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The Holy Grail: What Is It ?
In general, often in literature it is stated the Holy Grail stands for different things i.e:

- The cup with the secret drink in it taken from Jerusalem's Temple to get magical powers

- The sacred blood of "Jezus", The bloodline of Mary Magdalene/Jezus

- The Illuminati-bloodline

- The male Vessel in Satanic Blood Rituals (See book: Blue Blood, True Blood)

- Same, but now a female is the vessel in groupsex-magick. 

- The way to "enlightenment" with he help of drugs, yoga etc (New Age terminology)


I think the real esoteric meaning of the Holy Grail is:

The Oversoul connection



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  They say to drink from the Holy Grail would grant Immortality. 
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Hi there Octahedron and William.You have started a very interesting thread here on the Holy Grail Octahedron.The Holy Grail is symbolic and metaphysical on many different levels.Yes the blood of Jmmanuel Ben Joseph was collected in the Holy Grail and yes the Sangraal was taken by Mary Magdalene to Carcassonn in South France to Renne Le Chateau. Incidently Mary Magdalene sailed up into the Golfe De Lyon so there are connotations there as well. The Holy Grail is a symbol used in Sexual Ritual Magick by the Reptilian Illuminati Families that holds certain bodily fluids in their Luciferian Rituals.The Vessel is term used for male Mind Control Slaves used in SRM by the Illuminati who are very heavily programmed within their Subconscious Minds and always drugged as well and act as a bisexual idol for the God and Goddess as Stewart Swerdlow has stated many times.The same now applies to the use of a female Mind Control Slave by the Illuminati where she is heavily programmed and drugged to open her Subconscious Mind for further Mind Control and her sexuality is a Bisexual Programming from Project MONARCH.Indeed all pornography is now really Sexual Ritual Magick indisguise. The prison systems of America like the prison systems of Russia, China and the Middle East are all heavily used for Sexual Ritual Magick. Look at Abu Graib Prison.The use of microchipping, drugging and ELF Transmissions is combined together to enable male rape, female rape, electrocution, whippings, beatings and many more forms of Luciferian Ritual torture and trauma.I agree with you William that one version of the Holy Grail was used to carry the Elixir of Life that could grant immortality.Take care.
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  So,  There really was a Holy Grail in physical form?  And the public is told lies about it to hide the real intentions of it?    I think that i first heard of the Holy Grail by way of the King Arthur stories?  Or maybe from the Bible?

Just trying to get the facts right.
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Hi there William.Yes there was a real Holy Grail and yes it is all mythologised and sidelined as usual because the Reptilian Illuminati Families do not want people to find out the true use of the Holy Grail.Yes the story of the Holy Grail is mentioned in the stories of King Arthur Pendragon and the Knights of the Round Table.Again the stories are symbolic much like the Book of Revelations and the symbols are encrypted so only those with 'enlightened knowledge' will be able to decipher the truth.Take care my friend.
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about king arthur and the such, being royalty, wouldn't he be a reptilian/illuminati himself?
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