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Viganò: The Satanic Lobby
Archbishop Viganò: Poland is falling to the same ‘satanic lobby’ holding other nations ‘hostage’

'Persevere, dear brothers! Persevere; resistite fortes in fide! Because our approach to the end times requires heroic testimony but also reserves for us great consolations,' Viganò stated in a message to members of Poland's Catholic Resistance.

Wed Jun 5, 2024 - 4:50 pm EDT

Editor’s note: The following is a speech given by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò to the Catholic Resistance conference in Poland on May 31.

Most Reverend Excellency, dear Monsignor Michal, reverend priests and clerics, dear faithful: allow me first of all to thank you for inviting me to speak at your conference in defense of the Catholic Faith and to denounce the deviations of the modernist hierarchy. Your community in Poland constitutes the nucleus of the future revival of Catholicism in your beloved homeland.

Your faithfulness, and the even more courageous faithfulness of your Pastors, makes you privileged today: because with the eyes of Faith, and with the lessons of the history of your homeland, you are able to recognize that epochal battle underway between God and Satan, which will conclude at the end of time with the victory of Christ over the Antichrist, precisely at the moment when the reign of the son of iniquity will seem to be at its apogee. A battle with no quarter, which today in other nations is fought in an even more harsh and bloody manner, and which you have known from a more recent time, and in particular after the Bergoglian purges silenced the voices of Bishops who were not totally subservient to the tyranny of the Argentine Jesuit. In the meantime, government crises and political diktats of the European Union have brought emissaries of the World Economic Forum, the main architect of the globalist agenda, into your Parliament and assumed government roles. The reforms that they are already imposing on you are clearly aimed at destroying Poland by affecting its faith, its morals, its patriotism, its historical memory, and its identity.

Speaking of Poland without speaking of the Catholic Church is impossible. Poland is, among all the Slavic nations, the largest of Catholic faith. Since the Baptism of Miecislaus I, in 966, and along with him his entire Court – thanks to the prayers and testimony of Queen Dubrawka of Bohemia – Poland has been a Catholic nation and has remained so through the centuries, despite numerous wars where she found herself fighting against pagans, against Islamic idolaters, against Protestant heretics, and finally against the atheistic materialism of Bolshevik Communism. But in all those battles, the flame of Faith was never weakened, nor put at risk of going out as it has been in these last very unfortunate decades.

By the grace of God, the great celebrations for the Millenary of the Baptism of Poland in 1966 – which had already begun in 1957 with a preparatory Novena of fasting and penance in which all Polish Catholics joined – had the merit of overshadowing the sad events that in those years troubled the universal Church, as she became the victim of that modernist coup d’état that was the Second Vatican Council. The Sacrum Poloniæ Millennium led your grandfathers and fathers to accompany the empty frame of the icon of the Virgin of Częstochowa in procession throughout your homeland, in courageous Christian testimony in the face of the bans of the communist government. You had before your eyes the horrors of a tyrannical and anti-Christian regime, and centuries of memory of wars and those killed defending Poland from the Mohammedan invasion. Talking to you Polish Catholics about ecumenism, dialogue with heretics, and the secular nature of the State would have made you rise up with indignation against anyone who had tried to convince you to deny your Faith and your national identity, which is intrinsically Catholic. Yet today it is the leaders of the Church who are asking you to erase those thousand years of homeland history, in the name of an inclusiveness which in other nations is destroying their Christian identity and bringing back barbarism.

Few, in those years of revolution, understood what they had witnessed even in the civil sphere: the partition of Poland between Germany and the Soviet Union which occurred in 1939 – when the Allies promised support which they then culpably did not want to guarantee – seemed to be repeated in the religious sphere thirty years later, when the modernist Hierarchy left you spiritually disarmed in the face of the increasingly ferocious assault of the two main enemies of the Church: Liberalism and Communism, both born from Freemasonry. It took away – took away from all of us – the Catholic Mass, and with it the entire treasure of spirituality and doctrine of the Apostolic Liturgy. In its place it offered you, like a piece of rancid bread thrown to someone who has been deprived of their place at the King’s table, a rite plagiarized by heretics and designed to please them, to the detriment of the adoration due to the Majesty of God. It took away the purity of Catholic doctrine, to give you the stones of the Council and the scorpions of the modernists. And today it asks you to recognize as our shared “Father” an apostate heresiarch who has infested the Roman Curia with his protégés or people he holds under blackmail. It asks you to maintain communion with the first destroyer of Catholic communion, threatening you that if you do not recognize his usurped authority and his heretical magisterium you would be separated from the Catholic Church, to which he clearly does not belong, but yet dares to claim to hold Christ’s sacred Authority over her.

You will have understood by now, dear faithful, that this is an attack that is not limited to an internal crisis within the Catholic Church, but that it involves all of humanity, the governments of nations, the leaders of supranational organizations, the great usurious families of high finance and with them the entire entourage of courtiers and servants, convinced that by serving the powerful they will be able to save themselves from the impending ruin. We are faced with a global coup d’état, in which a minority of traitors and corrupt people has managed to rise to the top of the institutions, dividing power between the deep state in the civil sphere and the deep church in the ecclesial sphere. Both obey the same satanic lobby, the same Masonic Lodges, the same characters devoted to Evil. And we have already seen the horrors that are slowly but surely becoming normal in your homeland for some time: Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland – all once Catholic nations – are hostage to subversives who abuse their power to knowingly harm their subjects. Citizens find themselves considered enemies of the State, while believers are considered enemies of the Church; and those who accuse them flaunt their vices, their corruption, the mocking presumption of impunity, and the illusion of having already won. You have Ministers who impose the woke ideology and all the LGBTQ+ rubbish on you, who want to force you to accept abortion, euthanasia, surrogacy, gender transition, ethnic substitution, sodomitic marriage, the destruction of agriculture and livestock farming, green madness, the poisoning of the air and waters with geoengineering, your impoverishment in the name of proxy wars and continuous emergencies, your transformation into slaves through total control and into chronically ill patients using gene serums and mock vaccines. But you also have a Hierarchy that is silent, as it has been silent in Italy, in France, in Ireland, in Spain, in Portugal, and wherever the infernal plan of the New World Order could be in some way hindered by the Faith and Morals of the people. And on the throne that once belonged to Blessed Pius IX there sits today – the abomination of desolation – the Argentine Jesuit, the salesman of Big Pharma, the apostle of climate change, the worshiper of Pachamama, the advocate of the persecution of Chinese Catholics, the defender of pornographers and perverts, the promoter of the Islamic invasion business, the servant of the World Economic Forum, the operator of the synodal farce, the enemy of the Mass of Saint Pius V, the bankruptcy liquidator of the Church of Christ.

But in this obscene ostentation of everything that is the most alien to the Papacy that could be imagined; in this brazen offense against God, the Martyrs, and the Saints of the Church of all times; in this desolating proof of the fearfulness and vile obsequiousness of so many cardinals, bishops, and priests; and in the face of evidence that the conspiracy of the globalist Sanhedrin has subversive accomplices in both the State and in those who have infiltrated their way into the Catholic Hierarchy, the eyes of the people and of many priests are finally opening. The chasm that separates citizens from their rulers is the same as that which divides the faithful from their Pastors. The subjugation of the elite by those in authority is now so evident as to disconcert even the most moderate. For this reason it is essential that you understand the danger that looms over Poland, and that you make it understood by those who delude themselves into thinking that they can avoid what has already occurred elsewhere.

Persevere, dear brothers! Persevere; resistite fortes in fide! Because our approach to the end times requires heroic testimony but also reserves for us great consolations. Just as sheep recognize the voice of the Good Shepherd, so souls follow the Ministers of God who become docile instruments of Grace and who burn with the fire of Charity. If we are few now, our numbers will ever increase, and we will be able to create widespread communities in which to educate our children in a Christian way and pass on to them what will make them strong and determined. If today you are mocked, tomorrow they will honor you. If they marginalize you now, tomorrow they will come knocking on your door. But precisely because you have understood and will have to pass on to posterity that nucleus of resistance that will allow Poland to be reconstructed and reconverted tomorrow, you have the duty to live consistently with the Catholic Faith that you profess, being a model for others of what it is to be good Christians.

This, dearest brothers, is my most sincere hope for all of you. This must be your determination. This is the Grace that together we ask for from the Blessed Virgin Mary of Częstochowa, Queen of Poland.

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

31 May 2024

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