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Save The Children Q&A (Elizabeth April)


Who's going to save these children and all others that are not molestation victims?


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After being mysteriously compelled to watch this video, I thought that there was definitely something being left out of its reporting.   I then looked at teh comments from viewers to find this interesting small nugget given by one of them.  It reads:

Quote:"How could you run this story and fail to mention that Judge Salas was just assigned to the Jeffrey Epstein case 4 days ago?!?"

Did you hear they carried out a major rescue operation underground in Melbourne?

No, whereabouts Rick?  Melb Metropolitan Area has an enormous surface area, similar to Bangkok.  Do you have any links?

She talks about it in this video.

Thanks Rick, that's a good video for more than just Melb.  My favorite part is where she talked about the Philippines govt kicking Mass Media out of their country.  Not forgetting that their President was the one who originally came out threatening to KILL citizens not complying with lockdown.  No wonder he said it with such conviction, that's because they must have LIED to him about it and he thought it was real.  Which PROVES that the NWO is actually lying to govts worldwide about the truth of COVID, more than likely because if they told them the TRUTH from the onset they would be told where to go in no uncertain terms.

The suburb of Flemington is very well known, I use to drive through that town almost every day for decades, it's a lower to mid class area containing MANY high rise House Commission flats housing many poor families in each.  I am unaware of any underground tunnels there, but there are other places/towns in Melb, especially close to the sea shore of Port Phillip Bay that would NO doubt have them.  They had set them up there DECADES ago, even close to a century ago, and they became "dysfunctional" (whatever that means for an underground aqua duct).

The other places I can now think of is the near 4 mile long Tunnel that was built UNDER the southern part of Melb city containing a total of 8 car lanes and 2 emergency lanes, a total of 10 lanes wide, that connects people between the western side of Port Phillip Bay and the eastern side.  They mentioned it clearly as it was being built that they actually made 2 of those tunnels, one on top of the other.  Here's one of the "drill-bits" they used to bore it out:

A 2nd one was built for, quote-unquote, emergency situations immediately ABOVE the tunnel that is publicly used.  In case the active tunnel had to be closed off totally for repairs etc.  Funnily enough, we have never used it at all, it has never been open to the public. 

The other place they call the Metro Tunnel which is for trains to run the underground City Loop of Melb city.  That one runs for MANY miles and comes very close to Flemington, and I would NOT be surprised if they built branches running off it that are not accessible to the public.

So yes Rick, there are plenty of places in Melb for them to practice their Satanic verses, if you know what I mean.
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