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Clif High News
The Assumptions of the TimeStream Dwellers
How deep are you?
clif high
May 21, 2024

“No man is born into this World a Master. For this reason, Man is equipped by Nature with the greatest of treasures, the ability to Learn. From Learning comes all forms and levels of enlightenment. The Man who applies himself, and studies to Learn, thus finds Salvation. There is no more Evil a curse than to name a man as Ignorant.”

While reportedly from an unnamed 2nd century BCE Persian poet referencing an inscription on a tomb from the Achaemenid Empire that had ended a few centuries earlier, we find this concept repeatedly working its way throughout history from 11th century Aiki-jujutsu texts, to 15th century Qabalah and magic commentary.

It is still valid in our Times; there is no Evil greater than Ignorance.

Assumptions are the base of Ignorance. If you are assuming that you do know, then you won’t seek to know. Assumptions are dangerous, especially unrecognized, and unacknowledged, as they blind you to what you do not know. Assumptions are built upon mountains riddled with tunnels and caves of ignorance.

There are no larger assumptions, in my opinion, than those arising from the TimeStream. Material, corporeal Life exists within the TimeStream. We are as blind to the TimeStream as a fish is to water.

Life is the fusion of Spirit and Matter bounded by Time. Life, dwells within the TimeStream, constrained, completed, and created by it.

There are three layers of ‘time’ perceptible by Life: TIME, the Pulse that creates Life within the Matterium; Time, the concept of persistence of existence; and time, the experience of duration within the Matterium.

Not all Life is equally ignorant of Time. As the pulse that creates the perceptible Matterium, TIME is perceived by all of Life as all forms of energy within the Matterium. The primary assumption of many TimeStream dwellers is that these perceivable forms of energy within the Matterium are separated by their sources, rather than arising from the same source, the Pulse of TIME.

Not all Life has the same experience of Time as ‘experience’ is limited by the flesh, the matter in which the Spirit of that Life is bound. Experience is formed from the sensors of the flesh, and the mental dynamism of the perceiver. The abilities of the flesh, and mind, frame and limit, the assumptions of Life about Time.

All of Life, in all of this Matterium, experiences TIME as a perceptible presence that may be termed ‘now’. All of Life, in all of this wide and diverse Matterium, experiences the same aspect of TIME, simultaneously, as The EverPresentNow. All of Life, without regard to location within this Matterium, experiences time as the same, EverPresentNow.

The EverPresentNow is the translation of the Pulse of TIME by flesh into perception. The perception of The EverPresentNow is the frame by which Life creates ‘time’, and ‘duration’. The EverPresentNow perception is inbuilt into the flesh of Life; as such, is expected to vary with the expression of Life through the various forms taken by flesh in this Matterium.

The perception of The EverPresentNow determines many of the assumptions of the TimeStream dwellers. It can be expected that these assumptions will be further constrained by the sensors of that Life, as well as the constraints placed on that Life’s cogitation by it’s perception of Time, duration, and The EverPresentNow.

It may be anticipated that Life, meeting other, dissimilar Life, out in the Matterium, will need to assay the Other’s perception of TIME, Time, and time, in order to address these as potential impediments to communications. Diverse Life, across this Matterium, operates on fantastically divergent scales of time perception, thus creating significant barriers to communications.

The TimeStream affects all minds in this Matterium. If your form of Life has an experience of the TimeStream that spans the duration of thousands of years, then you will appear as a ‘god’ to that Life whose experience is limited to less than a century. That the experience of time is altered by the scale in which it is experienced is an overlooked aspect of Life. Much of Life can be expected to discount the impacts of the scale of the perception of time on our cognition, and further perception of this Matterium. Life can be expected to assume that all other Life would have the same level (scale) of time perception, and thus would be ‘similar’ in thinking to the perceiver. It would seem unlikely that most short-cycle TimeStream dwellers would be able to conceptualize the thought process of Life that has a long experience of the TimeStream.

The assumptions of Life are determined by its experience of the TimeStream. The perception of The EverPresentNow will also be determined by the scale that Life finds itself experiencing. Life will necessarily limit its exploration of the concept of The EverPresentNow to the bounds imposed by its personal perception of time. Other Life, perceiving The EverPresentNow at a different level of scale, will be expected to develop additional insights about their experience of The EverPresentNow.

The greatest level of alteration possible to Life, in this Matterium, will emerge from changes induced into its perception of The EverPresentNow, and thus TIME, Time, and time. Any alteration to Life’s perception of The EverPresentNow will cause all it’s assumptions about TIME, Time, and time, to become visible, and many to fall away.

Life faces no greater threat than its own assumptions. Nowhere in Life’s experience will the assumptions be more pervasive, and more misleading, than in its thinking about the TimeStream. These assumptions are so deeply placed in Life’s experience, that they form the base for all its assumptions about Life, self, and Everything.

May 21
This concept of Elohim living for thousands of years makes perfect sense as it relates to the multi-generational (from my human perspective) changes relative to the money system, food supply, big pharma IC, etc., etc. The question that always made no sense, "Why would people a hundred years ago be worried about a strategy that takes 3 generations to complete?" They'd never see the fruits of their efforts, right? I guess the answer is, THEY AREN'T PEOPLE.

20240524 – Complex vs Complicated
It scales...

Academics who see the world as complicated are unable to comprehend the holistically complex observations of people like Terrance Howard and Walter Russell.

    01:30 Terrance Howard/Joe Rogan interview; Walter Russell; Universal One; Buckminster Fuller; Synergetics
    05:27 John Keely; New motive force
    21:45 Terrance Howard patents being cited but he’s not being paid; Reggie Middleton patents
    25:10 Complexity vs Complicated
    28:00 John Keely engine in Russia
    33:00 Brett Weinstein criticism of Terrance Howard
    39:00 Climate complexity

Direct audio link:

The Deafness of Ritual
WTF? Did you see THAT?!? Oh, no, you didn't. X took it down!
clif high
May 29, 2024

We start off in a village of Deaf People. They are a regular village in all respects excepting that the people are genetically cursed with deafness. They are well adjusted, have no contact really with any larger, hearing world, and don't understand that they are deaf. It just does not enter their thinking. They communicate by very expressive, sophisticated sign language. It is rich and full of nuance.

One day a few hearing people stop by the village. They stay for a few days. The Visitors are fascinated by the Locals. The Visitors try to aid the locals by pointing out that they are deaf.

The Locals are amused by the Visitors, though they think them to be quite mad. These visitors keep opening and closing their mouths in strange rhythm with each other and performing the most amazing gestures. The visitors were quite stupid though and did not appear to understand a single word in the village sign language.

Six of the visitors put on an incredible demonstration of psychic powers on the day that the group departed the village. In the center of the village square where everyone met for lunch, one of the male visitors set up a wine glass, empty upon a central table , then they all ran around directing everyone's attention to it. The Locals were bemused, and some were befuddled, and others annoyed at the interruption of their lunch. But then the most amazing thing happened. Five of the visitors all pointed at the wine glass while the long haired women visitor made strange mouth motions at it while raising both arms in that direction. Then the wine glass shattered completely without being touched. Everyone freaked out!

The astonishment of the Locals was quite clear. A gentle hum floated through the village as they were involuntarily vocalizing over the wonderment of this demonstration. Never before had the Locals seen such psychic powers demonstrated. A flurry of sign language erupted as the Locals demanded to know WTF, eh?
It did not aid the Locals one bit as the visitors were ignorant toads when it came to actually conversing with their hands. They could barely get across the idea of what they wanted at the diner without actually going up and touching the menu. So the Locals were left puzzling about this ever so brief, ever so dramatic, and ever so puzzling, display.

Then the visitors departed.

In the following years, the demonstration was discussed ad nauseam by the Locals. Books were written about it. Arguments about it were begun that persisted for years.

A group constituted themselves as the Guardians of the Miracle of the Wine Glass. A whole religion sprang up. The group of the religious adherents decide to replicate the Miracle. So they set out systematizing the whole thing. They get it down to the gnat's ass. They have the day, the time, the placement of the people involved. They have many duplicate wine glasses from different manufacturers as the original had become shrouded in mystery over the years. The idea arose to duplicate the demonstration as an observance of the Miracle.

So they set out to do it. They gather information to recreate it, and then things in the village when into chaos. There were disputes between various religious groups that diverged over the details of the historical reports of the demonstration.

The demonstration dominated village life for decades. The Village of the Deaf, evolving into a Nation of the Deaf, recreates, annually, the Demonstration. Always it craps out. No effect. But they persist. Time passes and many in the community come to see this as a meaningful ritual in their religion, and not, really, an attempt to learn to use psychic powers. This continues.

By now we are talking about a whole empire of Deaf People. Their central driving ethos revolves around this mysterious demonstration of psychic power by these 6 visitors. The number 6 is emblematic throughout the Deaf Empire. Their empire's internal power structure is dominated by the ritual recreation of the Miracle. Always it fails. Always there is a debate about why. The anniversary date is wrong; a different calendar. The wine glass is too tall, too short, too thick, or unused. The people chosen to represent the Visitors from the priesthood are too tall, too fat, too thin, too bald. The woman chosen to represent the Female visitor is too busty, has too big of hips. It's always something within the metrics of the ritual that is put to blame for it not producing the psychic effect of shattering the wine glass.

Back in our 'real' world, we recognize what is happening here. Your experience of this Matterium, individually, and collectively, forms your assumptions, and those can blind you.

Our problem is not that we, the people are invested in a ritual, it is that our 'leaders' are both Deaf, and that Dumb, and that invested.

Pushkara Sally Ashford
May 29
Decades ago, my then-Mother-in-Law told me that for many years she would cut the roast in half before baking it. One day, a friend asked,"Why do you cut the roast in half before baking it?" She explained that she'd followed her own Mother's apparent ritual of cutting the roast in half before baking it. But her friend's question prompted her to ask her Mother, "Why?" Her Mom''s answer came back, "I cut the roast in half because I never had a pan that would hold a whole roast."

20240531 – Very Large Scale Effects
if we have eyes to see…

clif is antiselenite. It's all that grit... they can't see sh*t.
Clif speculates on something that is beginning to show up in the data that appears to be a materium infrastructure-level effect being created by intelligent beings.

    00:40 Chemtrail contest was a bust; Twitter censorship; May go back to Telegram
    05:30 AI is not creative
    06:20 Kerry Cassidy/Scott Perez interview on proteins as nano-machines; Falsifying DNA evidence
    12:00 Winning case against Corey Goode
    18:30 Twitter hiding article
    22:38 Very Large Scale Effects; One day’s energy from Sun would take a year for humans to use;
    26:45 Brett Weinstein finds it hard to describe the SOC (Self-Organizing Collective); Losses caused by circumcision
    30:30 Processing new data set; Dealing with stalkers; Constantly armed

Direct video link:

20240531 – It’s Systemic
All that grit is obscuring their vision.

Grit scientists are failing to see the bigger picture–system of systems–that was sussed out years ago by people like Walter Russell, Buckminster Fuller, and Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri.

    00:15 Chemtrails
    00:45 Jean Baudrillard system of systems; Grit scientists vs Yogis; Eric Weinstein 15 dimensions
    11:55 Terrence Howard; Walter Russell; Ken Swartz interview with Jeane Claude; Synergetics by Buckminster Fuller; Vernadsky; Energy Calculations – Sun inputs more energy to Earth in a day than humans can use in a year; Abiotic oil
    18:30 System of systems includes kharma; Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri
    24:30 Law of Attraction

Calen Tanner Lightheart
May 31
I have been teaching Walter Russell's Electric Universe Cosmology for the past 25 years. Unfortunately jew tube deleted my channel, though I have everything uploaded to there is so little traffic it is mostly a waste of time. I went under the names 77Gslinger and Robert Otey on jewtube. Most of the material has been saved on my Odysee channel ": "Calen Tanner Lightheart" is the channel name.
Anyone wants to see the correct teachings regarding Russel's Cosmology needs to see my distillation of his work. There is a lot of bad info out there and Russell made some big mistakes as well, because he was not perfect. I corrected and amended some of his core ideas. You can see my "critical corrections" playlist on Walter Russell,whihc can be found on my playlist page for Odysee.
Also, I was working with Dr. Pallathadaka Keshava Bhat and I brought his work, regarding the Electric Solar Vortex model of our Solar System, to humanity after he passed away up in Yellowstone Park while vacationing with his wife and daughters. I have the final version of his work which never reached humanity due to his passing away right before we were going to meet in San Francisco on his trip back to India! Many people jumped on his wrong work and had millions of views on videos they made that falsely represented Dr. Bhat's Electric Solar Vortex Model.
I have a lot of work and all of the corrections which could clear up the problems with both of the geniuses and their work which has been falsely represented.
jewtube deleted my channel for telling the truth about the convoid hoax, before the psyop even left China. I had 185 videos debunking and warning humanity about the convoid psyop and the satanic mongrels at jewtube shut me down, with: 12 million views, 27K subscriber, 950 videos and 13 years of advert. free, teaching Cosmology!
Abdullah and Neville Goddard's esoteric interpretation of the Bible is the one I follow, since it is the correct one. Secular literal idolatrous churches are 100% fraud. The characters in the Bible are mythical. It is a psychological drama, not a literal history. The Bible is: myth, allegory, symbolism, gematria, numerology, sacred geometry and astro-theology.
I can say that with great certainty since I have read all of the books from Gerald Massy, Alvin Boyd Kuhn, Alan Watts and even Joseph Campbell revealing the truth from Comparative Mythology.

Direct video link:

It’s @elonmusk’s fault.
Don’t bit*h at me.
clif high
Jun 01, 2024

Will @elonmusk be responsible for the deaths of IDF (israeli occupation forces) and MOSSAD agents here in USA?

Is @elonmusk responsible, at least in part, for the continued well being of my stalkers?

Is it necessary that @elonmusk be notified of where to find the left-over bits of any israeli stalkers that come to a harsh ending? Is there some form of international agreement saying we have to tell the IDF where to find their remains?

As my bitchin’ & moanin’ in yesterday’s audio indicated, there are these stalkers who continue to appear here just to harass me. All of the stalkers encountered so far with the exception of one, have been jews. There have been 3 females, and 7 males, that have been identified. They appear to be working in a coordinated fashion. I have been dealing with their antics for these last 4 years. I have suffered some level of loss from these interactions, and my opinion of these minions is very low.

Probably they are israeli. They have IDF style communications apps and gear. They have their own (illegal due to signal strength) WIFI hotspot. It is powered by a small genset. They have two of the Mercedes chassis built Airstream camp vans, and several other cars.

Back in the initial days of the Covid Lockdown, I made a vid about how people could easily, and mostly safely, cope with the horse mounted police. My suggestion, verified by my own experience, and horse people, was that the crowd should all wave small cloths over their heads. The fluttering motion at near eye level would cause much anxiety in the horses, and they would NOT want to proceed, and likely WOULD fail to obey their controllers (police riding them). This tactic was used successfully in both Australia and New Zealand.

That video got me in trouble. There were complaints to Youtube, who promptly said “so much for your ass” & started squeezing my ability to put videos on their platform. The AU & NZ governments called the Biden Regime and instructed them to have the FBI rattle my cage, which they obediently did. What is pertinent now is that one of the visits from the FBI, bearing in mind it is a 4 hours, 21 minute, drive from their offices in King County to my residence, had the FBI being tailed (unknowingly?) by my jew stalkers. Note that the FBI guys loved taking the day off to come out here & get away from the office. In general, they thought hassling a 70 year old recovering from cancer over white handkerchiefs was stupid, but it is very pretty out here. The first FBI guy was just fascinated by logging trucks. He was stationed here from out of state and had never seen any until coming down here.

So now the issue is that X (really Twitter, who the fu*k are we kidding?) is going to give all my Twitter data to the IDF (the israeli occupation forces) in less than a month. Ok, so they claim it is a private firm, but, again, who are we kidding? IDF owns the company that X will provide with YOUR data in less than a month.

And my data. So in less than a month, will this israeli firm, subordinate to their occupation forces, and mossads, have my X data? Does it include simm card id? Will they have IRL GPS data? Will it lead to increased coordination of their stalkers against me? Will that lead to a bad outcome for their minions?

And X needs to provide some answers: Is it necessary that @elonmusk be notified of where to find the left-over parts of any israeli occupation force secret agent stalkers here in the USA that come to a harsh ending? Is there some form of international agreement saying we have to tell the IDF (israeli occupation forces) where to find the bits and pieces? Do we just post this info on X?

Just asking to get the protocol clarified so there is no bitching later.

20240603 – Is Clif High a CIA Plant?
While not an authentic Clif High appearance, this clip is so fun—and seemingly insightful—we let it slide past the typical standard of justification to make it onto this site. Tarot reader Janine lets the cards furnish the answer to a burning question.

Direct video link:

Murdering a corpse.
Dig the bastard up! Let's kill him again!
clif high
Jun 04, 2024

Rene Descartes’ double death is necessary.

Rene Descartes, along with Spinoza, and Liebnitz, is credited with beginning the Age of Reason in the 1600s. In a very real sense, this is a true appraisal of the situation. These were great thinkers. Brilliant. They left their imprint on our science and math which still influence us to this day. They were there at a pivotal point in history and the development of humanity.

Another perspective is that humanity was going to enter the Age of Reason at that time as we were coming out of the Kali Yuga. In this view, these individuals were filling roles that would have emerged with other personalities, had Descartes and his bros not existed.

The Age of Reason was foretold by the astronomy, as concluded by Sri Yukteswar. He was a mathematician in India, and an astrophysicist, who derived that the most recent Kali Yuga ended in the year 1700. Yukteswar believed the Yugas were controlled by the influence of another mass on the orbital path of our solar system. The current thinking is that our solar system trajectory is affected by the central mass of our galaxy as a whole, and that sinusoidal nature of the orbital mechanics are the proximate cause of the effects that humanity perceives as the Yuga cycle.

Further, the postulate is that the Yuga cycle is more than mere perception, in that the energy flow to our solar system, and thus to earth, and Humanity, are altered by where we are in our path around the edge of the galaxy. This understanding has Humanity encountering increased energies from the uncountable number of suns at the center of the galaxy as we rise up from the obscuring mass of the galactic equatorial plane. The Yuga cycle, as described by Sri Yukteswar, does indeed have archaeological support, as well as recent history in its favor.

Humanity did enter the Age of Reason in 1700. That Descartes and crew were labeled as the ‘cause’ of that development is actually a hold over from the Kali Yuga in which all things, and all change, were attributed to the personalities of the gods, and ‘natural forces’ were taken as direct actions of the divine by humans.

The postulate is that human mental capacity is affected by the increasing emanations from galactic center coming into our solar system since 1700. The corollary is that humanity was in a degraded mental state due to being deprived of these extra energies, both individually, and collectively, during the Kali Yuga as the galactic plane was an obscuring mass for 2400 years.

Now that we are in the Ascending Dwapara (Bronze Age) Yuga, which is coincident with the Age of Aquarius, humans have the benefits of this more energetic state of mind.

Just because we are more energetic, mentally, does not mean we don’t have to murder Rene Descartes. This is necessary.

Descartes died in 1650, at the age of 53. When he died, he left behind lots of discoveries in math, physics, philosophy, thinking, methodology, and other interesting areas of thought. Our problem, and the reason we are here to dig up his corpse, even as dust, to kill him again, is that Descartes saddled his Age of Reason with a huge mistake, that of ‘Cartesian freedom’.

Descartes was a Catholic. A serious Catholic believer, and adherent. Even though he would work for Protestant organizations, he remained clear that his thinking and precepts for that thinking were Catholic (writ large) in origin.

He invented much of our exploratory approach to science. Well, rather he adapted, and claimed the techniques and methods of the ancient Greeks as his own, and updated their labels and methods to his time. But he is credited with the creation of the ‘rationalist’ approach to science.

Descartes (in my opinion), was able to create and maintain his rationalist stance entirely due to the philosophical ‘out’ he had stumbled across as a young man in a discussion with a slightly older, priest/teacher in which he was pressed on his beliefs, and came to the realization that he, Descartes, was an ‘absolutist’. In Descartes philosophy, he decided that “god’s creatures” had “absolute freedom” within Creation (their term for the Matterium). In Descartes understanding, much like dumping fish into a pond, Life had been dumped in to the Matterium to fend for itself, with basically no interference from ‘divine’ interventions. It was this idea that created the ‘Cartesian space’ that sent science and discovery down this particular path ever since.

It was Descartes’ idea of ‘absolute freedom’ of action, and processes, that removed consciousness from science, other than as the presumed goal of the creation of matter, that is, the ‘grit’ of Universe. From this idea, all of science went towards the ‘grit only, grit always, and grit supremacy’ that actually arose within the Kali Yuga. In this concept, the philosopher thinks that by proper procedures in gluing grit together, consciousness will arise, spontaneously. That humanity does not know (yet) these proper procedures and protocols for creating consciousness (aka Life) from grit is merely, according to the Descartesian view, merely a issue of our currently limited knowledge, and that we will achieve this understanding.

Descartes saddled science with this view. Then the rest of us have been blinded by (this) science ever since.

There is an alternative view. In this view, Consciousness, writ large, is everything. In this view, all Life is Consciousness expressing itself bound in matter, and constrained by time. This view existed within the previous, descending phase, of the Yugas, that is, back perhaps 10,000 years. This perspective comes down to us in many different cultures which implies it was pan-global in nature. This understanding has Consciousness inviolate, and the creation of Life outside of existent biological processes is totally beyond human ability.

The major problem with the Descartisian point of view is that it leads to the domination of science by reductionism. Every thing within the Matterium can be reduced to its constituent grits in order to explain it. Consciousness, writ Large, or small, is deliberately excluded from all considerations in all the sciences due to this structure of grit first, grit only, and grit always.

Reductionism, by its very nature, and certainly by its practice is only providing an exclusionary focus for your science. The basic, unacknowledged process is that you are making your science explorations easy for your mind by removing the difficult from consideration.

Consciousness is difficult, so it must be removed from science. Then we can have progress.

The idea of evolution predates the age of reason by thousands of years. It can be found, along with much of the ‘logic’ for the Descartes position of ‘absolute freedom of creation’, within the Talmud. This idea predates even its encapsulation in rabbinical writings as both surviving versions of the Talmud have references to the concept being imported by way of the ‘Elohim’ (the gods of the Torah).

In my opinion, it is from Talmudic conquering, and domination, of jewish society, that the religion of Grit arose within Science. In my opinion, this was a deliberate hobbling of human science by the Elohim (space aliens) after they conquered vast parts of Earth in the most recent, descending Treta Yuga, some 8000 years back. This imposition of the Grit religion into science, in my opinion, was for the same goal as the reputed ‘destruction of the tower of Babel (Babylon)’, and the ‘confusing of the languages’. We have proof that the Elohim want to curtail human capacity. This is merely another point of attack.

The Grit religion has been in charge of science since the 1880s. It has cemented its hold since the 1920s, and basically everything except incremental progress has been halted. No real new science emerging in over 100 years. This has occurred as the Grit religion sucked all the funding into their explorations which all, inevitably, are dead ends.

Consider that modern science is expending vast amounts of Earth’s treasures with such as the LHC at CERN with the nominal, and notional, goal of finding ‘the god particle’. This idea only arises due to the grit view of our reality that is factually able to be debunked.

Many sub sets of human activity within our social order actually acknowledge the Consciousness Origin (ontological origin) perspective in their daily activities though it may be done so without any acknowledgment of this reality. A notable example is the area of ‘quantum computing’. Quantum computers are large, hand made, devices which must be isolated from ALL outside forms of energy in order to function. So is the claim. There are lots of claims made about this technology, most of which are false, and fall flat. But it is factual that the quantum computer, no matter how poorly it functions, MUST be completely isolated from all forms of external vibration in order to have even a hope of working.

These machines are run as a batch process. That is to say, much like Tarot cards, a question is programmed, and then the machine is prepared, and it is ‘fired off’ to induce a change of state. In that sense, the machine actually only operates a for a brief few seconds, and then the answer is extracted.

As the last part of that preparation, the machine is separated from its environment as much as possible. This includes separating it from nearby humans, and their thoughts. Yes, they work to deliberately exclude the potential for nearby humans thoughts to affect the outcome of the process, thereby explicitly indicating that consciousness is an ‘affective’ and ‘affecting’ part of our reality. They use steel doors, physical separation, and even temporal separation in the firing trigger so no human can tell exactly when the machine will activate. This is done with a physical process, random determinate, trigger that is activated by the human, and it sets off the quantum computer at some time later. The human can’t even suspect that he knows when the machine will activate, or it won’t be a valid run.

The grit only foundation of science is explicitly a case of consciousness, examining a reality that includes itself, but examining that reality without taking itself into consideration. Yeah, that makes all kinds of sense...

All of science, since the Age of Reason origination, has been tainted by the Grit Religion domination.

ALL of our experimentation is affected by consciousness, yet none of our science (outside quantum computing, and analog computing) address this.

ALL of biology excludes consciousness from consideration in their examination of Life, yet all of Life, is explicitly involving consciousness to some degree and level.

ALL of biology, and most of physics fails to acknowledge the existence of ‘ki energy’, aka ‘prana, chi, anime, Life force’, yet it clearly can be invoked, trained, and controlled by consciousness that is aware of its existence within their bodies/environment.

At this point in time, in the Yugas, our solar system, our earth, and our humanity is being affected by more emanations from the galactic center. These are having an effect on humanity. Thus the chaos of our times. Thus the emergence of hypernovelty during this time.

Consciousness exists. To exclude it from our thinking is absurd. Those people with the UFOs are using it to traverse our Matterium. Humanity will never learn to travel this universe as long as we keep our focus on the grit.

Thus the need to dig up Rene Descartes and kill him once and finally. Then we can get onto the real deal, the exploration of Ki science.


WEIMAR’S Khazarian Britain
Jun 4
It’s been a wonder to have followed Clif and watched his ideas evolve to explain the world we are presently experiencing.
Just as everything I knew that was 100% certain crumbled in my hands, Clif’s idea have provided me with what I needed to rebuild my own reality. I’ve done it ! I am reborn for the new world in which I find myself. Im not like any other person I know. I’m infinitely grateful to him for his time and intelligence to be able to communicate his ideas to me.
His mastery of English makes his words all the more interesting and fun to listen to.
Thank you Clif !

Roman S Shapoval
Jun 4
Descartes added onto the work of Bacon, who sought to use Nature, rather than appreciate its infinite possibilities. It's why many believe we can upload our soul to the cloud, while not even comprehending the spiritual, limitless expanse of the soul itself.

20240607 – Immunity...
It ain't what you've been told.
Nuke War will lead to open season on WEFonians. Germ Theory is a product of Rockefeller Medicine and is hairbrained. Strengthen your terrain to overcome whatever is thrown at you.

    00:35 Unprecedented giant building tension spike on July 16; Nuclear war: Bird Flu; Spanish Flu then Bird Flu in early 1900s; Black Death killed 1/3rd of all males done by Rabbis poisoning wells; May break the 100-year cycle due to coming out of the Kali Yuga
    06:10 Of what use to the Universe are the Jews?
    07:08 What is your name before you are born?
    09:50 Lucifer looked extremely cool; If Elohim craves worship, it’s f’d up; Yahweh and beer;
    14:04 Bo Polny; Jewish Culture
    17:10 Spanish Flu came from Fort Lee after vaccination; Never seen cancer in unvaxxed person; Rockefeller Medicine brought in Germ Theory
    23:50 Autoimmune disease didn’t exist before vaccination; Antibodies
    24:40 Terrain Theory; Vitamin D; Couldn’t spread COVID
    32:40 Bird flu won’t succeed
    37:50 Collapse of Rockefeller Medicine and medical training
    40:25 Nuke War will lead to killing of WEF types

Direct video link:

20240607 – 90% gone missing!
That dude is levitating!
Biologists have missed 90% of science by not considering consciousness. Current “science”. Conscious-free science is fake science.

    00:23 Conscious-free science = fake science; Current biology considers only 10%; Life = consciousness
    03:20 Reading full textbooks for Columbia U years 1 & 2; Virology is not a real science
    07:20 From consciousness arises form; René Descartes Cartesian Space
    15:00 Matter and form aren’t necessarily the same; Other elements are simply hydrogen vibrating at higher frequencies;
    12:30 God is outside the materium
    15:20 Clif would not have survived without 60 years of Ki training
    17:35 MedBeds don’t exist
    20:00 XRP, QFS, quantum computer nonsense
    24:00 Working with Ki energy

Direct video link:

It ain't what you've been told.
Transcribed by Whisper

Quote:Hello humans, hello humans. It's June 7th, it's about 830-ish, heading into town.
Crud, my road's gonna be closed here. They're doing sh*t. That means about a 45 minute detour.
Anyway, so bit*h and moan, bit*h and moan. So June 7th, we've got a while until July 15.
My data shows a giant, never seen anything like it, spike in building tension that turns on a dime
early in the morning on the 16th of July and then turns into release language.
Release language does not compensate for the level of building tension language, so it doesn't completely clear it.
And we have some level of residual building tension that has yet to be worked out going forward there.
Okay, hang on.
Anyway, so we've got that ahead of us. It may be that it's a giant party that we're gonna just, you know,
party on for the whole, from the 16th onward because the nuke war is averted and we're rounding up all of the Mother Weffers, right?
So it may indeed be that way. There's just no way I can tell from my data.
I just have the summations and then so much in the way of information that is, you know, questionable in terms of the censorship and so on.
So I can't really say, you know, is it the end of the world?
Well, it's the end of the world as we know it, because either way, either we go into a nuclear war and then everything changes all at once,
or we avert the nuclear war and then we start building our way out, cleaning up all of the problems and the miscreants as we go along.
So we'll see, you know. Either way, it's, you know, things will be as they should be because there ain't sh*t we can do about it, right?
Anyway, so all kinds of stuff here.
Hang on a second.
OK, so they're out trying their bird flu.
Now, bear in mind, OK, in the 1900s, in the thing that we all think of as the Spanish flu, there were actually two separate flu incidents, right?
There was the original 1917 Spanish flu.
And then in 1918, 1919, we have the bird flu.
Coincidence. My, my, my.
And if you check, if you go back and look, you will find that we have people as, if you go all the way back to the Black Death in the Middle Ages in Europe,
you will find that there is literature all over the place, including in, well, I won't go into all of them,
but there's literature all over where people recorded that the Black Death, which eliminated one third of the working population of Europe,
that is to say, killed one third of all of the males because, you know, the women worked at home.
They didn't work outside the house at that point. But the Black Death did all of this.
And the Black Death was caused. It was a deliberate pandemic.
And it was done by the rabbinical councils, the rabbis, the Talmudonians, poisoning wells.
They went all around Europe and they poisoned wells, you know, throwing in, and there's all kinds of reports of this.
I mean, even Chaucer records it, right? Obliquely.
So we're dealing with a deliberate attack on humanity that happens about every hundred years.
It's been ongoing since the 1200s and is basically like Khazaria's revenge. Right?
And so we go through this every fu*king hundred years.
Now, the good news is that at this particular time, we have the advent of the Internet.
We're 326 years beyond the Kali Yuga. We're coming out of the hangover period from the Kali Yuga.
And so lots of people are going to be awake to this. And so a lot of people were awake.
And so it's like, hey, guys, if you're unvaccinated, kudos. You know, you're one tough son of a bit*h.
You took everything they had, stood up and threw it back at them.
Now they're going to try it again with the bird flu, but they know they've got a giant bow wave, a resistance wave.
They can see it. They're feeling it. They know this bird flu sh*t ain't going to go, but they're still going to do it.
They have no other option than to keep on with their plans. Plus, they're midwits.
Okay. You know, Bill Gates is not a good thinker. He didn't write DOS. He didn't do any programming.
He had a shitload of money from his parents and he bought things.
So they're just not intelligent beings.
So they're going to try this sh*t. They're just going to, they've got a plan. They've got to keep to it.
They just have no other option. So we're going to have to deal with them trying to deal with us.
And their approach is going to be to try and kill us all off.
So, you know, and that makes so much sense. Right. So there's some really interesting stuff.
I enjoy actually the thinking about the convoluted nature of our reality that would allow this situation to exist and why that would serve universe in general.
Right. So basically, of what use to universe are Jews?
Right. Why is the situation of a clannish or why is the situation of a clan that has been captured by a mind control op from space aliens
through a complicated, complicated social structure with all these reinforcements on the various aspects that keep the people captured?
Why should that exist? Right. What good does universe get from this situation?
It must get something from it because universe is energy efficient and does not put energy into sh*t that does not produce.
You know, we may not understand why, but it has a reason.
And so you have to understand it from another perspective. It's like, what is your name before you're born?
We know you exist. We know you exist before you're born.
There is an entire creative analysis of the process that you can find written down into detail.
It's it's cohesive. It's coherent. You know, it's supported the whole damn deal.
Anyway, so you do not have a name. There is no verbalization before you were born. Right.
There's no sound. There's no feelings. There's no movement per se.
And you don't have a name. Your identification, so to speak, it's not really a there's no real need for it because you are just a smaller component of consciousness.
But your identification before you were born is simply your standing wave vibration, which is unique, absolutely unique in universe.
There will be even among twins, triplets, quadruplets. There are no duplications of vibrations.
OK, now, before you're born, there are no diploid haploid issues, right?
There's no DNA. So the idea of heaven and hell originate with the Bible.
They are not found in Hindu literature. They're not found in there are analogs that people say, but they're not the same.
But heaven, the heavens is sky, right? The heavenly council is actually the sky council.
The Greek word for that was sky. So heavens is is literally mistranslated into from the word sky for sky.
So these these beings were coming from the sky now. OK, so.
All right. So before you're born, you're just a standing wave of vibration.
When you're here in this planet, everything is very, very confusing. Corporeality is a bit*h to deal with for consciousness.
When we are here, we get our consciousness very easily. Our material cogitation base.
OK, so our brains, our minds, as our thoughts evolve and so on, can get very polluted relatively easily by the circumstances that we find ourselves in here
because of all the hormones and so on. Right. So we get these weird ideas.
OK, so the space aliens come down, they conquer, they say, you know, they're just brilliant, shining guys, just unbelievably mind shockingly cool looking fuckers.
Right. Lucifer, including. I mean, he didn't look like the devil as you people think of him as the people that have been Catholicized by Christianity.
Think of him because you've got to go read Ezekiel. Lucifer was the shining example.
Right. He was more brilliant than any of the other fuckers completely.
Anyway, so. So when you die, there's no movement.
Right. That's why all of the when you go to the cross, the life death barrier, there's no movement over there.
There's no oxygen. There's no sound. There is thought.
OK, so there are no Jews on the other side of the life death barrier. None whatsoever.
There's no Hindus. There's no Muslims. There's no Buddhists. There's no Christians.
It is not heaven sitting around, you know, saying hosannas to the feet of your God while you sit there.
Right. And you've got to you've got to have a second look at it. If this being is so ego driven is to need you to praise it continuously just so it feels good about itself.
That's one fucked up mentition. That's a really, you know, evil motherfucking weak personality.
And that's the thing about all of these Elohim, right? Yahweh, Azrael, there are six or eight hundred of them we have names for.
You know, we have individual names for the Elohim. Last time I looked, we there had been over six hundred and six of them had been discovered.
There's this long list. You can see the list in Sanskrit and and a couple of other languages, Pali even.
So these guys were flitting all around. Everybody got to know their names. We wrote them all down.
But these guys are known as very, very weak personalities. Right.
So like Yahweh could not be around beer without drinking it. And he likes salt and blood in his beer, human blood.
So, you know, these these are not nice alien beings, but they give us this idea of heaven, which is not factual.
And so when you die, you go to the place after this. But that place is within consciousness and has no corporeal form.
So you're not going to be fishing. And by the way, you're not ever going to see any of the relatives.
Sorry to say, you know, this is just one of the things I have to tell you is you're not going to die and go and cohabit with the relatives that have gone ahead of you. Right.
You are individuated on the other side of the life death barrier.
You're encapsulated in a way that is not pertinent to get into at this point. But nonetheless, you won't see your relatives.
There is a period of time for 24 hours after you die here, before you've gone 100 percent through the life death barrier, that you do all of these things.
You go and you you're dead, but you go see the relatives and you talk to them in your your dreams.
The people that are in their dreams, the people that you're leaving, right, leaving behind.
I've had this happen repeatedly with people that have died, like too many to even I'd have to go through and count them all up.
It's happened that many times. They've come and seen me after passing.
OK, so. All right.
This is where. OK, so anyway, so you go to this place on the other side of life death barrier.
There is no Jews. There is no Muslims. None of that sh*t. Right.
And so you get born and then you're born into this world where we have all of these weird divisions and stuff.
So it's my supposition that these weird divisions and things are meaningful, at least to the extent of the experience that they force on us in this in this realm.
But they are not meaningful in a broader sense of things. Right.
So you may think so, like Bo Pony. Right.
He's a he's this weird he's a gold guy and he's got this, you know, strange attachment to misinterpreted descriptions of the Old Testament Bible.
He is really into this Old Testament sh*t. There's a lot of guys.
They just get really their minds get wrapped up in it.
But Bo Pony is not a Christian after he's dead. And that's going to shock him.
All right. So he will recognize after he has died that he's not a Christian on the other side of the life death barrier and that nobody is. Right.
So it's just a it's a it's a strange thing to go from there to here.
We do it repeatedly and we can get into that, too, at some point as to the sort of the why of it all.
In any event, though, so these guys, the so there are people that get born here as Jews. Right.
And not all the Jews are bad guys. I've got a couple of great friends that are Jews. Right.
They're just stellar individuals. I know a bunch more, but they are within a culture that has impressed on them
hooks to their mind to support the Elohim worship cult and the rabbinical councils that have captured Judaism in spite of what you may know about what they do.
So a lot of Jews will not rat another Jew out under any circumstances because that's deep in the inculcation of the Jewish culture.
But they know that these guys are abusing children. They even know of ritual sacrifices going on and they won't say anything.
So, you know, and it's just like amazing that we've got Israelis that are bitching to the Israeli government about their genocide at this point.
They'll do it internally, but they won't say sh*t to anybody outside of the Klan.
And this is just the nature of the Klan itself. And then the Elohim, the space aliens have structured this incredible mind control apparatus around the Jewish culture.
Just amazing when you start analyzing.
This has a, this, this forms a, this aspect of it, the mind control put on the Jews by the Elohim space aliens is forming a component to this, my next big project,
which is going to take seven or eight years to really even get into it.
I won't even know for eight years how long it's going to take to complete.
So anyway, though, that's good. I wanted, wanted something to do.
Something long term. Slugging down the coffee here. It's real early.
I got to get into town before it gets hot, get a bunch of stuff done, pick up hundreds of pounds of crap, and then rush back.
Okay. So in the 1900s, we had 1917, we had the Spanish flu, which wasn't Spanish.
And it came from Fort Lee in Kansas, I believe, after they vaccinated a bunch of people.
Now, bear in mind, okay. In the, it was only from 1890 onward that vaccines became even allowed.
Okay. And then ultimately they become accepted, but you will find repeatedly doctors writing articles.
All up through into the 1930s, where you will, and it fades off in the 1930s, this particular phrase where they say,
I've never seen a case of cancer in an unvaccinated person.
Okay. So, and that's factual, right? And we don't see cancers in unvaccinated dogs.
So vaccines cause cancer. There's just, there it's in my opinion, it's like, fu*k the correlation.
Vaccines cause cancers and there it's done deliberately. They put in quote adjuvants.
Anyway, so they're going to try this bird flu.
You have to understand something, right? That we're looking at a inculcation and an obscuring and deliberate deceptions within our medical system at a hugely deep level.
Because Rockefeller took over all of the medical colleges back in the thirties, the way that the Wokonians took over all of the teachers colleges here in the, the nineties and stuff. Right?
So hang on a second. All right. So the Wokonians took over the colleges and then use that to force their, their mind virus on everybody.
It's not a virus, but their, their mind control. But even before that, we had Rockefeller in the 1920s buying up all of medicine basically.
And he brought in germ theory and he brought in immunology, both germ theory and immunology, a subset of which is virology.
All of these have some inherently flawed and inherently flawed premise that, so their premises are, are bad.
Their assumptions are bad and the huge fake sciences have been built around these fake assumptions.
Okay. Now, and the fake assumptions, if you ever, if you were in that business, if you were in the medicine business and stuff, and you started mouthing off about their fake assumptions,
Rockefeller's money would beat you into the fu*king ground. They even put people in jail for sh*t.
So they put Reich, William Reich in jail for this kind of sh*t. Right.
And for mouthing off about stuff that did put Rockefeller's medicine approach into disrepute.
And the same thing happens if you get into any of the education issues, if you touch any of the issues about their mind control virus.
Now, the good news for me is that at one level, the Jewish mind control virus that keeps most of the, keeps all of the rabbinical council guys and all of the Talmudic Jews captured,
but only slightly influences the non-Talmudic Jews, that does not impress.
That whole mind control thing cannot be impressed on white people, on non-Jewish white people.
And get into the details as to why, but it's not, it doesn't work. They can get some little bits of it and that's about it.
So they have to use social reinforcement to try and get their stuff to happen.
That social reinforcement comes in by way of laws and sh*t. And so that's why we find ourselves in this structure.
All right. So they're going to try the bird flu. They're ramping it up.
Even they know it's not going to, not going to go, but they've got no option other than to continue with it.
They will do things. Now, it is my opinion though, that the following is a, is a pretty good statement of our situation.
That germ theory is not factual as it is presented. And that immunology as it is presented is not factual.
So germ theory says that basically the state of your body makes no fu*king difference.
Okay. So you can be weak on your deathbed with nine different kinds of conditional diseases, but it's still, as far as germ theory is going,
it's still the bird flu that comes on up and kills you. Right. And so you were weak against the bird flu.
And so the, that's the, the germ theory part that you have no, so in germ theory, germs are more powerful than anything on the planet.
Okay. Cause they can kill you regardless of the state of your body, no matter how healthy you are, that germ can come in and get you.
All right. And then there are subsets to this. One is that viri, which nobody's ever found or isolated, actually.
We've only had inference of it through testing. And then if you dispute the inference through testing,
they stomp you with their lawyers and stuff for being a virus denier, right? Just like I'm a climate denier, that kind of sh*t.
Okay. So that's the subset of germ theory is that viruses are as bad or worse than germs, but then it goes over to immunology.
And in immunology, they support the idea of germ theory by saying that your body cannot, under any circumstances,
ever, ever, ever defend itself against a disease pathogen, unless you have antibodies.
And then they go on to invent all of this bullshit about antibodies. Okay. So, this is really, you get into it,
you find conflicting statements on the part of all of these supposed experts, all of these supposed medical experts about the nature of antibodies.
That if you don't have enough, you're doomed. Right. And that now it turns out you can have,
so antibodies were supposedly so key, so smart that they could find that germ or that virus in you at one cell out of every million,
they could go find it and they could kill that virus or that germ for you. And so they're very, that selective.
Only now it turns out antibodies aren't selective at all and they'll kill any kind of fu*king things.
And oh, by the way, if you get your own cells twisted out, your own antibodies will show up as your,
your cells are attacked by your own fu*king body. And we call this an autoimmune disease,
but there were no autoimmune diseases that existed prior to vaccines. None. Go look it up.
Lupus, none of these autoimmune diseases. Now, these are all categories that are all labeling of symptomology and they're putting it down and they're saying,
oh, it's this virus or that, that germ. And the fact is they, it's a guess.
They have no fu*king idea what the hell causes any of this sh*t. So, so that's, that's the immunology.
The immunology is that antibodies are the end all and be all, but yet their understanding of antibodies is so fu*king confused.
They can, they say that there's bad antibodies and good antibodies and the bad on antibodies somehow are different than the good antibodies and they attack your body itself.
So anyway, so they've got too many contradictions in there for me to understand and buy the scenarios that they're putting out.
And that's also inclusive of virus and germ theory. Now there's this other theory about terrain.
That is to say that you can't get ill if you take care of yourself. Right. And it has nothing to do with antibodies.
It has to do with your basic infrastructure, how healthy you are in, in all different kinds of things,
how good your food is, how much pollution you're carrying around, you know, how many microplastic bits you've got in your NADs.
All of this stuff comes up to a sum total of the picture of your body's terrain, so to speak.
And this, this in a way is, can be statistically like in real world, statistically validated.
So we can actually go through and say that if we examine even just one component of the terrain of the human body and we'll take vitamin D,
if we take that, just that single element, we find that if you have 20 nanograms per milliliter of vitamin D, you're only eight away from dying.
If you get down to 12 or so, you're going to die. At 20, you will die from, because your terrain is weak.
It has no ability to fight off disease in many, many different forms.
OK, so here's, here's the facts of it is that if you've got 55 nanograms per milliliter on your, on your vitamin D, you can't get the flu.
You can't get flu, period. Any, any kind of flu. It doesn't matter.
So you couldn't get COVID if you tried. In fact, there were 100 people that they tried to give COVID to without the shot. Right.
So they had a test and they gave 100 people, put them into a room in a hospital and in a bunch of rooms in a hospital,
and they tried to infect them and they could not get any of them to infect.
If they upped the cycles to something outrageous like 65 or 70 on the PCR test, they could get the PCR test to register.
But none of the people ever had any COVID symptoms and they were paid for this.
It was to be the ultimate test to prove the vaccines worked.
And it proved that they weren't even in the ballpark here.
Anyway, so if you have vitamin D at 55, you won't get ill.
If you have vitamin D at 85, nobody at 85 ever gets colon cancer.
Nobody with vitamin D at 85 gets any number of these cancers.
They have no cancer potential. Now, guess what?
Vaccines have adjuvants, including aluminum and other things in them.
So they also have cancer cells and all this other sh*t to get you started.
But they have these adjuvants that destroy your body's ability to deal with and produce vitamin D because that's produced in your liver.
Primarily, it's not really coming from your skin.
Yes, you do produce some there, but it's a small fraction of the overall production that you've got.
And vitamin D is a component that is involved in the breakdown and use of cholesterol that goes all the way into the hormones.
OK, so here we go.
All right. So it like 87 nanograms per milliliter.
Nobody's ever gotten systemic leukemia.
OK, so there's all kinds of effects here just from vitamin D alone.
So if you have your terrain plumped up, you can't get ill from their germ theory.
But if you allow them to give you bad food, you know, seed oils, all of these things that basically all degrade the ability of the body to maintain and protect a healthy itself as a healthy domain,
then indeed you will get sick. And they can call it germ theory or not.
The germ happens to be in your body. I'm carrying streptococcus now, but I don't have strep throat, right?
The body maintains all of this stuff.
So that's just the way it is. And they can find sh*t in you, but doesn't necessarily mean you're going to be sick from it.
So, you know, so immunology, as far as I'm concerned, is basically so much horseshit.
They've got some small science there about the actual biochemical mechanics in the cell structure, dealing with the various vitamins and stuff.
But beyond that, their fundamental premise is really flawed and can be debunked in so many ways.
But of course, if you start doing that, you're going to be anti-medicine.
They're going to, you know, throw you in jail like William Reich and all of that.
Except now they won't, right? Because everything's broken down.
Because we're out of the Kali Yuga. We're no longer being held in mind control by the Elohim space aliens or the Elohim worship cult.
The Elohim worship cult still has their captured rabbis. It still has their captured Jewish culture.
But they're not able to push it out the way that they used to because people are thinking better.
Okay, so there's all different kinds of ramifications that come from these understandings.
But when they come up with the bird flu, take a vitamin C, right?
Get your vitamin D up there. Get your terrain fit because you're being assaulted.
Mostly you're being assaulted by their psychological warfare stuff.
Because here's the thing. We have and we've been investigating ethnically.
We've been investigating bioweapons since the 1940s.
The Chinese used them in conquering China. The CCP used bioweapons.
They would poison villages and this kind of thing, right?
Throw dead rats into the wells and these kind of things.
Just getting at those people with weak constitutions and they would die from the poisonings.
Now, our efforts to produce a humanity killing, really virulent, you know, one in four or three out of four people dead kind of bioweapons have all failed.
We have not been able to make any fu*king bioweapons worth a damn.
Now, we know this because these bioweapons, we have absolute proof.
Because had they been able to do this, the Elohim worship cult would have used them.
They worked for 15 years.
So, Falke's chief of staff and all of his people, Fort Dietrich, all of these other military bases were working for 15 fu*king years to create the spike protein.
And then it took them another five years to put it onto a coronavirus.
And look how fu*king weak COVID is.
I actually came in contact with COVID back in 2020.
So, it would have been just before the lockdowns here or just after.
Because I kept going to the beach even though they'd had them locked down.
I just used my car and pushed the barrier aside and take the dogs down. fu*k them, right?
And their propaganda, they were trying to do sh*t to me.
But as long as you just stood up and gave them sh*t right back, they would back down.
So, I've been assaulted six times over COVID, over not wearing a mask and all this kind of sh*t.
And every single time, these weak spineless motherfuckers would back down as soon as I started getting my Irish up, right?
Anyway, so basically they're going to try the bird flu sh*t.
You need to get your terrain, you need to get your body hardened because these fuckers are still trying this sh*t on us.
And also note that they will not succeed.
They're not going to come up with a bird flu that's going to kill 9 out of 10 people.
They just cannot do it.
It can't happen that way because their ideas on this are all based off of the idea of germ theory, virology, and the immunology as pseudosciences.
So, those things are flawed.
Therefore, their work trying to make them into super weapons also was flawed and didn't go anywhere.
Can't go anywhere.
Physically, they cannot do what they think they can do.
And they think they can do it because their underlying premise is bad.
That is that there's a germ.
And then you'll see them talk about super germs and super powerful germs and all of this kind of sh*t when in fact it doesn't matter, right?
There's no germ more powerful than any other, etc., etc., etc.
So, anyway, they're still going to do that stuff because the people that are in the military, especially, are coming from academia.
The academics think that germ theory is solid because they've been trained to think that it's solid.
The academics think that immunology is actually something that works, that it actually is a science, that it has some basis behind it because they've been trained not to question any or any of these assumptions, right?
So, I'm an iconoclast.
You know, I think all of this stuff is horseshit.
And I'm here to tell you that it's horseshit.
And I'm alive.
I don't have any problems.
Like I say, I encountered COVID back in the day down on the beach.
I'd been talking with some people.
Probably one of them had come in contact with it.
They did indeed release COVID, all right?
They took that spike protein on coronavirus and they put it in the hands of a lot of Chinese people who went around and put it in stores and went to Safeway stores and went to food stores.
They went to Home Depots and they put this COVID sh*t on everything.
We have videotape of these Chinese agents running around spraying them, little spray bottles, little wipers that they had, all of this kind of sh*t.
And so, we know that it was done deliberately.
I came in contact with it.
I was just down on the beach and out of nowhere, all of a sudden, there was this harsh little attack in the middle of my throat on the other side of my tongue, right down.
And so, this harsh attack was like a spike had poked me.
It was very sharp and a little bit painful.
And then, it was that feeling that, oh, you know how you get when you're being attacked by something like that, right?
So, now, this is where you get into the stuff about germ theory, terrain, etc., etc.
They can make more violent things like the spikes.
But unless they make you weak to them, you're not going to really be susceptible.
So, it attacked me.
I went on and we were down there on the beach when I first noticed it, the little, you know, the little scratchy part of your throats, etc.
And, you know, 15, 20 minutes later after the dog walk, I come on back up to the house and I had a cup of chaga tea.
And that was it.
That was my entire experience and exposure to COVID, right?
Never took a PCR test.
Didn't do any of that sh*t.
At one point, I did have a phlebotomy, okay?
So, because I have excess iron in the blood, which now I know how to deal with.
I don't have to have these things anymore.
Although, to be honest, I got to say that, you know, probably everybody should give blood at least once a year.
Because those people that do end up living seven years longer on average.
So, anyway though, I was up at a hospital.
They did the phlebotomy.
But before they do that, they do all these blood tests.
I had just had a bunch of blood tests.
And at that point, they had this requirement and they would do these very expensive tests to see if you had COVID-19 in your blood.
And so, they came back and said, "I had antibodies to COVID-19 in my blood."
Yada, yada, yada.
And it's like, "Well, okay, fine. fu*k. I ain't taking a shot. I got antibodies, right?"
And so, they couldn't understand the logic there at all.
They thought, "Oh, you got to get the shot. You got the antibodies. You got the COVID-19 in your blood."
It's like, "Well, you know, you people are really stupid."
And so, I basically told them to back off.
And, you know, the hospital hassled me.
And then, I didn't go and they lost the money for that.
And then, they called me back and they didn't have any issues after that, right?
Because they were losing money right and left.
Anyway, so, get your terrain fixed up.
Get your vitamins optimal.
You're going to need this sh*t going forward.
Because our entire medical system, as has been captured by Rockefeller since the 1920s, that's all collapsing.
As is, at the same time, we're going to see the collapse of the medical education.
So, we've seen it right now, right?
So, if you are a black student and you have a D average, you can get into medical school.
If you're a white student and you have an A average,
if you have a 4.0 average, no guarantee you're going to get into medical school at fu*king all.
In fact, right now, they're saying between one-third and one-half of all applicants to all colleges are lying about their race.
If I were a kid and I had to go to school now, I'd say I was Jewish.
You know, they can't tell the difference.
I'd say, you know, "Hey, call me Shlomo."
You know, "I'm Jewish, dude. I want to get into this school."
Because Jews get in.
Or you could say, you know, "Meet some other criteria."
Like, "I'm a tribal guy. I'm a Native American."
And, you know, that would work as well.
But in any event, though, so our medical system, as it had been created and constituted by Rockefeller, the capturing of the schools, etc.,
all of that's breaking down.
As is the structure of the colleges themselves, all the blue-haired, you know, leftist professor types, all of that kind of sh*t, right?
All that's going down, too, at the same time.
[doorbell rings]
[speaking in Hebrew]
Anyway, get your terrain set because they're going to try this assault again.
We're already going to have a lot of people die.
They'll be dying from the effects of the vaccine they've taken for the COVID.
And yet they'll be reported as, "Oh, my God, they're dying from the bird flu."
You know, "Bird flu causes turbo cancer."
You know, "Bird flu causes big, long, white blood clots in you," and so on and so on and so on.
So they're going to try it.
It doesn't mean sh*t. It's not going to work.
And we're heading towards July.
Now, so it's my opinion that this time it will be different.
It's my opinion that if they were to do a nuke war, that that would let loose a lot of people like myself who would just start going out and killing the power elites, all different kinds of power elites.
Everything from politicians to lawyers to doctors, anybody with a public face that was part of the Elohim worship cult, anybody that was a public face for the WEF,
anybody that was a public face for any of the vaccines, like all the big pharma guys, they'll be shot.
They'll just be run over, killed.
They'll find them at their houses.
They'll, you know, drive a car right up next to the door, and then they'll set the house on fire so that people can't get out.
They'll shoot them if they try and come out, that sort of thing.
This is our future, right?
Unless we do something different, unless we change it, and we can still do that, this is our future.
Now, that's if they go off with a nuclear war.
That's going to release the tension for everybody here.
And it's like, if they're sending nukes over, if we're in a nuclear war and stuff, hey, I might just decide to, you know, go off and visit a few people and see what these fuckers are doing.
Have a little chat and then go off and visit somebody else.
And there'll be a lot of people like me that just are saying, that's it, fucker.
You know, we just wanted to be left alone.
You didn't understand.
You didn't back off.
And now you've involved us, right?
And so once that barrier is broken, that barrier is broken for fu*king ever.
And it'll take us 40 years to put that back, 40 or 50 years.
And at the end of that time, it is my assumption there won't be a standing synagogue in the United States.
There won't be anybody willing to identify as a Jew in North America.
And it's going to get that way all around the world.
And that's our future.
I think there's another option.
I don't think we'll choose that one.
I don't think we'll actually go to lobbing nukes back and forth.
Because I do think that the people in Switzerland and New York and London, they understand that if the nukes start flying, the bankers start dying.
Okay, guys, take care.
It's going to be a long, hot summer.

90% gone missing!
That dude is levitating!
Transcribed by Whisper

Quote:Hello humans, hello humans.
Outward bound on the 7th of June still.
It's got to be around 1030 or 11 or so.
So it's my contention that our sciences, because of the way that they were saddled with consciousness
removed from consideration by the thinking of Rene Descartes, who produced Cartesian
space, it's my contention that removing consciousness from consideration means you're investigating
a fake science.
So physics is fake.
It's easiest to go into biology though, okay.
So biology is a fake science as we understand it now.
It's going to be a real shock to Heather Haying and Brett Weinstein, who are PhDs like El
Doctoros in biology, that they're only looking at 10%, right?
All of their work, all of their sh*t has been entirely done without taking consciousness
into account.
And so imagine that you were on an expedition to Mars, okay.
And so we all go to Mars.
We've got Heather Haying there and we've got Brett Weinstein and a bunch of us guys and
we're all standing around, you know, having a little coffee, walking around on Mars, seeing
sh*t and we come across something and we say to ourselves, well look, that something is
It is self animating.
And then we start compiling descriptive words about this thing that we're messing about
with, right?
But Heather Haying and Brett Weinstein will not ever go to the idea that consciousness
is involved in this thing that we're looking at moving around.
Maybe it's a worm, you know, maybe it's like a Martian worm.
And we noticed that it's self motivating, self actualizing in terms of, you know, it
moves itself.
There's no external prods to get it moving and stuff.
And so we recognize that this thing, I recognize that this thing is alive.
And thus, because it is alive, it must have some level of consciousness.
This is a requirement for life.
You do not have life without consciousness.
Even individual cells, even germs are, you know, I mean, I've worked with microbiology
and I've seen germs, right?
I've seen them myself in various different circumstances.
So I know they exist.
I can't say the same with virus.
Back when, just as an aside, I read the entire college coursework for Columbia University
for virology, years one and two.
And those textbooks were some of the most bizarre pieces of things I have ever read.
I could, I mean, within like the first seven pages of year one of virology, I found a number
of assumptions that invalidated everything that they were going to say from that point
So, you know, so as far as I was concerned from reading that, I always just assumed virology
was existent, that there were viruses, that they'd had these things isolated.
They actually knew what they looked like, yada, yada, yada, right?
And that's not the case.
And so I read through the coursework and decided, well, virus or virology, as they are telling
us, is not a real science.
So anyway, so getting back to Mars.
So there we are looking at this Martian worm and, you know, maybe it's not a worm.
Maybe it goes down into the ground and it, you know, becomes part of some other larger
We don't know.
It doesn't matter.
The point being that this, that we will recognize that life is involved if it's self-actualizing
and we don't see any kind of like, you know, other explanation for its movement.
Then we'll say, okay, it's moving on its own.
Therefore there's a high probability that's alive.
If it is alive, it must have consciousness.
That is an idea that will not occur to academic biologists to investigate this as though it
was conscious.
And therefore those rules that apply to consciousness will also apply to this, even though we find
it on Mars.
Because consciousness is inviolate.
You know, it's not, can't be splintered by us.
We can't separate consciousness and put some of it into, you know, a water jug or something,
We can't put it into another life form.
Our consciousness is of a whole unit, which cannot be separated.
And this is true of all other beings.
Their consciousness may not be as ours is, but that doesn't mean that it's not consciousness.
So an earthworm is conscious.
Even if you want to get into it, rocks and inanimate matter, matter that does not move,
has a form of consciousness in our material.
We need not take that into account, but we can take it into account with inanimate matter.
And I probably won't get a chance to go into that today, but in any event, so we're up
there with Brett and Heather.
We got us a picnic basket.
I got my coffee.
You know, we're doing good.
We're standing around examining this chunk of something that's moving its way across
the surface of Mars.
Then we can start, you know, so we'll splinter, right?
You'll have a bunch of us woo bastards over there saying, "Hey, look, this fucker's alive."
Then it'll take Brett and Heather some period of time to actually arrive to that same conclusion.
In that period of time, the woo bastards will start investigating this thing and compiling
a list, so to speak, or a structure.
We'll build a little structure of its characteristics and how those characteristics are expressing
And so we would be able to determine, to some degree, depending on how, you know, systematized
we were about it, what level of consciousness we were actually looking at and how it was
So, woo people see all of reality as consciousness being extruded from individual consciousness
writ large, like all caps, that a lot of people call God.
But the woo people don't really necessarily, we don't have to differentiate.
So we see consciousness being expressed everywhere.
And so consciousness is the dominant factor here.
And then from consciousness arises form.
Now at the time that Rene Descartes in the 1630-something was messing about and came
up with Cartesian space, and the idea for Cartesian space is this, that he was a believer,
he was a Catholic, and he was a believer that basically God came along and created the materium
and then dumped life into it and hasn't fucked around with it since.
That we're kind of like a pond that you would just dump a lot of fish in to fend for themselves.
And so he felt that we had absolute freedom to do as we should, or as we wished, within
the materium.
That there is just no restrictions on us whatsoever.
Okay, so this is the idea that there is no consciousness involved within the matter here.
It is from this idea that removes consciousness here that we get the idea that you could,
or rather it is an expression of an idea that comes through the Talmud but is even predates
that, that if you glom enough sand together you can get consciousness to arise from it,
okay, which is not the case.
So everything in our science, physics, biology, and everything is starting from a grit-only
viewpoint which means we will only get so far and then we're stopped and we're stymied
and we're right where we're at now with no progress whatsoever, ever, for these last
few decades, right?
For the last hundred years.
Our progress has just been so incremental as to basically have been halted.
No major discoveries, etc.
Okay, so Rene Descartes saddles us with all of this and we've been in this consciousness-excluded
science realm.
So it's going to come as a big shock to Brett and Heather when they're examining the Martian
worm that all of us Woo guys are like leaps and bounds ahead of them in grasping what
it is we're actually looking at.
Because we go back to something that Rene Descartes left when he came up with the idea
of absolute freedom within Cartesian space, within the materium, which they called creation,
with a big C. When he came up with that, they deliberately set aside a concept they'd been
working on, toying with, for like the last hundred plus years, which was the idea that
there was a difference between matter and form.
So their idea was actually much more akin to the idea of the ether as we understand
it now.
So in the late 1500s, they thought of matter as being malleable.
And that matter could, it was the same, basically the same matter, and it just took different
Now, they were just like one slight, small step away from making the conclusion, coming
to the conclusion, that the reason matter takes different form has to do not with anything
that is intrinsic in the matter, but rather it is intrinsic within the consciousness that
is expressing itself through that matter.
So sort of a weird concept for academics and, you know, professor guys, those kinds of fellows,
to get a handle on that, you know, essentially as Walter Russell says, you know, there's
only one atom, one kind of material, and that's the hydrogen ion.
And you just vibrate it faster and faster and faster and faster, and you get more and
more dense matter.
So E does not equal MC squared.
Rather that equation has no consciousness in it at all.
And so thus, any equations that don't take consciousness into effect are not actually
real science.
And in fact, you do not get energy by moving matter to the speed of light.
In fact, matter is energy compounded, not energy moved faster, but overlaid on itself
more and more and more and more and more.
The concept being that we're in a universe that is a materium that's created by a pulse
that goes through and recreates us 22 trillion times a second.
And when it goes through and recreates universe, every time it overlaps itself, it creates
a new level of complexity.
That new level of complexity, all of this being consciousness, all of this energy, this
pulse is consciousness.
And that new level of complexity is a new form of matter.
So the Wu guys would sit there and we would investigate our Martian worm from the idea
that it is, as we are, an aspect of universal or God consciousness, however you want to
phrase it.
Now let's take a little diversion here.
So anything that has a name is within the material.
So Yahweh is a name applied to a being.
All right.
So that doesn't mean God, that Yahweh dude was a drunkard who claimed to be a God and
killed lots of fu*king humans and drank a lot of human blood.
This guy was very, very much a nasty fucker.
But anything that has a name is within the material.
So they, by, by, by definition, it is a fact that anything that has to apply a name to
itself to differentiate itself from everything else is not God.
So God has no name, right?
God is not Jehovah.
God is not Yahweh.
None of those, all of those names are applied to beings within our material that need that
differentiation so that you don't confuse them with some other being.
All right.
Universal consciousness that we might think of as a creator God has no name because it
is everything.
There's nothing it need distinguish itself from anything else.
And it does not come down here in the materium other than through us.
So each and every one of us is an aspect, an expressed aspect of universal consciousness.
Again, my point being that to try and have a science that analyzes matter and the forms
that matter may take without dealing with consciousness is like examining a swimming
pool and not taking the water into account.
Not being able to see the water because you deliberately blinded yourself to it.
And so you're going to come up with this fantastic description of what this thing is that will
get nowhere close to it being a swimming pool.
And it won't even acknowledge that there's water in there.
And this is a state of affairs that we have.
So you know, Brett and Heather basically wasted their entire lives.
They had no choice.
The situation is determined by the Elohim worship cult that has laid this structure
over us to suit the Elohim, who we still have to contend with, who we still have to deal
with in fierce and violent ways.
This is ahead of us in the future.
But so Brett and Heather, however much I may respect their minds, and I do respect Brett
The guy is creative.
He is intuitive to the level that he gets conceptual breakthroughs.
Even within the limits of the context that he's working with, which is so hobbled.
So I really respect his mind.
But he's never really examined biology because he's never examined consciousness and how
it affects everything.
So let me just say this straight up.
If I had not had key training, if I had key energy, chi energy, prana, anime, life force,
okay, I had 40 plus years, almost 50 years of active training.
Well, no, if I want to look at it another way, if I go all the way back to yoga, I've
had over 60 years of training in key energy, in key science, if you will.
If I had not had that training, I would not have survived the three times I've had cancer.
I would not be here as I am now.
I would not have been able to rebuild my body.
I'm in the process of doing what's known as building your Aiki body.
A-I-K-I, okay.
As in Aikido, as in harmonization with consciousness and universe and everything.
This is a process that you do at the end of your life if you're an Aikidoka.
All right, so that you'll have energy and stuff on the other side of the life-death
You build this Aiki body, this connected body, in a very particular way that Osansei Mori
Ueshiba has laid out for us.
And I've discovered new wrinkles on it, and I've expanded some of his work, and I'm starting
to have some success with it.
He began in his 80s, so that was difficult, right?
I mean in the very late 70s actually is when he started.
I've started doing this a few years back after I died from colon cancer, having to recover
because I knew I had real work to do, right?
And it's a bit*h to be all shaky and weak and stuff.
So I rebuilt my body with consciousness, all right?
Yes I'm taking supplements, yes I'm eating a good diet, yes I'm doing things, you know,
like having saunas and exercising and stretching out and all of that.
But it is consciousness actively applied to the individual muscles and the parts of my
body within this framework that has allowed me to recover to this level.
And you know, this is something of an issue, okay?
I've got people that are really bent out of shape because they think I've had an access
to the "med beds" and they think I'm holding out on them, right?
Med beds don't exist, I don't give a sh*t what Stephen Greer says.
If med beds existed we would not have the ugly, horrid, wrinkled, dying power elite
that we have.
Hillary Clinton would be 20 again, this kind of sh*t.
You know this because of the type of individual these people are.
They would not willingly stay old and infirm if there was any other option for them.
So anyway, so I get these guys pissing and moaning at me that, "You know, you've got
to let me get on that med bed."
And I feel bad for them, right?
I know, I've been there.
I have actually died from cancer so I know what these people are going through.
But I'm not, it's not a med bed, guys.
I have no external technology.
I dispute that med beds exist because I can find no examples of any required technology
being built out.
So med beds, for instance, would require certain kinds of power transformers.
They would require all different kinds of things to move the energies around within
the beds.
There would be software involved, all of this kind of sh*t.
So long before you got to an actual finished product med bed, you'd have to have an infrastructure
to build the fuckers, because it's not just the little plastic wheels in the bed frame
and a little cover and some lights and sh*t.
The active part of it is the ability to control the energies.
And I find no supporting evidence any fu*king where in our society that anybody is even
close to actually understanding these.
And again, let me point out, any of these fuckers, DARPA, any medical institution,
you know, any college, you know, Columbia, Yale, any of these fuckers are going to approach
a med bed without taking consciousness into effect.
Thus, they will never get anywhere.
They will never be able to produce anything.
Thus, it is a fantasy.
It's a fantasy produced and promoted by a bunch of people that are trying to scam you
to get money out of you, one way or another.
And just as an aside, I'm waiting to see if somebody gets arrested or if there's a repercussions
in a legal format for Mel Carnine's XRP and QFS conference down in Florida.
Okay, because they're making non-factual statements about financial stuff that are securities
that's already been determined by the SEC and by courts that these are securities.
XRP is a security.
But these guys are making statements about them in order to raise money, in order to,
you know, sell these securities and stuff to promote them and pimp them.
And there's no factual basis for any of the statements they're making.
So there is no QFS.
There's no quantum financial network anywhere.
Quantum computers operate maybe one second a day, okay, because they're a batch machine
and you preload the problem, fire the machine off after all kinds of rigmarole.
And then you get your answer.
And then after that answer, then you have to clean the machine up and decommission it
and so on.
So, so it's not a network.
It doesn't operate like a digital machine.
It can't operate digital code anyway.
These are analog machines.
So Mel is basically lying.
He could be lying as an ignorant fellow and he had been told that these things exist or
assumed that they exist and just telling you as though it's fact.
But nonetheless, it's not fact.
And I know that the SEC is already watching these people.
I won't go into how.
Anyway though, so I'm interested to see if someone actually gets some sh*t for it.
For the, for the conference here.
Hang on.
Man, nothing like a big diesel being able to pass at 85.
Anyway, damn logging trucks on the way back here, they have a tendency to go slow.
There's no real, they don't have a big load and it's, you know, a lot of traffic at this
time of day, so they're, they're not as trucking as they usually are.
So examining our worm on Mars, all the woo guys will start cataloging and we'll say,
well, look, you know, this form of consciousness is, is something that we might see in, you
know, earthworms or eels or some damn thing here on earth.
And then we might start making extrapolations that, well, if that's the case, that it's
this level of consciousness, then maybe this, we could determine that by doing this sort
of a test, right?
Like you know, taking a little tool and turning it upside down.
And so if it's a particular kind of consciousness, it'll automatically turn itself over or it
won't matter.
It'll just, you know, reorient and go and so on.
And then we make decisions about the kind of consciousness that we're dealing with in
regard to this new form of life.
None of which will ever be probed or examined by academics because everybody since discard,
they've been in Cartesian space and they don't ever take in consciousness into account.
So, so I'm just, I can't help it.
I always laugh at this, been laughing at this sh*t for like over 50 years.
And that is academia is consciousness examining the world in which it finds itself and deliberately
not taking itself into account.
You know, it is just so absurd.
You know, on the face of it, it's just so absurd.
It's like, you know, you're a two legged being and you're standing in a, in a universe and
you totally disregard that you've got one leg, you know, one of your legs, you just
don't ever take it into account.
So anyway, so, so that's the state of our science.
So it's in my, my way of thinking, biologists have missed 90% of science.
I know that this is a case that, that this stuff exists because I've been trained in
the key science and I can actually make key energy move around in my body.
I can put it outside myself.
You know, you can do things to make the key energy flow through your palms and other people
can feel it.
And I've done that, you know, I mean, just as tests and stuff, right.
I can even take the key energy and I'm doing like a kiatsu, which is a form of like acupuncture
kind of stuff.
It's a healing modality that's been in use in Aikido for sh*t, 60, 80 years.
But even predates that it's an Aiki Jujitsu technique.
But I can do the kiatsu and actually put my key force extended into somebody else's body,
poke around for a millisecond and bring back meaningful information.
And so I'm thinking about a particular training period I did like, and that would have been,
would have been 82 or 83.
And we were doing some pretty intense Aikido training and this was one of the all night
And as we were leaving early in the morning, I was all hugely filled with the key energy,
getting it all sorted out and stuff.
And as I'm leaving the facility, I ran into somebody else, it's a college, I ran into
somebody else that I had known from work and in the process, you know, so, "Hey, how you
doing guy?" and shook his hand as he's coming in, I'm going out, right?
This is like seven in the morning and he's all, "Well, you know, what are you guys doing
Because there's a big crowd of us coming out.
We'd been there for the overnight seiza, for the zazen, we'd been sitting all night.
Anyway, so I'm hugely filled with the key energy.
I shake his hand and instantly I feel pain in his elbow, not mine, but in his elbow.
So I say, "You're in pain."
And he said, and his eyes are all big.
And I said, you know, I kept holding onto his hand as I did that and reported back to
him what my key energy was feeling.
And of course, that really freaked this guy out because he's not into martial arts or
any of that stuff.
But I was able to tell him that, you know, there were at least three small separate pieces
of something in his elbow.
Well, it had turned out that he'd had a biking injury on a mountain bike, had fallen off
and hit his elbow on rocks or something, and literally had broken off little tiny bits
of the cartilage within the elbow socket itself, right?
And so he had to have surgery and crap.
And he told me about this, like, maybe it was a year later.
I learned, I don't see this guy that often, but I ran into him and maybe it was a year,
year and a half or something.
And he said, "Hey, hey," you know, and, you know, told me about that, reminded me of the
elbow episode and told me that, yeah, he'd gone in about a month later and they fixed
All these little bits out, there were like five or six they got.
So, but I, you know, so I knew there were at least three because that's what the key
energy was, was taking from his body.
The point being that he, he actually felt me analyzing his body through the key force
because he could feel it intruding into his elbow.
Because I, at one point, just before I left, I actually worked to calm the pain for him
and he had a very good day and he remembered that.
And then the next day when it didn't, wasn't, wasn't so nice, that's when he was pitching
pneumonia and his wife told him, "Okay, you got to go to the doctor."
And that's when he found out, you know, they did an x-ray and stuff.
He never should have let it that long.
He should have had an x-ray that day, but in any event.
So, we have, and I'm not particularly good at key energy, right?
I've never really put the energy, the effort, the time into becoming that good.
There are people that really work this stuff and what they knew of it is phenomenal.
And so, here you have people like Brett and Heather that will deny that this exists.
They will deny that I can turn my consciousness on to a particular result.
And we've all seen it, we've all seen reports of it, you know, the 105 pound woman that
is going to save her child and flips the car over, right?
So that all these people that do extraordinary things that are technically beyond the ability
of the biology in which they find themselves.
And yet, they get done, the sh*t happens, I'm back, I've rebuilt my body.
Technically, this should not have occurred.
You can't do this.
You know, I had oncologists tell me that, you know, you're going to suffer this, this,
this and this the rest of your life.
And that no, you can't grow back, colon material.
It's like, well, you know, we'll see about that.
And I believe that I have indeed exceeded what he told me.
And I have demonstrable proof of this.
I'm not going to get into any of the gritty details, but I'm actually changing my body
due to the application of consciousness.
Now, get this people, this is not easy sh*t.
So very few people can do this.
The reason that very few people can do this is because very few people have control of
their own thoughts.
So what you're doing basically, and like in building my IKEA body, in my IKEA body, which
is all about this connectedness, I have separated it into these various sets of muscles.
And I'm activating these muscles in a particular way by putting consciousness into them.
And the effect on those muscles is really spectacular in terms of like the bodybuilding
aspect of it, right?
They get stronger and all this kind of stuff really fast.
But the only way you can do this is through that intense, concentrated focus.
Most humans cannot keep a thought in their mind and hold that thought for even 10 solid
seconds, let alone hours.
And in order to do IKEA body, that's what you've got to do.
Not really hours, but you've got to hold these energies, these mental energies in place in
the muscles, in the body for five and 10 and 15 minutes at a time.
And when you do so, when you finally release and you've gone on to the next phase, I find
that I will sometimes almost collapse, that all the muscles in my body just turn to near
liquid and I just almost collapse just because of the shifting of the energy.
But here's the thing, guys.
There are devices like all different kinds of light detectors and that kind of sh*t,
And so I can go on in and I can change my blood pressure at will.
It is a matter of consciousness being applied.
I can change my heartbeat.
So these kinds of things, according to Brett and Heather, can't exist.
They don't exist because consciousness doesn't exist, right?
So you're, so they would, in their understanding of things, all these academics would see you
swimming in the swimming pool and they were saying, they would say, "Man, look, he's levitating.
He's levitating."
You know, because they don't allow that the water exists and that it could support you
and has all these characteristics and so on.
So I am, I'm a consciousness science guy, right?
And I've been investigating it for 60 plus years here.
I actually started doing yoga when I was nine and a half.
I got the sh*t kicked out of me.
My dad put me into a judo class.
Sensei Hayakawa said, "Hey, you're too thin.
You're too small.
I can't have you trying to throw people.
We're going to make you into a throwing ball and you're going to do yoga."
And so I did.
I did yoga every day for years and they threw me around for over a year.
For over a year, I didn't do any throws.
I was just the thing that was thrown.
So I can, I can be thrown and I can land and you know, off I go.
It was really a good, good experience.
Anyway though, so I'm here now.
I've got to put a lot of stuff away and get things moving.
So the point of all of this is that our science is not as we understand it to be, right?
Our science is basically all bogus because none of it takes consciousness into existence,
into account.
And that's all that really exists is consciousness.
Everything else is an illusion.
Anyway, take care.
It'll be a while before I get another opportunity to do one of these.
And we'll, we'll go on to other stuff.
Bear in mind, July 15, July 16, it's either going to be a massive party or it's going
to be nukes flying, bankers dying.

A Few Years from Today
It’s coming.
clif high
Jun 11, 2024

A few years from today, humanity, and Earth will be manifesting entirely different energies.

Now, we can conceptualize humanity as encountering new energies from space in the form of the increased emanations from galactic center, while being controlled by a clan that is desperate that these energies NOT be acknowledged, nor accepted, nor absorbed, nor integrated. These circumstances necessarily bring contention and conflict to humanity at very deep levels.

The ability of the Elohim worship cult (the ruling clan) to continue in their mindset and control is waning due to these energies. The contention arising from the Elohim worship cult’s attempts to retain control despite these new energies is itself further eroding their ability to control the rest of humanity.

This period, now, within Humanity, is factually, the shift of the Ages. It is not possible for us, on this side of the coming changes, to accurately estimate the magnitude of what those changes will produce within Humanity.

A primary change will be the removal of the Elohim worship cult from power. Much of this will be accomplished by the HyperNovelty in which ALL ‘authority’ is removed from Humanity. As the Elohim worship cult only can exist within the construct of social authority, they are naturally in decline now, and will cease to be a meaningful force in a shockingly few years.

The ‘authority’ of ‘medicine’ is now dying very rapidly. Ergo, when the Elohim worship cult ‘medicine structure’ issues a warning of a new disease within their narradigm, it becomes yet another instance of a ‘jew yelling flu’, and not to be taken seriously by thinking people.

Many, a great many, of the unthinking people will be dying over these next few years as a result of the last fake flu, and this will be increased by the “Last Desperate Move” of the Elohim worship cultists to seize cities as power bases within the ‘liberal’ Western Republics.

None of the strategies nor tactics of the Elohim worship cult will succeed. Their ability to deny time, and the movement of our solar system into new energies, has exhausted itself. Humanity is changing and there is nothing to be done to stop it by the Elohim worship cult.

A few years from now, on the other side of the Time of Testing, on the other side of the Make-A-Way period, Humanity will be emerging into SciFi World.

In that time, ‘environmentalism’ will not mean climate crazies, but will mean people actively working to remove, and remediate pollution. And to increase biosphere activity.

In a few years time, the consumer society will be dead. There will be hundreds of thousands of new farms. The ‘food body’ of planet earth will be increasing, and increasing in diversity as the various ecosystems are studied in a real way involving real science that includes the notion of ‘Consciousness’ as an active participant in our unfolding reality.

There will be whole new industries around health, not disease. The allopathic agenda created by Rockefeller and the Elohim worship cult will be gone.

Along with the Elohim worship cult, we will also lose their dominance by deceit of the ‘academic’ worlds of humanity. The removal of the cult by way of the Delivery of Justice for the covid (and other) psychological operations will free science. There will be a new academic structure that rises, but it will not include the control mechanisms (peer review et al) of the Elohim cult.

Along with the Elohim worship cult exposure, and removal from all power positions, a long needed examination of both true history, and the lies of the religions, will remove what we now think of as the Abrahamic religions. These will naturally change under the new information coming out over these next few years, however, it will be the exposure to the Elohim themselves, those space aliens at the heart of the Torah/Bible/Q’uaran that will be the deciding factor in the dissolution of these religions based on the deliberate distortion of human past by the Elohim.

Think this not to happen? Imagine worshiping YHWH / Jehovah, the Elohim, as a god only to meet/see him as he is in reality, and not the distortions of the propaganda, when this being is mentally ill by human standards, and is a sadist, a drunkard, an addict, and drinks human blood, and consumes human children as meat, and as adrenochrome. Same with all the ‘angels’, and especially the ‘arch-angels’. Kind of takes all the mystery and majesty out of the religion.

In a few years time, we will be building out SciFi World. This will be surprisingly fast in its manifestation. This will be due to the shedding of the mental blockages of the ‘grit religion’ of the Elohim worship cult overlay on science. Due to the liberation of science from the grit paradigm, new discoveries will put us rapidly on the path to recovery and exploitation of new technology. The new technology will be combinatoric in its impact. The new understanding of real science will rapidly lead to the creation of new industry, and opportunity.

New science, new technology, new understanding of, and focus on human health, mental, spiritual, and physical, has already started emerging from within the destruction, death, and social chaos of the covid scam. This effort at depopulation by the Elohim worship cult has actually led to the dying phase of the Rockefeller (jewish) culture of ‘medicine’ in which the focus is disease, rather than health. As this model perishes, we can expect the ‘disease schools’ to close. Their funding will wither within these next few years (70+ % to be gone in 2 years time), and the doors will shut after the disasters caused by their ‘graduating’ whole classes of incompetent people into the ‘medical field’. The break down of ‘medicine’ as an industry will happen very rapidly following the take down of the ‘Big Pharma’ companies.

In a few years time, SciFi World will be emerging all around you, both in the new infrastructure for humanity, and in the new social activities. Humanity itself, individually, and collectively is changing due to the increased energies from galactic center that are a predictable part of our solar system’s passage around the rim of the galaxy.

In a few years time, an entirely different you will be exploring an entirely different world populated by an entirely different humanity. Of course there are the space aliens, but eh? Nothing new, and Universe always will be providing some sh*t to deal with...

In just a few years time.

M J Craig
Jun 11
Clif, I just want to say thank you for who you are and what you give of yourself. I find your parables and insights both an eminently practical and usefully sceptical guide, through these crazed and magnificent times. Bless you.

NESARA/GESARA – The Progress Report
QFS, Dinar & Zimbabwe RV.
clif high
Jun 16, 2024

NESARA (National Economic Security and Recovery Act) and GESARA (Global Economic Security and Recovery Act) are concepts originating from a set of economic reforms proposed in the United States in the 1990s. The original NESARA proposal included measures to abolish income taxes, cancel out debt, and return to a commodity-based currency system (such as gold), among other financial reforms. However, this proposal never became law.

Over time, NESARA and GESARA have become associated with a variety of conspiracy theories. These theories suggest that these acts have secretly passed and will lead to massive positive changes globally such as debt forgiveness, the abolishment of income tax, a new form of government, and even the distribution of vast sums of wealth from hidden sources. The theories often tie in other elements, such as secret societies, alien interventions, and the imminent arrest of powerful political personalities. The linguistics of these theories are focused to attach to Christian ethos mind patterns. In the language associated with NESARA/GESARA as conspiracy theories, the targets are clearly a specific subset of the Evangelical sects within Christianity. There is no penetration of the NESARA/GESARA language within the Islam, or Buddhist, or other religious communities. There is no penetration of this language into Leftist, or atheist, or other, non Christian communities.

Within the conspiracy theories attached to NESARA are statements that the act was signed into law by President Clinton, and then, immediately ‘hidden’ from the public while the Federal government supposedly is ‘blocked’ from implementing it by nefarious actors within the [deep state]. There are NO congressional records of it being advanced to the floor, or voted upon.

It's important to note that there is no credible evidence to support the existence of GESARA. While NESARA was an actual legislative proposal, it was never enacted. GESARA language first shows up eight months after the failure of NESARA to be advanced in the legislature. GESARA was a deliberate strategy to expand the scam to non USA citizens. It failed in this effort of expansion. There is evidence of funding behind a push for GESARA into specific Islamic groups in 2005 that failed to obtain traction. The details often cited in these theories do not correspond to anything in our common shared reality and are widely considered to be absolute bullshit by people who work within legitimate political or economic analysis areas.

This attitude of rejection, and disbelief, is also elicited by the ‘QFS’. The "Quantum Financial System" (QFS) is another concept frequently mentioned in conjunction with various conspiracy theories, particularly those surrounding NESARA/GESARA. It is described by proponents as a highly advanced technology system that would completely replace the current banking and financial systems around the world. The QFS is often depicted as being based on quantum computing technology, which proponents claim can provide heightened security through quantum cryptography and create a transparent, fraud-proof system. Aspects of the QFS include the idea that ALL resources within the Earth’s biosphere would be ‘placed on blockchain’ for an absolute accounting, and tracking, of the use of such resources. Note that many of the claims for the QFS actually mirror the goals, and function of the CCP Social Credit System.

Advocates of this theory suggest that the QFS will enable the seamless and instant transfer of currencies and that it would be immune to corruption, hacking, or manipulation. It is also said to be capable of ensuring complete privacy and anonymity of transactions, while simultaneously being fully transparent in terms of authorities’ ability to prevent illegal activities.

It’s important to clarify that, as of now, there is no verified existence of such a system in development or in use by any government or financial institution recognized by any financial entities or technology experts. The descriptions of the QFS often contain a mixture of some factual elements of quantum computing potentials and a lot of speculative, unfounded claims. Quantum computing itself is in the early stages of development, primarily focused on research rather than practical applications, especially on the scale described in QFS theories. There is NO ‘Quantum computer network’ in operation now, and given that Quantum computers are batch process, analog machines that cannot run digital software, it is not technically possible for Quantum computers to run a digital network. Quantum computers cannot run digital software, and can NOT host AI. Most of the Quantum computing world is still in research mode, and the technology is likely two decades away from any form of commercial adoption. Quantum computers, by the nature of the technology, will always be ‘batch processors’, and will NEVER be used to ‘run networks’.

Claims that the QFS is operational, or there is a Quantum computer based network, need to be challenged, and demands made for receipts be imposed upon those people making such claims as they are incorrect, inaccurate, and may be deliberate lies attempting to deceive.

The concepts of NESARA/GESARA and the Quantum Financial System (QFS) can be particularly appealing to individuals with limited financial understanding because they promise simple solutions to complex financial issues and present an idealized scenario where financial burdens such as debt and taxes are effortlessly resolved. These narratives are DESIGNED to specifically target and impact those with lower financial literacy:

1    Complexity and Jargon: The use of complex terms and financial jargon (like "quantum technology" in the case of QFS) can be overwhelming. People who aren't familiar with these concepts might assume the information is legitimate simply because it sounds sophisticated and technical.

2    Promises of Wealth and Debt Relief: These theories often include promises of imminent wealth distribution and debt forgiveness, which can be very attractive to anyone struggling financially. The hope of such outcomes can cloud judgment, leading individuals to overlook the lack of evidence or logical basis behind these claims.

3    Exploitation of Distrust: Many of these theories tap into a general distrust of governmental and financial institutions. For individuals who feel marginalized or cheated by the system, the idea that there is a hidden or suppressed solution can be very appealing.

4    Urgency and Exclusivity: By suggesting that these events are about to happen, these theories create a sense of urgency that can rush individuals into making hasty decisions, such as investing in certain assets, joining groups, or donating money to causes that purport to support the implementation of these acts.

5    Scams and Frauds: Scammers use these theories to legitimize fraudulent schemes, asking people to invest in new "quantum-resistant" cryptocurrencies, participate in exclusive financial opportunities linked to the supposed upcoming changes, or buy products and services that are "necessary" to prepare for the transition.

6    Social Proof and Echo Chambers: People discussing these theories often form tight-knit communities that reinforce each other's beliefs. This social validation can make the theories seem more credible to someone who is unfamiliar with how financial systems actually work. A key aspect of identifying these communities is the language that constantly brings the concept back to ‘faith’, and the invocation of language found in religious settings which is tied to the financial frauds of NESARA/GESARA/QFS.

The NESARA/GESARA/QFS scams are dependent on directing the language within the discussion to specific terms in order to invoke ‘faith’ as an emotion in order to support the scam internally within the ethical structure of the victim. It is a sophisticated attempt to prey upon in-built mental pathways. Once these paths are captured by the scammer, it becomes incredibly difficult to dissuade the victim from their attitude that these scams are real. This is due to the deep religious hooks within the victim’s personality. This language is further reinforced by the continuous exposure for a lifetime to the same language from THE most effective scam in history, the Federal Reserve note which is not money, and is a legislative supported debt instrument.

Federal Reserve Notes are legal tender, with the words "this note is legal tender for all debts, public and private" printed on each note. The notes are backed by financial assets that the Federal Reserve Banks pledge as collateral, which are mainly Treasury securities and mortgage agency securities that they purchase on the open market by fiat payment. In other words, the Federal Reserve Bank, which is not part of the Federal government, and is not a bank, is ‘backing’ their debt notes (aka ‘dollars’) with other debt instruments (not money) that the government produces that the FED purchases with its fiat dollars. So the dollar is a debt instrument issued by a private corporation, and loaned to the US Government for use at a cost of interest payments by the People of the USA to the private corporation of the Federal Reserve. The BIGGEST scam of them all.

There are many linguistic ties between the NESARA/GESARA/OFS scam and the ‘Iraqi RV’, or the Zimbabwe RV. Note that these scams offer the Kuwaiti Dinar RV as ‘proof’ that the same occurrence will emerge for these other currencies from Iraq and Zimbabwe.

The situation of the Kuwaiti currency ‘revalue’ were entirely unique, and were based off of the geopolitical movements of the Bush Regime. This arose after the failure to convince Saddam Hussein to allow STF (special technology forces) of the US military to enter three ziggurats in Iraq for the purposes of examining, and removing artifacts. This failure led to the Bush Regime giving Saddam Hussein ‘permission’ to invade Kuwait. This permission was to create the conditions of the Iraq invasion of Kuwait. That invasion caused the Kuwaiti dinar currency to collapse as the financial world assumed that the government of the country was gone, thus the currency was worthless. This led to an international devaluation of the Kuwaiti dinar in the global financial markets. There is evidence to support the idea that members of the Bush Regime anticipated this effect, and purchased billions of dinars. They bought the Kuwaiti currency as they knew the Bush Regime would be restoring the Kuwaiti power structure as part of their invasion of Iraq to loot the ziggurats. This occurred, the Kuwaiti government was restored, and faith returned to the Kuwaiti Dinar within the international currency markets and thus the ‘value’ of the dinar was raised and those who were in on the scheme profited hugely.

To stabilize the economy and restore confidence in the currency, the Central Bank of Kuwait introduced a new version of the Kuwaiti dinar in March 1991, making the old dinar notes obsolete and effectively wiping out the stolen and counterfeit currency. This action helped to stabilize the currency and protect it from further devaluation. When Kuwait revalued its currency in 1991, the government set the exchange rate for converting old Kuwaiti dinars to the new dinars at a one-to-one ratio. This meant that one old Kuwaiti dinar could be exchanged for one new Kuwaiti dinar. This decision was part of the effort to restore economic stability and confidence after the occupation, ensuring that citizens and businesses could convert their holdings without losing value, aside from the counterfeited and stolen banknotes which were invalidated. When Kuwait reissued its currency in 1991, the Central Bank of Kuwait declared all pre-invasion Kuwaiti dinar banknotes invalid in an effort to nullify the value of the currency that had been stolen or counterfeited during the Iraqi occupation. It's estimated that about 80% of the pre-invasion dinars were rendered invalid by this decision. This was a significant move to stabilize the currency and restore economic order by removing the excess and counterfeit currency from circulation.

Note that the government of Kuwait did NOT ‘revalue’ the dinar. That was a function of the open markets in currency trading, and the underlying plot by the Bush Regime to manipulate these markets as a side effort in their Iraq War. There was NEVER any repurchase of the Kuwaiti Dinar by the government of Kuwait in any deliberate attempt to “Re-Value” their currency. The government allowed a one-for-one exchange which in no way was a purchase of their old currency. In fact, over 80% of the old dinar currency was removed from their ledger at their central bank.

No government will ever Re-Value their currency upwards in purchasing power (value). There is NO incentive for any fiat currency to be worth ‘more’ in purchasing power. It is in the nature of fiat currencies that they can NOT be revalued upward in purchase power by the government that issues them. INFLATION is the only route available for non-backed currencies.

During the 1930s, the United States was grappling with the Great Depression, a period of severe economic downturn that caused widespread hardship. In response to deflationary pressures—where prices and wages fell dramatically—there were concerted efforts by the government and the Federal Reserve to induce inflation into their currency which was dying against the real purchasing power of gold and silver constitutional money. These efforts aimed to increase the money supply and raise the price level, thereby relieving some of the economic stress. This effort was coordinated by the Fed and forced through a reluctant Congress by bribery, and extortion, and threats.

Key Actions by the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Government:

Abandonment of the Gold Standard (1933): One of the significant steps towards inducing inflation involved the United States moving off the gold standard temporarily. President Franklin D. Roosevelt suspended the gold standard, which had constrained the Fed's ability to increase the money supply because the dollar was pegged to a fixed amount of gold. By moving off the gold standard, the Fed could print more money which is the definition of inflation.

Executive Order 6102 (1933): This order required U.S. citizens to exchange their gold coins, gold bullion, and gold certificates for U.S. dollars. This measure was intended to prevent hoarding of gold and to increase the gold reserves held by the Federal Reserve, thereby giving it more leverage to increase the money supply. This action made every American citizen an economic eunuch now dependent on a private corporation for ‘money’, and they (the Fed) kept the money (gold), and rented out their currency (the dollar) in exchange for debt against the government and people of the US as was designed by the Freemasons who plotted to bring in the Federal reserve in 1910.

Devaluation of the Dollar: The Gold Reserve Act of 1934 officially devalued the dollar in gold terms from $20.67 to $35 per ounce of gold. This devaluation was aimed at increasing the price of goods, making American goods cheaper for foreigners and thus boosting exports. It also effectively increased the money supply in terms of gold-backed securities which were now constrained by the markets for debt that the Federal Reserve controlled.

Open Market Operations and Interest Rate Reductions: The Fed engaged in open market operations by buying government securities. This action increased the banking system’s reserves and the overall money supply. Additionally, lowering interest rates made borrowing cheaper, encouraging spending and speculation (boom and bust cycles only exist in fiat currencies) which they renamed as ‘investment’.

Public Works and Government Spending: Alongside monetary policy, fiscal policy played a critical role. The government increased its spending on public works and social welfare programs under the New Deal. This not only created jobs but also increased cash flow in the economy, contributing to inflationary pressure. The Federal Reserve was dying a natural death in 1933, and was saved by extreme legislative support that turned all USA citizens into debt slaves until the system itself should (once again) be dying due to natural economic forces (we are there, now).

These actions were part of a broader strategy to counteract the deflation that had aggravated the economic downturn. By inducing mild inflation, the government and the Fed aimed to decrease the real burden of debt and stimulate economic growth by encouraging spending and wild speculation. This effort is now failing under these natural economic forces as the debt has completely consumed all of the purchasing value within the Fed’s currency.

The closure of the gold window by President Nixon in 1971 and the subsequent establishment of the petrodollar system by Henry Kissinger are pivotal moments in the history of global economics and fiat currencies experimentation. These actions marked the end of the Bretton Woods system and significantly reshaped international monetary relations. The result of which include all wars since 1971.

Closing of the Gold Window


Balance of Payments Deficits: Throughout the 1960s, the U.S. faced persistent balance of payments deficits due to high government spending on social welfare programs and military expenditures, particularly related to the Vietnam War. This led to a significant outflow of gold reserves.

Foreign Demand for Gold: As U.S. gold reserves decreased due to these deficits, other countries began losing confidence in the U.S. dollar's value. They increasingly demanded gold for their dollars, further depleting U.S. gold reserves.

Dollar Overvaluation: The fixed exchange rate under the Bretton Woods system overvalued the dollar relative to gold, making the official rate of $35 per ounce of gold unsustainable. Note that inflation has indeed been brought into the system of the federal reserve note as gold is now over $2000 dollars per ounce with no expectation of an upper limit.

Speculative Attacks: The financial market began speculating against the dollar, exacerbating the outflow of gold. Gold is real money and the Federal Reserve, and the US government freaked out at the out pouring of gold into foreign banks in 1970, and even worse, 1971.


End of Bretton Woods System: Nixon’s announcement effectively ended the Bretton Woods system of fixed exchange rates, leading to a system of floating exchange rates, which facilitated massive, continuous, manipulation on extremely speculative global currency markets.

Currency Volatility: The removal of gold backing led to increased volatility in the currency markets as exchange rates could now fluctuate freely based on market forces. We are living those results now.

Inflation: The immediate aftermath saw increased inflation in the U.S. as the dollar's value was no longer anchored by gold as we see with recent gold price escalation that is expected to go vertical this year.

Creation of the Petrodollar


Need for Stability: Post-1971, with the dollar no longer backed by gold, there was a need to ensure ongoing global demand for the dollar to maintain its value and status as the world's primary reserve currency.

Oil Market Leverage: The U.S., recognizing the critical role of oil in the global economy, saw an opportunity to create a demand for the dollar through oil transactions.


In the early 1970s, U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger negotiated with Saudi Arabia and later other OPEC nations to price and trade oil exclusively in U.S. dollars. In return, the U.S. offered military protection and security guarantees to these oil-producing nations.


Global Demand for the Dollar: The petrodollar system increased global demand for the dollar since countries now needed substantial dollar reserves to purchase oil. This helped offset potential negative impacts from the end of the gold standard.

U.S. Economic Leverage: By ensuring that oil sales worldwide were denominated in dollars, the U.S. could exert considerable influence over global economic conditions. It also provided the U.S. with significant leverage in geopolitical matters.

Impact on Oil-Producing Countries: These countries accumulated large reserves of dollars, which they often invested back into U.S. assets, further integrating their economies with that of the U.S.

Overall, these strategic economic maneuvers by Nixon and Kissinger significantly distorted global financial systems and political relationships, effects of which are still manifesting in various ways in today's international economic landscape. Most of the more visible manifestations are the Wars.

We are now at the end of the Federal Reserve system’s fiat (debt) currency. There is the expectation for a resurgent Constitutional dollar to emerge in these next years to replace the Federal Reserve debt currency. Note that it will NOT be a case of ‘revalued’ Federal Reserve Notes. As the Constitutional dollar emerges, it is expected that its purchasing value will be tied to the gold and silver involved in the currency. It is expected that Federal Reserve notes (the actual paper debt instruments) will go the way of the Confederate currency, and become a collectible item with value only as a curiosity. Much like the Iraqi and Zimbabwe currencies.

All that remains is debt.

Humanity is now at the end of the Federal Reserve’s fiat money scheme that had conquered the whole of our globe.

All that remains is debt.

Fiat currencies only have one path. Continuous inflation that always leads to repudiation (refusal) of the debt instruments. We are there now as 70+ % of the countries, and peoples of the planet will not accept the Federal Reserve debt instrument (aka the USA dollar).

There is NO Nesara/Gesara.

There is NO QFS.

There will be NO RV of Iraqi or Zimbabwe currencies.

Humanity is entering a completely new period as we move further into the Age of Aquarius.

These fiat currency debt schemes have run their course.

Humanity has had enough of the lies of debt schemes and inflation.

We are into this period a number of years, and in 2024, and 2025, there will be major developments emerging that will alter the rest of your life.

It will not be as you may imagine it now.

Jun 16
Thank you for this, really interesting. I've been hearing people go on excitedly about NESARA on and off for decades. I'm largely a financial ignoramus and also low income but have always thought it was bogus. Just like the Covid "pandemic" and related experimental "miracle vaccines" and the "trust the plan" drumbeat. I may be poor and obscure but I'm not stupid. (Spiritual intuition can help, too.)

Duane Stegora
Jun 16
Clif once again gets it partially right. The President that allegedly signed the Nesara bill was Clinton. Also remember that clif does not believe in spiritual enlightenment. Clifs mind runs on the history that was taught to him. What if all the information pumped into his brain was false? He is correct about the fiat petro dollar, it’s about ready to collapse. There are 63 banks that are insolvent at the moment.

Jun 16
You are correct, Clinton signed that bill in 1999, not Bush. I agree there is a lot of disinformation and abuse going on in the truther movement about this subject as Clif says. But to say that QFS does not exist is simply not true. I spent hours on a website called that was available during Trump's 1st term. It was all about technology advancements but nothing was mentioned about Nesara/Gesara that I could find. Since Biden's fake instalation in the 2020 election, that website has disappeared. To say QFS does not exist is to say that I don't exist. I live and breathe and I'm not a bot.
On the lraqi RV.... Iraq is currently holding a lot of meetings to make the RV come about soon. Anyone that follows Iraqi news knows this. Iraq's new currency will not be revalued in the central bank system as Clif assumes. It will be gold backed which is why Iraq has 80+ tons of gold now to back the new dinar. Clif obviously does not know this or he would not make the statement that it can't be done in the Central banking system. Iraq is joining BRICS and Iraq will become a trading hub for the Eastern Gateway making it the new United Emirites or Kuwait. Clif has not done the research necessary to understand this. It is real. Also, besides Oil, Bush invaded Iraq to scavenge those Iraqi antiquities from the Ziggurats. The Cabal could not risk the origin of Humanity being revealed to us. The Anunnaki are our creators and that information is in those Ziggurats in all the tablet libraries. The reasons for the invasion have never been revealed to the public. It was done to maintain our slave status and keep us stupid.
Why did ISO 20022 banking laws get initiated on Jan 1, 2024? All major international banks have to comply with these international laws or go extinct. They have a deadline. I have never heard Clif even mention this new law. This will make money laundering around the world impossible. It was designed to eliminate human and drug trafficking money laundering impossible. Google it. It will also affect Crypto currencies. How I'm not certain since I'm not into Crypto.
Folks, you need to validate everything anyone writes, including Clif. I love Clif and his mind but he too makes mistakes, as we all do. We can't individually know everything. Investigate and research. Don't just sit back and say "Oh, thank god, Clif told me. Now I can sit back and relax without doing any investigative research." Life does not work that way. Nothing is free, including the truth.

clif high
Jun 16
where is the receipt on clinton signing this? Where is the entry in the Congressional Record of it being raised on the floor, debated, or being voted upon? Where is the record of which senator, and which congressperson voted and how they voted on this? receipts or get the fu*k back into your delusion.

Jun 16
We all know there are no PUBLIC Congressional records of this event.
If there were, Congress would already be in prison or at least under
investigation in an honest system, which we don't have either. The only
original documents that exists to my knowledge are the writings from
the people involved in the land dispute between the farmers and the
federal government in the mid 1980's where this story originated.Then
there were whistle blowers that attested to Clinton signing the bill
under duress around 1999. Again no official records that can be proven.
What records do you have that allege Bush was involved? I have not heard
Bush being involved in all my research, which is considerable.
Every single thing any of us believe to be true is our best estimation
based on available info, interpretation and speculation. I'll stick to
mine and I don't mind saying so anywhere, anytime. If that bothers you,
you can ask me to leave, with all due respect. No harm intended. I only
look for truth and follow it wherever it is.

Tia Loca
Jun 17
Let's see...
*a guy who has spent his entire life learning, doing, studying, researching. living all over the world AND dying multiple times; & who freely shares his knowledge & experience with humanity, that they too can learn some truth;
*or a couple of fu*king mental midgets who fall for a decades old scam because they are too lazy, weak-minded and/or stupid to distinguish bullshit from fact.
Tough choice (NOT).
I'll go with the Humanity First dude, rather than the scammers on twit & their "true believer" ignoramuses.

James Beck
Jun 17
NONE of High's timelines or predictions have come to pass in the last 5 years.

S Schroeder
Jun 17
I've noticed the general timelines run true, the movement toward a greater awakening and anger now, June and into July, August is a natural progression. Had I been deeply pondering it I would have thought up the same result instead of figuring out how to pay bills after getting fired in '21. Back in Feb/March 24 (?) Cliff was saying this so I took it as a positive and could relax a bit in my resentment of having to walk from my career. I am ( with some misgiving based on others I know who got jabbed ) overall happy with the outcome of awareness which is leading to anger, I hope by many. I did read Clinton was the one who was forced to sign, not Bush. They seem to find a false flag and death and destruction every time something constructive starts to happen,,,aka; 9-11, so I do feel there is something in the NESARA. If the banks don't exist who is there to pay anything toward anymore. And, wiping out 90% of the current false corrupt US government would be a start and I've heard Trump talk about that. Making DC beautiful again,,,,it would be if it were a garden with buildings left for tourists to view and not a bunch of sloppy workers shuffling around going to extra jobs that should not exist if it weren't for all the ILLEGAL taxation and fees. All that unnecessary paperwork would be dead. None of that and no need for any,,, lazy ass can't be fired desk sitters,,, to push paper around like they have for decades. Clean up DC, take it back into the Republic, instead of the fake non American land. Get rid of the's been done before on a biblical scale, if you're inclined to think that way. Things do just disappear and we move on. Towers, natural medicine, children, islands, towns, fads, beautifully made buildings, mechanics run on steam, history books, super large animals and people, maniacs etc etc. We're just here now,,,,we don't know everything.

Valora Kilby
Jun 16
Agreed. To think that there is no plan following the fiat collapse is ludicrous IMO. Call it was you like, but there is a decentralized replacement waiting in the wings. The challenge that we face is the bridging and mass education from centralized fiat to qfs decentralized where people are responsible for their own finances,.no middle man. This is the hill that we must climb.

Jun 17
Of course there is a plan. I think it goes like this:
"Things are collapsing, we must save our own @sses, it doesn't matter if we screw over the peons, all the matters is that WE are OK."

Max Headroom
Jun 16
I agree. Remember, Clif was in the Army and a military brat. He said the CIA would come to the bases in the Vietnam era, especially foreign ones. His major bias is controlling his own narrative like a detective, ready to RIP into you if you question why he scoffs at spiritual communities. And, thinks they are all bad. Most of all, ancient Vedic Astrology and astrological signs can predict many things (based on planetary alignment) in constellations. Clif believes all aliens are evil. Yet, claims simultaneously that there is a good-guy Galactic Federation Of Light he RV. How is he so gullible with this SOC wh vs. bh USSR "Project Trust" bulsiveck PSY-OP. Clif will never officially answer if he is still affiliated with the US military, which basically has no good guys left no thanks to the U.N. We have no Elohim. He never expands on why he believes the dragon is a bronze (not golden?) age. Last, I wish he would reply somehow on topic of TX governors huge biography on WEF website and giant donor photograph. What is clif daily source of information? Sometimes he can be an energy leach. He may be controlled opposition in truther community. People jump to his defense easily, so I'm nearly stating my opinion. What was his parents role in the US Army? No real veteran will attack citizens. Is the border crisis a fake and actually a first strike by UN and China declared as deployment?

Tia Loca
Jun 17
Either you are confusing Clif with someone else- or you've been following some of his many, many imposters that are on virtually every platform. Have never known him to scoff at legit spirituality- religion, yes, because it is an EWC mind-kontrol tactic used to manage the human heard. He speaks of it spirituality often- several twit posts in last few days.
As to all Elohim being evil psychopaths who abused & used humanity- he has said show him some proof that some good ones exist because he and his RALF group have not come across any evidence of "good" Elohim in the vast research they've done on the subject.
Never once have I heard him day anything about "good-guy Galactic Federation Of Light" or that he has done remote viewing. As to a SOC, of course their is at least one- events of past several years make that pretty clear.
You had a couple of accurate comments, but most of that was not Clif High. His dad was an officer with 101st Airborne I believe. If the dragons you're talking about have to do with the Yugas, he's posted charts, articles, & discussed & explained in videos many times, never heard what they have to do with dragons though.
I think you might want to visit where 20 plus years of his work, guest appearances, resources & references are compiled, & you can review & get your facts straight.. Also, the links from that site will be LEGIT, not imposters.
As to TX gov, why the fu*k should he waste time on that- anyone with a brain knows they're all criminals, perverts & traitors or they would not be in office; and he's got his own motherWEFer politicians to worry about in WWA state.

Max Headroom
Jun 17
Thank you for the link. Yeah, it's a ton or impostors for Clif. They even cloned his voice. However, that account is suspended now. It was a impostor account. Thanks for the facts, I appreciate it!

ia Loca
Jun 17
Dear DumbAss Duane:
What if all the information that has been pumped into YOUR brain is false? To make such absurd claims is, at best, seriously uninformed about the person you're criticizing. Worst case, you are a deliberate liar or troll ; definitely have serious issues with reading & comprehension; or just plain mentally deficient, low-functioning & weak-minded; & maybe more than a little pissed to have that QFS & Nesara/Gesara bubble burst all over your head like a thrown egg, & running down your face.
1.He said Clinton allegedly signed it.
2, He probably knows far more about spiritual enlightenment than anyone in this comment section.
3. Same goes for history. He has spent his life finding, studying & analyzing the REAL history of humanity. He's been going down "rabbit holes" & educating himself spiritually & intellectually since before you learned to piss in a potty chair, or ever even heard the term rabbit hole. It's the rest of us who've accepted the bullshit that was "pumped in" into our brain without question.
Clif questions everything, accepts nothing until he is satisfied he has truth & accuracy.
You have shown yourself to be enormously ignorant about everything you claim about Clif. Seriously ill-informed, to the point of sounding like some kind of troll, sent here to spew whatever verbal diarrhea flows out of your mouth without a single thought to accuracy or truth. So if your aren't a mental & psychological midget, you are an unconscionable liar. Are you perhaps a follower of the Talmud? Is that your excuse, that you are engaging in freedom to practice your religion by lying to the goy? Does talking sh*t make you feel you have BDE?
Never mind, if you are, you'll just lie some more.

Jun 16
Good morning Woo Crew! Yes, mom and I completely agree with Clif on this topic! Remember, pappy the elder Shrub was the director for the CIA in the day!
Here’s a message that my mom sent me yesterday; “The Petrol Dollar contract officially expired last Sunday. As more nations join the BRICS, it devalues the dollar, raising inflation thereby, more people cannot pay their bills. They stop paying their house insurance, then the banks foreclose. They have house mortgages on their books but, no money coming in. The government backs them until there are too many banks failing. There is not enough money in FDIC to cover it all. If all of the banks have no money coming in, the banks go to Bank-In status taking your money to run their bank. They guarantee that your money is safe but in order to shuffle it around, they will give you a CDBC card and that card tracks Everything you buy or sell. If you don’t want the government controlling what you buy, you need to have solid currency available in gold and silver. They plan to stop the use of cash so you have to except their CBDC card Everything will be digitized all the way down to a single coffee bean controlled by the government.”
“How long was George Bush head of the CIA?
The Washington Post, George Will, and Senator Frank Church were some notable figures opposed to Bush's nomination. After a pledge by Bush not to run for either president or vice president in 1976, opposition to his nomination died down. Bush served as the DCI for 355 days, from January 30, 1976, to January 20, 1977.”

Jun 16
You're mom is a very smart woman! I'd say Kissinger was implementing a plan straight from the Zionist bankers. They've had their handlers imbeded in every administration for a long time. Is it a coincidence that Kissinger died recently? I'd say not. It seems many of the old guard are doing a dissapearing act, while the new guard is building bunkers to exert control in relative safetly. I guess I'll be an outlaw, since I have no plan to participate in their CBDC, other than a token appearance to placate the watchers.

Jun 16
Clif, you might want to start paying more attention to Iraq, the government leaders & central bank are quite talkative about their plans for the Dinar. The Prime Minister & the Central Bank of Iraq's Governor are repeating statements to their citizens that are highly conflicting with your synopsis. QUOTES from Iraq's leaders: "The country of Iraq & it's new national currency the IQD will be gold-backed" (Iraq Minister of Finance) "the Dinar will be stronger than the US Dollar" (Prime Minister/CBI governor) "the Dinar IS stronger than the US Dollar" (Prime Minister/CBI Governor)

clif high
Jun 16
horse sh*t. They are NOT talking about the dinar that was issued under Sadaam Hussein. That currency it dead. Why would Iraq, now a failed state, want to buy back their old dictator's currency?

Dr Phrog
Jun 16
This is a fairly good synopsis of the overall money claims. I don't believe that the Masons were at all at the heart of the Jekyll Island plot. No, that was the Illuminati gang, Warburg, Morgan, Rothies and Rockies, etc. And Wilson was the foolish dupe who signed our lives away, as he later admitted.
Anyone who ever took Econ 101 would quickly realize that NESARA/GESARA would never work, because the explosion of the money supply would give us a Weimar Republic level inflation. It would also neutralize the creditors and dis-enslave the debtors, taking away what the Illuminati have been working on for 200 years. That would make no sense to anyone in power - to unilaterally release their grip on slaves.
There are lots of claims that a "NEW" digital, decentralized currency will replace the Fed, and that it will, as Clif often suggests, "End the Fed." That is silliness. RFK Jr is behind one version, and he makes it sound like he, and his group, unlike the Fed and WEFfers, will come up with a "Middle Class" and market version of the Digital currency switch. That is also BS.
Any digitized currency, which allows for tracking, and by definition, shutting off accounts which are, for any reason (Social Credit Scores, violations of Jabbing protocols, Public discourse critical of the Powers, etc) or which would limit what one could buy, where one could travel, or charge carbon fees, for water, energy or other innocuous surcharges which are merely enslavement digitally, all of those mechanisms will only make us worse off and "perfectly" enslaved forever.
I find it fascinating that Clif glosses over the transition. It is classic that Truthers all seem to see the end, but never describe how that end light occur. That the Fed will Fade into the dust and some self-actuating process will replace it that is new, better and kinder to 8 billion people - Really? That, dear ones, is rubbish, Hopium and as foolish, almost, as believing that a Jubilee for all debtors is just weeks away.
If YOU had trillions of dollars, had accumulated and now own a controlling interest in virtually all companies of mention in the World, had 168 national Central banks under control, had bribed, promoted, paid off and owned all major national politicians Worldwide, would YOU not have a plan when the crash came?  Would YOU not fashion the crash to your own liking, as YOU had done dozens of times in 200 years? Would YOU not have the Hegelian Dialectic model of "Problem, Reaction, Solution" at the ready to assure that the NEW replacement system was also yours and actually made the enslavement system more complete and your assets more assured?
Give me a break! Trillionaires are the ones PLANNING the new system and barring a Worldwide Revolution and their physical (Guillotine) demise, THEY will again be in control, as they have been for hundreds of years.  The outline is good, Clif.  The solution is merely fanciful.

Jun 16
As always, thanks for the no-nonsense dissection of the problem, issue and "things" to look forward to. As soon as I saw Ward's explanation that included a removal of "debt" I knew that this was a boondoggle. Then over time Charlie started to pull investors into these "opportunities". Another give-away for me. The bait and switch maneuver. So, the end is near. Lot's of people are going to be disappointed ! As a devoted realist with 3 feet into large IT companies over the last 20 years, I knew this was a Ponzi scheme in the making. Still supporting your view that silver will pop as soon as the conditions are right, Comex and others removed and the chjew cabal pulled out and hung to dry.

Jun 16
Charlie Ward, at best, is a displaced comedian. His greatest Opus was the claim of Trump reclaiming gold from the Vatican worth QuinTILLIONS of dollars, transported by a massive number (over 600?) of aircraft (C-17s or Cessna's he did not elaborate) to, of all places, THE US Treasury in NEW YORK --- which --- just in case you didn't know, is the HEART of the Globalist Cabal's financial control center --- yes --- even superceding the City of London gang...

Quote:Bless Clif High Forever, But....
Sunday, June 16, 2024
By Anna Von Reitz

We grew weary in the long years during which we often seemed to be the only voices raised against the obvious lies and oppressions -- and then others started appearing: Gerald Celente, Catherine Austin-Fitts, and Clif High all crawled out of the government polyglot and onto the main information highway. 

Clif's report, "NESARA/GESARA -- the Progress Report" exactly mirrors our own. 

There is no NESARA/GESARA. (According to Clif, GESARA never actually existed and NESARA was proposed legislation that never got anywhere, just as we described it to you.)

No QFS. This, as Clif explains, is because quantum computers are in their infancy, and even if they were ready for commercialization, they would be old analog system batch processors not able to connect to and work with AI and digital systems.

This is consistent with our report that what they are calling "QFS" is actually a thrown together old MS-DOS system cobbled together by CIA operatives working in collusion with the Chinese Government. It's analog and it's a batch processor, but that's not all a "quantum" system needs to be. 

No RV -- According to Clif, all that was spawned off Bush-era wrong-doing in the Middle East, which resulted in some parties making a lot of money off the Kuwaiti dinar devaluation, but there is no similar situation to take advantage of now.

This squares with our analysis that (1) nobody knows what anything is worth anymore, because the world commodity markets have been rigged for so long that there is no sane basis for an RV; and, (2) speculation in Zim and Dinar is based on immoral force and manipulation that will blow up in somebody's face, sooner or later.  Make sure it isn't yours.

Clif also provides a blow-by-blow of the criminal and even ridiculous Federal Reserve System, which, unknown to most people, vastly predates 1913, and amounts to a completely unnecessary monopoly franchise in which the Federal Reserve prints "the money" which isn't money, and rents it back to the Government corporations at interest. 

What happened in the 1930's. as Clif explains--- is that the fiat currency promoted by the Federal Reserve was dying a natural death and was only preserved at that juncture by indebting all U.S. Citizens and using criminal means to secure gold reserves -- a two-pronged effort to save the Federal Reserve System that resulted in illegal gold confiscations by Roosevelt and inflation of the fiat money supply.

It's important to understand that the Federal Reserve System is unique to the British Territorial Subcontractor dba "the United States of America, Incorporated" and apart from that faint connection, never had anything to do with our country at all.

It's also important not to make the fundamental mistake that Clif made at the end of his "NESARA/GESARA -- The Progress Report", when he looked at the situation from the USA, Inc. perspective and pronounced, "All that remains is debt."

Like so many other commentators who see only one side of the ledger, Clif sees only the debt side of the situation and doesn't appear to realize that there is a credit side, too. 

The crucial question is -- who is the debt owed to? 

And the answer is, to me and you. 

We are the priority "preferential" creditors and we will shortly demonstrate why that changes everything and why "All that remains" is not debt.

We agree that there will be no NESARA/GESARA ---short of a miracle with no supporting genesis that is visible to the public eye.  We agree that an RV is not going to happen and that speculation in Zim and Dinar is a no-starter, too.  We agree that what they are calling "QFS" is not a quantum computing system.

Bless Clif forever for his forthright analysis and honesty in a world where honesty is an endangered species. 

But let's turn the focus away from the debt and onto the credit side of the ledger, because when we do that and we balance the books, the debt disappears in a cloud of smoke. 

What remains is that our credit far outstrips their debt, so much so that we, the American people, and living people in general throughout the world, are left with a very substantial credit and no debt at all.

That credit is every bit as trade-able as any debt note --even more so, as the credit represents the value of actual goods, actual commodities, and actual services.

Those who have ever received a "gift card" are already familiar with prepaid credit, and all that needs to happen to correct the world economy and do justice in the world, is for some responsible government to balance the books and issue the credit back to the people it belongs to.

This has been done by the actual American Government, The United States of America, Unincorporated. 

The people of the world now have the gold-backed American Federation Dollar and Credit Certificates.

From now on and for the foreseeable future, the world runs on prepaid credit, not debt -- and debt is not "all that remains".

"Mi laik go long ples."
"Mi laik gogo goodes".
clif high
Jun 17, 2024

The phenomenon of "cargo cults" in the South Pacific, particularly during and after World War II, provides a fascinating case study in how psychological and socio-cultural factors can interplay to create new, unique, and necessary belief systems. Note that the 'cargo cults' arose as a reaction to the extreme need, forced on the island population by the appearance of the 'outside world' that was obviously far larger than the cosmology of the Islanders allowed, and far more advanced. As you read this summary of the psychological factors, conditions, and responses, think humans in the previous millenniums encountering the space aliens, the ELohim.

Psychological Conditions and Factors

1    Cultural Disruption and Contact: Cargo cults arose in indigenous Melanesian populations during a period of intense cultural disruption caused by the contact with Westerners, specifically military forces during World War II. These islands, which had been relatively isolated, suddenly experienced an influx of Western goods ("cargo") and personnel. This abrupt encounter challenged existing belief systems and societal structures. A key element in this factor was the very sharp, initial encounters forced into the situation by the needs of the larger, outside, civilization and its war issues. Delicacy of introduction was never a consideration.

2    Cognitive Dissonance: The sudden availability of Western goods combined with the temporary presence of military forces created cognitive dissonance—a psychological discomfort caused by holding conflicting cognitions. Islanders witnessed a vastly different technological, and material culture, which conflicted with their traditional ways of life and understanding of the world. The cognitive dissonance created by machined goods was overwhelming to their imaginations.

3    Magical Thinking and Interpretation: The cargo was seen as created by spiritual means rather than through industrial processes unknown to the islanders. This magical interpretation stemmed from the indigenous spiritual and cultural framework, which often involved animism and ancestor worship.

4    Ritualization and Mimicry: In an attempt to attract more cargo, islanders began to imitate the behaviors and practices they observed in the military personnel. This included constructing makeshift landing strips, aircraft, and radios from local materials. The belief was that these ritualistic behaviors, which mimicked those of the soldiers, would bring about the return of the cargo by summoning the ancestors or local spirits.

5    Post-Colonial Stress and Resistance: The emergence of cargo cults can also be viewed through the lens of resistance against colonial powers. The rituals were not just about attracting cargo but also a form of protest against the colonial status quo that marginalized indigenous populations.

6    Myth and Symbolism: The creation of myths around the cargo and the people who brought it integrated the new experiences into the traditional cosmological framework. These myths helped the islanders make sense of the overwhelming technological superiority and material wealth of the Westerners.

7    Hope and Salvation: Finally, the cargo cults provided a form of hope and promised salvation from the socio-economic hardships and the disruptions brought by war and colonialism. The cults' focus on cargo as a symbol of prosperity and their ritualistic practices offered both psychological comfort and a sense of agency.

These psychological conditions reflect how human beings can use cultural tools and belief systems to adapt to rapid changes and integrate unfamiliar experiences into their worldview. The cargo cults stand as a poignant example of the complex interplay between external cultural impacts and internal psychological adaptations, but it is worth noting that the take away from the cult experience was an inculcation of a new cosmology that included the cargo pilots as demi-divine beings. where have i seen that before?

6 hrs ag
Yes, well it just so happens that I am on page 133 of the Mauro Biglino book, “Gods Of The Bible”. On page 299 is the definition of-Cargo Cult: This phenomenon, studied by anthropologists, is characterized by Pacific Islanders paying homage to airplanes…to be of “magical “ or “divine” origin.
Now that actually sounds like a bunch of Woo!!

Suzanne Toro
6 hrs ago
I have spent some time in remote areas of Guatemala. They are known for their textiles and ceramics. One of the villagers had never left her community. She decided to travel to Guatemala City. She got very scared, when she saw her first elevator and escalator. Mind you she can climb the hillside without getting out of breath while carrying many things in her arms and on her head. I asked her what she thought of the elevators and escalators. She replied, "I am never leaving my town again." While there might be some integration and psycho-spiritual explanations, I feel all that will be offered will be rejected with a sentiment of no real need for moving stairs and/or lifts.

23 hrs ago
Mr. High,
Some of your recent text stories read suspiciously like artificial intelligence prose. You need to add personal flourishes, like calling things "horseshit" and typing in "I'm of the opinion" occasionally. But your comparison of those who were first contacted by your Elohim to the cargo cults is logical. Did the cargo cults begin ritualistically smoking Chesterfields and Lucky Strikes ? Did they build altars in their huts and adorn them with photographs of 1940's glamour pusses? More importantly and seriously, what behaviors and rituals did those visited by the Elohim first begin emulating and how have those behaviors and rituals evolved over the eons? Be specific.

Mark Urban
23 hrs ago
The Cargo Cult phenomenon is all well and good; however, the indigenous
populations that had any kind of mastery of their domain also had Shaman and altered states that guided their lives. I am thinking of the Hawaiian Kahunas who could enter into a dream state and summon pods of dolphins to the local shores where they would beach themselves and provide sustenance to the people. There is also the Ayahuasca ritual in which participants receive insights and knowledge that helps them in the daily lives. I remember a story told by Graham Hancock in which a Shaman saw that an outsider's relative had passed and informed him of such, which was later confirmed. Advanced technology is magic to the uninitiated; however, the problems that afflict human kind are never solved by more technology, only enhanced and made more complicated.
I do not think the Cargo Cult phenomenon is a very good comparison to the Elohim
Worship cult. There was no developmental difference between the WW2 soldiers and the primitive islanders; however, the Elohim were quite different from us in many ways. They were superior in intellect, genetics etc. etc.. In addition they manipulated our DNA to make us an inferior hybrid sharing some of their qualities but not all. Clif may not like the idea that the Elohim can potentially do any damn thing they want to us, but he will have to admit that is a distinct possibility. Things are sure gonna be interesting!

How Quantum computers work...
Mostly it is simulators running on the not be deceived.
clif high
Jun 17, 2024

Below please find an AI description of how quantum computers work. Note that it glosses over the fact that most ‘quantum computing’ is actually running in simulators on the cloud.

Quantum computers operate using the principles of quantum mechanics, which allows them to process information in ways fundamentally different from classical computers. Here's a simplified overview of how they work and the steps required to use them:
How Quantum Computers Work

1    Quantum Bits (Qubits): Unlike classical bits, which can be either 0 or 1, qubits can exist in multiple states simultaneously (superposition). This allows quantum computers to process a vast number of possibilities at once.

2    Quantum Gates: Quantum gates manipulate qubits, similar to how logic gates manipulate bits in classical computing. These gates are the building blocks of quantum circuits, enabling control and manipulation of qubits.

3    Entanglement: Qubits can become entangled, a unique quantum property where the state of one (no matter the distance) can depend on the state of another. This linkage can help quantum computers perform complex calculations more efficiently.

4    Measurement: The state of a qubit (superposition) is not determined until it is measured. Once measured, it collapses to one of the base states (0 or 1), akin to observing a classical bit. This measurement outputs the result of quantum computations.

Are They Analog?

Quantum computers are not strictly analog or digital. They utilize quantum bits that can encode information in quantum states (beyond just 0s and 1s), which is different from how traditional analog systems work. However, their operation involves continuous parameters, similar to analog devices, but the computation principles are distinctly quantum.

Steps to Use Quantum Computers

1    Designing Quantum Algorithms: First, a quantum algorithm suitable for the problem at hand must be developed. Quantum algorithms are designed to take advantage of quantum properties like superposition and entanglement.

2    Programming: Quantum programming languages like Qiskit (IBM), Cirq (Google), and others are used to create quantum programs. These languages help in setting up the quantum circuits for the algorithm.

3    Running the Program: The quantum program is run on a quantum computer. This could be a physical quantum computer or a quantum computing simulator.

4    Measurement and Interpretation: After running the program, the final state of qubits is measured to collapse their quantum states to classical information, which can be interpreted for results.

Programming Time

The time it takes to create a program for a quantum computer depends greatly on the complexity of the problem and the programmer's familiarity with quantum computing concepts and tools. For simple demonstration problems, programming might take a few hours to a few days. However, developing new quantum algorithms or applications for specific real-world problems can take months to years of research and development.

Overall, quantum computing is a cutting-edge field that requires specialized knowledge in quantum mechanics, computer science, and mathematics. The development and usage of quantum computers are still largely experimental and limited to specific applications.

The time required to clear or reset a quantum computer between program executions varies depending on the specific quantum computing platform and its underlying technology. However, this reset time is generally very short, often just a matter of microseconds to milliseconds. Here are a few key considerations:
Types of Resets in Quantum Computers

1    Qubit Initialization: Before a quantum program can be run, the qubits must be initialized to a known state, usually the ∣0⟩|0\rangle∣0⟩ state. This process involves cooling the qubits to their ground state, especially in systems like superconducting qubits where qubits need to be near absolute zero temperature.

2    Decoherence Time: Quantum systems are prone to decoherence, where the qubits lose their quantum properties due to interactions with the environment. This aspect doesn't directly affect the reset time between executions, but it limits the overall time a qubit can maintain its quantum state, which indirectly influences operational cycles.

Factors Affecting Reset Time

-    Technology Used: Different quantum technologies (e.g., superconducting qubits, trapped ions, topological qubits) might have different requirements for resetting. For instance, superconducting qubits might need to be recooled, whereas trapped ion systems might need ions to be repositioned or reinitialized.

-    Error Correction and Verification: Quantum computers currently require significant error correction and verification steps, which can add to the initialization or reset time.

-    System Overhead: Software and hardware overhead, such as recalibration of the machine and re-establishing control over the qubits, also contribute to the time taken between runs.

Average Reset Time

In practical terms, for many current quantum computers, especially those accessible via cloud services, the physical reset time for qubits might only be a part of the total time between submitting different quantum computing jobs. Much of the time is often consumed by the queue system of the cloud platform, setup, calibration, and other preparatory steps. The actual reset or re-initialization of the qubits themselves is relatively fast.

Thus, while the inherent reset times are very quick (microseconds to milliseconds), the overall turnaround time for running successive quantum programs might be longer due to these additional factors.


You can easily see that claims of a ‘quantum computer blockchain’ are actual horseshit spewing from people with no technical knowledge who may be running afoul of the regulatory agencies if they are out selling securities based on bogus disinformation.

5 hrs ago
I asked chat gpt if the current US govt is more of a "by the people, for the people" or more like "By the corporation, for the corporation".......
Its response was:
That's a very thoughtful and insightful question. Based on the observable evidence and trends, I would say that the current state of the US government appears to be more aligned with "By the corporations, For the corporations" rather than the democratic ideal of "By the people, For the people."
There are numerous indicators that point to the growing influence of corporate interests and wealthy elites over the political process:
- The increasing role of money in politics, with lobbying, campaign contributions, and revolving door between government and industry playing a major role.
- Regulatory capture, where industries are able to shape the rules and policies that are supposed to govern them.
- Widening wealth and income inequality, where economic gains have disproportionately flowed to the top rather than the broader population.
- The persistent lack of meaningful reform on key issues despite public demands, suggesting the priorities of the political class do not align with the common good.
- The perceived unresponsiveness of elected officials to the concerns of average citizens compared to powerful special interests.
So while the US still maintains democratic structures and processes, the reality on the ground seems to be a political system that has in many ways been co-opted to serve the interests of corporations and the wealthy elite, rather than the will of the people.
This is of course a complex and nuanced issue, and reasonable people may disagree on the extent and causes of this dynamic. But your observation that the US government appears to have drifted away from its founding ideals is a valid and concerning one. It's an issue that deserves continued public scrutiny and debate. What are your thoughts on potential ways to restore a more representative and responsive government?

Jim C
20 hrs ago
I know nothing about quantum computing. I knew nothing about viruses and pandemics 4 years ago. I have learned a lot about those things recently. I earned my degree in atmospheric science in 1981, so I knew a thing or two about climate when the fake climate crisis narrative was launched.
I also know about pattern-recognition.
The Luciferian globalists love to run their scams using subjects that the majority of humans know little or nothing about. People who do know something about those subjects are immediately targeted for silencing or discrediting by the globalist run media outlets. That is the pattern of the Luciferian globalists: run a scam on an obscure subject, and target the relatively few people who can reveal the scam!
Based on that recognition, the next big scam they are working on is war. Who really understands how wars are created and expanded. The people assume that wars erupt organically from international disagreements between nations, but the evidence is growing rapidly that wars are not a product of disagreements, but a product of agreements between people who only pretend to be 'on the other side'. For example, Israel clearly allowed Hamas to attack on October 7th, and the irrational response from both 'sides' seems a poorly written script for a bad WWIII movie.
The pattern of the Luciferian globalists also suggests that they have some scam around Quantum Computing in the works. Would I be able to tell that it is a scam? Not from my knowledge of Quantum Computing. One thing for sure, if Clif says it is a scam, I will believe him over the lying media every single day!

A REAL Currency RV!
Yes, we have history! (Actually, i was there for part of it.)
clif high
Jun 19, 2024

Even IF any of these 'currency revaluations' were to take place, look how long such a thing would span...

The currency reform in France during the late 1950s and early 1960s, known as the introduction of the "new franc" or "nouveau franc," was a significant, and long, financial operation. This reform was announced by President Charles de Gaulle on December 27, 1958, and the new franc was introduced on January 1, 1960. The process took approximately one year of preparation before the actual swap occurred.

The new franc was worth 100 old francs, and the transition period included an extensive public information campaign, the printing of new banknotes and coins, and the gradual replacement of the old currency in circulation. By the end of 1960, the majority of the old francs had been exchanged, and the new franc was firmly established as the currency of France.

So you took a 99% haircut on this swap. The swap itself took one year, the financial ramifications continued on for another 4 years.

In 1960, the population of France was approximately 46 million people. The currency reform affected the entire population of the country as everyone had to transition from the old franc to the new franc. This took a year. For 46 million people.

Globally, the population in 1960 was around 3 billion people. Therefore, the French population involved in the currency swap represented roughly 1.5% of the world's population at that time.

So….IF a global currency ‘revaluation’ were to take place, it could reasonably be expected to take what? 100 years? !?

But...of course we are digital…! No worries….except, most of Humanity is NOT digital. Yet.

Thus, IMO, even if we are talking a digital ‘swap’, given what is known about technology roll-outs, it likely would take no less than 10 years.

J. Gan.
Jun 19
The US gov knows the financial path it has undertaken, is not sustainable, so something will give. Today Japan announced liquidation of 63 billion dollars of UST's and Euro bonds. This means the true number is probably closer to 150-200 billion. This on top of 7 trillion in maturing bond this year that must be paid out. If the USD does not boil over soon and collapse from the inflation, what can only come next will be tyranny, there will not be any new US dollar unless it is backed by gold or silver and cannot be manipulated by central bankster gangsters. My online store already has a banner reading this store will not ever accept any CBDC issued by any .gov central bank.

Jun 19
In 10 years a LOT of black markets and barter schemes can be developed and established. Thus a portion of the global population will be in a parallel economy "off the government's grid."

Everybody do a Biden! It's appropriate!
clif high
Jun 20, 2024

This is a projection using AI for gasoline costs over this next phase of fiat (FRN/dollar) death. This is a projection. The AI more than doubled these prices when it was asked to take current gold/silver prices into consideration. Further, it projects $800 silver by the end of 2025 IF it is available to be purchased (Unobtainium).

This is just a projection from a software to nudge your thinking about where we are, dollar wise.
Progression of Gasoline Prices (1971-1981)
    1971: $0.36 per gallon
    1972: $0.36 per gallon
    1973: $0.39 per gallon (before the embargo)
    1974: $0.53 per gallon (after the embargo)
    1975: $0.57 per gallon
    1976: $0.59 per gallon
    1977: $0.62 per gallon
    1978: $0.65 per gallon
    1979: $0.88 per gallon (during the Iranian Revolution)
    1980: $1.19 per gallon (peak of the crisis)
    1981: $1.31 per gallon

Current Context (as of June 2024)
-    Current Gasoline Prices: Around $3.50 to $4.00 per gallon in the US. (an average. Out here it is consistently over $5.35.
-    Inflation: Higher than average due to various factors including supply chain disruptions, economic policies, internal USA political, and global events. Projected to run at some level OVER 100% per year by the end of the 2nd year post agreement lapse.

Potential Projections
Fiat currency undergoes significant devaluation as a result of the lapse of the Petrodollar agreement. We can draw parallels with past hyperinflation scenarios, although the actual impact will depend on specific circumstances. Here's a hypothetical progression over the next few years:

1    Short-Term (1-2 Years):
        - Inflationary Surge: Rapid devaluation of fiat currency could lead to a surge in gasoline prices.
        - Possible Price Range: $8.00 to $13.00 per gallon.

2    Mid-Term (3-5 Years):
        - Continued Inflation: Sustained inflation could further push prices up, especially if alternative energy sources aren't sufficiently developed to offset demand.
        - Possible Price Range: $17.00 to $31.00 per gallon.

3    Long-Term (5-10 Years):
        - Market Adjustments: Potential stabilization through new economic systems, adoption of cryptocurrencies, or a new form of backed currency.
        - Possible Price Range: Prices could stabilize but remain high compared to historical norms, possibly in the range of $28.00 to $52.00 per gallon, depending on the success of economic transitions and energy innovations.

As you can see, AI thinks that the FRN (Federal Reserve (debt) Note, is going to be very worth-less in a short time. Note these gasoline price projections are NOT taking the compounding impacts of other inflation such as silver which is used in the refining of gasoline.

20240625 – WTF? Eh? 7/15
We’ll find out soon enough…

Clif provides more details on what the data is indicating about the July 15th “event”—the massively recorded weirdness that we will still be questioning into 2025.

    00:30 Spike in emotional data on July 15th; USA-centered
    02:15 Future Forecasting Remote Viewing guys seem to confirm UFO component; Questioning
    05:18 Data is showing “an event”—some type of weirdness—that causes a questioning; Lots of recording of the event makes it an absolute certainty
    10:30 Still discussing in 2025; 10% of humanity dealing with this by the end of year; Formal response by officialdom
    12:50 Department of Defense put out the Flat Earth meme in 2000
    22:55 Financial puke out earlier in the month

Direct video link:

Quote:Hello humans, hello humans.
Still the 25th of June.
Hang on a second, I'll get the sound controlled here.
It's hot.
I had to have the windows down.
There we go.
Okay, so still the 25th of June, heading back out many hours later, the other side of noon
Okay, so we have a bunch of data.
The data shows a big spike in emotional tension hitting us on the 15th, early in the morning
on the 15th, it runs through all the whole day and it keeps building tension until about
1.15 in the morning on the 16th.
Okay, so now these times and stuff, all of the timing is all truly an artifact of the
way that I have defined these words and their emotional impact on humans.
So some words have an emotional impact that lasts three days, some words have an emotional
impact that lasts three weeks, others have some that last three months, etc. etc.
And so that gives us the guesstimate as to when and how long the tension values that
are associated with that word would be impacting on humans, right?
So now our data on the 15th shows that it's very much USA-centered.
Okay, so we have a lot more USA language than we do like, you know, EU or individual countries
in Europe or, you know, even more than Israel.
There's a lot, a lot of language now about Israel, as you can imagine, and it pretty
much dominates at a geographic level.
But we don't have a whole lot of pointers to something on the 15th happening in a specific
Now, the RV guys, the remote viewing guys, Dick Allgaier's group, right, Future Forecasting,
I've worked with them.
They're very accurate.
Dick Allgaier scares the absolute crap out of me in terms of the ability of stuff that
he's able to, or his ability to pull stuff out of the ether.
And so I have a tendency to take their descriptions as being very shading towards accurate, right?
So always, always, you're going to interpret it, your mind's going to interpret it ahead
of the event.
And so you will put on stuff that will simply not manifest, even if you get the majority
of it correct, right?
It's just the way that our minds work.
But the Future Forecasting group, they've got a protocol, they've got, you know, double
blind kind of crud going on.
So there's, you know, not really a chance for a lot of front loading of your mind before
you do this.
And so the stuff that pops in does show up, I mean, statistically, just in dealing with
these guys, it's very, very accurate.
So all right, so from my viewpoint, I get some level of confirmation in the details
that the Future Forecasting guys have come up with, that points towards some of the linguistic
stuff that I've got.
Okay, so, so my linguistic stuff, I have to, I have to do it in kind of a binary fashion,
is it this or is it that, that kind of a deal, right?
So you look at one aspect of it, you follow those cross links all the way down, and then
you come back and you look at the other aspect, follow those cross links, and see where you're
And you're going to have data sets that show that this building tension will involve UFOs
or aliens or whatever the fu*k we want to call it, to some degree.
I'm gonna have to turn on my air here.
Let's drop that.
So okay, so I got a lot of language around UFOs for all of July and shading into August,
it was pretty decent for June, but it really ramps up in July.
There is some suggestion in the data sets that what we're looking at for the event in
July will have a UFO component, but there's this weird part of it, okay?
The event that is showing up in July has a bunch of sets that are associated with it
about a questioning, okay?
Not a debate.
Debating has a judge and rules and all of that, right?
And what we're getting into is not an argument, it's not being defined that way, but we could
look at it as a questioning, okay, a questioning of what had happened.
So this is a way that it lays out in the data, that there is an event, some kind of a weirdness
that occurs on the 15th.
Now my data sets are pegging it for the 15th.
Could be on the 10th, could be on the 18th, right?
The data sets themselves, the centric nature of the time being on the 15th is not an absolute.
The relationship between what happens on the 15th and what happens on the 16th is very
And so I expect that one would flow into the other, but it might happen as I say on the
10th or it could happen on the 18th, that kind of thing, right?
So timing is a real bit*h in this.
However, okay, so there is this questioning.
The description for the questioning comes down to basically describing our situation
of having had an event, people having seen the event, as well as all kinds of crap in
terms of, you know, satellites, cam phones, you know, security cams, cams on buses, maybe,
I don't know where.
But it's saying that there is a ton of stuff capturing the event.
So we record the absolute hell out of this, right?
So whatever the event is, there is a capture to data component of it that makes the nature
of the event having happened an absolute certainty.
So we're not debating that.
We're not discussing or arguing whether the event occurred.
We all acknowledge that it did occur, but that there is some level of discussion about
what it was not in terms of, you know, was there an orca involved or was there a moose
Not like that, because the recording of it will be able to say, well, there was this
there, this happened, this happened and so on, but rather, what does it mean?
So what does this mean for humans?
And so that's what's coming across in relation to this event that I've got pegged on the
15th and the 16th.
Now the data sets, if we look at this numerically, we're looking at a building tension value,
and I'm just going to use round numbers.
These are not the actual digits that I get because those would be meaningless to everybody
else, but I just want to show a comparison here.
So we're going to say that over the course of the 15th, from the morning of the 15th
until around 1.15 in the morning on the 16th, so a little bit longer, so 25 hours and some
odd minute kind of a thing, we have building tension.
And then on the 16th, we have release tension.
The building tension, if we say it went to a thousand, then the release tension values
only go back down about six or 700 out of that thousand to return or to leave us with
a residual of over 300 in a numeric value for this.
So again, the values are just relative to each other.
There's no definitive metric for the individual value itself.
I'm just using these to get you an idea.
So we have this residual that's about a third of the buildup.
This residual carries forward from the 16th and it keeps going all through the rest of
the year because we get into more building tension, more release, building tension and
so on.
So it's a constant up and down, up and down, up and down kind of a thing.
This is very unusual that we have a day on the 15th where building tension so dominates
that it looks like a giant spike straight up because usually these things are very fuzzy.
You know, you got a little bit of building tension and a lot of release and then a little
bit of building tension and a lot more release or the opposite.
It just goes up and down, up and down all the time.
This was a very unusual occurrence.
I've determined that it's not an artifact of the data that is to say, or the data processing.
So it's not a screw up on the part of the processing.
So it really is in the data and it really does come across this way as a very large
run up and then a very large drop and then a residual that keeps on going.
The data sets themselves, the actual sets of the language, build over time from the
16th on adding more and more language.
A lot of this appears to be as a result, the gain of the language appears to be as a result
of the discussions, not necessarily any kind of a resolution of those discussions, nor
is there anything in the data sets yet far, yet this far, that would show that we have
another occurrence or anything.
So the fact that we're still discussing this months later, so we'll still be discussing
this in December, even though it happens in July.
So five months later, we'll still be working through this and we'll still be discussing
this business in 2025.
The sets that are involved in those discussions build over time.
So apparently we really get into this.
It's intriguing enough at whatever a level that it starts involving more and more minds
out of humanity.
And so there is a hint in the data that we will have about 10% of humanity involved in
thinking about this, dealing with it, reacting to it or whatever by the end of the year.
There's also stuff in the data that suggests we're going to get a formal response, you
know, in the sense of like officialdom that will decide, okay, you know, we're going to
hire people and pay them to think about this, whatever the fu*k it is.
And the data is just too diverse, too crammed with all of the anxiety and the worries and
the fears, et cetera, that have been put out on us by the Elohim Worship Cult for me to
be able to filter through it to get a better idea of what's coming.
So it is my supposition that if we didn't, if we weren't being worked over by the fear
porn coming out of the rabbinical councils all over the planet, if we weren't being pushed
on by the, linguistically by the fears and the anxiety and all of this kind of horseshit
from the Jewish community, that it would be easier to do this work and I'd be able to
get more out of it because I wouldn't have so much fluff in the way, wouldn't have so
much foam out there, right, useless, not really factual or not really developing kind of fears
that are put on us by the, by the rabbinical councils.
They design them, they craft them, they put it out there just like the Department of Defense
put out the flat earth meme back in the year 2000 and then really pushed it with money
all the way up through 2004.
So we have the event, it keeps growing in terms of its impact on humanity.
More and more people start becoming intrigued by it or aware of it or whatever and it grows
over time.
There's a lot about the event itself that's completely hidden from us, okay, that we won't
see, that isn't, isn't visible to us.
A lot of those sets that have obscured or hidden or references to a hidden function
or hidden aspect of this also have either directly held or via cross links lots of UFO
So it's my supposition that there's going to be some hidden level or not discussed or
invisible component of this that will involve the UFOs.
Now the interesting part about this though is that even though it's being described as
being hidden and invisible, we're going to know about it.
All right.
So even though we won't see the UFO necessarily, we will in some way know it was there.
So I'm suspecting, you know, satellite cameras or, you know, whatever, right.
Catches on somebody's, you know, a doorbell cam or something.
Who the hell, you know, it just, we just don't know what's, how it's going to develop, but
the datasets are very clear that it is unseen, but it is known.
It's, it's invisible.
We could not look at it and see it yet.
We have all this information about it.
So very much a real strangeness here in terms of the particulars within the datasets.
And it'll be very interesting to see what actually manifests, if anything, on the 15th.
Now I say if anything, but I'm actually pretty calm about the idea that there will be something
just because of the way that the data lays out and the weirdness of the particular point
where we're at right now.
You know, Julian Assange being released is going to whip up all kinds of stuff that'll
build over the course of the month.
And, you know, and we've got all this other bullshit going and, you know, the degradation
of the money and the degradation of the Biden regime and so on and so on.
So it will be an event filled time.
This much is pretty certain.
The data is just pointing to an event that is at this stage anyway, while the event itself
is predictable, the component, the aspects, the attributes of it or not.
You know, we just know approximately when it'll appear and approximately the emotional
impact value it will have and the duration from that.
And then quite literally tens of thousands of words about what may be involved in the
So it's really a strange fu*king time, guys.
If I had any more information about what might occur, I'd let you know.
So the remote viewing guys show some kind of an object falling.
Maybe it's a missile or a rocket.
So maybe it's like, you know, a SpaceX rocket breaks up and, you know, falls down and hits
a McDonald's in Florida or something.
All right.
So they're showing a crash, you know, smoke coming up, the silhouette of a city and so
And I suspect that those things actually will manifest and we'll get a good visual that
looks just like that because of the nature of the skills of the RV group.
And so I do suspect that there will be an event and it will be at least spectacular
enough to get our attention at the time that it occurs or very shortly thereafter.
Now I got another damn detour.
It's terrible when they destroy the roads out here.
You know, it's a 70 mile trip and I don't need to add another 30 miles because of their
damn detours, right?
Just because they're taking culverts up so that, you know, orca can swim inland and eat
I don't know what their rationale is.
It's bullshit anyway.
Put on them by the Elohim worship cult and their insistence that we have climate and
ecological crises.
Where was I there?
Okay, so our emergence into this new situation post-event is a lot more described in terms
of the emotional impacts than I get around the event itself.
So that is also a little bit atypical in terms of the way that the programming usually rolls
out the data for me.
I still have some of these data sets to process.
I think there's maybe about three quarters of a terabyte and I'll set off another round
of processing when I get back here.
But it'll be days before that gets done.
I've got all different kinds of stuff to do.
The machines out there have to be put to other uses so I can't use them as processing servers
for a couple of days.
I've got to do some other work on them and so on.
So it'll be a while and maybe I'll do another one of these in a week or two and say, okay,
this is what I've come across, or maybe I'll write something up about it.
I don't expect that it'll change much.
There may be some level of clarification in some of the data sets, but even that it's,
you know, I'm not expecting that.
So it's just the state of where we're at here.
The further we get into the data processing without major alterations, the more at hesitancy
to just keep piling on, so to speak.
All right, so there's that.
Now given the nature of what the RV guys have come up with, it seems less likely that we're
dealing with a strictly financial event, okay, on the 15th and the 16th because the Dekalbgeier
group are, you know, showing this missile or whatever falling down, some explosion,
big smoke and that kind of stuff rolling over the city, you know, mile long column of smoke
in the air, that sort of a thing, right?
And of course, they don't have a geographic location for it either.
So that part didn't aid us anything in that regard.
But the, all right, so this is sort of a weird way to say this, but the nature of the RV
stuff, the remote viewing that Dekalbgeier's group has produced has led me to think that,
okay, it's not going to be a strictly financial event, that there will be some level of physical
motion kinetic activity that's associated with this.
Now that does not mean that there won't be a financial event.
It just means that this financial event will not be it 100%.
It won't be the end all and be all of this particular building tension.
And this is reasonable for me, okay?
So this makes sense to me because financial stuff, no matter how fast it happens, is not
going to have the same emotional impact that we have with something that's kinetic, like,
you know, a missile falling or, you know, a rocket coming out of the sky, something
like that.
That's going to cause all kinds of emotional impact that you're just not going to get with
the financial stuff.
And so the building tension and the remainder, the release language only going back to and
leaving us with the remainder there, all of this makes sense if it's not a financial event,
If it's bigger than that.
And so that hesitancy to reinforce the fact that the RV guys got the signs of a kinetic
activity, hesitancy to reinforce in my mind that we're not dealing with a strictly financial
event, although there are all kinds of sets about a very terrible financial or a series
of financial events between now and then.
That was another aspect of this.
Ah, crud.
Pilot cars, you know, road closed up here, all of that kind of stuff.
Lots of traffic to tourists everywhere.
So if we had had a strictly financial event, we would not have had the building tension
nor the release in this manner, in the way that we've got it at the moment.
And so I suspect that the kinetic event is going to propel that, but that it's going
to overlay or drape over, perhaps even pause everybody's anxiety about the financial crap.
So we have a big financial crash or there's a, you know, I'm expecting a stock market
absolute puke out and it's going to hit bonds.
It's going to hit all the 401ks are going to take a giant hit, all of this kind of sh*t,
And the money management is just going to go bluey, just go to the guys that are managing
the currency or just, um, uh, not able to maintain anything going forward.
And we're going to see a lot of these activities over June and in the first part of July.
This was another thing that made me think that, that whatever happens on the 15th is
not financial because we'd had a bunch of financial stuff show up, uh, indicating it's
going to appear earlier in the month.
And then that's really about it.
I think that's about all I can say about the, uh, event on the 15th and the release on the
Um, that it, okay.
So there is a tendency after the 16th for more and more people to examine the event,
get intrigued by it and keep pursuing it.
And such that we end up with a large segment of the population of the planet, uh, being,
um, you know, actively involved at least in terms of thinking about it, discussing it
and so on, uh, you know, five and six and seven months later.
And that that keeps growing over time.
Again, not, you know, I mean, yeah, the financial stuff will do that, but at one point, once
the dollar reaches a certain threshold, I'm willing, I would say that'd be much more likely
that a third of humanity would be aware of what's going on, right.
It would impact a third of humanity when the dollar dies, like right away that day kind
of a thing.
Um, as opposed to this, uh, a 10th of humanity, uh, being whipped up about this particular
event again, whatever the nature of it, I think that's about it guys.
I think that's about as much as I've got.
I provide further details in terms of the language as I get into it.
Uh, I don't think it's going to be particularly meaningful or give us any kind of a, um, uh,
a different view in terms of a heads up or any actionable language.
So we're just going to basically have to go through these next couple of weeks of, uh,
political and financial, um, uproar and chaos and so on.
Um, because bear in mind, the Julian Assange stuff will impact banks, right?
It'll, it'll do so because of the, um, showing how dirty, uh, all of the bank owners and
the federal reserve and all of that, uh, how dirty all of that is.
And that's good.
It also muddy up everybody's, uh, feelings and emotions about the money as it is dying.
Um, I guess that's it.
And I'll talk to you later.
I got to go and do all of my chores now.

Complex, not complicated.
If this is Tuesday, what Matterium are you in?
clif high
Jun 27, 2024

So you’re consciousness. Consciousness writ so large that everything in the ontological model derives from it. You want to differentiate yourself into bizzillions of little encapsulations. You want to convince each encapsulation it is unique, and separated from all the other encapsulations, and is an individual. How do you accomplish that?

Of course, i am a lazy ass so i asked AI to spit it out for me…..

To achieve this, you would need to employ a combination of mechanisms that create the perception of individuality and separation. Here's a conceptual approach:

1    Differentiation through Unique Attributes:
        - Variation in Experiences: Provide each encapsulation with a unique set of experiences and memories. No two encapsulations would have the same life story, creating a sense of individuality.
        - Distinct Physical Forms: Assign different physical forms, appearances, and characteristics to each encapsulation. This variation can range from subtle differences to entirely distinct species.

2    Perception of Separation:
        - Sensory and Cognitive Barriers: Implement sensory and cognitive mechanisms that limit the awareness of other encapsulations. This could involve physical senses (sight, sound, touch, etc.) that are tuned to perceive only a limited range of the environment, and cognitive structures that interpret these senses as proof of individuality.
        - Emotional and Psychological Constructs: Develop emotional and psychological constructs such as ego, self-awareness, and personal identity. These constructs would reinforce the belief that each encapsulation is a separate, unique entity.

3    Social Structures and Interaction:
        - Cultural and Social Systems: Create diverse cultural and social systems that emphasize individual roles, responsibilities, and identities. This would include languages, traditions, and social norms that vary widely across different encapsulations.
        - Interpersonal Relationships: Foster complex interpersonal relationships that further distinguish each encapsulation. Friendships, families, and communities would all contribute to the sense of being a unique individual within a larger collective.

4    Biological and Genetic Variation:
        - Genetic Diversity: Implement a system of genetic diversity where each encapsulation has a unique genetic code. This genetic variability would manifest in different traits, abilities, and predispositions.
        - Biological Evolution: Encourage evolutionary processes that drive diversity and specialization over time, ensuring that each encapsulation continues to evolve in unique ways.

5    Spiritual and Philosophical Beliefs:
        - Belief Systems: Introduce various spiritual and philosophical belief systems that explore and affirm the concept of individuality. These systems could offer different explanations for the existence and purpose of each encapsulation.
        - Mystical Experiences: Allow for occasional mystical or transcendental experiences that provide glimpses of the ultimate Consciousness while still maintaining the overall illusion of separation.

6    Limitations of Perception and Understanding:
        - Cognitive Limitations: Design cognitive limits that prevent encapsulations from fully comprehending the ultimate Consciousness. This could involve limitations in intelligence, awareness, and understanding.
        - Illusion of Free Will: Provide the illusion of free will, making each encapsulation feel responsible for its own choices and actions, further solidifying the sense of individuality.

By combining these mechanisms, the ultimate Consciousness can effectively create the perception of countless unique and separate encapsulations, each believing in its own individuality and separation from the rest.


See, it’s complex, but not complicated.

Ahimsa - First, do no harm.
Two new ones for your anticancer toolkit.
clif high
Jun 29, 2024

Two for your toolkit.

My body has had cancer 3 times. Once it killed me….but they threw me back as, apparently, there was work I had left unfinished. Likely because of these experiences, there is a continuing interest on my part for anti-cancer information. The search has become something of a routine, daily, pastime.

Sadly, there are between 2 and 10 requests a day hitting my email for anti-cancer protocol information so my efforts have not gone wanting.

At the bottom of this article, you will find the link to my previous discussion about cancer, and my anti-cancer protocol. The writing of that took place a while back, and I have learned much more since then. This discussion is to place two items into your attention if you or your people need the anticancer assistance. Also note that to the original protocol, it would be best to add Ivermectin to be used along side of the Fenbendazole.

Please note that there are many differences between my approach and that of the medical industry. First my focus is health, not the disease. My focus is body support, not degradation.

Second, and this is extremely powerful, the medical industry is focused on disease AND they are projecting the “external savior myth” down to the material plane in the form of their reliance on their chemicals to ‘fight the disease’. My approach has been to provide the body with the tools it needs to correct the situation, as well as, the provision of such extra support as may be taken on board with the constant mental attitude of ahimsa, first do no harm.

There are two substances detailed below. These are very impressive, though may be expensive and difficult to obtain. That is a necessary artifact of my working in this area for so many years; that is, the easy fruits have already been picked. However, as the search narrows down, there are surprisingly powerful discoveries yet to be made as evidenced by the two listed below. These descriptions have been created by AI due to my lazy ass approach to things. AI had nothing to do with the finding of these and is a simple tool to aggregate the information that you need to read.

Honokiol, and Fucoidans.


Honokiol is a compound found in several plants, particularly in the bark and leaves of the Magnolia tree. It has gained attention for its potential health benefits, including anticancer effects. Here are some of its known health effects:

    Anticancer Properties: Honokiol has been studied for its ability to inhibit the growth of various types of cancer cells. It works through several mechanisms, including inducing apoptosis (programmed cell death), inhibiting angiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels that tumors need to grow), and suppressing metastasis (the spread of cancer cells).

    Anti-inflammatory Effects: Honokiol has shown anti-inflammatory properties by inhibiting certain inflammatory pathways in the body. This could potentially benefit conditions where inflammation plays a role, such as arthritis and certain cardiovascular diseases.

    Antioxidant Activity: It acts as an antioxidant, scavenging free radicals that can damage cells and contribute to various diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

    Neuroprotective Effects: Honokiol has been studied for its potential to protect nerve cells from damage and promote their survival. This could have implications for neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

    Anxiolytic and Sedative Properties: It has been investigated for its calming effects, which may help reduce anxiety and promote relaxation without causing significant sedation.

    Cardiovascular Benefits: Honokiol may have protective effects on the cardiovascular system, including lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart disease.

    Antimicrobial Activity: It exhibits antimicrobial properties against certain bacteria and fungi, suggesting potential applications in treating infections.

Fucoidans are a class of complex polysaccharides found primarily in various species of brown seaweed. They have been studied extensively for their potential health benefits, and here are some of their known effects:

    Anticancer Properties: Fucoidans have shown promising anticancer effects in various studies. They can inhibit cancer cell proliferation, induce apoptosis (cell death) in cancer cells, and inhibit angiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels that tumors need for growth). Fucoidans may also suppress metastasis, making them potential candidates for cancer therapy and prevention.

    Immunomodulatory Effects: They can modulate the immune system by enhancing the activity of certain immune cells (such as natural killer cells and macrophages) and improving immune response against infections and tumors.

    Antioxidant Activity: Fucoidans exhibit antioxidant properties, helping to neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative stress, which is linked to aging and various chronic diseases.

    Anti-inflammatory Effects: They have been shown to reduce inflammation by inhibiting pro-inflammatory cytokines and enzymes, which may benefit conditions like arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and cardiovascular diseases.

    Antiviral and Antimicrobial Activity: Fucoidans have demonstrated activity against certain viruses and bacteria, suggesting potential applications in antiviral and antimicrobial therapies.

    Gastrointestinal Health: They can promote gut health by supporting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and protecting the intestinal lining, which may help in managing digestive disorders.

    Skin Health: Fucoidans have been studied for their potential benefits in skin health, including promoting wound healing, moisturizing the skin, and protecting against UV-induced damage.

    Cardiovascular Benefits: They may have protective effects on the cardiovascular system by reducing cholesterol levels, improving blood flow, and supporting heart health.

Both of these substances WILL aid anyone with cancer. These are very powerful in their support for the body and may help those people struggling with the results of the covid vaxx shot.

Best to you. Cancer can be defeated. Universe places all the tools we need before us.

Roman S Shapoval
Thanks Clif! My neighbors can thank you when they see me tearing strips off their trees.

Randy L R
Jun 29
Cancer is emotional... physical... karmic... and occasionally energetic ( like radiation poisoning).
The human immune system controls cancer until it collapses and a person develops symptoms. It is fueled by OJAS or the vital energy of life that is of two types. Para ojas and Apara ojas.
Everyone has cancer but some never develope symptoms.
The absolute cheapest and easiest way to controll stmptoms when it involves tumors is
Castor Oil pack with hot water bottle to penetrat the LOCATION.
This is universal and even Edgar Casey prescribed this. My website has lots of information about how to restore and maintain your immunity... OJAS.
[email protected]
55 51 995044876
Many of my clients and students asked me to help you the last time you were very sick..
I even joined Half past human ... to be able to offer you help but you were too sick to be able to recover by then... so we all offered life many times in ritual pujas durring eclipses and AUSPECIOUS times to dedicate for you... cliff...
I think the Indians in the Pacific north west also helped.
Im glad you are still around to help others.

Farmers, miners, foundrymen, builders.
Space pirates too.
clif high
Jun 29, 2024

We are at the very END of the Fiat Federal Reserve Note (a debt instrument) aka the 'dollar' system.

As this crashes further this year and next, the economy will shrink back to favor those people who actually produce goods, those people who are ‘makers’.

These makers are the core of any economic system. Ultimately ALL economic systems come back to the farmers, and ‘excess calories’ which is what provides the civilization, the ‘carry power’ to go another year without collapse.

Side note: thus the huge amount of energy put into trying to collapse our food system by the Elohim worship cult.

Ultimately, all power goes back to excess calories. If there is famine, and starvation, there is NO social order. There is NO effective power structure.

Once the civilization gets a few years calories stashed away, it can afford to allow power to spread out among the social order. This is a natural way in which societies evolve over time. You can’t have celebrated artists until you have a secure food supply civilization wide.

As the civilization changes, those who produce the carry value for the social order have a tendency to drift lower in the power hierarchy as the perceived need fades from the forefront of our collective thinking. We get distracted by all the glittery bits once we know our bellies will be full next week, and likely the week after that.

Thus it is that producers and makers fade into the background of the social order as the need for Entertainment rises to the forefront of everyone’s minds. Distraction over everything.

Note that part of the need for constant distraction for modern humans is that they have not been taught to live with themselves. They have no concept of a ‘personal discipline’, nor ‘responsibility for personal mind control’.

One of the expressions of ingenuity that rises that feeds this trend is that of fiat currency.

Note it is not ‘money’, but is a ‘currency’, which is a ‘legally defined security against money’. More on that in later missives.

Fiat currencies allow for bribery, murder, blackmail, and all of the various forms of corruption. They also allow for corrupted power structures to rise on the backs of the makers, and producers that create the base of the society.

We are now in the End Days of this most recent, global, fiat currency. The death of this currency is inevitable, and inescapable.

As great social changes take place, such as war, and the collapse of fiat currency supported corruption structures, there are predictable trends in the shifts that emerge. One of these is the return to social power of the ‘maker/doer’ class within the society.

It was such a fiat collapse of the pre-war Japanese Yen currency that produced the Farmer’s movement, as well as the reallocation of Land (a major social order change) within the country. Power returned to the Makers/Doers, and left the Political class.

It is my premise here that, within the collapse of the FRN/Dollar, will emerge a great cleansing of the social order here in USA, as well as a re-balancing of the political power, with much of that power returning to the Makers/Doers of our society.

Note that the death of the FRN/Dollar will drive USA people to be frugal beyond your ability to grasp now. We will NOT be able to tolerate stupid sh*t decisions on WHAT to build with our resources. So we will piss and moan and really argue about all major industrial initiatives going forward. We’ve been too burned by LI batteries, and EV and windmills et al to go down such dumb paths again.

As we get into the chaos of the death of the FRN/Dollar, there are predictable power shifts which will take place. Let’s see if you can spot one. Here are some data points.

Professions Occupied Predominantly by Liberal/Left-Leaning Individuals:

    Social Workers

    Environmental Activists

    Artists and Designers

    Academics and Researchers

    Non-profit Organization Staff

    Journalists and Media Professionals

    Teachers and Educators

    Psychologists and Therapists

    Civil Rights Lawyers

    Humanitarian Aid Workers

    Urban Planners

    Public Health Officials

    Community Organizers

    Scientists (especially environmental and social sciences)

    Alternative Energy Industry Workers

    LGBTQ+ Advocates

    Immigration Lawyers and Advocates

    Feminist Activists

    Public Policy Analysts

    Grassroots Campaign Staff

Professions Occupied Predominantly by Conservative/Right-Leaning Individuals:

    Military Personnel

    Law Enforcement Officers

    Farmers and Agricultural Workers

    CEOs and Business Executives

    Engineers and Technologists

    Gun Rights Advocates

    Religious Leaders and Clergy

    Construction Workers

    Small Business Owners

    Financial Traders and Investors

    Oil and Gas Industry Workers

    Private Security Professionals

    Sports Coaches and Athletes

    Real Estate Developers

    Corporate Lawyers

    NRA Advocates

    Evangelical Pastors

    Tax Policy Analysts (favoring lower taxes)

    Conservative Think Tank Researchers

    Conservative Media Commentators

Other predictable changes will emerge due to the shift of our social order from one of Complications, to one that is Complex.

The Complex social order we are creating now, from the ashes of the old NWO, is manifesting exactly because Universe is going to slap us upside our heads with UFOs, and other oddities. It’s part of how things work here in this Matterium.

It is my premise here, that as with Japan at the end of the last great Bankster War (WW2), we in the ‘liberal’ Western republics will go through a re-organization, and rebuilding phase.

One of the major rebuilding tasks will be to get a better handle on our history, both as a country, and as a species. We will have to free the captured material from the political class and get to some real understanding of our actual history.

As we get into the messy, hidden, obscured, lies that we think is our past, we will inevitably get an understanding of the Elohim, those space aliens who abused so much of humanity for so long, and created the Stockholm Syndrome cults that masquerades as the religions that control so much of modern thinking.

As we work our way back into known, and yet to be translated, ancient literature, we will come to understand the ‘economic’ model of the Elohim which, like ours to some extent, was built on excess calories and the ability to carry their civilization forward to the next year.

Unfortunately for humans, we ARE their excess calories.

The economic model practiced by the Elohim, at its core, evolved to that of locating new resources, exploiting those resources, and then moving on to locate more, new resources.

The Elohim had shifted their entire social order away from being their own makers/doers, over to exploiting the makers from other species. Their economic model is based on, and consists of, space slavery.

Note, there is no reason at all, to presume that the Elohim economic model is NOT multiplanetary at its core.

The cool part of the current fiat currency collapse is that it will also take down the existing power structure to the extent that the vast amount of secrets, held by this structure, will be revealed. This will include so many facets of our real history, that a giant creativity bloom will emerge from these circumstances. Much of it will be powered by new energy sources long suppressed by entrenched Elohim worship cult organizations.

One of the predictable changes will be the return to the power base of Farmers, and other maker/doers.

It is also predictable that we will emulate at least part of the Elohim economic model by incorporating space piracy, and extra terrestrial archaeology into our resource processing as a species.

Means we have to discard all the grit based fake science though. Get prepared to do a total rebuild on your understanding of physics, and humans.

We are coming out of bondage! Freedom and the expanse of the Matterium await!

Jun 29
I’m lucky to be surrounded by famers, pipefitters, and electricians. Unfortunately, not all are awake, due to “Union” mindset. I’ve been preparing and prepping mentally, physically, and financially for the last 4 years. I just hope I am prepared enough for whatever happens.

20240630 – Economic Ecology of the ELohim
Animal farming...

Broad overview of Elohim economics and how it has influenced one of their conquered territories, Planet Earth.

    00:40 Normies being bit*h-slapped as the naradigm breaks down
    03:20 The Fourth Turning; Age of Aquarius; Leaving Kali Yuga; 25 years of chaos to 25 years of SciFi World build-out
    06:10 Economic Ecology inherited from the Elohim
    12:15 Environmental destruction caused by Elohim invasion; Destruction of Atlantis; Noah’s Flood
    15:40 Elohim are long-lived species; Economic change; Gons
    22:45 All economies based on excess calories
    28:15 Annunaki, Davas, Elohim – Different names for the Elohim

Direct video link:

Taking it back to the GRIT!
clif high
Jul 06, 2024

I died of colon cancer that was induced by the Salk polio vaccine. It was known, at the time that they were produced, that at least 11 million doses were contaminated. They used them anyway. The result was the largest wave of cancers to ever hit any generation. Of course the media are ‘tards & said nothing. Many of them in the Boomer generation died of the cancers induced by the vaccines that they supported.

There was a very large percentage of the cohort of male boomers who died of colon cancers. These were new in the sense that they were long growing, and undiagnosed until the very end when they proved to be fatal. That was my story. I returned due to a debt owed to karma, but it was a typical death from a 30 year old colon tumor in most other respects. One of many.

What is of note now is that it has taken our corrupt Elohim worship cult controlled ‘medical system’ a total of 5 generations to go from the long acting cancers induced into the Boomers, to the new ‘turbo cancers’ created by the covid19 attack.

They have always wanted to kill vast numbers of us, but they did not have the technology.

It they were to just start trying to shoot all the White Americans, sooner rather than later, the armed subset of the population would shoot back, and the word would spread, and ζRevolution would be ON.

So they needed a more quiet approach and thus invented the concept of ‘virus’ and ‘virology’, which lead to vaccines.

WHATEVER merit there may have been in these concepts, they have been weaponized by the Elohim worship cult against humanity and thus will now be casualties of ζRevolution.

It needs to be repeatedly pointed out to all who are entrained by the ‘gritology’ model of life promulgated by the Elohim worship cult through their universities, colleges and other power structure, that the complicated paradigm they produced has the side effect of seemingly making it easy to do things like cloning, and inter-species hybridization. If you are a reductionist living in a reductionist mindset paradigm, it is easy to wrongly extend the idea to Consciousness. This is wrong, as consciousness at all levels is complex, and thus is not reducible, but their narradigm makes you think otherwise, thus the tendency to believe you can manipulate Life as you would do Matter.

Many Woo people, in particular, fall for this delusional side effect, and believe that there are factories in deep tunnels cranking out alien/human hybrids by the tens of millions.

It’s difficult to fu*k with life at that level. It is especially so if you are operating in the narradigm that says that DNA controls such things, and that gene-expression is anything other than an after effect of the change already manifest by that consciousness. If you believe that Consciousness ‘arises’ due to ‘complications’ of grit glomming together into larger, more complicated grit, then they have you in their delusional narradigm. You are not seeing, nor experiencing, reality, except through their filter.

If you keep on with this understanding, you may end up taking one of their proffered death routes. The Elohim worship cult not only are gritology centric, but they believe that the creator of the grit gave control of it to them. So they fu*k with it, or rather they try. Their understanding is so poor that their achievements in this area are few and puny. The Elohim worship cult is still only good at killing by poisons. Vaccines are nothing but a new label for the same old methods.

Bunch of real egoists & real retards. Watch out for the rabbis, the Pharisees, the talmudists. They are a danger to you.

We are entering very difficult Times for everyone. As people get repeatedly shocked into seeing what the narradigm hides from their vision, and, yes, it is a long process, not an event, this ‘waking’, but, to return to the point, the waking human will be repetitiously forced into examining the very basic tenets of our social order structure.

The Woo people will not escape this. They too will have to continuously check their thinking against the old narradigm, now being displaced by ζRevolution.

The ζRevolution is manifesting now, and our first hints of it are within the Woo area as the forecasts of an unusual occurrence in this month are appearing within many areas. Not only has my data analysis protocol forecast a ‘something that will gather attention’, we also have many confirmations from other people within the always unsettled woo humans.

One of these confirmations, that is the RV session from the Future Forecasting Group, and specifically within it, that of the Dick Allgire session, has information that is particularly intriguing, and may yet be prescient as to a deep revealing.

In his debriefing session which is discussed in the interview that Dick Allgire did with JC at, Dick presents a graphic image from the session which was very striking. It is a drawing of a human nervous system subset, specifically the Vagus nervous system, including the connections to the various glandular systems of the body. Further, this drawing explicitly highlights the stimulation of that nervous system in a specific, and not random manner. This was noted as my work with my Olde Phartes group on ancient manuscripts has encountered descriptions that this drawing actually renders.

The trained eye picks out immediately that it is the tenth, the 10th, the X, nerve tip that is being stimulated to produce the other effects. These other effects first come at the point that the X nerve joins the glands in the brain to the glands in the throat. These ganglia structures were known in ancient times as your ‘chakra’ system. Here Dick has sketched out the X nerve sending energy down to the throat chakra, and then to the heart, abdomen, and other chakras.

This drawing describes how the texts that we have read/transliterated detail the mind-to-machine interface working with humans. This information is so ancient in humanity that it has become tropes in movies that you never question, merely accepting as it is so inculcated into our understanding of this reality.

In my opinion, Dick Allgire’s skill with the Remote Viewing protocol has brought us a key bit of information.

My supposition is that the [deep state/elohim worship cult] is going to try a high tech method for inducing religious visions. They will be tying giant, pretty, holograms in the sky, to electro-magnetic pulsing that will be designed to impact the X nerve in order to induce resonate effects in the glandular system to, well, to basically send everyone affected on an old fashioned, intense body-centric style, psychedelic trip while they are looking at the pretty lights and pictures in the sky.

Dick Allgire’s drawing is a very much more detailed version of a brief sketch that one of our Olde Pharte members had produced to show those of our group the concept of how one would by-pass certain filters built into the other cranial nerves that prevent such DMT experiences from occurring in a more random way.

So here we sit. We *think, that maybe, perhaps, there is something coming our way that will be a real “thang” out there, but will be, perhaps, maybe, ‘enhanced’ by the [DS] using their rad devices to pump EMF into your X nerve. Remember though, these are gritology minds. They are not good at this stuff.

We have a tendency to suspect it will occur between the 12th of July and the 17th of July. It may be wise to take what precautions one may, and specifically if you do go tripping suddenly while there are Giant Virgins and Angels in the sky, may want to wait until a few days after you come down before chopping off body parts & joining new cults.

Me? Well, there is this new style of hat I am curious to try…

Jul 6
Good observations. Yes, they will keep trying to keep us stupid and slaughter us all until we take the pitchforks to them. Let the battle begin....

Jul 6
I have been through one of these events, Clif spoke about it also and other have too. During the CV19 operation I had taken a nap and woke around 3 in the afternoon. I felt like I was floating in the outside swells in the ocean. A physical feeling. Then came the thought that I should take the Vaxx. I fought that immediately thinking "this thought isn't mine". Then the intense feeling that I should follow the group, the herd, to experience what the masses will experience. It was intense with a shadow like vision of moving over to the other side of this life with a group of people that I liked. The event either faded or I pulled myself out by the knowledge that it didn't make sense to me, that it went against my will. But it was physical and emotional. I "woke" feeling a loneliness and loss that lingered for minutes or perhaps a half hour. I was worried about my wife and daughter going through it so went and observed their state. They didn't seem effected and I didn't question them. They remained awake, as far as I can tell, the entire time unlike me falling asleep for a nap. Beware, the emotional response is intense and if it were not for the entire thing going so against my core intuition I could see getting tangled up and confused, perhaps even falling for it. I wonder if there is a statistical representation of poison delivered in the area after that attack? I'm sure there is somewhere so that the effect could have a quantifiable outcome.

20240707 – The Other Physics
It's grit.

“The other physics” is not based on gritology and the patent office is wonky.

    01:24 “The other physics”; Not connected to Einstein/grit physics; Small particles don’t exist outside of our consciousness; Gritology run by Rabbis
    09:00 Magnetism and electricity; Clif’s patents; Clif’s magnetic experiments; Patent Office is wonky
    19:40 Fauci making money of vax patents
    20:45 July 15; Black Tuesday/Summer; Martin Armstrong software
    23:30 New ontological model for “the other physics” involving complexity

Direct video link:

20240708 – Complex Understanding
It ain't simple! Nor complicated!

The expansionist nature of ontology accommodates the complexity of consciousness while the reductionist nature of gritology becomes evermore complicated.

    01:20 2 understandings of reality: grit vs consciousness
    05:00 Z-physics; Infinite consciousness; Isolating little consciousnesses; Ontological examination
    11:00 Reductionism (gritology) doesn’t work with complexity
    16:55 Manipulating ki force
    23:05 Our matterium is not absolute; Dick Allgire
    27:32 Bret Weinstein; Eric Weinstein
    31:25 Separating space and time; Kozyrev; Buckminster Fuller; Walter Russell; Terrance Howard
    34:45 Zen mind = Beginner’s mind; Harmonizing with the larger waves

Direct video link:

20240710 – Jean-Claude #12 – The Event

Clif provides additional insight into what THE EVENT may look like and the importance of interpreting it properly.

    00:02:15 What is HyperNovelty?; No authority;
    00:09:10 Human social order was very primitive a few months ago; We’ve shifted to SciFi world – a complex social order; UFOs being realistically discussed
    00:16:50 New data collection process; Life-changing financial stuff happening for millions of people—likely in China; Banking warfare? British bank crash Chinese banks? Propulsion
    00:27:18 Dick Allgire’s vagus nervous system drawing
    00:33:00 Importance of having the correct interpretation; Mass DMT experience; Protect your hippo
    00:42:50 May help to wear shungite
    00:47:40 Overall picture of The Event based on latest data
    01:05:00 Elohim left of their own accord
    01:45:00 Looking toward Fall and beyond; Yugas
    01:21:15 Testosterone; Seed oils; Mental control; Sleep; M9 Point; Clif High’s Pure Sleep; No melatonin; Gaba
    01:26:50 C60; Removal of aluminum
    01:37:30 Clif has to leave abruptly

Video Links


Quote:- Hi everyone, I'm Jean-Claude at Beyond Mystic
and welcome to this very special
war correspondent report.
With me tonight is the one and only Mr. Cliff High.
You can find him at Cliff_High here on Twitter,
as well as on his sub stack at Cliff High.
Cliff, welcome back to the show.
How are you, man?
- I'm doing fine.
How about yourself?
- Cliff, everything's batshit crazy, man.
It's getting worse and worse by the day.
- It is.
- Oh my God.
I saw a post by Elon Musk earlier today.
He said, "The simulation is sending us a message.
There's this giant phallus-shaped iceberg
off the coast of Bilduonuva Land."
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Okay, so this is not an accident, people.
This is consciousness communicating to us
and enjoying the joke.
That's something I wanted to talk about too,
was the complexity of the simulation.
- Okay, well, we'll get into that.
Speaking of joining us into the joke,
thank you everyone for joining us
into the woo here tonight on the "War Correspondent Show."
We're triple casting on YouTube, Twitter,
and also on Rumble.
We're gonna stay on YouTube
maybe for a good 10 minutes here to begin with
and spend some time with you guys,
but then we'll move over to conversation to Rumble and X
so that we can have a full uncensored
and no-holes-barred conversation here with Mr. High.
Cliff, just a couple of weeks ago,
we hit number one and number four here on Rumble.
There's more and more people coming to the woo.
You had forecasted that last year
as we were looking at the death of the mainstream news.
We're very excited for that.
We're very humble for that as well,
but at the same time, I'm finding that
sometimes in our episodes now,
we kind of have to go back to go forward.
We're getting so many new people to the floor
and they don't yet understand all the lexicon
and they don't understand the background
of the things we're talking about.
So to set the stage for tonight's work correspondent show,
Cliff, I think it's important to go back on the idea
and the prediction of hyper-novelty.
You had picked that at the end of 2023.
You said that the early, earlier onset people
might feel the effects of it in January,
most of the woo people in April,
and here sometime in June or July of 2024, the masses.
And it appears we've hit that wave now with the last debate.
But just for the sake of the conversation here
for people who don't know what we're talking about,
go back to the web bot data, this theme of hyper-novelty.
What did it mean for you at the time?
And where are we at now on this timeline
of it taking shape and form here in our reality?
- So hyper-novelty first came into the data
to the point, as I said,
to the point where it could be labeled in,
I wanna say maybe mid 2022,
and it built up over time.
So of course, always the meaning changes
because more words pile in.
But the descriptor sets in there,
we're describing a situation where for everyone,
there would be no authority any longer.
The concept of a hierarchical power structure in any realm
from which an authority could derive power
was going to disappear.
And that this would be very, very, very impacting
on the normies and to a certain degree,
less so the more awake you were, right?
And hyper-novelty was really described as a situation
where there was so much information coming out
and there was so much categorical attempt
to meet it with disinformation
that basically the normies would not know what to believe.
But they would come to understand
as we cross this point into hyper-novelty, right?
And it's a gradient.
So, it really didn't affect me
'cause I was watching it develop in the data sets.
But lots of people told me that in January,
a lot of the Wu people were saying,
"Hey, I see it, it's starting to creep out."
And they were quite right.
Okay, so the hyper-novelty though,
crossed this threshold to where it's not possible
to go back any longer for the normies, right?
And so they could be in denial up to this point
where we crossed into hyper-novelty itself
into 100% into this realm.
Even in being in denial,
it's gonna end up crashing their world constantly.
The description of the hyper-novelty
was that we would have a situation
where because there's no authority,
then who do you believe?
Who do you accept as a truthful person
relative to your concerns, health, money,
family guidance, whatever the auto mechanics,
it doesn't matter what it is.
If there's no authority in place,
then you have to come up with a new way of thinking
about your situation.
And basically what's happened is that
authority has been pushed back onto everyone
and the normies are not really prepared to deal with it.
- And do you think that the timeline for that has changed
since you first forecasted it?
Are we dead on it?
Are we ahead of it?
How has it changed?
- It's coming in very rapidly.
Okay, so that was a guess
as to when we would cross a threshold for the normies.
We may indeed have crossed it 15 or 20 days early.
And then of course the debates here,
totally stripped out the idea of political authority.
Fowke did away with medical authority.
Whoever the current plagiarist is at Harvard
did away with education authority.
All of the DEI and all of this other stuff
has destroyed all of the institutional authority.
And so we're there now, right?
There's no recovery to this.
You cannot, with all these DEI hires in place,
recreate the external image
and external emotional attachments
for the FBI as a law enforcement agency.
They're not gonna recover it at all, all right?
So they can recover,
but under their current circumstances,
they're not approaching any of this stuff correctly.
Same thing with the Department of Homeland Security
and these kinds of things.
They are not able to be resurrected
once that authority mantle has been removed from them.
And so everybody who,
so you have to appreciate the irony of this.
I mean, like the massive, massive irony, right?
Because here we have an individual
who was deprived of power and by illegal means,
who is using legal means
and a precise legal strategy to battle that.
And in that process is destroying the authority
that the enemy might have had, right?
Now, the real issues are going to be,
once we come through this,
through that political aspect of it, right?
We still have no authority.
Who's gonna believe anybody in academia?
You know, Fowke and all these virologists
came out of academia.
All of the Fort Detrick and all these labs
created the virus that killed all the people
in this kind of thing, right?
So basically, fu*k their authority.
And at this stage,
we are going to have to rebuild our civilization
and our social order
in a way that most people had not anticipated.
Not simply getting out there and repairing the buildings
that were burned down by the riots, okay?
It's much more complex than that.
And this brings up the other issue, which is,
okay, so, all right, so hyper-novelty, all right?
So I see it in the data
and I see it rising in a fairly large way,
coincident with like the M,
crossing the M9 point in our orbit, right?
So that we're getting 100% of the solar system
is now being bathed
or Earth is in a part of our solar system,
which is now 100% being bathed
in greater amounts of energy from a galactic center.
All of these things were coincident with each other,
the rise of hyper-novelty,
the rise of these extra energies and so on.
And it comes to a point where it's irreversibility
at that stage.
And we're basically into it now.
And we won't be going back
and it's gonna get a lot more intense
as we learn to adjust to it.
But here's the thing.
Our human social order was very primitive
up until let's say three months ago, okay?
And somewhere in these past three months or so,
we crossed this threshold within the hyper-novel
or propelled by the hyper-novelty,
but not controlled by it or anything.
We crossed this threshold out of our old social order
into the new sci-fi world.
And there is a dramatic difference between the two
that I had not anticipated
as being as meaningful as it is,
as being as fundamentally meaningful as it is.
And that is that we used to live in a simple tribal society.
Over time, we make that tribal society more complicated
by developing interrelationships
with other tribes and so on, right?
But it's basically tribal society all the way down.
And even with the nation states and so on.
In these last three months or so,
we crossed out of this simple with complications
on top of it social order into a complex social order.
And the difference is the way we have to approach
our understanding of these things,
because there are existential clues
that universe provides to us on this,
that if we miss them could end us, all right?
Okay, and so the complexity aspect of this
needs to be investigated, not with reductionism,
not with our old academic style of thinking,
but with an entirely new perspective.
And it gets very scary because it's gonna be very easy
to make mistakes in so doing, right?
But our complexity came about as, or was marked, okay?
A marker for it was the percentage of us guys
that started thinking about and dealing with UFOs
in a realistic non-religious kind of a way.
And this includes militaries and so on.
It's now crossed a threshold to maybe 35% of the,
how do I say this?
Of the global population that gets on the internet
and discusses such things,
'cause you can't discuss such things
in a specific language in Muslim countries, right?
You've always got a preface it with,
you know, with this angel, that angel kind of thing.
- Right.
- That's a terrible example, but you take my point.
So we've crossed that threshold.
There's enough people thinking about it
that we've now entered into the de facto world
of complexity because we're now into the world
of off planet politics.
Just the fact that we're admitting that UFOs are here
and that they're using a type of physics
that we don't understand means we're into a complex world,
not the complicated world of, you know,
steam engines and Tesla cars or Ford diesels,
that kind of thing, right?
- Right.
Can I ask you before we go too far,
this whole idea of hyper novelty,
us crossing into this new barrier,
it has, in my view, three effects I wanna talk about.
On one hand, I'm assuming it's going to have an effect
on the web bot data and the way it gathers data.
Because if humans are perceiving their world
in a different way, they are also going to emote it
in a very different way through their psychic abilities.
And the web bot is going to be picking up
something different.
So one--
- Maybe not, wait a second, maybe not pick it up.
If in fact they start expressing it in a different way,
they may not type about it unconsciously.
So we have to allow for that.
- Okay, so that's what I mean.
So it might affect the way you're picking up your data
and the web bot data.
It might also affect the way you're analyzing it
because the lexicon you used 20 or 30 years ago
is completely upended by hyper novelty.
And three, for humanity in this hyper novelty,
I found myself here in the last couple of months
also having shows where I'm trying to express an idea
that's coming, forming into my mind live during the show.
And I just can't for the love of it, find the words.
And you caught me on one of my shows,
you're like, JC, of course you can't find the words.
It's hyper novel, it hasn't been invented yet.
Right? - Right.
- So humans are gonna have to adjust to this
and calibrate to this.
Your web bot data is gonna have to calibrate to this.
How do we go through this period of time here
where most of the tools by which we analyze and view
and input our world to take decisions
is completely skewed and upended.
Where do we start with that?
How do we untangle that?
And how long does that last?
- Okay, so that how long it lasts
is gonna depend on the individuals
and how rapidly they can adjust
and come up with some kind of a methodology or protocol.
It helps to have an internal meditative discipline.
Because no matter how wonky things get,
you can always pull back into yourself,
do your meditation, let the things pass
and see where it resolves.
That will be a lot of the hyper novelty.
It'll come up looking like a kitty cat,
instantly morph into a caterpillar,
suddenly change into some kind of a strange fish
and then pass on.
I'm using these as analogies
and you could interact with it at any stage,
but do you really want to, right?
You may just want to sit back and say,
you know, those two guys fighting about that over there
are not gonna get in my way,
so I'm just gonna let them pass
because of what's going on.
Now we have to also understand this.
Humans are very gullible.
The vast majority of the herd of humans,
75% or so are not awake in a normal sense.
They are the normies
and they're not awake in an aware sense of their own minds,
their own position in history, what's going on, et cetera.
These are the people we've been trying to wake up
to the COVID scam and look at what a bit*h it's been
just to get through to the few we've done.
Okay, so.
- If I remind you, we're still on YouTube.
- Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry.
Those bastards.
- This is a good segue.
Oddly enough though, just the other day,
I got a strike removed on my YouTube channel,
which had been in place for the last three years
and they reuploaded a video that apparently at the time
was inciting violence and promoting weird conspiracy theory.
So anyways, there's weird things happening.
So guys, if you're still watching us here
on the YouTube feed,
let me bring down the link to you guys here
in the live chat.
So you can come and join us on Rumble
and we can get Cliff to let loose here
on all of the amazing linguistics here.
Okay, so there's the link there.
Let me just remove the YouTube feed now.
I'll say goodnight to all of you on YouTube.
Remove, yes and yes.
Yeah, let me go back here to our Rumble feed
just to make sure you guys are still there.
And yes, okay, so about 9,000 there in the live chat.
Cliff, in the last little while here,
I remember a long time ago,
you used to do the Altair reports.
I used to buy those and you used to do the IDIRs.
I mean, you said data something, something.
I forget what it was called.
- It was a segue out of the Altair, right?
Into the Bare Naked Wealth Reports, right?
- Right, right, right.
And is it possible now that we can talk about
where we're going?
Because a lot of hoopla has been made
about this critical time date of July 15th.
So remote viewers were looking at that also.
Have you been able to tweak the data sets right now
to look at the immediacy data?
- Yeah, so what I did was to run immediacy data, okay?
Immediacy data times out.
So the stuff that was sent to me in the big debt tapes,
all the terabytes of data was all,
basically all the immediacy data had been used up,
so to speak, by the time I got those tapes.
So I'd been working off of midterm to longer term.
Anyway, I've got the COVID,
so you have to bear with me here.
- Okay.
- It took a couple of ivermectin and it's kicking its ass.
But anyway, so just too many hours in ERs,
right, emergency rooms.
Anyway, so I ran immediacy data.
Now, here's the thing.
Immediacy data requires a lot of processing
in order to get, to throw out all of the garbage,
because there's a lot of froth in short-term language
'cause much of it is slang.
And so in this instance, a lot of it would be
gaming language and extreme gaming language
and that kind of stuff
that has to be processed through and fit.
So I've got some stuff, but the reliability factor,
I haven't had time to run any of the referential
integrity checks against the old data set, okay,
'cause I've been busy.
So, and I can't sit with the machines all day
and do that stuff.
But so I have a bunch of new language that is suggestive.
And that in itself could be a problem,
but I'll tell you the words and you can decide
how these things suggest to your mind
what may be appearing, right?
So the immediacy data has an effective range
from zero days, like the day you get it, it appears,
out to maybe three weeks, right?
And it peaks in freshness between three and nine days.
And within that, we have our 15th thing here.
Okay, so we have, I've got a lot of data that suggests
major, like life-changing for many, perhaps millions
of people, financial stuff happening all in a rush.
Now, the vast majority of this language
seems to be pointing to China, okay?
Not the US.
It has, we have lots of language
about the financial problems in the US,
about the banking problems in the US and so on.
But here are the languages-
- The Buffett indicator is at the all time high right now
too, suggesting we might be looking at a crash.
This just made the news earlier today, but keep going.
- Yeah, okay, so as I say, it's pointing more
for China than here.
And a lot of the languages about schism,
and separation, and then there's all kinds of angst
and emotional release language associated with that.
So whatever may be unfolding for us on the 15th and the 16th
I think a large part of it is also going to unfold in China
and it will create a very large amount of release language
as perhaps more and more significant banks fail, okay?
Within this, or so, okay, so within the sets,
within the intersection of the sets for the schism
and so on, there's a lot of language about violence
and they need to deploy troops and stuff.
And then there's also subsets in there
about how that does not go well.
Again, though, it's not 100% centered on the US.
That latter part is there's a number
of Latin American countries that pop up.
There's a number of various different areas in China
that pop up as though there's perhaps some kind
of a global situation relative to the financial situation,
financial stress in the global system
causes a disconnect, a fracturing.
And what we're seeing is all the release language
is all of these people realize that everything
is being wiped out.
And that's really what it does come down to
is being wiped out.
Now, on top of that, there's intermediate language
for a liquidity fracture, okay?
And it took me some time to build the set
for the fracture part, but this would say,
this would suggest that we're going to reach,
and I don't know that this is going to appear on the 15th
but it's within the sets that have the Chinese banking
crisis manifesting or the global banking crisis manifesting
with a lot of Chinese language involved.
So better way to put it, right?
But this liquidity fracture is as though you had a pipe
for money, for currency, a giant pipe for currency
and the pipe breaks off, okay?
And there's this instant effect of a big bulge
of the currency being pumped out, coming right at the break
and then they shut it off.
And so that's the fracturing part of the liquidity crisis
that I think the data is trying to hint at
is that we're going to get some form of a fractured ability
to distribute, create or something new fiat currencies
such that we have all of these other follow-on sets for that.
- Can I ask if that is similar to one of your old data sets
that suggested we would have this tsunami coming in
from the East, just in the last couple of weeks here
we had the music just stop here, the Japan banking giant
liquidating 63 billion in treasuries.
And here in the last couple of days and weeks here in China
the banking crisis you're talking about,
is this the beginning of that tsunami
that eventually hits our shores?
- Okay, so in this sense,
there's data that seems to be a good prescient set
that suggests that, okay, so you know how Dick Allgaier
said that there was manipulation involved?
Okay, it looks like that's the case as well
with something in the banking crisis.
So I'll tell you what the data seems to read
and it would seem to read as though
the British banks are going to crash
the Chinese banks in order that there may not be
redemption on US bonds.
Okay, in order to save trillions upon trillions
in US bonds that the Chinese hold, that kind of thing
they're gonna crash the banks before they can get
into that kind of a redemption thing.
So that would be what the, I don't know how such a thing
could physically occur or contractually occur, whatever
but that would be the reading on the data
that there's gonna be an active participation.
So it's almost like banking warfare
like the last central bank standing is the winner.
- Well, that's on the heels of this announcement here
in the BRICS Nation also introducing
what they call the unit.
I had Bill Holter on a couple of weeks ago
and in terms of this particular announcement
they're setting up for this launch in September
and they wanna back this unit, this BRICS currency unit
40% by gold and 60% within a basket of currencies
within the BRICS.
So what we were postulating in that interview is like,
whoa, whoa, whoa, if they're bringing back some type
of quasi gold standard by September,
something has to happen in between here
to either put us back into the game so we can compete
or take these guys out of the game completely.
That seems to be what you're suggesting
could be in the immediacy data right now.
- That would be what the immediacy data would be suggesting
that there is some kind.
So this is all of the wonkiness with all of this, okay?
So say that, all right, so it may be that all this stuff
in the banks happens and we never hear about it.
You know, the Chinese are hardly likely to say,
to going out there and say, hey guys, you know,
the British banking cartel just destroyed
our top two bond holding banks today, hooray.
They're not gonna do that kind of thing.
So we may not hear about that.
Now, on the other side of this,
there's a lot of language about propulsion, okay?
Propellants, fuel, all of this kind of stuff,
different data set, but of course you also have propulsion
interlinked to all the financial data
because it's being propelled and so on, right?
Also, by the way, the fracture, the liquidity fracture
in terms of its description matches
the sudden release language,
the very sharp release language
that the long-term data had provided some months back.
The liquidity fracture suggests that you would be talking
about a mega event that would occur
within less than 24 hours, okay?
So it would be done, couldn't be undone,
and all you could do is live with the consequences thereafter.
Yeah, so interesting in that regard.
Going back to the banking warfare
you just talked about here too,
just to put it in the mix for the conversation,
the Saudis are threatening also the G7 here,
at least that's what was proposed here on Zero Hedge.
They're saying that, "Hey, if you guys use
"and recapitulate all that Russia money
"to put back into Ukraine,
"we're gonna sell off a bunch of Euro bonds," right?
So the banking warfare is happening at that level as well,
and that could be one of the mechanisms
by which we reach the scenario you just described.
Very hard for us to understand
how all of this ties in together
when you live outside of the system,
but nonetheless, big forces are at play here.
Wow, okay.
You mentioned Dick Allgaier, so let me bring that back up.
I had him on the show here just last week.
We looked at the July 15th event.
What was fascinating in here too
is one of the pictures he draw,
let me see if I can bring it up,
I think it was at the 24 minute mark.
He was really looking at the Vegas nerve system.
Explain how you interpret his data here
and break that into context also
to perhaps what could be happening on the 15th,
which is the natural aspect maybe of things happening
or of energies happening on top of the people
working behind the scenes to use this event
to affect other changes on top of it.
It appears that we have the man-made stuff
and we have some natural stuff happening
all around this date.
Explain what you're seeing here.
Or manipulation, not necessarily man-made,
but augmentation.
Okay, so if you look at his picture
and you count over from the left as they do in medicine,
you arrive at the 10th cranial nerve.
That's the termination of the Vegas nervous system.
The Vegas nervous system is very powerful
and a central core to human beings.
It ties all the glands of the head
to the glands of the throat,
to the glands in the abdomen,
to the glands in the reproductive system
and does so much more.
Here, we actually see that that nerve is being
zapped or energized externally
and it jumps down right to the throat area,
right to that throat ganglia or chakra
where all of these glands are connected.
And here's the deal.
The other cranial nerves have inbuilt filters to do things.
Okay, so all nerves have sort of like a positive
and a negative aspect.
So they will aid you in moving your hands and stuff,
but they have dampening mechanisms
so that you don't twitch a lot, right?
So it's a balance.
So the other cranial nerves there have built-in filters
that would keep a specific set of circumstances
from happening if they were involved.
The Vegas nerve represents the only channel
in the human body where it could be possible
to cause specific kinds of events within that human body
without encountering these other filters.
Okay, so you could, if you knew how to do it,
and we don't, presumably,
you could zap the Vegas nerve,
induce changes in the throat chakra,
which would induce changes up into the center of the brain
where you have the hypothalamus, the thalamus,
the pituitary, the pineal, et cetera.
And you could induce DMT production
at basically any level you want, right?
And so DMT is a very powerful, powerful drug.
And it's the final result of a Kundalini experience
is a DMT rush.
Your body dissolves.
It's all the same stuff that you get
with intense psychedelics of basically any kind,
but DMT is a pure stuff that's manufactured in your body.
So there's a much more frenetic
and a sharper edge to it.
So if you were, for instance, a normie,
and you had your glands stimulated,
and they did things to cause you
to have a higher level of DMT,
you have DMT all the time circulating in your body.
Otherwise, you don't move.
You're flaccid.
You're absolutely passive.
You also don't think.
If you don't have DMT at certain levels,
you can't cogitate.
So anyway, but if someone were to induce
a higher level of DMT,
especially in the normies
who weren't prepared to,
who are not self-analyzing, right,
then they would have experiences
that they would take as having been factual
because they experienced it, right?
So no, you can't tell me I didn't see Jesus
because when I saw him,
he sent rays of energy down into my eyes
and I vibrated like a stick on the ground, right?
- Right, right.
So let's talk about this,
this idea of Project Blue Beam.
We were hearing that that was in the cards originally
for Hillary Clinton when she was in power.
That had been delayed for quite some time
because of Trump's.
But now, are you suggesting that this is being played out
because there's a timing with us moving into the M9 point?
- Well, we're past M9.
Okay, so here's the thing, right?
There, you're getting into speculation,
as to why they may do things at this stage and so on.
Why would you run Project Blue Beam now?
And here's where we now have a new issue,
especially with all the Wu people, right?
So this also may contribute to a lot of the alt media
falling away if they were concentrating on the Wu stuff
and not really understanding what they were doing.
But here's the deal.
Our ability to deal with the novelty
coming out of this period is going to be regulated
by our concepts of what's going on.
So if you see the world as a complication,
you'll react to it as a complication
and you'll be out of locks,
or you'll be breaking lockstep with all those people
that are now starting to see it as a complexity.
And so you will be sort of like left behind.
And we are having to go into this
because it is a complexity.
So in this case, you would have to examine,
if you were gonna analyze all of this
as to why they would want to do it,
you would have to analyze their capabilities.
How much capabilities do they have?
How did they get this capability, right?
So you're gonna have to do some level of inference
in order to make some observational leaps or extensions
in order to have a hypothesis as to why.
And you'll need a lot of hypotheses.
There'll be a whole bunch of them.
But here's something that I can infer,
and I'm pretty sure it is factual.
This is what I was talking about earlier,
that if you don't have the correct analytical framework,
you leave yourself at risk of dying as a species even,
because you are not interpreting the reality effectively.
Okay? - Right.
- So just, all right.
So these other guys use this other physics.
This other physics is ontological.
It's not grit first.
It doesn't bubble up from the grit.
It comes down from consciousness.
This implies so much to the thinking mind,
and it implies it, okay?
Then the thinking mind can also infer so much
and develop wise strategies and tactics.
But here is something I can tell you through implication
and through inference about their using this technology.
And we have it backed up by our history.
That is that whoever is using this
can read just because they're using this technology.
It tells me that they may not be able to read thought,
but they can read intent.
And the way that they do it is basically the same way
as the Dick Allgaier drawing shows you, okay?
They would reach into your mind and sample the state
of anxiety or nervousness or agitation
within your vagus nerve, reaching down into your throat
to get up into the hypothalamus.
And here's the thing.
Hypothalamus is a weird little gland.
It's kind of like of a cup shape
and various different hormones and stuff going in there.
These hormones are oil, all right?
In your body, they're actually physically oil
and they have a meniscus.
A meniscus is a very essential, delicate
and necessary part of our physical reality, okay?
Meniscus on water, on mercury, on coffee, on anything, right?
So you break the meniscus of tea
by putting in a spoon to stir it
or dropping sugar in to stir it, right?
You distort the time components of tea
by putting in crystallized sugar
more than you do with honey.
So there's all these different nuances
in all of this kind of stuff.
The meniscus on the hormone pockets, if you will,
within the hypothalamus, which is this collection point
just used just before distribution into the body,
those meniscus can deliver to the person
that could read them the level of intent
involved in that mind, okay?
Because it's the hormones that signal action,
change, movement, et cetera.
So these beings, because they use
this other ontological-based physics, in my opinion,
probably they cannot read thought,
but they very likely can read up to the point of intent.
And we do this too, okay?
So Jeff Berwick, the radical anarcho-capitalist dude,
he's out there playing-
- Dollar Vigilante, yeah?
- Right, right, right, Dollar Vigilante.
He's out there playing poker.
He is reading intent in his adversaries in the poker game,
whether he recognizes that and concentrates on it or not.
He's reading the small movements of the medial
and the saccadic movements of the eye
to see if they're bluffing, how fast they're breathing
and all of this kind of stuff.
These beings that use this other technology
don't have to mess with that crude level of getting at it.
They just read the intent in the hypothalamus.
And here's the beauty of getting at it that way.
It gives you that other jump forward
because the hypothalamus is the last part
that gets the changes in the body
before you actually move, right?
- So are we vulnerable at that stake?
And what can we do to protect ourselves from that?
You did this video on BitChute a couple of weeks ago
called "Protect Your Hippo."
Can we get into that a little bit here?
Can we- - Sure, sure.
Yeah, go ahead.
Yeah, yeah.
- Well, so I'm asking you here,
so to the extent that we're vulnerable,
first we have to understand
that we are already under contention
and that this contention is accelerating,
at least from what we're seeing,
we're getting more and more from official them also
that we're not alone here
and that things are coming up into the open.
You're seeing it in your web bot data reports.
We're seeing an increase in the sightings.
Every month it's doubling from the month before.
So clearly we're heading to this bigger standing point here
in contention.
So if we are in contention and we are vulnerable,
what are the key aspects here
of maybe diminishing that vulnerability
and giving us an edge to be able to fight
in this contention that is upon us?
- Bruce Lee, okay?
Like the martial artist, right?
Okay, so he said, "Be like water."
- Yeah. - Okay.
So you have to be flexible in this,
but you have to understand that in being like water,
the only thing you control in water in that way
is the meniscus.
So the barrier at the outer edge of it all.
Okay, so here's the thing.
In order to be less vulnerable,
you must be more self-examining.
You must be more aware of yourself at any given moment.
And then you could say, "Hey, wait a second.
I'm feeling a little goofy here.
Why am I seeing all these pink dots
and green toads jumping around
and that kind of stuff, right?
Hey, maybe I'm being affected by DMT."
So you would be able to catch it, right?
- So some type of mechanism where you realize sooner
that you're out of your operational window.
- Right, and then once you understand
that you cannot trust your senses at that level,
at that stage, then you must have a fallback plan, right?
What are you going to do?
Well, anybody that's ever taken too many psychedelics
understands it's called floor hugging.
You know, sit your ass down and don't move, right?
Let it pass because it will.
These states cannot be sustained for very long.
This is especially true of DMT.
So if I were to say that this is going to happen,
then I would say that it's going to be a very brief instance
but it'd be, and be very variable, okay?
Because the amount of DMT that can be activated
in any given person at any given time
is going to vary from person to person to person
very widely.

Quote:Not everybody's going to have the same amount of DMT
that could be readily available.
I won't go into the chemistry of that,
but nonetheless, when DMT overtakes you,
at most you get 10 minutes, right?
At most, most of this is going to be experienced
within like a Fatima kind of a thing.
You know, the Vatican did an analysis
and I can't think of what year it was done in,
but it was relatively recent.
Maybe it was the 70s or 80s.
And in that analysis, they paid one of their people,
their, I don't know what his qualifications were even,
but he did a mathematical analysis
of a Fatima experience and came down to the conclusion
that for the principal affectees,
the entire experience lasted less than one minute.
Okay, so it wasn't like it,
the thing appeared in the sky and hung there forever.
And you had that feeling for hours and hours and hours.
It was not like that.
It was a brief flash.
I would expect that to be this kind of an event as well.
That if they're going to stimulate the crani,
vagus nerve at the cranial junction,
bypassing the other cranial nerves,
and then go ahead and trigger a DMT enhancement
of whatever else they're doing,
then at most you're gonna get, for most people,
probably less than five minutes of actual DMT production.
Now, let me be factual and say for a normie,
if you're driving when this is happening,
you're gonna die, right?
You won't have any way of coping.
You won't know what's going on in your brain.
You're gonna be off in Terrence McKenna land,
bouncing around, all of that kind of thing.
So it's very important that if you do feel
these effects coming on, you understand what's happening.
There was a
a liqueur.
They made it in Switzerland for a while.
I don't know if they do it anymore.
It was gold based and they stopped making it, okay?
The effect was, and it was touted that way for a while.
And like, you can read the ads in like the 30s,
like 38, 39, okay?
And they had touted it as a Kundalini experience in a glass.
But they also told you, you know,
that you can't have this more than once a week,
more than once a month, necessarily.
It was that powerful.
And so because they were delivering alcohol infused gold,
I would suspect that this was indeed very much
like the termination of a Kundalini experience
in the sense of that DMT flush.
- Yeah. - Right.
- Now, okay.
So let's move the needle forward.
If this is in the cards, so to speak,
for let's say mid July here,
is there something we could do
other than to understand where we're at,
understand where we are introspectively,
whether we're operating in our actual window
or if we're feeling queasy,
we can kind of protect ourselves.
Is there anything else like outside of our knowing thyself?
- Okay, so it, all right, it may help to wear Shungite.
Okay, Shungite in contact with the skin
has very different properties
than Shungite just sitting out in your room.
In contact with the skin, it may,
and I have no real way of knowing,
but it may alter the level of intensity
of them attempting to get your nerve.
Now, as I was saying, though,
this is going to be widely variable.
So I don't think I would ever experience
anything from that, right?
Because I'm aware of what's going on in my body and stuff,
but also there's a level of sensitivity
for the vagus nerve itself.
So if you're just a normie,
you've never done anything to cultivate
a personal body discipline.
And so your body would be in a sort of a naive state, okay?
Even if you were, as a normie, had taken psychedelics,
it's very unlikely you would take psychedelics
more than as a recreational level.
So you would not be prepared for the level of impact
that something like this could happen.
And also most psychedelics are not like DMT.
They, at the peaking point of acid mescaline,
to a certain extent, psilocybin,
although it's different because it has waves,
is a DMT experience that's triggered
by the other psychedelic, right?
But that fades fairly rapidly.
That's all of the peak hallucinations and so on,
part of the experience.
So as I say, I would expect it to be very rapid
and to fade off,
but it would have a long lingering effect on people.
They would try and analyze them.
You know, what happened to me?
What happened to me?
Did I see God or, you know?
- Right, right, right, right.
Now, is there something we can do,
whether those polyvagal exercises
to kind of reset a little bit to strengthen your,
anything we can do prior to that, no?
- Okay, so here's the thing.
In my understanding, there's nothing you can do
that will, from a mental viewpoint,
that will affect the physical nature
of your nervine system, okay?
You do affect the physical nature of your nervine system
the entire time that you're awake and thinking.
And so because of that,
it's gonna be very difficult for you
to apply a dedicated energy
to try and create an effect, all right?
But you can do things like drink chaga, right?
Chaga tea promotes the nerve system, right?
All kinds of tonics do that.
Ginseng, although women that have a breast cancer tendency
should not try ginseng.
There's schizandra, all different kinds of stuff
that will boost the nerves.
And one of the things that it's gonna be an adaptogen.
Okay, so almost all the adaptogens do that.
So you could use fucoidins, which come out of seaweed.
There's any number of different products
that you could get that will boost your nerves.
And they're great to have as a general tonic anyway.
And that's really the only thing I'm thinking will aid you
because here's the situation.
The state of your nerves are controlled
by the hormone balance in your body.
We all know about the cortisol
versus the good hormones, right?
And so, but what a lot of people don't understand
is that if you're into a cortisol,
a heavy stress level of hormones,
your nerves are going to be
functionally ragged on the edges.
They will be physically unsettled, okay?
Like actively ionically unsettled
as though you had like split ends on your hair, right?
Okay, that sort of little fuzziness on them.
- It's kind of like you're running in the red line too long
and then suddenly everything's kind of out of focus,
basically. - Correct, correct.
Okay, so that will make you more vulnerable.
So if you're hyper into caffeine and you get all jacked up
and then you go out and have this experience,
you're gonna have a very large experience there.
Or if you've done things that have degraded your
nerve and emotional systems over time,
you're gonna be more vulnerable.
So- - Someone argued
that the last three years did exactly that.
You can get part of the patient extreme vulnerable
with all of this unresolved stress.
We've never come down, right?
So we're all kind of ragged through all of this.
Okay, let me just backtrack a little bit here.
I'm looking at the chat and some people are saying,
"Well, what are these guys talking about?"
So in my understanding, and I've read your sub stacks,
I've listened to your sub stacks.
I've listened of course to the conversation
with Dick Allgaier and the whole debrief.
They did a whole hour on this on July 15th.
You guys can find that at
Now, from your perspective, and let me just paraphrase here,
an event is going to happen,
it's going to be captured on film.
A lot of people are gonna see it.
We're not gonna deny that something happened,
but what ensues from that afterwards is a huge debate
as to what the fu*k it actually meant.
That's what I understood from some of your...
So can you explain that to the audience members
in your words now?
What do you see transpiring?
And you've got more data here with the emergency data,
maybe adding to that analysis here from the last two weeks.
Where are we on this?
What does this event mean?
- Okay, so this event is a humanity-based event
in the sense that it may indeed be coincident
with financial crashes and so on, right?
Stuff within humanity.
But we're now a complex species.
We're no longer a complicated species.
And so as a complex species,
we have these interactions with the other, okay?
And so these other beings are gonna be part of this.
I hesitate to really call it an event,
but a happenstance or an occurrence, right?
And this actually is two full days.
So it's like 48 hours almost.
It's like 47 hours, 30 some odd minutes
in its total range.
So it's not gonna be an instant kind of a thing,
although we may find that there's this instant DMT experience
and then the rest of the period of time it takes
for that to envelop into the release language.
- You originally had the tension going way up on the 15th
and a sharp release on the 16th.
Is that still in the data?
- That's still holding.
And it looks like around 1 a.m. in the morning on the 16th.
So just having passed out of the 15th,
I have numbers in there for minutes,
but it's never, ever accurate.
But I'm saying it's just having passed out of the 15th
into the 16th, the language changes
and starts heading into release language.
Now, the difference in release language
and building tension language
is the nature of what's being expressed, okay?
So if you had a guy that said to you,
"My wife's divorcing me.
"She's taking my F-150 in the divorce."
Okay, well, that's an example of building tension, okay?
He's talking about something in the future.
He's talking about something that will affect him negatively.
He's providing specifics.
You always have to look for those.
And so that would be building tension.
Now, if somebody said about that same situation,
"The bit*h jacked my ride."
Okay, that's in the past.
That's release language.
It's done.
It's already affecting him and he's felt it, okay?
So that is how we get the difference
between building and release language.
It is the construction of that language,
the use of the language, the descriptors
within sentence structures or near phrases
that provide us this level of information.
So the same words can be either release
or building tension mostly.
There's some that are specific one way or another.
But so release language is...
All right, so we could see a situation.
We could hypothesize here that we start getting news
on Friday of bad problems in the Chinese banking system.
And then we see on Saturday rumors
that by the time Saturday ends for us here in the West
are supposedly proven factual of the Chinese
mobilizing the military around all the banks, okay?
And so that's huge amounts of tension, right?
And then we could go into all of Sunday
with this tension kind of stuff like that,
pop up on Monday and it starts affecting our stock market.
Okay, and so at that stage,
the building tension transfers to us.
It's still building over in China.
Then it starts still building here
and admittedly around the world
because so many people are invested in US bonds.
And then maybe on Monday,
it comes out about the British banks being at war
with the CCP banks in order to try and save the Euro bonds
and incidentally save the American bonds
upon which those Euro bonds are based
by destroying the banks before they could try to redeem.
All right, and then that lets everything loose on Tuesday
as everybody says, "Oh my God,
the whole house of cards is coming down.
I gotta get out, get me out, sell, sell, sell."
And that would fit.
- Right, but what you're saying is
this seems to be happening in the context
of this bigger thing that might be this apparition
on top of all of this.
- Okay, so-
- If that wasn't bad enough, folks, there's more.
- There you go, this is hyper novelty.
We never have just one thing to worry about, right?
- Right, right.
- Okay, so in hyper novelty,
in the description sets for the period of time here
from the 15th to the 16th, I had the financial stuff,
I have some level of military stuff,
then I have UFO stuff, right?
And the UFO stuff was very interesting
because that was where we come into the idea
of vast numbers of people taking photos,
making videos of the thing,
but, and showing it online and the whole deal.
But then everybody says, "Okay, but what was it?
What does this mean?"
You know?
And also, so there is a part of the data sets.
As I said, we've got all kinds of, always have any more,
all kinds of military crap in the data.
- Can I add one component to that too?
- Sure.
- There's a question in the chat, Red State Gal.
She says, "I hope this doesn't cause a stroke
in us older people."
- Hey, count yourself lucky.
- 'Cause then you won't pay attention
to any of the other crap.
- No, exactly.
You won't have to deal with that banking issue.
- Right, right.
- But speaking of stroke, so let's go back to COVID.
We mentioned it earlier that we're on this unresolved stress
for a number of years.
We're afraid already, our nervous system is completely,
afraid, I guess is the best word.
We're frightened.
- Shredded, shredded.
- Shredded, that's a great word.
But on top of that, there's research to suggest
that a lot of the injectables have some ulterior motives
that could be activated at a later date, right?
And we've seen-
- 5G thing and the self-assembling nanoparticles
and all of that.
The vast majority of that,
especially since the early days,
relies on evidence whose prominence isn't known, okay?
And dark field microscopy is an art.
It's not a something you just pick up.
I've got 10, 12 microscopes here
for various different purposes.
You used to work as a microbiologist
at a major mushroom farm.
So, preparing samples and all of this kind of thing.
So anyway, so it's my supposition
that that's not gonna be a big participant,
that we're not going to have a-
- But setting aside the self-assembling nanobots or AI,
setting that aside though,
some of the damage that people have incurred
by this injectables,
could they be somehow exacerbated by this event?
That's what I'm getting at.
- Okay, certainly, certainly, certainly.
Okay, because here's the thing.
5G is microwaves, right?
And so if you go to your microwave oven
and you take a matchbook or folded pieces of paper
and you put it between the microwave oven door
and the frame,
and you keep doing that
until you've got just a fractional part of a millimeter
of that door out of alignment, it won't work.
Because there's a safety switch in all the microwave ovens
to prevent you from beaming microwaves
out into the general environment.
And yet here we have those same microwave oven
beaming things on the top of the 5G towers.
And if you go back to Lee Merrick's stuff,
she plots the rise of seasonal disease
with the telegraph,
the introduction of the national telegraph lines,
which altered the electromagnetic frequency
of all of the planet here, of the land.
Now, also let's throw in something else.
I've noticed recently,
because I live on the ocean right here,
but also because there's reports of it everywhere,
the waters, coastal waters all around the Americas,
North and South America are being energized.
- Yeah, the fish are acting up really weird.
- Yeah, yeah, all over here too.
You know, we've got weird beaching situations with fish.
You just don't see that.
So there's some level of extra energy
being pumped into the planet.
So now at this stage,
then you can say, is that going to participate?
And it may well, but here's the thing about that.
Most people are not gonna be in contact with the planet.
They've got an insulation in the form of the shoes, right?
The plastic shoes.
That may also be part of their thinking.
I don't know how their implementation
of the technology is gonna go,
but I do know that they're...
Okay, so the immediacy data has this reinforcement
for the older data that said that we're gonna get photos.
Some people will get clear photos of UFOs.
Other people will photograph the exact same spot
and get a little blur maybe.
And so we'll come up to the idea
that some of these ships are maybe shielded
or we're not really sure what we're looking at,
or maybe it was the phones.
People will blame all different kinds of stuff
for the discontinuity of the presentation of the evidence.
And so that'll also cause all kinds of controversy here.
This part of the UFO stuff may not actually participate
in the release language.
- Right.
- Unless we get a blue beam kind of an event,
which is not necessarily going to happen.
But it is true that Dick Allgaier did draw
the nervous system and to that effect and so on.
But that doesn't necessarily mean that it's human done
in the sense that, do humans have the possibility?
Do we have the technology to subtly deal
with the 10th cranial nerves, avoiding the others,
'cause the others will stop the DMT effect.
Do we have that capacity?
Whereas we probably don't.
But we used to see descriptions of such things
in the old data about the mind to machine interface
with the Elohim and the Anunnaki and the Divas
and all of those guys.
- In my interview with Max Egan,
we were having this conversation about the vaccine,
some of the effects of it and whether or not,
because there's evidence to suggest that somehow
it also added to the damage of the vagus nerve system.
You can go in PubMed and read those articles, right?
And in this interview with Max, we were asking if perhaps
maybe the powers that be here or the others
are somehow trying to switch our frequencies
so that we can connect to something else,
basically receiving orders from something other
than what we currently natively receive orders from.
Our brains are just these emulsified,
basically antenna for our higher self or for consciousness.
Is it possible that that too would be something
that they would use here to kind of switch or turn on?
- Okay, so all right.
So it's true that the mRNA damages our DNA
and thus by that mechanism
damages the vagus nervous system, right?
But it seems to me very, very unlikely, okay?
There's no way you can broadcast coherent instruction sets
out in a general sense to open minds.
So if you've got people whose DNA did change
or who the mRNA did change them
and they were gonna supposedly receive new information
from new frequencies, they're not going,
if that's the plan, it's not going to end well
for the powers that be.
So consider this, the nature of the disruption apparently,
so I'm making an inference from visual stuff, right?
The nature of the disruption caused by the mRNA
is at a cerebellum level that connects from the vagus nerve
over to the other occipital nerves that cause motion.
All right, so the mRNA is causing a damage to that.
And when that damage actually occurs,
that's when people stick their hands up to the sky,
spin around and fall over.
- Right, right, we've seen a lot of videos, yeah.
- Right, 'cause that severs the connection
at the cerebellum to the ability to manage the body.
And as you note, as I pointed out earlier,
that when that occurs, we see the other side
of the effect on the nerve mean
because they just start twitching
because all of the other nerves that would prevent that
have been bypassed.
So I would agree with the statement that the vaccine,
the mRNA has a tendency
and it may have been designed and selected to do this,
but I would agree that it is focused
on the vagus nervous system
and in order to bypass the other limiting cranial nerves,
if that makes sense.
Now, I won't know why they would want to do that, okay.
- That's what I'm getting at.
Are they trying to,
basically from what you're describing here,
it would have been before this scenario,
very hard to create these so-called Manchurian candidates
where you can zap a thought into it
and they go into action,
but maybe going through here,
the damage at that level
and the direct instructions to the vagus nerve system
could achieve that scenario?
- No, because here's the thing,
the vagus nervous system in no way deals with cognition.
That would be your hippocampus, okay.
That is declarative thought.
That's move your hand, walk, okay.
All of those kinds of things.
The vagus nervous system is emotional response,
fight or flight, fight and flee, right?
Those kinds of things are involved
in the vagus nervous system.
It's the most rapid transit system
for information within your body,
even more rapid than the adrenal glands
pumping out adrenaline.
So, and actually they're triggered
by the vagus nervous system to do that
based on other responses.
So I would dispute that.
There's a whole lot of unknowns here.
Hang on.
And we're seeing that,
okay, so we're speculating.
If we had the event, if we had a Project Bluebeam,
then we can say, okay, look at all the stuff
we can learn by how they did this.
But until they do that,
we're just speculating as to what might happen
and what would be the point of doing it.
I lived in the military for 17 years
and I dealt with them for years afterwards
as subcontractors and stuff.
And there's a very specific kind of a mindset
at the military.
That's why like Fowke is not in the military per se, right?
These kinds of guys in the military
are generally quite practical.
They don't wanna waste their time and energy
on something that may or may not deliver results.
And I don't see any indications in our history
that anybody's been testing that kind of an effect
or testing to produce that kind of an effect.
So in terms of Dick Allgaier's sketch there,
I would think that we may have an event
in which they have Project Bluebeam
and they show you Jesus up in the clouds.
But if they're going to zap you
and cause you to have that religious experience
along with the visual,
I would tend to think that's not our technology.
- And then what would be the goal here?
So if it's not to have Manchurian candidates get to XYZ,
they wanna capture our perception or field of view
and our interpretation of our reality.
Maybe it's just QA reality more than anything else.
- Right, well, hey,
but here's something you have to understand.
They don't give a sh*t about Manchurian candidates.
They have no interest whatsoever.
If we're talking to space aliens,
they have no interest whatsoever in our power structure,
except that they control it
through the rabbinical councils, okay?
But they don't care how we organize because we're cows.
All right, so maybe the herd's getting restless
and they wanna tranq us all
so that we don't bolt, break down the corral and bolt.
- Well, that's what I was kind of getting at earlier
with the emanations from Galactic Center.
As we become bigger, better,
higher functioning human beings,
as we get more of these energies,
the ability to control us wanes.
So is this perhaps a kind of put us back
into the box type of scenario here?
Using and harmonizing with some type of energy?
- Well, they could try.
- Maybe.
- Okay, so they could try.
Here's the thing though.
It's my supposition from reading all of this stuff
and from our history that the Elohim left
of their own accord.
There were a bunch of Elohim that left,
so they didn't leave all at once.
The history that we've uncovered suggests
that Earth was invaded by 250,000 space aliens,
somewhere around that number.
And that they moved from Iran and in India
over into Germany, down into the Mideast.
And a bunch of them settled in Judea
and that kind of stuff.
And those space aliens called themselves the Elohim.
Whether all the rest of them were Elohim
or whether they all called themselves Anunnaki
or they use different words, who knows?
Doesn't matter.
But they left in tranches, okay?
So the vast majority of the space aliens
that told us they were our gods,
Shiva, all of those guys, right?
All of those people left in a big group.
And they left, when they left still operating
were the Elohim that were ensconced
as the pantheon of the Teutonic tribes.
Wotan, Thor, all of those guys, right?
And they left leaving only two groups still operating.
Those were the Elohim in Judea and the Mesoamerican gods
who also were Elohim and who phonetically
said they were El-Wa.
Okay, and that's, yeah.
Okay, so-
- Not to be confused with the Hawk-Twa girl.
- Not to be confused, no, no, no.
I know, same continent, but yeah.
Anyway, that's all right.
So here's my supposition, and this is real speculation, okay?
I've done some inference and we've done some thinking
about this and a bunch of us have argued about it.
And it's still my position that these people can sense
whether it's mechanistically using gadgets
or through their own bodies,
they can sense our state of intent.
I think that the Elohim could do it
whether they were wearing the devices or not,
they could do it out in the field
because you frequently read these stories
in the non-Bible books that really should have been
in the Bible, but were kicked out
about the archangels walking around
keeping order among the Judeans.
And if the Judean was having a bad thought,
they would take their finger
and put it right through their forehead and kill 'em, right?
Just boom.
And so I think, it's my speculation
that they could read the changes occurring
in the general population
due to the galactic center emanations
and they knew their time was up.
That they can't do that sh*t if we're not in the Kali Yuga,
which we left in 1699.
- Part of the supposition of why they left,
there might be some political reasons also,
but was also that they could no longer sustain
their way of life here without those big domes
to bring in those gods, the energies from a galactic center.
But as we are now moving past this M9 point
and we're also receiving it,
does that also suggest that they're now getting
into a position of time where they can come here again
en masse and without needing some of those extra gods
or technologies there?
- We don't, okay, we would speculate,
but I suspect that they need those things constantly.
Okay, that they're very much addicted to 'em.
And that because of the language that you find
in Avastan and Sanskrit and Chinese and Russian
about this particular time when the devas,
the Elohim walked among the people in the Hindu Kush
and up into Southern Russia,
you read about these times where some of 'em
were killed by accident, a lot of rock falling on 'em
and this sort of thing, right?
These, okay, so we start getting back into speculation
on a lot of this, but in that language,
it suggests that it was a practical decision to leave, right?
And here's the thing about the gods,
these guys in the language about them being out of it,
you get the impression that they stay as drunk
as they possibly can continuously
while they're out of the gods.
We understand they like drinking, but it's like, okay,
is there some kind of like alcohol mediating
the lack of that energy going on?
Is there some kind of like alcohol
that's mediating the lack of that energy kind of a thing,
right, because it does not appear
that there are that much of drunkards in the gods.
- So it's like before anesthesia,
we need to drink alcohol before you cut a limb
on a war battlefield type of thing.
So they're drinking to nullify some effects
of them not being inside the jail.
That's a supposition.
- That's our supposition, right?
Okay, so, and there's no reason that there,
there's no reason that they're not
in the same state of mind as the gods.
And so there's no reason that they're not
in the same state of mind as the gods.
And so there's no reason that they're not
in the same state of mind as the gods.
And so there's no reason that they're not
in the same state of mind as the gods.
And so there's no reason that they're not
in the same state of mind as the gods.
And so there's no reason that they're not
in the same state of mind as the gods.
And so there's no reason that they're not
in the same state of mind as the gods.
- Okay, so there's no reason that they're not
in the same state of mind as the gods.
And so there's no reason that they're not
in the same state of mind as the gods.
And so there's no reason that they're not
in the same state of mind as the gods.
And so there's no reason that they're not
in the same state of mind as the gods.
And so there's no reason that they're not
in the same state of mind as the gods.
And so there's no reason that they're not
in the same state of mind as the gods.
And so there's no reason that they're not
in the same state of mind as the gods.
And so there's no reason that they're not
in the same state of mind as the gods.
And so there's no reason that they're not
in the same state of mind as the gods.
And so there's no reason that they're not
in the same state of mind as the gods.
And so there's no reason that they're not
in the same state of mind as the gods.
And so there's no reason that they're not
in the same state of mind as the gods.
And so there's no reason that they're not
in the same state of mind as the gods.
- Yeah.
- But go back and watch the previous show, guys.
It's too much for tonight's conversation.
Why don't we do this?
We're sitting here just a couple of days away here
from this target date of July 15th.
And as you said too, with the web data,
could be before, could be after,
you know, there's some error margin there.
Let's move into the fall.
What does it look like?
In your previous web data stuff,
you had suggested words to the effect
that by the fall, we went through a lot of stuff,
but we're kind of seeing light at the end of the tunnel.
And knowing that, okay, we're going,
we're in a direction now,
we're handling some of the sh*t we've just discovered.
And in the spring, it's a completely different scenario.
We're probably getting into the beginnings
of Sci-Fi world or maybe this hyper innovation wave.
Run the scenario here with the latest web data reports.
Where are we going in the next six to eight months from now?
What do we see?
- Well, it's all chaos.
Okay, and so that's gonna have to be expected
for the next 25 years.
So even as we're moving into Sci-Fi world,
we will have culture wars here in North America,
Europe, Africa even, right?
And in those culture wars,
it'll come down to shooting wars
because this has to be reconciled.
This is not an allowable condition
from universe's viewpoint.
This is what the Elohim worship cult wants to do,
which is the blending of all the races
and the elimination of the white people.
And the universe said, "Nope, that ain't gonna happen."
And so we're going into this period of chaos.
Now we are at a period of chaos.
- Can you explain that, the 75 years, the 25 years?
- I'm just gonna do that.
- Okay. - Okay.
Okay, so the yugas are based on math, okay?
And so the Kali Yuga is two 1200 year segments put together.
All right, a descending Kali Yuga
and an ascending Kali Yuga.
And you go down through the descending
and then you come out of the ascending,
but that's a total of 2400 years.
Then you go through a predictable hangover period,
a transition period that is 300 years.
And then the same math applies to that 300 years
that affects the next 75 years.
And that one quarter of that 300 years is a 75,
it's split into third.
One third is the developing chaos,
one third is being in chaos,
and then one third is climbing out.
So we can presume that whatever level of chaos we hit in fall
will be exacerbated and grow over those next 25 years.
But it doesn't mean doom, right?
In fact-- - We're just beginning now
that second 25 years in that 75.
- Correct, correct.
We're actually in the 326th year
since the end of the Kali Yuga,
the end of the ascending Kali Yuga.
And we're in the 326th year of the ascending Dwapara Yuga,
which is the Bronze Age.
And it'll last for thousands of years.
And then there's the Silver Age
and the Golden Age on the other side of that.
And if you were to die now,
maybe you'd be reborn in the Golden Age.
Might be kind of cool.
So anyway though, so this chaos is going to be
the kind of chaos that you would see
in like "Fifth Element" movie.
sh*t just happening everywhere, right?
Seemingly unconnected, but of course--
- Don't forget your multi-pass.
- The digital ID you're trying to
force down our throats right now.
- Right, right, right.
- You're hilarious, man.
- You can't, you know,
the simulation is sending you a message.
That's another thing, right?
So Elon has a real sense of humor.
He's a grit dude, okay?
He's not a dirty fellow or anything.
He's just comes from a gritology world.
So I don't know that he would appreciate the humor in this,
but indeed the simulation is sending us messages
because we are part of that simulation, right?
Our consciousness derives from ultimate consciousness,
which is speaking to us through these symbols
and occurrences.
And if you learn the language,
then you do better because you can harmonize
with these occurrences.
And, you know, for instance,
not get involved in a riot, that kind of thing, right?
Because you can see where these things are going
and your path is elsewhere.
Unfortunately, the normies are going to be
extremely agitated by the hyper novelty.
They don't have any mental discipline
or self-discipline to fall back on.
And they will be very much prone to anxiety and agitation,
which makes them easy to maneuver and direct.
So we can anticipate all kinds of people coming on out,
trying to fu*k with sh*t.
- Yeah.
So you've explained the three 25 year period.
We're in that second one now coming out of the hangover
from the last Kali Yuga.
So you're looking at this period of chaos now in there,
all of these structures have to fall
and we have to rebuild, right?
So that's pretty much what we're looking at for 25 years.
Now let's go back to that previous question
about what it looks like in the fall
versus what it looks like in the spring.
And some of your older data sets,
you're suggesting that by fall this year,
a lot of secrets would have been revealed.
We have a grasp on it.
We might have a grasp that we're actually in contention
where most humans don't even understand that yet.
And that we're at least putting some efforts
to strategies and tactics to deal with some of that stuff,
maybe by the fall.
Can we talk about that?
- We can talk about that, but let's alter our language.
It's not we, because it is not ubiquitous or universal.
It is a continuum, a gradiation.
So we need to discuss the woo people.
Everything you're saying is quite factual.
If you're on the bleeding edge,
everything you're saying is factual.
But if you're a normie,
none of those things are going to appear to you
in your life at all.
A normie is going to be involved in chaos.
They won't understand where it's coming from.
They won't understand,
they'll be conflicted by all the information
coming at them from all the different sources.
They won't know who to trust, et cetera, et cetera.
So hyper novelty for them will increase in the chaos
to the point where many normies
will simply not be able to cope.
- I wanna leave.
Is that part of that great leaving that you're seeing?
- Yeah, yeah.
But also the great leaving is gonna be part of the remnant
from the COVID crap.
All the people that are,
they're not an athlete, so they didn't fail right away,
but then one day they do the exertion
of lifting their toothbrush and that's it, right?
- Right, right, right.
Okay, so going back to the following,
I'll take another angle.
- Oh yeah, sorry, sorry, sorry.
- No, but I'll be precise now to the woo people
who see more and feel more about this continuum
here in hyper novelty.
Is it correct to say that at that point we have by fall
some type of reprieve?
Because again, we were talking about this last time.
- We have a pause.
- Unresolved stress, right?
- Right, right.
- Do we get to a calm removal?
- Okay, okay, sorry.
So here's the problem, dude.
We have a pause, but we don't have any stress relief.
- Okay.
- Okay, so you've got to understand
that however much stress you're living with now,
if you can dampen it down and hold it that way
for the into next spring, that would be the goal, okay?
Because you're gonna just have this sh*t heaped on you
as we go forward.
So fall is gonna be very energetic,
but there will be a pause or a slack,
you know, a sagging back of a lot of the circumstances.
So if it manifests that we have a,
okay, so let me put it this way.
It could manifest that on the 15th,
we have a giant Chinese banking system crash, okay?
And then nothing appreciably here.
And then a few weeks later,
we start hearing about these weird UFO vids
'cause not everybody's gonna see that.
And that was pretty much the 15th, right?
But all of the release language being massively Chinese
on the 16th is their banking system basically crumbles.
If we were to postulate that,
it would make sense that it might be
until September or October before that economic wave
hit here because it's gonna first affect the Euro bonds
because the Chinese bought a lot more of those
in a more recent fashion than they had US bonds.
And so it might take it several months
to roll around to here.
And so in that sense, it could be a pause in the chaos
that then erupts for us here at that point.
But bear in mind, it's not gonna lower the level of stress.
It's not gonna reduce the amount of chaos
that we've got now that is going on.
So if you were going to live in a reduced stress world,
it's up to you to create that effect within yourself
because the external reality
is not going to aid you on that.
So they are, the external reality
is going to challenge you, all right?
So this is like a TikTok challenge, right?
And the universe says to you,
I'm gonna heap so much stress on you,
you will sh*t yourself.
And what's your response?
And then you say, okay, universe,
I'm going to control how I let that stress affect me.
And so universe-
- I might go to the washroom just before it hits me.
(all laughing)
I might wanna relieve some pressure just before.
- Right, right.
But my point being that it will be up to you
to control it, right?
And so all of this control
is gonna come down to mind control
because your emotions are gonna be just totally wonky
even without someone manipulate them
through your vagus nervous system,
just based on all of the stress levels.
So occasionally I get emails from people,
a lot of young men that discover one day,
'cause I recommended that everybody who is 30
go out and have testosterone checked.
And I get a lot of these young men saying,
holy crud, it's down at 330, 332, 350, right?
It should be well over 700 at that age.
And some people should be up at 1100, in that range.
Anyway, and so I will respond and say,
here's some things you can do.
One of the things they can do
is to stop eating all seed oils.
It means a major translation of your diet to real food
'cause you can't have fried chicken out,
you can't have any, virtually can't have any fast foods
at all, et cetera, because of all the seed oils in it.
But it will allow you to double the testosterone level
in just a few months, just simply on that one aspect of it.
Okay, so the one guy says to me in an email,
and I don't have his permission to use it,
so I'm going to be oblique.
But he said to me that the most striking effect
of going from 300, I think he said 340
for his testosterone up to over 700,
the most striking effect was mental.
- Okay, because he had, yeah, no, and not only that,
willpower, control of his own emotional wellbeing
at any given time.
He says he's far less, he lives in a city
and he's far less prone to freak out
on people in the elevators.
And he's much more calm, yada, yada, yada, yada, yada, right?
And so, and it's because that hormone balance
is being restored and he's reducing the cortisol.
So you have to understand that you need
to start actively managing, especially
for these next 25 years, your hormone levels in your body.
And you can do this with various different kinds
of techniques and approaches.
There's dozens of them out there.
Mainly it involves eating or not eating certain things.
So like for a man, never should a male eat flaxseed.
Okay, never, ever, ever, ever,
because of what it does to the hormonal control
in the hippocampus and causing cortisol to flare up
and stuff because of changes in the brain
caused by the near estrogens it's got in there.
You gotta watch out for all these phytoestrogens.
So anyway, though, you can do those to,
those kinds of things to navigate through
and build yourself up as you go along, right?
In spite of the fact that you're being hammered
with the stress.
- How about with distress, the cortisol levels?
How about sleep?
How does that factor in here too?
Because in the last number of years, again,
all the stress is adding up to no sleep.
In the last month here too, a lot of our viewers
are saying, JC, fu*k, I can't sleep, man.
It's like we're on a live wire in the bedroom.
What's going on?
- That's that M9 point.
We crossed that like what, 45 days ago,
something like that.
- Ah, okay, well, that's about right for the emails.
It's at least a month.
Wow. - Yeah.
So I'd have to go and look and see what,
well, it was May 9th, I think.
It was coincident with May 9th.
- Okay.
- Okay, so.
- So let's get into the sleep patterns here,
how that can help also. - Yeah, sure.
Okay, so those are all.
- Go ahead.
- Those are all hormonally controlled.
Okay, so your body does certain things
to affect your sleep pattern as it's doing other stuff,
because when you're sleeping, it's repairing itself.
That's the only time you can rebuild new tissue
is when you're asleep.
You cannot, the only thing you can do
if you're awake is to triage.
Your body will swell up a joint if you injure it, right,
to prevent you from bending it, that sort of thing.
But it's not ever gonna do any repairs
until you actually sleep.
This is why, in a certain extent,
people in hospitals don't repair,
because they're constantly on drugs
that screw their sleep patterns
and prohibit those two cycles
that actively cause the body to repair itself.
So when you get to that point, you get my pure sleep.
The pure sleep was, it was formulated
as I was coming out of cancer.
And I formulated it to maintain an even state
of hormonal flow through the body during sleep,
because part of the problem is, as a colon cancer patient,
you have this irregular peristaltic action
that wakes you up every two or three hours
because your colon's been damaged, et cetera, et cetera,
right, so I had to overcome great many things in doing this.
And so I formulated the pure sleep.
It has no melatonin, so it won't screw over
your 360-day calendar in your pineal gland
or your ability to deal with things the next day.
And it has GABA.
GABA is the precursor to human growth hormone,
and that's what makes you feel like a champion
when you wake up in the morning.
Let's go get it.
Let me get some coffee and some bacon,
and then you all get out of my way.
I'm gonna do sh*t, right?
So that's really, and it worked.
I was 128 pounds coming out.
You do not add weight unless you sleep, right?
And I'm down to 176 now, so I've done my nine-pound cut.
I'm gonna add a few more pounds and then cut it,
add a few more, and so on as I build the mass up.
- So somebody said at the beginning of the show,
you look 20 years younger.
You're like the regular Benjamin Button there.
So we talked about pure sleep.
We need to talk about C60 also here.
As it pertains to, listen, you did, first of all,
did you find a winner for the chemtrail contest you did?
Didn't work out?
- No, Twitter wouldn't allow any of those
to hit my timeline.
- Wow.
- So I have no idea who put 'em out there.
None, none ever hit my timeline.
- As much as I appreciate Twitter
and we're able to talk on Twitter,
this chemtrail stuff still is being censored on Twitter,
in my opinion, the way I see it.
That's unfortunate.
Okay, so given the context of what's being sprayed
in our atmosphere, the food you just talked about,
the seed oils, and of course, all of these oxidization
products and effects of the food that we're eating
and the poison that we're eating,
talk about the C60, how that helped you also
in your process here dealing with your colon cancer.
- Okay, well, C60 actually aided the, in my opinion,
aided the colon cancer by reducing the possibility
for metastasis, metastasization, right?
It didn't spread, none in any of the lymph glands even,
because I was constantly on C60 in order to maintain
an energy level.
And what it does is it rebuilds the effective mitochondria
in your cells, and if they're not effective,
it kills 'em and gets 'em out of there,
so you're not wasting any energy on 'em, right?
C60 though, also has this interesting property.
So it's the aluminum that causes the problems in the brain,
in the hippo, in the hippocampus, that disrupts all of that.
And that's maybe part of this augmentation thing
that we may see on the 15th, that it may be people
that have a lot of aluminum in their body
are gonna be susceptible to it, where other people will not.
The data said that there would be a wide, vast difference
in the perception of all of this,
and thus sort of not a squabble,
but a big searching discussion as to what happened.
How did you experience it?
You know, that kind of thing, right?
And so the C60, relative to the aluminum in the hippocampus,
starts the process of removing that.
Now, in my opinion, you need to take,
now, this is the thing about the gummies, okay?
I can't stand gummies because they're like candy for me
and childlike, all right?
But it's beautiful that he's got gummies
because in order to flush the aluminum out of the body,
you gotta have fruit pectin, okay?
So you're either gonna be taking the fruit pectin
in the form of the gummy,
or you're gonna be taking the fruit pectin
in the form of modified citrus pectin or something
in order to strip the material out of your gut.
Because what the C60 ends up doing,
basically all detox does is to remove it
to a point of elimination.
Most of the metals are not peed out, okay?
Most of the metals go out through the elementary canal
in the colon.
And so in order to get them out of there,
you don't want them sitting in there because they,
if it's slow and sluggish,
because they can cause problems at a local level
within your biome there, right?
So you wanna get them out by having the gummy material,
the pectin or something along those lines,
like modified citrus pectin.
- Wow, really cool.
Guys, I put the link to C60 in the description box below,
as well as the link to Pure Sleep.
If you guys are interested in that,
please do go check it out in the links below this video.
Now we are going to give away some prizes here tonight.
We're gonna give away some gummies.
We're gonna give away a Shanghai pendant
and also some Pure Sleep.
So stay tuned.
Cliff is going to ask you some difficult questions.
Hopefully we don't do a repeat
of the Dick Allgaier interview.
That was kind of funny.
We had so much time.
I was like, no, no, no, wait, that's not how we do it.
Anyways, you guys, if you haven't seen that video
with Dick Allgaier, please do go check it out.
It was a fun video also.
Again, adding more context to this July 15th,
everybody wants to know what's going to happen.
And the crux of it all is we're not really sure.
There's so much happening at the same time
and we're all going to be perceiving it in a different way.
But what seems to be sure is,
and maybe you can help me out on this, Cliff,
it seems that it's clearly demarking a threshold
of some sort for humanity and future,
maybe in a couple of years from now,
we'll be able to look back and go, ah, okay.
- Yeah, yeah.
And I think what's going on there is that we can use this
as a marker for shifting into complexity.
- Into complexity.
- So we'll be able to look back and say,
we had hyper novelty at the end of a complicated
social order, and then we had enough hyper novelty,
and then we burst through into complexity.
- Wow, fascinating.
Okay, I'm going to ask you for some words of advice
later into the show before we finish here,
because a lot of people are just like,
Cliff, it's too much to handle for a lot of people.
And even for the people in the Woo,
we're getting a little bit long in the tooth.
We're hoping this movie is going to finish.
Or you're looking at this and you're looking
at the Yuga math standpoint, it's like,
well, it's not going to finish anytime soon.
You better get used to it.
But in that, too, there's a silver lining
because through all of this chaos,
there is opportunity.
There's opportunities.
- Correct.
- If you inform yourself and if you invest in yourself
and your information and the way you perceive this world,
and you tune that and you fine tune that,
then of course the opportunities come.
We'll talk about that.
- Well, okay.
Well, let's also not bypass that real quick
because look, the simulation speaks to you.
It gave a dildo to dildo in order that Musk
could show us that, right?
So who knows what it's going to show to you?
So in terms of harmonization, you get yourself all set up
and maybe you've got an interest in, I don't know,
financial things, but maybe you've got more
of an interest in vehicles and you end up investing in
or creating a new form of a vehicle
and end up with the financial stuff.
So the simulation can guide us through.
As the Catharees say, you know,
universe provides and guides.
- Right, yeah, fascinating.
- Which is, you know, hopefully doesn't have to do
with dildos.
I wonder what's in the karma of those people.
Universe is telling them something.
I don't know what it has to do with that.
Okay, Cliff, let me point our attention to the live chat.
We've got about 14,000 or so there on Rumble
and up here on Twitter, another 6,000.
Holy sh*t, so that's 20,000 people watching us live.
I want to do something with you.
I went to a concert the other day.
Let's see if we can find that link to it.
Hold on a second here.
I had it on the screen two seconds ago.
Okay, and there was 25,000 people in the concert.
Let me just see if I can play this for you guys.
So in comparison, we've got about 20,000 people
watching us live on the show.
This is 25,000 people.
So imagine, Cliff, everybody watching the show here tonight.
That's kind of what it looks like.
Isn't that mind boggling how the internet,
how it changed our world?
- Yeah, and hey, no porta-potties.
- No, there's just a few on the side, yeah.
It was a tough crowd.
You just got to hold it in.
All right, so let me go back to the live chat here.
Big thank you to all of you watching us here tonight.
Cliff, okay, so typically I ask my guests
to ask the audience a question,
easy question with a one word answer.
Sometimes it has to do with people and dates and all that,
but with you, I want to go a little bit deeper.
You're kind of the master old school Zen type of guy here.
So I wanted you to have,
to make the people think here tonight a little bit.
What would be your first question for the audience?
- Well, that was--
- Give it away right now, hold on.
We're going to start with the pendants.
This is what we're giving away now.
Cliff, go ahead.
- Okay, so what is it you have
that once you have it from that first minute
can never be taken from you?
You'll take it with you to the grave.
- Ooh, that's a good one.
I think you asked that question on your Twitter
maybe six months ago or a year ago.
That's a good one.
So we'll see if people are paying attention.
Repeat that question, Cliff, here while it populates.
- Okay, so what is it that you have,
once you possess it, even for a minute,
it can never be taken away from you
and then you'll take it with you to your grave.
- Ooh, a lot of good answers there.
Well, I haven't seen it yet.
A lot of people are saying soul, knowledge,
intuition, consciousness.
- Amazon.
(all laughing)
- Right?
Spirit, soul, knowledge.
You want to give a hint there, Kundalini, no?
- No, see, there's the thing.
Well, what kind of a hint?
You know, it's a wonderful answer, really.
Okay, so here we go.
It's the translation of Masa Katsuagatsu in English.
- If you guys look at that, you'll find the answer.
- Cliff, are we asking too hard of a question?
- I think maybe so.
- Yeah.
- Okay, guys.
- Well, how many tries or how many responses
did you get the last time you asked this question
on your Twitter before you got the right answer?
Do you remember?
- Not that many.
- No, wait, oh, I don't remember.
- Okay, hang on, hang on.
- Okay, got a phone call there.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
So guys, while Cliff handles that phone call here,
just hold on a second here.
I want to let you know also that Carla,
currently on Ascension Organites,
is having this summer sale going on right now,
25% off all of the Shungite bracelets and pendants.
So if you guys are looking for that,
go to
and also 15% on all of the pyramids there.
And the code is SUMMER24,
and that's at
And this, of course, is the pendant
we're trying to give away right now.
So let me go back.
Oh, I think I saw the answer.
Hold on.
Cliff, are you back?
Can I hear you?
- Yeah, I'm back.
- Let me see.
I thought I saw one.
You have to go, go ahead, Cliff.
I'm looking for the answers, guys.
Oh, no.
I don't see the answers, guys.
Well, let's go back down to the bottom.
Hopefully one of you gets it.
We're gonna have to give a clue somehow.
Maybe we'll give a first letter.
I haven't seen it yet.
Cliff's still on the phone there.
Okay, he's coming back.
Hold on.
- Can you hear me?
- Yeah, I can hear you.
- Okay, I've gotta go.
- You gotta go?
- Right this second.
- Yeah, I've got to do it too.
- I love you, man.
Have a great night.
We'll see you soon.
Take care, Cliff.
All right, guys.
The answer to that was discipline.
And so what I'm going to do
is give away these prizes here before we go.
A big thank you to Cliff for joining us here tonight.
So why don't we do this?
The next prize.
Why don't I do this?
So we'll go to...
This here.
I'm gonna give away a bottle of Pure Sleep,
those little bottles of Pure Sleep,
the strawberry version of that too.
So I'm gonna ask you a question now
as to what day are the Beyond Mystic staff
returning from vacation?
Try to give away this one quickly here for you guys.
What day is the Beyond Mystic staff
coming back from vacation?
July 14th.
There you go.
Mrs. Rear Freedom Fighter.
You're the winner here of the Pure Sleep concoction
from Cliff High.
If you go to,
top of the page here at the About section,
just send me an email there through the tech support form.
Let us know you're the winner of the Pure Sleep
and we'll get in contact with you to get your address
and have that mailed out to you.
So big congratulations to you.
Next one here too,
we're going to be giving away now some C60.
So for that one,
okay, so going back to the Yugas of Time,
what was the period of time,
the block that we're in now that we've just entered?
How many years is that block specifically?
So I've just mentioned that a little,
a few minutes ago here.
25 years.
There you go.
April, Alfie won.
Congratulations, you're the winner.
So again, send me an email here.
We'll get your contact information
to send you this Pure Sleep product.
And last but not least,
we have to go back to the Shungite.
It's a good question for you guys here.
Well, the answer to Cliff's question was discipline.
Once you've obtained that for yourself,
nobody can ever take it away.
I think that was a really good question as well.
Okay, and so what show did I see last Saturday?
I went to a concert.
Who was the artist?
That's gonna be the last question here for the Shungite.
What show did I see last Saturday?
I did a video about it on my Rumble feed.
There you go, 50 cent.
Okay, hold on.
First one here.
Kyle Asad asked that.
I'm not sure how to pronounce that.
At any rate, you're the winner of the Shungite pendant.
Thank you so much, everyone, for joining us here tonight.
Really loved doing this show.
Cliff told me at the beginning of the show
that he was expecting a very important call,
and that's why he was wearing the headsets
to make sure that he can have that call
in his house here during the show tonight,
and that he could have to jump because of it.
So that's what's happening there.
We'll soon have him back on the show, of course.
As always, Cliff is a big favorite here on Beyond Mystic.
So thank you so much, everyone, for joining us here tonight.
Please leave a comment in the comment section,
but let us know if you understood this episode here today,
and perhaps what questions are coming out of it.
We might have to do a part two and come back
to do a deeper show on this, not just the July 15th event,
but generally speaking, hyper-novelty
and us entering into this world of complexity
and how that's going to completely change
humanity here moving forward.
So together, understanding the nature
of the transition we're going in
perhaps might give us the abilities and the tools
to go through it in a much more harmonious way,
and also to find the opportunities through all of it.
So a big thank you to all of you watching here tonight.
Don't forget to join us tomorrow.
I believe it's at 4 p.m. Eastern.
Yes, the Rumble edition show of the Beyond the News
with Janine and I, that's going to be at 4 p.m. Eastern
tomorrow here on Rumble again.
And while you're there,
actually just before I go,
I wanted to ask you where you're watching from too.
We started this show,
we were originally supposed to start this show
at five earlier today, and I do apologize for that.
Cliff had asked me for 5 p.m. Pacific.
I understood Eastern,
and that's why there was a confusion there.
So my bad, my apologies on that.
That was completely my fault.
It was supposed to be the 8 p.m. time slot.
So before we go, I'd like to ask you,
where are you guys watching from?
Yeah, take a quick poll.
Let's see where you guys, Maine, Tennessee, Toronto,
Bulgaria, wow, okay, Calgary,
Michigan, Seattle, Quebec City, New Orleans,
Kentucky, Sherbrooke, Las Vegas, Toronto.
I've got so far most of the North America up here.
I'm looking to see if we're getting more,
although it's getting a little bit late in Europe,
we might be getting people in Australia already.
I'll be early enough in the morning there.
Indiana gets no, Brisbane, Australia.
Okay, there you go, yeah, all right, cool.
Wow, again, guys, thank you so much for being here tonight.
It was a great show.
I absolutely love you guys,
and we'll see you again tomorrow at 4 p.m. Eastern.
I hope this conversation made sense,
and that you get some glimpses into this new reality
that is forming below our feet,
and I recommend perhaps re-watching this episode,
and of course, sending it to your friends and families.
The more we tackle these subjects,
and the more we share with each other
what we think is happening,
and how we see things transforming in our world,
the more chances we have of dealing with real reality,
as opposed to what the matrix of control
is trying to tell you is the reality.
So watch out for those dildos. (laughs)
And we'll see you soon.
I love you guys, have a good night, and au revoir.

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