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Benjamin Fulford Reports
Benjamin Fulford — March 27th 2023: Western financial system suffers $8 trillion implosion, revolution follows

The collapse of the Western financial system is a mathematical certainty because recent rate hikes created at least an $8 trillion loss for financial institutions. Governments have been trying to foist this on the people. Revolution will be the result. This is why unprecedented unrest is overtaking France, Germany, Pakistan, Israel and many other places.

There is also a global awakening to the fact the so-called “rules-based world order,” means rule by genocidal, Satan-worshipping criminals. This means mass arrests and war crimes tribunals are inevitable.

The question now is which Khazarian mafia puppet leader will be first to fall, Emanuelle Macron of France or Benyamin Netanyahu of Israel? Whoever it is, they will be followed in short order by the fake President Joe Biden in the US, Justin Castrudeau in Canada, Olaf Scholz in Germany and Ursula von de Leyen of the EU., Other dominoes to fall will include the fake Pope Francis, and puppet leaders in Pakistan, South Korea, Japan etc.

Since the bankruptcy of the Western Khazarian mafia ruling class is the cause of the political turmoil, let us first look at the latest developments on this front. The basic story is that no matter how hard you try to avoid reality, eventually, it finds a way of catching up. The KM started avoiding reality first by allowing banks to lend $100 for every $8 they have; these are the so-called “BIS rules.” This is dangerous because it means more than ten times leverage. Then, since this was falling apart, Bill Clinton Rockefeller upped the ante by allowing 1000 or more times leverage, This turned most of the Western financial system into a giant hallucination known as derivatives with countless $ gazillion (an imaginary but very large number) being batted around inside bank supercomputers.

The problem is the rest of the world, especially the Asians, insisted on being paid with money backed by real things that actually exist. To keep paying debt to Asia etc, in real stuff the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Corporation and its owners stole oil from Iraq and other countries, extorted Japan’s nest egg, forced the world to buy toxic vaccines etc. The war in Ukraine was their last hurrah as they used it to sell off their weapons stashes and launder stolen crypto-currency via the Ukrainian central bank.

Since even this was not enough, the Rockefellers, Rothschilds etc, began extorting even more money from the European and American people,

For example, they blew up the Nordstream pipeline to force Europeans to buy LNG from the US at four times the price they paid Russia. That is why the EU’s total LNG imports from the US increased 154 percent in 2022 compared to 2021. Needless to say, European living standards dropped accordingly. This is one of the reasons why Europe is now in flames (more on that later).

The biggest extortion now is coming from the privately owned FRB hiking interest rates. As a result of recent rate hikes, the Indian Express Newspaper estimates US banks have lost at least $2 trillion while banks outside the US have lost $6 trillion in investments in interest-sensitive assets since 2022.

Against this conservative $8 trillion loss estimate US banks insured by the FDIC have nearly $24 trillion in assets while the FDIC only has $125 billion in its war chest. Even this $125 billion is gone because US banks borrowed $153 billion at a punitive 4.75% against collateral at the discount window. This is more than during the Lehman crisis of 2008. This does not even take into consideration the $ quadrillions losses the banks have on derivatives gambles. In a sign this time even central banks are going down, the Dutch central bank lost close to half a billion euros last, year, its first loss since the great depression of 1931. This is just the beginning.

This financial crisis will lead inevitably to the collapse of the World Bank, the IMF, the BIS and most international financial institutions as well as many governments. Systems failure anyone?

That is why the Western committee of 300 has proposed to the Asian Elders that negotiations begin on setting up a new world of financial architecture. In specific they support the idea of setting up a future planning agency, headquartered in Asia. This would take over the functional parts of the IMF, World Bank, BIS etc. and help redirect Western resources away from perpetual war and resource theft and towards building a better future for the entire planet.

Even if the Asians do not agree to negotiations right away, the West is headed for total regime change. The Asians will then have to reach some sort of deal with the new leadership, be that war or be that peace.

Okay, so now let us look at how the revolution is unfolding. We will start with Israel, which after Switzerland, has been the main KM headquarters.

Their Mossad sources report: “The country is in total revolution. This is all happening now.”

Here are a few bullet points showing the total chaos in that country:

“Israeli consul in New York resigns, says cannot serve Netanyahu.”

“Several mayors announce hunger strike over judicial overhaul”

“Massive protest in Israel after PM Netanyahu fired defense minister who opposed judicial overhaul”

“Israel is in the greatest danger since the 1967 war” — former PM Naftali Bennet

Hebrew Channel 12 citing a senior official in the Likud party: “Netanyahu has lost control”

“Rumors of mutiny in the Israeli Defense Force.”

“Israel’s national trade unions call a general strike shutting down the economy.”

The situation has reached the point where “the Avatar Netanyahu was forced to flee to shelter as masses of angry citizens stormed his house.”

This is the fall of Babylon and the end of over 3000 years of Jewish slavery, Jewish resistance forces say.

In France, meanwhile, the situation is, if anything, even more dramatic. It is estimated that well over 9 million people took to the streets with 3.5 million in Paris alone.

More ominously for Rothschild slave president Macron, police officers have laid down their arms and are supporting the protesters. The mobs are shouting “When Macron Falls… You’ll Learn it ALL”

One of the things they have already learned is French First Lady Brigitte Macron started out life as a man. That is because her lawsuit against two women who alleged that she underwent gender reassignment surgery was thrown out without a hearing. The important point is the fact he/she fought so hard to keep this a secret means Macron was being blackmailed about this.

French nationwide TV broadcasts have also already reported French elite torture and kill thousands of children to harvest adrenochrome every year. This is not going to end well for the KM leadership in France. Macron is hoping to fly to China next week to get help but it is a good bet he will be arrested before he can get there.

There is also a move towards regime change happening in Germany. Germany’s opposition AFD party, for example, is saying “If Seymour Hersh is Correct [about his being involved in blowing up the Nordstream pipeline], German Chancellor Olaf Scholz Committed Treason and Must Resign”

Also, Germany will be shut down today (March 27) in a massive strike. It will be the latest in months of industrial action and protests that have hit major European economies as higher food and energy prices dent living standards.

This imminent loss of power is why European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Macron and other European leaders want to visit China to try to get help.

US so-called President Biden is also trying to arrange a phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping but so far is getting the cold shoulder.

Here from the official Chinese Xinhua news agency, you can see why China is not taking his call:

The United States is the only country that has used biological and chemical weapons in multiple wars, and the only country that opposes the establishment of a multilateral verification mechanism for the Biological Weapons Convention,

The United States is the No.1 warmonger in the world. It was not at war for only 16 years throughout its 240-plus years of history and accounted for about 80 percent of all post-World War II (WWII) armed conflicts.

In any case, the Rockefeller regime Biden puppets’ days are numbered. We are hearing from multiple sources that the entire political drama about US President Donald Trump being about to get arrested “is nothing more than a circus act. It is all rehearsed and the white hat alliance is controlling the show.” This is what is behind headlines like this one:

Trump Unveils Plan To ‘Dismantle The Deep State’ As Possible Indictment Looms.

In Canada too, knives are out for the war criminal Justin Castrudeau. Among other things, he is driving Canada to bankruptcy in order to serve his World Economic Forum masters.

The attack on Western stooge leaders is part of a “global stage production, which is like a circus show is getting more exciting by the day,” CIA sources comment.

A big part of the show is taking place in Pakistan where Imran Khan -backed by the WH Global Alliance- will hold the largest rally in the country’s history today, amid crackdowns by the unlawful government currently in power against supporters.

The current fake PM Shariff says Khan’s political party was not a political party but “rather a gang of militants.” He is of course talking about himself and his own heroin-dealing puppet government.

The show also includes military fireworks in the Middle East. Last week saw an unprecedented military clash between Iran and the US on Syrian soil. Until now the Russians have held back the Iranians but now that Iran and Saudi Arabia have a military alliance, it looks like the green light has been given by China and Russia to kick US oil thieves out of Syria and Iraq.

Saudi TV meanwhile, depicted Biden as extending his hand to shake a non-existent person’s, getting lost on stage, and falling up the steps of Air Force One, while an equally useless Kamala Harris looks on.

The fake President Biden reacted to these developments by saying “Make no mistake, the United States does not, does not, I emphasize, seek conflict with Iran.”

Now it looks like the US has blinked and is withdrawing from Syria if this news item is anything to go by:

On 25 March, at least 80 fuel tankers loaded with hundreds of tons of stolen Syrian oil were taken out of Syria as part of a 148-vehicle convoy that crossed the illegal Al-Walid border crossing

We also note Egypt has abandoned the IMF and has officially become a new member of the New Development Bank (NDB) created by BRICS member states (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).

In Mexico too, Mexican marines and police officers seized US construction firm Vulcan Materials’ port terminal near Playa del Carmen in southern Mexico. There is clearly a lot more to this story than is being reported, presumably to do with drug money etc.

There is also a lot taking place in Africa. Last week 40 heads of African States with met with Putin and Xi in Moscow. Now, in a sign the Russians, having kicked the French out of most of Africa, are going after British “ex-colonies,” Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said he was grateful for the Soviet Union’s assistance in Africa’s fight against colonialism…. “we are very satisfied with our cooperation with the Russian Federation…in the sphere of defense.”

At around the same time, Chad is nationalizing all assets from multinational oil giant Exxon Mobil, including its hydrocarbon and exploration permits. This means the Rockefellers are no longer able to steal oil from that country.

Meanwhile, Gen. Michael Langley, the head of US Africa Command (AFRICOM) is admitting Africans who receive US training later go on to be involved in coups against civilian governments

We also see trucks moving coal from Richard’s Bay in South Africa to the EU. 9.6 million tons in 9 months. It may be that like the Americans are fleeing Syria with the last of their stolen oil, the KM is fleeing South Africa with stolen coal.

It is with these sorts of developments in mind that Xi Jinping told the media “Change is coming that hasn’t happened in 100 years and we are driving this change together,” to which Putin answered, “I agree.”

They added China’s Ukraine peace proposal “is not only endorsed by Russia but is supported by the entire Global South.”

The war in Ukraine has been won by Russia anyway. As things stand 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers are trapped in the strategic and important city of Bakhmut aka Artyomovsk.

Now we find out Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar have reached a deal on the Black Sea. As a senior CIA source notes “He who controls The Black Sea will win this war.”

The cornered KM rats, meanwhile, are upping the ante on their war crimes. Polish intelligence says “Ukraine has been using chemical weapons for two months. The exact chemical composition of the substances used is not yet known, but they cause serious injuries to soldiers and civilians. The use of chemical weapons is a war crime committed by the Ukrainian side.”

The KM are also trying to spread radio-active substances disguised as “depleted uranium shells.” That is why UK deputy defense chief Annabelle Goldie will be charged with war crimes.


In Poland meanwhile “the current ruling party plans to leave a mess, a Pandora’s box, seemingly arguing with others and knowing that they will rule together: a huge budget hole, bad investments and planning and elections run like a singing contest,” according to Polish intelligence. They say the KM plan is to “use low concentration ricin vaccines to finish off the rest of the people. They can do it with the help of Ukrainians dressed in Polish uniforms. The Hanukkah government in Warsaw has a plan, which is currently being implemented, to liquidate the Polish Nation. The Polish State is to be composed of Jews and Ukrainians, The official languages will be Hebrew and Ukrainian.”

The Polish people can rest assured the global WH alliance is putting an end to these KM plans for a greater Khazaria. Poland will be liberated.

In the US meanwhile, the American College of Physicians says a super-deadly FUNGUS with 60% kill rate is an “urgent threat” spreading across America. The corporate media is referring to this as a “hit HBO show.” In it, characters become afflicted with a cordyceps mushroom strain that evolved to infect humans, controlling their minds and turning them into “bloodthirsty zombies that see vines explode out of their bodies and can infect others.” It is obvious the fear porn being pushed out by the KM is now degenerating to the point of farce.

Finally, we are hearing about intensified fighting at underground bases in the US and now Canada. We are even getting news reports out of Canada where they are at least admitting recent earthquakes aren’t natural, but almost certainly lying about the cause. Notice that it was 4KM underground.

We are also getting more and more reports of unusual sky activity. So, in conclusion, here are some of the latest:

If things keep unfolding this way maybe soon we will all have stargates in our living rooms and flying saucers in our garages. We can only hope.


In response to many questions and comments I receive from people wondering why I share these reports, I offer the following.

Speaking as someone who has been following Fulford’s reports since 2011, reading them should probably be done with a large grain of salt. That is to say, he seems to share information directly from alleged sources within the Pentagon, CIA, White Dragon Society, and so on. Often the data presented is contradictory on the surface.

The predictions and statements Fulford makes sometimes are highly accurate, whereas, in other instances, they are completely unfounded. Instead of looking to Fulford as one who is “tapped into” some greater truth, it would probably be more productive to consider his data as one possible perspective on what is happening on Earth at this time.

This of course extends to all sources of information. Fulford, like all of us, is only human and can make mistakes. But that doesn’t detract from the work he has done to spread awareness and move things forward to a brighter future for humanity.

Discernment is the process of understanding what something is, which in Fulford’s case, means entertaining his reports without believing them blindly, and then doing the follow-up research/fact-checking to determine what actually happened. In this way, it is a real-time discernment exercise.

The fact that so many people continue to read his reports despite their sensational and wildly inaccurate nature at times—while also being accurate and poignant—means the people he receives information from are probably using him as a mouthpiece to speak to you—the reader who is on their awakening path. As such, blind belief or callous rejection are not our allies but critical thinking and open-mindedness are.

As I have said before, if he is serving as a mouthpiece for various groups working to change the status quo or agents within the Cabal, we can decipher the data as if it is a form of awakening propaganda—information that certain players want to expose the masses to. What effect this has on your personal process is largely up to you. But I would suggest taking an active role in discernment and not falling into the trap of total acceptance or rejection.

Benjamin Fulford — April 3rd 2023: New World Order ends 500 year plan to conquer the planet

On March 30th, the Vatican renounced the Doctrine of Discovery. It was a once in 500-year news event that went almost completely unreported in either the corporate or alternative media.

This doctrine -first put forth by Popes in 1452- allowed Christians to murder, enslave and steal the land of non-Christians around the world. It led to over 500 years of relentless wars of conquest and pillage by the West against the rest of the world. That is why Spanish conquistadors would pull out a bible, ask Aztecs and Incas to obey its teachings and then start slaughtering them when they refused. It is what Americans used to justify the genocide of first nations. More recently, it was used by George Bush (Pecce) Jr. to justify a massive invasion of the Middle East.

Now, the Roman Empire is saying “We are sorry we tried to subjugate the entire planet to the obedience of a Caesar.” Pope Francis says: “Never again can the Christian community allow itself to be infected by the idea that one culture is superior to others, or that it is legitimate to employ ways of coercing others.”

There is also talk again of replacing Francis with an African Pope. This may be the real reason talks have again emerged about him resigning “for health reasons.” Vatican watchers note:

The health episode involving Pope Francis appears increasingly indecipherable. The given versions are not only different. They are also in contradiction with each other.

In any case, during the same week the Vatican was making its moves, the head of the Committee of 300 sent a message to Asian secret societies, asking to negotiate a polycentric new arrangement for the planet. Asian secret societies replied as follows:

We seek to realize world peace. We have been deceived may times by the beautiful words of the West but, we are looking forward to the creation of a world new world federation. (世界の平和実現は我々も求めています。何度も欧米に美しい言葉で騙されてきたが、新たな世界連邦を期待しています)。

These moves by the two main Western power centers -the Vatican and the British Commonwealth- are being made because the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the BRICS now control about 80% of the world’s population and GDP. Even France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Slovakia, Poland, and the UK are already breaking with the Khazarian Mafia and trading with Russia.

This means the KM’s “rules-based world order” is now limited to a few puppet leaders like the fake Joe Biden who are about to go to jail.

There is also an outright revolution brewing in the United. States. France, Israel, Germany and the few other KM holdouts.

Another big factor in the West’s suing for peace is military defeat. CIA sources say “Once Putin finishes off Ukraine NATO will collapse. We already know this. It is crumbling now.”

MI6 agrees saying: “The crux of the matter is money laundering using the arms trade in some kind of fake war to siphon off to pay for bankruptcy. As far as we are concerned the war in Ukraine is over and all that is left is the mop-up.”

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev adds “the collapse of the European Union is not far off.”

Russia has now taken over the presidency of the UN Security Council and says it will enforce “international law and procedure rules, developed over decades are actually in effect in the UN, instead of the ‘rule-based order,’ which the collective West seeks to replace international law with.”

They are also telling the world “Attempts to use religious, ethnical, or social factors to explain dramatically deteriorating security after the arrival of Western military forces are a manipulation that colonial powers have been using for decades.”

All this is part of a newly announced Russian foreign policy strategy to “eliminate vestiges of the dominance of the United States and other unfriendly countries in world politics.”

This diplomatic offensive started because of the Russian victory in the Ukraine war. As Tass notes Russia’s flag has been hoisted over Artyomovsk (called Bakhmut in Ukraine) city hall, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of the Wagner private military company, said on Monday.

Every day 6,000 to 10,000 Russian people are enlisting in what they now think of as a holy war to liberate Europe from Satanic control.

By contrast, the Ukrainian tanks are using mosques as cover while other Ukrainian thugs seize churches.

Militarily, there is nothing to stop Russia from sweeping into Western Europe at this point. That is because the US and UK armed forces are not going to fight Russia to save the KM fascist EU and their puppet governments.

However, all the Russians need to do now is wait for the revolution to sweep Europe. This is definitely starting in France where a second revolution is well underway.

The prominent Journalist Thierry Meyssan (the first to report 911 was an inside job) speaks for most French people when he writes:

Everyone notices that nothing is going right: the level of education has very dangerously collapsed, the police can no longer maintain order, the justice system does not have the means to do anything before two years, the army is unable to respond to high-intensity warfare. The problems are so numerous that one does not know where to start. public services should not be patched up, but redesigned according to new realities: The French, who in 1789 took the initiative to overthrow the Old Regime and create a modern society, hope to take another initiative to create a new world.

The protests all over France are now far from peaceful. More than 1,000 law enforcement officers and firefighters have been injured in demonstrations and riots across France, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin told local media on Sunday.

In another expression of revolution, an allegedly “Anonymous” French police officer offers some strategic tips for overthrowing the government:

1. Block the outskirts of every major city using truck drivers.

2. Let in only farmers with their tractors, which may be useful against heavy vehicles of the police.

3. Use rubbish trucks to block any police station and surrounding streets.

Other protesters have acted by shutting down companies like the Total Energy Company.

French and German prosecutors did their part by raiding five Rothschild-controlled banks on Tuesday as part of an investigation into suspected cases of massive tax fraud and money laundering, prosecutors said.

Presumably, the raids are connected to claims by French billionaire Philippe Argillier he has four databases that will expose 38 individuals who run the “shadow government”. Bill Gates is one of those 38 individuals.

This is no longer about pensions being stolen either, French Protesters want the guillotine for Rothschild puppet President Emmanuelle Macron.

No wonder Macron is trying to flee to China this week along with EU commission president Ursula von der Leyen.

Maybe would be Israeli God King Benyamin Netanyahu will also go to China and ask for political asylum. Netanyahu is fooling nobody by trying to say there is no connection between his ongoing corruption trial and his government’s far-reaching legal reforms,

As Israel’s Channel 13 TV reports, refusal to serve in the Israeli army is expanding and for the first time, it is joined by “Shayetet 13” soldiers (more or less like Navy Seals) who have announced that they will not continue serving in the reserve if judicial reforms are implemented.

The KM headquarters in Switzerland headed by Klaus Schwab Rothschild etc. is also under attack. Polish intelligence reports:

CIA documents show that Schwab’s Escher-Wyss company was run by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Department of State. This would suggest that Klaus Schwab was a triple agent working simultaneously for the CIA, MI6, United Nations British American Pilgrims Society, the Nazis (now Germany) and Switzerland. His Escher-Wyss company used slave labor (Russians, Gypsies, Hungarians, Romanians, Poles) and prisoners of war.

Also, NSA reports that in Switzerland UBS is now refusing to pay on bonds and seized all Saudi Arabia and other OPEC nation assets after taking over Credit Suisse.

The merger has caused a public outcry and is opposed by three-quarters of Swiss citizens. Now Swiss prosecutors are joining their French and German counterparts in going after the Rothschild puppet masters behind all this.

In any case, the various powerful people who had their money stolen by the Swiss bankers are not going to accept what has been done. “Watch as OPEC cuts off the West and Biden orders US oil wells shut down and more refineries to be blown up,” the NSA source predicts.

In the US meanwhile, four of the wealthiest men there –including Google co-founder Sergey Brin- have been hit with subpoenas into JP Morgan’s ties to pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein

That is just part of the massive legal storm brewing there.

As is being widely reported Donald Trump has become the first-ever former president to face criminal charges. Look at the Photo at the top of the article linked below.

“This is not the real Trump. He is too thin. This is a double look alike. So it seems there are 3 Trumps. The video done by the Kyle Cheney of Politico has the heavy-set white eyes Trump in it. Very interesting,” a CIA source comments.

The attack on “Trump” is backfiring big time on the Demonrats as 83% of Americans think Trump’s indictment is politically motivated. Now Governor Ron DeSantis has thrown down the military gauntlet by saying Florida ‘will not assist in an extradition request’ for Trump.

“This was the white hat alliance plan. It is a brilliant 5D chess move. This opens the door to go after avatar Obama, Avatar Bush, and the whole lot of KM minions,” the CIA source says.

This means that even if actors are being used to play “President Biden,” etc. they can still be brought down.

Also, ask yourself why does Reuters have to write “U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration?” instead of just President Biden? Ohhhh that’s right, because the fake masked Biden isn’t President.

Now, look at how the fake masked Biden’s judicial nominees can’t even answer Sen. John Kennedy’s basic questions—including a nominee who was unable to explain Article V of the Constitution. It is actually pathetic how stupid these judges really are. See for yourself in the video below.

It is all a stage full of actors. The photo below showing the body double writing with the opposite hand from the other Biden is just the latest confirmation of this.

“Biden” is not even the best-paid actor. Officially, Tom Cruise was 2022’s highest-paid actor. He made $100 Million. However, actually, Volodymyr Zelensky was the highest-paid actor. He got $18 Billion.

We won’t even bother getting into the latest staged mass shootings because they have used that trick so often, people have stopped reacting.

As a Mossad source notes “The crazier sh*t gets, the closer we get to the finish line.”

In any case, such antics are like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic because the entire financial system is going down.

“I will tell you that a collapse is coming that will change everything” TV commentator Glenn Beck says, echoing many others.

‘Most U.S. banks are technically near insolvency, and hundreds are already fully insolvent,’ widely recognized and followed Economist Nouriel Roubini says. “We’re not out of this banking crisis. In fact, it may be just the beginning,” a Mossad source elaborates.

The crisis has begun to expose massive financial crimes. For example, we are now finding out the Silicon Valley Bank bailout was to help 10 Chinese billionaires who had $13.3 billion in the bank.

“This revelation is a serious blow to the KM-controlled Federal Reserve,” a CIA source notes.

Now documents reveal the US Government Sold 9,800 Bitcoins on March 14. This caused Bitcoin to plunge over 9% in minutes. They reportedly plan to sell a further 41,500 Bitcoin in four batches over the course of the year.

It is a pretty good bet these bitcoins were obtained by manipulating cryptocurrency markets over the years.

These antics are causing citizens to revolt against the banks. In the last week of March large banks lost $129 billion of deposits, the biggest weekly outflow ever. By contrast, small banks actually saw an inflow. The total 5% drawdown in US domestic commercial bank deposits is the largest in history.

These comments on the Zerohedge article reporting the bank run reflect popular sentiment:

“So, that’s $130B that the banks can’t get their hands on via ‘bail-in.’ “

“Out of banks and into credit unions/gold/crypto/usable goods.”

People are also protesting against attempts to impose mark-of-the-beast biometric payments by using cash for purchases.

Many people are taking things further by resorting to outright theft. Almost every day we see reports about some major corporations – Target, Walmart, Walgreens, etc. – leaving a major city due to a rise in crime and theft. Portland native Dustin Michael Miller told Fox News: “Our city is out of control. It is unrecognizable. I’ve lived here my whole life, and it’s just deteriorated over the last five years.” He could have spoken about most major US cities and not just Portland.

This will only end when the financial system is taken back by the people. As Polish intelligence sources note “Money is not everything. The tree of life on a pre-war Polish banknote…is a reference to life, rebirth and longevity.”

The KM is trying to fight back with ever more extreme bursts of fear porn, such as the following that was fed to Polish intelligence.

mRNA technology has already been injected into 100 million animals and hardly anyone knows about it. “This mRNA technology is funded by the foundation of Mark Zuckerberg and his wife. They’ve been doing it all over the country for a year and a half.” Gavi (Bill Gates) is busy injecting mRNA into vegetables like tomatoes, avocados and lettuce. They want to kill everyone.

While the KM is trying to use gene editing technology to kill us or enslave us, it looks like the Chinese are starting to use it to create super-humans. For example, the report below shows the Chinese have figured out how to use genes from virtually indestructible micro-organisms known as tardigrades to create super soldiers.

Finally, in more signs we really are entering unexplored territory as a species, here are the latest UFO sightings:

Jews to rebuild temple after defeat of Satanists
April 10, 2023

Humanity is about to wake from a long and terrible nightmare. An ancient Satanic cult that has terrorized us for millennia is facing final defeat. The Jewish people are planning to celebrate their release from Babylonian slavery by building a new temple. This time it is expected to last forever. A new Golden Age is about to dawn for humanity. That is the big picture behind recent news events.

Now that the Satanists have been defeated in Ukraine, a final battle is about to take place to mop up the last major Satanist strongholds in Europe, the US and Asia, multiple sources agree. 

The biggest event in the war to liberate the planet last week was the French and British Rothschilds throwing the Rockefellers and their fake President Biden under the bus. This was the story behind the visit to China by French slave President Emmanuelle Macron and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

In diplomacy, appearances show who is really in charge. This is why Macron flew on his own Airbus A330 with a group of media, business and cultural figures while von der Leyen was forced to take a 14-hour commercial flight to the capital, complete with a four-hour layover in the Middle East. While in China President Xi Jinping “treated von der Leyen in a way that made it a bit humiliating,” said one French official,

“Xi ejected Ursula from important talks because he wanted to put Macron on the spot and the babysitter Ursula was mandated by her WEF masters to prevent him from doing so,” a CIA source explains. “Macron is smart, he will choose the side of the winners like any good self-respecting opportunist,” he adds.

During his visit Macron promised to join China’s Belt and Road Forum. He also agreed with China that it was time to settle the Ukrainian crisis “through diplomatic means to achieve lasting peace in Europe.”

Macron even went so far as to basically agree to ditch NATO and join the BRICS alliance and their proposal for mutual security. That is why Xi and Macron decided to “deepen exchanges” between the Chinese Army and French units in the Asia-Pacific. Macron also promised not to support Taiwan in any US-provoked crisis there.

The other important point about the Macron visit is that both the Iranian and Saudi Arabian Foreign Ministers were in China at the same time where they had meetings with their French counterparts. This is a clear sign the French were being told either to join the BRICS or get cut off from Middle Eastern oil.

To sweeten the deal, China said Europe should be “an independent pole in a multipolar world.” This plays into long-held French support of European independence.

The upcoming divorce between Europe and the Rockefeller-controlled US is one reason why Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Ukraine peace talks should focus on creating a “new world order.”

Of course, Macron sucking up to the Chinese and Russians may not save him from his own people. French demonstrators have made it clear they know who their enemy is by torching both the Bank of France and BlackRock Headquarters in Paris last week.

Opinion polls show the vast majority of the French people are disgusted with Macron on many fronts.

In any case, it also looks like Germany will join France in rejecting the Rockefeller-controlled US. The ethnically German King Charles of England went to Germany last week “to cement Anglo-German peacetime relations, fulfilling one of the late Queen’s missions,” MI6 says.

As a result of that meeting, German slave Chancellor Olaf Scholz is about to be removed soon via a parliamentary investigation into a corruption scandal of his. Since almost all Western politicians are corrupt, “investigations into corruption” just means they are about to be fired. He will be replaced by someone who is not a Rockefeller stooge, MI6 says.

We also note that Austrian politicians walked out when the Satanic Ukranian President Vladimir Zelinsky spoke to their parliament.

By the way, we deliberately used the Russian spelling for his name because it turns out all of these so-called Ukrainian politicians are in fact, Russian speakers. This makes us wonder if the entire Ukrainian show has always been in fact a Russian puppet show.

Polish intelligence sources also wondered about Zelinsky after he visited Poland last week. “Why couldn’t Zelensky walk from the hotel to the presidential palace next door,” they asked.

One source notes how he once saw Sultan Al Qaboos of Oman show up without bodyguards at a café, ask for tea, and then talk with the customers about their plans, “This is the norm for Arabs because his people will not hurt him,” he says.

By contrast, with Zelinskly “Here comes an actor, carried by an expensive armored limousine escorted by 6 gorillas to travel 60 meters, and 7 years ago he played the piano with his dick, naked on the guitar and was not afraid,?”

In Canada and other Western countries too, Prime Ministers used to just walk the streets. Now, their people hate them so much they need to hide behind goons and armor.

An example of what kind of leaders we now have in the West was seen last week when Zelensky and Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin honored the late Nazi war criminal Dmitry “Da Vinci” Kotsyubaylo. During his lifetime, “Da Vinci” boasted that he fed his wolf the bones of Russian-speaking children. It was his wife who said, “A good Russian is a dead Russian,” Polish intelligence sources say.

No wonder Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev says “no-one in the world needs Ukraine, therefore it will cease to exist,” He says the American people will soon force politicians to explain why they are obsessed with “a country unknown to them,” instead of domestic American issues,

Medvedev also notes only about 20 million of a pre-war population of 45 million are still left in the country,

As we have noted previously, a new line of influence between Western Europe and Russia has been set along the Dnieper River. The Khazarian mafia’s plan to turn Ukraine into a new Khazarian empire is dead in the water.

The Russians have also noted the UN has totally discredited itself by refusing to launch an international, independent investigation of the Nordstream pipeline sabotage. They are finally figuring out it is a privately owned Rockefeller corporation and not a genuine world organization.

The Russians have also figured out the International Criminal Court is another Rockefeller front. For that reason, Judges Tomoko Akane, Rosario Salvador Aytala, Sergio Herardo Ugalde Godini and prosecutor Karim Khan have been targeted by the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office.

MI6 is working with the Russians and the White Hats to target other Satanists as well. This means this “transnational and highly organized cult” is being taken down. Their weakness was that “abject secrecy has been the continuum’s only way to survive,”MI6 notes. Now that various lawsuits are exposing the whole thing it is just a matter of time before the scourge ends in Europe.

In any case, regardless of what happens in Europe though, the real showdown is taking place in the United States.

There we are seeing what appears to be Donald Trump version 3.0 appearing as Commander in Chief and getting ready for a final showdown with the Rockefellers and their fake President Joe Biden.

First of all, the Trump we have been seeing recently is clearly different from the one appearing even a few months ago. This one really does look presidential and in charge. As this photo shows, the real Trump is certainly backed by the US military Intelligence and Judge advocate general. This is a sign the long-awaited arrests may finally begin.

Before we get into that though, we need to note some otherworldly stuff connected to Trump.

For one thing, the author Ingersoll Lockwood wrote three books in the 1800’s featuring a character named Baron Trump, and the third is about the “last president.”

Then we note the Elon Musk joke that in 1980 Trump said “Why do time travelers keep trying to kill me? I’m just a realtor!”

So maybe, just maybe, the different Trumps are part of a multiverse battle involving converging timelines.

Regardless of the woo woo stuff though, the move to charge Trump with a crime is having a very real effect on the people around the fake Biden. That is because a legal precedent has been set and now Biden, Obama etc. can be charged with far more serious crimes than allegedly paying off a porn star.

The first step will be easy, and that is for Trump to brush off the charges. This will be a cinch because they were part of a psyops from the beginning. As talk show host Mark Levin says about the indictment against Donald Trump: “This is crap that a pre-law student shouldn’t even put in front of a damn judge.”

The charges have also generated sympathy around the world. For example, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador described the charges against Trump, as a “smear campaign.”

The Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout offered Trump asylum in Russia and warned “The Biden administration will not stop just by dragging you through the court/prison industrial complex.”

In any case, now that the legal gauntlet has been thrown, the rats are abandoning the Biden ship. For example, Former US President Barack Obama is planning to flee to Kenya. However, as a CIA source says “You can run but you can’t hide from the global WH alliance.”.

Another key puppeteer, Jeff Bezos of Amazon – whose studios have been used for Biden shows- appears to be missing in action. Work on his Beverly Hills mansion has stopped and his Washington Post propaganda outlet seems to be headless recently.

“He is hiding on his new yacht, for reasons that will most likely be revealed soon” a CIA source says.

His $500 million yacht – nearly half the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza-

uses extremely advanced and green technology and the sails can be managed by a single person, It comes with a shadow yacht at about half the size that features a lot of cool yacht amenities like a helipad, jet skis and more.

So it looks like Bezos may be trying to avoid arrest by hiding in international waters. Good luck with that.

These insiders all seem to know the Biden show will come crashing down. There is so much corruption involved that any real legal system would have put the entire fake Biden theater troop in jail long ago.

As this video shows, the end of the Ukrainian war will also most likely be the end of the Biden show because it will expose all the crimes connected to that.

“We sent $113 billion to the world’s most corrupt country and we don’t know what it’s being spent on,” U.S. Senator James Vance told Fox News

No wonder the “House Oversight Committee subpoenaed Bank of America, Cathay Bank, JPMorgan Chase, and HSBC USA N.A., as well as former Hunter Biden business associate Mervyn Yan, asking for Biden family’s financial records.”

In any case, even without arrests, it is looking like the entire Biden show will end with the bankruptcy of their Rockefeller paymasters.

The US financial system is now definitely imploding. Depositors have removed close to $2 trillion from the banking system since March and now banks are unable to lend money. Commercial bank lending plunged by $105 billion in the two weeks ending on March 29, making it the biggest drop in US history. This process is accelerating.

It is also looking like Asia has stopped sending stuff to the US because of unpaid US bills. The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach which handle 40% of US trade have closed. The LA Times and other corporate media are trying to blame the stoppage on a worker strike. The union, however, released a statement making no mention of any formal work action.

ABC7 news reported

This happens just as long-time Rockefeller servant Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda left office. His successor, Kazuo Ueda, has apparently stopped paying US bills. This may explain the port stoppage.

Another sign Japan is exiting the Biden circus show is that it is buying oil from Russia at prices above the $60-a-barrel cap the Rockefellers tried to set.

Something even more ominous may also be happening. Lt. Gen. Yuichi Sakamoto, commander of the Japanese Armie’s 8th Division, has been missing since Thursday afternoon when his helicopter “presumably” crashed. They say “presumably” because all transponders were “mysteriously” turned off. Sakamoto’s division is the one that was all poised to defend the Japanese mainland from the Americans before the atomic bombs ended the war. Three-legged crow secret society sources say this division is working with US military white hats and Japanese imperial forces in North Korea to liberate both Japan and South Korea from Satanic influence.

By the way, to see just how impressive the imperial troops in North Korea are, take a look at these awesome demonstrations by their special forces.

By contrast, South Korean men have been so effeminized by the Satanists they cannot produce children.

That is why South Korea has the lowest birth rate on the planet.

We are also hearing that the Dalai Lama, one of the top Satanists in the world, is being taken down as a part of the coming move to liberate Asia. To understand the real nature of this murderous pedophile, take a look at the video below of him abusing a child.

Remember the Dalai Lama has long been associated with Nazis. Asian secret society sources say he is a very ancient and evil demon and that his fall will open a real Pandora’s box,

This rare footage below gives a hint at the sort of stuff that might come out.

Also, this next footage makes it clear many of the mysterious flying objects we have been seeing recently are definitely hostile.

Next, check out the map of the ice wall around Antarctica that hangs in the UN building.

The latest from Antarctica is they have a Neutrino (not Neutron as I said in my podcast last week) telescope that can see inside other planets. It is approximately 10 kilometers under glacial ice. Professor Fedor Simkovi, the Top scientist on the neutrino telescopes is involved in the project. We have asked to see some images from this telescope and will share them with our readers if and when we get them.

So, with that, let us conclude once again with some of the recent anomalies seen in our skies.

Let’s hope that last one over Nuremberg is a sign the long-awaited war crimes tribunals against the Satanists are about to begin, When they do, so will the construction of the third and final Jewish Temple. No human or animal sacrifices will be allowed at this temple, only charitable donations.

Benjamin Fulford — April 17th 2023: As Ukraine war ends, fireworks set for Asia
The Ukrainian war has now ended and Ukraine will cease to exist. The next targets are South Korea, Taiwan and Japan, Asian and Western secret society sources say. The fall of the fake Joe Biden regime and its controllers is also now imminent, they say.

The war in Ukraine ended with the military defeat of the Nazi forces and the destruction of the Ukrainian army. That is why Yevgeny Prigozhin, leader of the Wagner Group announced “Our task has been completed” and “Russia has achieved the results that it planned.”

Independent US analysts like Colonel Douglas McGregor agree. He describes the war as a massacre with 250,000 Ukrainian soldiers dead and 300,000 seriously wounded.

That is why the visit of French President Emmanuelle Macron to China was to negotiate surrender on the behalf of his Rothschild masters, MI6 and other sources say.

Public statements by various leaders confirm the end of the war. For example, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, -who describes the US as “a main adversary-” says that “Ukraine is a non-existent country in financial terms,” since it cannot finance itself.

Since France, as a part of the surrender agreement, is blocking all further EU funding for Ukraine, it is game over. Polish news reports confirm this cut-off.

MI6, describing Ukraine as a “CIA failed state capture,” says “France will deal with Germany aka The European Union (Soviets) to wind up Ukraine so we consider the Russo-Ukrainian Conflagration ended.”

“The German Federal Republic, the EU’s strongest economy, do not want their weapons to be used against Russia,” Polish intelligence says. The western part of Ukraine will become part of the Republic of Poland in October, they add. In addition, they say “NATO will fall apart in a year, max 2 years,” because Germany and France have agreed on a new security framework that will include Russia. MI6 agrees with this prediction.

In case you did not know the fall of NATO is the fall of the Nazi Fourth Reich. It is a fact that NAZI officers have been in charge of NATO:

Adolf Heusinger, Hitler’s Chief of Staff, went on to become Chairman of NATO Military Committee from 1961-1964.

Hans Speidel, NATO Commander of Central Europe (CCE) 1957-1963

Johann Steinhof, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, 1971-1974

Johann von Kleimansegg – NATO CCE, 1967-1968

Ernst Ferber – NATO CCE, 1973-1975

Carl Schnel – NATO CCE, 1975-1977.

Franz Josef Schulze – NATO CCE, 1977-1979.

Ferdinand von Senger und Etterlin – NATO CCE, 1979-1983.

MI6 says all that is needed now is “the end of The DVD (Nazi Gestapo) and their overlords the Khazarian Mafia.”

This means the arrest of Klaus Shwab, Bill Gates, the Dutch Royals, Eliot Abrams, Victoria Nuland etc. is all that is needed to end the mayhem we have been going through, various white hat sources agree.

They have clearly lost if the bizarre ramblings of their puppet Joe Biden are anything to go by. During a visit to Ireland last week, the fake Biden “got confused about where his office was…snapped at his son Hunter…insulted the British…told a bunch of stories that couldn’t have happened to the Irish Parliament…couldn’t answer a simple question from a child and parted by saying “we’re all doomed by climate change but we can lick the world.”

Behind the scenes what happened was that Biden’s Rockefeller controllers failed in an attempt to blackmail the UK into financing their bankrupt UNITED STATES CORPORATION.

This mission was handled by Liz Rosenberg and Brian Nelson, described by French journalist Thierry Meyssan as “specialists in unilateral coercive measures” [2], sent “to Europe with the mission of forcing the Allies to comply.”.

In addition to various attempts to blackmail King Charles, they brought Mossad films of Canadian Prime Ministers Justin Castrudeau and UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak having homosexual sex with President Emmanuelle Macron of France. This is typical of KM control where nobody is allowed in a position of power unless they have something they can be blackmailed with.

MI6 responded to this attempt by taking these leaders all “under blackmail protection.” In other words, having them come out of the closet so they can no longer be blackmailed.

This means Canada, France and the UK are no longer under KM control and their leaders are working with white hats.

Of course, these leaders’ crimes are not going to be swept under the carpet. This is especially true of those who accepted massive bribes in order to vaccinate their populations with toxic substances.

It is clear from ongoing public protests that neither Macron nor Castrudeau is going to be tolerated by their people much longer.

The important thing for now though, is the KM has lost France, the UK and Canada.

One sign of this change is Sunak going out against the entire KM transgender propaganda by declaring “100% of women don’t have penises.”

In Israel as well, the mass murderer Benyamin Netanyahu is under house arrest. Also now we have none other than famous holocaust martyr Ann Frank’s step-sister coming out and saying pictures and video of the holocaust were faked even during world war two. This means governments have been producing fakery for a long time.

This all means the KM have lost or are losing control of the Jews. Most of them are now aware the holocaust was the KM sacrificing Jews to Satan.

Germany and Holland are also on the verge of total liberation from KM control, multiple sources agree. Asia is also about to be liberated, as we will discuss further below.

That leaves the KM with just Switzerland and the United States under their control. This group staged a massive offensive last week by gathering all their UN, IMF, World Bank and central bank stooges in Washington.

Their big powwow revealed a lot. For one thing, we now find out the entire COVID19 (Certificate Of Vaccine ID 2019) fake pandemic and real vaccination push was planned to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the Rockefeller-owned UN.

That is why the UN published a document last week using the plannedemic to declare “There is no other global organization with the legitimacy, convening power, and normative impact of the United Nations”, to show “our preparedness for not only health-related crises but also other challenges and crises.” Now they are using this to claim the power of the UN should be “maximized in the face of crises with global reach.”

So they are saying the fake Pandemic is the excuse needed to make the Rockefeller-owned UN a world government.

This is the same UN, by the way, that is trying to order governments to legalize sex between adults and minors in order to normalize pedophilia.

The KM tries to disguise this attempted power grab by saying “global emergency protocols” would only be “triggered automatically” in case of a global crisis, “regardless of the type or nature of the crisis involved.” However, just like US presidents create perpetual war in order to keep dictatorial wartime powers, the KM are hoping to generate perpetual fake crises to take over the planet.

The other thing that came out of their big meeting was their plan to create a one-world digital currency as the following IMF press release says:

Today, at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Spring Meetings 2023, the Digital Currency Monetary Authority (DCMA) announced their official launch of an international central bank digital currency (CBDC) Universal Monetary Unit is cryptocurrency reimagined from the ground up to support central banking and regulated financial institutions….Universal Monetary Unit (UMU), also known as Unicoin, is an innovation in store of value cryptography powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

The corporate slave media responded with gushing news items like this:

“President Biden often summarizes his vision for America in one word: Possibilities. A ‘digital dollar’”…

The white hats reacted to these plans by breaking the neck of the Satanic European Central Bank chief Christine Lagarde.

MI6 describes the push by the Rockefeller slaves in Washington as “last-ditch efforts to stay on a sinking ship.” They also noted the meeting mentioned “detrenchment in inflation, this means manually digging out of a trench if you see…”

One person trying to abandon the sinking ship is Barack Obama who appears to be behind leaks of a passport showing he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii. Our own sources say his father was the American Communist Frank Marshall, but in any case, it looks like Obama is hoping to admit he was born in Kenya in order to seek political refuge there.

Another group abandoning the Biden ship are the Chinese who have thrown Biden and his controllers under the bus by releasing financial records on Chinese bribes to them.

The trail of course leads to one of Biden’s main handlers, Alexander Soros who has come out of the closet and is no longer hiding behind computer graphics of his executed father George Soros.

Soros is in any case a front for Klaus Schwab Rothschild who is still trying to cling to power by hiring hundreds of thousands of “information warriors” to control the internet, policing social media and forums for “misinformation” and conspiracy content which will then be systematically shut down.

Soon he will run out of money to pay for this because South American drug lords have cut their ties with the KM money laundering operation in Ukraine and have once again shifted their drug money laundering HQ to Cuba as this news item hints:

We hear from South American sources that silver will play a major role in integrating drug money into the global financial system.

In another sign that Ukraine money laundering is being shut down, the journalist Seymour Hersh is reporting that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and his senior officials are skimming American taxpayer dollars by the hundreds of millions. Releases by Hersh usually precede white hat law enforcement action.

While the KM are losing their Ukrainian and South American money laundering operations, the white hats are also leaking intelligence about how this regime spies on and abuses other remaining allies. The official story is that all these leaks being widely reported are coming from a young recruit. However, as a Canadian Security Intelligence Service source says: “In my professional opinion, there is an exactly 0% chance a 21-year-old Air National Guardsman got his hands on top secret war plans about a war we aren’t supposed to be in, at least not on his own”.

In any case, these leaks have irritated remaining KM allies in East Asia like South Korea.

Democratic Party of Korea floor leader Park Hong-Keun condemned the United States for “illegally wiretapping” South Korean leaders saying “it is an unacceptable practice that cannot be tolerated in the 70-year alliance and a clear infringement of South Korea’s sovereignty that shatters bilateral trust…”

This comes as North Korea has cut off all communications with South Korea.

North Korea has now been given nuclear missiles that can hit anywhere on the continental United States. This means the US nuclear blackmail that has until now prevented them from reunifying the Korean peninsula has been removed.

This Korean move was almost certainly done in coordination with Asian secret societies.

It is part of a bigger move in East Asia that will include Japan, Taiwan and Australasia. 

Taiwan is likely to be the first domino to fall. Charles Liu, founder and chairman of private equity firm HAO Capital says:

“The U.S is not going to fight over Taiwan…They may try to get the Japanese to do it, but the Japanese won’t be so stupid to do it. The only stupid ones who might get involved are the Australians. Sorry.”

He is wrong about Australia though, Australia and China have reached a breakthrough in their long-running trade dispute meaning “we can get back to normal trade with China,” says Australian Senator Don Farrell.

MI6 confirms this saying:

“Should China wish to annex Taiwan and for good and legal reasons then so be it.” They add it would be part of a “strategic decision to bundle all of Asia with Australasia.” the MI6 source adds. He was referring to an agreement with Asian secret societies that Australasia will become part of an East Asian zone that does not include China “The US is defunct in any case so I wouldn’t imagine anyone would put up much of a fight.” MI6 adds.

In another sign of imminent change Russia’s Pacific Fleet went on heightened alert…this also involves long-range aviation and aircraft of the Eastern Military District and logistic support units and formations.

In reaction, South Korea and the United States will kick off a large-scale joint air exercise later this week, the South’s Air Force said Sunday,

This comes after China’s Defense Minister Li Shangfu’s trip to Russia on his first official visit abroad following his appointment. There he met his Russian counterpart Sergey Shoigu, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

We also note China has conducted a successful land-based, mid-course anti-ballistic missile test on Friday,

Also, all these moves came as there was an assassination attempt on Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

This is the work of the three-legged crow secret society, Japanese right-wing sources close to the Emperor say. In Japan, gangsters usually send a warning by sending a single bullet into the headquarters of rivals. The meaning is, “Surrender or the next bullet will hit you.” This is the message that was sent to the slave Prime Minister Kishida. The Japanese hate him because they know he is a slave of the KM who had them vaccinated with toxic substances.

In a sign he is no longer really in control, his regime urged Hokkaido residents to take shelter Thursday morning after a North Korean missile launch, but local officials told people to ignore this.

We are also hearing from Asian secret societies and secret space program sources that the resolution of remaining geopolitical issues in East Asia will lead to the unveiling of Antarctic secrets and the end of the quarantine on the planet Earth.

This writer has been promised access to the secret Antarctic bases –on behalf of his readership- late this year when the next Antarctic summer begins. Of course, we have heard this before but maybe this time it will really happen. We will know more after meetings scheduled in May or June with SSP representatives.

So, on that note, here are the latest UFO sightings from around the world:

Benjamin Fulford — April 24th 2023: US and Russian deep states likely to be taken down in June black swan event

The world is headed for a once-in-several-thousand-year historical anomaly. While this process will take years, a major inflection point is expected around June or July, multiple sources agree. This is when the fall of the US Corporation and the Russian deep state are likely to coincide with the re-emergence of an Islamic caliphate and many other events.

Let us start with the multiple news events pointing to the fall of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION.

The most obvious confirmation something is not right is US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy saying: “Unfortunately, I have not heard from the White House since our very first meeting [February 1st],…Biden has been missing in action and misleading the public.”

To understand just how fake the Biden show is, check out the HUGE turnout for his bid for the presidency. His 81 million supporters must be hiding somewhere behind those trees.

This so-called Biden is supposedly running even as multiple criminal investigations zero in on him. “We know of at least eight Biden family members who have profited from…human trafficking…It is gross, and it is disgusting,” says Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN). a Republican member of the House Oversight Committee.

Another sign that something happened in February is that the money supply fell by “6.6%” year on year for “the biggest drop in at least 60 years,” Note the 666 number hints this data is fake but that something very bad is happening.


The following charts confirm a continuing run on all US banks, indicating widespread fears of a financial system collapse.

This is happening even as the FRB pumps out record amounts of funny money as this chart shows:

Clearly, they have lost trust or all this funny money would be showing up in bank deposits.

Elon Musk, echoing many informed people, says “given Federal expenditures, it is a matter of when, not if, we default,”

As to the when, criminal fake US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says the US can keep going until June, possibly July, using “extraordinary measures.” This means stealing from pensions and social security, extorting from allies, etc.

The extortion may have even led to the murder of Mexican president Manuel Obrador, according to Mexican sources who contacted us just as this report was about to go live. They say he has canceled all of his public appearances and that the Mexican Presidential plane was sold to drug dealers from Tajikistan.

Both the EU and Russia have demanded that Obrador meet their ambassadors but he has not been able to see them, the sources add. These sources told us previously that Obrador was scheduled to have a secret meeting in Nicaragua with Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov.

This came after Obrador on Tuesday accused the Pentagon of spying on his government following leaks in U.S. media, and said he would begin classifying information from the armed forces to protect national security.

Now the official story being put out is that he “tested positive for COVID-19 and is taking a few days off.”

“This is going to be a very tense week and we will monitor the situation,” the Mexican sources say. They sent this picture of what appeared to be his body.

Regardless of what transpired in Mexico, the Khazarian mafia is now lashing out in all directions. As MI6 notes: “Trapped rats bite hard.”

In addition to the usual attempts by the KM to murder all dissenting “leaders,” we are getting multiple threats of all-out nuclear war. Donald Trump has been repeating this as have many others.

We also have Warren Buffet selling his entire stake in Taiwan semiconductors because “there is a danger of seismic activity.” This sounds like a threat to the Chinese to destroy Taiwan with earthquake weapons unless they keep financing the US Corporation.

Somebody should remind them that if they destroy Taiwan, then Silicon Valley will be destroyed in retaliation.

In any case, the troubles of the US Corporation or US deep state are well known and are being extensively written about.

What is less known, is that a take-down of the Russian deep state is also imminent.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, founder of the Russian military company Wagner says “a community of near-state elites that operate independently of the political leadership of the state”, is actively sabotaging the war effort in Ukraine.

Now Russian FSB sources investigating the Sputnik vaccine in Russia have found out that Alexander Ginsburg -the man behind the effort to vaccinate all Russians- is a high-ranking KM agent. They say he is related to the Warburgs, Sassoons, Windsors, Bourbons and other European royalty.

The same Russian sources, who originally told us Sputnik was a Russian-developed traditional Flu vaccine, now say it is not. Investigators analyzed orders for the vaccine and found 30 different contracts all led to a “single supplier” for “dozens of millions” of doses. The single supplier is not identified but, the FSB notes the vaccines were paid for using foreign currency. They add the contracts all went through a Russian company known as Gamalea whose “top management is of only Jewish descent.”

The FSB also confirms: “All vaccines, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Sputnik V are made according to the same principle” They say they are “DNA altering vaccines intended to modify the genes of lower class people.”

The Russians note experiments to find the “god gene,” began in the 1970s and 80s to control radical Muslim groups by removing the gene that made them believe in god. The aim was to make Muslims more obedient by cutting off their link to the creator, they say.

The KM is also to scare people into taking injections by creating the appearance of a pandemic by using a percentage of toxic vaccines. For example, data published in the European Journal of Clinical Investigation on March 30, in Denmark, shows 4.2% percent of a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine batch accounted for 71 percent of suspected adverse events (SAEs).

“Yes, deaths will be part of the process but who knows maybe death is better than living as a DNA-modified low-class dumb slave,” the FSB comments.

The vaccines were also apparently intended to make it possible to control people via remote control. For confirmation, see this Pfizer patent granted in 2021 for cellular tower communication with graphene-injected humans worldwide:

Pfizer – Patent: 11107588b2

Not only that, the Russians are now warning that with the worldwide rejection of vaccination now underway, the KM has figured out a way to use milk to alter human DNA in a similar manner.

They sent us a link to this scientific article claiming “mRNA delivered by milk-derived exosomes… can work as a new oral delivery system for mRNA.”

Polish intelligence sources also sent us many links indicating the KM is now trying to use the food supply to genetically alter us into a state of perpetual genetically determined slavery.

Just as the KM in both Russia and the West are working together to alter our genes, they are also working together in Ukraine.

As Robert F. Kennedy Jr. notes: “They are killing the Ukrainians at an 8 to 1 ratio, what we are being told about this war is just not true.”

Well, it turns out the great “Ukrainian hero” Vladimir Zelinsky and his government are Russian KM and their job is to slaughter as many non-Russian Ukrainians as possible. No sane leader would senselessly send his troops to be slain at an 8 to 1 ratio by a numerically superior opponent unless it was deliberate genocide. They are killing the men and enslaving the women and children. This is some of the stuff the Bidens have been involved in.

That is why Wagner’s Prigozhin says the Russian deep state is deliberately preventing the end of the war. They want to keep depopulating Ukraine in order to turn it into a homeland for the Khazarian Mafia.

Russian patriots are now aware of this and are working with Western allies to end the senseless slaughter in Ukraine and come up with a new security arrangement for Europe that will make NATO obsolete.

It may also restore the Soviet Union. In an interview with Swiss journalist Darius Rochebin, Chinese ambassador to France Lu Shaye said that former Soviet countries “have no effective status in international law…“In international law, even these ex-Soviet Union countries do not have the effective status because there is no international agreement to materialize their status of a sovereign country.”

“He denies the very existence of countries like Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan, etc.,” Antoine Bondaz, a China expert at the Paris-based think-tank Foundation for Strategic Research, wrote on Twitter.

In other words, all of these puppet states created as a part of the project to rebuild the Khazarian empire may be dismantled,

Israel, the other Khazarian state, is also facing an existential crisis. “We are facing a new security era in which a real threat is possible from all sectors at the same time,” Defense Minister Yoav Gallant explained Thursday

What he is referring to is the de-facto re-establishment of an Islamic Caliphate ranging from Pakistan to Morocco that is leaving Israel completely surrounded.

As things stand, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia and most other Islamic countries are now unified. Now Sudan and Pakistan are also about to rejoin the Islamic fold.

The KM-controlled heroin-dealing military government of Pakistan is fighting for its life. That is because despite doing everything it was told by the IMF, it cannot get money to keep its economy going. After all, the IMF is bankrupt.

So now, the Pakistan military is threatening war with India to prevent an election that will put Imran Khan back in power and bring Pakistan into the Caliphate.

In Sudan, meanwhile, it looks like the Muslims are getting revenge against the West following their subjugation by Victorian troops in the late 19th century.

What is happening there is that a KM-controlled resource-stealing mission known as the United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS) is being attacked.

UNITAMS was using a “Transitional Government” to steal Sudan’s rich endowment of natural resources, including natural gas, gold, silver, chromite, manganese, gypsum, mica, zinc, iron, lead, uranium, copper, kaolin, cobalt, granite, nickel, tin, and aluminum.

Now The U.S. Embassy in Sudan has been evacuated after warning American citizens to “shelter in place until further notice,” The alert said there was “incomplete information” about convoys traveling from the West African country’s capital Khartoum to the coastal city of Port Sudan. “The embassy is unable to assist convoys. Traveling in any convoy is at your own risk,” it added. The international airport in Khartoum is currently closed because of the fighting. As a CIA source comments “It looks like 16k American citizens have been abandoned in Sudan. Is this a replay of what happened in Afghanistan ?”

France’s foreign ministry said a “rapid evacuation operation” of diplomatic personnel and French citizens from Sudan was being coordinated with its European and allied partner nations. The Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Germany said they were in the midst of multiple operations.”

Sudan is the third largest country in Africa, by the way.

The Israel government – faced with a resurgent Caliphate and knowing its traditional US backer is going down the tubes- is asking China to intervene and negotiate a peace deal between it and its neighbors.

Also, in an attempt to make peace with Iran, they invited Iranian crown prince Reza Pahlavi and his wife to Jerusalem.

    #Iran crown prince @PahlaviReza and his wife visited today the Western Wall in #Jerusalem and took part in #HolocaustRemembranceDay ceremonies.

    — BenSabti (@BeniSabti) April 18, 2023

“This shows us what is really going on between Israel, and Iran. I don’t see Netanyahu there….” a Mossad source comments.

Asian secret society sources say the Jews in Israel will be protected and liberated but that their genocidal KM leadership will have to surrender.

Overall, the Chinese government says:

The world community faces a momentous and urgent choice between a vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security or the Cold-War style paradigm that merely caters to the hegemony of one and absolute security of a few.

However, in order to make sure this new security paradigm is fair to the West, the US and British navies are reminding the world they still control the oceans.

That is why a Royal Navy task group is heading to the Baltic for the largest Swedish military drills in more than 25 years – as the UK underscores its commitment to northern European security. as part of the British-led Joint Expeditionary Force, which is designed to react to events in Europe’s many crucial waterways and chokepoints.

The British are just positioning themselves for negotiations on a NATO replacement by reminding the Russians they can still close the Baltic. They are also doing this with the Straits of Malacca. This is all part of the deal-making between the sea-controlling Anglos and the Eurasian land mass-controlling Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

They have already agreed that a multipolar world of friendly countries will replace the KM vision for a centrally controlled human animal farm.

The big question still remaining is will the collapse of the “rules-based world order” flush out hidden technology that will usher in a new age?

For example, one technology that has definitely been suppressed is hydrogen power. As a small example, check out this SUV with a range of 800 km. powered by removable hydrogen cartridges.

The release of virtually free hydrogen power will make it possible for us all to live like millionaires.

However, the jury is still out on the anti-gravity and secret space program front. In a hint that we may be disappointed, we need to ask ourselves why does NASA, a space agency, have one of the world’s largest film set studios among its facilities. “Maybe because as their name indicates they are Not A Space Agency, they are just a film studio and all they do are movies,” a CIA source comments.

So, on that note, here are the latest project Bluebeam videos. We hope anti-gravity and space travel is real but either way, the truth will set us free.

Rats abandon Biden ship as US financial implosion accelerates
May 1, 2023

First, before we start, we would like to warn readers about a pirate site on Telegram that steals our material. They are also pretending to be me in order to sell fraudulent crypto-currency. We appreciate that telegram has been a source of freedom of information in this age of heavy internet censorship. However, there is a difference between freedom of the press and identity theft and fraud. This is not limited to me but is widespread. So, we are telling Pavel and Nikolai Durov, the people behind Telegram, to CEASE AND DESIST IMMEDIATELY. This is the only warning you will get. Next time it will be special forces kicking down your door in the middle of the night.

Ok with that out of the way, let us look at what is happening around the world. There the biggest story remains the ongoing implosion of the fake Joe Biden administration. This has reached the point where Hillary Clinton Rockefeller was forced to write a warning on the Khazarian Mafia Propaganda New York Times that a financial system collapse was imminent. Remember when Killary introduced her friend George Soros and he mentioned his interest wanting to get involved in US elections? The Internet sure doesn’t.


Because it has been scrubbed from the internet for the most part. Here is a copy of the file archived years ago.

This is not a financial system collapse, it is the end of Babylonian debt slavery.

The most visible sign of this was the de facto bankruptcy of First Republic Bank. They were taken under control of the FDIC last weekend after depositors withdrew $100 billion or over 60% of deposits in the month of March alone. This is part of a general revolt by the American people against their criminal and fraudulent banking system that has taken enough money out of the system (at least $1.5 trillion) in the past month to bankrupt all of the banks and not just First Republic. The FDIC has already used up its’ war chest so any announcements of “bailouts” or purchases by the likes of JP Morgan will be lies and fraud.

The Rockefeller-owned UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION has stolen people’s tax refunds and thus given itself enough money to last until July but the rats are bailing out of the sinking ship. The announcement by Susan Rice that she was leaving the fake regime means the communist faction around Barack Obama has split with the Rockefellers. Overall over 47% of Biden’s “A team” have now resigned.

This is why they are bailing out:

The investigation into the Biden family crimes has now revealed that at least 9 members of the family were involved in the family’s money laundering schemes. At least 9 Biden family members sold access for profit around the world. They are the definition of a crime family.

This isn’t just about bribes for influence, this is about trafficking children for the purpose of being sold into sexual slavery and tortured.

There is also a revolt taking place inside the corporate propaganda media. The firing of Tucker Carlson by Rupert Murdoch is a case in point. In the past, firing people from corporate media and putting them on a blacklist meant poverty and the end of careers for most corporate media slaves. Carlson alluded to this with these comments made after he was fired:

“If you told me…the Department of Justice would’ve indicted [decent Americans] them for criticizing the…the Biden administration… and charged them with felonies for which they’re each facing 10 years in prison, if you told me that could happen here, I would’ve laughed at you. And you…you see people you know become quislings… saying things they don’t believe because they want to keep their jobs.”

Fear of job loss is why corporate media whores have all been going along with the obvious lies. Now, however, thanks to the NSA and the internet, genuine journalists can earn money and get the truth out without the corporate media. This is what happened with Carlson who suddenly got a way bigger audience than he ever had with Murdoch. That is why Fox was forced to say Tucker Carlson is still working for them. It is obvious they are trying to get him to accept a huge bribe to sign a “non-disclosure agreement.”

Even if Tucker takes the bribe and succumbs to whatever threats are being made against him, it is too late. Take a look at the video below of the heads of the New York Times, Washington Post and other corporate propaganda news outlets resorting to goons to avoid answering a legitimate and important question. This is what the end of the regime looks like.

The rest of the world is also treating the fake Biden and his group as pariahs. It has reached the point where the US Corporation has had to murder the Presidents of Mexico and Turkey, two former close allies, in an attempt to stay in control. Both President Recep Erdogan of Turkey and Lopeza Obrador of Mexico suddenly vanished from public view last week (“testing positive for COVID-19”) after criticizing the US administration.

Our sources in the CIA say they were killed with energy weapons. However, the situation has reached the point where disgust against the US regime is so widespread that killing a top leader and replacing him with a slave is not working. Both Erdogan and Obrador reappeared looking younger as a result of the uproar. However, if these replacements start reading US propaganda, they will be removed immediately, Turkish and Mexican sources warn.

Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu spoke for many when he said the “American empire” is losing its reputation. “Europeans are Washington’s assassins in Africa. That is why Africans hate them. In the end, it is the whole world that hates America”.

Mexican cartel sources say the fentanyl excuse used by the Americans to murder their president is wrong because fentanyl comes from China and all Americans need to do to prevent deaths is legalize and regulate it. They promise to avenge Obrador by targeting the people behind “Biden.” This is a real threat because “20 million or more Mexicans live in the US, mostly in the Southwest. Believe it or not, many of them talk about a Reconquista.”

As things stand over 85% of the world’s people and nations have now revolted against the Rockefeller “rules-based world order.” As we have mentioned in previous reports, even Europe has also already de facto revolted.

Now it looks like the last true Rockefeller slave states are Korea, Japan and Taiwan. This is about to change. Last week a representative of the White Dragon Society met a representative of North Korea and the Japanese underground to discuss the future of the region.

The North Koreans explained the Japanese military was about to stage a full-scale revolt against the slave regime of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

Japan should learn the lessons of the past, from its “unreasonable and cruel economic suppression” by the US in the late 1980s, Chinese ambassador to Japan Wu Jianghao told the Japanese press last week, He was preaching to the choir. There is a consensus among the Japanese military and intellectual leadership that the vaccine-pushing Kishida and his entire government will be removed, the source explained.

The North Koreans also said they now had over 100 nuclear weapons ranging from “small to very large.” They said they were going to put their population into underground shelters or disperse them into the countryside. They would then target New York, Silicon Valley and Geneva with these weapons in order to force the reunification of the Korean Peninsula. The WDS said they would prevail because the US military would not be willing to trade New York and Greater Los Angeles for Pyongyang. This is especially true because the US cannot put its people into underground shelters.

However, the WDS asked the North Koreans to wait for a few months until the collapse of the US Corporation because then the situation could be resolved peacefully. This would include regime change in Japan and the peaceful reunification of Taiwan with China.

This tension in East Asia was seen in public with comments by the fake masked Biden about North Korea. (Notice the fake presidential seal on the front of the podium).

De facto North Korean leader Kim Yo-jong dismissed this North Korean “end of the regime” comment by the fake Biden as “a nonsensical remark from the person in his dotage who is not at all capable of taking the responsibility for security and the future of the US, an old man with no future, as it is too much for him to serve out the two-year remainder of his office term,”

In addition to financial collapse, a legal dragnet is closing on “Biden” and the entire Khazarian Mafia leadership.

As Archbishop Carlo Vigano wrote in a letter to President Donald Trump:

The investigations already underway will reveal the true responsibility of those who managed the COVID emergency not only in the area of healthcare but also in politics, the economy and the media. We will probably find out that in this colossal operation of social engineering, there are people who have decided the fate of humanity, arrogating to themselves the right to act against the will of citizens and their representatives in the governments of nations,

Also in the US, the Brunson brothers are continuing their legal attack on the corrupt Supreme Court by filing charges against three of their judges. This has forced them to hire lawyers who argue “they are just too important to be sued, that they should be immune to such things, and that (in so many words) are above the Law.” The wheels of justice grind slowly but they grind to dust, soon these judges will be going to jail.

Justice will be coming not just to the US but also Australia, Canada and the UK.

As Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts says:

“We know, and we knew that it was all Bullshit and we’ve been had. But we are gonna hunt you down and hold you accountable, We will expose your global agenda.”

It is pretty much the same story as with Castrudeau in Canada. Multiple investigations are zeroing in on this criminal traitor. The people of Taiwan, for example, have pointed out Castrudeau was paid by China for access & who knows else what. The video below tells the story. Be sure to read the subtitles.

Castrudeau is also repeatedly spotted cavorting with Alexander Soros. Also, check out the photo of Soros’ boyfriend.

    PHOTO: George Soros son with Justin Trudeau in New York

    (Credits: The Pleb Reporter)

    — Insider Paper (@TheInsiderPaper) April 29, 2023

Since this information was sent by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, you know it is only a matter of time before the Canadian military takes action.

In a desperate battle to stay in control, the Castrudeau government (put in power through Soros election fraud) has passed a government internet censorship law but that won’t help their case as this news item shows:

The head of the BBC has resigned over his failure to disclose an alleged financial favor he did two years ago for then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson – the man who appointed him.

In the UK, multiple corruption probes are closing in on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. It turns out he spent Millions of taxpayer’s money on the UK national ‘Emergency’ ALARM system, contracted to Fujitsu who subcontracted it out to INFOsys ( started by Rishi Sunak’s Father in Law N. R. Narayana Murthy, currently managed by Sunak’s millionairess wife).

We thought having a UK Prime Minister of Indian descent would be a good move for the UK in geopolitical terms but, a corrupt WEF slave is not good.

Of course, the rest of the world is not going to wait passively for the Anglos to clean up their act.

A move against the US dollar -their main source of power- is gaining momentum. Since China is now in de facto control of the US dollar outside of the United States, India is leading this move.

Asia’s richest banker and chief executive of Kotak Mahindra Bank Uday Kotak says the US dollar is the “biggest financial terrorist in the world” later adding “What I meant was that a reserve currency has disproportionate power,”

Over 18 countries are now trading directly with India in Rupees. Now Argentina and Indonesia are joining this move away from the Chinese/US dollar.

The KM is now desperately trying to replace the US dollar and Euro with a “digital Euro” they hope to impose by “before mid-June [i.e. before the USA Corporation goes bankrupt].” This is a doomed last-ditch effort to save the Babylonian debt slavery financial system.

As analyst John Rubino says: “The current global financial system is a Ponzi scheme and the new money spigot has been turned off. Excitement is about to ensue. You can’t taper a Ponzi scheme.”

The collapse of the Ponzi scheme will lead to the collapse of all the institutions of the matrix including NATO, the WHO and the International Criminal Court.

South African President Ramaphosa is joining many other countries by declaring his country will exit the ICC after they issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The WHO is also headed for hell and then oblivion.

Dr. Tess Lawrie says the WHO wants to introduce 500 vaccinations by 2030. If the WHO reaches its goal, each of us, from birth to death, is to receive 500 vaccinations in our lifetime. “We would have to call the WHO, the World Vaccine Organization.”

This is one of many reasons why Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Tedros Ghebreyesus, Alex Azar, Ralph Baric, Peter Daszak, Drosten, Albert Bourla, Stéphane Bancel, Klaus Schwab, Rockefellers, Rothschilds and the DOD are accused of war crimes involving the injection of biological weapons.,

The latest evidence of their crimes comes from the holy warriors in Sudan. They seized a bio-lab there containing dangerous viruses, which was funded by Fauci, Bill Gates, DOD & CDC.

As these documents show these bioweapons were being financed by a Hunter Biden company known as “Metiabiota,” with 10% “going for the big guy.”,

“That’s why they are freaking out like this, all their dirty secrets are out in the open,” a CIA source comments.

We also note the holy warriors in Sudan closed off the Rothschild-owned and controlled Central Bank Of Sudan thus closing off a major human trafficking outlet.

The Rothschilds are trying to get out of this by sucking up to China. That is why Chinese leader Xi Jinping spoke to their agent Vladimir Zelensky Wednesday. “We discussed a full range of topical issues of bilateral relations. Particular attention was paid to the ways of possible cooperation to establish a just and sustainable peace for Ukraine,” Zelensky said in a statement.

What our sources say is that a decision has been made to wind down the genocide disguised as the Ukraine war and start a “Ukraine reconstruction” feeding frenzy instead.

That may be why the Russian Wagner group is getting its supplies cut off as this news item hints:

When asked if perhaps the military didn’t want to provide weapons to Wagner out of a fear that the mercenary group “might storm the Kremlin” and seize power, Wagner Group founder Yevgeny Prigozhin conceded that the idea is “interesting” but said he wasn’t focused on staging a coup.

If the Russians don’t stage a coup, the Polish might. As Polish intelligence sources explain “The Minister of Agriculture rewards large foreign corporations with a large income, but they buy from farmers below their production costs. The government is consciously trying to get city dwellers to quarrel with the countryside.” The added the latest Polish joke (as in a joke told by Polish people) is “They say that in Poland inflation is 17% and prices are 253.57% higher.”

In any case, all this is about to change because, as Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told the UN security council: “No one has allowed the Western minority to speak for all of humanity.”

In a sign of what will be possible once this minority is removed, scientists have figured out a way to increase human lifespans by 82%. The scientists behind this discovery say “ethics” is the main obstacle to making this discovery available to the common person.

By “ethics” he was referring to these unidentified gatekeepers who have been suppressing any and all science that allows humans to genetically improve themselves.

These are the same people, by the way, who are trying to pacify us by creating a fake space exploration program as this latest exposure of NASA fraud shows.

With that, we will end as usual with the latest from the Bluebeam people.

We start with a video of alien-looking statues and carvings from the Mayan civilization.

With that, we beam out until next week.

Benjamin Fulford — May 8th 2023: Enough is enough, it is time to hunt the bastards down and bring them to justice
And that appears to be what is finally happening. Of course, we have all heard this story before, but there are many signs this time the long-awaited mass arrests really are happening. Various sources say the coronation of King Charles was the trigger event people were waiting for. Regardless of what you think of this unpopular King, he is the head of the Anglo-Saxon armed forces and he has promised to unleash a “vast military-style campaign,” His official inauguration was needed so military action against the cabal could be ordered, MI6 sources confirm.

Needless to say, if Charles turns out to be a Khazarian Mafia stooge, he will be killed by his own bodyguards, according to these sources. In what may have been a warning, the Grim Reaper walked by as Charles was crowned the new King of Great Britain.

By the way, King Charles is a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam, as well as Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) according to Burke’s Peerage,

No matter what happens vis a vis King Charles though, “We are entering a period where a lot of people at the top of a lot of governments who have been pursuing policies that are antithetical to their people are going to be very worried about surviving in office,” says Colonel Douglas MacGregor

“Here in the United States, I do not expect a lot to change until the financial system implodes and the economy tanks. I think we are getting closer,” he adds.

MacGregor -who is close to US President Donald Trump- only got as far as Colonel because he was too smart and un-corruptible to be promoted to general. In the current decadent Pentagon system, the common saying “it is above your paygrade,” really means “you have not accepted a bribe so we cannot tell you.”

In any case, the imminent financial implosion of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION clearly is forcing change through the system.

The biggest sign something is happening is the traitor Mark Milley resigning as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and being replaced by Gen. Charles “CQ” Brown Jr., the Air Force’s current top officer.

“See Q” Brown was put in his current position by Commander In Chief Trump. At the time Trump said “Charles Q — I like that. Charles Q Brown, Jr. Charles was confirmed 98 to nothing! That makes me a little concerned. I’ve never heard that before.”

Now the Biden avatar has been ordered to put Charles Q in charge of all US armed forces.

All though news reports say this will happen in the summer, something has already started.

A CIA source says “Something happened in Washington DC Wednesday afternoon that I cannot talk about.” That “something” according to a Pentagon General was “numerous stealth Blackhawks have landed at the White House. Think of certain high-level politicians being arrested.”

Other sources, both Russian and US, would only say “they cannot confirm or deny” reports of arrests. In my experience, if nothing was happening these sources would say “nothing was happening” and not “no comment.”

This huge increase in military aircraft flights is another sign some big military activity is underway both in the US and Europe.

There are other signs something may finally break the logjam in Washington DC. House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer has given the FBI until May 10th to produce documents related to human trafficking and other crimes by the fake President Joe Biden. “You are looking at potential money laundering… He was essentially an unregistered foreign agent for China. Those are serious crimes. You got possible racketeering. The list goes on and on,” Comer says.

Readers of this newsletter are fully aware the original Biden is long gone but going after his avatar will flush out the Rockefellers and other higher-level criminals hiding behind his image.

There is also movement on the pedophile front. FBI Director Christopher Wray, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and Justice Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz have received subpoenas regarding their “failure to seriously investigate” Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell and their ring of pedophile VIPs.

Other people being subpoenaed about the pedophile ring are Google co-founder Sergey Brin, former Disney executive Michael Ovitz, Hyatt Hotels executive chairman Thomas Pritzker, Mort Zuckerman, the billionaire real estate investor, and JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon.

The dragnet is also closing in on former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, billionaire LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Apollo Global Management co-founder Leon Black, Woody Allen and many others.

While we and many others in the truth media have reported on all the criminals going to Epstein’s pedophile island for years, the difference this time is that corporate media reports are talking about it. This is a sign that actual law enforcement action is imminent.

However, never underestimate the KM. Stephen Deckoff, founder of the private equity firm Black Diamond Capital Management, has just purchased the Epstein Islands for $60 million. “Deckoff is a Zionist and Chabad member,” according to Mossad sources. This means it is a good bet he will be trying to bury evidence of child torture and human sacrifice that many witnesses say regularly took place on the island.

However, the implosion of the financial system makes it likely the KM and their fronts will soon no longer have the money to buy their way out of trouble.

Even corporate news outlets are starting to report most US banks are insolvent. For example, the Telegraph, citing a group of banking experts, says almost half of the 4,800 banks in the US are “nearly insolvent.”

“Let’s not pretend that this is just about Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic,” Professor Amit Seru, a banking expert at Stanford University told the paper “A lot of the US banking system is potentially insolvent.”

What is happening is that banks are pretending to be solvent by using an accounting trick that was common in Japan after their real estate bubble burst. This means keeping things on their books at the purchase price instead of the current price.

For example, if Charles Schwab reported its’ assets at market prices its’ capital would be $23 billion or half the $56 billion it reported in 2021. So in theory it would only be able to lend half of what it did in 2021 to keep it’s capital adequacy ratio.

Multiply that by the entire $23 trillion banking system and you can see a historic implosion is inevitable.

No wonder depositors took out another $360 billion – at an accelerating rate – in the first three weeks of April alone, meaning total withdrawals are closing in on the $2 trillion mark.

Since the banks own the Federal Reserve Board -which owns the US CORPORATION- you can see the real reason Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says federal government could run out of money and default on debts as early as June 1.

This would lead to eight million job losses and a six percent plunge in GDP warns the President’s Council of Economic Advisers.

This collapse is coming because, as Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan mistakenly said in 2011: “The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that. So there is zero probability of default.”

This hubris came from thinking the US dollar had value in and of itself, -which it does not- and so now default is imminent.

A default by these criminals would be a good thing for the average American.

“Defaulting on the national debt would pave the way for the reinstitution of sound, redeemable, commodity-based money. People would have to concentrate more on real wealth than phony financial wealth, actual engineering, as opposed to financial and social engineering” says Doug Casey

“The farms, factories, technologies, and the skills of the workers, will still exist. But on a sound foundation. And with some new owners,” he ads.

Texas is leading the way. On May 2, a Texas House committee passed a bill to create 100% reserve gold and silver-backed transactional currencies. Enactment of this legislation would create an option for people to conduct business in sound money, set the stage to undermine the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money, and possibly create a viable alternative to a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Bankrupting these criminals would also take away power from unelected technocrats like the Secretary-General of the UN, António Guterres. Below you can watch him tell the World Economic Forum politicians need to make unpopular decisions in order to shape public opinion. In other words, be a tyrant and work against the people until they fall in line.

Now watch WEF top advisor Yuval Noah Harari, suggest the totalitarian restrictions implemented in response to the scamdemic, including stopping all flights and locking down entire countries, will make people “more open to radical ideas about how to deal with climate change.”

This is exactly what they tried to do with Covid 19 and it is now blowing up in their faces.

For example, take a look at this article about a landmark Covid-19 vaccine injury class action lawsuit has been filed against the Australian government and the medicines regulator.

It prompted us to do a “Covid lawsuit” web search that came back with over 112 million links. A quick scan showed a legal feeding frenzy has just begun. You can be sure that it will lead to the bankruptcy of all the hospitals, pharmacidical companies and others involved in this entire scamdemic.

War crimes tribunals are also a certainty.

The first high-profile arrest has already taken place according to CIA sources. Rochelle Walensky, the head of the CDC has been captured and will be tried at Nuremberg 2 for Crimes against humanity and attempted genocide.

Corporate news reports are trying to pretend her disappearance came because she “resigned.”

In Canada, expert witness Catherine Christensen rhetorically asked a tribunal:

“How was Canada’s Prime Minister capable of mandating the COVID-19 injections when he has no authority or control over the Canadian forces?”

It turns out Castrudeau had to fire four generals on “sexual harassment charges” before he could get his way.

Plus this on Twitter:

    "COVID-19 did not decimate the Canadian Armed Forces, the leadership did it from within"
    – Catherine Christensen
    NCI Expert Witness#COVID19 #Alberta #ArmedForces #vaccinemandate #CovidVaccines #Canada #TruthMatters

    — National Citizens Inquiry (NCI | CeNC) (@Inquiry_Canada) May 1, 2023

Castrudeaus days are numbered for sure.

His demise will be echoed in many other countries controlled by KM puppets. For example, if you thought an end to reports about troubles in France meant Emanuelle Macron had weathered the storm, take a look at the videos below.

With the US corporate government on its last legs, international vultures are circling and not waiting for its death.

In the Middle East for example, the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, and Iraq joined their Syrian counterparts in demanding the restoration of the Assad government’s sovereignty in all of Syria, strengthening Syrian government institutions, and ending operations by armed groups and militant organizations on Syrian soil….that means U.S.-backed armed Kurdish groups, jihadists, Turkish-backed militants in northern Syria, and Turkish and U.S. forces

This comes as the Arab league mends its ties with Iran and brings Syria back into the fold.

Russia is helping by organizing talks between the Turkish and Syrian Presidents, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Bashar Assad with the Iranian foreign minister.

Any attempts to install a KM puppet in Turkey are doomed to fail, Russian FSB and other sources warn. Israel must now sue for peace if it is to survive.

In Africa, meanwhile, the president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo became the latest leader to say NATO must leave Africa. At the end of his speech, he also noted that he would “entrust only Russia” with the security of his country.

The Russians are also finally figuring out the UN is a Rockefeller-owned private corporation and not an actual world organization. Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya said “We are witnessing a certain degradation of trust in the organization, which is called to represent interests of all member states, to be an example of impartiality and integrity, and its employees must act in strict compliance with Article 100 of the United Nations Charter.”

He was referring of course to the widespread use of threats, bribes and other methods to twist UN debate on Ukraine.

Why, for example, does the UN not discuss a mission on April 26 in the Ukraine in which 74 underground tunnels were destroyed, 678 child traffickers were killed, 3,876 human traffickers were arrested and over 10,000 caged children were rescued, according to Polish intelligence sources.

While she doesn’t mention the Biden role in human trafficking, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova says “The Kiev regime has confirmed that the administration of US President Joe Biden is a sponsor of terrorism,”

Also, why doesn’t the UN talk about reports from Polish farmers who say animals die after eating fodder with Ukrainian grain? That is why some countries prohibit the import of Ukrainian flour while across the EU stores remove and burn the flour. In Poland, farmers block roads so that companies of unknown origin do not import poisoned chemicals and untested products, the Polish sources say.

This attempt at mass poisoning seems to be a desperate reaction to military defeat. On that front, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, “is not even needed for signing an instrument of unconditional surrender” according to Dmitry Medvedev who adds “There are no options left other than the physical elimination of Zelensky and his clique.”

The West and Russia will eventually sit down to discuss their differences, but this dialogue should be held not with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky but with those using him as a stooge, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said for his part.

Maybe that is why BlackRock suddenly called for a meeting with the Avatar Zelensky?

Speaking about BlackRock. Did you know Blackrock made brain chips? Of course, they would…

Credit: HarrisonHillSmith, Info Wars

Also, check out these patents. One is for “Interfaces for syringe-injectable electronics Interfaces for syringe-injected electronics.”

The other is for “Method and apparatus for inducing desired states of consciousness.” GWEN Towers – US5356368A

So it is clear somebody or some group really is trying to turn us into remote-controlled automatons. The question is who? Many claim the ultimate control goes beyond people like the Rockefellers.

This brings us to the topic of potential alien interference in our affairs.

On that front, decorated Russian General Gen. Nikolai T. Antoshkin says more advanced civilizations are keeping an eye on planet earth to make sure we don’t completely destroy the planet. He also emphasized that UFOs are commonly observed near facilities where the situation is “unstable.” These include nuclear and chemical weapons facilities.

This brings us to truly bizarre happenings at the Kremlin last week.

First, GPS failures affected all services and devices in general, from navigation apps to fitness trackers in Moscow for reasons the Russian government could not explain.

Then an FSB source -who we have known for years and who never once talked about UFOs or aliens- sent us the following photograph of a giant triangular object that appeared above the Kremlin.

We told them we thought it was a hologram but our secret space force sources assure us it was not.

So, with that x-files type event, we conclude with the latest visuals from the project Bluebeam people.

Maybe the bankruptcy of the US CORPORATION will bring all this out. We shall see.

Benjamin Fulford — May 15th 2023: Planetary liberation alliance scores major victories as Biden Horror show taken over
The planetary liberation alliance scored major victories last week in the United States, the UK, Thailand and Pakistan, while major battles rage in Europe and Turkey.

In the US, the mass awakening has reached critical mass as 70% of Americans agree fake US President Joe Biden’s foreign business dealings, bribery and influence peddling schemes are ‘very serious.’ This means the majority of the people are now close to the truth.

They now need to stop being distracted by avatars like Biden or George Soros so we can target and neutralize the true enemy. That’s why I ask readers to share the following two short videos with friends and family who realize something is wrong but still do not understand what it is.

The first is about the Rockefeller family and their evil control of the medical and other industries.

The next identifies the BIS as the source of the problem but falls short of naming its’ Rothschild/Rockefeller etc. owners.

If we do not target the real source of the problem, we will continue flailing about uselessly like angry blind people.

Here are some specific names of war criminals who need to be brought to justice: David Rockefeller Jr. Hillary and Bill Clinton Rockefeller, Mark Zuckerberg Rockefeller, John Podesta Rockefeller, Klaus Schwab Rothschild and the various other Rothschilds (with the possible exception of Nathaniel who has been cooperating with the liberation alliance), the Dutch Royal family, etc.

We also need to go after top servants like Victoria Nuland, Eliot Abrams, Justin Castrudeau, Bill Gates, Larry Fink, Vladimir Zelensky, Alex Soros, Chrystia Freeland, Jens Stoltenberg etc.

In just one sign pointing to the extent of their war crimes, “There are probably only 18 million people left in Ukraine at this point, there were originally 34.5 million and if you go back to the 1990’s there were over 80 million people living in that place,” according to Colonel Douglas MacGregor.

This is a deliberate and massive genocide designed to kill men and enslave women and children for the purpose of torture and slavery. This did not happen during World War II, IT IS HAPPENING NOW. Any government official expressing support for what is being done in Ukraine is a war criminal and will be dealt with as such.

This is happening. We can confirm military action against these people is underway. We were alerted by readers of rumors top Pentagon General Mark Milley was dead. We asked two Pentagon sources to confirm. One said, “General Milley has been replaced by an Avatar and CGI.” Another who knows him personally was told “he was busy” when he tried to make contact.

Other sources told us Blackhawk helicopters had converged on Washington DC.

To hide their movements, weather cameras have been shut along US coastlines.

In a sign, Donald Trump is Commander in Chief, the fake Joe Biden Avatar has suddenly taken a 180degree turn and sent troops to the Mexican border to stop hundreds of thousands of military-age “illegal immigrants,” trying to enter the country (we will report more about the US civil war below).

There is also a huge secret war being raged inside the UK now. The Khazarian mafia is trying to use the Satanic coronation of King Charles (it took place six months, six weeks and six days after the murder of Queen Elizabeth II) as an excuse to take over control of the quantum financial system. The head of MI6 (appointed by Elizabeth) is having none of this and reports he is

“Under sustained cyber attack and death threat. I am in nightly contact with Richard Moore at MI6 in London and inside a closed and locked police cordon…Someone is feeling the heat after we exerted massive pressure to break up [the Rothschild grip on the Western Banking system]”.

This desperate attack is linked to the imminent bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION. This is now expected to take place in June as even Rockefeller slaves like the criminal Janet Yellen admit. They may have just bought a bit of time by selling another 26 million barrels of the Strategic petroleum reserve.

but, the writing is on the wall. Yellen warned G7 criminals gathering in Japan “a default on US obligations would produce an economic and financial catastrophe.”

She is wrong, it would mean a huge increase in wealth for 99% of Americans as the funds stolen by the criminal 0.01% and their servant class 1% are returned to them via a jubilee.

Bankruptcy or not, the battle to take these criminals down is raging toward victory. On that front, the House Oversight Committee revealed the nine Biden family members that received wire transfers from foreign nationals via shell companies:

1. Hunter Biden
2. James Biden
3. Sara Biden
4. Hallie Biden
5. Kathleen Biden
6. Melissa Biden
7. Niece/nephew
8. Niece/nephew
9. Grandchild

They also issued a legally binding subpoena to the FBI for a key document in the Biden family criminal scheme. The FBI is refusing to comply, meaning special forces will be sent into their headquarters to arrest top officials, Pentagon sources say.

In another sign Trump is back in charge, he was allowed to speak the truth on CNN about the stolen election and many other things. See the videos below for excerpts.
Video Player

Media error: Format(s) not supported or source(s) not foundDownload File:
Video Player

Video Player

, Trump is urging Republican legislators to trigger the first-ever US debt default. As Trump knows, default is needed to trigger the jubilee and the nationalization of the privately owned Federal Reserve.


In addition to that, there are now 413,220 Grand Jury Sealed Indictments, with California & Texas in the lead. The average number of sealed indictments before Trump & 2016 is 1,500 cases per YEAR. Since each sealed indictment can contain multiple individuals, it looks like the one million or so Satanists in the US have been identified and will soon be sent to internment camps for re-education or punishment.

We also note Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s vows to finish off the job JFK began, by completely dismantling the CIA if he becomes the next U.S. President.

    BREAKING: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. vows to finish off the job JFK began, by completely dismantling the CIA if he becomes the next U.S. President.

    — Leading Report (@LeadingReport) May 10, 2023

Somebody needs to tell Kennedy it was David Ben Gurion who ordered the murder of his uncle and father on behalf of his Rothschild/Rockefeller masters. He also needs to figure out the CIA has a split personality and that the white hats there actually support him; especially his stance on Covid and vaccines. By the way, Kennedy’s great-grandmother was the sister to my great-grandmother McCarthy so, we are distantly related.

Meanwhile, as real politicians like Kennedy keep pushing for the truth, the CGI or avatar Biden continues the theater of the absurd by saying: “We’re gonna solve all the world’s problems.” The fake is all smiles but refuses to answer questions.

Next watch the fake masked Biden say: “After no longer being vice president, I became a professor at the University of Pennsylvania for four years.” Biden was paid $1 million, but he never taught a single class.

We will keep a sharp eye out to see if “Biden” shows up at this week’s G7 meeting in Japan.

A lot of people, by the way, are trying to make a big deal about the fact Japan is opening a NATO liaison office. This is just lip service and does not mean Japan will start supplying weapons to Ukraine or fighting for NATO. In other words, it is just a big PR nothing burger.

Speaking about NATO, let us look at what this criminal organization has been up to.

On that front, the Polish Prosecutor’s Office for organized crime and corruption is investigating former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeders’ role “in preparing the invasion” of Ukraine, according to Polish intelligence sources.

Also, for anyone who knows someone that wants Ukraine to ‘WIN’ the war, ask them why has the United States, not stopped buying uranium from Russia since the war started?

According to Polish intelligence, “there are many reasons the world’s elites do not want to give up Ukraine. Not only was it their center of corruption; money laundering, bioweapons labs, human trafficking, etc., it also seems to be a testing ground for Digital ID, a cashless society they want to create everywhere. Does it make sense for a country at war to invest time and money in such technological projects when the population suffers and the country needs rebuilding?”

Colonel Douglas MacGregor adds: “We know that Larry Fink at BlackRock and his friends all thought that they were going to cash in big time, buy up everything that was left in Ukraine and exploit the region and the population forever. That’s not going to happen now.”

This is the same Larry Fink who says “Behaviors are going to have to change, behaviors have to be Forced and at Blackrock, we are forcing Behaviors.”

“We’ll see if he’ll still have the same arrogance when the military alliance force their way into his penthouse office suite and carried him away to the Tribunals,” a CIA source comments.

The same for Klaus Schwab’s “great reset” Rothschild who says “Get used to no privacy. You must behave as we tell you to behave, or else.”

Klaus Rothschild and his family members are facing arrest because they are on the brink of losing Europe.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is calling for the death penalty to be reinstated because it will be disclosed very soon that there are thousands upon thousands of pedophile child torturers, Mossad sources say,

In France, the revolution is still going strong and giving the “police” hell. The French people are pushing back.

The French people want out of the EU. They are cutting up the EU flag.

In a sign of just how unpopular Macron is, he had to do something no other French president has had to do and seal off downtown Dunkirk so he could visit accompanied by 5 ministers, more than 1500 police officers and generators.

Any leader so afraid of his people is doomed.

“I wouldn’t give a plugged nickel for Macron in another month, I would be surprised if he is still there,” says Colonel MacGregor.

“The British will find a new leader and they will go through governments until the economy collapses,” he adds. “The real question is what happens in Berlin with Sholz who is probably the most uninteresting, unimaginative and unimpressive leader Germany has.”

The same can be said about Justin Castrudeau in Canada. Several of his avatars, and probably Castrudeau himself have already been killed and the latest one bears a poor resemblance.

Now, his Khazarian Mafia handlers have attacked the rebellious Province of Alberta.,

Here is the latest from the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service about his actions:

“Justin Castro and his cronies don’t like Alberta because they stand up to him as he wants to push electric cars. Which means he has to destroy the oil and gas industry. People were told to evacuate in some areas. Later went back home only to find their homes LOOTED and the only people guarding the place were the RCMP.”

Castrudeau and his handlers will be hunted down when the clean-up of the USA is finished, you can count on that.

Russia is helping. According to President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation, if he is to be tried as a war criminal, then all US presidents who have caused dozens of wars around the world without even having the right to do so should stand in line with him. This could happen soon. We note that the Soviet Union has been de facto re-established as seven out of nine CIS leaders visited Moscow for the traditional Victory Day parade on Red Square on May 9. Only Azerbaijan and Moldova failed to show up.

Russia, working together with China and white hats in the West, has now liberated most of the planet.

Thailand is the latest country to be liberated. Thailand’s new prime minister is Ms. Paetongtarn Shinawatra, whose father Thaksin and aunt Yingluck were ousted in separate military coups. Shinawatra is a member of the white hat planetary liberation alliance. This means the country is no longer under the control of a heroin-addicted king who is being held hostage by the KM in Europe.

Russia and China are also fighting to liberate the Middle East. Russia said on Wednesday a roadmap to normalize ties between Syria and Turkey will be drafted in coordination with the defense ministers and security services of Iran, Russia, Syria and Turkey in Moscow.

This has led to a serious fight over Turkey. The Khazarian Mafia tried to keep Turkey under their control by trying to steal last Sunday’s election. They were able to force a run-off by resorting to more earthquake weapons threats as this video they released shows, Mossad sources say.

Also, take a look at the two attached photos of President Erdogan These are not the same man. The ears, age and other features are different. Oops.

There was also a serious proxy war in Pakistan over the past week. It started when dozens of paramilitary troops pushed former Prime Minister Imran Kkan into a black SUV, while others beat back some of his supporters in a court complex.

His supporters then set the National public broadcaster’s building on fire, torched the private residence of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, stormed Election Commission headquarters (where vote-stealing machines were located), ransacked arms stores and basically started a

This led to serious infighting within the army that forced Pakistan’s Supreme Court to declare the former prime minister’s arrest “illegal” and order his immediate release. He was then biometrically tested to confirm it was still the original Khan.

Khan was grabbed because he promised to expose Ukrainian nuclear weapons being sold via Pakistan to China, Iran, North Korea and non-state actors. He was also going to expose KM heroin operations, child trafficking and sex trade that has been happening for decades with the Military /police/ government officials/ and ELITES……

After his release Khan said; “The military is above law; the ISI [military intelligence agency] is above law, And if you have anyone above the law, then you descend into the law of the jungle. They can pick up people, detain people, disappear people. They try and influence judges; they clamp down on the media. There’s no accountability for the institution. It’s not democratic.”

Japanese diplomats in Pakistan note as background that Pakistan is about to default and go bankrupt along with the US CORPORATION.

Given all the criminal actions of the KM-controlled US, it is understandable why Chinese President Xi Jinping still does not want to talk by phone with fake US President Joe Biden. This came after US national security adviser Jake Sullivan became the first Biden official in months to talk to his Chinese counterparts. Our sources tell us he tried to sell US military secrets to the Chinese in exchange for funding for the US CORPORATION but was turned down.

The Chinese are fully aware the US is run by two-faced hypocrites. In the latest example, “The US Vice President [Kamala Harris] traveled to Zambia: she landed at a Chinese-built airport, moved on a Chinese-built road, and spoke at a venue that is a gift from China to Zambia. And yet she told the Zambians not to cooperate with China,” notes Akende Mmembe, director of Pan-Africanism Today.

What the Chinese need to figure out next is that the UN is also not what they think it is. In the latest example, The World Health Organization and United Nations are sexualizing little children in primary education worldwide, for the purpose of normalizing pedophilia. Meanwhile, judicial organizations media outlets and political parties are calling for the acceptance of pedophilia as a “normal sexual orientation”.

In another sign of Western moral decay, it turns out around one-third of scientific articles are “made up or plagiarized,” according to a new paper.

Speaking about made-up, Russia’s former head of the Roscosmos space agency, Dmitry Rogozin, says an official search revealed little evidence of the Americans’ going to the moon, He noted: “Soviet cosmonauts returning from multi-day expeditions could barely stand on their feet and underwent a long recovery after such flights, and the Americans crawled out of their lunar ships like cucumbers from the garden.”

The Russians have also sent us this link to a rather dramatic video of an anomaly that took place in front of the Kremlin.

So with that, here are the SSP/Blue Beam visuals for this week:

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