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Does anyone know or have any thoughts, ideas, opinions or knowledge they could share about this entity or organization called the Wingmakers?

A person by the name of Mike Outzager made mention of them in a YouTube video statinging that one Ed Cameron, a Philidelphia experiment survivor that ended up in the year 2,739AD, found that  a group called Wingmakers were the world's 'leaders' around the year 2,749AD.  Funnily enough he dedicated his video to numerous people of which one was Stu Swerdlow.  All this is mentioned in the 1st. INTRO Video here:   

Philadelphia Experiment & Montauk Projet - Alfred Bielek & Mike Outzager - Intro - Part 1:

He also mentioned that this group called the Wingmakers were our CREATORS and that they have been here operating as a group of sorts since around 1998 from memory. 

So I took the liberty of running a google search on them and found them immediately:

I have so far read their glossary, interview1 and the Ancient Arrow Project which are all on free downloadable PDFs along with a swag of others.  What I've read so far has intriqued me enough to post about them in an effort to see if anyone here knows anything about this group.

Any input at all, irrespective of how important or trivial it is would be appreciated.

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Andrew, The original Wingmakers info is no longer available on the internet is my understanding.I think Al has the original info.Supposedly what is now on the internet is just fluff or so it is said.

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Some past discussions ... We would be lucky if we every came across the True info on this..... W
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CIA owned website now.They did exist.Opened a website so they could tell people certain things,and then they were discovered.There were only a few of them.
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At one time i thought i had the original website saved but alas i only have what it shown now. So im not even sure if i seen the original site. :(
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A big thanks to all of you. I can now looking into them and also see if Alfred still sells this CD containing their sites original info... and worry not William, if the CD is still available, as soon as I receive it after immediately buying it, you'll have it shortly after that. Be it by hostable download that I'll post a url to, or by mailing you and anyone else here wishing a copy of it, with compliments.  Watch this spot.:) 

Much appreciated people.
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I forgot to mention... shortly after my last post^^^ it was pointed out to that one can download Al'f DVD for free, here:

Thanks Rodrigo.
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The Time Travel Handbook: A Manual of Practice Teleportation & Time Travel (Paperback)
by David Hatcher Childress (Editor), David Childress (Author)
Good read; with chapters about PE and Wingmakers
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Good man Octa.

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