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The Demonic Flooding of America | They Are The Dark | Our Self-Policing Fascist State
Strongholds Falling; Populists Seize the Culture
Politics is Downstream From Culture
By Elizabeth Nickson
Apr 06, 2024

The lessons of covid are profound. The most important lesson of Covid is that without knowing the game, we outfoxed them and their narrative collapsed.  People now know the shots were very dangerous, and there were contributing factors like Vitamin D that people, apparently obsessed by their safety, never bothered to tell them about. How did people get wise to the fact given that this “thing” owns every major broadcast network, every newspaper? As powerful as this force was, it wasn’t especially smart, it didn’t understand us.
- Bret Weinstein

The revolution is happening all over the socials, especially in videos. And the disgust is palpable. If I were in strategy in left-wing politics, I would be panicking. James Carville, that wizened dwarfish hate-filled creep, is panicking and I for one, cannot stop watching him.

Biden is staying. There’s no replacing him with anyone. He is sane enough to know that the minute he goes, he is in a world of pain, as every single member of his family lands in prosecutorial hot water. He’s a crook, his family are crooks, and furthermore they sold out the country to its enemies. I challenge any Democrat voter to read Peter Schweizer’s book on the Bidens and not view them covered in bugs and feces. That’s how awful they are. They are cadavers, the walking dead; they have sold their souls so many times, the drug addled pedophile Hunter is their appropriate face.

Disgust is the prevailing emotion. I tried watching Disney’s Balenciaga, because I think I might have interviewed him, a gentle, elegant, cultivated man in his last years who took me through his archives, his stitching, his studio. Can’t remember, it might have been Givenchy. But twenty minutes in, the actor playing him and his partner engage in violent gay sex. GAAAA! I shouted and turned it off. My premium TV feeds are filled with shows where I manage to last five minutes before they prove so revolting, violent or dishonest (by which I mean woke) that I have to turn them off. We’re talking twenty or thirty or forty shows in my ‘continue watching feeds’ while I’m searching for somewhere to park my tired brain.

Media Stronghold Falling

I’ve given up. I watch videos made by actual non-lizard humans, they are playful and fun, and informative and exciting. They are positive. They are the future. I can watch a deep dive on the Vatican Library, or a specific period of history without the drawn out self-importance of ‘a prize-winning documentary’. It is a huge trend, vis below chart. “Young people” spend three minutes a day on Netflix, like me searching for something to watch and not finding it. They spend two hours on tiktok, 20 minutes on Youtube, 1 minute on Facebook.

I do not know what has happened to Hollywood. Or rather I do. Cultural Marxism happened. The woman who got me my first job in journalism for the LA Weekly; was the daughter of communists and made a fine living writing scripts that were never greenlit, also two books about the fabulosity of Castro. I’m sure even she thinks the current mess is appalling; she has retreated to Santa Barbara where she no doubt volunteers at the local food bank (not). 

Liberal Strongholds Falling

“This is not what we meant”, shrieks every liberal in the world. “It’s not our fault!” Met a prominent Canadian Liberal at the grocery store Tuesday. “Take me back to Jean Cretien!” she wailed.

When I was friends with filmmakers, they would approve of a show by saying it is dark, transgressive, exciting. Within a decade, film has migrated to demonic, insanely violent, filled with hate, every character ugly and base.

That’s the trouble with liberalism. It has no limits. A Yale law professor, Samuel Moyn, tries to rescue it in his latest book, but there no rescue possible. As Moyn says while promoting his book on a podcast with some perennial-grad-student-acolyte, ‘if we lose liberalism all those lovely things we enjoy, all the permission to do what you want, will vanish.”  One more step to the Luciferian: Do What Thou Wilt. You should drop in on the interview to hear the elite drawl, the vocal fry, the supreme self-confidence, self-satisfaction. I want to slap them.

Hollywood Stronghold Falling

We want those permissions to vanish. “Liberalism” has become permission for the clever and amoral to loot the treasure of other people. They have all kinds of reasons that they needed some of that $33 trillion in public debt. Liberalism has become permission for producers on Nickelodeon to rape children and everyone in Hollywood knows about it and does nothing. Quiet on Set, a series running now, describes how Nickelodeon employed five men convicted of child sex abuse. Socials are running wild about the Nickelodeon pedophile rings.

SAG and ACTRA knew what was happening.

Their agents knew, their parents knew. They cashed in.

Look at the brokenness of Justin Bieber, that pretty, sad character, who trails around looking lost. He hates his parents, rightly. Or McCauley Culkin, the kid who played in Home Alone. Also hates his parents, looks like a tormented ghost. Or Serena Gomez, who lives in a welter of pain.  Or Lindsay Lohan, an incandescent talent who went off the rails for twenty years. Or Usher. Or Britney. They are all not doing well, failing adulthood. They were all raped over and over again in their climb up the ladder. P. Diddy raped Usher, Usher raped Justin. Justin quit music, and they force-married him and stuck him in Hillsong Church, itself a hotbed of theft and rape. Last week, P. Diddy’s estates were raided. He was another one of the monsters that the CIA and Deep State use to compromise people. Read the testimony of his long-time partner, Cassie. What he did to her will turn your stomach. I can barely type his name. He settled the day after the lawsuit was filed. P.Diddy might turn out to be Jeffrey Epstein on steroids, hacking his way through the black community, destroying at will, trafficking boys and girls to powerful men in Hollywood and beyond.

Pretend you see the vomit emoji here.

Illuminati Stronghold Falling

I watched a video series last night about the Luciferian cults that snake through the top of every profession. The interview subject was a U.S. army chaplin, raised as a member of the Illuminati, who has the Illuminati seal on her birth certificate and and trained to become the Queen Mother of Darkness in the Last Days, of all the preposterous silly things. She was in a trainee cohort that included Justin Trudeau and Matthew Perry. Soros is reputed to be a key figure, a major player in the cult, which admit, makes a lot of sense. Gloria Vanderbilt was one of the Five Mothers of Darkness, there being five in existence at any one time. Jesse Czebotar is full-on Christian Kingdom Living now. You can judge for yourself her credibility.

I loathe the occult and think it is stupid, venal, ridiculous and stupid. No one survives it, all die horribly and suffer horribly for the power it apparently confers. But it exists. And everyone knows about it, by which I mean, normals under 40 who don’t follow politics. I won’t even get into the Royal Family, but the stories about them, what they are doing to Kate, are coruscating, terrifying. I don’t know if they are true, but they could be; Glamis castle, the seat of the old Queen Mother’s family, is reputed to be the locus of their particular occult cult. Not My King protests greet every single public announcement Charles makes. Revulsion for the family grows by the month. And don’t forget Charles was buddy-buddy with Jimmy Savile, widely thought to be highly placed in the skeezy ridiculous disgusting Luciferian cult that dominates power in Britain. There is so much documentation about pedophilia at Westminster, it’s hardly a story any more. The censors hide it but everyone knows. In fact, the whole Illuminati rigamarole elicits complete contempt. If they exist, their strongholds must be pulled down. And thankfully, thanks to real humans, it is happening.

It’s not happening in an organized fashion, which makes it impossible to stop. People run mad in groups and return to sanity one at a time, and that is what is occurring. Individuals stepping up in their specific field and saying no. We’re passing this law, suing this person, standing on this border, ripping down these barriers.

Above all, the spell cast by Hollywood is fading. This is so significant, in that Hollywood soaks up so much attention and energy. Without that entrainment, people are freed, hours of time and energy reclaimed. Gen Z wholesale rejects celebrity. Normals who don’t follow politics are taking delight in pulling down the famous. Last week was an all-seasons-pass on Jennifer Lopez. Her dancers, staff and the women who actually voice her songs released awful stories about her vicious behaviour to underlings, and then ran videos, where she is pretending to sing and in fact is just off-key whispery singing the words, panting wildly as she contorts her 50 year old body like a teen. It. Is. Hilarious. And pathetic. This is a good thing. This is excellent. No Bureau of Misinformation will squelch this - people are having way too much fun. Every secret in every profession is being revealed in 3 or 5 or ten minute videos with tens, hundreds, thousands, millions of views. It’s all-pervasive, tearing through every medium; stop it in one place, it flowers stronger in the next. Like the worst invasive weed on the planet, truth grows like stink.

Democrat Strongholds Falling

All this means the face of the electorate is changing. Rich Baris, the People’s Pundit, points out the electorate never really stays the same, and we are in the midst of a giant shift. Baris polls on a micro-level, unlike anyone else. In the north east, he says, Republicanism is now populist conservatism. And in Philadelphia, the shift of Hispanics and Blacks to the Republican party is beyond significant, he says. Trump is polling high among under 35’s, in fact; an alarm went out from the Democrat Party to stop registering kids to vote, because they are trending Republican. Republicans are up 13-20 points in Philadelphia, which is “insane for a Republican”, Baris said on Real America’s Voice this week. Trump is gaining in the ‘burbs around Philly, up to forty points in Allegheny county, a blue stronghold, and in Pittsburgh. The Republican Party is polling lower than Trump in every single jurisdiction. Trump is beating Biden in every single battleground state, except Wisconsin where it is tied. The “people” have spoken and are saying to RINOs, a pox on all your houses.

Furthermore, Baris says, there is the Southern strategy, where Trump doesn’t even need the rust belt, but barring industrial level theft, he has it. And this time, everyone knows about the potential theft.

What happens if Trump wins? If we manage to sneak him in despite the foul machinations of Mark Elias and the Obama/Soros/Clinton team?

Well, let’s look at Georgia Meloni’s Italy, a state mired in corruption for the last 100 years, stumbling along, victim of a thousand corrupt and frankly evil bankers, politicians and gangs. It is now the fastest growing economy in Europe, thank you very much.

German MEP Christine Anderson says the EU is in panic mode as millions are awakening. “They are frightened,” she says. “They realize they are not serving the best interests of the people.”

Corrupt Judiciary Falling

Citizen journalists, former engineers, housewives, auditors, accountants and military are doing the job of both the Republican party and the media. We know, for instance, that Fani Willis and Leticia James in New York are wealthy women courtesy of shady real estate deals where they got preference. Trump’s attackers are paid, to do what they do. Judge Merchan on Tuesday was caught profiting off Democrats, upped his ante, shoved his case into Federal court. He and his daughter were caught by Julie Kelly. Judge Merchan’s daughter’s PR firm averages six figures a month. She is 34 years old and started in 2019. She made $600K in January of 2020 alone. Adam Schiff, Mr. Russia Hoax, paid her $2,000,000.

Seizing the Culture

You have to see this as scattershot. Individuals in every profession expressing courage and outrage, like ultra-liberal actor/comedian Michael Rapaport abandoning Biden:

Coleman Hughes calls for the end of race politics on The View.

Trump’s wealth soars to $8 billion in Truth Social public launch. Posts largest ever bond: $175 million.

Dozens of University of Texas, Austin employees in DEI-related roles to be laid off

In Scotland, the Muslim-Fascist the Scots, elected in some sort of humiliation ritual, is going down.

Tennesee is outlawing MRNA in vegetables, classing them as pharmaceuticals. Tennessee is also in the process of banning geoengineering.

Last week, as a result of a lawsuit brought in the Texas Southern District federal court, the FDA agreed to finally take down the social media messages it had put up to lawlessly block the use of ivermectin. Remember the mocking tweet: “You’re not a horse, you’re not a cow, come on y’all.”

In the Netherlands people have just started their own biological food coop bypassing the supermarkets and buying directly from the farms.

A Mexican rancher increased his revenues by 350% across his 30,000 desert acres, which receives ten inches of a rain a year by using regenerative agriculture. Don’t need Pharma’s poisons to grow food.

100 tractor convoy descends on London.

Here is the new Greta, a young British farmer:

RNC launches website called bidenbloodbath about migrant crimes across the U.S.

Angry Muslim-Americans in Dearborn and angry black men in Georgia are greeting Democrat door knockers.

Kayla Pollock, paralyzed after Covid-19 booster, files a $45 million lawsuit against Moderna

In Brussels, farmers drove their tractors through police barriers outside EU headquarters.

De Santis removes squatters claim, strengthens property rights.

Idaho Governor signs bill banning transgender operations use of Medicaid and state insurance Medicare.

FBI turns up at woman’s door over memes criticizing Joe Biden, she refuses to show ID.

Christians are rising in The Netherlands.

Christians gather to pray at the Lincoln Memorial

Florida bans social media accounts for children.

Louisiana Senate bans WEF, UN Sustainability Goals, WHO UN or WEF regs, taxes and mandates.

Massive protests against EU in Poland.

List of names released in P Diddy’s sex trafficking case.

Tracking of Jeffrey Epstein’s visitors shows predators leaving their ultra-posh neighborhoods all over the States to go to his island, and victims leaving their derelict neighborhoods to try to make some money for their desperate families.

Ship that crashed into Baltimore bridge is missing two minutes of Black Box data. Most people think it is a deliberate attack by the Luciferians to cause more chaos. No one believes officialdom.

Homesteading movement is growing as millennials give up corporate life.

Epstein victims sue the FBI.

Nun states that if Donald Trump is elected it’s an act of God: “we are in a WAR between Good and Evil”.

BlackRock launches a fund on the Ethereum blockchain; all the assets on the blockchain will be trackable, everything they do will be traceable.

JK Rowling dares police to arrest her for misgendering under Scotlands New Hate Speech laws.

Newhouse Family Members Resign from Warner Bros Discovery board amid antitrust investigation.

Blackrock received “Cease and Desist” order for allegedly misleading investors on ESG funds.

Truckers stage a massive protest along the Nova Scotia-New Brunswick border, temporarily shutting parts of it down, and demanding Trudeau ends the carbon tax.

Carbon tax protests in Calgary face an army of police. Mayor Gondek not sure if she’ll run for mayor of Calgary again – brutally booed at Calgary Flames home game.

Imran Khan and his wife had 14 year prison sentences for graft suspended by a Pakistan high court on Monday.

Erdogan-backed candidate defeated in Istanbul’s Mayor election.

Erdogan set for shock defeat in Turkey’s municipal elections.

Buttigieg: “I don’t know if I’ll run for office again or not.”

A federal judge in Missouri placed a restraining order on the Biden administration prohibiting them from pressuring social medis companies into censorship.
And in the Cry Me A River category:

    D.C. federal Judge Reggie Walton is facing an ethics complaint after he publicly voiced approval of New York Judge Juan Merchan's decision to issue a gag order on former President Donald Trump, who is set to go to trial in Manhattan this month on hush money charges.

    "Judge Walton must have known his interview was highly prejudicial to President Trump," the Article III Project, a conservative legal watchdog group, wrote in a complaint filed Tuesday with D.C. Court of Appeals Chief Judge Sri Srinivasan.

    Since airing last week, Walton's CNN interview has garnered millions of views, and with Trump set to go on trial in Manhattan, Washington, D.C., Georgia and Florida, the group argued that the interview may have polluted every potential jury pool for all trials. 

    Walton, an appointee of George W. Bush who has been threatened alongside his family, said during his interview last week: "I think it is an attack, on the rule of law, when judges are threatened, and particularly when their family is threatened. And it's something that's wrong, and should not happen."

I am falling over laughing at that one, Judge.

Jeff Childers of the excellent, very funny Coffee and Covid Substack reports that The National Institutes of Health has slapped BioNTech with a notice of default over alleged royalty payments the biotech owes the agency, related to sales of its Pfizer-partnered COVID-19 vaccine Comirnaty, according to the company’s SEC filing.

“What’s new about this sordid story is it was the last bit of confirmation of the original root source of the mRNA tech: every bit of it was excreted by that massive government health agency, the wellspring of mRNA, the National Institutes of Health. The article showed, as we’d long presumed, that neither Pfizer nor BioNTech were smart enough to whip up a brand-new vaccine technology and turn it into a covid vaccine in just a few weeks.

“It was always a government project.

“So let’s play follow the money. Recall that, under a weird loophole, NIH scientists may earn money from patents obtained from their government work, and need not turn that money over, or even disclose any royalties they earn. It’s likely that both Fauci and Collins, for example, have made millions from the covid jabs—but they are not required to tell whether they have, or how much they’ve earned (and they have both repeatedly declined to say).

“Here’s my primitive attempt to describe the complex, interlocking parts of this wonderful public-private partnership and what may have happened:”

I don’t know about you, but I am falling over laughing. Gallows humor, but nevertheless. They are so caught.

As usual and as necessary, please consider a very cheap annual subscription. I know I scared the pants off some of you with the election fraud series but the more we know, the less likely will they be able to get away with it. I have huge hope for 2025, I think the world will explode with creativity and prosperity, and our world will emerge from this dark dark spell. In any case, the next ten months are going to be fascinating.

The Demonic Flooding of America Was Deliberate
Drug and rock culture was invented by the elites, by the Olympians, by SRI, Tavistock and military intelligence.
By Elizabeth Nickson
Apr 21, 2024

This was published last August in a series looking at the people behind the curtain. It is a “story” that I continue to follow because it makes me very very cross. I grew up with the Canadian version of these people, and found them limited in vision and cruel. I had no idea how bad it was.

In this essay, I draw together the evidence that from the 60’s on, their goal was to break the children of three generations, (ending with gender reassignment surgery), destroy their minds, stunt their futures, ruin their families, attempt to persuade them that having children was bad, and that growth, prosperity and self-government was impossible, even destructive. From the Kennedy assassination onwards, a series of horrifying events was engineered to destabilize American culture and confidence. From military and hospital laboratories all over the US and Canada, psychiatrists ran experiments and devised actions to set community groups against each other, deliberately destroying civic peace. The environmental movement was created in these labs and seminar rooms, as was second wave feminism. All of it was anti-human, meant to draw down the population, and ensure that the rest were docile to the point of submission. Operation Paperclip, Operation Bluebird, Operation Mockingbird, MKUltra were and continue to be real, heavily funded, and weaponized against us.

I do not for a second imply that the art and music of that period, at least some of it, wasn’t genuine and the new spiritual disciplines weren’t valuable. But they were twisted and weaponized against us.

An engineered counter culture

The nicest person in my world asked me recently if a coven could use our ravine to celebrate Beltane. No, I exclaimed, absolutely not! And was surprised by my vehemence. I don’t particularly dislike or distrust Wicca, it is practiced all through the Pacific North West, in particular by eco-feminist witches, and I thought I saw it as harmless.

But apparently, I didn’t want it near me. And when questioning myself, I realized I didn’t want whatever these women might bring with them into my forest, where it might stay. Every religion has a version of the Tibetan bardo, Catholic purgatory, the lower astral, where monsters and demons live, hunting for vulnerable humans on which to prey. I’ve listened to enough Catholic exorcists to be very careful of invoking that particular world.

In fact, I loathe the occult. I think it’s frankly silly, intellectually empty and a waste of time, not to mention flatly evil. None of it, nothing, not one thing is provable, it’s all an attempt to gain unearned power through various nasty practices which end in nearly every case, in human sacrifice. Even Buddhism. One of my collector cousins had a Buddhist ceremonial skull, silver outlining eyes, nose hole, silvered teeth. Flip back the lid and you see a a hollowed-out hammered silver bowl fitted into the skull.  “What’s it for?” I asked. “Drinking blood,” he said. And it was an 18th century artifact; not old. Christians gave up drinking blood at the Last Supper.

JFK’s brain is still missing, no doubt used in some ghastly rite practised by these ridiculous people. His assassination, it is thought, was an invocation of occult power, called Killing of the King.

It was necessary to ruin Christianity in order to effect a one world government. That fact is out front in their founding documents, and the men chosen to insinuate the ideas of One Worldism into the culture were, by the time they were in their 60’s, full-on practitioners of the Occult. People questioned last week’s identification of Aldous Huxley as the man who brought those ideas to America, seeding them in Los Angeles, in fact. And then a reader found Huxley saying that the population of the world must be drawn down.

I have zero doubt that Huxley started out on the side of the angels but once you sign on to depop, you have aligned yourself with evil. We have dozens of statements out there by various admired people. Read these and then tell me they aren’t trying to kill us. It is hardly a secret. The people that run the world think there are too many of us.

Huxley slipped the bounds of polite society – where he still ran propaganda campaigns that claimed he was against authority - as he embedded deeper into Children of the Sun, a Dionysian Egyptian cult that he propagated throughout California and the southwest.

Christianity is a simple faith. The seven virtues, connection with your God. Protestant Christianity flips over power again and again, as it asserts that connection between man and the divine is a direct relationship, intimate, not brokered by power-seeking priests. It is also an activist faith. You are your brother’s keeper.  You see something wrong, you don’t turn away and pretend you are above it, you fix it. And therein lies self-respect, not in self-cherishing or suiting up in peaked hats in a ravine on May 1st to call in the four directions and various spirits in order to what?

One World Government and depopulation would cause so much pain, they knew Christians would oppose it. The faith had to be de-privileged, driven out of polite culture. Seen as primitive, déclassé. Deplorable. The more bloodthirsty religions and practices were promoted as superior.
link here

At the same time, in the 50’s and 60’s, Operation Paperclip took flight. Operation Paperclip brought over Nazi scientists who were deep in human experimentation and, slightly less known, neck deep into the pursuit of power through the occult and occult objects. The Nazis were nuts for the Holy Grail, as endless “fun” movies have declared. They were folded into U.S. military intelligence, into Fort Detrick, and given free rein. MKUltra emerged from their various collaborations and went into orbit.

MKUltra’s primary goal was to create mind-controlled assassins. And in the process, learn how to control mass populations, starting sector by sector, region by region. They would use anything, even the occult, in order to do that. They wanted the power of God and that power would be used to manage us. The Killing of the King, Kennedy’s assassination, and the subsequent inability to find the real culprits, was also behaviorist in intent. Meant to create demoralization. We can kill the most beloved man on earth and get away with it. We can install a blithering evil moron in the Presidency and get away with it.

It is my opinion that, by setting depopulation as a goal, they literally opened the door to the lower astral and entire armies of demonic forces flooded in.

Here’s my thesis and I am certainly not alone in this: the hippie movement, the beat movement, the flower children, the big music festivals like Monterey Pop, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, the Byrds, the Mamas and Papas, were all dreamed up by Nazi scientists working with American military intelligence, the Tavistock clinic, SRI and the CIA to draw down the population by diverting the children of the middle and upper middle class to narcissism, losing themselves in their senses and drugs. It promoted anti-family, anti-science, anti-growth ideas. Later, it invented feminism, and unleashed it in order to destroy marriage and make having children unappealing. That whole trope in women’s conversation: “you have to take care of yourself. Stop giving yourself to others”, and so on, was invented specifically in order to kill family life. Above all, this created aesthetic and “philosophy” by the time it plays out, promotes chaos, hate, rebellion, abjuration of adulthood and responsibility. In other words, today.
Sure, Neil

At Monterey Pop, which was the rehearsal for the widespread distribution of psychedelics, tabs of Purple Haze were given to anyone who wanted some by a legendary CIA contract agent named Coyote and someone from Florida called Peter Goodrich. Organized by John Phillips, the founder of the Mommas and Papas, Phillips was connected to Manson, Scientology, the Process Church of the Final Judgement, an offshoot of Huxley’s aristocratic Children of the Sun, (part of the Olympian’s favorite rite, the Order of the Golden Dawn), and military intelligence. The Tavistock Institute is said to have invented the base of rock music, in order to create trance states and introduced it through the Beatles and The Rolling Stones. (Jagger is flat-out Olympian.) Monterey Pop was the first incursion into the mind of others using music and drugs, the first attempt to mass rearrange the furniture in the mind and leave unnoticed. Many attendees at Taylor Swift’s Eras tour this summer are notoriously unable to remember much and they talk about it, trying to remember, on TikTok. Wonder why?

Bluebird. Twitter. Twitter’s military intelligence handlers. Get it?

The experiment was repeated at Woodstock, considered an even more perfect duplication of the Dionysian festivals of Egypt where the masses were literally stoned into submission, on bad acid, living in mud, abandoning themselves to literal pig-like behaviour, debased, without toilets, water, given over to their senses.

And, at the same time, in my opinion, MKUltra unleashed the torrent of murderers and serial killers from which we have suffered over the past 50 years. Nothing destabilizes a town, a county, a family like serial killers. The CIA and MKUltra’s test case, their test neighborhood, was Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles. Charles Manson was their most successful trial, but he was one of dozens of murderers created in their mental hospitals and military camps and loosed first on the flower children of the 60’s, then on the rest of us. The drugs and violence that lace America’s streets today were not created by us, they were engineered `to destroy us. Every family broken by losing a child or parent to drugs was broken by people we pay, whose lives we subsidize. And of course, Black neighborhoods were primary victims. Race war destabilized like no other. Last week a digital sleuth found that Antifa’s primary website address traced back to a military installation in Ohio.

In Laurel Canyon, in the 60’s, MKUltra was headquartered in a hidden military base in the canyon itself. Experiments on mental patients and prisoners were taking place in v bases, hospitals and institutes all over California, led by the Stanford Research Institute, probably one of the most powerful behaviorist centers. Many of the producers of the 60’s sound were sons and daughters of military intelligence, in fact, it is hard to find one rock star who was not. While this particular subproject has not been clinically unearthed, several books have been written that bring forth shocking coincidences and parallels. John Phillips of the Mommas and Papas, the grandfather of the movement, attended a series of elite military prep schools in DC suburbs including the US Naval Academy, and was in Cuba at the height of the Revolution. Equally Steven Stills and Jim Morrison’s fathers were deeply embedded in military intelligence at a very high level. The theory runs that the ethos and sound being sold in the music of the 60’s. was paid for and often composed by people working for the CIA, or in the case of the Beatles, Tavistock in the UK. It was then relentlessly promoted by massive entertainment companies that sold the music. People argue that the movement was co-opted by operations such as CoIntelPro, because it was anti-war and the war establishment would not have it, others advance the theory that “the entire youth culture of the 1960’s was created not as a grass-roots challenge to the status quo but as a cynical exercise in discrediting and marginalizing the budding anti-war movement and creating a fake opposition that could be easily controlled and led astray.”1

Still others claim their entire cultural movement was created to destroy the promise of America by infantilizing the boomers and following generations. I would go that far, myself, and my reading has been extensive.

Lookout Mountain Laboratory was located just off Wonderland Ave in Laurel Canyon on 2 1/2 acres and surrounded by electric fence. One hundred thousand square feet of floor space, sound stages, screening rooms, editing, animation studios, and of course advanced research and development labs. From there, it is thought, the CIA launched experiment after experiment on Laurel Canyon’s residents, triggering murder after strange death after “suicide”, as well as flooding the neighborhood with every kind of drug and occult practise. Cocaine became a pseudo-currency. During that decade, if you were white and lived in the Canyon, you had a one in four chance of ending up dead. David McGowan in Weird Scenes inside the Canyon lists and describes hundreds of deaths, many famous, many not, many associated with occult practices and drug use. Children dead of course, some associated with ritual. Ending of course with Mr. Helter Skelter, the Family of Charles Manson killing Sharon Tate and her friends just down Wonderland Road from Lookout Mountain Laboratory. Manson had been considered a genius musician by no less than Neil Young, John Phillips and Frank Zappa, courted and entertained by them. Manson had spent most of his life alternating between prison and mental hospitals, and is almost certainly a product of ‘programmed-to-kill’ experiments.

At the same time, the CIA unleashed LSD on the world. All through California’s hippie children locales, Augustus Owsley Stanley flooded the streets with high quality, inexpensive LSD. Even my senior academic cousins, a more strait-laced couple you’d be hard-pressed to find, took it with Owsley when they were in their first teaching positions at Berkeley. At Woodstock and Monterey Pop, tens of thousands of tabs of acid were provided by the CIA. Drugs were a foolproof way to destroy a generation’s will and strength. Today, human wreckage everywhere. Timothy O’Leary was a painfully obvious CIA asset. “The Oracle” was a San Francisco based publication with intelligence ties that specialized in pitching psychedelic occultism The Rolling Stones fell right in, Jagger at the time was in the Canyon, hip deep in two occult Crowley-influenced film projects with Kenneth Anger. Was it deliberate? Was it planned? Let’s put it that way, As McGowan’s whose collection of coincidents is damning, points out “‘The Eve of Destruction’ might as well have been written by the State Department. The song protests about nothing. It’s simply a “Thy Doom at Hand” song with no point.” Other than to suffocate legitimate protest and depress the young.

    At the time in 1968, columnist Jack Anderson revealed that, “Experiments to control human behavior with science fiction devices are being conducted secretly at the Army’s high-fenced Harry Diamond Laboratories in Washington… Ultimately, human guinea pigs will be used to test the devices. Although a classified memorandum in our hands specifies the tests are for riot and civil disturbance control, the memo admits the general purpose is ‘short-time-span control of human behavior.’”

Even punk and new wave was kicked off by the Copelands, all of whom were neck-deep in covert practices and military intelligence, the patriarch a legend in Western Intelligence circles. As McGowan points out, all these acts were launched and promoted by major labels, mega corporations. They were programming, to turn an entire generation into self-indulgent naval gazers. Nothing more, nor less.

The following is their statement of intent, taken from John Coleman, himself a former member of intelligence, and one of the first excavators of this foul, yet somehow absurd and chowder-headed, crime against humanity.

    “Tavistock Institute for Human Relations and other much larger, integrated network of centres of applied social psychology and social engineering … emerged in the aftermath of World War II. These groups regard us and the principles of nation states as their axiomatic philosophical enemy. This interlocked juggernaut of evil consists of some of the world’s most prestigious centers of knowledge and research such as Stanford Research Center at Stanford University, Rand Corporation, MIT/Sloane, “the Advanced Center of Behavioural Sciences at Palo Alto, the Institute of Social Research at the University of Michigan, the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, the Harvard Business School,” LondonSchool of Economics, the National Training Laboratories, the Hudson Institute, Esalen Institute, the National Institute of Mental Health, the National Institute of Drug Abuse, the Office of Naval Research. There are others, such as the Geneva-based International Foundation for Development Alternatives and Executive Conference Center, the first full-time Age of Aquarius graduate school, charged with teaching behaviour modification for high-level executives from Fortune’s top 500 companies. Human zombies placed at top-level management positions to lead us into the New Dark Age of transcendental consciousness. Two foci, first, changes needed in the United States; and second, the global order. Over the period of half a century, tens of billions of dollars have been allocated by the government of the United States with surreptitious help from think tanks and foundations aligned with Tavistock to fund the work of these groups. Every aspect of the mental and psychological life of people on the planet was profiled, recorded and stored in computer systems.”

    “Above the closely co-operating groups of social scientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, anthropologists, think-tanks and foundations presides the elite of powerful members of the oligarchy, comprised mostly of the old Venetian Black Nobility. What is the purpose of these behaviour modifications? It is to bring about forced changes to our way of life, without our agreement and without ever realizing what is happening to us. The ultimate goal being “the complete extirpation of mankind’s inner sense of identity, the tearing out of mankind’s innermost soul, and the placement, in the vacant space, of an artificial, synthetic pseudo-soul.” However, in order to change mankind’s behaviour away from industrial production into spiritualism and to bring us wilfully into the world of post-industrial era zero growth and zero progress, one must force first a change in mankind’s ‘self-image,’ its fundamental conception of what we are. Thus, the image of man appropriate to that new era must be sought, synthesized and then wired into mankind’s brain.”

That’s what they want. That’s why they do what they do. That’s what we must stand against. All it takes is enough of us saying, “Nope, buddy, take all your ridiculous destructive ideas and shove them where the sun don’t shine.” Mockery and contempt are the best weapons we have. Mockery stings their massive egos, jolts them out of their onanistic attitudes. Their army of functionaries and bureaucrats and media are hardly conscious of their evil, as Arendt found Eichmann, during the Nuremberg Trials.

    “I was struck by the manifest shallowness in the doer [ie Eichmann] which made it impossible to trace the uncontestable evil of his deeds to any deeper level of roots or motives. The deeds were monstrous, but the doer – at least the very effective one now on trial – was quite ordinary, commonplace, and neither demonic nor monstrous.”

We’ve started calling them NPCs, non playing characters, barely conscious, programmed like reptiles, the purest representation of the banality of evil.

Mike Sparks
4 hrs ago
Ubersexy Sharon Tate was/is the daughter of U.S. Army military intelligence officer, Colonel Paul Tate. The specific goal of the Hippies movement was to discredit anti-Vietnam war opponents as hedonistic bums instead of say LTG James Gavin in class A uniform or suit & tie offering BETTER SOLUTIONS than the status quo, indecisive war racket. IMHO, Saigon could and should have been set aside as a FREE MARKET ZONE like Hong Kong and the rest of Vietnam unified in a national vote we promised we'd abide by but reneged when we realized the Commies would win. Communism/forced socialism would have failed and the Saigon model merged into the rest of the country--like NOW as lady Nickson would say--but without the 58K dead USMIL Soldiers and what? 7M KIA Vietnamese? Remember, if you are DEAD it's too late to ask for the John 3:16 pardon. LIFE is an AUDITION by God to see who he keeps to fill the stars.

They Break Every Family, Every Country
The Cabal eating our lunch. Literally.
By Elizabeth Nickson
Apr 27, 2024

Last Sunday’s Demonic Flooding of America was so popular, this is its companion piece, a fleshed-out examination of the Head of the Snake, the cabal that is behind the Great Reset, the Covid and Global Warming hoaxes, and every profit-bonanza-war of the last thirty, if not 500 years, but especially Ukraine.

They call themselves by a proliferation of names: the Olympians, the Elect, Bilderbergers, the 300, demi-gods, the Black Nobility, other silly secret names that must not be spoken. They are secret because their intent is evil. They practice the occult – foolish and irresponsible – they are “Masons” of the crazy branch, a cult that operates entirely in the dark and entirely for themselves. They are as power-hungry as Hillary Clinton and far more corrupt than she or Biden or his dreadful son. They have been around for a thousand years, laughably tracing their bloodlines back to Sumer and the Pharaohs and they think that is important. In fact, who they are is Hunter Biden, he is their id, the visual manifestation of their disgusting decadence and sexual compulsion. Hunter, to my mind, was brought into their cult and went mad with the drugs, the blood drinking, the killing and the sexual sacrifices, the intimacy rites that fuel their power.

I wish I was kidding. I wish like hell this wasn’t true.

What I am attempting is to skirt the depths of paranoia by using real world data, and actual documents, as well as planning that is in the public domain and established fact. I am using personal experience in order to real-world it. So many writers in this area tip over into the unprovable, and of course, this is deliberate, yet another foul psyop run on the defenceless and innocent.

I grew up in the richest neighborhood in Canada, Westmount, and in the old money summer place of Canada, or one of them. We were part of them and not. My parents heritage was American, originally, which was a count against us. Both ancestors arrived in Connecticut in the 1630’s when there were a mere handful of settlers in the River Colony and 375 years later, they somehow found each other.

This is how rich the neighborhood was: my second-favorite boarding school roommate’s family house was a castle numbering 50,000 square feet.

This is how close we were to MKUltra and Allan Dulles: That house, Ravenscrag, was given to Allan Dulles and psychiatrist Ewan Cameron, after the family’s four sons died in the second war.  That house was where my mother was used as an experimental subject in MKUltra.

My favorite boarding school roommate’s husband’s father ran the McConnell Foundation as his charity. The McConnells, who owned the Montreal Star among other things, invited the Rockefellers, the CIA and MKUltra to town, contributing to the project of running the first mind control experiments on non-consenting human subjects, including their own wives. This too is established fact, well documented.

Here's the question everyone asks. How did they get so cruel? How can these men and women, their heirs, bent on forcing the Great Reset, imprisoning everyone in 15 minute cities, chipped, monitored, and fed chemical stew, justify themselves?  How did the top run of health professionals see Covid for what it was, as they had to, and yet go along with the vaccines, knowing, as we now know they knew, how dangerous, how lethal they are. It is impossible to view Edward Dowd’s latest disability figures, look at his projections of illness and death down the line and not think this was a deliberate cull.  Another example of their barbarity, their murderous intent.

I’ll tell you how. They have contempt for nearly everyone. They are so rich and so privileged, and in the case of the people I grew up among, long-held privilege, that they see humans outside their circle as herd animals to be manipulated. I know that because that is how they speak deep inside their world and for six sentient years and eleven years of childhood, I was there in this extremely social world, a string of parties reaching to the horizon every year, listening to every word, divining every thought. The kids mirrored their parents. No outsider can get into that world, so they were safe expressing their contempt for lesser humans. There were so many rules to follow that people were judged on the tiniest of movements, attitudes, the way you walked, ate, spoke. The necessary exquisite manners acted like a fence. It took a good decade to learn the right table manners, which had to be so automatic you could only learn it in early childhood. They could spot outsiders within ten seconds and  instantly exclude them. Among themselves, they spoke freely. Why was it so secret? Because breeding was a principal subject of casual conversation. Bloodlines. And the art of keeping that wealth and privilege. And hate. Contempt.

By the time I left, I loathed their vicious, adamantine selves more than I can say, and if we, my family, were a part of it, I foreswore them. I rejected everything.

After my first book was published, my father gave me my great-great-grandmother’s memoir fragment. I was so traumatized by what had happened to my parents, that I fell into it like a warm bath. I think I met her, Charlotte Phelps St John, when she was ancient and I was four. It took place in my grandmother’s apartment building, one of those vast echoing stone buildings where we used to warehouse the prosperous elderly. She, my great-grandmother, and my great-aunt were in town visiting and they wanted a look at me, the first girl born in the family for two generations.

Everything you have been told about the founding of America is a lie. Especially the role of women. These four women were so powerful, so profoundly, deeply rooted in themselves and their own proven virtue, I’ve not met a modern human male or female that comes close to their banked power.  For 350 years, they and thousands of families like them, ordinary, not “bloodline”, had been building towns, churches, schools, and infrastructure across the continent. In their towns, they knew when someone was in need, and they were there, face to face, helping, through their churches, their clubs and societies. Intimate. Not performative bullshit charity. Right up against it, solving actual problems, helping real people, not fending them off onto “government”.  My great-great-grandmother’s parents and grandparents had been Officers on the Underground Railroad, and their entire family was a fountain of charity. You were judged as an adult on that contribution, not on the money you made. My great- grandmother had started the Vancouver General Hospital, a multi-billion dollar enterprise today, in a tent with her friends from church. All of them were cornerstones of the culture, fully responsible adults.  Her grandson, my great-uncle and his wife were the same. If they were alive, there would be no way in hell that Vancouver would be a sickening hub of child sex trafficking, money laundering, and drugs. We have lost all of that. All of it.


It was taken from us. That strength had to be broken, and the Fabians, the Huxleys and H.G. Wells, to use names that you’d recognize, invented the system of thought that propels the war on us. The thinking started pre-WW1, and flourished, bloomed and metastasized after WW2, when the optimism and creativity and power of the US flew its flag high. They, the Rockefellers, the Bilderbergs, Kissinger, the Black Nobility of Venice, Bank of International Settlements, the owners of the New York Fed, ancient European families who hold American debt, and a hundred others, determined to break US industrial society, to reduce it to its former peasantry, to immiserate its population in order to control it. If America had grown from the 50s, it would have broken their power and their wealth.

And most of all, they hated America’s optimism, its ‘can-do’ attitude, its brazen confidence that did not bow to any man.

They devised three main thrusts. The first was to break the cities by making them a stew of disparate groups and races all in competition for scarce resources, which they would draw down over time. They would inflame difference, make us fight each other. The second was to create a series of cultural shocks (think Covid, think assassinations) that would infantilize us, make us comfort-seeking and weak. And the third was to destroy culture, women and youth. The mindless violence, serial killers, teenaged suicides was created, drugs, rock, faux rebellion all manufactured.

When I fell into my family history, I ended up in the museums and historical societies in the small towns near where they lived. Because they were prominent, everything was collected, portraits and letters and journals and diaries, and newspaper clippings, possessions and clothes. Photographs taken in the 1840’s some of the first, eerie and fascinating. Boxes and boxes buried in basements. My great-great-great uncle had, in the 1880’s, written a 3,000 page book on their history, collecting even more wills, diaries, letters and so on. I looked at ten thousand documents, more. This is called primary research and it is irrefutable. Again, let me stress, they were successful, yes, but not special. There were tens of thousands of families like them, hundreds. They are our ancestors, our household gods, not the skeeze-fest of billionaires and Hollywood. They were good. Their towns were peaceful, families stable and children had hope. What is running us now, is not good. In fact, it is anti-human, it is the most vile of evils. It is lizard, flicking its tongue, pitiless.

The programs and thinking behind the destruction of American culture since the second war are well documented. The documents are in the public domain. I am going to run you through its intellectual history showing how they deliberately created the irrational stupidity taking place on campuses and cities. This was created. The brain dead raves and hundred thousand strong semi-Dionysian rites that take place all over the western world, are rooted in this. They created this. Created deliberately in order to destroy the possibility of adult self-determination, and individual power.

It needed an intellectual underpinning that helped them feel superior and in the between-wars ferment in Bloomsbury and Oxbridge the self-appointed leaders found it. Aldous Huxley, the grandson of Thomas H Huxley, (generally called Darwin’s PR guy), who was a member of the Round table and the Rhodes outfit, and Arnold Toynbee, head of the research division of British Intelligence during WW1, provided the gravitas. Aldous began an organization called the Children of the Sun, with other members of children of the Round Table (mentioned in last week’s piece and yes, “descended” from Arthur), like WH Auden, TS Elliot, Julian Huxley, DH Laurence and of course, HG Wells. Drawn from the pagan ceremonies of ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire, it was a Dionysian cult that promised that in the fullest expression of your animal and sensual nature, the “doors” to “perception” would be opened and you could have the power of God. Paganism sounds cool - all the tattoos plastered on people declare their pagan tribal roots. Until you realize that pagan demands human sacrifice to “work”. The Order of the Golden Dawn is now practiced all over the world.

The result? Twenty-five percent of Americans are diabolically obsessed. Those who are diabolically oppressed? 10-15%. This Catholic priest/exorcist explains why all the demons are here.

They roped in that bonkers mystic Helena Blavatsky who wrote something super-bonkers called Isis Unveiled and together with Oswald Mosley (UK’s fascist leader), and then of course, the genuinely wicked Aleister Crowley, created with the Oxbridgians the Order of the Golden Dawn. Now these people were intellectuals. And I don’t know if you have spent any time with people like that and you are lucky if you haven’t frankly. I went to a couple of house parties given by my landlady in her husband’s rectory in Grantham, England, with two other couples who had met at Trinity College, Cambridge. These people had minds that struck me silent, so agile, so well founded, vaulting, mind-blowingly well-read, beyond reason. One of the men, the son of two famous American leftists, went on to be head of Policy for the Conservative Party, the other edited the Telegraph, the Spectator and became Thatcher’s official biographer. They didn’t just think they were superior; in this regard, they were.  But, in this case, their thinking was not just brilliant, it was Christian. Everyone at that house party (except me) was virtuous in the extreme, modest, open, curious, kind, solicitous of the colonial in their midst, despite their clear superiority of mind. And Christian. Of course they were. We were sitting in a rectory outside a 15th C church with an actual chained library. The Rector, our host, had been their curate at Trinity, and on Sunday afternoon, all the bishops came for tea.

Huxley, etc., were anything but humble or devout or kind. They were after godhead themselves. And these silly little secret groups wanted power. They would be worshipped. So they invented a system of thought under which we live today. 1984, the Doors of Perception, Brave New World, were not just novels, they were mass appeal organizing documents. They called it an Open Conspiracy, Blueprints for a World Revolution. They were connected to the RIIA, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, one of the many snake heads, which Toynbee headed for 50 years. Lots of funding flowed, and eventually, they formed their own behaviourist institutions in order to force this World Revolution. They wanted not just revolution but “a one-world brain”. They wanted a “police of the mind”. And of course, because the financial interests of Great Britain wanted the financial benefits such a “revolution” would bring, the funding grew and grew and grew. Proffered power attracts the worst people and they too, joined the cabal.

Hence today, the propaganda and planning emanate from our most prestigious institutions, principally the Stanford Research Center at Stanford, the Institute of Social Research at the University of Pennsylvania, the London School of Economics, the National Training Laboratories, the Hudson Institute, Esalen, the National Institute of Mental Health, the National Institute of Drug Abuse, the Office of Naval Research. The Geneva-based International Foundation for Development Alternatives and Executive Conference Center, Rand, MIT/Sloan, the Advanced Center of Behavioural Sciences at Palo Alto. From each comes a daily blare of propaganda funnelled into every sector, every association, every religion, every immigrant group, every government organization, every union, every school and university. All these outfits, for which you need to develop disbelief to the point of contempt, signed on to the following.

Aldous Huxley called the end result, “the final revolution”, “a dictatorship without tears”, where people love their servitude. This 1961 speech, linked here, asserted the goal was to produce “a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will, in fact, have their liberties taken away…but…will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing…enhanced by pharmacological methods.”

There is enough blather in this to indicate that Huxley was just describing. But by the age of 60, he was full on depopulation must happen, and this, he felt, was the way to go. Outside of mass poisoning. Or nuclear war.

The Changing Images of Man, the foundational document, was written by some of the premier American intellectuals of the pre and post-war period. It promoted and argued for the changing of mankind’s desire to create, to build, towards industrial progress to one that embraces “spiritualism”. The image, it claimed, of technological and industrial man is obsolete and must be discarded.

And so…today. Here’s my example of what has happened in my region. People have been defanged, declawed, reduced to blithering men and women with no critical thinking, but who spout sentimental propaganda. My paternal great grandparents helped found the city of Vancouver, moving there when there were only 4,000 people present. Over 100 years, they and other ordinary families built the modern city. If you fell, you were picked up. Today, that city is owned by Asian criminal cartels who launder most of the drug money in America through its casinos and real estate. Few actual Canadians starting out can afford to buy houses or condos, they are all owned by crooks. No doubt container loads of discarded children move through our port, the second largest on the west coast of North and South America, bound for sexual predators (another cabal product) across the continent. Human trafficking is common, there are slaves on every street.

And do you know what my generation of women worry about? Trees. Weather. They are inane in the extreme and they gush like 14 year olds and dress like toddlers. They burble about the “environment”, and ignore the human sacrifice near them. In the city, people die and defecate on the streets. Ignored.

We have been programmed to care only about ourselves. “Women think too much about others”, “they need to learn to be selfish”. In that thought, we all fell. We are told minute by minute to force our bodies and faces into some perfect ghoul like Bezos’ future wife, to buy clothes every season, to interest ourselves in ‘art’ and literature’, to have a yoga and meditation practice that encourages “peace” and quiescence, to do anything but be adults responsible for each other, and to do the hard, dangerous thing.

Are the lied to as culpable as those lying? What did the Germans feel when they found out about the ovens? What will the current generations feel when held to account for the eight million trafficked children every year?

In that one immutable and ghastly fact, we have a perfect illustration of the devastation wrought by the cabal.

Dr Kay
Apr 27
This is the finest work that I've seen in a long time. Thanks for giving this perspective.
- People everywhere can start by digging deep into real history...not the lies/bs taught in the fakestream cabal schools that have sold their twisted version of history and deliberately suppressed the Trivium and the Quadrivium from the masses so that people only know what to think instead of how to think. Start by reading Fruit From a Poisonous Tree by Mel Stamper, and while you're at it, also read Christopher Bryson's The Fluoride Deception; these two books are enormous in widening perspective at the 40K foot level and identifying the players . Then, take whatever steps you need to from the point of wherever you are in the world to expatriate from corporate citizenship under statute and returning to organic birthright political status as a living man or woman. Find others like you in your area who are also interested in self governance and creating infrastructure that is alternative to the cabal-owned systems....and this includes moving slowly away from the current financial system and its instruments. Educate and inform everyone about the identity fraud that has been perpetuated for generations; more and more people are waking up all across the world, now that the cult has been revealed for what it is and its evil is on full display. A good place to start researching self-governance is Yes, this is from an American perspective, but the same thing has happened to developed countries all across the world, and the answer is the same for us all; turn the tide by increasing our numbers of people who are taking honorable, purposeful action.

Jim Davidson
Apr 27

The thing that broke the character of Anglo American society was the use of the fortune in gold and diamonds stolen in the Boer wars to invest in the profits of the first world war which the aristocracy of England cavalierly extended by three years and nine million dead for billions in profits. The aristocracy of America who were unwilling to help went to the bottom of the sea on the RMS Titanic. Wilson and House eagerly fed Americans into the war profits machine. That war has not yet ended.
The demon worshippers have been with us for 200,000 years. It is our job in this day to end them. God has told us what He will do for us in Isaiah 30 and in Malachi 4. The rest is up to us.
Get ready because the first day of the coming month is a big one for them. They set fire to things on Walpurgisnacht and "May day."

They Are The Dark; We Are the Light
The more we know, the closer we are to the end of tyranny
By Elizabeth Nickson
Apr 28, 2024

This is the fourth in a dredging operation. I am not asking you to take this on board as gospel. I just want you to consider it, and over the next weeks and months, see what comes to you as evidence or corroboration. I’m working towards a meta-theory, rather than presenting you with something I can prove in court. However, this is hardly speculative, I have a lot of validating evidence, but I am rigorous. I need things locked down before I assert them as fact. Out there in the wildlands of the internet, millions of people, educated and not, ‘believe’ what I am presenting and they are in full opposition. Any politician looking for a way forward would be wise to look at this theory because he would immediately gain an active base. Which is why I think it’s worth considering.

Finally, if we know what has happened to us, we can change it. Ignoring reality because it is too dark or frightening, plays right into their hands. They want us weak, scared, and submissive. Who are they? The Bilderbergers, the Committee of 300, the European Black Nobility, the Olympians, the Illuminati, Skull and Bone, the Freemason hierarchy, the Venerable Order of the Knights of St John, Cultus Diabolicus, Force X, Club of Rome or for brevity: the World Economic Forum. HG Wells was commissioned to write their plans for us: The Open Conspiracy — Plans for a World Revolution.

We are looking at the stuff of conspiracy, the ancient association of the powerful who have been ruining the world since, well, as long as history has been recorded. They are our secret government. When Hillary Clinton was bent on leaving Bill in ’90, they sent one of their people, Pamela Harriman, to talk her into staying, promising her First Lady and then her own presidency. When Bush Sr was quavering over the first Iraq War, Thatcher summoned him to Aspen and gave him their orders.

Risibly, they trace their bloodlines back to the Nephilim, that race of Giants produced by “gods” uniting with human women in Sumer and Egypt. They operate in secret, because their goals mean us no good, and are richer by orders of magnitude than our prancing billionaires. The British Royal Family alone is worth $2 trillion and Prince Charles is the world’s largest landowner.

I have been principally focused on mind control. I’d already read the founding texts, and followed the building of the mind control system, so it was easier for me to track than their financial operations, though mind control is undertaken in order to make them richer and hide their black deeds (hence the Black Nobility). Their founding documents are available freely, and they built their institutions in full public view. They are among the most respected on the planet. A list is attached below. Most of them were birthed out of the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations which itself came out of the Wellington Club, which in 1914 angled to get Britain, then America into the 1st World War.

The British War Office through the RIIA, commissioned Lords Northcliffe and Rothmere (the Daily Mail) and Arnold Toynbee, head of RIIA, and an MI6 operative, to do a study on manipulating war information. The project was managed out of Wellington House. Americans Edward Bernays and Walter Lippman were roped in and they held brainstorming sessions to mobilize the working class, who were expected to die in record numbers. Using the Daily Mail, they tested and tested techniques and decided that 13% of us were capable of critical thinking. The rest they could play like meat puppets. Records of the time show that by 1917, 94% of the working class did not have the faintest idea what they were dying for other than the Germans were horrible and bent on destroying King and country and had to be wiped out. (John Coleman from War Office Records). Then they did it to Americans. They were dying to increase the wealth of these people.

It was so effective, mind control was born.

At present, mind control is being used to take land and resources from us in the Americas, as they have in the developing world since the 17th C., and use us as another resource, on admittedly better living standards than cobalt miners. We will have lost all self-determination, as our lands and property will have been alienated. Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2050 are a mapping of the world’s resources and a subsequent setting aside of 30%, then 50% and then 75%. 90%, of land, water, minerals, wood, farm and rangelands. All of that will be owned through a series of international treaties negotiated through the UN, with national and regional governments, to be exploited by these people without adherence to national is the propaganda, this map below is the reality. Turquoise zones are where humans will be permitted to live.

Consider the possibility that almost everything you think has been devised and given you to think, through the media which they own. Unless, of course, you are deeply religious. The worthy tropes of every dinner party are rooted in the clinics and labs and seminar rooms of the behavioural institutions we fund. Tolerance of flat-out evil like people dying on the streets in front of us? Programmed. All the ‘you go girl’, ‘take care of you’, ‘girl power’, ‘girl boss’, self-cherishing, lack of gravitas in middle class women is invented in those rooms. Overpopulation? Programmed. Catastrophic man-made climate change? Programmed. Crystals and tarot and wicca? Programmed. ‘We’re running out of resources’? Programmed and utter nonsense. Buddhism? Programmed passivity. Even the slang we use was devised for us. Our felt powerlessness is programmed. Our despair, the black-pilled, “I’mouttahere” disengaged? You are exactly where they want you to be. Our disinclination to confront and debate? Programmed. The passivity of medical staff in the face of unreason and cruelty during covid? It took decades, but that was deliberate.
The Old Culture

By the start of the 20th century, America’s growth was so extraordinary, it had to be stopped. The Belle Epoque was in full swing. You probably don’t remember the Gibson Girl, but she was the model of womanhood, a glorious beauty with a curvaceous life-giving body, exhibiting in her form and dress, abundance and grace. That, that symbol and everything it represented had to be killed and replaced by starved doll-like women, Barbies, manipulated hourglass succubi, created by the grotesquerie that is Conde Nast.
the hive mind’s opinion of Kim

By the end of the 19th century, the social gospel was in full swing. America’s Third Great Awakening was all about the lifting up of others. It was all anyone with any leisure and extra money thought about. It meant status and wealth. To the extent you helped others, you were respected. HBO’s Gilded Age is the seedy demonic interpretation of it, but in fact throughout the rest of that class and through the middle class, what women did was help. No, they weren’t processing claims for an insurance company dreaming of being a girl boss. They were helping the family whose father had broken a leg. They organized. Built the culture. I have daily schedules of women during that period, thousands of pages of diaries, letters, (primary research). Their entire lives were built around spreading abundance and health across their communities. At the same time, there were many many parties. People were always getting together, the world was far more social, more intimate, more real. They were always getting into carriages and bounding off to spend a month with cousins and friends. The more you had, the more you gave, and you were present. Not from your drawing room or Tuscany or posing on some ghastly yacht in the Med, you were there, with your sleeves rolled up, in the pit of despair.

Nothing the increasingly repellent Oprah sells, confers self-esteem like that.

All that goodness and wealth needed to be ruined. America the Strong had to be broken so the  putrefying nobility of olde Europe could feed.
Russel explains why most of us must die /stop procreating, stop industrializing to ‘save the world’ The newer editions were edited, but the first edition is copied and available on line. How’d that war thing work out, you patriarchal atheist fool?

So, in 1897, the Fabian Society, Bertrand Russell, HG Wells, etc., the faux-philosophical goons at the root of all this, sent Ramsey McDonald, then Prime Minister of Great Britain to America to report. He came back to say that America had a very strong middle class, employed, paid well, secure, independent and that the Constitution was very strong. The money behind the Fabians decided to break both, in order to usher in the great socialist revolution over which they would rule and profit. Socialism was their primary propaganda push. Their plans would take a century to work. They were willing to wait. Their bloodlines were ancient.

Socialism, the shadow side of Christianity, was their primary propaganda push

These men, and they are all men, except for a scattering of vicious Royals, made their money in the British East India Company, which on the surface bought and sold tea. What they really bought and sold was opium, and they addicted generations of Indians, Pakistanis and Chinese to opium and then heroin. Ask any Indian.  Any Chinese. The English destroyed generations. The fentanyl plague is the East biting back.

Why is the British Royal Family so rich? They were principal players.

John Coleman, a former MI5 operative, spent ten years deep in the British Library, tracking old ships’ manifests to discover the following: In 1970, a banner year for the auto industry, Ford and GM sales were $40 Billion ($315 Billion today). The BEI Company made ten times that, $400 Billion a year for over 100 years, or $3 Trillion a year. Three hundred families took all that money. Those palaces and “stately homes” you visit in England and Europe weren’t built on agriculture or tea, they were built on drugs, on the addiction and death of tens of millions of people of color.

        Delanos, Forbes, Appletons, Bacons, Boylestons, Perkins, Russells, Cunninghams, Shaws, Coolidges, Parkmans, Runnewells, Cabots and Codmans, by no means a complete list of families in America who grew immensely wealthy from the China opium trade.

        b. gates. CONSPIRATORS' HIERARCHY: THE STORY OF THE COMMITTEE OF 300 (Kindle Locations 1792-1794). Kindle Edition.

The idea that Elon or Bezos is the richest man in the world? Pure propaganda. These families are so rich, it is impossible to identify just how rich they are, but think trillions. The Dutch East India Company was a partner. The China Inland Mission was their tool. They can buy anyone.

And then they set their sights on America. Entire generations to addict. The ‘noble’ purpose, stop them breeding.

This is how they did it

1.Drugs and porn. Last week we did a dive on the introduction of drugs into the community of rock stars, musicians, flower children, hippies and surfers in Laurel Canyon, showing how the CIA gave away tens of thousands of doses of LSD, and allowed the Canyon to become a drug house, so that at the height of it, you had a one in four chance of being murdered, killing yourself, or overdosing. Those kids then took their shows on the road and before too long an entire generation was captured by drugs and sex and rock and roll. Sexual permissiveness allowed porn, which grew more egregious and rougher as the decades rolled on. The more indulgent you are sexually, the more you need stronger stimulus, at which point you get CNN producers extolling sex with toddlers. And then you start mutilating children. It is fit that 1000 parents in Britain are suing the Tavistock Clinic for castrating their children. (The Clinic developed from the Institute.)

Drug usage is now an accepted part of life and nearly every family has been financially, emotionally or spiritually broken by taking care of their addict/victim family members. We think this was somehow natural social evolution. It was not. It was triggered, nursed, and effectuated.

Tavistock’s commissioned road map, The Changing Images of Man, carefully describes and explains why America’s culture must change.  The bedrock 2150 Policy Research Report Number 4/4/74 given to Jimmy Carter, started the Social Policy and Research Institute as part of White House operations stated:

"(Our) analysis of the nature of contemporary societal problems leads to the conclusion that ... the images of man that dominated the last two centuries will be inadequate for the post-industrial era."

2. The Wellington House johnnies had discovered just how effective mass brainwashing could be, so in order to change the ‘self-image of man’ in independent America, they devised a series of shocks that would disorder our sense of security to the point where we gave up agency and retreated into self-indulgence. After the assassinations of the 60’s, the trauma of Watergate and the Vietnam War, the attempted Regan assassination (MKUltra), the assassination of John Lennon (definitely MKUltra to my mind), they got themselves on a roll. As detailed in the last piece, the assassination of JFK, performed in full sight of the world, can be seen as an occult ritual demonstrating their power, and warning any politician who tried to fight them. We must at least consider that many school and mass shootings in America are MKUltra, and designed to destabilize us.

Initially Stanford’s Social Policy Research Unit was run by OSS and American Jewish Congress member Ronald Lippert and managed by Tavistock from afar. Lippert, who ran experiments in forced racial integration and Leland Bradford’s work has been scrubbed, but in 1947, Dr. Bradford was named director of the NEA's National Training Laboratory in Group Development, a “pioneering venture in research and training in the process of group thinking and group decision-making”. Along with their British counterparts, these men devised future shocks, primarily the dramatic rise in the use of drugs by America’s teenagers. They habituated us to an “environment of change” in order to destroy agency and lead us to dependence on the government, and lack of belief in our own ability to affect events.

(As a side note, several of my readers persist in calling this a Jewish conspiracy; this is narrow-minded in the extreme. Yes, there are Jewish players, and the underground rumour is that the Pindar, the ghastly chief of it, has been Rothschild, but trust me on this, it is multi-ethnic, and largely European.)

As far as industrial policy goes, they methodically took apart the steel industry, with one blow, destroying industry in America

This summer, we are beset with one weather catastrophe after another. Putting aside suspicion of weather manipulations and direct energy weapons, the overstocking and fire danger in the world’s forests and grasslands have been reported extensively by foresters policy people, and reporters like me for the past fifteen years. We have been ignored. Fires around human settlements are unnecessary given fire suppression technologies we have had for 150 years. Those forests, I have come to suspect after fifteen years of studying this subject, were deliberately overstocked in order to drive people into the cities and willing to sacrifice for “climate change”.

And for a marvellous illustration the UN recently published a policy brief on the 12thcommitment of Our Common Agenda – Emergency Platform.

        From a Tavistock Manual:

        “Future shock is defined as physical and psychological distress arising from the excess load on the decision-making mechanism of the human mind.”

        “A series of events which come so fast that the human brain cannot absorb the information. After continuous shocks, the large targeted population group discovers that it does not want to make choices anymore. Apathy takes over, often preceded by mindless violence.

We zone out, binge watch, binge shop, take drugs, legal and otherwise, hunker down, self-comfort, isolate. As we are meant to.

Again, we have to consider that AIDS, gang warfare, crack, child sex abuse, and disappearance of millions of children every year, the tidal waves of porn, satanic rituals in popular music, school shootings (MKUltra) and the endless parade of vicious criminals (MKUltra) were created in order to destroy American culture.

Equally, all the shocks of the past four years, the impeachments, the Russia hoax, the outright persecution of Trump, the obvious stolen election, Covid, the poison shots, the isolation, the fear were mounted in order to make human discourse filled with hysteria and attack. Consider that this has been deliberate in order to defeat the only politician capable of standing up to them.

3. Ruination of coherence in local communities. When I was growing up in a small town, town government was done easily and effortlessly, because we held the skill and memory of working together. We held common goals. Now our communities are so fractured that most people avoid local government. I (wearingly) proffer my 20 generation-long-small-town-dwelling family as example. You were not considered adult unless you were involved in making your home place better.  In my region, local government is filled with contention, secret and not-so-secret Fabian Marxists who a plurality of residents dislike to the point of loathing. Our judiciary is profoundly compromised. Access has been shut off. You cannot be elected unless you are part of the club. Maybe once, and upon which that elector is overwhelmed by admin state opposition. This is true in cities big and small. Aaron Renn considers this in an August 10th piece in Governing Magazine and does a deep dive on our lack of strong leaders who can effect change. Gregg Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes showed in The Parallel Election that there is so much money to be made in supplying cities and towns, corporate entities make sure the right person is elected.

Tavistock invented fragmentation-inducing language in order to set one interest group against the other, ensuring that rather than fight together, we fight each other.

There are other even more severe incursions on our peace and wellbeing made by the most malignant people who ever lived. The constant war-making for their profits and our deaths, wholesale unrestricted immigration fracturing communities and burdening them with millions of desperate people, themselves broken on the wheel of this cabal’s stealing of their home resources, which I have detailed before.

If I am right, the scale of what we have lost is immeasurable. But, if we had it once, we can build it again. Humans are not the desperate scrambling addicted flaccid creatures our secret government wants. We can do anything. Despair and disengagement is what they want. Read this and laugh.

Our soft, compassionate, righteous humanity outclasses them at every turn. It is our creativity they wish to harness. Nope. And their money? It’s ours.

Tavistock’s tentacles in America:

“This interlocked juggernaut of evil ….consists of Stanford Research Center at Stanford University, Rand Corporation, MIT/Sloane, “the Advanced Center of Behavioural Sciences at Palo Alto, the Institute of Social Research at the University of Michigan, the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, the Harvard Business School,” London School of Economics, the National Training Laboratories, the Hudson Institute, Esalen Institute, the National Institute of Mental Health, the National Institute of Drug Abuse, the Office of Naval Research. There are others, such as the Geneva-based International Foundation for Development Alternatives and Executive Conference Center, the first full-time Age of Aquarius graduate school, charged with teaching behaviour modification for high-level executives from Fortune’s top 500 companies. Human zombies placed at top-level management positions to lead us into the New Dark Age of transcendental consciousness.

Two foci, first, changes needed in the United States; and second, the global order. Over the period of half a century, tens of billions of dollars have been allocated by the government of the United States with surreptitious help from think tanks and foundations aligned with Tavistock to fund the work of these groups. Every aspect of the mental and psychological life of people on the planet was profiled, recorded and stored in computer systems. Above the closely co-operating groups of social scientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, anthropologists, think-tanks and foundations presides the elite of powerful members of the oligarchy, comprised mostly of the old Venetian Black Nobility.

steven lightfoot
Apr 28
Your statistic about only 13% of the population being independent thinkers (resistant to regime propaganda) sounds about right.

Thinking Mama Bear
Apr 28
Yea for the 13%. I tried to educate my co workers before getting forced into early retirement to prevent an unknown cocktail of poison merging with my blood. The ‘science’ followed by so called educated medical people was astonishing. Seriously they believed in
1: isolate the well & healthy
2: asymptomatic? I can’t believe they fell for that.
3: leaders spewing fear rather than calm
4: experimental drug - didn’t wake folks up?
5: gene therapy?
6: masks? I could smell farts & perfume & poop with these. Really people, an aerosol is smaller than what we’re smelling.
Then there was these points to consider
7: it was all coordinated - all countries at the same time. -
8: kids who had a a microscopic chance of getting deadly sick - could not go to school? A teacher’s fear trumped the kids?
9: All the unions bit into this poison apple. So obviously $$$$ involved because it sure wasn’t about ‘safety’.
10: media - all messaged the same fear porn at the same time- all over the commonwealth countries.
11: police lost their minds. Arresting pastors, little kids in playgrounds, skateboard parks etc. No thinkers allowed in uniform?
12: my favourite because I am a grandma, if you don’t take it, you will kill your grandma. (notice no care for gramps) What righteous grandparent wants to give their children and grandchildren a poison, an unknown, under tested drug to save themselves? Who wants to decimate the jobs and supply chain to save ‘grandma’??? Not me!
I said these healthy young buckaroos need to get out and work to pay bills & feed their families. Don’t worry about the grannies. If granny is worried she can stay home.
13: dancing nurses. Where are they now - post jab?

Our Self-Policing Fascist State
Social and Political Turbulence is Manufactured in order to Infantilize Us
By Elizabeth Nickson
May 05, 2024

“…as long as the individual had the belief – or even the hope of the belief – that his or her divine spark of reason could solve the problems facing society, then that society would never reach the state of hopelessness and alienation which was recognized as the necessary prerequisite for socialist revolution….a new barbarism was required.” – Michael J Minnicino, The New Dark Age: The Frankfurt School and Political Correctness

This is the final piece looking at the sinister forces that cloak our culture in decadence and hate. People have called these creeps the Committee of 300, the Cabal, the WEF, the CCP, the Bloodlines, the New York Fed, Bilderberg, Socialist International (long since captured by the Cabal), and so on. It is all of those things and more, an interlocked juggernaut of evil which links some of our most prestigious institutions with genuine darkness, stunting and deforming our lives and potential. Let’s start with the Windsors and the CIA. This is their world. We just pay for it.

I spent two years courting the Royal Family. It was my job, I had a clothing allowance, a dining room, a chef, and someone who passed for a social secretary whose mother was best friends with the Queen Mother. I had to go to balls, charity lunches and polo matches, and invite out ladies-in-waiting. I endured dozens of lunches and dinners with deadly dull, insanely rich people.There was a lot of internal complaining, this is not serious, why did I get trapped in this, why do I have to do this? I sit in my little mews house, mute and furious while someone did my hair for yet another charity ball hosted by some damned royal or other. My boss was adamant, she would make it up to me, I would get something more interesting, more substantive, just do this, she promised.

I took Charles’s principal private secretary out for lunch. He had been Chair of Credit Suisse First Boston, and Charles left him sitting outside his office for an hour, he complained. He was also Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire. And charming. Charles treated him like crap. This was a clue.

There were thousands of people like me, circling, circling, but most were from families who had been there for generations. All of them wanted something, all of them jockeyed for position, some of them, like my ‘secretary’, were broke and for hire. Her “boyfriend” was a gay aristocratic Egyptian, who dangled riches in front of her, but was clearly using her. I went to Annabel’s with he and his friend, who had an English mistress so beautiful – you have not seen beauty like this I promise – this level of beauty is hidden. She was dressed in a grey silk couture Valentino gown with a massive pink diamond on her (not marital) finger. Mostly the circle was European, some Americans who had married in, Arabs, a few Indians, a handful of Africans, all stinking rich. Miscellaneous Americans looking thrilled. What did they want? In part, status. And some of the invitees were being paid off, given a treat for some service or other. Another clue.

Everyone was dull. Occasionally, like at the Cartier Polo Match (Queen’s Cup), the flower of the aristocracy would turn up, dressed, jewelled, Vogued and much hilarity would ensue. But mostly they looked ordinary, block-shaped, unfashionable, and often in that English or upper class European way, inbred, sickly even. Another clue.

At the “apex” of my “social success”, I was invited to a private lunch with Charles, and a polo match afterwards, where he was playing. A private lunch which no charity donation, just a marker that you were part of the club, that you were a “friend”, a “real one”. Two hundred people seated for lunch in the hall of a massive Palladian pile owned by a friend of Charles, an exquisite house. Echoey and large, clattery, the hall was literally all marble, fields of it. Eventually I gravitated, over the course of the extended afternoon, to a group of people, young, laughing. My “secretary” dragged me off to shake Charles’s hand after the match, we replaced the divots. Too much champagne had caused a cute Arab kid to fall in love, so to silence his invitations I begged a rather sour American hanger-on to say that I promised to drive him back to London.

He was colorless, marginally attractive. In the 90 minute drive, I asked him question after question. I was a decent interviewer, sympathetic, cerebral, why do you think that is, not Oprah, not bathetic, not aggressive, just passing time, but as the drive wore on, he became more and more silent, until he scrambled out of my BMW, onto the sidewalk in front of a classical wedding cake of a house in Curzon Street that would now be worth $50 million. His headquarters. The International Institute for Strategic Studies, IISS. The final clue.

He was black ops. Not an activator, a planner. That is what his organization, under cover, actually did. Someone decided who the Crown, MI6 and the fu*king CIA wanted killed and he devised the plan. The Institute for Strategic Studies, the house at which I dropped him, works under the auspices of the Round Table, which, yes, goes back to Arthur and is still operational. When not killing the inconvenient like Jeffrey Epstein, the IISS ‘fellows’ devise propaganda to disseminate to the world’s press. At the time, its membership included about 150 of the starriest editors and columnists from US, UK, and international newspapers and magazines, and 90 wire services. People like Seymour Hersh. They use him, or did. He didn’t know he was being used, they are clever, dance you around, direct you to ‘sources’. Hersh’s pieces were almost always a study in confusion, deliberately so, it was counter-propaganda for the angry left. In any case, it is they who devise the straight-up propaganda that is disseminated to the muggles, us: blacken Saddam Hussein, justify killing Ghaddafi, justify Ukraine, every single forever war, and action.

The final thing this outfit does is devise shocks to destabilize the world, to keep us in check, to immiserate, to prevent our growth. They work with the bankers that were, at the time, through Mr. Credit Suisse First Boston, training Charles how to operate in this sinister world.

That’s what this dull joker did. That’s why he and his pals lived with their own staff in a fifty million pound house. They and their psychiatrists and behaviourists worked to build our prison. The private lunch and polo match was a reward for a faithful attack dog.

And that’s the kind of person that hangs around the British Royal Family, not the head of the snake anymore, but certainly a major broker, a power node capable of marooning one of the world’s top bankers, an aristocrat, outside his office for an hour. The photo of Evelyn Rothschild, poking Charles in the chest, displays his actual position.

Two years later I was back in London promoting my book The Monkey Puzzle Tree about the CIA mind control experiments, MKULTRA. Liz Calder, one of the most revered editors at the time, had shepherded the book; she had discovered Rushdie, published Nobel Prize winners, lucked out with Harry Potter. They sent me around to all the great venues, the BBC, Channel 4, Women’s Hour, Hatchards, and lord remembers where else, but I remember feeling, during the radio interviews with 15 million listeners, that what had happened to my family was deeply, profoundly, traumatic. I was in a green room waiting with Emmylou Harris, wishing desperately I was her, and someone else was me.

Writing and researching the book, by contrast,, was a scholarly and creative exercise. I could go deep, I could establish what was real and what was not. I pulled boxes of documents out of the National Archives in DC. I read and read and read. I had journo friend fact checkers from Time,  who made sure I didn’t branch out into the unprovable and paranoid. I nailed it down. I knew what they did to people, chapter and verse, how they broke them, how they rebuilt them, what they were after:  replace memories via repeated trauma and drugs, with new ones. Propaganda. Mind Control. Create another Harvey Oswald. Create the insane kids who are trashing campus after campus. The sub-project I was investigating was #68. There were 150 of them, that we know of. Because of the work of another journalist, Ann Collins, subproject 68’s cover was blown in the 80’s, the patients sued the CIA, and Joe Rauh, one of America’s great public litigators, prosecuted it. The suit resulted in the Church Committee which was supposed to have reined in the CIA, and shut down the 150 sub-projects of MKUltra. It did not, not even for a second. It just went deeper.

After the Royals escapade I got my wish and spent two years interviewing the falsely imprisoned and tortured of several colors and countries, which had, after one brutal three week period, sent me to my bed in torment. That had prepared me for the book. My mother had been one of the victims, and I was able to look deeply into my own mother’s false imprisonment and torture by one of Allan Dulles’s henchmen, a wildly ambitious and vicious psychiatrist named Ewan Cameron.

Those few years changed me entirely, cracked me open. It snapped me out of the dream of middle-class, safe as houses, leafy suburbs life that pretty much everyone reading this, all my friends from all the places I’ve lived, mostly all 5000 Facebook friends live. After promoting the book, I went home and hid, scared, for two months. Writing the book was easy by comparison to outing myself as an enemy of the regime on every radio and tv show that would have me. A car had raced by Liz Calder, its editor, on Shaftesbury Ave, during the promotion period, almost killing , missing her by inches. My agent said it was an accident. I knew it wasn’t. It was a warning. I was nothing, but they notice everything, even nothings.

I thought if I stay very very still, nothing will happen to me or my family. And after a while, I went back to work and the environmental movement and its corruptions became my subject. And then I realized that the same people were behind it. The environmental movement was invented by the people behind the Committee of 300, or whatever the hell they call themselves now, and their money funds it. Why? The environmental movement takes land and resources away from people, and banks it for the very very rich.

The world we live in is a simulation. I don’t mean a computer game or hologram, so much as I mean something so tightly controlled and monitored that we are trapped, suppressed, our work stolen, our energies used ruthlessly by people who are so accustomed to being incandescently rich and in control, they will do anything to keep it. Aristocrats who trace their “bloodlines” back to Sumer and Egypt, who are prideful, and so inbred they are deformed in body and spirit, ugly inside and out. They are bankers and senior senior bureaucrats habituated to power. Eight families own the US debt, $20 Trillion of it and they are in point of fact, the fabled bloodline families, that polite society calls conspiracy. It is not conspiracy. I wish it was, deeply. They decide. Everything.  They proffer Kate Middleton as their innocent face, but behind that, they are crabbed and bitter and miserable. They hate and loathe us, call us ‘piglets’, cowans (outsiders) sheep and useless eaters. They imprison us in their financial prisons so that only ten percent of us, beneath the hallowed 1-2%, have enough to be safe, the rest bent to survival.

The situation whereby we are kept in a continual state of anxiety is created by them. The IISS in coordination with Rand, with Stanford, with Tavistock builds shock after shock after shock. They destroy any peace we can find. They want us too busy competing for our survival to mount a defence, to take them down. People are too traumatized to engage in any political process without hysteria so the sensible, the careful, withdraw. It’s the Via Dolorosa torture program writ large. Most of us now live under a spiralling reduction in standard income and working conditions. This is called “a long-range penetration strain”. It is deliberate. It creates lethargy, it creates submission. The entire culture has been devised to dumb you down, to turn you into a touchy-feeling adult with infantile tendencies.

The series of programs I’ve described over the past few weeks (and linked below) explain what happened to America starting after the Second World War, where the optimism was about to spur a revolution in creativity and science. The plan goes back to before the First World War, but let’s start with the second.

An old friend asked, “Why?. Why do they do this?”  Because if we knew we’d hunt them down and burn their palaces over their heads. If we could get clear of them, if we got free, the world would light up with a creativity and strength that would create not just a paradise, but a home where God can walk. That divine spark of reason is within all of us. Their work has been to hide it, and if possible destroy it.

Maybe, just maybe, together we can find just one little chink, one tool, one method that will help take them down.

May 6
Bloody hell! This is raw and powerful. All this only truly opened out to me fairly recently, while I was writing a biography pf a guy who was in the middle of the London scene in the sixties. He'd contacted me because I was working on a book about what went on with The Beatles, and through him I got to talk with a good few people who were at the centre of things at the time. Not ACTUIALLY at the centre of things, but being the in crowd and the beautiful people, and carrying out orders on the ground, intentionally or unawares. Scary.
I did go to the funeral of one of my interviewees, with royal guests and speeches by the Gettys and tea afterwards at Christie's but it was all so frightfully civilised and you'd never have guessed what they were involved in... This stuff you are talking about though - being in a car with someone like that and realising what he was involved in. That's disturbing. And it always looks so drab and mind-numbing on the surface, as you say. (like Donald Pleasence in THE NEWS BENDERS). But the clue is in the mind-numbing, I guess. That's how it's done. That and the shocks. It was revealing to hear the epithets. Cowans, especially. That is revealing in a lot of ways and shows how much they know and how much they hide from us; what an incredibly twisted version of reality we have - history, geography, geopolitics to name but a few examples. Once that is shown to you, you cannot unsee it, and the entire charade becomes a sick joke.

Joseph Wiess
May 5
I've never understood this morbid fascination that people have for the royals.
Each and every one of them is a perverted, mindless, drivel-driven moron.

The 2024 protests are not 2020's - This Time China Will Not Steal Our Future
These campus riots are CCP planned and funded
By Elizabeth Nickson
May 04, 2024

The following is meant as an overview. I will attempt to drill down on each aspect in the coming weeks. What is happening on the campuses is meant to destabilize the country to make stealing the next election possible.

"The battle for mind control happens on a smokeless battlefield. It happens inside the domain of idealogy." - The Basis for Building the People's Military: The Strong Military Spirit

By now it has to be clear to everyone with a brain that we are in the midst of a slow-moving, astroturfed, demonic Marxist revolution. The only country with the planning, money and organization to create mass protests on more than 100 American college campuses, is China. It’s not Soros, it’s not Iran; or rather they are the junior partners. But 2024 is not 2020. In 2020, we didn’t know what was arrayed against us, how normals had been identified as enemy to be poisoned and ruined, that our elites had been purchased by China. According to Peter Schweizer in the must-read, Blood Money, “In the past five years alone, hundreds of thousands of Americans have died as a result [of Chinese actions]. The casualty count is in the millions and mounting daily. It is a complex strategy, a hydra of drugs, disease, propaganda, and illicit pistol parts, each contributing to social chaos and killing Americans. Beijing conceals its involvement, and our leaders fail to expose and confront it.”

In 2020, we didn’t know how much the CCP hates and wants to destroy the U.S. We didn’t know how instrumental they were in the George Floyd protests, how critical they were to Trayvon Martin; we didn’t know. We didn’t know that their military runs 400 factories creating the chemicals for fentanyl and meth-amphetamine. We didn’t know that Covid-19 was yet another step in their 100 year war against the west. We didn’t know they planned it (in my opinion) with members of the U.S. National Security State and the WEF), and before we knew what was happening, they saw the pandemic as an opportunity.

    Li Shenming, a deputy director of the Twelfth National People’s Congress, wrote in the summer of 2020 about the pandemic, “Given the complicated international situation, the international struggles are entering an age of unrestricted warfare waged in all fields, directions and dimensions.” (Emphasis added.) He explained that “it is China, in the final analysis, that is in control of this important period of strategic opportunity for development.” The virus was “deeply revealing the decadent and declining nature of the capitalist system and values in the US. . . . The key lies in which country can outlast the other.”

Peter Schweizer, again, in his absolute must read, Blood Money, How the Powerful Turn a Blind Eye While China Kills Americans states, “Whether the virus emerged from a lab leak, which seems very likely, or was simply a natural occurrence, as some people continue to insist, Beijing manipulated the world. It conducted policies and actions that maximized the damage the virus would inflict. That in and of itself constitutes a bioweapon attack. China also used the virus to advance its authoritarian system of government in the United States and democratic societies around the world. The pandemic brought what US Supreme Court justice Neil Gorsuch called “the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in the peacetime history of this country.” In short, Beijing manipulated the world’s leaders into taking draconian measures to respond to the virus.

In 2020, we didn’t know how many of our politicians, university presidents, and banks are their willing craven tools. We didn’t know Robert Downey Jr and a hundred other movie stars suck Chinese face for money, and rewrite scripts to make the Chinese look good and Americans bad. We didn’t know that Iron Man 3 created a character, a Dr. Wu, who was the most brilliant bio-medical-engineer and physician the world has ever seen, countering the reality that China actually poisoned the entire world and tore the world economy to shreds. We didn’t know how powerful their National Front is in the U.S., how many hundreds of thousands of CCP operatives are in the country, working to destroy us.

We didn’t know, in 2020, that they were sending in another army across the southern border, many of them security state, MSS, not to fight, but to cause more fights, to destabilize, to destroy America and Americans. Michael Yon has done the on-the-ground, detailed, reporting on this.

Now we do. A series of books published over the past five years makes the above arguments unassailable.

And America is fighting back. On every campus, people are fighting against the invasion by Chinese operatives and their ignorant, immature, hate-filled patsies.

Do these characters below look like students? First of all, they are OLD. They look degraded, mind controlled, thoroughly ruined people with mental illness, just like Antifa. They, and thousands of others have been found, trained and launched against us by a consortium of countries that hate us. Their senior partner, China, being the only one with resource and intelligence to organize it and this is important - pay for it because this cost over hundred million, easy, and required years of planning and training, just waiting for the right spark. Iran does not have that reach in America. China does. And yes, it’s about Trump and populism.

Why is this happening now?

The election in November. Populism all over the world is on fire. Fires break out spontaneously, in small towns in Ireland, on the Welsh border, all through Europe, throughout Eastern Europe (who know Marxism when they see it). In Brazil right now, millions are on the street. Lula stole that election, their corrupted Marxist judiciary jailed anyone who protested. So now the whole country is in turmoil.

This is the opposite of what China wants.

You know what’s next? People stop paying their taxes. As of the end of April, half of Canada is late filing this year, our government so disgusting and dishonest no one wants to pay for it. No doubt, being Canadian we will pay, eventually, but if they continue, if they steal another election, there will be an all-fired tax revolt around the world. I promise you that is next.

China has been at war with the west for the past 50 years and populism, which is a real revolution, up-levelled the attack. Populists, reason the CCP, are our slaves, dammit. Get back in your gulag, American peasant. We are taking everything.

What is China so afraid of?

First of all, let’s not forget the brutalism of the Cultural Revolution. If you search for images on Google or Duckduckgo, all you see is Chinese propaganda of noble uniformed girls with flags against a rising sun, everything else has been scrubbed, because Google and Bing and Duckduckgo are in China’s pocket; all their search engines are corrupted. Here are screenshots from Hollywood Takeover, the Epoch Times documentary on the subservience of American culture to the CCP.

The CCP and its various slaves, the universities, the corporations, Goldman Sachs and its vile associates, all the magazines and newspapers surreptitiously funded by the Chinese state are agents of a foreign government and are traitors. Straight up traitors.

In a stunning act of rebellion, the producers of the The Three Body Problem told the truth. The Netflix film is based on a literary triumph of which China is very proud, being the first recognized-by-the-west literary and popular masterpiece in over a hundred years. Despite that, the Netflix film cannot be shown in China, because of the opening scenes of the Maoist terror, the work camps, and the hellscape of torture and cruelty that resulted. The first scene is of a senior physicist being bludgeoned to death in front of a screaming audience including his horrified daughter, while his wife stands on stage and denounces him.

When Robert Downey Jr. went over to China to promote Iron Man 3, he said he respected the Chinese form of government. Before every PR event, he was scripted in consultation with CCP agents that part-funded and permitted the film to be shown in China. He, like all our elites, is a traitor, ignorant and greedy. And so are each of these film companies listed below. They all massage their scripts to push American shame and promote Chinese culture:

    Huayi Brothers Media, Perfect World Pictures, and TIK Films “appear to be the primary conduits with which the PRC is funneling money and influencing the content that appears in the films that result from these co-productions. They have deals with famous Hollywood studios such as Universal Pictures, the Tyler Perry Company, Summit Entertainment, Miramax, New Line Cinema, DreamWorks, Lionsgate, Legendary Pictures, Warner Brothers, Amblin Entertainment, Team Downey, Apatow Productions, and more. Some of these companies, such as Lionsgate, have numerous deals with several Chinese companies. Paramount has eight such deals in place. (Martin and Williamson, “Mapping Chinese Influence in Hollywood.”)

The CCP has ruined China, turned it into a slave state, contributing nothing but lies, theft, violence and tyranny across the world. I buy a lot of my things from China, first of all because I am a Scot and we are cheap. Plus, I live in the country, there are no shops anywhere near me, and I like the hunt. I can find a Dior sweater, labeled and tagged for $45 Canadian dollarettes, that retailed for $3500 USD. No tax, no shipping. I can, if I like, buy a $6,600 The Row bag for $100. I can get a 1:1 for about $500.

Something might be labelled made in France or Italy. It is not. It might be finished there (doubtful), but it is made in a Chinese factory working to Western standards. In general, the factories are allowed to sell off pieces as part of the contract and, for example, 100 Dior sweaters might be given to a good Party member to sell and made a little extra cash. You can find every single thing in our stores for 90% off on Chinese sites. That’s how our elites in every country get rich while gutting the country of manufacturing and good paying jobs. Every corporation is raking in money via the pennies they pay to the slaves of China. Our entire stock market is based on the slaves of China, while Americans work three grunt jobs to put food on the table. Goldman Sachs alone has made hundreds of millions on selling America’s manufacturing to China.

If the Chinese try to make something original to sell to the world market it is crap. It is the reason for the Boeing embarrassment. A hedge fund bought the company and sourced parts in China, that failed. The Chinese don’t have the engineering skills necessary. The Chinese don’t have design skills because collectivism kills individual creativity. I’ve spent enough time with collectivists to know there is a disincentive for excellence. Every single electronic I buy I have to throw out. Chinese fashion is rubbish, the only things worth buying originated in Western studios. Every kitchen item, all their plastic, is filled with toxic chemicals and most of it is made by virtual or actual slaves.

This is not an economic model that works. At all. Ever. So, in order to keep themselves going, in 1980 the CCP allied with the dominant criminal cartels to expand the drug business across the world.

“The effective merger between the Chinese state and criminal drug syndicates underscores the military interests inherent in their drug-trafficking ventures. For example, in 1994, the Thailand office of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) received a tip that methamphetamines were being produced inside Chinese military barracks “under the supervision of a general.” Interpol tracked the shipment quietly, and when the cargo arrived in the Philippines, police were "able to inspect two Chinese ships and seize 150 kg” of the drugs. The police arrested thirty-three Chinese nationals, including five soldiers. One was a People’s Liberation Army (PLA) captain."

Criminal states have to feed to keep going, they have to take over healthier economies to feed their beast. Collectivism kills creativity. It does not create an Elon Musk, it creates mind-slaves who do what they are told. That’s why they weld their citizens in their horrible little condos, and bully, jail, kill and sell off their organs. Their people, brilliant and hard-working will finally figure out that they are the natural leaders of their country. The Chinese people themselves are the CCP’s biggest victims.
A brief history of the surreptitious invasion

    In 2010, the Chinese military produced a book entitled Disintegration Warfare, which featured Sun Tzu’s “To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill” on the front cover. The same quote is repeated ten times in the Chinese government’s official “three warfares” strategy adopted in 2003.

    According to a textbook given to Chinese military officers, “Xi Jinping has emphasized that our state’s ideology and social system are fundamentally incompatible with the West. Xi has said, ‘This (incompatibility) decides it. Our struggle and contest of power with the West cannot be moderated. It will inevitably be long, complex, and at times extremely sharp.’” (Ren Tianyou and Zhao Zhouxian, eds., Strategic Support for Achieving the Great Chinese Resurgence (Beijing: National Defense University Press, 2018), 118–19, quoted in Ian Easton, The Final Struggle: Inside China’s Global Strategy”

    The principal tool is drug warfare. As outlined in my previous pieces, the wealth of the British aristocracy is based on the hundreds of billions they made addicting Chinese and Indians to opium. Fentanyl is seen in China as payback for their lost century. Beijing was responsible for the American Marines addicted to heroin.

    “At present U.S. servicemen are experimenting with opium eating and we are helping them in this respect. We have already grown the best quality opium especially for them. . . . Do you remember those days when the Westerners forced sales of opium on us? Today we will pay them in their own coin. We will use opium to shatter the morale of the U.S. troops in Vietnam and the effects on the United States will indeed be beyond prediction.” Chou En Lai

    In 2014, John Poole, a Marine combat veteran and security consultant, essentially predicted the fentanyl crisis that was about to hit the country. “The internal ‘disaster’ that some PRC officers have advocated through drug warfare correlates with U.S. law enforcement concerns of what might follow a narcotics deluge,” he wrote in a journal for intelligence and special forces professionals.

    Poole: “Basically, an influx of illicit drugs would result in an increased number of addicts who would engage in theft to secure the money for their next ‘fix.’ Street combat would intensify as gangs vied for neighborhood control, and larger payoffs would further compromise the political and criminal justice systems.”

    Shijiazhuang, a city west of Bejing, is a highly militarized city boasting some eleven military facilities including several command schools, military hospitals, and medical facilities. It is also a government-designated national development zone. So the companies producing the fentanyl chemicals get tax credits. Some 40 percent of the production of this chemical comes from this city alone.

    Soccer fields at high schools in every suburb now have to be washed clean because of fentanyl residue left by addicts.

Social Disruption

As Peter Schweizer describes, “When the Chinese military updated the “PLA Political Work Regulations” in 2003, they included “Three Warfares” to be used: “Public Opinion Warfare, Psychological Warfare, and Legal Warfare.” The Three Warfares speak to a strategy of destroying enemies from within by exploiting their problems and steering unrest within rival countries during peacetime. This is targeting the “soft underbelly” of America.”
The “Magic Weapons” of JinPing

China’s United Front is the organizing arm of the CCP abroad. Since the opening of China by Richard Nixon, the CCP has sent thousands of MSS agents to infiltrate groups all through the world. Many of their created organizations are face forward outfits that promote “understanding” and “co-operation”, but behind the scenes an absolute proliferation of organizations work to destroy American life, disrupt and cause chaos.

President Xi calls these groups “magic weapon(s)” that will help Beijing achieve global superiority.

According to a 2018 Hudson Institute paper, “The People’s Republic of China has a distinctive system that blurs the lines between classical espionage, clandestine operations, and influence-seeking.” The United Front is a government-run umbrella organization that steers other organizations to advance the interests of the CCP around the world.
Which Brings Us To Today’s Protests

Perhaps their most successful infiltration and co-option is the the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, FRSO, which was responsible for the co-ordination of the riots in the summer of 2020 across the United States. FRSO is the umbrella group for hundreds of unorganized groups including BLM. It receives help and money from Beijing. It is co-ordinating today’s protests.

This is a letter FRSO sent to the CCP in 2022, at the Twentieth National Congress of the Communist Party of China:

Freedom Road Socialist Organization congratulates the leadership of the Communist Party of China, with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, for the great successes achieved at the 20th National Congress. . . . Socialist China is an example to oppressed people everywhere who yearn for a better future. Again, congratulations on a successful 20th Congress. The CPC is truly a great political party that has proven its ability to do great things. Long live the Communist Party of China! Long live the unity between the people of China and the people of the U.S.! With fraternal greetings.

According to Peter Schweizer’s research in Blood Money, the violent protest model FRSO employed in Minneapolis “was copied across the country. A little more than a week later, by June 8, an estimated $2 billion in property damage had been caused across the country, at least 96,000 members of the National Guard had been mobilized in thirty-four states, and two hundred cities had curfews in place. Some of the violence was spontaneous. But many of the violent protests included members of FRSO and PSL activists. And those radical Beijing-linked groups were just getting started.”

“Just four days after the death of George Floyd, three groups in San Francisco, Boston, and New York, all sharing the name “Chinese Progressive Association” (CPA), joined the call to protest, signing onto an open letter that told Chinese Americans to resist “assimilation into whiteness.”
A Strict Majority of People I talked to are neither students nor affiliated with our University

And today, a University of Toronto professor reports on the participants at the U of T protests. They are astroturfed. The evidence lies in this twitter thread:

I have drawn from the books cited above for this overview, and will attempt to drill down on each aspect in the coming weeks. As is typical, the mainstream press is not doing their job, they are cheerleading the disruption, avoiding the real issues inflaming division and creating confusion. Sorry for the agglomeration of facts thrown at you, but few media are doing this work, and we have to start with a primer. Next week, I will drill down on the organizations behind the campus protests, and China’s involvement. They have created a massive proliferation of organizations.I would estimate 50,000 Chinese operatives in the U.S., worked in concert with Iran to create today’s protests. More cross the southern border every day.

An annual subscription means that every piece you read costs 30 cents. A tiny bit but it helps so much. And thank you to the many who have subscribed over the past month. Very very much.

Josh Mitteldorf
May 4

I've got a pro-Chinese bias that makes it hard for me to take in this information and evaluate it objectively. I've lived and worked in China, and I have two Chinese daughters.

That said, I see so much of the destruction of America as Made In America, not Chinese. Anthony Fauci is not Chinese. The chemtrails flights over America are not Chinese. The fires in California and Canada were set and covered up by domestic authorities. The decision to set 5 toxic tanker cars ablaze in East Palestine was our own American EPA. Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab are not Chinese. Pfizer and Moderna are not Chinese. It was not China but the US CIA that overthrew democratically-elected governments in 50 countries around the world in the 20th Century.

I have written extensively about the Assaults on Humanity, and it is implausible to me that this is engineered in China.

Ken MacLean
May 4
Yes, the CCP is conducting a reverse "opium war" against the US. Everything you said about the Cultural Revolution, the so-called "protesters," and China's United Front is true. But is our own nat sec state that is behind it all. From Brent Scowcroft's visit to China after Tiananmen massacre to Biden's kowtowing to Xi, to 15 million illegals, the destruction of America is occurring from within. We finance China -- without our money that corrupt system would have already collapsed. Our leaders have been bribed. If this country's leaders had a shred of integrity and stood up for America we could have toppled the corrupt CCP long ago, and we still can. So let's stop focusing on Xi and the CCP and focus on the scum in our own country who are causing its destruction. Wake up America, before it's too late. We can't declare war on China but we can declare war on the corruption in our own country. The upcoming election -- if it even occurs -- will be the most important one in our history.

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