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Soul Knowledge
So how much knowledge can we compile on the human soul, where do they come from are we born with them, what form do they take after death, where do they journey to when life is over, do they need food, how do they see, is it like waking up in a dream one day after death?
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So your saying open my eyes to the knowledge around me right?
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No, I'm saying get real and stop the gobbldigook...
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SIGH....can't we all just get along???
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mmmm....Diajin sure seems to be a master at gobbldigooking....icon_group3g

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Diajin Wrote:So how much knowledge can we compile on the human soul,

How long is a piece of string?
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A piece of string can have fathomless amounts of lengths.
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Exactly Diajin, the soul personality can acquire fathomless or very little knowledge/awareness, depending on your own capability.
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What abilities could i have to learn astrojewels other than asking people that may know these things what other ways are there to learn, there is so much i'd like to know, and i feel starved for knowledge and enlightenment on such things, i know the soul i have resembles a vine or plant and i have energy hair that spreads from my head down and through my body, i also know that my soul can leave me and move into the ground, I still don't understand how he sees though cause i dont want to call my soul an it because he mostly stays one with me, i also have speculated that we are in symbiosis with one another that my soul and body work together and my body is energy for my soul, i dont know whats going to happen in death yet i believe my soul will hibernate with my body through my decomposition thus becoming forever one with my soul as i break down, these are just a few thoughts i have on the soul, let me know what you think
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