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The Reincarnation Soul-Recycling Matrix Trap – Is Earth A Soul-Entrapment Prison?
The Reincarnation Soul-Recycling Matrix Trap – Is Earth A Soul-Entrapment Prison?
By Bernhard Guenther, January 28, 2024

I want to address a topic that seems to have become very popular in the fringe conspiracy scene: the idea that reincarnation is a trap of the alien hyperdimensional matrix to recycle souls to keep us entrapped,  providing more “food” for the hyperdimensional overlords.

It also ties into another topic I see many people talking about: “the tunnel of light trap.” According to that idea, we should avoid going towards the light after we die since it is a trap that “recycles” us back into the Matrix and keeps us enslaved on this “prison planet.”

I’ve read about these concepts from various authors and researchers over the yesrs and addressed them already in past articles. People keep asking me about it, so instead of referring to my articles where I have already written about it, here is a summary of what I wrote before with added commentary.

I agree with some of what these individuals talk about concerning the hyperdimensional matrix, and I don’t dismiss possible deceptions and “traps” in the “afterlife” as a whole. Readers of my work know that I’ve written extensively about the hyperdimensional matrix, occult forces, and false light deceptions over the years:

However, I don’t agree with either the “tunnel of light trap” and “reincarnation is enslavement” idea or the “prison planet” theory/idea, nor that archonic dark forces in the astral are running a “simulation” on Earth. These ideas seem to be clever fringe disinformation coming from the very source/control we try to free ourselves from, ironically.

These ideas also tend to install victim/blame consciousness, the real “trap,” for it disempowers via externalization. It goes against anything that true enlightened beings have conveyed [more below] as opposed to head-centric fringe researchers or “remote viewers.”

This kind of idea also appeals to the paranoid intellect subconsciously and ironically can get oneself entrapped by the forces one wants to avoid/escape from. I’ve seen a lot of people feed into (no pun intended) these ideas who also state that they “don’t want to come back here,” “this is the last time I incarnated,” “I need to leave this fu**ing prison planet, and never come back” etc.

What “I” is having this thought or belief?
The question is, what “I” or part of oneself is having these beliefs and impressions of “not wanting to come back here” or even of “I don’t fit in here,” “I don’t belong here,” “I don’t want to come back. I’m done,” or “I need to leave this fu**ing world”?

That’s where psychological self-awareness, knowledge, and self-work come in handy. For example, a psycho-spiritual modality like IFS (Internal Family Systems) can give you tremendous insights into where these beliefs come from. It will show you that they do not originate from the unified real “I” and the true Self but are fractured parts [protectors, exiles] of the false self or ego-personality [due to trauma/childhood wounding], which one usually mistakes for the real “I,” the Self.

Having been on this journey and down the rabbit hole of fringe conspiracy for nearly 30 years and having worked with many people in person and groups, I know these beliefs [I used to have them, too] are usually directly a result of unconscious trauma that originated in childhood or just emotional neglect from a parental figure. The key word is “unconscious,” meaning people are unaware of it and then project a different cause into it or identify with the belief as if it’s coming from their true Self.

I’ve also seen that this kind of information is mainly spread and believed by people who don’t seem to be sincerely engaged in psycho-spiritual and esoteric inner work/practices towards awakening/soul individuation and embodiment but are mostly hooked on intellectual fringe sensationalizing information going overboard with the rabbit hole of the hyperdimensional matrix.

I’ve written about the dangers of getting lost in the fringe conspiracy rabbit hole before when there is a lack of psycho-spiritual foundation, which requires inner work and effort. It doesn’t happen by itself nor just by reading stuff. I wrote about it in more depth in a recent article, “The Most Important Skill for 2024 And Beyond”:

There also seems to be a lack of understanding of one’s psyche, shadow, and trauma, not being able to differentiate the different parts within oneself [and disconnected from the real “I” hidden behind those false personality masks/wounded parts] as well as how psychological splitting/fragmentation can get one attached to and identify with these ideas.

Laura and I discussed this “Conspiracy Rabbit Hole Bypass” in our podcast episode “Spiritual Bypassing – A Guide To Spotting It And Stopping It.” The “conspiracy bypass” is an unconscious trauma response that shows itself by getting hooked into all kinds of fringe conspiracies without discernment as an avoidance to deal with painful feelings and unconscious childhood wounds.

Getting Trapped in the “Second Matrix”
It relates to what Neil Kramer called getting trapped in the “second matrix” when the pursuit of head-centric information about the matrix over-rides the necessary inner work to truly “awaken” and transcend the matrix [via spiritualizing the being]  or when people mistake emotional bias for “resonating” as I’ve written before in my article “The Difference Between True and False Resonance.”

When someone takes this kind of unbalanced approach (when intellectual head-centric research overrides the necessary inner work and the embodiment process), the mind can easily trick oneself and rationalize claims like the “tunnel of light/reincarnation trap.”

In short, if you believe that you or anyone is trapped here (on earth) or that you are trapped in this body or via the reincarnation cycle”, the matrix “has you” in its grips through your paranoid, victimized mind. It’s Wetiko in action. It lacks spiritual vision, wisdom [beyond intellectual understanding], soul embodiment, and integration in light of the evolution of consciousness.

There is another claim people make who support the “reincarnation is trap” idea, and that is “reincarnation is not right, and it’s a trap because we don’t remember our past lives,” along with “the aliens wipe out our memory, so we don’t remember our past life to keep us entrapped.”

Both arguments are extremely short-sighted and very over-simplified based on a lack of a deeper understanding of the complex reincarnation/rebirth process [more below].

The argument/perception of “reincarnation is not right, and it’s a trap because we don’t remember our past lives” is clearly coming from the limited ego mindset that can never see with the “eyes of the Divine.” People can easily mistake their conditioned ego-mind perception as “the truth.” Again, what “I” is perceiving/thinking that?

Some people claim that “my soul feels this [reincarnation] is not right.” We also mistake the soul for all kinds of things (just as we can mistake feelings for “intuition”), and it takes tremendous esoteric psycho-spiritual self-work to connect to and bring forth the true soul-being and deeper intuitive knowing that is not polluted by the wounded, programmed, and fragmented ego mind or “feelings”.

Most often, when people say “my soul feels,” they talk about the fake “desire soul” (as Sri Aurobindo called it) as part of the ego structure, for the true soul being does not “feel” but exists beyond feelings and thoughts.

The “second matrix” is getting lost in the labyrinth of one’s own fractured mind, disconnected from the true Self.

The whole idea of mentally imagining in your current life what to do after death (“Am I gonna take a left or right turn after I’m dead to avoid the light?”) doesn’t make sense if you look at it from a soul evolutionary perspective; let alone the fact that the mind can never truly grasp the death experience.

The death process is highly individual based on the individual’s level of being and soul integration. The after-death experience is also based on HOW one is going to die and, most importantly, what state of mind/consciousness the person is in at the moment of death.

I can hardly imagine anything worse than having the fear-based thought that “there must be a trap on the other side” at the moment of death! The thought alone IS the trap and will influence the afterlife experience and may even get someone stuck as an earthbound spirit.

[NOTE: Someone who read this post on FB wrote this as a reply: “I asked my very young daughter, as we were speaking about religion and death, what she believed happens to our energy when we die. Without missing a beat, she says, “Our energy goes to what we believe in. What we support in life, we will support in death”.]

Earthbound Spirits and The Interrupted Reincarnation Cycle
See also Thomas Mayer’s work [Covid Vaccines from a Spiritual Perspective: Consequences for the Soul and Spirit and for Life after Death] and Dr. William Baldwin’s work [Spirit Releasement Therapy], which I have shared and quoted in my writings and webinars throughout the years. Both have helped thousands of earthbound spirits of deceased humans stuck in the lower astral earth realm to be released into the light.

They also confirmed that your belief system, the state of consciousness/mind at the moment of death, determines much of your afterlife experience and can get you stuck earthbound, which is a HUGE issue these days, according to Thomas Mayer, also due to the COVID Jab. More and more souls are stuck as earthbound spirits, and their reincarnation cycle is being interrupted, which is very concerning. More here: “COVID Vaccines – Consequences For The Soul, Spirit, And Life After Death” and “mRNA Vaccines, Transhumanism, And The Battle For Our Souls.”

Entering the tunnel of light is necessary for the soul to progress and be freed so they don’t get stuck earthbound.

Even so-called NDE (Near-Death-Experiences) cannot be taken as “objective” evidence since it’s “tuned” to that person’s level of being and belief system who is experiencing the NDE (even if there are similarities among various NDEs). In other words, it doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone.

Nor can any alien abduction accounts by abductees be taken on face value who claim to have “seen” how the Greys and Reptilians apparently “recycle” human souls into human “containers” to keep us “trapped in the reincarnation cycle” and the “simulation.”

For the record, I don’t dismiss the alien abduction phenomenon, having researched it in depth myself. I co-produced a film about it in 2011: “UFOs, Aliens, and The Question of Contact,” and have worked with many abductees over the years.

However, to paraphrase the late abduction researcher and abductee herself, Dr. Karla Turner [who is featured in the film]:

    “Due to the deceptive nature of this [alien abduction] phenomenon and fake virtual reality scenarios implanted/created [as well as fake visions/memories] by these aliens, abductees are advised not to take their experiences and what these being show them on face value and as the “truth.””

The Level of Being and State of Consciousness at the Moment of Death determines the “Afterlife” Experience
Many people (as far as I’m aware of) who talk about and promote the “tunnel of light/reincarnation trap” and what happens after death miss the essential factor mentioned above: the level of being [level of consciousness] and state of soul integration/individuation which determines the death experience and what happens after death.

The whole point of inner esoteric inner work and Great Work in this physical earthly life and consciously engaging on the path towards awakening in this physical body is about soul individuation, working through Karma [which is also very misunderstood], and lessons from lifetime to lifetime. It’s called the Great Work for a reason.

As many truly enlightened spiritual masters have conveyed:

    “If there is an evolution of consciousness in an evolutionary body and a soul inhabiting the body, a real and conscious individual, then it is evident that it is the progressive experience of that soul in Nature which takes the form of this evolution of consciousness: rebirth is self-evidently a necessary part, the sole possible machinery of such an evolution.

    It is as necessary as birth itself, for without it, birth would be an initial step without a sequel, the starting of a journey without its further steps and arrival. It is rebirth that gives to the birth of an incomplete being in a body its promise of completeness and its spiritual significance.”

    – Sri Aurobindo

Reincarnation has its purpose from a higher soul evolutionary perspective, so it is not a “trap”; it’s a “school.”

The more embodied you are (soul integrated) – the more you are SINCERELY [key word] engaged in the inner work to anchor the Divine (which implies consciously working through traumas/wounds/shadow/ego issues that we all have to varying degrees) – the higher your Level of Being rises, the more Free Will you gain/earn and the more awareness/consciousness you will have – all of which will determine what you experience after death.

In other words, by working on yourself and anchoring the Divine (your true soul essence, the real “I”) within you to raise your level of Being, you will “know” where “to go” after death automatically. You make the “right decision” based on where you are at in your soul evolution and frequency resonance vibration.

For example, people with a low level of being who are just starting to develop a soul (like Organic Portals) re-incarnate mechanically, for they don’t yet have an individualized soul to consciously choose the next incarnation.

On the opposite end of the coin, there are highly developed souls who come back into a body with a mission profile to be of service. Yet, they understand that by incarnating, they also risk creating more karma, which they need to work out. There are many levels of in-between, uniquely tuned to each soul.

It’s entirely self-defeating to “worry” about what to do after dying to “avoid the light” or anything else. It may only get you stuck as an earthbound spirit if you believe that “reincarnation is a trap.”

In a sense, all the esoteric teachings are about growing/preparing the soul in a body in 3D reality (since that’s the density where most progress can be made because of the law of duality and limitations) so the soul knows where to go after death; until we are at a point of evolution where we are able to transcend death itself via spiritualizing the body in complete union with the Divine.

At that point, after this natural process of soul evolution and the evolution of consciousness over many cycles in the “distant future”, no reincarnation or rebirth is necessary anymore as the world and humanity have become fully spiritualized and divinized. That is how you indeed “exit the reincarnation cycle” via soul evolution;  it is not a trap in the bigger picture of Divine Will.

More about that topic here: “The Necessity to Surrender to the Divine and Spiritualize the Being.”

I don’t worry or “think” about anything about what might happen after death. At all. I don’t project any thoughts into the “future” about that, let alone any thoughts based on worry/fear.

What I am doing is my best to be sincere in my INNER process in the NOW of everyday life, to learn my lessons, heal wounds and trauma, and gain more awareness with surrender and aspiration towards the Divine, bringing the soul [true Self] to the front [key concept!] and not letting ego-personality [with all its fragmented parts] “run the show” [easier said than done].

This process is actually about facing death every single day and moment, not waiting for it and then “deciding” what to do.

Contemplating and meditating on death is an excellent practice that teaches us to use our lives wisely and consciously and not waste the opportunity that life gives us. It is not about what to do after death, but as Gurdjieff explained in his exercise “The Last Hour of Life,” what we do in each moment.

When we realize that life is impermanent, that we all will die and don’t know when we can use that contemplation within each moment to realize that what is most important is grounding/resting ourselves deeper and deeper into our true selves.

We cannot escape our karma (the consequences of our past based on the universal law of cause and effect), trauma, and wounds until we heal them and learn our lessons, taking full self-responsibility for our specific karmic situation (which is terrifying to the narcissistic ego mind to admit to). There is also no “good” or “bad” karma. There are human judgments, and the idea of Karma has also become distorted. More here: “Soul Evolution, Universal Laws, and Karma in The Body.”

Some people in the fringe movement also don’t believe in Karma, or others have a very over-simplified New Age idea of Karma, as if there is a God who judges based on human morality. I recommend reading “Rebirth and Karma” by Sri Aurobindo for an in-depth exploration of this topic by someone who is an enlightened avatar and not just a fringe conspiracy researcher [link below].

Facing The Spirits of Trauma
Much of what we experience after death is not necessarily alien entities tormenting or deceiving us, but our own (unconscious) traumas, shadow, and pain manifested as “entities,” hence the necessity to heal trauma and integrate the shadow first and foremost in everyday life right here right now in this body in this life. You will not only help/heal yourself but the world as well:

    “I am going to talk about death. It is not something many people like to talk about. Do you know why? There is a fear we all feel. They say it is fear of the unknown. I say it is fear of the known but not realized consciously. When we go through life, the traumas we experience stay in us as painful knots and are tightened by the spirits of trauma. If we don’t untie these knots during our lives, we are going to have this done after our physical deaths. It doesn’t matter if we believe in the afterlife or not.

    One thing you need to believe is that, with death, the experience of time changes radically. To enter death is, in a way, to enter time itself, and there you’d better be ready. There are many accounts of light and bliss, but this is only a beginning. What comes afterward is also described, but it is just not as well publicized. Angry, malicious spirits come next; they come to suck your blood and torture you by all possible means, but they are your own spirits of Trauma. They will torture you until you untie the knots in your memory and become free.

    The only way to pass through their gates [after death] was to look to them in their disguised faces and say, ‘I know you. I know your name.’ You do this, then they have to let you through. You fail, they tear your limbs apart, suck your blood, tear your flesh. If you recognize their names, then are saved from a second death, from annihilation, and your existence will continue. So what am I talking about?

    Any guesses yet? I expect that, at this point in my lecture, you will recognize who I am talking about. The spirits of trauma, of course, our psyches’ creations, our representations of hurts and suffering which we have accumulated and which we didn’t have a chance to heal.

    The only thing I can tell you now is that we all have the space inside of us where the healing work can be done and is being done all the time for each of us—even though we are completely unaware of it.

    The purpose of my talk tonight is not only educational. It serves to make some of the aspects of our work known to Western culture. The reason is that the critical time has arrived. I told you that the unhealed traumatic experiences that gain status of their own and become spirits of trauma continue their existence throughout generations. If they are not healed, they build up, connect, accelerate, enforce and support each other, and become collective entities.

    In traditional cultures, rituals of transition are very important. Before going to another of life’s stages, a person must go through a deep initiation ritual, one that basically cuts off all traumatic knots from the past and clears a path for the future. Modern civilization, as you call it, has lost all its psychological rituals. It doesn’t have the means to clear its members of traumatic memories. Therefore, at some point, these accumulate on the collective level and become very dangerous. This dangerous time has come. It could become many times more dangerous now than in previous times when world wars were induced by the accumulated spirits of traumas. The purpose of my visit is to tell you that there is a great danger for all the people on the planet, but there are effective means to overcome it.”

    – from “Master of Lucid Dreams” by Olga Kharitidi

The higher your level of Being (based on soul individualization/integration), the less you are subjected to mechanical karma and the more free will you gain until your body is fully spiritualized, i.e., transcend the wheel of samsara, i.e., “transcend the matrix” — which is just a school, even though it seems like a “prison” to the ego mind that lives in fear.

People who firmly believe that this 3D existence is just a “prison” also fall into the victim trap, which keeps them entrapped in the “prison,” ironically. By perceiving the world this way, they may also fail to recognize and connect with the immense beauty of life, the Divine in all.

The word and idea of the “matrix” has also become distorted since it became more popular. We discussed it in our Cosmic Matrix podcast episode #100: “Debunking Popular Myths About “The Matrix.”

I see the matrix control system as a school, and all there is are lessons to strengthen my connection to the Divine and soul embodiment [over lifetimes], but no one is here against their “free will.” Your eternal true Self/Essence wants to be here, but your conditioned wounded ego-personality living under the illusion of separation may not want to be here at all. The moment my mind believes it’s a prison, I’ve given away my power, and I’m no longer acting from my true Self.

This is based on an internal realization when I’m connected to Essence, not a mental concept/belief. It’s not “Stockholm Syndrome”. It’s being aligned with the eternal Self as a pure expression of the Divine, not the egoic personality we mistake for the true Self.

An agreement and choice were made to be “in the matrix” at some level in the “distant past” (even if done via deception/temptation, which is symbolized in “The Fall from Eden”). Ultimately, we are all here to experience soul evolution and the greater evolution of consciousness.

Some of these New Age ascension fringe ideas sound very similar to the old ascetic dogmatic religious ideas that have been used for social control and were also “inspired” by the occult adverse forces: Denying the physical world, seeing physical existence as “evil” (a prison), needing to escape (“rapture”) into “heaven,” and exiting the reincarnation (enslavement) cycle. We see the same idea nowadays, just a different package in New Age Alien fringe lingo.

The Process of Soul Individuation Over Lifetimes
Our body is indeed the vehicle for “ascension.” Still, we must anchor the divine force within ourselves by being grounded in this body and the earth to bring this plane of reality into a higher level of being/existence.

Through this process of soul integration, individuation, and spiritualization over many ages, cycles, and lifetimes, we essentially will transcend death itself while being in this body, not escaping it, as the body is transformed in the process as well.

This is a long evolutionary process over consecutive lifetimes via the process of reincarnation and ties into what Sri Aurobindo meant by stating that man, in his current state, is a transitional being on his way to becoming the Divine Gnostic being as he called it [not to be mistaken for “Gnosticism”].

We are in a transition, and our state of being, including all the matrix manipulation/interferences (seen and unseen), is part of the evolution of consciousness.

More here: “How To Navigate This Time Of Transition And The Birth Of A New Era.”

There is no error in or anything wrong with reality, nor are we trapped here. Everything we experience has its teaching function in light of the process of soul individuation.

The idea that the earth is a prison planet we need to escape from and that reincarnation is a soul trap also instills the victim/blame consciousness in us—which is precisely the disempowered state that the hyperdimensional occult forces want us to get stuck in. Ironically, it creates a “trap of agreement” to get imprisoned through your mind. It’s how Wetiko operates as well.

It may as well be that the hyperdimensional matrix forces are behind these life-denying “reincarnation is a trap” and “life on earth is a prison/simulation” ideas.

To truly transcend the matrix, we must spiritualize our being and the world—not escape life, or this world, or our bodies and that requires sincere and deep psycho-spiritual inner work with an integral aspiration and surrender to the Divine, i.e., the Great Work of Soul embodiment becoming a conscious vessel for Divine Will is the “way out” of the matrix.

It’s not a place somewhere after death or outside the body. It’s a state of being right here but incomprehensible to the little mind and current level of consciousness of humanity.

However, few people are willing to commit to this (inner) work. It’s easier to get caught up in the mental realm of paranoid fringe conspiracy theories – and that is the real trap – the “second matrix” of one’s own paranoid disembodied and dissociated mind, most often based on unconscious trauma and psychological splitting/soul fragmentation – all of which serve as entry points for occult hostile [alien] forces to implant these “ideas,” “thoughts” and “visions.”

The topics of Reincarnation, Rebirth, and Karma are highly complex topics in themselves and there is way more to it. It goes without saying that spiritual masters who have attained higher levels of truly enlightened consciousness than any of us have more to say about it than any fringe conspiracy theorist, truther, contactee, channeler, or researcher on the internet (myself included).

For that reason, I recommend the work and revelation of Sri Aurobindo (The Last Avatar who incarnated during the Time of Transition) and his writings on Karma, Rebirth, and Reincarnation:

Recommended reading (with links to free downloads):

    – The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo, Book Two: The Knowledge and the Ignorance – The Spiritual Evolution, Part II:
        Chapter XX: The Philosophy of Rebirth
        Chapter XXI: The Order of the Worlds
        Chapter XXII: Rebirth and Other Worlds; Karma, the Soul, and Immortality
    Rebirth and Karma (The Problem of Rebirth) by Sri Aurobindo

Spiritual Bypassing – A Guide To Spotting It And Stopping It | TCM #123 (Part 1)

Laura and Bernhard discuss the big topic of Spiritual bypassing, which many people engage in, how to become aware of it, and the solutions. They talk about the traits of spiritual bypassing, why we spiritually bypass (the ideas of grasping, rejecting, and desensitizing), the problems with pathologizing anger, the trap of blind compassion, creating a “spiritual identity,” the “conspiracy rabbit hole” bypass, fake niceness, and much more.
Show Notes Part 1:

    Definition and Traits of Spiritual Bypassing
    Why do we spiritually bypass?
    Laura’s experience of spiritual bypassing
    Emotional disassociation
    Stop being negative about negativity
    Confusing anger with aggression and not having boundaries
    Anger can be a positive force
    Our fear of fear
    The somatic intelligence of fear
    The issue of blind compassion
    How this relates to the religious/spiritual corrupted idea of “do not judge”
    The cure for blind compassion

In Part 2 (only for members), we go deeper into:

    The deeper reasons why we spiritually bypass (Grasping, Rejecting, Desensitizing)
    The conspiracy rabbit hole spiritual bypass
    The lack of psychological self-awareness and self-work in the “truth movement”
    When we get into conspiracy information without psychological work, this may further reinforce our trauma, resulting in pathological paranoia
    The problem of premature forgiveness
    Even hatred needs to be expressed consciously (without projecting)
    The problem of creating a spiritual identity
    Spiritual narcissism and identifying with spiritual experiences
    The problem of lack of embodiment and becoming rigidly attached to a certain spiritual system to feel grounded
    The issue of fake niceness instead of authenticity
    Using “big picture” answers instead of psychologically and relationally attuned answers
    Being stuck on the “Higher floor” while the floors underneath are a mess
    The cure to Spiritual bypassing: The Heaven, Earth, and Human principle

A Guide Through The Dark Night Of The Soul | TCM #124 (Part 1)

Many of us have been through or are going through a dark night of the soul right now; one might even say that we are indeed in a collective dark night of the soul. The dark night of the soul has a purpose that is often missed, which is an opportunity for immense spiritual transformation.

In this podcast, we are going to cover signs of a dark night of a soul, the origin of the term, how it relates to “purification,” astrological transits, the misconceptions about a dark night of a soul, share personal stories, and how to heal from a dark night of the soul, the potential gifts of the dark night of the soul, and more.
Show Notes Part 1:

    The dark night of the soul has a connection with spiritual growth
    The origin of the term (Saint John of the Cross)
    Signs of a dark night of the soul
    Misconceptions of the Dark Night of the Soul
    We often go through several dark nights in life
    The loss of meaning and purpose
    Laura’s decade-long dark night of the soul when struggling with trauma and addiction
    How to heal and navigate a dark night of the soul
    Don’t believe that the point in life is to be “happy”
    Transformation and Transmutation
    Gifts of the dark night of the soul

In Part 2 (only for members), we go deeper into:

    What happens when we don’t face our Dark Nights of the Soul?
    The Hero’s Journey and the Dark Night of the Soul
    The trap of missing a step on the journey (Refusal of the call)
    Bernhard’s Dark Night of the Soul
    Atonement and Rebirth
    How the Dark Night of the Soul relates to the “Law of Ascent and Descent”
    Dark Night of the Soul and astrological transits
    Scorpio / 8th house / Pluto transits
    Creativity and the dark night of the soul
    How the Dark Night of the Soul relates to facing the Shadow from a Jungian perspective
    The Dark Night of the Soul and the Individuation Process

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