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Remote Viewing Extraterrestrials & Secret Space Programs with Dr. Courtney Brown

In this Exopolitics Today interview Dr. Courtney Brown, Director and Founder of the Farsight Institute discusses how remote viewing can be used as an intelligence gathering tool on extraterrestrial life and secret space programs. He answers questions about his academic background in political science, how he got interested in remote viewing, and some of its key principles and techniques involving quantum physics and temporal mechanics.

Dr. Brown warns about the dangers of front loading in remote viewing and how blind protocols are critical for preventing the subconscious mind influencing results. Importantly, he explains that when done correctly, remote viewing can be safely used on different types of extraterrestrial and spiritual entities, even those regarded as the most powerful.

Dr. Brown discusses a number of Celestial Projects conducted at Farsight including Presidential meetings with Extraterrestrials, Operation Highjump, and Ceres supersoldiers. He explains how he was surprised by remote viewing results that validated Tony Rodrigues experiences on Ceres and Mars as described in his book, Ceres Colony Cavalier.

This is an unforgettable interview where Dr. Michael Salla gets one of the world's leading practitioners of remote viewing to explain its benefits and transformative potential for our planet.

The Farsight Institute Website is:
Farsight's Streaming service is:

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