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Top 10 red flags we are in a prison planet/loosh farm system
by Wayne Bush and Julie McVey
January 30, 2024

We have identified the top ten red flags and anomalies indicating the physical (and astral) planes are a prison planet and/or loosh farm, i.e. energy derived from emotional output. On Earth we already have prisons and farms, plus animals that use deception to manipulate their victims. So, a precedent has already been set. This is not some new science fiction idea we are talking about.

#1 Memory Wipe and Ignorance
We are born as ignorant, blank slates into a mystery. We have no memory of who or what we are, where we came from originally, why we are here or where we go when we die. To be deprived of the fundamental knowledge of our true essence is inhumane and is, in our opinion, extreme psychological torture. Furthermore, we are conditioned from birth to rely on conflicting stories of various paranormal experiences, religious dogma and mythology. We should be born with this fundamental knowledge within us already and not be required to rely on outside, unreliable sources to tell us who we are or what happens after we die.

Proponents of the school theory claim the reason we don’t remember previous states of existence and incarnations is because it would be too much information to bring into these bodies and would hinder our spiritual growth. However, knowing the answers to these few specific questions would not overwhelm us. Not only is this vital information not overwhelming, it is actually a necessary foundational element to our current existence, especially if expediting our spiritual learning and growth is our purpose. When we are sitting in a classroom, we remember why we are there and what we signed up to learn. Even if we are here to just have experiences, having this knowledge from birth would not lessen the value of our experiences.

#2 Programming and Conditioning
We start off totally reliant on those around us to tell us what to think and believe. If we get inaccurate or partial information, then that faulty information is perpetuated, because our subconscious stores this programming. Thus, we make assumptions creating a false reality that we buy into without question. It seems we are biologically and socially programmed to observe and mimic. The indoctrination of how to behave, how to think and what to believe takes place before we are capable of critical thinking. This keeps us ignorant and hinders us from discovering and knowing the truth of our reality. Therefore, it is extremely important to deprogram ourselves so we can replace the faulty information with more accurate information and new understanding.

We rely on external sources of authority to tell us what to believe, whether it is evolution via schools/universities or creationism via religion/“holy” writings. We are taught repeatedly to turn our sovereignty over to authority figures to the point it becomes ingrained in our subconscious minds. At death this will make it more likely we will overlook our sovereignty and follow some external authority figure that presents itself to us.

#3 Extremity of Suffering and Duration of Reincarnation Cycle
We are born into a hostile, dark environment (e.g., disease, famine, torture, trafficking, genocide, violence, war, etc.) and told this is a school to evolve our souls. This is not a fertile growing environment. Which is a more effective school: one where you are constantly in survival mode in a cutthroat society or one where all your basic needs are met, and you are surrounded with encouragement and positive role models? We wouldn’t throw our own children in prison and expect them to both fend for themselves in survival mode and turn out to be caring, kind humans. They would be too busy learning how to survive to optimally develop. How is such an environment the most efficient way to grow a soul? As parents, we try our best to create a loving, nurturing, safe environment, because we know such an environment is more conducive to optimal growth.

Pre-birth memories reveal that so-called guides and counselors send us to Earth repeatedly to learn lessons through suffering so that we will grow spiritually. Why create blank slates via memory wipes who need thousands of years of pain and suffering through hundreds of lives to learn, grow and evolve? How many times does one need to experience such extreme pain and suffering to get the point? Certainly, a lot fewer if we didn’t get mind wiped every incarnation. Also, how much growing does one need? When is enough, enough?! Is this growth indefinite? To what end? Besides, you can transfer the desired experiential information via a download. Some say that the download is not the same as the experience. However, some near death experiencers report the light is a collective soul, and we all have access to this collective pool of knowledge and experiences. For example, one NDEr wrote, “I could at one and the same time experience myself as the personality I had always known as ‘myself,’ as well as experiencing one of my friend’s lives as though I were my friend.” So, the experience would need to be had by one soul/spirit only one time, and then the experiential information could be transferred.

As spirits on the other side, we possessed telepathy. If this is a school for learning, why is our telepathy being suppressed? This slows down our learning. Telepathy would give us immediate feedback, because you would instantly and more thoroughly know how your actions affect other beings. This ability would decrease crime and suffering, because secrecy and deception would be diminished. It is like there is some kind of effort to dumb us down on purpose to slow down our learning or make it impossible to learn. The repeated recycling of a soul (i.e., reincarnation) is excessive. It is a flawed system, but if we are being recycled like we recycle energy here on Earth, it explains the continual excessive recycling. This is cruel and unusual punishment, a form of torture, both mentally and emotionally.

We are designed with pleasure and pain centers. However, these bodies are also designed to feel the maximum amount of pain without the equivalent maximum amount of pleasure. Think of the most excruciating pain you have experienced and compare that to the most exhilarating pleasure you have experienced. The most intense pleasure does not equal or compare to the most intense suffering. The joy of children playing and laughing in the park does not equal or compare to the pain of children crying and screaming in a cage. So many people have chronic pain. Have you ever heard of the phrase, “chronic pleasure”? Why not?

#4 Kill & Consume Energy to Survive (The Food Chain)
All creatures on Earth ultimately owe their existence to energy the Sun provides. We eat plants that are grown in the soil of the Earth. In fact, we exist within a food chain where predators kill their prey and parasites/viruses feed off their hosts, including humans. This is such a barbaric, twisted system. We have been programmed to believe we have to kill and consume the flesh of another being’s energy in order to stay alive and that this is acceptable because it is the natural order of things. Due to instinctual programming, animals and insects set traps, stalk and prey on the weak and consume their victim’s life for energy. Not only do animals kill for sustenance, they will sometimes taunt their victim. If this was really just about getting your next meal, why would an animal be programmed to taunt its victim? Why is there a connection with fear and the consumption of another’s life? Did the system design them to create prolonged fear for more loosh?

The idea of feeding off the fear of an animal is telling. There are tribes who have rituals before eating an animal just so they don’t eat the fear of an animal. Some do, though. Warriors would consume the energy of their conquests by eating the heart or drinking the blood to absorb their power.

As humans, we farm and eat animals against their will. They are often kept in crowded, filthy pens or cages, fattened up and eventually slaughtered for food. We humans like to think we are at the top of the food chain, but there could be entities just outside our perception feeding off of us. After all, bugs and animals don’t know we are feeding off of them. Likewise, many, if not most people, accept the idea of ghosts, angels and shadow beings, although they are outside our perception.

Shamanic traditions speak of entities feeding off us. Carlos Castaneda, who claimed to have studied under shaman Don Juan, wrote in The Active Side of Infinity, “We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners… They took us over because we are food for them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance.”

Sacrifices and burnt offerings to the gods were a common practice in ancient days. Virgins were sacrificed in volcanos. Men were sacrificed in wicker structures and also atop pyramids. The gnostic text, The Gospel of Philip, reads, “God is a man-eater. For this reason, men are sacrificed to him. Before men were sacrificed, animals were being sacrificed, since those to whom they were sacrificed were not gods.”

Even in the Bible it is written that the Lord requested sacrifices and was pleased with the smell of burning flesh: “Then Noah built an altar to the Lord and, taking some of the clean animals and clean birds, he sacrificed burnt offerings on it. The Lord smelled the pleasing aroma…” A lecture from The Teaching Company explains, “A steady supply of hearts and blood was essential not only for the Aztecs themselves but for all the people of the Earth itself and the gods beyond. The purpose of war was the feeding of the gods.”

Does all this fear generate a pure form of energy, also known as loosh? Lucid dreamers and out of body experiencers can see spirit attachments that drain energy. Out of body pioneer Robert Monroe witnessed entities harvesting a type of energy from humans that he coined as loosh. He wrote, “Someone, Somewhere (or both, in millions, or uncountable) requires, likes, needs, values, collects, drinks, eats, or uses as a drug (sic) a substance ident Loosh. (Electricity, oil, oxygen, gold, wheat, water, land, old coins, uranium.) This is a rare substance in Somewhere and those who possess Loosh find it vital for whatever it is used for. Faced with this question of Supply and Demand (a universal law of Somewhere), Someone decided to produce it artificially, so to speak, rather than search for it in its “natural” form. He decided to build a Garden and grow Loosh…”

The realm of hungry ghosts is one of the six realms of rebirth in Buddhism. Two of the most common tropes in Hollywood horror movies are vampires and zombies. Vampires are said to drink the blood or vital essence of their human victims. The legend of Dracula may have stemmed from the account of a real man, prince Vlad the Impaler, the son of Vlad Dracul. And almost all of us have experienced people who are psychic vampires, draining others of their mental and emotional energy. The concept of zombies comes from Haitian folklore where the undead are reanimated with magical rites from religions like Vodou. Zombies are said to be the undead that feed off human flesh and brains.

Mystic Rudolf Steiner said, “There are beings in the spiritual realms for whom anxiety and fear emanating from human beings offer welcome food… If fear and anxiety radiate from people and they break out in panic, then these creatures find welcome nutrition and they become more and more powerful. These beings are hostile towards humanity. Everything that feeds on negative feelings, on anxiety, fear and superstition, despair or doubt, are in reality hostile forces in supersensible worlds, launching cruel attacks on human beings, while they are being fed.”

It is common for psychedelic experiencers, especially with DMT, to feel like entities are feeding off them. Here is an example from DMT-Nexus: “I could see entities more distinctly this time... It was like they were farmers… I came to realise I was being distracted with information so that they could do what they wanted – feed? Harvest?... During these stages I would have recurring flashes or images of some jellyfish-like creature or something like an octopus with suckered tentacles. Whatever it was I felt like I was connecting to the tendrils or the tentacles during this feeding phase.”

Near death experiencer George Ritchie described in his book, Return From Tomorrow, how he saw “thirsty shadows” that live vicariously through bar patrons. The spirits had "developed a dependence on alcohol that went beyond the physical.” He watched them "clutch at their shot glasses, hands passing through the solid tumblers, through the heavy wooden counter top, through the very arms and bodies of the drinkers around them. And these men, every one of them, lacked the aureole of light that surrounded the others...” The alternative rock band, Tool, has a song and video named Vicarious which depicts astral entities living vicariously off the fears of mankind.

Some shamans practice spirit releasement, spirit attachment removal and energy healing/cleaning. Hypnotherapist Dr. Edith Fiore wrote a book on spirit attachments and possession called The Unquiet Dead: A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession. Even Catholic priests perform exorcisms to rid people of demonic possession. There are various demons or shades throughout mythology, such as the Mesopotamian Gallu, the Babylonian Alu and the Native American wendigo, etc., that are said to feed off human vital energy/astral life-force, especially fear, to grow stronger.

Why can’t one consume energy by the more love you give, from the air you breathe or be completely sustained directly by the sun’s energy? There should be better, more “humane,” caring ways of getting energy. In fact, why is energy consumption needed at all?

“As above, so below.” It’s a competitive, dog-eat-dog world.

#5 Secrecy, Lies & Deception, Manipulation & Control at Top
Secrecy, lies, deception, manipulation and control—all these tactics use a state of confusion to keep people imprisoned. If we can stop being ignorant, then maybe we can get out.

We have been programmed to associate love and light (e.g., “Go to the light!”) with positivity, but here on Earth, love and light can also be used to deceive. Ted Bundy’s victims believed he loved them. The women who are victims of men who prey on them certainly are not experiencing the love of their predators, even though they feel loved. Where is that feeling of love coming from?

Love is often associated with NDEs. Sometimes the love is described as blissful or euphoric. How is it loving to use deception and manipulation to send a soul back to Earth? Where does the feeling of love that the NDErs experience come from? Could this love be our own love reflected back to us? Another possibility is advanced technology exists on the other side similar to what is described in alien abduction accounts. Aliens are sometimes seen in NDEs, so perhaps they have a frequency generator to entrance or hypnotize us to accept and trust them. Something interesting is that some of these NDErs felt the love before entering the tunnel. Does that suggest that the love experienced during their NDE was really theirs the entire time? A love from within themselves?

Light is used in multiple ways for predators to lure their victims (e.g., bug zappers/light traps, fishermen, angler fish, viperfish, gnat fly larvae, etc.). Cuttlefish and some spiders even use light to hypnotize their targets.

Many NDEs and pre-birth memories show that these beings use deception to manipulate, such as appeals to ego, shaming tactics, guilt trips and mimicry. Mimicry is used here on Earth, as well. For example, a type of praying mantis disguises itself as a beautiful orchid flower to lure in its unsuspecting meal. On the other side, a spirit can take any form it desires (i.e., a shapeshifting imposter). So, in the astral realm, an entity can disguise itself to be a spirit guide, ascended master, religious figure or loved one in order to persuade a soul to reincarnate.

We have corrupt leaders running the world here, but we assume that when we die these supposed authority figure entities who present themselves to us are benevolent and to be trusted without question. Why is there such a big mainstream push to “go to the light”?

#6 Prison/Limitations of Spirit
The limitless, eternal spirit/consciousness is crammed into a limited, physical body. It is temporarily trapped within the body which is bound to the Earth by gravity unable to leave the planet. Many feel we are being held against our will. We either become part of the system or live as homeless persons. We slave away in the nine to five grind and the mundane existence of it all. Work, produce, consume. Work, produce, consume. We have to follow laws, even if unjust, or else be imprisoned. How is that true freedom?

Life is so hard and unfair. Everything is a struggle. We work as slaves to the system most our lives. It takes so long to get something done. We spend so much time in survival mode. We spend the majority of our time just trying to maintain our avatars. In fact, many even have to deal with mental and physical disabilities. As we age, the vast majority of us will have to deal with both mental faculties and physical abilities diminishing.

Manifestation is extremely slow. Everything seems set up to be more difficult than it needs to be. Before we came here we were infinite, eternal spirits with unlimited knowledge, able to communicate telepathically, teleport anywhere at will, take on any form we wanted and manifest instantly with our intention. Over there we can do anything we can do here plus so much more without any of the pain and suffering.

This place is extremely limiting. Here we are recycled and squeezed into these small, heavy, dense, finite, physical containers that severely restrict our movement and powers of instant manifestation. We are not always able to do what we want when we want. If we can't manifest what we want when we want, do we really have true freedom?

It is nearly impossible to permanently exit this restricted, suffocating system. Death is virtually the only way to permanently exit, so you would either have to intentionally exit or grow old or deteriorate from disease and wait for a “natural” death, which involves much pain and suffering (i.e., more loosh/energetic food). Not only is the physical act extremely difficult to carry out because the body has its own instinct to survive, people also have strong attachments to parents, children or spouses. It’s a very taboo subject. There are only a few states which allows one to exit—if one has a terminal illness. Why aren’t we allowed to exit more easily if we would like to do so? In Christianity, it’s a major sin, and some denominations teach it is a one-way ticket to hell. In the New Age community, it causes karmic debt, meaning you have to return in another life to repay that debt. Some even say you have to relive that same situation again.

There is a heavy campaign of persuasion in the afterlife, as seen through NDEs, pre-birth memories and between lives regressions, where so-called guides and counselors tell us we have to go to Earth to learn lessons or for some mission. In various mythological texts and some NDEs, a judge or council of judges attempts to manipulate us with shaming tactics and guilt trips to come back to Earth. These tactics would be especially effective for souls who have already bought into sin or karma through religious programming.

How ironic that upon publishing this article on a certain social media platform, comments to the article were immediately disallowed due to a certain taboo topic. We are slaves to our bodies, slaves to authority and slaves to the system.

#7 Sleep and Entropy
Our energy runs down from the beginning of the day until we are drained of energy at bedtime, as if we have been designed to be rechargeable batteries. The fact that we run out of energy and need to recharge could point to the reality that something or someone is consuming our energy. As little children, we are full of energy and bouncing off the walls. By the end of our lives, our energy is depleted and we need canes to walk or are bedridden.

Why do things, including our avatars, break down on a continual basis? The second law of thermodynamics states that everything is running down. Many say someone designed this system or it evolved. Both theories seem flawed. It is not a good design for a system to break down in order for things to grow and get better. How is it a sign of spiritual evolution that you have to keep coming back and you don’t bring the lessons with you? So, it seems something or someone is keeping us from evolving. If we are not learning over thousands of lifetimes, it seems there is a concerted effort to prevent us from learning our lessons. Does the evidence that we keep coming back over and over again suggest this is a prison and farm where energy is being consumed and recycled?

Our bodies require sleep. We have to sleep roughly eight hours a day not knowing where our consciousness is during that time. Are we being programmed while we sleep? When we are asleep, we are in a state of unconscious hypnosis, which leaves us vulnerable to entities manipulating and programming our subconscious minds. It has been reported that some become conscious in their dream state and find themselves in a pod, school or hospital setting only to realize they are being hypnotized and programmed by entities via drug injections and telepathic suggestions. Maybe they are using techniques to throw people out of their dreams, because they don’t want people aware of what is going on behind the scenes. Furthermore, why would little children have nightmares or night terrors?

#8 Lack of Disclosure, Transparency and Consistency in Major Religions & Sacred Texts
Why doesn’t a deity or “God” appear to us? Why wouldn’t a good god appear to all beings holographically at once so we are all on the same page, instead of appearing to different groups of people in different areas of the world in different eras with different messages? This is a recipe for disaster which creates holy wars and thus more loosh through the sacrifices of many lives.

Why is religion so faith-based? If the creators are benevolent, wouldn’t they want to openly communicate with us, since that would help us. The teaching that “God works in mysterious ways,” is just a convenient excuse for their lack of disclosure and actually creates more confusion, chaos, doubt and fear, which generates more loosh.

The Bible even says to “fear God.” In Proverbs 9:10, it is written that the fear of god is the beginning of wisdom. A devil was created to be a convenient scapegoat for the blame of all evil. Apparently, God chooses not to defeat the Devil. He’s going to do that later. God is a procrastinator. Instead, he makes “bets” or accepts challenges from the Devil.

Eastern religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, teach that this is a reincarnation trap from which we need liberation. Gnostic texts even say our spirit is trapped within the physical body.

Some people have claimed to have had encounters with benevolent beings—whether angels, guides, ascended masters or aliens. Why aren’t these benevolent beings openly communicating with all of us or, at least, a larger percentage of us? Clearly, they can do this. If they’d give us the answers to our biggest questions, it would alleviate our fears that result from our ignorance of this vital information. Some say it is because of the law of non-interference (i.e., not intervening in someone else’s evolution). But wouldn’t you help someone who is being severely wronged, as in raped or killed, if you could?

#9 Paranormal Accounts and Experiences
Many near death experiences, pre-birth memories, remote viewing sessions and alien encounters reveal that manipulation is used to get spirits to come to Earth. Pre-birth memory accounts reveal so-called guides and counselors supposedly plan our lives. Psychonauts, astral travelers, like Robert Monroe, remote viewers, such as Courtney Brown and Brett Stuart, life-between-lives hypnotherapists, like Calogero Grifasi, and alien researchers, such as Dr. Karla Turner, John Lear, David Jacobs and others, have all supported the idea that aliens are manipulating us and/or benefitting from our energy (i.e., the loosh farm theory). Also, there is purported testimony from the book, Alien Interview, which describes in detail the prison planet and soul farm.

Some relevant quotes:

Ruth, NDEr from “I was taken to special entities who looked like the usual grays, but they had lots of wrinkles on their faces. They called themselves the Counsel, and said they were part of a group called ‘soul recyclers’ helping to re-incarnate.”

Robert B., NDEr from “I saw the Light approach. I was enveloped by the light and an entity that was to prepare me for what I call my Interview with a supreme being later in the Light. This first being appeared to be the Virgin Mary. Only after asking, ‘Are you truly the Virgin Mary?’, it instantly manifested true identity. I was nearly paralyzed with fear until again asking, ‘Please, what is happening to me, what is going on here?’”

Dr. Karla Turner, UFO researcher: “The UFO phenomenon is some form of human farming.”

Robert Monroe, out of body experiencer: “He decided to build a garden and grow loosh in the natural state. Loosh was found to originate from a series of vibrational actions in the carbon oxygen cycle and the residue was loose in varying degrees of purity, the clearest and most potent coming from humans—engendered by human activity which triggers emotion, the highest of such emotions being—love? Is love loosh?... These are the principal producers of loosh distillate from experience. The collectors have evolved an entire technology with supplementary tools for the harvesting of loosh from the type 4m units. Most common have been named: love, friendship, family, greed, hate, pain, guilt, disease, pride, ambition, ownership, possession, sacrifice -- and on a larger scale: nations, provincialism, wars, famine, religion, machines, freedom, industry, trade to list a few. Loosh production is higher than ever before."

Courtney Brown, remote viewer: “After looking at the accumulation of data collected at Farsight over a great many years, I am certain it is true. A picture has gradually emerged that seems is undeniable as it is astounding. Earth has long been a planet that has been operated as a prison -- and I mean this literally, not as a metaphor for something…”

Alien Interview: “The ‘Old Empire’ has been using Earth as a ‘prison planet’ for a very long time.”

On the Origin of the World, Gnostic text, Nag Hammadi Library: “Now all of this came to pass according to the forethought of Pistis, in order that man should appear after his likeness, and should condemn them because of their modelled form. And their modelled form became an enclosure of the light.... And it is they who were taken captive, according to their destinies, by the prime parent. And thus they were shut into the prisons of the modelled forms until the consummation of the age.”

#10 – Virtual Realities, AI, Simulations
Programmers create computer simulations and virtual realities here on Earth. Doesn’t that suggest that we, ourselves, may be living in a simulation or virtual realm that someone else created? If we are in a false reality, what does that mean for humanity? How do we move forward?

Even though machines can help us, they also contribute to the tracking, surveillance and control of humanity. As we look to the future, there is a growing trend towards the merging of man and machine as cyborgs. Could the end goal be the imprisonment of the spirit within a synthetic body indefinitely, in addition to having more control via a hive mind?

These are the top ten red flags suggesting we are living in a prison planet/loosh farm system. It is not our intention to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is absolutely the case, but this should provide ample evidence to persuade one that this is a viable theory worth serious consideration. Now that the evidence has been presented, we can move forward with solutions and ways to exit the deceptive system in which we find ourselves.

[–]Kittybatty33 20 points 1 month ago
Prison planet theory is new age gnosticism. The gnostics were one of the biggest targets of the Catholic Church. But these ideas have been around since ancient times. The writings in the nag hamadi talk about the archons. Humanity has known that we were in a prison but they constantly wipe our memories & make us forget (resets), however this was not always a Prison planet, and it was not meant to be a prison planet. There's going to be a spiritual jailbreak soon.

[–]Diligent-Compote-976 9 points 1 month ago
I have the suspicion that human history has been shaped by aliens fighting for control of humanity. Who knows, maybe all of the world leaders right could be aliens.

[–]JenniferShepherd 5 points 1 month ago
Excellent! I would add manipulation of sex drive and forced excessive breeding in all species (today this occurs if unable or unwilling to use birth control, which chemically or physically harms most women when it is used.) After the last terraforming event during which countless humanoids died, as well as other species, breeding cycles appear to have been artificially sped up so 1) beings would produce more offspring to make up for the decimated populace and 2) ensure sustained loosh harvest closer to the prior amounts.  Enhancement of sex drive was a part of this and estrus became more frequent in human females.

[–]One-Lawfulness-6178 6 points 1 month ago
I just realized Robert Monroe also was the creator of the gateway process. Can't believe I let that go without realizing it till now lmao.
I mentioned this a while back but what's your thoughts on the concept of reality shifting? As well as energy cultivation practices that aim to build the body for spiritual immortality?
Also the book called "overcoming archon" may be useful here. It's a book using alchemy to escape the matrix. The author seems to be aware of the theory and uses alchemy as a means of escape. If we and everything else is indeed energy then using it as a means of escaping seems to make sense. If needed I have a pdf of the book I can provide.

[–]PRE_-CISION-_ 6 points 20 days ago
Very interesting late night down the rabbit hole read. We are born with no prior knowledge yet the immediate programing to stay. That alone is concerning and points to a lack of control. The human experience as years go on only gets more and more complex as well. Growing up in your great grandfather's society was a less challenging environment than what we face today. Our natural desire to progress technologically and society wise only creates a further stressed human condition. We have grown into a programmed species and deviation from programming is looked down upon and the outcasts are unable to exist in a society that has a script to follow. Why we can't all enjoy life, exist in peace without forced labor and monetary achievement is all part of the plan. What plan that is debatable but we are definitely prisoners of a system that only gets stronger as humans progress not the other way around.

[–]NoRestForTheSickKid 3 points 1 month ago
I believe we do have telepathy in the spirit world. There is even a way to briefly obtain it here, but yeah, something suppresses it. I had an event happen to me that some have described as a “kundalini awakening” and I experienced one way telepathy (thought broadcasting, others could hear my thoughts) for almost a whole month. For some reason no one would admit that they were perceiving my thoughts though, it was so obvious to me, they were saying things as ai thought them or addressing my thoughts out loud, ai could even see their body language change based on my flow of thoughts. Telepathy is real. But something is suppressing it. Also I don’t really know anything about chakras, but I think they might be real as well, as I’ve felt strange sensations right where the third eye would be, as well in much fewer occasions at the crown of my head, where the hairs meet and swirl around there.

[–]CivilSelection2 3 points 11 days ago
I think they manipulate telepathy for social media algorithims and fyps using your microphone and camera. People too busy being tuned out or thinking it's not real to notice. They jus think it's a funny coincidence that an ad showed up exactly as they were thinking it for the 8th time today.

[–]bboriss 3 points 23 days ago
Trust nobody in a - simulation (computer programmed reality)!
(Because, the inhabitants must be - computer programmed entities, as we are ourselves.)

Population reduction and loosh farming
The two are opposed, though the same forces are behind them both.
Surely if you're farming loosh you'll want as much of it as possible, so why reduce the human population?
Any insights?

We shouldn't assume that they use "loosh" as a resource exactly the same way we use our resources. Having a surplus of loosh is nice, but if the handlers want to make new changes to the system removing excessive souls from earth will be temporarily necessary. They have very clear and specific outcomes and goals - too many souls manifestating tiny changes in the construct everywhere complicates things. Especially if the souls have a history of "freedom fighting" or "rebel activities" in past lives.
If they can manage to complete the globalization plan that they've been working tirelessly on, the earth in the long run will support a MUCH larger population density. Plus, a singular government (another prison system basically) would standardize loosh productivity for EVERY single globalized citizen.

Good points, also they can completely reset the system and repopulate after first depopulating. Exact same scenario as Noah’s Ark.

My crazy theory being that the simulation requires a certain number of souls to power it. As more souls escape or ascend to 5D(outer layer of the matrix), the less available energy for the rest of the simulation. As such, there would be a decrease in the quantity of NPC’s since they require a lot power to materialize. “Population reduction” through virus, natural disaster, war, etc would be a great excuse for this decrease, while also maximizing the amount of energy generated from real souls.

Each level in the pyramid has different motives. The minions want money, higher ups more power, aliens dna and human meat, demons souls and loosh, AI to merge with humanity.
Transhumanism seems to be the end goal. There are likely countless planets like earth under their control. They don't mind to reset one farm. We think in years, they think in centuries.

most of people are npcs ,probably they harvest energy only from people with souls who suffer...I know people who look almost like they run on program ,they have emotions but definitely don't progres spiritualy I'm in my mid 40s and my school friends are almost all the same as 20 or 30 years ago.,yes they have families houses jobs but they are absolutely the same .,they dont question life,reality basically reducing npcs number means nothing for energy harvesting...I don't even believe there are 8 billion people on the way you can check that.,it is all simulation...If you go to big city and expect a lot of people you will experience that...but who knows who are they really ..just a background scene for my experience I don't evem consider them humans anymore

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