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If you ask me, the Canadian video platform Rumble, does not respect personal privacy, by mandatory asking private telephone numbers. In my view, Rumble, like Telegram, Parler, and Frank, are all private telephone number grabbing rackets, either selling the information to the highest bidders, or their information getting hacked by identity thieves, trying to pass themselves as private companies of government employees, to scam people out of their money. Also for social media to have personal phone numbers, makes it easier for them to report anyone, exposing government corruption, to the local Nazi Police State, and their ministry of lies. All these social media wannabe have to do, is hand over your personal information and private phone numbers, so the authorities can eventually come to your home, harass you like they do in Covid crazy Australia, or arrest you for posting dangerous fake news, if not planning to protest against government tyranny. Even with the best of intentions, no social media should be storing any members private information, so there would be none if hacked, or to hand over if ordered, by the fascist state.

PS: Canada is exactly like the US, except for a very few freer states on the surface, like Florida; But both countries have fake very rigged elections, with political leaders, more like puppets, chosen by the fascist global elite, like Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden, all corrupt sellouts, and all in power, despite the population hating them all.

Important information regarding Rumble being exposed by Stew Peters. Fauci’s lies being exposed by Dr. David Martin and Dr. Jane Ruby. Human trafficking and BTC update. Evergrande somehow managed to avoid another default. Project Veritas exposes the NYT and FBI being in cahoots with each other. Astroworld event is causing massive awakening in the 3D, spiritually unawakened people.

Rumble does suck. They censor more content than YouTube does, and that's pretty shocking. They deleted my channel along with others with no notice or explanations. I couldn't believe they even deleted Megan Rose. She's on YouTube, and they don't censor her, so they have some pretty picky people at Rumble on what they don't allow.

However, the censor award of the year goes to Facebook. They hardly allow anything to be posted. Even stuff that's fine on YouTube gets deleted on Facebook. I expect Facebook to become a ghost town one day. People keep leaving and going to other sites.

I've seen a lot of channels get removed on Rumble. It does seem like they have stricter censorship there compared to other video sites. What channel was yours?

It was called LifeNews. Rumble is part of the Media Establishment now. Here's a video about it:

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That's disappointing to see censorship on rumble. I had your channel bookmarked. Seems they don't want people knowing about the reptilians. These videos were removed too but I saved them offline and will reupload them soon

(05-17-2023, 12:26 AM)Illuminati Wrote: It was called LifeNews. Rumble is part of the Media Establishment now.

Well, that sucks. I posted lots of links to videos on that channel. That means more dead video links here. The censorship on the net is out of control.

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