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The Sacred Geometry Of Cetaceans And Humanity
The Sacred Geometry Of The Andromedan Cetaceans Cetaceans understand and fully use the Language of Hyperspace and Hyperspace Healing. Almost all Human beings have horrifically failed for thousands of years to even tune into the Language of Cetaceans which is the Language of Hyperspace and therefore the Language of God Mind.Dolphins, Orcas, Porpoises and Whales are fully aware of the Luciferian Agenda of the NWO and know full well that we Humans are governed by Reptilian Hybrids that many call Rebrids or Rebridians.Dolphins were created first and then Orcas, Porpoises and Whales were genetically adapted from Dolphin Cetacean DNA and genetics on Planet Earth.The Dolphins and all the Cetacean Family are being slaughtered by the Windsor Illuminati, the Rothschild Illuminati, the Yamato Illuminati and the Hapsburg Illuminati. By now most people on Earth are aware of the mass beachings of Dolphins, Orcas and Whales especially in America which is carried out by the US Navy and US Marine Corp as well as from Deep Underwater Military Bases and the NWO World Navy plus mass atrocities against the Cetaceans are carried out by the Orion Confederation who do not wish Human beings to access their powerful Collective Consciousness connections to God Mind through the Cetaceans Hyperspace Language communication.The Dolphin Frequency is good to use for those Hyperspace Healers with Dolphin or Cetacean DNA and genetics and the Cetaceans are desparate to talk with anyone as their main purpose for being on Earth is to communicate and expand Consciousness.Dolphins have a Hive Mind when needed and combine their Collective Consciousness to create powerful Sacred Geometry Patterns and Hyperspace Sentences that once directed against a specific Reptilian Illuminati Family target can prevent negative actions occuring by sabotaging the process whereby they can occur. Dolphins like to use the Dodecahedron and Star Tetrahedron alot in their Sacred Geometry Patterning on Planet Earth. Dolphins especially but also Orcas, Porpoises and Whales all have powerful psychic abilities and can easily kill Sharks by using Electromagnetic Pulse Emissions from their Frontal Lobes as well as Electrostatic Sound Waves to rupture the Sharks internal organs.Cetaceans truelly are one of the most beautiful and majestic creatures in nature who must be loved and respected for the power, wisdom and truth they have brought to this troubled planet.
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ever since ive learned this stuff about dolphins i think it would be so cool to swim with them.Maybe us hyperspacers could have a Flipper thing going on!?! hehe
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we can, it's easy. the tough part is understanding what goes on, it's heavy hyperspace. with over soul it's alot easier though.
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