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Biden Trafficking Underage Girls

Planeloads of underage migrants are being flown secretly into suburban New York in an effort by the Biden regime, ostensibly to quietly resettle them across the region. But Dark Outpost has learned exclusively that these children are secretly being trafficked to high level politicians and elite pedophiles in Washington, D.C. Bob Kudla drops by with his monthly economic forecast. Michelle Stefanick presents further evidence that a body double and not JFK was killed on that fateful day in Dallas. Plus your telephone calls.


Joe Biden is secretly flying in planeloads of underage migrants and handing them over to the Satanic Sisters of Mercy, where they are trafficked to the elite and politicians. Jessie Czebotar will comment. Michelle Stefanick has more intel on the JFK assassination in light of the Biden Regime’s refusal to release all documents.

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