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Reversing Vaccine Damage

Gene Decode claims reversing the damage from the jab is easy. You soak yourself in an organic magnesium bath and take charcoal tablets.

On the 8th of June 2021, Crystal Goh the FESIG Founder & Chair, invited GENE COSENSEI DECODE back to speak with the team at a private meeting,  the last speaker at the 2nd June 89th FESIG Meeting, Dr. Johnny Delirious, a friend of Gene's also joined in.  Gene who had spoken at FESIG's 3 meetings since end of last year (please check out our FESIG channel for his video recordings),  is a former U.S. Navy Decoder with highly valuable intel being most popularly interviewed widely about ancient civilizations buried underground, Antarctica, human harvesting, God and The Great Awakening. In this meeting, he talked about Majestic 12 documents, The Alliance, advance technologies : particle beam, neutron bomb, liquid nitrogen, boring machine & the latest updates of the state of world affairs. He described how the boring machine cutting through, building Dumbs within a month.  Major Dumbs, tunnels. Ashtar command, Ashtar Alliance, Commander Hatton - negative… BUT the TRUE Ashtar Command are the good guys.  The Netherlands Dumbs coordinator shared great maps and intel. Ever-green ship…Ever-given’s ugly evil secret contents – operations in Germany and the Netherlands. It has the weapons of mass destruction… Rotherdam’s the deepest port in all of Europe. A lot going on. Trump’s doing a lot, people don’t see and don’t know.  The starseeds and the 100% human are immune to their ‘cognitive dissonance’ agendas, as we are incorruptible… Mono atomic gold, mana…Getting really sick from the Jab.  How even the soul is corrupted.. Gene then showed the maps… the underground facilities, the underground tunnel operations all over the US and the world. The Alliance taking stuffs out under the lakes.  He described how the system to traffic what they do…how this 'unnoticed by the masses' war is panning out, looking a little into the near future and the human evolutionary process. Ending with a beautiful divinely guided meditation and prayer by Gene with the group.
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