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TikTokers claim they can teleport to parallel timelines
(Natural News) Dozens of TikTok users are claiming that they have shifted realities in parallel timelines. The users said they use the shower as their portal for time travel, simply by changing the temperature from hot to cold and manifesting the change they want.

According to the users, the extreme changes in temperature from hot to cold allow them to shift zones.

For example, model Kady Rox said that she was on a plane on a school trip in 2017, sitting with a group of her classmates. But on her return, her classmates said that they missed the flight.

“I remember all four of us being on that flight,” she said. “I even have memories of what we did after the flight – like being in the taxi together and going to the beach and talking about it in the group chat.”

After going viral with her story of accidental travels, she’s now claiming that she can move timelines deliberately by manifesting her desires while she is in the shower.

Rox said the easiest way to skip timelines is to find a portal. “I like using waters, I do it in the shower. So sometimes I’ll script or I’ll envision in my mind the timeline, and as I’m in the water I’m shutting the old timeline. When the water stops I step out into the timeline,” she said.

Dozens of people shared that they had the same experience, with one saying that it happens all the time.

One TikTok user said: “Timelines shifted in 2017. My life went on a 180-degree turn that year.” (Related: SOCIAL MEDIA OVERLOAD: Young girls being rushed to emergency rooms with social media-induced motor skill disorders.)

Hundreds of TikTok users have shared their own videos claiming similar things have happened to them, with self-proclaimed “master manifester” Marian Valenza sharing a tutorial on how to do it.

“You can actually shift into your most desired timeline where what you want to manifest has already come through using the power of the water in your shower. Water is such a powerful conduit to this,” she said before sharing her tips.

She added that the hot to cold temperature shifts a person and matches it with a belief.

This new trend comes after “reality shifting” went viral on TikTok, which saw users mediate into another realm, including visiting fictional worlds in which users mentally experience alternative lives.

Some say it is essentially lucid dreaming, but some really believe it is possible to shift into another reality.
Master manifester gives time travel tips

Valenza said it is important to give yourself enough time and step in a long shower with hot water.

Visualize yourself with the water cleansing you so that it removes all limiting beliefs, she said. Use shampoo and lather with strong scents, such as orange or cinnamon, and change your water temperature into the coldest it possibly can.

Take three to eight conscious breaths and practice the law of assumption: Assume that what you’re asking for is already yours and believe in it. This is where the shift happens in the separate timeline.

It appears that the primary reason a person wants to do this intentionally is to manifest changes in life and heal trauma. Some claim that jumping in and out of multiple timelines gives them the feeling of being a filler show in their favorite sitcoms.

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