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September 11 - 2012 to end of 2013...predictions
Hi everyone,

I am needing to study Stewarts Numerology more closely, because i'm not sure if I did this right.  I have however posted it to another forum whom appreciated it.

has to do with Creation of Pentagon (Sept 11), George Bush Speech (Sept 11), Plane WTC (Sept 11) and Pinochet Dictator of Chile (Sept 11).

its quite a long post, i hope you can understand it :)

This post can be found on the Michael Tsarion blog..


With regards to symbolism of 9:11 and 11:11

First: 9 represents end of a cycle

Second: 11 represents a NEW cycle (11 cannot be broken down to 2)

Third: 2001 = 3 which represents perfection in creation - represented by the 'triangle' All degrees of an equilateral triangle add up to 180. 18 equals good luck or long life. However also breaks down to 9 - which is end of a cycle again.

So - 911 represents the end of an old cycle with the beginning of a new cycle with aligning to the perfection of the event in 'creation' ie reality. It equates to the 'Good Luck' of the people who created the event, as well as 'long life' of whoever created it.

Symbolically, and energetically, the 'event' of the WTC attacks was the 'end' of the Old Order, with the beginning of the New Order, by actually co-ordinating it to be in 2001 means that they were trying to make it perfect, so that they the NEW world or the NEW cycle would have a 'long life'. Of course, 'good luck' to them for thats what they'll need when using 'darkness' of symbolism. For divine source will shine the light on their shadow and expose them. The Elite 'know' they have little time and are working quickly to neutralize such information. They are also packing their pants at whats happening just beyond Kuipers Belt.

Lets just say the group (Gods) 'Gabriel' and 'Michael' who were responsible for Egypt have returned to make sure sh*t doesn't hit the fan. The groups for creating the Incas, Mayans, and Aztechs, and the creators of other cultures of the world are waiting..... for something to happen.

However the groups that show their 'faces' are of manevolant nature, for 'prime directive' does indeed exist. If the 'benevolant' ones interfere, it would be for their OWN interests only. Do not depend on the 'Gods' of above, do not depend on the external...the answer is inside you.

Also look at September 11th in Chile, my home Country, September 11th 1973. CIA financed military coup in Chile headed by General Augusto Pinochet topples the democratically elected President Salvador Allende. Pinochet remains in power for almost 17 years.

I do not need to re-iterate 911, but 1973. = 11 (11 cannot be broken down to two).

Again a new cycle.

So 9/11/1973 = End of an Old Cyle, beginning of a New Cycle x2

Adding all is 9/11/11

Date + Month = 20 = 2.
Date + Year = 20 = 2

2 = Physical and Spiritual Duality

Month + year = 22

22 = Transition

The energy behind 2x Physical and Spiritual Duality = 4

4 = Earth Based, and EGO and left brain.

4 = 22

22 again means 'transition'.

so 2x physical and Spiritual Duality is earth based ego adds up to a transition, with transition.

Ultimately, its 2x transition meaning speeding up time by '2x' = 22:22

22 = 10 in 12 hour clock.

10:10 = Divine, intelligence and new beginnings

Meaning that this was a HUGE cycle of change in my personal belief of 'Divine' origin which will force an upsurge of energy against the elite. Something that backfired against the NWO for they created it and thus realizing a neutrality with a counter balance of September 11 - 2001.

Or it could be they did it on purpose TO balance with 2001 attacks for a latter energy usually is the 'winner' of the balance as its more present in linear time.

Now lets go to September 11th 1941, Ground broken for the construction of The Pentagon.

9/11/1941 = 9/11/6

9 = End of cycle
11 = New Cycle
6 = New idea and Vision = 33 = End of a Series of Cycles.

Total energy = Angelic Realm, High Level consciousness, Infinity.

Now please look at the 'pentagon'. It can be used EITHER way, positive and negative, however because of the intention of the elite, it would contact 'their' angelic realm, 'their' high level consciousness and 'their' infinity. Their 'angelic' realm are beings in 'dimensions'under the luciferian energy, which is BELOW the christic consciousness or divine origin. Because 'they' cannot reach to such a level of being christic, their' god is luciferian, which IS a 'part' of divine origin, but not the total. Sum of it. The use of the 'pentagon' which holds the 'pentagram' are calling in the 'angelic' realm that belongs to 'their' god. Ultimately, the reason for creation of the pentagon within this date - are calling in the 'Gods of old', where 'their' DNA stems from, and where 'their' souls and spirit comes from. It is one of darkness.

I would like to itterate that you can draw a pentagram, inside a pentagon and a pentagram inside the pentagon, and a pentragram inside the pentagon. Look at the shape - and then exrapulate that into 3 dimensions, this SHAPE is multi-dimensional - as are humans beings. However they are calling in entities and beings from other dimensions. The pentagon, is the base for communication within other dimensions. For they cannot get 'outside' the photon belt, they 'can' bypass it by going into a dimension where it doesn't exist, and travel space and time with it - however they needed the help from interdimensional beings of their own higher selves......

Now September 11th 1990.

U.S. President George H. W. Bush delivers a nationally televised speech in which he threatens the use of force to remove Iraqi soldiers from Kuwait, which Iraq had recently invaded. He mentions the term "New World Order" in this speech for the first time, which is also named "Towards a New World Order".

9/11/1990 = 9/11/10

10 = New Beginning in 'space'
10 = 1
1 = 'New Beginning'

so 9/11/1

9 = End of Cycle
11 = New Cycle
10 = New Beginning in Space
1 = New Beginning.

So the speech by George Bush Senior was acknowledgment of an OLD cycle ending and implementing a NEW cycle in time, with a NEW cycle in space (ie shift in spacial dimension). Ultimately it was simply the beginning of a new beginning.

11 years later (2001) the WTC attacks.

11 again means = New cycle.

It was a perfect calculated action to implement the New World Order!

Now 'verbalizing' needs to actually occur, they need to tell you what they are doing otherwise it has no power, for verbalizing in a shape, as it comes out the mouth makes a 'vortex' and also verbalizing is the shape of a 'square'. The square is 90x(4) degrees = 360 degrees. 360 degrees is represented by a circle.

90 x 4 = end of cycle, end of cycle, end of cycle, end of cycle which is EARTH based and is of EGO. This finalizes though with 'Space' which is the circle, and thus brings the action into effect physically on the planet.

September 11th 1990 was a year which was a 'public' presentation of their plans - for they NEED to verbalize their plans to create it

So ultimately specifically with relation to September 11th in USA.

September 11 1990

Bush ended the old cycle x 4 by verbalizing his intent which was earthly based and ego to manipulate 'spacial' dimension on earth.

11 years later, which was the intent of 1990 began the NEW cycle of september 11th 2001 into the New World Order.

September 11th 2001 was used as a form of black magick to 'act' within the laws of the universe without too much repercussion, and thus they now control the 11 years of earth based on their EGO left brain mentality.

I 'predict' that September 11, 2012 will be the end of the New World Order cycle, with the beginning of a new cycle on 2012 which equals 5 (Multi-dimensional of battle of spiritual between Divine spirits and Winged Serpents ones)

so 9/11/5

9 = End of Cycle
11 = New cycle
5 = Divine energy and healing.

Month + Date = 20 = 2 = Physical/Spiritual Duality

Month + Year = 14 = 5 = Divine Energy

Date + year = 16 = 7 = Completion, Perfection, Physical reality.

Basically it would then mean that there will be an Physical and Spiritual Duality of Divine Energy which completes into perfection within physical reality.

This time would be short lived though.... it will be a cleansing of the negative and could result in a split of this dimension into 'two' dimensions (duality).

September 18th 2012 (7 days of completing perfection of physical reality will result in) =


9 = End of Cycle
9 = End of Cycle
5 = Divine Energy and Healing

Month + Date = 18 = Good Luck and Long Life = 9 = End of a cycle

Month + year = 14 = 5 = Divine Energy and Healing

Date + year = 14 = 5 = Divine Energy and Healing.

So its Good Luck and Long Life of Divine Energy and healing x2

5 x 2 = 10 = God within, Intelligence of God in 'space' and NEW beginning.

10 = 1 - New Beginning, Is of the 'source.

Therefore what will happen September 19th 2012, the next day...


9 = End of Cycle
10 = God within, Intelligence of God in space, and New Beginnings = 1 = New Beginning of Source origin.

5 = Divine Energy with Healing

Month + Date = 19 = 10 = God Within, Intelligence of God in space, and New Beginnings = 1, New Beginning of Divine Source origin

Month + Year = 5 = Divine Energy with Healing

Date + Year = 6 = New Ideas and visions and can break down to 33 = Finality and an END of series of Cycles......

18th of September 2012
Total energy = 9 + 1 + 5 = 15 = 6 = New Visions and Ideas = 33 = End of Series of Cycles

19th of September 2012
Total Energy = 9 + 10 + 5 = 24 = 6 = New Visions and Ideas = 33 = End of Series of Cycles.

These two days would mean a cleansing of the spirit within beings.

20th of September 2012

Total Energy = 9 + 2 + 5 = 16 = 7 = Completion, Perfection, physical reality.

21st of September 2012
Total Energy = 9 + 3 + 5 = 17 = 8 = Angelic Realm, High- Level Consciousness, and Infinity

22nd of September 2012
Total Energy = 9 + 4 + 5 = 18 = Good Luck and Long Life = 9 = End of a cycle

23rd of September 2012
Total Energy = 9 + 5 + 5 + 19 = 10 = God within, God intelligence in Space, and New Beginnings = 1 = New Beginning of Divine Origine - of Source

24th of September 2012
Total Energy = 9 + 6 + 5 = 20 = 2 = Physical/Spiritual Duality

25th of September 2012
Total Energy = 9 + 7 + 5 = 21 = 3 = Perfection in Creation

26th of September 2012
Total Energy = 9 + 8 + 5 = 22 = Transition

27th of September 2012
Total Energy = 9 + 9 + 5 = 23 = 5 = Divine Energy and Healing

28th of September 2012
Total Energy = 9 + 8 + 5 = 24 = 6 = New Visions and Ideas = 33 = End of Series of Cycles

29th of September 2012
Total Energy = 9 + 9 + 5 = 25 = 7 = Completion, Perfection, Physical Reality

30th of September 2012
Total Energy = 9 + 10 + 5 = 26 = 8 = Angelic Realm, High Level Consciousness, Infinity

NOW is the interesting bit and I need to iterate here that the next few days will completely change things internally. I will remove the additions as I hope you get the gist...

1st of October 2012
Total Energy = 7 = Completion, Perfection, Physical Reality

2nd of October 2012
Total Energy = 8 = Angelic Realm, High Level Consciousness, Infinity

3rd of October 2012
Total Energy = 18 = Good Luck and Long Life = 9 = End of Cycle

4th of October 2012
Total Energy = 10 = God within, Intelligence in Space, new beginnings = 1 = New Beginning, Of Divine Source

5th of October 2012
Total Energy = 11 = New Cycle

6th of October 2012
Total Energy = 12 = Number of Total Frequency Bands = 3 = Perfection in Creation

7th of October 2012
Total Energy = 13 = Maturity and Totality = 4 = of Earth Based and of Ego = 22 = Transition

8th of October 2012
Total Energy = 5 = Divine Source and Healing

9th of October 2012
Total Energy = 6 = New Visions and Ideas = 33 = End of Series of Cycles

10th of October 2012
Total Energy = 7 = Completion, Perfection, Physical reality

11th of October 2012
Total Energy = 8 = Angelic realm, High Level Consciousness, Infinity

12th of October 2012
9 = End of Cycle

13th of October 2012
Total Energy = 10 = God Mind Within, Intelligence in Space, new Beginning = 1 = New Begining of Divine Source

14th of October 2012
Total Energy = 11 = New Cycle

15th of October 2012
Total Energy = 12 = Number of Total Frequency bands = 3 Perfection In Creation

16th of October 2012
Total Energy = 13 = Maturity and Totality.


So lets look at December 21st 2012

12/21/2012 = 3/3/5

3 + 3 + 5 = Perfection in Creation, perfection in Creation, Divine Origin

Month + Date = 6 = New Ideas and Visions = End of Series of Cycles
Month + year = 8 = Angelic realm, High level Consciousness, Infinity
Date + Year = 8 = Angelic realm, High level Consciousness, Infinity

3 + 3 + 5 = 11 = New Cycle.

This date, with my study, is a peak in total cleansing of the spirit, its of Divine Origin.

So 12/22/2012 = 3/4/5

3 + 4 + 5 = 12 = Total frequency bands = 3 = Perfection In Creation.

The key date, is

12/23/2012 = 13 = Maturity and Tolity = 4 = Earth based, and Ego = 22 Transition.

12/24/2012 = 14 = 5 = Divine Energy and Healing

12/25/2012 = 15 = 6 = New Ideas and Visions = 33 = End of Series Cycles

12/26/2012 = 16 = 7 = Completion, perfection, Physical reality
12/27/2012 = 17 = 8 = Angelic Realm, High end of Consciousness, infinity
12/28/2012 = 18 = 9 = End of a cycle
12/29/2012 = 19 = 10 = God within, Intelligence of Space, New Beginnings
12/30/2012 = 20 = 2 = Physical/Spiritual Duality
12/31/2012 = 21 = 3 = Perfection in Creation.

and so on and so on.

These few dates after, throughout 2013 will be of cleansing, everyday will continue to cleanse and purge, Man will be faced with his/her ego and forced to decide to keep or let go, Those under ignorance and continuation of attachments will face bitter battle within themselves, those who look inside themselves, and recognise their spirit is NOT of ego, but part of Divine Origin, will progress.

The darkness will show itself in everyone, its time NOW to battle your inner demons, and stand up against them, recognise, accept, and LET GO, do not hold attachment to it, change yourself from within, and you will be successful.

Its of utter importance that this be done so during this period, you do not go into utter upheaval.

Also I would like to note, that the 'age' and also the 'date of birth' that fall within this period that are 6 or 33 and the date of their birth also resonates to 6 or 33 will most likely be the first to experience such a cleanse.

The ages of people in 2013 also who are of 6 and 33 years of age, where their dates also total energy is 6 or 33 that match the energy of 6 or 33 will be the 'date' where the energy will affect you for the end of your own personal cycle. People born within this period that 'match' to 1, 5 or 10 in total energy of that date, will most likely be very spiritual beings. The ones who pass away within this period and match to 6, 9 33, would have ended their 'cycle' and go into a new one. Could very well be, that the people that pass away during this period - could incarnate into the births within this period. ADHD and ADD may be prevalent in these new born.

Its from the extreme of such darkness to total cleansing from the lightness. The energy will be so powerful that it could cause mental and physical anguish if you hold onto the ego and not face the darkness that belongs to you. Those that let go, could experience a form of 'shift' out of the physical dimension, where the spacial dimension goes into a higher level of consciousness, and the ego spacial dimension will go into a 'denser' dimension where darkness will continue to rule.

You will still hold both, but the dimension of ego will be run by the NWO, and the dimension of lightness will have them removed.

The time period leading towards these key dates will lead in upheaval peaking in December and progressing for a cycle of time on a plateau.

The previous 'dimensions' of alternate realities will 'blend' up until this date, and will cause a 'split' again into two separate dimensions on a global scale, as mentioned before, one with NWO in power, and the other where it collapses.


I'm intrigued by what happened in 1973 in Chili.

Salvador Allende was killed at 09/11.

Salvador  = The salvator

Allende = ALL-ENDE = The End of All 

So the killing of Mr. S. Allende represents the killing of a salvation after the end of a big universal cycle;

thus like the idea imprinting: resistance is futile (there will be no salvation).

Sounds like an explanation of what the Bible says will happen in the end times: Those of the spirit will be taken while the unbelievers will be left behind. And, that those left behind will be left to a reprobate mind, believing a lie, about those who were taken.

The Bible, by the way, is NOT a religion.

I don't profess a religion, only beliefs.

Also, Stewart said that 12-of 2012 was a preconditioned mind control pattern to scare us, mentioned in the Myan calendar, etc.

Could someone explain what "number of total frequency bands" mean, and what it means in name analysis?

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