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Time Travelers Brought 10 Alien Videos
Full video is at the end of the article. Scroll down.

We found this interesting video and I sad that you might be interested.
The narrator is presenting a series of videos from the future.
Below you see the transcript. And scroll down for video.

Video of Chicago Year 2040.

Next one is San Francisco Year 2020: As you will see, Sales force Tower is complete. Now if you look at it you can see 2 cranes still building it. Also see San Francisco bay full of giant container ship and one is collided with the other giant ship and burning – such events has yet to happen.

Next is Minneapolis year 2030 – most of the energy produced by city landscapes.

Houston year 2040 – Star Trek Enterprise is built in reality. Now we need your help telling what we are seeing in another 10 different videos from the future.

But first, few months ago on September 9, 2017 we told you that Hurricane will hit cities of New Orleans and Gulfport .

The video link is link above – or simply scroll down our channel to September 9 Video called. FEMA is wrong: Hurricane Is To Hit New Orleans. You were laughing because Hurricane Irma hit Tampa in Florida and said that well finally great Igor Kryan was dead wrong. Look who is laughing now when hurricane Nate bearing down on New Orleans and Gulfport.

It’s certainly not me, because every single prediction we made on YouTube came true (Brexit, Trump victory, Macron Victory, Texas underwater, Mexico Earthquake) and what we seen for the coming months is far worse than happened so far. Honestly, I was relived when I thought I wrong about the city the Hurricane hit.

And I was thinking if we wrong with New Orleans and Gulfport than when we wrong with other things. Yet, it turned out I was 100% right. How is this possible? Here is how: We have a chronosphere as I told you before and we can not only see the future but make video recording of the future.

I need your help explaining these 10 videos.

One, we have recorded bay between Oakland and San Francisco in the nearest future – but we cannot tell what in the world is going on there.

Two, it seems like strange dressed black prophet arrived from space ship in 2020s.

Three, the monument with skulls underwater and bronze eagle girl on top. The sign reads: All Knew Its Coming. Made in the USA.

Four, something huge spiraling out of North Sky in a very strange way. We have predicted that International Space Station would fall, but this is something very different.

Five, very strange huge alien looking machine that called human programming device.

Six, it seems like a giant hand rising over the sun and we also cannot tell what atmospheric phenomena we are seeing.

Seven, another monument over green water with a circle filled with diamonds hundreds of feet tall that reads: Mind over Matter.

Eight, All we heard someone saying this trinity event occurring over Pacific ocean.

Nine, Unknown giant beacon.

Ten, entire city in panic over strangest sky phenomena ever.
We hope you can explain these 10 strangest videos from the future.
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