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Why Is Alex Jones Freaking Out?
Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan put out the latest information they are getting from US and French Intelligence through their websites and radio shows. They get direct messages from the US Michigan Flag Officers who are working behind the scenes to save the United States from the Bush Clinton Crime Syndicate. 

These patriots are putting out hardcore truth containing the names of the Zionist traitors who are always censored by Zionist controlled opposition officer Alex Jones. The US Michigan Flag Officers have already warned Alex Jones about his lies and Zio support in the following Intel update. 

US President John F. Kennedy Murder Case Reopened

The Michigan Flag Officers are watching Alex Jones very carefully now. They are getting tired of his lies and shielding of his Zionist masters who did 9/11.  These are the same people who control and funded Matt Drudge (fake name).  Right after Alex was named by the Michigan Flag Officers in the above report, Alex mentioned them in his broadcast in what appears to be an attempt to suck up to them.

Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan name those Zionists traitors Alex Jones has shielded during his entire career in this interview who are worth Trillions!   Why would Alex completely censor the crimes of the Zionist new world order pigs such as Larry Mizel of Denver Colorado unless he worked for them?  Is Alex freaking out because he’s being looked into by the patriotic Michigan Flag Officers who have named him in several of their reports recently!   Is this why I personally heard Alex Jones say the Bushes worshipped Satan recently on his show after I exposed him for censoring the biggest interview in Alternative media - “The Bushes Attended My Father’s Satanic Sacrifices!  - Anthony Lavey”   Or is Alex Jones freaking out now because it’s now been proven Ted Gunderson who Alex Jones promoted and called a “hero” was responsible for stealing from widows, being fired for being a satanist, trying to kill Stew Webb in a phony SWAT raid and put real patriots like Dave Hinkson in prison!  All the truth is now coming out now about Ted Gunderson who was an FBI mole hired by Daddy Bush to put patriots in prison!  Both Alex Jones and Jeff Rense have never come clean about the very dirty Ted Gunderson!   They both still say he was a “hero” and this is absolutely false.

Learn the truth from patriots Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan who Alex Jones lied about and made sure they never got any air time thus making them the targets of repeated assassination attempts!  Now the good guys in US and French Intelligence  are looking into Alex Jones and others who have been shielding the crimes of those named in this report.   While you listen to this report I want you to know that Alex Jones actually fried radio show hosts who dared interview Stew Webb who has fought the Illuminati for over 30 years and basically given up everything in the fight!

Why Is Alex Jones Freaking Out?  Latest Intel
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