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Anthony is here!
Hello, I am an Anthony, who is a new member of this community. I live in Australia which is my hometown. I am really like to join various kind of community for learning the purpose and get information about various things. I am sure I will enjoy here and also learn lot of things.
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Welcome to the forum Anthony
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Hello, Anthony, welcome to this forum. I am also a new member in this forum so feeling some confused right now but after reading your post i have got encouraged. I wish we both get an interesting information and ideas from the member of this community. Well, here i would like to know from you which things you like to in free time? What is the behind the reason for joining this forum?
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Welcome welcome
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Welcome Anthony
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I am happy after seeing the welcome posts. All of you says warmly welcome to me in this community in this nice way which I really.
Anyhow, Rosy! I am going to agree with you, we will get a nice stuff from this community and will spend a great here. By the way, I join this community because I like to learn new kinds of things and also really like to make new friends and for this purpose community is best. Now let me share with you, I like to enjoy hiking, traveling, camping, playing cricket matches, watches movies, listen to music, and book reading in my spare time.
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