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The Hidden Internet
Internet is a like physical connection of all computer that are connected around the globe.
  • ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network)
  • The ARPANET was the first wide-area packet-switching network with distributed control and one of the first networks to implement the TCP/IP protocol suite. ARPANET was created to make it easier for people to access computers, improve computer equipment, and to have a more effective communication method for the military.
The web is the software that runs on the physical internet surface. so its s/w layer is mainly used for sharing information across all the other computers.
  • The software’s like File Transfer Protocols (FTP), email exchange protocols, etc. so the web is the medium where you can easily transfer your files & information from one to another PC.
  • Eg: Chrome, Safari, Bing all are browsers for us to view the web.
  • The web browser which is knows how to talk with the web to ask the pages and provide information to users.
Quote:Difference b/w Deep & Dark Web
[Image: 1*dKOnSPSO8DDdZty-f49imQ.png]
Key Difference b/w Deep — Dark Web
  • The Internet can divide into 3 main parts as we all knew But wait it’s not over after 3 layers… it’s deeper than you think !!
[Image: 1*2UwrqljnTJT8jUV9MBzCng.jpeg]
Level 0 - Common Web
  • Everything is accessible
Level 1- Surface Web
  • All information is publicly available & open for all to use it
Level 2 - Bergie Web
  • FTP Servers
  • Loaded Web Servers
  • Google Locked Results
  • Jail bait Porn
  • Honeypots
  • Most of the internet
  • The use of PROXY is a must require after this point!
Level 3 - Deep Web
  • Hackers
  • Banned books/videos
  • Forgery Documents
  • Financial Records
  • Censorship
  • Private Corporate database
  • Scientific Experiments
TOR is required to access Level - 3 !!
Level 4 - Charter Web
  • This Level is divided into main 2 parts
1) TOR Level Access
2) Special Level Access
  • Tor browsers are not able to reach here. So, there is a special method to reach this level called “Closed Shell System”.
▶ This System contains:
  • Machines for an AI measurement
  • AI & GGGEQP processors
  • Crystalline power controllers
  • Weather-changing devices
  • Hidden HAARP projects
  • Hidden research & co-ordinates of Atlantis
  • Terror/ Murder / Drug networks
  • Global human trafficking networks
  • Supercomputers and AI etc. etc.
  • All types of sites are either on personal servers or private servers. Normal computers and the internet may be insufficient to reach this level.
  • These described till now constitute 80% of Deep Web. So what’s about the remaining 20%?
  • Afterward, you have devices that use Quantum technology and very high types of the atmosphere are required.
  • Everything up to till is proven to exist. But after level 4 there is not any method or researches are available to access Mariana Web.
Level -5 Mariana Web
  • It is one of the most dangerous levels known so far. The name is taken from the deepest hole in the world, Mariana Trench.
  • Based on the research, this place may or may not exist. However, based on the most common consensus this is the place where the most secure data is. The most common “Marianas Web” would be the military networks where the most secure data resides.
  • To access the Mariana web, you have to face some kind of algorithm & calculation that can’t be done with the computer. For this, you have to work on quantum computing, secret algorithms, and calculations.
  • One of those rumors is that we can access the “Marianas Web” with the help of “Polymeric Falcighol Derivation,” which requires Quantum Computers.
  • Quantum computing is not publicly available because of its needs some extreme function to work so a normal person can’t surf.
  • So my question here is,
  • If the dark web has contents like contract killers, drug dealers, and worse than what Mariana web contains, it is even deeper than the dark web ?? No-one knows if this exists or not but sounds cool yeah! Is there something like Mariana’s web and underneath it? Or is this all just like a joke, a legend, or something that is kept so secret like Cicada 3301 or Illuminati?
[Image: 1*f9MUprHIOd-fM_jgtztKLw.png]
  • ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) was an experimental computer network created in the 1960s. It was the forerunner of the Internet and later is known as the dark web.
  • The dark web is technically a subset of the deep web because it also not publicly accessible.
  • The dark web is a small subsection of the Deep web, which is the part of the internet that is hidden from public view. The dark web is an epicenter of illegal activity huge secrets of the cyber world
  • Here, websites are not found with commercial search engines & the Portion of the internet is hidden & contains un-indexed websites.
  • Sites of this Dark Web can only accessible through the special types of browsers that use masking of IP to hide the identification of the visitors.
  • It represents the part of the internet that contains unindexable webpages,
  • So, the commercial search engines (Chrome, Bing, safari) are not able to reach them, and they are unlinked to other pages on the Surface Web. It also has other terms like Deep net, a hidden & Invisible Web, and researchers estimate that Deep Web forms 96% of the internet.
Quote:We divide Dark Web into two areas according to the activities,
1) Legal Activities
  • Databases and virtual academic libraries
  • Research papers of periodical journals
  • Just browsing the web anonymously
  • The user prefers to be untracked for some personal reasons.
  • Many organizations also do some practice to check their privacy Deep Web, such as Cyber department of Police, Security advisor, Armed forces, Politicians, Media, etc.
2) Illegal Activities
  • Including every action which is categorized as illegitimate or criminal’s activity, Scams, and that is what forms the Dark Web, like…
  • Phishing scams
  • Darknet markets
  • Illegal pornography
  • Hacking groups
  • Terrorism
  • Financing
  • Social media crimes
  • Bitcoin services
  • Human Trafficking
  • Money Laundering
  • Illegal Weapons
Quote:TOR (The Onion Router)
[Image: 1*rH_Wjoj12KvYreNq5m34iw.jpeg]

  • TOR is a browser that allows users to exchange information online anonymously. It bounces the connections between different routes so they hard to trace which forms anonymity.
  • Tor can manage this by hiding the identity of the users to bounce the connection through 3 different servers across the world by adding some layer of encryption each time, so the name is ONION.
  • For the users mainly the known browser like Google, Bing & Yahoo is the more convenient way to surf the surface of the internet. But the Dark web contains some hidden pages that can’t be indexed on google. so In this space, you have to connect with TOR to access the content.
Quote:60 largest Deep web sites = 40* the entire surface web !!
  • So, you can imagine the depth & data contains by the Dark Web.
[Image: 1*cT3FaCotKsxuxsVLqEPSNQ.jpeg]
  • Tor browsers are work differently on the TCP layer and use communication techniques through socket connections.
  • When a new user joins the network through the Tor browsing, Tor builds a virtual circuit connection with several randomly chosen nodes on the particular network.
  • Afterward, for approximately 10 minutes it uses this virtual circuit then It creates a new circuit, and so on…
The circuit mainly has 3 types of nodes:
  1. Entry Node: The very first node, which receives the incoming traffic.
  2. Intermediate Node: This node passes the data from one node to another line by line.
  3. Exit Node: The last node, delivers the traffic to the open internet.
  • When a user/source requests access to a particular website, Tor encrypts the request with several layers and sends it to the entry node, and transports it through some intermediate nodes which are distributed across the world and chosen randomly.
  • With every jump to a node, the current node removes one layer of encryption from the encrypted request before passing it to the next intermediate node.
  • When the request arrives at the exit node, the latter removes all remaining layers of encryption and sends the original unencrypted request to the webserver on the public internet.
  • With this mechanism, all information about the source is lost and the identity of the user remains ambiguous, and it is possible to return only to the last node in the circuit.
  • Tor also gives users permission for deploying websites without revealing the location of their hosting servers, and those sites use the extension “.onion” that cannot be processed and rendered outside the Tor network. These are some of the major characteristics which allow users anonymous browsing and make it a safe means of communication among users.
  • Without Tor, the dark net still exists. Tor is simply a dark web browser like if chrome is shut down tomorrow then the internet still exists.
Quote:Why all the Dark websites mainly contain .onion Top-Level Domain?
  • Top-level domains like .onion being reserved for the hidden services.
  • The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) declared the .onion as a special purpose usable top-level domain (see RFC 7686) which is helps to implement anonymous services with strong confidentiality & anonymity.
  • TOR can help you to protect your digital privacy & you can browse the Internet anonymously. Tor also has some weaknesses and vulnerabilities but still its one of the best browser to protect your digital identity & Privacy.
  • To access & surf the dark web with TOR is not illegal but please go on at your own risk and take necessary security measurements like,
1. Avoid Using Your Personal Information
2. Disabling the scripts
3. Using VPN services
4. Don’t use HTTP Websites
5. Do Encrypt your Data Storage
6. Cover or disconnect your webcam lenses.
7. Update your system regularly.

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