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silent weapons for a quiet war
Lately, as I recovered from decades of mind control, I've been considering the relative merits, and apparent insanity, of some of the big conspiracy theories.

Yesterday it was the 'monarch" nonsense,, and I say that as someone who endured much of the "programming methods" promoters of this theory talk about.
today it is the book, "silent weapons blah blah"...

(if you're not psychic) the way you can tell is the way it was written. not looking for dates or discrepancies- that's a trap because you're still giving it your attention...

instead, just consider the mental attitude and knowledge level of the writer. Clearly, to me at least, it was written for the conspiracy audience by someone paranoid, with a fairly good liberal arts education from a west coast university. who has done some drugs- probably a good amount of LSD. the tone is clearly strongly anti-government/ "establishment" and the whole thing smells like patchouli and bong water.

example: "The Elite decided to..." is a dead giveaway. sadly, since so many people speak english so poorly, they can't tell. ebonics, spellcheck, textspeak, crappy schools and etc are all eroding our ability to smell the bullshit thrown at us!

read it to yourself as if someone was speaking to you... who does it remind you of?

think "Berkley"


You don't believe in monarch programming?

I posted this elsewhere just a minute ago.. but have you seen the youtube presentation of "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars"... is this about the same "book" that you are speaking of Q3eory?

here it is in 10 pts, each 15 minutes. Try to endure the first part okay?'s gets going in pt 2 onwards... just keep watching. My only suggestion is to turn the audio off entirely, it's way too distracting!

I've only watched the first 5 pts.


I am not aware of this "program", and have seen nothing but internet gibberish about it. the first I heard was from the christian crackpot homophobe quoted by HCF news.

That article was ridiculous, paranoid and uninformed. Many, many, scared people like to read books written by idiots who read books written by dumbasses who read books and just didn't get it. This covers 90% of magic, mysticism, occultism and conspiracies.

the idea that the 'Elite", as SW/QW puts it, is controlling Gaga does not hold up for several reasons. Unlike, say, the tuna fish girl, LG (33) ran away from home, lived on her own from a young age, and, as She puts it "didn't 'know' anyone" violates the so-called program.
More importantly, this... "idea" that the "Illuminati" are using her to "promote their new religion" is just plain retarded. If They exist, then They already own all the monotheistic religions, don't they? With thousands of years to put Their people in place they F'n should!
Rather than worry about which lies are half true, consider that which exists... the song.

"Born this way" is, in my absolutely personal emotional experience, the most positive, uplifting, self-empowering song I've ever danced my ass off to. We forget, some of us, that for a long, long time, being gay endangered your life, right here in the US of A. and still does, outside of the big cities. Met many rednecks? I have. Being gay is still a death sentence in many parts of the world! Never mind the fact that being Transgendered, which is either truly heroic or bat-sh*t crazy, depending on the individual, is not even accepted by much of the gay community, and 90% of humans can't even consider the possibility.

Being Transgendered, whether by birth (intersexed) by hosting an entity (two-spirits) or by environmental poisoning (prostate or testicular cancers and etc) is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT- the emotional, physical and financial costs are staggering and everyone thinks you're a freak. This antagonism plays right into the "Hooray for me and fu*k you" mentality. Ask any Saint, Shaman, Yogi, Metaphysician, most Buddhists, many Taoists and almost all Pagans.

There is just NO WAY the I/M "controllers" would allow that song, that message of acceptance, to be published, ever, with or without "secret subliminal programming".
Also, the symbolism she uses is obvious to someone with an occult education, and obviously there to encourage you to do some research.

Illuminati is today the title of the highest rank of Rosicrucian, Freemason, and... I forget. Tom Hanks is already a traitor, those books were written for idiots to distract them, and the TV already controls the hearts and minds of the average american anyway. Why trap slaves?

People talk about "reptilians", not realising that the term was originally a cheeky metaphor for people "ruled" by the instinctive/autonomic part of the (lizard) brain- people without empathy. Wingnuts like David Icky trot out a bunch of bullshit to sell books, hidden in a bunch of horrifying truths- like the super-soldier drug (real) and "love is the answer" (duh).
Seriously- shape changing half human lizard men with their electronic camoflauge wearing off on youtube? WTF? The dead queen of england turned BACK into a giant toad at death? And of course, he says you must "open your mind and accept the impossible" (literally!)

Oh, and They only whipped out computers when They needed them!? Why did They wait until there was seven billion of the monkeys to "take control"? Why not use the space lizard technology to acheive world domination when no one could communicate or fight back?

Simple answer, because almost all of the conspiracy theories are disinformation, put their to occupy the minds of the weak. People- humans- are infamous for screwing each other over! Yes, wicked people are in power and will do anything to keep it, that's how they got it. But they are PEOPLE, not lizard men from some comic book brain pothead's paranoid fantasies.

Finally, and this is where the rubber hits the road, I WOULD KNOW. How? The same way I know everything (that I do) because I've been trained and have extensive experience moving through the "invisible realms" aka quantum forces/angelic pantheons/ higher dimensions -whatever you need to call it/them to conceive that it/them might be real.

the 1% of everything that most people think IS everything- the universe, is created by energy, which is to say IDEAS, and there are lots and lots of bad ones, to be sure. But, the bad ideas have no ower of their own- it all comes from people "believing" (war on terror).

I am personally acquainted with the Entity/Being/Angel that song is for; it is the Angel of Self Respect, whose name, HHH, she is singing! "Hey, Hey, Hey" is one of the 72 Names of God, the Solar Angels who build the so-called "reality world" for us to operate in. When I was a Red Indian we used to pray to "Him", screaming, to psyche ourselves up for battle. Hippies introduced the term- actually a single Hebrew letter spelled out, as a greeting. Interestingly, the term MAN is the closest Lunar Angel (of the 28) and the Rune of "humanity"is Mann.

So, a love song to the angel of self respect is written by a mind controlled judas fish?

No, I don't believe that.

There are no Christians on this forum. This is a non-religious forum. The bulk of the info here is on the Illuminati and mind control. Monarch programming is very real and if you Google it you'll tons of info. Here's one link you can check out.

I was referring to the "vigilant" guy- the one who wrote the article HCF referenced.
-will read the article. Let's see if I freak out, eh?

I do have a designer shirt with Monarch embroidered on the back, and
-used to live with a Mossad Agent who consistently denied calling Israel at 2 am...

I'm not saying the Nazis didn't experiment on people, or that the CIA didn't experiment on people, or that the TV isn't a mind control weapon- it quite obviously is!

[user=1541]Q3eory[/user] wrote:
Quote:I was referring to the "vigilant" guy- the one who wrote the article HCF referenced.
-will read the article. Let's see if I freak out, eh?

I do have a designer shirt with Monarch embroidered on the back, and
-used to live with a Mossad Agent who consistently denied calling Israel at 2 am...

I'm not saying the Nazis didn't experiment on people, or that the CIA didn't experiment on people, or that the TV isn't a mind control weapon- it quite obviously is!

Chill out. If Richard had a award for the most angry poster I think you would win. I can only stay quiet for so long when someone is getting this upset.

Sorry if my english is not suited for you and you can not understand anything. Queens english perhaps?

[user=1541]Q3eory[/user] wrote:
-used to live with a Mossad Agent who consistently denied calling Israel at 2 am...

Q3eory will you expound on this comment ?

she was crazy in love with me, hot as hell, but couldn't keep her mouth shut- always giving everybody advice they didn't want, had the attitude that she was God's right hand, and she was amazingly talented, hardworking, really tough, and is the only person ever who's aura, will and confidence could stand up to me, for even a short time.
The kind of woman everyone wants or wants to be. She is a well known singer.
I was doing security work for her company, driving and protecting her, we fell in love.
She was always trying to tell me inferior versions of things- information systems, philosophies and techniques - than what I already knew, because I learned direct from the angels and she learned from humans. I was the only person in history to beat her will and make her cry, she said.

So, she would get up in the middle of the night, when any normal person would be exhausted from work, travel and sex (lots and lots, ugh) and get on the cell phone.
I'd hear her talking in superfasthebrew, which I could not keep up with, using words not common to ordinary speech, and I heard my name sometimes.
I asked her several times "who did you call last night, your mom?" and she would deny being on the phone at all. Once, I snuck up on her and sat in the kitchen listening- it was like she could not see me! After I left her, I met a well known "deprogrammer" (also a beautiful, successful woman/goddess) and that one said the singer probably did not even know what she was doing, which was monitoring my research, and if I had confronted her she would have become violent/unstable. The deprogrammer also said I showed all the signs of escaping from a "mind control" program!

I can only say that everything is a "mind control" program, that most people only think they think, that the Spirit world is more real than the so-called "reality world" and that stupid people don't know they are. Lack of intelligence is lack of imagination, lack of knowledge is lack of information, and darkness is lack of light, as cold is lack of heat, and fear is lack of "love" which is really acceptance of individuation, otherwise known as Allowing people their illusions- letting them keep the bars on their precious cages. Religions, philosophies, cultures, beliefs and the imaginary truth are all just lies of different sophistication.


Hey Richard,

that report said straight out that "monarch" is just the label given by conspiracy theorists to the totality of all conspiracy theories, and not a term used by the Illuminati themselves.

a lot of that stuff is true, I know, because it was done to me.

funny story: in the 80's I was a private security operative, working for a company run by the ex chief of police of (-) and was given the assignment of "cleaning up the ghetto" so it could be turned into nice condos. I roamed the city all night, looking for thieves, dealers, whores and pimps. I was acting at my own discretion, with the police turning a blind eye, under orders. The owner of the company (-) told me, straight up, I could do Any Thing I Wanted.
When that project was complete, I was moved to a supervisor position at (-). After a couple months, the boss came by and told me that President Reagan would be passing by the building, day after next, at 0800. Immediately upon hearing this, a complete plan to do him catastrophic harm popped into my head. This was two, three weeks before he got shot.

So, my conclusion is that there certainly are many layers of manipulation in all societies- that's what "culture" is- conditioned people trying to condition you- ditto religion and most of what passes for philosophy, and Absolutely Everything in the Mass Media (with exceptions). This should be no surprise, as everyone alive is trying to convince everyone else of the correctness of "their views", which are Not theirs in truth, just what they were told... the familiar, comforting, lies and limitations, rivalries and antipathies, fears and hatreds.

However, the origin of all this is not some ancient group of half-aliens, it is the Bad Ideas which spawned them! Ideas created everything- numbers, colors and sounds, that create people, who are at the bottom of the spiritual pyramid. Idiots "think" that man invented numbers (to count sheep) and language (to lie to each other- I mean "do business").

That this is true becomes readily apparent when you "achieve enlightenment".
Sadly, anyone in the grip of addiction- whether to cigarettes, alcohol, porn or power, is already dead.
Poisons in the food and water damage the brain, physically, so you can't think at all!
News obsesses people, religion traps them in guilt, self righteousness and cowardice.
Tv fills them with Bad Ideas, outright lies, fear of everything, and makes them stupid.

This is about the only and ultimate power people have- their will, or if they have not trained it, their "be lie v", because here, in the gross physical world (which is a two way mirror) we have the sacred option of choosing where our life energy goes! People are desperate to be right/safe/special/protected and if they can convince you to agree with their belief- even just to say so, or roll over/bow/obey, then the Bad Idea which owns them gets you soul/energy and becomes more powerful- more (apparently) real.

Inconceivable amounts of power are continuously invested in the existence of each person! Where it goes on the way out is up to you. Jerk off to your favorite porn while you're drunk and you are donating your life force through the harlot and to the devil that owns her.
Love the President or hate him, if you think about politics it has power over you.
That is what is happening with all the conspiracy craziness too. Ridiculous, impossible things, which violate the laws of nature that create us need not exist for corruption and evil to rule, all that takes is the weakness of mankind and the wickedness of those in power.

People are lazy, selfish and corrupt. Watch Jerry Springer!

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