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Satanists Represent an Alien Force | Liquid Interface Nanotech Implants
The Mysterious Force Ruling Earth
not who or what you think it is, it is the force behind THEM
Decode the World
May 24, 2024

(Henry Makow Disclaimer - I reserve judgment. As you know, I believe the central banking cartel explains enough, but who knows what inspires them?)

Stop blaming “The Jews”, “The Catholics”, “the Nazis”, “the Illuminati” or “the Secret Societies” for the destruction of our civilization. Those labels are on the surface of a person and they designate a certain class — what is hidden inside is what controls everything. If someone follows Truth, Compassion and Tolerance, they are a good person.

If a person’s thoughts are controlled by an inter-dimensional spirit or entity that does not follow Truth, Compassion and Tolerance, they can become evil. The secret of secrets of the Occult Arts and Mystery Schools is that a spirit or force from a different universe/dimension actually controls the initiates and thus, much of the Earth.

A malevolent entity has managed to dictate nearly every aspect of our civilization by controlling enough people individually and in the top levels of the groups that run banking, media, government, medicine, etc. Humans are normally protected from these beings, but wishes for fame and profit lead them to invite these entities onto their bodies.

Most initiates are born into this Cult and others are occasionally invited to be initiated into it — it’s not possible to apply for membership. You won’t find advertisements for the Cult, but if you pay attention, you will see the signs and symbols they use to signal other members. This possession is far more common than people assume and it is the basis of the “Mystery Schools”. Chinese, Italians and Jewish people more frequently fall victim to this possession.

This force can never be called by it’s real name because it is nameless — human language has difficulty describing it. In history, it had many names: Baal, Shiva, Lucifer, Satan, Pindar, Beelzebub, Mephistopheles, Horus, and Iblis, as well as others not known to history. The Egyptians called it the “Eye of Horus”; the Chinese call them “futi” (spirit and animal possession), the Indians call them “asura” (inter-dimensional beings), Arabs call them “Jinn” — in the West we call them “spirits” or “demons”.

Initiates of the Mystery Schools worship and follow these beings; their spiritual practices cultivate super-normal powers that can be used on ordinary people through geomancy (placement of buildings and roads), ritual sacrifice, magic symbols, numbers and signs, as well as sorcery and spells. This force comes from a different universe, a different dimension, where they do not have Truth, Compassion and Tolerance. It is evil.

Pyramid with “eye” atop Israel’s Supreme Court building, Jerusalem. Symbols are placed in prominent locations to signal control by the Cult, in this case over the Law.

Their signs and symbols are pyramids, hexagrams, hexagons and the number 6, the “all seeing eye”, certain handshakes and other forms of signaling, and they appear on buildings, advertisements, in shops, on clothing, art and sculptures, etc. The snake is one representation of this entity.

A painting full of symbolism of the Mystery Schools. “Allegory of Geometry”, 1649, Laurent de La Hyre displayed at the Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco. The snake covers the Earth, geometry and pyramids play key roles. What is seen by the viewer depends on their level of initiation and wisdom.

When individuals make choices, they are choosing their futures. They pursued things like fame and money which invited The Evil to lend a hand and they became possessed by these inter-dimensional beings. This unseen force made a bargain; in exchange for possessing a person, the possessed can obtain worldly wealth, fame and other benefits in this lifetime. Things are inverted here, compared to higher levels. Some of the possessed are initiated into higher levels of the Cult through ceremonies and rituals, but a person only has to have the wish and it can happen at lower levels.

The Evil is clever, so clever that people do not believe it even exists. To give this force power over you, you willingly accept its dominion over you through an initiation ritual or even a single evil thought — it can happen to almost anyone. “I want that”. In exchange, it helps you gain wealth and power by controlling other people and bending them to your will so you get what you are after. The human mind is the weakest.

How are people initiated? Family lines are important and to them it’s like going to a certain church. e.g. “Our family has always been Methodists (or Catholics or Jewish, etc)”. Others who demonstrate capabilities in ordinary society might be useful to them and they are invited to join — don’t think you can apply, this is invitation only. Low level initiates are not told the high level secrets, which helps maintain a cover story of legitimacy for the group.

At certain higher levels, people are “read in” and the high level secrets are revealed after initiation rituals at every level, which can involve blood sacrifices, blood oaths and strict secrecy. The penalty for revealing secrets is death. Everything is compartmentalized on a “need to know” basis and the levels are like a pyramid (hence the symbol). As you go higher, there are fewer people. At the top levels are the people who control the world. The biggest secret is what controls the pyramid.

Only the initiated are allowed to gain enough wealth or power to affect society. That level starts at several hundred million dollars of personal net worth. In terms of media influence, anyone over 500k followers should be assumed to be controlled. Control is maintained through bribery, blackmail, defamation and murder. Because these beings do not follow Truth, Compassion and Tolerance, they stop at no evil. “Do What thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law” is their motto - there is zero self restraint.

Since “seeing is believing” — we will begin with an example that was literally carved in stone 4,500 years ago in Egypt:

An ancient Egyptian statue from the 4th dynasty of King Kafhre (2,550 BC to 2,480 BC) in the Cairo Museum (acc. no.: JE10062 or CG14) clearly show he is possessed by a falcon, which is known as the God Horus.

Many people believe the King is “protected” by Horus, but he is in fact possessed and controlled by Horus. This kind of spirit possession is quite common and the ultimate secret of the Mystery Schools. Individual people can also attract these entities by pursuing fame or money, you don’t need to be initiated into the Cult to become possessed. You want to get something you shouldn’t have and it can help you get it if you let it attach itself to you. It can place thoughts in the minds of other ordinary people…”go watch that movie” or “go to that shop and buy this product”. The human mind is the weakest.

The Eye of Horus is one symbol of this Cult and you see it printed on t-shirts, people have this tattooed on their bodies and displayed in other places. Because it attaches to your mind and faculties and can see into other dimensions, it can project those images into your mind, giving the person what ordinary people call super-normal abilities like the ability to see into other dimensions, know the future and past, read minds and so on. It doesn’t give these things to you without getting something in return; it gets use of your physical body for its purposes and you get some fleeting fame or trinkets in this lifetime. It takes your soul.

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol used by one of the Mystery Schools that have infiltrated every element of our civilization. The late Bill Cooper, one of the most famous “conspiracy theorists” who called 911 before it happened, said everything you need to know except the punch line of what really controls the Mystery Schools, in under 30 seconds.

Bill Cooper said, “I get people who come to me all the time and say to me ‘Bill, you’re all wrong, it’s the Jews, the Jews are subverting the world’ It’s not the Jews, it’s not the Catholics, it’s not the Blacks, it’s these men who belong to the ancient Mystery Schools, who meet in secret and decide the fate of the world…”. What he didn’t mention is the inter-dimensional nature of the beings that control these Mystery Schools.

The Best Description of this Phenomena
The best description I have found of this inter-dimensional phenomena can be found in the book Zhuan Falun (“Turning the Law Wheel”) by Master Li Hongzhi English LINK HERE to full pdf.

From Zhuan Falun Lecture 2, The Issue of Pursuit:
    “If you have a pursuit, an animal will see it and come to possess you. This is precisely animal or spirit possession. Don’t you want to treat illness? It will help you do this. But it does not help you treat illness without a reason. No loss, no gain. It is very dangerous, and you will end up inviting it.”

Those who invite these kinds of things onto themselves are pursuing fame and fortune.
    “Because this person is pursuing—he wants to make a fortune or wants to become famous—well then, he now has supernormal abilities, he can now heal illnesses, and his celestial eye can now even see things. With all this, he is delighted. The animal sees it, “Didn’t you want to make a fortune? Okay, I’ll let you make a fortune.” It is a very easy thing to control an everyday person’s mind. The animal can make many people come to him for treatment and have them come in droves. My goodness, while he is treating an illness here, the animal directs newspaper reporters to promote him in newspapers over there. It manipulates everyday people to do these things. If someone comes to have his illnesses cured but does not pay him enough money, that won’t do; the animal will cause the patient to have a headache and the patient must pay him a lot of money no matter what. He gets both fame and fortune, as he makes a lot of money and gains some reputation, and he also becomes a qigong master. Normally, these people do not value xinxing and dare to say anything. He will consider himself second only to heaven. He dares to claim that he is the reincarnated Lady Queen Mother or the Great Jade Emperor. He will even dare to call himself a Buddha. Because he has not truly undergone xinxing cultivation, he pursues supernormal abilities in his practice. Consequently, he brings animal possession to himself.”

How do you protect yourself from this kind of possession? Righteous religions have known about these things for millennia and they suggest following Truth, Compassion and Tolerance. If you never have an evil thought or deed (which is very hard to do), nothing can touch you.

How is it Revealed? Revelation of the Method
There is a video of a rabbi making the “big reveal” to a room of people who are astounded as to their real mission in life. Keep in mind, this video is not representative of all people who practice a particular religion, I believe it is widespread and inside nearly every religion or group of any importance. Their goal is the conquest of the human realm.

Occasionally things leak out or reveal themselves through predictive programming or “Revelation of the Method” in popular culture or news stories. The 1988 film “They Live” became a classic cult film that is worth watching, and now that you know what to look for, you will see it differently. This film is showing you what is really happening and the star, pro-wrestler/actor Roddy Piper, later called They Live “a documentary”.

If it was a documentary, is it possible to see these entities, if you have abilities or maybe some kind of sunglasses? Yes. If you have supernormal abilities and your third eye is open, you can “see” these things. Inter-dimensional beings exist in other dimensions that are a different frequency to what we can see with our human eyes. With the right glasses or frequency shifting tech, could you see them? Many people believe that you can train your eyes using dicyanin glasses to see these entities, like the sunglasses in the movie “They Live “. Here’s an example from ebay, where you can buy them:

An eBay listing for dicyanin googles. They are not easy to find (or inexpensive). This seller is a reliable source, you can find him on eBay.

Whether you believe these things or not does not matter. They really do exist, the evidence is all around you. I have pointed out this phenomena so you can avoid it and you will know when you encounter a person who is possessed. I told you to follow Truth, Compassion and Tolerance and to eliminate the evil. These things can’t exist in a righteous field and you can ward them off. The level of possession varies and some people have a very strong main consciousness and can restrain these entities and even overcome them. After all, you are the one making the choices. If you have attracted this kind of force, you still have a choice. The Creator is here. If you follow a righteous path and purify yourself, these things will be driven away.

Nearly everyone will experience this force at some point in their life. Now you know what you encountered.

Amaterasu Solar
May 24
By Their behavior choices shall You know Them. Irrespective of whether They are Humans, ET's, interdimensional Beings, whatever, by Their behavior, They are psychopaths. I call Them the psychopaths in control. I personally don't need anything but Humans to explain what I see, but it could be that there are other elements involved.

May 24
I don't believe higher good forces exist - or if they do, they are impotent or insouciant. Because this has been allowed, and for far too long, for there to be any justification to regard the creator as "holy". Let the crap people choose evil if they like, the sick thing is that innocent spirits are trapped in the same place as them, are placed under them. I am not holding my breath but of course I have no dog in the race for things to turn out badly. The problem is intrinsic to spirits in mortal forms where everything has to kill to survive. Only evil can come from it and this would have been known from the start. So far, I can't think of a justification for it. It may be that the ultimate source of all is not in alignment with our expectations of love and kindness. Those things may arise from our own mortality and quest to survive. We love that which helps survival and despise that which does not. The concept may be alien to source, if it is immortal. I just don't know at this point but I am not afraid to consider the possibility. I know its a special time if for no other reason than I see total doom coming to the world.

May 24
Just for fun, you should check of Clif High's substack. He has some interesting ideas regarding who is in charge that are, in the end, probably the same, just framed differently.

May 25
On symbolism, a hexagon (which is the inner part of the alleged Star of David) is also a 3D cube (like Islams Kabba). A cube opens up into a cross (the symbol of Christianity). Islam and Christianity are branches or derivatives of Judaism (aka Judaism for goyim/gentiles) so I don’t think it’s a coincidence that two of the main symbols of Judaism’s offspring fit neatly within the symbol of Judaism. Also, there is allegedly a hexagon at the top of Saturn and we all know who Saturn represents. A clue as to who the Abrahamic religions faithful are REALLY worshipping, unbeknownst to the respective faithful flocks of each religions sheep

Decode the World
May 24
Why should the good people have to run away? I'm not going to leave, I decided that. But this is of course up to you. Let's say it ends up with the CCP running the world. Where would a person hide? There's nowhere to hide. You would need to drop out off the grid, find a way to live in the woods, etc. That's another approach. Or just stay put. It's the bad people who should leave, not the good ones! Here's a quote for you (not The Buddha, probably Thomas Byrom, but originating from the Dhammapada): “It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.”

rh said (May 27, 2024):
Sounds like you and I didn't get the password or invite to the Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) before the WW3 fireworks start. Winnipeg may be safer than some places but then again, you are not too far away from North Dakota. It would seem to be a prime target of the enemy, just saying.
"North Dakota is home to the biggest cache of nuclear weapons in the United States Air Force, with an estimated 1200 weapons. Of these, 800 are ready for deployment aboard stationed B-52 bombers, and 400 are warheads for Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles. Apr 10, 2024"
An errant missile might come in a bit off target...well, will they call that karma? Hope not, I like Winnipeg. My suggestion is for us, the uninvited, to watch when "important" people in both of our countries go missing publicly; kind of as if they are one team. Then we need to brace ourselves and let's see what happens next. They say not to look at the flash, but I hear too, that our reflexes, based on big booms, turn the head accordingly. Forgive me for the above, but wow...since we are ruled by the insane and satanic, what else should we expect? That's karma.

Thanks RH
It's not like we're going to live forever

Liquid Interface - Humans Have Now Been Implanted by Another Species Through Nanotech
After scientifically observing what they called "vaccines" under the microscope, La Quinta Columna concludes humans have been injected with what they are calling a "liquid interface" of a massive implantation of the humans species by another species, which they suggest are demons. Hope and Tivon do a review and English translation read of La Quinta Columnas video and provide supporting documentation to back up what they are saying and help to explain what is being done to the human race.

They have compared an implant inside a person who has experienced the “alien abduction” phenomenon and the COVID injection contents, and found the components to be the same. They advise the aim is to have control over the human head and central nervous system, because it leads to, and I quote, “demonic possession.” They say 5G is essential to this control of humans through this demonic technological control.

4 hours ago
I am using the part of my anatomy to talk, my fingertips, (which isn't the act of truly talking) to say something, which used to be through articulation of the mouth and throat which carries tones and these have nuance... this is missing now. Face-to-face interaction, which was an easier, more natural way to give a thought to another, instead it is through this computer screen and keyboard. Then, by another entity, who puts words in front of my constructed thought, in order to water down or obfuscate the thought being conveyed.
This is a long road to the point that needs to be recognized, my opinion, is that
we're already trans humans.
Shouting out the name Jesus doesn't save everyone, only the ones that make him their savior, this is the only way for those who are entrained to "obey" the bible god. I guess those who won't go on bended knee to someone else's savior will be condemned. Sounds familiar. Haven't we been here before? Wait to see how the witch-hunt unfolds... the demons, you know, they're out there!
We are under some kind of strange hypnosis/to accept a shot. It's perfect. The next step, people get out their crosses, pray in Latin-never mind what those words truly were intended for or for who, give more "facts" to support that to shout out to Jesus will be the answer. Haven't you heard of tak-kun-alam? Look it up. Heads will be rolling, yours or mine, depends on the wind. You're playing your part.
What a bad dream everyone is in for... opt out. Stay sovereign and free, and never bow to anyone else's savior or take their medication. The tech needs to go.
My opinion. I'm worthy of free thought, so I'll say it now, then I'm in peace, come what may.
It's only a matter of time, if that's even a real thing...
Again, we are already trans humans under some kind of strange hypnosis.

9 hours ago
Mathew 24:37 as in the days of Noah so shall it be the coming of the son of Man. Genesis 6:4 The Fallen Angels/Hybrids became Political leaders. 6 Million during the time of the flood. Today we have UFO's documented beings from Satan's Kingdom trying again to mix humans with Fallen Angels to get a hybrid. Ex non GMO products. Before Flood they modified animals, plants, trees genetically. God said all corrupted. Wickedness great in the earth and only evil continuously. Ex entertainment, news media more evil than ever before. Every imagination. Today video games, sex dolls every imagination to fulfill wicked desires. Jeffery Epstein he working for Mossad etc lure them in the traps and video tape them and blackmail them. Corruption mixing Kingdom of Satan and man. Changing of animals, crops, etc. Same thing today. DNA prior to UFO crash man now has NANO technology. We can go in look upon DNA and change the chain and tweak it. Genetic modification on people and animals, crops, etc. Technology not know has been in since 1990's and increasing in scope. Jesus said as in the days of Noah..........end times. 2 Thessalonians 2 Paul wrote before Temple destroyed. He did not know about book of Revelation during his life time. Falling away first and son of perdition be revealed. Jesus not come back until the AC man of sin/perdition show up. We are waiting for AC to show up and his reign known as the Tribulation then Jesus comes back.

4 hours ago
At 33:00 on video if what they call ATCG, yet a Jewish Doctor in the 1980's found that the nuclide acids are in the pattern of the name of God, held together by what he called, "bridges."  He saw 10 nuclide acids held to 5, to 6, to 5, which in Hebrew is YHVH; so if the Chimera today is 10-5-6-6-6-5, you have a new name.  The book of life mention in Revelation 20 is worth the read concerning your name being found in the book (and not removed; so as) in Daniel.  Think about the Fall Feast and what the Day of Atonement is?  It is that your name is written/still found in the book of life.

Transcribed by Whisper
Quote:La Quinta Columna, we just saw a new video from them.
They were giving a public presentation and we thought it was important for us to make
a video about that because we want to explain and back up a lot of the things that La Quinta
Columna is talking about in their presentation.
And we also wanted to show the presentation and translate it and read it out loud in English
for those who don't want to read the subtitles for whatever reason to make it easier to digest
the information.
So, first, I found this video because of a tweet from Maria Z where she says, after scientifically
observing what they called vaccines under the microscope, La Quinta Columna concludes
humans have been injected with what they are calling a liquid interface, a massive implantation
of the human species by another species, which they suggest are demons.
And we're going to cover that too, right?
They have compared an implant inside of a person who has experienced the alien abduction
phenomenon and the COVID injection contents and found the components to be the same.
They advise the aim is to have control over the human head or the brain and the central
nervous system because it leads to, and I quote, demonic possession.
We'll talk about that.
They say 5G is essential to this control of humans through this demonic technological
And there's a link to the video.
And then on the video itself, this is the description that La Quinta Columna put.
After scientifically observing under the microscope, what they call vaccines, evidencing that they
contain nano and micro technology based on graphene, having made a review of our history
after all the official media have reduced to silence the discovery we made.
And after analyzing the injectables referring to the COVID vaccines and all kinds of inoculates,
we can say loud and clear, the world is not being run by human beings.
Our message is conclusive.
Our entire species is being implanted so as to neuromodulate behavior, actions, and thoughts.
The proof is under the microscope.
Now before we play this clip, I just want to give a little bit of the history behind
La Quinta Columna.
Just in case you're brand new to this information, they were the ones, they came out early in
the COVID pandemic.
They were discovered by Dr. Jane Ruby who brought them on the Stu Peters show.
And they were the ones, they're a group of scientists in Spanish speaking countries that
were taking the vials of the vaccines and putting them under the microscope.
They were also looking at blood of vaccinated individuals under the microscope.
And they were basically finding nanotechnology in the vials and they were taking what they
saw under the microscope and they were matching it up to scientific papers that said, this
is a nano router.
This is a codec.
This is what this nanotechnology is.
So they found the nanotech in the vaccine vials and they were coming out and showing
everybody part of that nanotech is graphene.
Yes, a lot of it is.
A lot of it is graphene oxide.
That's part of the nanotechnology.
And this was discovered and this was brought out and it was, you know, it had like tens
of millions of views.
So a lot of people learned about this.
This was early in the pandemic, but there was this huge suppression of the information
And basically you had a giant group of people, not just the mainstream people, but also a
bunch of people in the alt media movement as well.
And certain doctors who were saying, there's no, there's no technology in the shop.
This conspiracy theory.
It's all conspiracy theory.
And you know, there's this does, this isn't real.
This doesn't exist.
Uh, and, or they would do the, I don't understand technology.
No one knows.
Nobody knows what this is.
Nobody knows what it is.
Meanwhile, me and Tavon, uh, in the very beginning, we're screaming from the rooftops,
it's technology.
A few others and a few others, not just us.
We're trying to show you that it's technology, right?
So, so here we are four or five years later, and now we're going to go back and revisit
looking to Columbia.
Who's been saying the same message the entire time they have.
It looks like they have a belief system because they're bringing this concept of this, this
stuff being demonic into the technology.
We're going to explain that and our view on that after we show this presentation.
And we're also going to back up everything that they're saying with as many papers and
things that we can so that we can show you that what they're saying is accurate.
Dr. Roger Lear.
Dr. Roger Lear's job is precisely to extract implants from people who testify to having
been abducted.
And we're talking about the field of what is supposedly called alien or extraterrestrial
When we analyze the content or technological nature of Dr. Roger Lear's implants, we realize
he's talking about scalar microwaves.
That is 5G, carbon nanotubes and graphene.
That is what they have injected into everybody, the COVID vaccines by means of a liquid interface.
So the answer to this question, what are we facing?
Asked by Dr. Nenes Maestro is a massive implantation of the entire human species by another species.
From there onwards, La Quinta Columna meets with Steve Colburn, a partner of the late
Dr. Roger Lear, and we try to find out what the implantation patterns are.
What we're saying is very serious.
It's the most serious thing that has happened, at least to this humanity and our known history.
We now have evidence all human beings are being implanted by another species.
And it isn't exactly extra in the sense it comes from outside.
Their members have always been here and they've always controlled our world and we've the
scientific proof of what we're saying.
It all starts with optical microscopy observation.
These people are after our heads for some reason.
Drugs, culture, music, this neuro drug, which we refer to every time we point to the microscope,
COVID vaccines.
Everything is aimed at the head, at having control over the human head, over the central
nervous system of the human being.
They have an obsession with the head.
But of course, why do they want the head?
They want the head among other things because when the brain malfunctions, we've realized
that when the brain malfunctions, some phenomenon also appear that are a mystery to our civilization,
which is the phenomenon of demonic possessions.
As it turns out, it probably has a lot to do with this energetic parasitization of another
species, which can't do it if the head works well.
What does it mean we have to make sure our heads work properly?
Well, among other reasons, because they do nothing more than make our heads malfunction.
Alcohol, drugs, this neuro drug, external electromagnetic fields, loud music, bad sleep,
unbearable jobs, human suffering, all makes the head malfunctions.
And when the head malfunctions, these bugs seem to have an appetite for those brains
or have the ability to neuro control our thinking and our feelings, which curiously is what
our friend Pinera, may he rest in peace, referred to when he said 5G served, among other things,
to control thoughts and to control feelings.
I don't know who had given the information to this man, president of the Republic of
To tell us 5G was to control thoughts and feelings, when they say it's so that the
mobile phone works better.
Well, it seems that isn't the case.
They're looking for our heads and they do it by all means.
We're being lied to and not from today, from always.
The proof of what we say is not a piece of evidence that's hidden in a drawer or kept
by a guy in a closet and top secret, but something everyone can see.
The fact it's visible to everyone and no one in the world can highlight this reality means
the people who are giving the information are very powerful.
They exercise power throughout the world in a brutal way and it harms all humanity as
a whole.
Not that we found that graphene under the microscope in those you all know, COVID vaccines,
is that it's there for everyone to see and no one does or says anything.
And all those who are saying these things are pointed at, persecuted, discriminated
against, practically publicly executed.
We're ignored.
One more proof what we're saying is true.
Nobody takes us to court.
Nobody dares to bring any complaint against us.
Because they know if they go before a court with what we've before us, they'll be directly
eliminated from the positions they hold.
We're literally executed for saying what you're all going to hear here today.
In short, those who deliver the message are people like you who have taken the liberty,
grave mistake to seek the truth in a world of lies.
And the worst thing is, we found the truth.
A truth that highlights the falsehood of our entire civilization.
Our civilization is not directed by human beings, said this way it sounds crazy.
Seen under the microscope, it gives a chill down your spine.
Knowing everyone who by now knows what's there, no one does anything.
Not only does it give you a chill, it makes you want to fly out of here.
Whoever stays here facing this isn't right in the head.
But not because he has lost his senses, but because this information cannot be handled
in this world without running a very serious risk.
So all of you who want to share with us the information from La Quinta Columna, programs
are made very often, every week.
Knowing what we know has taken us almost four years.
But this information is summarized in what I've just told you.
Another species leads ours.
They are taking us on the road to war.
They're ruining us, they're intoxicating us through the air, poisoning us with those products
that you all know.
No one does anything, no one says anything, no one confronts those of us who are denouncing
it with evidence.
We know relatively little about the nature of these beings, although they have probably
existed among us for millennia.
Okay, so first we want to bring this attention to you.
We've been showing this in one of our slides for the longest time in many of our different
This is one of the reports that's been translated into English that was put out by La Quinta
Columna that is showing the nanotechnology that they found in the injections.
It's called Diagram of the Intrabody Nanonetwork, right?
By Mick Anderson.
By Mick Anderson, part of La Quinta Columna.
And these are the actual slides, right, in English, translated into English.
I'll leave the link below this if you want to go look at the entire slide show yourself,
but it's basically describing ... Here, this is the graph that we use on our slide talking
about this report, and this is where it's showing ... Well, what's it showing, Tuan?
Well, it's showing all the different things that were found under the microscope, and
with their research with white papers that they read was in correlation with what they
were finding in the white papers, the same scale, the same behaviors and appearance of
what they found in these white papers are indeed technology, what they found under the
Again, all this research was done within months of the release of the injections, and they
were pioneering in that regard because no one else were doing this research because
this was a network of scientists under La Quinta Columna around the world that quickly
brought to analysis what was in these injections, and this is what they found.
These were their findings.
Now, also what was happening back then is we had a ton of denial of people saying, "There
is no nanotechnology.
Let's make fun of everybody who says there's technology.
Nanobots, dude," right?
We remember this.
They were making fun of it, saying there is no nanotechnology in the injections.
Meanwhile, the industry itself, it's embarrassing.
It is.
Guys, it's embarrassing.
Somehow, clearly, they were communicating that they're putting nanotechnology into humans.
This was before Moderna retracted its initial homepage regarding nanotechnology.
What we're going to show you now is a three-minute video from the Nanotechnology Institute, the
Nanotechnology Initiative.
This is a training video.
It's them.
It's the people in the industry telling you how they've been working on
for 20 years.
This video was created in 2021, so it's 20 years from the creation of the video.
2021, meaning when did it start?
Oh, 9/11?
Yes, 2001.
Right after 9/11, they started creating nanotechnology that they were putting into human beings-
Without telling anyone.
Without telling anyone, and all kinds of government, federal funding was going towards this.
We're going to watch.
Please try to ignore the distracting music that they put in the background to make it
look like everything is all nice and wonderful-
And happy.
And happy, because these are the people that are bringing the evil to you.
Note how they're talking in ambiguity.
You have no idea what they're talking about.
The National Nanotechnology Initiative, or NNI, has released a new video documentary
highlighting the past 20 years, entitled NNI Retrospective Video, Creating a National Initiative,
produced in cooperation with TV Worldwide and the University of North Carolina, Greensboro.
The video documents how an international science and technological endeavor was set in motion
by the creation of the National Nanotechnology Initiative in 2000, with a cumulative U.S.
investment of $36 billion by 2021.
Nanotechnology is now pervasive in comprehension of nature, solutions for emerging technologies,
and in all economic sectors dealing with matter, energy, and life systems.
All of the interviewees in the video provided very special insights as they reflected on
the past 20 years of the successful National Nanotechnology Initiative.
It's clear that there have been enormous dividends through the NNI, but the story is not completely
sold, and there's a lot more to do and I think a lot more good to come out of it.
I think that the opportunities in the future for the nanotechnology community to come together
and solve grand challenges like pandemic preparedness, climate change, water treatment, and resources,
I think is where the real impact of the NNI is going to be seen.
I think the reason for the success is just obviously a good idea and the time had come.
The scientists, engineers, innovators were ready with the technology.
We're all thankful for the jobs you've created, but you've only started.
So keep up that great innovation and make sure that others understand and celebrate
the successes of the National Nanotechnology Initiative, not just in the last 20 years,
but the advancements and improvements that will come in the future.
One of the main outcomes of the NNI after 20 years of federal investment is one of the
key technologies that was needed for these mRNA vaccines.
So if you got a Pfizer vaccine or a Moderna vaccine, the only reason that worked is a
nanotechnology called lipid nanoparticles.
I believe the main reason for the success of the NNI is the fact that we were able to
communicate across the federal space with our programs, processes, and products so that
we were able to leverage and really utilize this novel technology for all of the country
and all of the federal agencies.
Nanotechnology will inspire and enable new science and technology platforms as a core
for bio, information technology, cognition, and artificial intelligence, and will increase
its role as a unifying and synergistic foundation for the global science and technology system.
This video can be viewed in its entirety at this URL.
Well, I find that's interesting at the end, the global science and technology system.
I wonder what that is.
Is that a real entity, global science, cross multidisciplinary around the world?
Well, the shots went out around the world.
They might have all been made in one location in Asia somewhere for the basic formula, and
then they spread them out to different places where they tweaked it a tiny bit to put their
brand name on it, like Moderna or Pfizer.
But everybody in every country got all of these shots.
There was a handful of them and they went all over the world.
So yes, this is global.
No debate required here.
It was just done.
I'm watching this and I keep hearing them say 20 years of federal funding and we're
going to put it in the water.
We're going to put it in the food.
$36 million.
Yeah, all that money.
And then I'm remembering when you would type in, in 2021, 2022, you would type into a
search engine, is there graphene oxide in the COVID injections or the COVID vaccines?
And there would be six, seven, eight pages worth of articles saying, no, no, there is
no graphene oxide in the shots.
There is no nanotechnology.
That's a conspiracy theory, right?
It's just flat out lie.
And why do they have to lie?
If they're so proudly proclaiming it, why do they have to lie about what they've been
So with that said, we're going to touch a little bit on this concept of the demonic,
the spiritual, the fact that La Quinta Colombo, the way that they word it from their vernaculars,
they're saying that they have injected another species into the human species and it's demonic
in nature.
So now we're going to have to go back because we've done, we've covered this in one of our
presentations, technology of the fallen.
And we're still putting out some videos talking about this area of the work.
So biblically we're going back to the concept of the seed war back in the garden of Eden,
where it says in the Bible, when God found that they had eaten the fruit, he said to
the serpent, I will put enmity, which means extreme hatred between you and the woman and
between your seed, which is Satan and her seed, which is Jesus.
He will crush your head and you will strike his heel.
So we are all made in God's image and God has actually written his name in every strand
of our human DNA.
And Satan despises everything that is made in God's image and has been striving for thousands
of years to take God's creation and corrupt it so that it is no longer part of God's kingdom.
So this is where we're trying to back up what, what looking to Columbia says that they're,
they're putting another species into it.
We have to go back in time and history to what was being talked about in the book of
And so Jesus said, as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in the coming of the son
of man.
And this is our Genesis six, six.
And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination
of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.
And the repented the Lord that he made man and every creature on the earth and aggrieved
his heart.
And then you have the book of giants was one of the many manuscripts found in the caves
of Qumran in 1947, known as the dead sea scrolls.
The book of giants describes in detail how the fallen angels insidiously corrupted the
genetics of all flesh on the earth.
And reading right out of the book of giants, it says that there's 200 that they took 200
donkeys, 200 asses, 200 rams of the flock, 200 goats, 200 beasts of the field from every
animal from every bird.
They were selected for miscegenation.
Miscegenation refers to the mixing of races or species.
This was extreme cross species genetics involving the seed of the fallen angels themselves.
And then it also says in the book of giants, they defiled, they begot giants and monsters.
They begot and behold, all the earth was corrupted.
So what we're trying to show you here is that what was happening during the days of Noah.
So first of all, Jesus told us it's going to be just like it was back in the days of
Noah in the end times, right before he comes back.
That's what Jesus told us.
So you go and you look and see what was going on during the days of Noah.
And during the days of Noah, they were doing genetic modification, transhumanism and bestiality.
They were doing cross species stuff.
They were creating all kinds of abominations.
They were mixing genes that shouldn't be mixed.
There are other entries in the Bible going back to the Old Testament that spoke about
the future before the end days, including the book of Daniel that mentioned that knowledge
shall increase in those days also.
So we're living in those days.
And so who was mixing?
So first we said God made us the way he made us.
And who was doing the mixing according to the text, according to the book of giants,
the book of Enoch's and the Bible.
In Genesis.
The fallen angels.
That were doing the mixing, the fallen angels whose leader was Satan.
So that is demonic.
That's what I think looking to Columna means when they say that they're injecting a species
into the human species and it is demonic in nature.
It goes back to this.
Because there's an abomination to usurp and manipulate the genetic code that God has written.
And yes, demonic evil forces, spiritual demonic evil forces are using this technology.
To do this.
So in that respect, it's demonic and they're using technology for a demonic purpose.
There's no separation at this level.
There is no separation between the spiritual realms and high technology.
And this does cross over into the neuroscience because this technology can be used to influence
your mind, which is if you've written all through the Bible, that's what Satan does
is constantly trying to influence your mind.
So demonic influence, but they're using technology to do it.
And we're going to get to that neuroscience in just a second because we just did another
presentation on neuroscience.
We'll point out in a bit.
But first we want to just explain.
So why did they have to put graphene in human beings?
They needed to inject the population with graphene so that they could hook your body
up to their new graphene healthcare system.
This is what we're learning.
When we listen to people who are trying to educate us, people like Sabrina Wallace, who
does a bunch of videos talking about the medical body area network, and she's talking about
the graphene healthcare system.
That's what the graphene in these injections was supposed to be for.
Let's just take a quick look at one of the videos where she's talking about that.
That's AI only.
You don't have a human in the middle of that via cybersecurity.
Notice here it says signal processing and analysis.
That would be your bio signals.
Those are biological signals coming in and out of your body.
Biological signals or bio signals are space time or space time records of a biological
See a biological event inside the organism would be your beating heart or a contracting
The electrical, chemical and mechanical activity that occurs during this biological event often
produces signals because you're an electrical being.
That's really the whole heart of our channel is this electrical being problem.
They used to call it the aura.
Now they call it their own neural networks for bio signal data, medicine, cardiovascular
signals, your heart, medical image acquisition, processing analysis and detection.
You ever had an EKG or an MRI before?
That's monitoring and telemetry.
Did you know they have telemetry stations to monitor your vitals, you know, your vital
signals inside your body at a hospital, but it's not just there on the wall with that
little machine that beeps next to you.
No, no.
We have wireless ways of doing all this, of pulling, pulling all these signals, bio inspired
systems, physiological processes, bio signal based user interfaces.
And the column, the main goal of our channel, because people have lied for so long and it's
just part of their job to obfuscate and not talk about the human anatomy that they are
manipulating, that they are harnessing, and that would be your human biofield.
Now it is made of multiple toroidal fields and there are a lot of people who have recently
had a lot to say.
Good, good.
I think it needs to be a large conversation.
I hope there are many people who are willing to clarify heart coherence with
I hope they're willing to clarify that your chakras are just where your veins and arteries
cross in the body.
It creates a nodal point.
What's a nodal point?
N O D A L P O I N T.
Either of two points so located on the axis of a lens or optical system that any incident
ray directed through one will produce a parallel emergent ray directed through the other.
Well, that's kind of a confusing way to say where your veins and arteries are crossing
at the same time.
But when we re integrate the fact that we've got photons inside and our DNA is propagating
out on a wave that we're electrical or biochemical, then maybe you start to understand that the
reason the biosensors lay right over top of the chakras is because 6,000 years of Chinese
medicine, acupressure, acupuncture, and chiropractic isn't wrong.
They just lie about it.
They scare you and tell you it's a religious thing.
Same thing with the aura itself.
It's the human biofield.
It's on the national Institute of health, but you don't get to know about that.
And there is a reason it's called bioelectromagnetics and bioelectromagnetic algorithms, not to mention
you're an electric being.
So you're electromagnetic.
They don't want you knowing anything about that.
That's for them.
That's not for you.
You're supposed to remain stupid.
Only believe in what you can see how much of the electromagnetic spectrum is visible.
So I want you to only believe in what you can see, which is 0.0035% of that electromagnetic
And they're going to use the rest of it to electronically or electrically and magnetically
manipulate your cellular structure with things like their new graphene based sensors for
human health monitoring.
That's what your graphene healthcare is.
So where your veins and arteries cross, we're going to put a bunch of biosensors and everything
that you see here on the right, noninvasive applications we can do with an app on the
phone for e-health and m-health and your Fitbit and all the rest of it.
Isn't that wonderful?
That's awesome.
It's amazing, right?
Well, I think it would be more amazing if humans actually understood that you're using
their own anatomy for all of this electrical signal processing.
So she was explaining the graphene healthcare system and that is the reason why they put
graphene in the shots and they had to inject graphene into how many people?
Billions of people.
Billions, six, 7 billion people took those injections, right?
That is the reason why they put them in there so that they can hook up the human bodies
to the internet.
Now part of doing that is injecting them with different parts of a different species as
well in addition to changing the DNA.
Well, okay.
So remember in context what Laquita Columna opened up with where they compared what was
in the injections with implants from people who claimed to have been abducted by aliens.
Okay, and they saw a correlation there and anyone who's done any study with the alien
abductions knows that there was always a demonic component to those abductions.
Meaning straight up satanic activity was happening around the whole abduction in general and
some of these abductees said only when they called on the name of Jesus did the abduction
event actually stop.
I'll never forget that.
So we have to put that in context so people not quite understanding why Laquita Columna
would say that.
By the way, that information that Tavon just talked about, oh man, I'm forgetting the
names but it was part of that move on.
Well, that's why they mentioned by Dr. Lear.
That was the findings by Dr. Lear and he was an avid investigator into the abduction case
and he came across these abduction cases where it had the demonic calling on Jesus to be
released from that event activity and he started bringing that to the attention of other senior
groups within the move on group and they basically shunned those stories.
They don't want to talk about it.
So the move on group censored the Christian stories where Christians would sing a hymn,
read a Bible verse, use the name of Jesus during an actual alien abduction that was
happening to them and the abduction would suddenly stop.
And these are the ones that had implants inside their bodies.
So this is an ancient battle and we want to bring something to your attention.
On this slide here, this talks about merging man with machine through our DNA.
Our DNA is made up of four nucleic acids, adenine, guanine, thymine and cytosine.
In this patent for the mRNA injections, it discusses changing our DNA by adding two extra
cytosines, bringing our DNA from ATCG to ATCCG.
So that's extra cytosines.
So what is the extra cytosine for?
Well if you look up cytosine history, in 1998, cytosine was used in an early demonstration
of quantum information processing when Oxford University researchers implemented the Deutsch-Jozsa
algorithm of a two qubit nuclear magnet resonance quantum computer.
So cytosine is used in quantum computing and artificial intelligence.
This at the DNA level is where they are injecting artificial intelligence into human beings
and creating a new thing, a cyborg.
Yes, and if this one entry isn't enough for you, if you type in DNA computing, you'll
see at least 20 years of papers that have been written that you can easily find online.
Okay, so we're hoping that that helps to back up what LaQuinta Columna was talking about
when they said that they're injecting a species into the human species.
And it is demonic in nature and this is an ancient battle because we are living like
it was in the days of Noah.
We're in that time frame right now.
Now when it comes to neuroscience, the brain, they were talking a lot about the brain, they're
going after the head is how they put it, right?
Yes, neuroscience was launched in 2013, well, neuroscience goes back decades, but they had
the brain initiative which was created in 2013, right?
So again, another almost 20 years of that or 20 years of that.
A lot of this nanotechnology is focused and aimed on the brain, on hooking your brain
up to another computer, a computer interface.
That's what the word interface means, so they're injecting your body with nanotechnology to
interface you, your body, and your brain to their computer system, which is run by AI.
So we did a show recently with SGT Report, he called it Neuroscience, Mind Control, and
So we have a whole presentation here talking all about the brain initiative, brain to brain
interfaces, brain to computer interfaces, and also the internet of behaviors, which
is part of the internet of things, the internet of bio things and nano things, right?
So please go ahead and check that out so that you can see, yes, they definitely are going
after your mind and a lot of people are being mind controlled by this nanotechnology that
was put into the injections and into people's bodies, but also into, they've tried with
the spraying in the skies.
Yeah, I think in the environment over long periods of time, people have been influenced
and contaminated by this, but again, there are things you can do to detox these things
out of your body, especially if you haven't taken the injections.
But just be aware that this is what's been going on.
This is what they've been playing with for the longest time.
And the last slide that we want to bring to your attention, what we're trying to show
you here is what we see as a system upgrade, okay?
Meaning their technology system, their networking system.
So first in the very beginning.
So we have, even with all the technology they had developed up to this point, it wasn't
doing what they wanted, meaning to control humans at the levels of speed and efficiency
that they needed.
So they did a full system upgrade.
Then this upgrade was initiated in 2017 when they installed the infrastructure for the
new system known as the cyber physical backbone.
No one in the non-tech world even noticed, in the IEEE world however, knew all about
And then once the infrastructure was deployed, then they graphinated the population through
creating a fake pandemic, making people shelter in place for better tracking and tracing abilities,
and injected most of the world's population with graphene.
They needed the graphene injected, which is a big difference from bioaccumulation, into
people's bodies for the amplification of the signals, the signals that they were running
across this new network.
And finally, where is this all going?
The new system with the graphinated population is now ready for the deployment of the 15
minute smart cities as a means to control the world's population.
So this is ultimately what we see, the entire COVID pandemic was created for these injections
in order to get everybody injected with this stuff.
And we know that they are putting it in everything.
They're putting nanotechnology in the food, in the water, they're spraying it in the skies.
We understand this.
However, they've been doing that for a very long time and it hasn't worked in the way
that they wanted it to work.
There's a reason why bioaccumulation wasn't good enough for their evil plan.
They needed to invest all of that money, all of that time, and all of that energy into
creating a fake pandemic to get the entire population to willingly inject themselves
with this stuff.
Yes, the injections were the primary mission to get these things to everyone's body.
So don't forget that.
There is a big difference, a huge difference between being injected and bioaccumulation.
And if that wasn't enough, just look at the people that you see on camera and those around
you who have unfortunately did take the injections and are falling because of it.
You know, Tavon and I have long chats about the world that we live in right now.
And it's very, very different after the injections.
And it's been five years now of this system upgrade, this technology upgrade.
La Quinta Columno was one of the first ones that we heard of that was putting stuff under
the microscopes and finding the technology under the microscopes.
We've done research prior to COVID where we were talking about things like Morgellons
and quantum dots.
We wrote about it in our book back in 2017 and other forms of technology.
All kinds of things have been found in the environment before COVID.
So anyway, we hope that this helps to explain and back up a lot of the things that La Quinta
Columno is saying and that people can have a deeper understanding of just what's been
done to us.
And face your face.
That's another name for it.
But we got to get more and more people talking about this.
Thanks, everybody.

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