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War in Heaven
Interesting a lot of that info falls inline with what Alex Collier has said. He said we came to the 3rd dimension to experience what it was like to be a individual and we stayed here too long and forgot who we are and how to leave.

Well, let's really hope an outside source can help us leave.  The "enlightened ones" would be terrific help to the Invisible College but they tend to blame themselves and keep reincarnating trying to reach enlightenment.
It's a war that I don't get any sense is a done deal. The best thing we can do is remain unattached to any pre-disposed mind set: New Age, Old Age, any and all religions etc. Be a free agent and develop your psychic powers. Then at the point of death use them to avoid getting trapped into a gang. Instead hook up with an Invisible College entity to continue fighting the good fight.

4th dimension or astral is far from heaven. people who astral travel or obe say they can go meet their dead family members there.  so that tells you for a time they are held there for a purpose, and have their memories erased and sent back down.

there has to be a purpose to sending people back down and i dont think its the story of you learning your lessons and you get to go free.  i believe this is disinformation.

cross referencing different sources, i believe its to harvest energy.  so to allow a soul to go free means you lose your energy source.

and in order to do this is to trap the soul after a person passes.  so you tell them you going into heaven, and tell stories going into the light is good and 99.9999 percent of people go into the light.  and they tell disinformation that not going into the light traps you in hell to wander for ever, to put fear into you. fear is control.

its all about free will though, they cant force you into the light.  so it means you have choice to go into it or not.  that glowing portal of a mouse trap man report seeing with angels and all the lovely stories from religious depictions.

we know this planet is a prison planet, and people being sent back, so what do you have to lose by not going in.  what are they going to do send you back to earth?  i dont think that is the case, as is coming out from different sources.  and rich no we not talking about swerdlow, or his reference to not putting white light into you or around you.  

we are talking about the mouse trap everyone sees that medical doctors and hospitals and religious organizations are saying yes this person had a near death experience and they went into the light, and were sent back to tell everyone how wonderful it was so make sure you go in.  the fact that they allow them to report something of that nature, is telling you someone wants you to go into that portal.  so dont go in.

you go into astral you see small things latch onto you to leach energy like mosquitoes.  that tells you about the role or purpose of human beings on earth.  someone needs to harvest energy, because they are not able to create their own.

you see the hints dropped in hollywood movies.  matrix and a few others. but its a question of if they can handle the truth, or like many they prefer to be put back.

the answer lies in the 12 dimensions of physical and the 3 of light energy.  we have in theory 12 centers, one for each dimension, and theoretically according to some for each strand of dna that attaches not physically but to your energy field.  and yet the energy center we see in sacred geometry like the tree of life in the kaballah has 2 nodes missing with 10 centers only.  so it tells you who ever created that, does not have 2 nodes to connect them to the light dimensions where free energy trickles down, and so the must leech it off other life forms to survive.

i dont think there is any cavalry coming either to save the day.  I think some interference to allow humans to see the truth and make a choice.  The ones that do move on, the ones that dont, well they continue on earth with the next stage of technology involving microchipped humans, and electronic thought reading tatoos that motorola just patented.  the ones that stay essentially becomeing drones of a hive mind, controlled and influenced through the microchips.  Technology exists where they can with lasers input or take out good or bad memories, it is written about.  so i think the next stage will involve the introduction of these technologies into people and infants to control populations by remote from cell phone towers and satellites.  With the saying the more technologically advanced a civilization is, the more primitive it is developed in consciousness.

In one regard as well you know the nature of hollywood with the ruling elite and how they pass on what they want populations to do in regards to the movies and tv show material they produce.

you have shows like ghost whisperer telling go into the light if you dont you trapped here on earth messages.

seeing those messages in tv shows, i take my chances doing the opposite.

I can understand why going against the herd makes sense especially when your spirit is is on the line.

The author was saying that 'following the light' is the least of the problems when you die, more danger would come from a family member or friend - who's been taken hostage - by a theomorphic gang, trying to hug you.

Once they touch you, then you're through.

Of course, there's always the possibility that this is channeled bunk. Somehow, I don't think so.

I still want to know what's going on with "B A B Y" though. Which side is it serving? Is the bun in the oven done?

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