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Why Alex Jones is Freaking Out Right Now!
Alex Jones is melting down right now because the one subject he’s tried for over 20 years to suppress is now leaking out and it recently exploded in his face!  Apparently Alex thought that David Duke could be discredited by him by making silly jokes about Grand Dragons and pointy hats but this didn’t work at all and almost his fans saw right through Alex Jones!  Alex Jones literally brought a knife to a gun fight.  

This interview was probably Alex Jones’ biggest mistake of his career.  It was so telling and he was so thoroughly exposed by David Duke as a Zionist agent and boot licker that he did not have the courage to post it on Youtube.  Thankfully some people captured the interview before Alex could throw it down the rabbit hole forever!  

Watch Interview from 50 Minute Mark for David Duke segment!

Listen carefully as Alex gets hit with fact after fact from David Duke and has no response.  Instead he resorts to attacks and jokes about David’s distant past in the KKK.  He attacks the messenger because he knows the message is right on target.  He even brings on one of his staff at the end to try to do a hatchet job on Duke but it fails miserably!

The reason Alex Jones is freaking out is because he’s being exposed by patriots everywhere now for being controlled opposition and censoring all the crimes of the Zionists while pointing the finger at nameless globalists!   Listen as Alex Jones says his “head is hurting” over and over again when David hits him with fact after fact such as these Zionists killed tens of millions of Russians during the Bolshevik revolution!

Now before any of you say I’m just an Alex Jones hater or some operative I want to say one thing.  Before I woke up to the truth, I supported Alex for years and bought over $1,000 of his products to give away!   That’s more money that just about anybody reading this article so don’t even think about going there.  I really wish Alex Jones was real because if he was real, we could have already won this war against evil.  How?  Simple, Alex Jones has had the power to do a nationwide effort of recalls against all the traitors in Congress for over 15 years now.  He could have had people in every state collecting signatures to recall the gun grabbers and new world order whores, but he didn’t do anything.  He could have done marches.  He could have started a door to door movement where he coordinated a nationwide system to go door to door to every house in America.  He has the money to easily create a mapping system where volunteers could go door to door in every neighborhood and then the street would be marked GREEN on the map when it was hit.  There are many ways that Alex Jones could have helped organize but he chose to just make money and censor the truth about the Zionists that built the FEMA camps instead!  These are things I would have done and most of you reading this would have done if we had the money and reach of an Alex Jones.  They are logical and simple and not very expensive at all.  In fact, doing this would have made Alex Jones 1,000 times bigger!   

So if you think about it, Alex Jones is like the star quarterback that is paid to throw the game in the 4th quarter for the Zionists.  They always control the opposition and that’s why Alex has never called out the Zionist evils – he’s on payroll!  A wise man once said “You Can Tell Who Somebody Works For By Who They Won’t Criticize!”   Well, if you listen to the above interview and you’re not completely brainwashed and under mind control, it’s VERY obvious who Alex Jones works for now.  Alex made a huge mistake here because the comments I’ve seen in this Duke interview are going 95% against Alex Jones!   He’s in panic mode right now because people that used to believe him now see he’s a shill protecting the guilty and attacking the messenger!   

Here’s a recent interview with Stew Webb and Jim Fetzer where you will learn more about Zionist control in 20 minutes than in 20 years of listening to Alex Jones!   The two men who run are veterans that both were put in prison for exposing the truth about the Zionists but Alex Jones pretends they both don’t exist!  That makes him worse than Benedict Arnold in my book!

Stew Webb and Jim Fetter Expose the Zionist Mafia and Name the Names Alex Jones Protects!

Here’s a shocking interview with Rabbi Finkelstein about these Zionists that will blow your mind.

This is the first video that woke me up about how Alex Jones is Controlled opposition.  He was invited by locals to the protest.  When he gets there, he takes it over, lies and then talks nasty to a woman there.   He later lied on his program and said these people were “operatives”.  You’re a fool if you can’t see the game Alex Jones is playing here.  And anybody that lies as is proven by this video is under demonic control.  You can’t tell lies, never repent publicly and be a Christian period.

Alex Jones Shows His Controlled Opposition Face at Austin Gun Rally!

One thing Alex Jones admits in this interview is that Drudge is a Zionist but what he didn’t tell you is that Gene Tatum (CIA) found out that Drudge and Fox News’ Rupert Murdoch are both Mossad assets!  That’s why you’ll never see the Federal Reserve or Chemtrails exposed by Mossad asset Drudge.  But Alex Jones tells you Drudge will save us!  What  a joke!

Also know that Alex Jones tried to Honeypot Stew Webb when Stew Webb first learned about Alex.  Alex kept pumping him for information while promising he would put him on the program.  A month later, one of Stew’s friends in US Intelligence calls up Stew and says “Why are you talking to Jones?  He’s a shill!”   So Stew gets angry and the next phone call he had with Alex he let him have it!   When Alex gave Stew another lame excuse why he couldn’t come on the program yet even though he married into an Illuminati family worth over $30 Trillion, Alex told him some information he was told by his spook friend.  He said, “Alex, is it true you have a CIA handler named Norvell?”   Jeremy Floyd, one of Stew’s friends who worked with Alex at the time was in the office with Alex and the conversation was on speaker phone.  After Stew said this, he heard nothing on the phone.  He said, “Hello, is anybody there?”   Jeremy got on the phone and said, “Stew, when you mentioned that name, Alex got white as a ghost, got up from his desk and left the room!”.  

So if you are still supporting Alex Jones after knowing all of this then you are now helping the Illuminati’s main controlled opposition operator shield the very Zionists who have built the FEMA camps and have a FEMA camp transport hub right under the Denver airport!  You’ll hear all about that in the Stew Webb and Jim Fetzer interview above!   I truly hope you spread the word around so we can wake up ALL patriots to never support anybody that doesn’t tell all the truth about the Zionists who have killed tens of millions and run FEMA!   If you still support Alex Jones after seeing his interview with David Duke and if these Zionists get their wish of putting us in FEMA camps and killing us, you’ll be to blame now because you stuck your head in the sand and ignored the evidence.  All censorship is evil and we now have 100% proof that Alex Jones has censored all the information on the Zionists.
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Dr. David Duke: Official Statement on The Duke-Jones Great Debate

As I have said, I am not in any way an enemy of Alex Jones.

He has caused a lot of people to distrust the media, the government, banks and the great powers that are leading America, The West and the World to catastrophe. He is right in opposing the Global elite, but I believe we cannot defeat this elite if we don’t identify exactly who this elite is.

We must identify the elite that is in a war with European mankind and all humanity.

Even though Mr. Jones made snide attacks on me in his 30 minute challenge for the debate and in the debate made snide comments about whether I was a goblin or cyclops, etc. and using the completely false “white supremacist” attack in diatribes and caricatures of me before the debate as well as doing so a few times in the debate, I engaged in no name calling or ridicule of him. I could have cited a number of outrageous things he has said and done. I did not respond in kind. I was there to educate.

No. I came on his show at his own invitation to have an intellectual discussion on the world’s greatest problem, the globalist war on humanity, a war being waged on behalf of a small tyrannical tribal elite. Yes. I said it, the driving force behind The New World Order and Globalism is the Jewish Tribal Elite!

Jones folio 2 brooksNY Times

If you watch this debate I believe you will see that I made my points with facts and heartfelt concern for true human rights and justice. What I did on the show was prove the identity of the real tribal racist supremacists who sit at the pinnacle of power. I used their own leaders words to prove it. For instance in the banking sector, I did so by identifying every FED Chairman and FED Vice-Chairman for the last three decades: Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen, Cohn and Fischer. The elite of the most powerful financial consortium on earth. I showed that every one of them are Zionist, Jewish supremacists.

 Jones folio 1

I proved that these Jewish tribal supremacists are not simply the part of the globalist elite, but the real rulers over it. I also showed clearly that there are plenty of non-Jewish collaborators, but the Jewish elite are the real force behind globalism.

I proved how these ethnic ultra-supremacists and haters of the rest of mankind are the ones who are literally wiping out European mankind and how they have taken over the elite of every Western nation in mass media, International Banking and now are real power in the politics of our countries.

Jones folio 5 Hollywood.
It is my belief that these racist, supremacist hypocrites can be defeated, will be defeated — that indeed they do have enormous, unbridled power, but still they can be unseated by changing the consensus. The first task in our struggle for survival and freedom and beauty is to identify those who the driving force behind the greatest evils on Earth, who are behind the endless wars for Israel and who are the real kingpins of the predator banks such as Goldman Sachs and the FED. For instance the Zio supremacists are behind the destruction of every higher human value and ideal with their domination of toxic, degenerate, sick and hate-filled media that poisons and defiles all mankind.

Jones folio 4 goldmansachs

For European mankind, the crisis is even more acute than for other peoples, because the power of the Jewish elite in finance, media and politics has been the overwhelming driving force behind massive immigration into European populated nations which is ethnically cleansing and destroying the European people in each and every Western nation.

jones folio 6 Harvard

I did and still hope that Alex will become part of this rising consensus that is growing exponentially.

I don’t want to go on the warpath with Alex Jones.

But, I am shocked that this great debate that he promoted on his show, has suddenly disappeared from his website and channel.

Thousands of people have posted and emailed that they believe this program could be a great turning point because finally the elite, the insiders, are finally clearly identified.

I hope he puts this debate he so promoted before it occurred on his main Alex Jones Youtube Channel.

If he doesn’t, thousands of copies of “The Alex Jones show he desperately doesn’t want you to see” will be posted the length breadth of the Internet. And that’s a shame, because he should proud of the fact he arranged this debate. He should not trying to send it down the memory hole and hide from his listeners.

One way or the other our debate will be seen by millions, perhaps even billions. I don’t want him to be seen as man who wants to censor the truth from his own trusting and loyal audience.

Let’s hope he won’t try to keep his own supporters from seeing the debate he himself promoted, a debate that he technically controlled by his own studio — while my only arsenal was my mind and my heart — and av35 dollar video cam.

I didn’t mind that he said he doesn’t agree with me. I didn’t mind that he tried to argue and refute my facts or ideas.

The Zio forces I expose are powerful. I don’t mind if he defends himself by saying “Why should I not be able to interview David Duke on my show when he has been on Meet the Press 3 times. (a perfect and bulletproof defense)

All I care is that America and the world awakens to reality of the one great enemy of our people and every people.

The world must awaken to the true power behind the globalist elite tribal tyrants who hate Europeans and who are wiping out this part of humanity who has brought so much beauty and progress to the world, ane ultimately to all mankind. I also want the whole world to realize that the Zio takeover and destruction of the European people in our own lands has caused enormous harm to their own nations.

Jones folio 8 Ben Gurion Israel

This Great David Duke-Alex Jones Debate will not and cannot be suppressed.

As one Jones supporter said, “The Genie is out of the bottle!”

There is no putting it back.

This video, this Great Debate can be one of the best tools to wake people up. It summarizes everything perfectly with facts and heartfelt honesty. It can be an historic turning point if all us promote and share it enough.

It will not go down the memory hole.

That I know.

Jones invited me. He said he believed in free speech that he was an enemy of political correctness.

How will it look if he censors his own show to his own supporters?

I am still hopeful that he will post the video of the debate on his own main Alex Jones Channel on his Youtube website, and that he has me on his show again as he promised.

I wish him well. It was a brave thing to invite me.

But it would be a terrible thing for him to back down now and cower the Jewish tribalist elite tyrants over our society, the masters of political correctness..

This debate can be a turning point in the struggle of European liberation and World Liberation.
When does our liberation happen? When we break through this Zio Dam of oppression of even our thoughts — the world then will change in an instant.

jones folio 7 django kill whites

The Great Debate Jones and I did can help break that dam and when millions begin to speak out against Jewish tribalist supremacism, everyone will then will be able speak openly and identify the tyrants ruling over us. Then the world changes.

They have power over us only because we have not freed our own minds and unmuzzled our voices.

Alex Jones, perhaps is not willing to say what I say, but at least he can help usher in an age of defiance.

He can be defiant in defending and practicing real free thought and free speech. That means allowing discussion about even the ultimate taboo, the tribal supremacist elite who control the global media, global banking, global politics of the world.

I urge Alex Jones to take credit for the good thing he did in actually offering and having a free discussion in which obviously, millions of people finally learned of the ultimate elite in American and around the world.

The truth is obvious, its like when the little boy exposed the nakedness of . “Emperor’s New Clothes” You can see this by 90 percent support of my views by his own subscribers after the debate. You can see by tens of thousands of posts on the videos and audios of the debate across the blogosphere!.
Hopefully it was just some misguided staff member that is endeavoring to suppress this Great Debate, maybe one of the legion of Zionists who infiltrate so often and never miss an opportunity to suppress real debate on this critical subject.

Alex Jones should be thanked for proposing and going through with this debate. He arranged it, and he made possible for the world to hear it.

Mr. Jones, the world must hear it! No matter what, the world will hear it!

With best wishes and hopes that Alex Jones will stand by the principles with which he began his media career, and hopefully still holds dear!

And I send my love to each of you who have the courage to stand up honestly for your freedom and heritage wherever you live in the world. Download this debate and let the whole world see and hear it.

It’s up to you!

God Bless You All,

Dr. David Duke
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