’s going on here you’re likely to miss what’s happening. If you’re like most people and don’t read past the headline, you’d never know from the imperial media headlines that the child was killed by Israel, and you’d certainly never know about her terrified phone call for help while trapped by IDF fire and surrounded by the bodies of her dead relatives. If you look to the legacy media and its algorithmically-boosted online iterations for information about the world, you went one more day with a distorted perspective of what’s happening in Gaza.

The western press constantly write headlines like this when trying to minimize the impact of someone’s death at the hands of a party they sympathize with, particularly with regard to Palestinians. Last month the BBC published an article titled “Record number of civilians hurt by explosives in 2023”, as though they were mishandling fireworks or something instead of being actively killed by Israeli bombs. The BBC later revised their atrocious headline, but revised it in the opposite direction, replacing “Record number” with “High number” to further minimize the impact.

Contrast this with the BBC’s headlines when it’s reporting on Ukrainians killed by Russian airstrikes . Here’s a recent one titled “Ukraine war: Russian air strikes claim five lives in Kyiv and Mykolaiv”, and another titled “Ukraine war: Baby killed in Russian strike on Kharkiv hotel”.

Got it? In Ukraine people die from bombs because Russia launched Russian airstrikes and killed them very Russianly, whereas in Gaza people get hurt by explosions because they got too close to some type of explosive material.

    The Washington Post changed their headline from “Is America complicit in Israel’s bloody war in Gaza?” to “Has the Israel-Gaza war changed your feelings about being American?”

    — Caitlin Johnstone (@caitoz) February 5, 2024

Last week The Washington Post ran an opinion piece titled “Is America complicit in Israel’s bloody war in Gaza?”, which is already a ridiculously skewed headline because the answer is self-evidently yes — implying that there’s any question of this skews things in America’s favor. But even this was too much for the Post’s editors, who re-titled the piece “Has the Israel-Gaza war changed your feelings about being American?” to keep Americans from thinking too hard about Israel’s bloody war in Gaza and their country’s complicity in it.

In a Wednesday article titled “Biden Tries Again With Arab Americans in Michigan”, New York Times editorial board member Farah Stockman wrote the absolutely insane line “The Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel seems to be affecting Biden’s election prospects.” And then The New York Times actually printed it.

Read that line again. She’s saying Arab Americans are rejecting Biden because of the October 7 Hamas attack, which is of course absurd; they’re rejecting Biden because he’s backing a genocide in Gaza. She wrote this nonsensical line because in the New York Times you can’t say things like “Israel’s genocide in Gaza” or “the president’s facilitation of crimes against humanity”, and you won’t be hired if you’re the sort of person who’d be inclined to. Instead we’re pretending that for some inexplicable reason Arab Americans are just hopping mad at Biden because October 7 happened.

But again, these little manipulations fly under the radar if you’re not on the lookout for them. Such is the brilliance of the US empire’s invisible propaganda machine. That’s why it’s very difficult to win a propaganda war against the United States, that’s why westerners have been so successfully manipulated into accepting a status quo of endless war, ecocide, injustice and exploitation, and that’s why the world looks the way it looks right now.

What Everyone Is Missing About the Putin/Carlson Talk
By Tom Luongo
Gold Goats 'n Guns
February 15, 2024

“The Vorlons say, understanding is a three-edged sword: your side, their side, and the truth”
— John Sheridan, Babylon 5

The biggest media story of 2024 so far has come and gone. Tucker Carlson interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin last week.

Everyone, even the Davos/UK dominated media, has put forth their opinion on it. I gave out a quick take for my Patrons the morning after just like everyone else. And like everyone else I missed the biggest takeaway from this interview.

Now, if you go through the commentary what you will mostly see is people, as always, doing what traders call “talking their book.” In other words, as opposed to dealing with the information presented and the motivations of the people involved, most media outlets and commentators put forth their opinion on whether this interview satisfied their needs from it.

So, for the hardcore geopolitical types and armchair psychoanalysts, we heard a lot of opinions second-guessing Putin’s strategy to open the interview with a nearly thirty minute recitation of Russian/Ukrainian history. Why would he do this, was the common refrain.

I’ll use my former-bellwether-for-normies, Scott Adams, as an example of this.

    How many of you thought Putin was “all there” in the Tucker interview?

    If he seemed lucid to you, it’s because Biden is your comparison.

    I thought Putin seemed unhinged. The history lesson was not a good sign.

    — Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) February 9, 2024

This was the kindest of the ‘bad takes’ I found on this. But I’m having one of Scott’s “One movie, two screens,” moments here. Because Putin looked anything other than “unhinged.” In fact, he looked as calm as I’ve ever seen him, taking a relaxed posture to put Carlson, who was clearly unsure of where he stood at the beginning of the interview, at ease.

But this is the message that Adams wanted to see, framing Putin in relation to Biden, because he needed something unique to say to justify his even being in the conversation.

By contrast, Martin Armstrong had a great post curating all of the crazy Neocon takes from the “media” on his blog over the weekend.

What’s obvious from those is that they understood that Putin’s 30 minute opening monologue would put off a lot of casual watchers who would tune him out at that point. So, their “analysis” focused on steering the conversation to Putin’s ‘false history’ of Russia and Ukraine.

This way that ‘false history’ would dominate everyone’s opinions the next day, managing the Overton Window of the entire interview, making it all about that. This would be the basis of how they discredit Putin.

Then to discredit Carlson, people like Hillary Clinton was trotted out to lie about Tucker Carlson, calling him a “useful idiot,” and “puppy dog” and a joke in Russian media, which is an outright lie. Hillary’s harpy laugh made an appearance alongside a sycophant interviewer as they joked about Carlson’s having been fired from every legitimate news agency.

We were treated to a common sight: Two Beltway insiders laughing inside their echo chamber and only our sick fascination with roadkill makes it even remotely interesting.

So, the whole exercise is reframed as Puppy Dog Tucker throwing softballs to Liar Putin to distract us away from the sum and substance of their talk.

I know… in other news water is wet and women want more sex when they’re fertile.

And I also know that it is fatuous to bring up these panicked attempts to marginalize this event. They started days before Carlson was even rumored to be in Moscow.

On the one hand we have people intentionally missing the point because they need to have their opinions validated. And on the other we have people intentionally leading those truly curious away from the purpose of the interview: to get an unfiltered look at Putin’s motivations for how he governs Russia.

Why? Because, as we already also know, the warmongers are in charge in the West and they will not be deterred by some prep school gadfly and a dirty Slavic ruler with pretensions of adequacy.

So the war show must go on.

But buried beneath these layers of surreality are these men’s motivations for having this talk. Carlson’s motivation is illuminated quite effectively in his first appearance after his talk with Putin (watch the first 90 seconds).

His outrage at being denied this interview for three years by NSA/CIA spying on him is what drove him. The worst thing the gatekeepers ever did was fire Tucker Carlson from Fox News; making him independent freed him from the restraints of the corporate media.

Knowing that Tucker tried for three years to get this interview with Putin, we should assume that Putin would come into the room prepared. So, it makes sense that Putin wanted to give us a history lesson because he assumes, rightly, that most Americans do not have any clue about Russia’s history.

He didn’t do this to bore us, he did this to inform us and set us at ease. To tell us that he is a man with a perspective that he believes he can justify. He’s not a frothing-at-the-mouth cannibal who desires world domination.

No, Putin’s aim was to elucidate, calmly, the nature of the conflict, laying out the missteps made along the way. And I believe he was effective to those that stayed with him. Because, never once did Putin talk down to his audience.

How many Americans learned that Putin asked Bill Clinton for Russia to become part of NATO, thus ending NATO’s raison d’etre?

Or that Bush the Lesser unilaterally abrogated the ABM Treaty?

Or that the Minsk Agreements were our last hope for a settlement of the differences between the Donbass and Kiev, and that Putin was the one pushing to make them work?

There are at least a half-dozen other things people learned in this interview, if they had ears to listen, I’m looking at you Scott Adams.

And given that this conflict is hurtling towards a war that only very select gatekeepers and power-brokers want, that should have been enough to sharpen everyone’s focus to give Putin an honest hearing.

Now, that said, Putin did present his version of history, of the truth. Shouldn’t we expect that?

But, as I’ve painstakingly laid out here, much like Putin himself, focusing on that is focusing on the wrong thing. It’s the wrong framework to view this interview given the current stakes of this conflict.

And this is what everyone missed about this interview. It literally does not matter one whit whose is right and who is wrong here. Putin’s version of history isn’t what’s at stake here.

It doesn’t matter whether Putin violated international law by crossing the post-USSR border. As Putin pointed out, NATO violated Serbia’s borders by bombing Belgrade for six months in 1999. So, borders only matter when it behooves certain actors?

It doesn’t matter if Putin is overstating the level of ‘Nazification’ of Ukraine to justify defending the Donbass, whether he jails journalists, cracks down on free speech, or rules Russia with a thinly-veiled form of democracy.

It doesn’t matter if you believe he pulled off a coup in Crimea in 2014, poisoned Sergei and Yulia Skripal, Alexi Navalny is a freedom-fighter or he helped get Donald Trump elected (and I’m looking at YOU Hillary Clinton!).

What does matter is that is how Putin views this conflict. And we have to deal with it. Period.

What also matters is that those who stand behind Putin are even less patient and circumspect than he is.

In order to avoid that bigger war only the oligarch class wants, we, as people, have to accept some responsibility for it getting to this point. Without that there can be no basis for a negotiated settlement.

This conflict between the West, and this includes all of Europe, the UK as well as the US, and Russia is one with existential consequences.

What Putin said, quite clearly, is that this ball is in our court. We can either sit down and have an honest discussion of a negotiated future or we will be at war. If that is what we in the West want, it is what we will get. Putin has put his sons on the line in eastern Ukraine. Are we?

You can dig in on being right or we can have peace. But, we cannot have both.

The Victoria Nulands and the Ursula Von Der Leyens of this world represent people who refuse to accept that Russia and/or China are not systems, but rather civilizations. They aren’t the current bogeyman ‘ism du jour, like Communism or authoritarianism, they are a people, a culture, an ethnos. The ‘ism is just the thing they’ve adopted now to help them preserve those things inherently Russian or Chinese.

Our leaders are this way because they don’t believe in those things for us no less anyone else. And they spend all their time trying to convince us that that is what divides us. But it isn’t. It’s simply their greed, their emptiness.

Because of this they lack any sense that these civilizations 1) have any right to exist and 2) deserve any empathy. So, logically, none of Russia’s demands are valid.

Putin put how he feels about history on the table. He’s angry about it. The West keeps saying, “Your version of history is wrong. So you have no right to be angry.”

Have you ever had an argument with someone important to you and they did this to you? I’ve done it and had it done to me. In my experience the argument doesn’t get resolved. It escalates.

And it escalates, eventually, even if it goes on for a long time, say, in a marriage, to the point of estrangement if not outright hatred. If you want to repair the relationship in some way then you have to lead with, “Okay, I hear you.”

Then you have to learn how to mean it.

That’s where we are today. The Russians are done with our leadership. We use diplomacy as a basis for betrayal, not as the foundation of a future.

They see us as a failing empire, a failing civilization on the long historical time line, because we have embraced cynicism and allowed the rapacious and the perverse to run our world.

This is why there is no basis for diplomacy at the head of state level. This is an argument between two people one of whom wants nothing to do with the other (The West) while the other one is insisting that no matter what the other does, they will survive (Russia).

Rock, meet Hard Place…. choose between chisels or sledgehammers.

Putin came to the interview with his argument. He laid it out carefully for us, the people of the West, to review. Carlson tried to call him out for not talking to President Biden and open negotiations and Putin rightly set him straight.

Who can he call up and talk to? Who has the political or even moral authority to negotiate? Is there anyone on our side even willing to negotiate? He made it clear that he’s open to someone calling him up. He continues to hold out hope because, as he said, “Stop supplying weapons, and this war will be over in weeks.”

And if your knee-jerk response to that is, “Well, Vlad, you can just leave Ukraine…” then you are part of the problem because you are not even trying to listen.

Because this war is in our hands now. That’s who Putin was speaking to through Tucker Carlson.

The architects of this war have led us to a perilous moment. Putin doesn’t have to invade Poland or Germany to defeat the West. All he and Russia have to do is survive our collective rage. Our leaders are bankrupting us, as he pointed out, trying to defeat Russia.

If you want peace, deal with the facts of this war by acknowledging the feelings of the people on the other side of it while truly examining your own.

Either way, history will not judge any of us kindly.

VIVA, Tucker!
By Chuck Baldwin
Chuck Baldwin Live
February 16, 2024

By sitting down and having a prolonged, meaningful, televised, face-to-face discussion with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, Tucker Carlson likely delayed global nuclear war.

Of course, the War Party in Washington, D.C., and its lackeys in the mainstream media are crucifying Tucker to no end. You see, Tucker Carlson did the unthinkable (and unpardonable): He conducted a televised interview with the second most powerful leader in the world without the controls and restraints of the Deep State. He went off the reservation. He allowed Mr. Putin to talk freely and directly to the American people. And the War Party guardians of discourse were helpless to stop it.

It has been decades since a majority of the American people have been able to hear or see unfettered, unrestrained, uncontrolled, unscripted, truthful news reporting. Decades! Tucker Carlson tore down the media’s Iron Curtain.

VIVA, Tucker!

This week, the biggest news story in the entire world is Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin.  Honestly, it was kind of a bizarre interview, and you can watch it for yourself below.  But I give Tucker Carlson a ton of credit for going to Russia and sitting down with Putin.  I think that the real reason he did this is because he wanted to see for himself if there is any hope of avoiding a cataclysmic conflict between our two nations.  Every day we get even closer to the unthinkable, and so it would make sense for both sides to pursue a peaceful way out of this mess.  But at this point the western elite are not interested in peace, and they don’t want any talk of peace in the media.  So they are going to great lengths to discredit Tucker Carlson’s interview with Putin, because they don’t want their carefully crafted narratives to be disrupted.

Michael is right: “The western elite are not interested in peace, and they don’t want any talk of peace in the media.” That’s why I said at the beginning of this column:

By sitting down and having a prolonged, meaningful, televised, face-to-face discussion with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, Tucker Carlson likely delayed global nuclear war.

VIVA, Tucker!

Carlson, himself, gave a brief follow-up review of his interview with Putin to Here are a few of Carlson’s takeaways:

Putin the diplomat

Carlson did say that Putin seemed willing to negotiate with the West about both the end of the Ukraine conflict and a new balance of power in the world. Diplomacy is the art of compromise, and almost everyone “other than maybe the United States during the unipolar period” understands this, Carlson said. But while Putin wants the conflict to end, his position will only harden the longer it goes on, he added.

NATO and Russia

Since the entire point of NATO was to keep the Soviet Union out of Western Europe, Carlson said in Dubai, “if the Russians ask to join the alliance, that would suggest you have solved the problem and you can move on to do something constructive with your life. But we refused.”

“Go sit in the sauna for an hour and think about what that means,” he added.

The problem with Western politicians

Politicians in the West aren’t setting themselves “achievable” goals, Carlson has argued.

“I have heard personally US government officials say well we just have to return Crimea to Ukraine,” he said. “That’s not going to happen, short of a nuclear war. That’s insane, actually.”

Even bringing up this kind of idea “shows you are a child, you don’t understand the area at all, and you have no real sense of what’s possible,” the journalist concluded.

It’s always Munich 1938

According to Carlson, one of the biggest issues in the US and the West in general is the tendency to reduce everything to the 1938 Munich conference, at which Britain and France sought to “appease” Nazi Germany by giving it a portion of Czechoslovakia.

“The American policymaker historical template is tiny – in fact there’s only one – and it’s a 2-year period in the late 1930s, and everything is based on that understanding of history and human nature. That’s insane,” Carlson said.

How Moscow ‘radicalized’ him

Carlson pointed out that he’s 54 and grew up in an America that had nice, safe and beautiful cities, “and we no longer have them.”

It was “radicalizing” to see Moscow “cleaner, safer and prettier” than American cities, he said, or be reminded of that in Dubai and Abu Dhabi – while in the US, one can’t ride the subway in New York City because it’s dirty and unsafe.

Reacting to the backlash

Asked why he hadn’t raised certain topics with Putin, Carlson said he wanted to do the interview because he was interested in how the Russian leader saw the world – and not to inject himself into the discussion.

Most journalists who interview leaders the US dislikes tend to make it about themselves, Carlson added, and since he only cared about the approval of his wife and their children, he didn’t need to virtue-signal.

Asked to comment on former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton calling him a “useful idiot” for Russia, Carlson laughed it off.

“She’s a child, I don’t listen to her,” he said. “How’s Libya doing?”

VIVA, Tucker!

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the interview for me personally was something that was so blatantly obvious—and something of which I have heard no one else discuss: Vladimir Putin has more brain power than Joe Biden (DUH!), Donald Trump and the entire U.S. Congress combined.

Because of America’s controlled media, most of us Americans have never once had an opportunity to watch and listen to Mr. Putin in any sort of unrestricted and elongated discussion. It was obvious from the opening five minutes of the interview that Putin is SMART—DANG SMART!

I think Putin caught Tucker a little off guard at the beginning of the interview, and for an obvious reason: Tucker is accustomed to interviewing America’s shallow, shortsighted, self-absorbed STUPID politicians. When you sit down with a real scholar, you’re in another universe.

This reminded me that there are some really smart people on the other side of the world, people that our inept American politicians and news media don’t want to talk to—at least not publicly. Now, it’s easy to see why they don’t want to engage in any kind of lengthy public discussion with these folks. They will make our pathetic politicians and journalists look like the imbeciles they really are.

They also might cause the American people to ask, “Tell us again why we have to fight so many of these stupid, unnecessary wars?”

Like Putin or not, agree with anything Putin said or not, Tucker Carlson had the guts to defy the entire Deep State elite and do what America’s journalists are supposed to do: sit down with world leaders—even those on the other side—and have sincere, meaningful, public discussions. As most intelligent people know, sincere, meaningful, public discussions between nations are a necessary component of peace.

I think Michael at Citizen Watch Report might have said it best:

The western elite are not interested in peace, and they don’t want any talk of peace in the media.  So they are going to great lengths to discredit Tucker Carlson’s interview with Putin, because they don’t want their carefully crafted narratives to be disrupted.


Since G. W. Bush and Benjamin Netanyahu’s “war on terror” doctrine was implemented at the turn of this century, the American government has been nothing more than an international “war state.” The victims of our unconstitutional, illegal, immoral and unjust “war on terror” would probably call Washington, D.C., a “terror state.”

I’ll say it one more time:

By sitting down and having a prolonged, meaningful, televised, face-to-face discussion with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, Tucker Carlson likely delayed global nuclear war.

VIVA, Tucker!

It Is Past Time for Washington to Come to Its Senses
By Paul Craig Roberts
February 17, 2024

It appears that the pigmies in Washington have chosen the wrong country for the role of preferred enemy if there is truth to yesterday’s reports that Russia has deployed or has in development an orbital nuke platform that can drop nuclear warheads out of orbit without warming and with no chance of interception.  Recently I reported on Steven Starr’s new book that  one, two or three high altitude blasts, depending on altitude, is all it takes to collapse the US and leave it in total chaos without having to do any ground damage.  See this.

Brighteon’s report says the orbital system is live:

Russia goes live with orbital nuke platform: Capitol Hill on edge as multi-megaton warheads threaten the skies

According to sources, Russia has just gone live with an orbital nuke platform that can drop nuclear warheads out of orbit at any time, detonating over key U.S. cities and military basis without warning and with zero chance of being intercepted.

Capitol Hill is in a panic, describing Russia’s new technology as “destabilizing” and calling for urgent action to somehow counter Russia’s military weapons advantage.

The U.S. military, meanwhile, is too busy being “woke” to build any new technology. Russia has orbital nukes, but the U.S. Navy has drag queens and trannies in charge. Do not wonder how this ends…

Other sources collected by Simplicius treat the orbital platform as a threat in process. See here.

It is too early to know the truth of these reports or whether this is just another scare story, such as “Saddam Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Destruction” and  “Muslim Terrorists,” to gin up new military spending for a replacement “threat” now that Russia has won the war in Ukraine. 

What it does show is the stupidity of a dysfunctional Tower of Babel such as the United States picking a fight with a highly functional and unified society as Russia.  America’s liberal interventionists superseded by the hegemonic neoconservatives have created a dangerous foe for the US that Washington has no chance of defeating.  Russia already with deployed hypersonic ICBMs that randomly alter trajectory in flight apparently is adding to its dominance weapons fired from space.  If Washington cannot bring itself to annoy Israel by expelling the neoconservatives from their hold on US foreign policy, the idiot West has run its course.

The Genocide of the West
By Paul Craig Roberts
February 19, 2024

Are NGOs another example of liberal goody two shoes good intentions going wrong, or are they an organized plot against white countries?

Whatever the answer, NGOs have certainly done enormous harm to white countries.  After many years of negligence, Putin finally partially cracked down on Western-financed NGOs that were organizing disruptive events in Russia and creating the image of Putin as a dictator.  Putin’s government required foreign-financed NGOs to register as foreign agents.

Documented reports from independent journalists have established that NGOs are spearheading the immigrant-invaders who are overrunning the United States.  As I recently reported, NGOs are actually recruiting “people of color” into the ranks of immigrant-invaders, providing them with transportation, money, and maps of the pathways to the US border that are supplied with accommodation, food, and health care.  One of the most important NGOs underwriting the immigrant-invaders seems to be the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), of which the current director of the US Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, himself a Jew,  was a board member until December 2020.  According to an article on substack, HIAS has received $100,000,000 from the US government in the past three years. If this is true, then the Biden regime is underwriting the immigrant invasion with US taxpayers’ money.

The long-term, ongoing invasion of the EU and UK has benefited enormously from NGOs, especially from the moral support the NGOs provide for the invasion and for their work in conditioning Europeans to accept immigrant-invaders as the moral thing to do.  You might remember the reports of the German women whose reward for welcoming the immigrant-invaders was to be raped by them.  When the women complained of being raped, they were branded “racists.”

The story is the same in Sweden and Norway.

NGOs are largely a post-1990 phenomena.  Recently there have been reports of the impact of foreign-funded NGOs in diversifying Ireland’s population and transforming its culture in Woke directions that elevate the legitimization of sexual perversion above Christian morality.

US billionaire Chuck Feeney has underwritten pro-immigrant-invader NGOs in Ireland. See here.

In Ireland NGOs have been successful in bringing abortion in under the cover of human rights. See here.

Other NGOs focus on legitimizing sexual perversion, such as Lesbians In Cork. See here.

In other words, the NGOs serve as weapons with which to revolutionize society and to replace natural life with Woke ideology and its amoral and immoral values. 

Every Western country is being watered-down with diverse elements that destroy the unity of the country, turn it into a tower of babel, replace sexual and Christian morality with legitimization of sin, and transform traditional citizens into undesirables, arrogantly rejecting the majority as Hillary Clinton did Trump voters when she branded them  “Trump deplorables.”

From the Woke perspective, which has risen to the ascendancy in the intellectual outlook in the West, all normal people are undesirables.  Consequently large numbers of NGOs have been, and are being, created, and huge sums are being funneled into them to take our culture away from us. 

No one is funding a countervailing effort.  Indeed “our” governments provide matching funds for the NGOs.  This is what I mean when I speak of the genocide of the West.

What We Can Learn From Putin
By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
February 19, 2024

Vladimir Putin isn’t a hero, but his interview with Tucker Carlson brings out some basic truths that we would do well to consider. In contrast to brain dead Biden and his gang of neocon controllers, Putin isn’t dominated by an ideological vision that requires world hegemony. He is a nationalist who aims to advance the interest of Russia. This enables him to have a realistic perception of world politics. In what follows, I’ll discuss some of the vital points we can learn from him.

Some people don’t want us to learn these lessons. As usual, the great Dr. Ron Paul is on top of this. Right after the interview, the mainstream media attacked it. They don’t want you to know that there is another side to their propaganda. Dr. Paul says:

“There has been much written and said about Tucker Carlson’s interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin last week. As of this writing the video on Twitter alone has been viewed nearly 200 million times, making it likely the most-viewed news event in history.

Many millions of viewers who may not have had access to the other side of the story were informed that the Russia/Ukraine military conflict did not begin in 2022, as the mainstream media continuously reports, but in fact began eight years earlier with a US-backed coup in Ukraine. The US media does not report this because they don’t want Americans to begin questioning our interventionist foreign policy. They don’t want Americans to see that our government meddling in the affairs of other countries – whether by “color revolution,” sanctions, or bombs – has real and deadly consequences to those on the receiving end of our foreign policy.

To me, however, perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Tucker Carlson interview with Putin was the US mainstream media reaction. As Putin himself said during the interview, “in the world of propaganda, it’s very difficult to defeat the United States.” Even a casual look at the US mainstream media’s reporting before and after the interview would show how correct he is about that. In the days and weeks before the interview, the US media was filled with stories about how horrible it was that Tucker Carlson was interviewing the Russian president. There was the danger, they all said, that Putin might spread “disinformation.”

That Putin might say something to put his country in a better light was, they were saying, reason enough to not interview him. With that logic, why have journalism at all? Everyone interviewed by journalists – certainly every world leader – will attempt to paint a rosy picture. The job of a journalist in a free society should be to do the reporting and let the people decide. But somehow that has been lost. These days the mainstream media tells you what to think and you better not dispute it or you will be cancelled!

What the US mainstream media was really worried about was that the “other side of the story” might start to ring true with the public. So they attacked the messenger.

The CNN reporting on Tucker’s interview pretty much sums up the reaction across the board of the US mainstream media. Their headline read, “Tucker Carlson is in Russia to interview Putin. He’s already doing the bidding of the Kremlin.”

By merely doing what used to be called “journalism” – interviewing and reporting on people and events, whether good or bad – one is “doing the bidding” of the subject of the interview or report?

No wonder fellow journalist Julian Assange has been locked away in a gulag for so many years. He dared to assume that in a free society, being a journalist means reporting the good, the bad, and the ugly even if it puts those in power in a bad light.

In the end, the massive success of the Tucker Carlson interview with Vladimir Putin demonstrates once and for all that the American people are sick to death of their mainstream media propagandists and liars. They are looking not for government narratives, but for truth. That’s the really good news about this interview.” See this.

Putin focused on the same point:

“Vladimir Putin: In the war of propaganda it is very difficult to defeat the United States because the United States controls all the world’s media and many European media. The ultimate beneficiary of the biggest European media are American financial institutions. Don’t you know that? So it is possible to get involved in this work, but it is cost prohibitive, so to speak.” See this.

Putin argues that those who control US policy want to control the world, in the name of a battle for “democracy”. To do this, they want to use NATO to surround Russia with hostile powers, and they are willing to risk nuclear war to do so. They are also willing to risk nuclear war with China.

Vladimir Putin: The West is afraid of a strong China more than it fears a strong Russia because Russia has 150 million people, and China has a 1.5 billion population, and its economy is growing by leaps and bounds — over five percent a year, it used to be even more. But that’s enough for China. As Bismarck once put it, potentials are most important. China’s potential is enormous — it is the biggest economy in the world today in terms of purchasing power parity and the size of the economy. It has already overtaken the United States, quite a long time ago, and it is growing at a fast clip.

Let’s not talk about who is afraid of whom, let’s not reason in such terms. And let’s get into the fact that after 1991, when Russia expected that it would be welcomed into the brotherly family of “civilized nations,” nothing like that happened. You tricked us (I don’t mean you personally when I say “you,” of course, I’m talking about the United States), the promise was that NATO would not expand eastward, but it happened five times, there were five waves of expansion. We tolerated all that, we were trying to persuade them, we were saying: “Please don’t, we are as bourgeois now as you are, we are a market economy, and there is no Communist Party power. Let’s negotiate.”

The US claims to be spreading democracy, but the Zelensky government is riddled with neo-Nazis. This is a point Putin stresses again and again. Do we really want to support people like this?

“Vladimir Putin:  When World War II broke out, part of this extremely nationalist elite collaborated with Hitler, believing that he would bring them freedom. The German troops, even the SS troops made Hitler’s collaborators do the dirtiest work of exterminating the Polish and Jewish population. Hence this brutal massacre of the Polish and Jewish population as well as the Russian population too. This was led by the persons who are well known – Bandera, Shukhevich. It was these people who were made national heroes – that is the problem. And we are constantly told that nationalism and neo-Nazism exist in other countries as well. Yes, there are seedlings, but we uproot them, and other countries fight against them. But Ukraine is not the case. These people have been turned into national heroes in Ukraine. Monuments to these people have been erected, they are displayed on flags, their names are shouted by crowds that walk with torches, as it was in Nazi Germany. These were the people who exterminated Poles, Jews and Russians. It is necessary to stop this practice and prevent the dissemination of this concept.

I say that Ukrainians are part of the one Russian people. They say, “No, we are a separate people.” Okay, fine. If they consider themselves a separate people, they have the right to do so, but not on the basis of Nazism, the Nazi ideology.

Look, the President of Ukraine visited Canada. This story is well known but is silenced in the Western countries: The Canadian parliament introduced a man who, as the speaker of the parliament said, fought against the Russians during World War II. Well, who fought against the Russians during World War II? Hitler and his accomplices. It turned out that this man served in the SS troops. He personally killed Russians, Poles, and Jews. The SS troops consisted of Ukrainian nationalists who did this dirty work. The President of Ukraine stood up with the entire Parliament of Canada and applauded this man. How can this be imagined?

What can be done to end this dangerous situation? Putin has a clear answer that makes sense. The US should stop supplying Ukraine with arms and money. Then, a territorial settlement should be negotiated that provides for Russian security, especially the inclusion of the pro-Russian Donbass region into Russia.

“Vladimir Putin: I already said that we did not refuse to talk. We are willing to negotiate. It is the Western side, and Ukraine is obviously a satellite state of the US. It is evident. I do not want you to take it as if I am looking for a strong word or an insult, but we both understand what is happening.

The financial support, 72 billion dollars, was provided. Germany ranks second, then other European countries come. Dozens of billions of dollars are going to Ukraine. There is a huge influx of weapons.

In this case you should tell the current Ukrainian leadership to stop and come to the negotiating table,”

On the Donbass, Putin says:

“So, in 2008 the doors of NATO were opened for Ukraine. In 2014, there was a coup, they started persecuting those who did not accept the coup, and it was indeed a coup, they created a threat to Crimea which we had to take under our protection. They launched a war in Donbass in 2014, using aircraft and artillery against civilians. This is when it started. There is a video of aircraft attacking Donetsk from above. They launched a large-scale military operation, then another one. When they failed, they started to prepare the next one. All this against the background of military development of this territory and opening of NATO’s doors.

How could we not express concern over what was happening? From our side, this would have been a culpable negligence – that’s what it would have been. It’s just that the US political leadership pushed us to the line we could not cross because doing so could have ruined Russia itself. Besides, we could not leave our brothers in faith and, in fact, a part of Russian people, in the face of this “war machine.”

The brain-dead Biden gang aren’t the only ones holding up a peaceful settlement of the Ukraine war The outstanding military intelligence expert Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski points out that former British PM Boris Johnson pressured the Ukraine government to reject a peace proposal it had accepted:

“A key advisor to Zelensky on US-UK-EU proxy war, and former UK PM Boris Johnson is an exemplar of magical thinking.  He was outraged that Putin explained with evidence how the last 18 months of war in Ukraine could have been prevented, and the ended peacefully, as peace talks in Turkey produced a draft treaty acceptable to both Ukrainian and Russian teams.  This was abruptly canned after Boris rushed to Kiev, where he demanded the Ukrainians reject the nascent agreement.  Boris, bobbing in the flotsam of magical thinking, is a liar, and yet, one marvels at the power of believing that your desires and wishes can create a new world order.” See this.

Probably the most important fact to remember about the Ukraine war is the provocative nature of US foreign policy. John Leake gives a good summary:

“Russia is, in Churchill’s formulation, “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma,” and it has always been governed by an authoritarian state. Nevertheless, with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, there is plenty of evidence that Russia wished to cease living in a state of enmity with the United States.

To me, it seems clear it was the U.S. Military-Industrial Complex, and NOT Russia, that wished to maintain this state of enmity, for without it, there would be little justification for the U.S. government to spend hundreds of billions on weapons goodies such as the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II—a program that started in 1995 and (if DoD accountants are to be believed) has cost U.S. taxpayers about 500 billion.

With Bill Clinton’s NATO expansion in 1997, no less of a Cold War eminence than George Kennan characterized this decision as a Fateful Error that would likely result in precisely the instability and insecurity it was purportedly supposed to prevent.

From the beginning of the Russian crisis that developed in the autumn of 2021—shortly after the Biden Administrations’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan after a 20-year occupation that achieved nothing—I have suspected that administration and the terrible people who advise it did everything in their power to BAIT THE RUSSIAN BEAR into invading Ukraine.

The Administration did NOTHING to defuse the crisis, and it insulted the Russians by sending the imbecilic Kamala Harris to the Munich Security Conference on February 18, 2022. I suspect that an Austrian-style neutrality deal would have prevented the catastrophe that has apparently gotten hundreds of thousands killed. It has also seemed obvious to me that, since 2014, Ukraine has been the CIA’s favorite pet project.

To to this day, not a single person has been able to explain to me why Russia would consider tolerating Ukraine joining NATO. Since President Monroe outlined his foreign policy in 1823, the United States government has increasingly pursued a policy of zero tolerance of any foreign military alliances or installations in the entire Western Hemisphere.

And yet, this same United States government, which has invaded and bombed dozens of countries since 2001, claims it is perfectly reasonable to propose that Ukraine (whose northeastern border lies 370 miles from Moscow) join NATO. The distance from the Mexican border to Dallas is greater.” See this.

Let’s do everything we can to end the futil

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