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Clif High News
How UFO Time Engines work.
Keep your testicles in their safety receptacles at all times...
clif high
May 6, 2023

How UFO Time Engines work.

Reading just a bit into a book on N.A.Kozyrev’s “On the way to understanding the Time Phenomenon”, [ISBN 981-02-1606-8] certain things about UFO engines are revealed.

The LL1 engine (a designation applied to the engine from one of the 1947 crashes) consists, at its core, of a hollow metal sphere, with a pool of mercury metal in natural liquid state within it. The sphere is connected via poles, or tubes to the rest of the UFO superstructure, and to blocks of amalgam metals leading to a minimalist ‘antenna’ system of three nodes on the bottom of the craft. There are surface embedded wiring tracery supplying control circuits throughout the structure, as well as within the tubes connecting the central sphere to the rest of the craft.

While some operational details are able to be deduced, the method of the propulsion had been elusive until introduced to specific experiments that N.A. Kozyrev had carried out, and their results.

[We skip over tons of boring details to jump right to conclusions.]

The way the Time Engine works is that a electrical charge activates a circuit which creates a very complex magnetic field within the entirety of the interior surface of the metal sphere. This magnetic field is uni-polar with the opposite polarity being expressed on the outside of the sphere at various points.

The instant that the magnetic field is engaged, due to its properties within the presence of such a field, the mercury metal (Hg) will leap into the center of the sphere where it will ‘hover’ in a slightly quivering state.

At this point another circuit is created that would induce spin into the mercury metal ball floating in the middle of the engine sphere, again, due to the properties of mercury being exposed to an electrical field. This spin would achieve a very high rate of speed within a short period. From the mass of the mercury metal involved, and the rate of spin, we can produce the math to calculate the amount of power of our engine in ‘time stuff’.

It is at this point, that the spin of the mass of the mercury would begin to induce ‘time stuff’ to accumulate at the surface of the mercury, now held in the rigidity of the dual fields of magnetism and electrical. This ‘time stuff’ would rapidly build to a critical threshold whereupon sensors, monitoring the shape and structure of the internal fields of the engine’s sphere, as well as the ‘temporal pressure’ (at an atomic level), would induce magnetic ‘columns’ that would ‘engage’ the travel mechanism by acting as siphons for the accumulated ‘time stuff’ by penetrating the magnetic containment vessel in the sphere much like a syringe, leading the ‘time stuff’ down to the radiating antennae on the bottom of the vessel.

It is noted that there are several areas within the process wherein electrical energy could be extracted, so this would be a self powering process, once it had been started. Also it is clear from N.A. Kozyrev’s experiments, detailed in later chapters of the book referenced, that amalgam metal substrates can be used as ‘capacitance storage batteries’ for ‘time stuff’ such that the craft could be self starting, and self producing of its electrical needs without needing to have electrical storage capacity.

It would seem likely that crashed ships, or ships long buried whose ‘time battery’ had exhausted itself, could be ‘jump started’ with appropriate electrical charge to initiate the required magnetic fields to the containment reactor.

This understanding is aided by N.A. Kozyrev’s math of ‘Koltsars’, and applying the idea to the description of the crashed UFO from Bob Lazar.

We need to note that this likely a highly unstable environment inside these craft, and probably not very good for the health of unshielded humans. ‘Rads not good for ‘nads…that sort of thing.

Addendum: There are simple experiments based on N.A Kozyrev’s work, that demonstrate the accumulation of ‘time stuff’ induced by simple, mechanical processes.

Take a hanging balance beam scale that can be locked into place. Weigh out a solid mass of lead in grams. Lock the scales. Take the lead mass off the scale and put into a paint shaker, or any device that will give it a good shaking. Insulate it from the device with thick rubber pads such that no metal from the shaking device touches the lead mass. Shake the hell out of it. Then quickly take the lead mass and return it to the scale only touching it with thick rubber (not plastic) insulated material.

At the point that the lead mass is back on the scale and the lock is released, you will find that the weight of the mass of lead has increased significantly, and measurably. It can be in the high single digits of percentage increase under the correct conditions.

The rubber insulates the ‘time stuff’ from rapid dissipation. The extra weight added by the accumulated ‘time stuff’ gained by the shaking will persist for a number of seconds. If the weighing trays of the balance scale are lined with thick rubber, the effect will persist longer.

Ratio Bradbornius
Gotta love clif! Even more so the community that listens to clif. You are some great humans!

Zulu Minus Six
Good article. Would be better on the white board, but you got other things going on, I'm sure. Did you ever look into electroculture for growing plants? I'm still researching it.

20230507 – Don’t say that about Charlie’s clone!
EMF Sponge....

Simon Parks should show us the NDA he signed with the White Hats. Personal experiments with EMF meters prove that shungite is indeed a sponge for EMF radiation…as explained by Kozyrev.

    01:06 Simon Parks NDA with White Hats? Produce it.
    03:28 Clif didn’t need NDAs with telephony industry
    08:00 NDA with proxy
    09:45 EMF meters; Checking for bugs
    13:00 Shungite; C60; Kozyrev
    21:55 Peak Electric Vehicles

Direct audio link:

20230508 – After Empire: What?
How's it feel to be a Warlord?

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius! How does it feel to be a warlord?

    00:26 Death of the American Empire; End of Bretton Woods System and Federal Reserve
    02:46 5000-year change; Age of Tauris; Age of Pisces; Age of Aquarius; Bust-up of Soviet Union
    07:35 Post Empire period in the data sets
    11:00 New power structure as UFO info comes out
    12:00 Washington State Assembly movement; Mean of 111 weapons
    17:25 Ukraine was to become Greater Israel
    20:17 Riots to liberate UFO information before Fall
    24:00 Chainlink fence analogy
    25:55 What do we want to build afterward?; Massive firing if Trump is re-elected

Direct audio link:

20230509 – Bad Narradigm
We need a new one...

The American Empire—along with the UN and NGOs—will fall apart as fiat currency and the Fed die. Hidden truths will be uncovered as silence can no longer be paid for with worthless fiat.

    00:55 Preparing for the death of the American empire; We were supposed to be isolationists; Zionism propelling lots of American Empire building; El does not equal God
    04:00 Communism was a Zionist plot to create controlled opposition to the monarchies; NGOs will go away due to lack of funding; Age of Aquarius ending 5000 years of Khazarian manipulation
    08:40 Bribery with fiat will break down as will UN
    10:25 Less than 1% of people claiming to be Jews have any DNA connection to ancient Hebrews
    14:00 Zevites thought they could ascend to God through sin
    19:25 MAC addresses on dead not due to vaxxed
    21:25 Misinterpretation of blood plasma under microscopes

Direct audio link:

20230509 – Stars shine
Not according to General Relativity...

The Einsteinian science that has defined so much of our Universe over the last century is bogus. A change in perspective opens up a much more comprehensive understanding of things.

    00:24 Sloppy casual language will shift to a new level of precision; Physics and astrophysics (quantum and Einstein) is seriously flawed
    02:15 Why do stars shine?; Red Shaift and Age of Universe; No entropic galaxies and suns; Why volcanoes and earthquakes; No subduction zones
    06:04 Expanding Earth; Neal Adams – ; Pangea
    09:00 Consciousness; Red Shift can’t be used to predict distances
    12:00 Hydrogen ions; Electric Universe; Sun is very heavy metal
    14:50 Aether; Eric Weinstein – Unified Geometry
    16:25 Flat Earth
    18:50 Russian Z Forces; Scalar Weapons; Kozyrev
    21:10 A Sun can’t be a nuclear explosion
    23:00 Boscovich
    24:15 Aetherists; Everything emits magnetic fields
    25:55 Continuous Creation and Destruction Model
    27:30 Gravity is weak

Direct audio link:

20230511 - Real money, real drugs.
Rediscovery of discipline.

Summary Pending

20230511 – Real Money, Real Drugs
Rediscovery of discipline.

Growing poppies will return as a major industry and the fiat pharma system falls apart.

    00:20 Glazing the greenhouse
    01:14 Mind and discipline vs money and drugs; Death of the Dollar; Credit System
    03:25 Dr Lee Merritt – Viatricide – Death by Doctor; Hospitals operate on credit
    09:00 Preparing for the fall of pharma
    11:00 Kids will be forced to reinvent the 1800s; Poppy cultivation
    13:25 Rockefeller Initiative for Public Health
    17:30 Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton
    20:00 Fiat money produces weak men; Discipline

Direct audio link:

20230513 – Antigravity Peanut Butter Sandwiches
With cream cheese and a sprinkling of sugar

Clif’s explosive experiment with mercury capsule wrapped with copper coil.

    01:00 Clam Tide
    02:15 Greenhouse Glazing
    02:35 Chat GPT, spinning mercury, and antigravity
    04:35 Kozyrev: Mercury and the interactive qualities of time
    07:00 T. Townsend Brown
    12:30 Spinning Mercury: Tesla experiments
    15:05 Mercury coil experiment

Direct audio link:

20230514 – Chaos, Kontrol & Harmony
EBCDIC him! Get Agent 86!

Harmony and individuation in a binary universe are the positive counterparts of chaos and control pushed on us by the current atheistic physics.

    00:34 Harmony and Free Will; Binary Materium; Retroduction
    02:38 Current physics is atheistic – gluing bits of grit together as opposed to consciousness being the beginning and everything
    03:25 Samkhya; Kapila;
    06:04 Giva
    08:20 Free will exists; Randomness
    10:25 Terrence McKenna; Hyperspace
    16:50 Cathari
    23:20 Maxwell Smart; Control; Eighty-Sixed; Ninety Nine
    25:05 Age of Aquarius

Direct audio link:

20230516 – Mind Tools…
Chew your food!

Explanation and differences between vipassana and zazen approaches to meditation.

    00:35 Mind tools; Meditation; Samkhya
    04:40 Vipassana
    11:55 Zazen

Direct audio link:

20230517 – Souvenirs for the normies…
Yeah, right… WTF is officialdom going to do to stop it?
Details to expect as the economic portion of the Big Ugly climaxes in a couple weeks.

    00:25 Home Depot sales down; Nasty part of Big Ugly economics coming up; What local politicians support Biden Admin?
    02:55 Shift of language relative to the shots
    04:45 Media won’t be able to go down the street
    07:30 “The Feds” are the bad guys in every language; FBI
    11:30 Analog to the collapse of the Soviet Union
    13:45 Transport problems; Amazon example; True cost
    17:00 Social media users engaged vs mainstream media dunces
    20:00 Narrative will backfire
    22:15 Battles with immigrants worldwide
    25:30 Data sets: 250-house subdivision burned down due to retribution against banksters; No relation to white supremacy or antisemitism

Direct audio link:

20230517 – Apocalypse takes a while…
Hard to wake up after such a long sleep

Despite censorship, a recent run of data sets provides possible insights for the rest of the year, especially in the context of early, unpolluted data sets.

    01:30 Latest data run despite censorship;
    05:15 Near-term emotional intensity peak near June 12th; 1. Economy; 2. Political Corruption
    10:55 Rioting in Maryland and Delaware; Release of UFO stuff
    13:55 Death knell of the Khazarian Mafia
    15:05 Brutal winter of 2023/2024
    16:27 August outlook
    20:00 Disclosure release August/September
    23:00 Climate protestors and WEF participants beat up, hacked, etc.

Direct audio link:

May 21, 325 YD (ascending)
Yukteswar kicks Jeff Berwick right in his soft, squishy paradigm.
clif high
May 21, 2023

Jeff Berwick is wrong. Not just a little wrong, but BIG WRONG. Like off by thousands wrong.

Sorry to come out with it like that, but it is true. He is flat out wrong and it is affecting his analysis of reality.

If you don’t know who is Jeff Berwick, it is does not matter, as he is wrong.

Jeff is not alone. Most of the other analysts in the world are as deluded as Jeff. They all are completely totally wrong in where we are, that is, what is this now.

It is not Jeff’s fault that he is wrong. He is just operating from some very inaccurate information.

Jeff thinks we are in the Kali Yuga.

We are not.

The Kali Yuga is the place in Time, that is, the passage of our solar system through its Great Year as it journeys in a very large ellipse first away from, then back towards, Galactic Center. The Kali Yuga is known as the Iron Age.

The Kali Yuga is typified by humans living short lives, about 45% of our potential life span. Further, these lives are not only short, they are also lived in brutal conditions that will always involve strife and contention for their duration.

Humans, writing within the Kali Yuga will always be expressing through the veil of ‘emotional darkness’. The Kali Yuga is 1200 years of fighting, not only against the elements, but also other humans, animals. The fighting is from within ignorance, moral and spiritual decay. The controlling aspect of life in the Kali Yuga can very well be expressed as ‘objectified materialism’.

So Jeff Berwick thinks we are in the Kali Yuga. He is not alone in this thinking. It stems from errors made many thousands of years ago. Most of the people who care about when we are do also labor under this misapprehension.

The errors made relate to not only the length of each Yuga, each of our ‘Seasons of the Great Year’, but also as to when each Yuga begins, which is on the Spring Equinox.

As of March 21, 2023 we are in the 325th year of the Dwapara (Ascending) Yuga.

There is a lot of debate among the gurus and astrologers around our planet, but there are very clear, factual indicators that we are NOT within the Kali Yuga any longer.

Jeff can be forgiven his understanding, as most of the astrologers on this planet also share it. There are few however that have a different form of calculation for where we are in our Great Year. Most of these are followers of the astrologer, and mathematician, Sri Yukteswar.

Sri Yukteswar, was a controversial Indian yogi and guru, who presented a mathematical argument to support his belief that we are currently in the Dwapara Yuga rather than the Kali Yuga, as traditionally understood in Hindu cosmology. His core position rests on the interpretation of the precession of the equinoxes, a phenomenon caused by the wobbling of the Earth's axis.

In Hindu cosmology, the Yugas are cyclic ages that follow one another in a specific order: Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga, and Kali Yuga. The Kali Yuga is considered to be the darkest and most spiritually bereft period, characterized by a decline in righteousness and moral values. Sri Yukteswar argued that the traditional calculation of the Yugas did not accurately reflect the actual durations of these ages.

Sri Yukteswar proposed a different interpretation of the Yugas, based on the idea that they are not of equal length but gradually decrease in duration. He suggested that each Yuga lasts for a fraction of the previous one, following a mathematical progression. In this scheme, the Kali Yuga lasts for 1,200 years, the Dwapara Yuga for 2,400 years, the Treta Yuga for 3,600 years, and the Satya Yuga for 4,800 years. According to his calculations, the Kali Yuga began around 500 AD, and we are currently in the 325th year of the ascending Dwapara Yuga. (See Time Map below).

Sri Yukteswar's reasoning was based on the concept of the precession of the equinoxes. This astronomical phenomenon occurs due to the Earth's axis slowly rotating over a period of approximately 25,920 years. The vernal equinox, which marks the beginning of spring, gradually shifts against the backdrop of the fixed stars over this cycle. Sri Yukteswar argued that the starting point of the Yugas should be aligned with this shifting equinox. Further strengthening Yukteswar’s argument are the constant vernal equinox alignments, through the Sun, with the Galactic center at the start and end of each Yuga. This effect is caused by the ‘up and down’ wandering of our solar system as it journeys in its Great Year. If our Galaxy were considered as a plane, our solar system travels a great ellipse anchored at galactic center, but our motion has a ‘wave form period’ relative to the galactic plane edge providing these alignments between the vernal equinoxes and the center of our Galaxy.

Yukteswar believed that the alignment of the Yugas with the equinoxes was a key factor in accurately determining their durations. By comparing the positions of the equinoxes with the characteristics and qualities associated with each Yuga, Sri Yukteswar claimed, and proved over time, that the traditional durations of the Yugas did not align correctly with the observed astronomical phenomenon. Therefore, he proposed his alternative duration calculations, suggesting that we are currently in the Dwapara Yuga.

In the Ascending Dwapara Yuga, we are all about ‘proofs’. We have some for Yukteswar’s reasoning. These proofs come from the reality that surrounds us.

Things that are NOT in the Kali Yuga:



Mass Communications.

Space Travel.

Mass Production of Goods.

That these things, and many more, are factually evident in your life is proof that Yukteswar is correct, and Jeff Berwick is wrong.

The strife and contention that the planet is now suffering has to do with the actual ending of the Kali Yuga.

Each age has a transition period. We are at the very end of the transition into the Ascending Dwapara Yuga.

In fact, the transition periods are one quarter of the duration of the age itself. Each Yuga, therefore, has a beginning period that is one fourth of the length of the previous age in which that previous Yuga will have waning effects. Thus for the first 300 years of the Ascending Dwapara Yuga, we have the fading effects of the Kali Yuga just departed. We finished this transition on March 21, 2018.

In the progression of the Yuga’s, each will finally shed the lingering effects on humanity after that one-quarter of the previous Age as it goes through a another period in which the primary qualities of that Yuga emerge. This will occur over a time that is one-quarter of the previous transition period (300/4 = 75). Thus for the next 75 years, Earth will be in the ‘emerging’ phase of this Ascending Dwapara Yuga as the qualities of this period will be made manifest by Humanity.

As we progress into this new Yuga, our ‘emerging transition’ will put increasing pressure on those humans still working in the mindset, and systems, that developed in the Kali Yuga. These people are addicted to their position, status, and mind-set, that derives from the old Kali just ended. They desperately fear the future, and they are manifesting these emotions with increasing intensity as our Matterium advances us further into Ascending Dwapara where such minds will find no support from Universe.

Universe/Matterium rules this aspect of our reality. Those opposing We, the People, are fighting to keep humanity in a previous age. This is like standing in a moving train desperately trying to push it back to the station just departed.

It ain’t gonna work. It will be very frustrating to the enemies of Humanity as none of their sh*t will work any longer. They are still stuck in the past, looking backward.

The rest of us are getting our Dwapara on!

Serf's Up!
Old Deal at the New Same Place.
clif high
May 23, 2023

Old Deal at the New Same Place.

This whole thing on 15 minute cities is NOT a new idea. It is just the Khazarian Mafia (Banksters freaking out) trying to contain the inevitable rise of the populace towards a new state of freedom. They are very stupid, these KM/Banksters, and can’t come up with new ideas. So they go back to the old ones.

I have to go out & do real work while the sun shines here.

So I am cheating in just having Chat.GPT pop up the general idea of what a 15 minute city really is from the [KM] point of view.

In the scenario shown below in ‘chat talk’, you think of the [KM] as they think of themselves, as “your lord”…and I think you will get the idea.

I am presenting the info below with my prompts so you see how ChatGPT was led to respond this way. It is brief. I have brush and trees to cut. But grok that the [KM] is freaking out, trying to get you back to the ‘good old days’ when the feudal lord had ‘right to take any woman’s virginity on her wedding night’….hmmm, yep, soooo [KM].


at the height of feudal serfdom in England, how restricted was the average serf?


During the height of feudal serfdom in England, which lasted from the 11th to the 14th centuries, serfs faced significant restrictions on their personal freedoms and mobility. Serfdom was a system in which individuals, known as serfs or villeins, were bound to the land they worked and were considered the property of the lord of the manor.

Here are some of the key restrictions that the average serf in England faced during this period:

Binding to the land: Serfs were legally bound to the lord's land and were not allowed to leave without permission. They were required to work the lord's fields, perform labor, and contribute a portion of their crops or produce as rent or taxes.

Limited rights to property: Serfs had limited rights to own property. They were typically granted a small plot of land for their personal subsistence, but the majority of the land and its resources belonged to the lord. Serfs had little control over their economic circumstances and were dependent on the lord for their livelihood.

Obligations and labor services: Serfs had various obligations and labor services they were required to fulfill for the lord. This included working on the lord's fields, maintaining the lord's estate, and providing labor for construction or other projects. Serfs had to dedicate a significant portion of their time and effort to serving the lord.

Restrictions on marriage and mobility: Serfs were often subject to restrictions on their personal relationships and mobility. They were required to seek permission from the lord to marry or leave the manor. The lord could also demand certain fees or fines for granting such permissions.

Judicial and legal limitations: Serfs had limited legal rights and were subject to the jurisdiction of the lord's court. They did not enjoy the same legal protections as the higher classes, and disputes or crimes involving serfs were typically settled within the manorial court, which was presided over by the lord.

Payment of dues and fees: Serfs had to pay various dues and fees to the lord, which could include rents, taxes, and other levies. These payments were often extracted through labor or in the form of a portion of their crops or goods.

It's important to note that the conditions of serfdom could vary across different regions and over time. While serfs were heavily restricted, the specific circumstances could differ depending on the practices and customs of individual manors and the relationship between the lord and the serfs.


Being bound to the land meant what? How far could the serf wander before he was in trouble?


Being bound to the land meant that serfs were legally tied to the specific plot of land or manor on which they lived and worked. They were not allowed to leave the land without the permission of their lord. The extent to which a serf could wander before facing trouble or consequences would vary depending on the specific rules and customs of the manor and the relationship between the serf and the lord.

In general, serfs were expected to obtain permission from their lord before leaving the manor for an extended period. This permission might be granted for specific reasons such as attending a religious pilgrimage, visiting family members in another manor, or participating in certain trade activities. The lord had the authority to grant or deny such requests and could impose conditions, fees, or fines for granting permission.

If a serf left the manor without permission or violated the conditions set by the lord, they could face punishments or penalties upon their return. These penalties might include fines, additional labor services, or even loss of their land or other privileges. The severity of the punishment would depend on the specific circumstances and the lord's discretion.

It's worth noting that serfs had practical limitations on their ability to wander freely due to their economic and social obligations. They were primarily tied to the land for their subsistence and were responsible for cultivating the fields, tending to livestock, and performing other labor duties. Leaving the land for extended periods without proper arrangements could disrupt their obligations and livelihood.

Overall, the exact limits on a serf's freedom of movement would depend on the specific manorial customs, the relationship between the serf and the lord, and the circumstances under which they wished to leave the land.


How big was a typical manor area? What would be the typical constraints expressed in walking time?


The size of a typical manor in medieval England could vary significantly, ranging from a few hundred acres to several thousand acres. It's important to note that the term "manor" referred not only to the lord's residence but also to the entire agricultural estate that was under the lord's control. The manor would consist of arable land, meadows, pastures, forests, and other resources.

Given the variations in manor sizes, it is difficult to provide a precise measurement for a typical manor area. However, for the purpose of illustration, let's consider a smaller manor that encompassed around 500 to 1,000 acres. This range is not universally applicable but serves as a rough estimate.

When discussing constraints expressed in walking time, it's important to consider the speed at which an individual could walk during medieval times. Walking speeds varied depending on factors such as terrain, weather conditions, and individual fitness. As a general estimate, an average walking speed for a person during this period could be around 3 to 4 miles per hour.

Given this estimate, we can calculate the walking time required to traverse the boundaries of a 500 to 1,000-acre manor. To do so, we need to convert the manor's acreage into square miles for consistency in measurement.

1 acre is approximately 0.0016 square miles.

Therefore, for a 500-acre manor:

500 acres x 0.0016 square miles per acre = 0.8 square miles.

And for a 1,000-acre manor:

1,000 acres x 0.0016 square miles per acre = 1.6 square miles.

Assuming an average walking speed of 3 to 4 miles per hour, it would take roughly 15 to 30 minutes to walk from one side of an 0.8 square mile manor to the other, and around 30 to 45 minutes for a 1.6 square mile manor.

These calculations provide a general sense of the walking time constraints within the boundaries of a smaller manor during feudal serfdom in England. However, it's important to note that serfs' mobility was primarily limited to the land they worked on, and they were not typically allowed to wander freely beyond the manor's boundaries without the lord's permission.


So you see what I mean….they are up to their old tricks.

Bill Abright
May 23

I found this on Quora and the guy invited everyone to share. So it's open source.

A guy looked at my Corvette the other day and said,

"I wonder how many people could have been fed for the money that sports car cost?

I replied I'm not sure;

it fed a lot of families in Bowling Green, Kentucky who built it,

it fed the people who make the tires,

it fed the people who made the components that went into it,

it fed the people in the copper mine who mined the copper for the wires,

it fed people in at Caterpillar who make the trucks that haul the copper ore.

It fed the trucking people who hauled it from the plant to the dealer and fed the people working at the dealership and their families.

BUT,... I have to admit, I guess I really don’t know how many people it fed.

That is the difference between capitalism and the welfare mentality.

When you buy something, you put money in people’s pockets and give them dignity for their skills.

When you give someone something for nothing, you rob them of their dignity and self-worth.

Capitalism is freely giving your money in exchange for something of value.

Socialism is having the government take your money against your will and give it to someone else for doing nothing.

I think this is well written and well thought out

20230524 – Peaking over the Barrier
Getting Ugly out there.....

Normies will be receptive to anything once they accept the idea, over the next couple weeks, that they were poisoned by the penetration.

    00:55 Last week of May to first week of June = Local emotional peak of the Big Ugly; Awakening to the scamdemic
    03:30 “Shock of the new” seems to be the result of the way the media works
    07:35 The “science” of virology is goofy pseudoscience
    12:05 Jeffery Epstein; Clock ticking on the elites; Normalizing pedophelia
    17:40 Obamas; Khazarian Mafia; Zionist central banks; Jewish Privilege
    22:55 Black mob violence against Jewish people; Welfare system will fail; CBDCs won’t happen
    27:45 ANTIFA will turn due to drug shortages
    31:30 Debt ceiling won’t be raised

Direct audio link:

20230524 – Time Ain’t Nothing
Shake it, you won't break it.

Einsteinian physics is a dead end. Kozyrev’s understanding of time leads to a different view of physics and what can be done with it.

    00:35 Time experiments; Kozyrev; Einstein; Quantum Mechanics in bogus; photon
    03:30 Consciousness comes before grit
    04:25 Planck constant
    06:00 Time is not a dimension
    07:00 Clif’s time experiment
    07:50 Eric Weinstein’s Geometric Unity
    11:30 Kozyrev Experiements
    17:50 Kozyrev Books
    20:38 Liquids – Water and mercury – and time; Koyrev’s mirror
    23:45 325 years into the Bronze Age…beyond the Kali Yuga
    28:55 Harappan Civilization
    38:00 Anyone that got a Nobel Prize for physics is wrong

Direct audio link:

20230525 – mother WEFfing Earth Changes
They have been workin' this a long time.

Clif thinks he now understands that his predictive language model didn’t take into account decades of language pollution by the WEF.

    00:45 New thoughts about why Clif’s programming went wrong
    05:00 Banda Aceh earthquake
    07:40 Total ignorance of WEF polluting data around Earth changes
    14:55 Fukushima and the Global Coastal Event

Direct audio link:

20230527 – Dwapara Virtue
Expando Yuga

As we move away from the age of Kali Yuga, we will leave behind Einstein nonsense and tap into the qualities of time.

    00:31 Time is not a dimension; Kozyrev
    03:30 Earth has a 26,000-year elliptical revolution around the galaxy; 4 yugas – iron, bronze, silver, gold; 325 years out of the iron ago and into the bronze age; Explosion of new ideas
    10:00 Schools are NOT for teaching stuff; Should teach how to find how you learn
    13:00 Lots of information has been lost; Jain Religion
    22:00 Personal sacrifice; Human sacrifice
    26:00 Justinian’s Khazarian princess; Plant used as hypnotic
    28:30 Cathars Forced from India to Europe; Samkhya
    34:28 Zionism is doomed
    36:20 Teach kids how they to learn: Loom of Language; Mathematics for the Million; Biosphere
    36:51 Loosing electricity as a primary energy source
    26:15 Creating a chip that harmonizes with the pulse of time
    40:00 Einstein was a remnant of Kali Yuga
Direct audio link:

20230529 – Time is on my side…
Yes it is…

Laws of dynamic time necessitate that we get smarter in harnessing electricity and magnetism as we proceed further into the Dwapara Yuga.

    00:45 Time experiments; Time may not be linear; The Kali Yuga perspective may explain its cyclical nature
    06:00 Irreversibility of time due to galactic expansion
    09:10 If time is dynamic, Einsteinian physics is negated
    11:30 Time compelled people to harness electricity
    14:55 Astrology will change as we go forward; Ex: We will be less war-like, so the interpretation of Mars’ influence will adjust accordingly
    20:00 Strange energies from space; Rivers in the Sky
    30:50 Divine magnetism; UFOs will probably be coming from closer to the galactic center

Direct audio link:

20230531 – Problems....not just septic
The whole of humanity needs a good flushing...

The debt ceiling debate was never about the debt. It was about the negotiations and drama. Republicans got pipeline concessions while Democrats and RINOs will be hung with hyperinflation.

    00:34 Data sets about economic woes did not have any input about debt ceiling…that was theater; No point in restricting spending; Some victories for Republicans; Freer pipelines
    05:00 Fiat after gold standard; No controls in fiat
    06:11 Spending ends January 2025; RINOs and Democrats will hang themselves with hyperinflation
    08:45 IMF and Bank of International Settlements
    10:50 Weakening of Dollar; Scary high adjustable rates
    13:40 Towns and regions will find that their savings have disappeared
    15:20 Khazarians are Satanists, not Jews; Messiah must live to be 120; Lubavitch Jews
    20:45 Only 8% of US is Communist; Leftists only 20% of population;
    25:00 Data sets indicated European war against immigrants; North America battles will be more like Viet Cong – entrenched; Three days after welfare systems crap out
    29:50 Majority of religious movements won’t exist 50 years from now

Direct audio link:

20230531 – Busted....
Stopped by a Sheriff's deputy....

Sasha Stone, Corey Goode; Charlie Ward, and Simon Parks craziness aligning with motherWEFer futile attempts to keep humanity in a denser state.

    00:25 Sasha Stone crying wolf about black goo
    01:30 Black goo goes back to a single source that seems to be made up; Graphene oxide is not forming up into networks; Bluetooth MAC addresses in graveyards; Bluetooth coffins to keep track of graves
    05:28 No more mention about MRNA vaccine having to stay cooled
    08:15 MotherWEFers always want to take us backward…to the Kali Yuga…to a denser state
    09:45 Intelligent people are growing their own food, wearing shungite, etc.; Humanity won’t re-up to the Khazarian system
    13:45 Building Bronze Age
    14:45 Pulled over by sheriff
    17:28 Movie being made about Corey Goode; Charlie Ward and Simon Parks channels grew on grift; Charlie Ward world tour canceled; Sasha Stone Black Goo Sea Slug; Simon Parks Clingy Consciousness Cult
    29:40 Kerry Cassidy’s monster AI

Direct audio link:

20230531 – Dead and buried.
Nope, not for me....

The Western custom of embalming the dead and setting aside valuable land space to bury them is fairly weird.

    00:26 Bluetooth in coffins; Sabbatai Zevi
    03:00 Embalming pharaohs; “Dead, Embalmed, and Buried”
    05:15 Silver cord after death
    12:00 Remembering private keys after death

Direct audio link:

Conspiracist’s Guide to the Great Year ~Part One.
It’s getting Yuga out there!
clif high
Jun 4, 2023

The concept of the ‘Great Year’ is based on the astronomical phenomenon that occurs due to the Earth's axis slowly rotating over a period of approximately 25,920 years. The vernal equinox, which marks the beginning of spring, gradually shifts against the backdrop of the fixed stars over this cycle. The rotation of the earth’s axis, as it is propelling the vernal equinox through the fixed astronomical divisions, is also rising and falling when viewed against the Galactic center from our solar system’s position on the edge of the third minor spiral arm. This motion produces an apparent rotation closer to, then further away from, the center of the MilkyWay Galaxy.

The apparent rotation around Galactic Center is an illusion created by the motion of earth being drug behind our sun as though debris in a comet’s tail.

he rising and falling motion is not visible from our perspective here on Earth, and thus we have the concept of orbiting the galactic center on a very long cycle basis.

The periodic, wave motion of our solar system’s path around the MilkyWay galaxy is also responsible for a ‘view’ of the Galactic Center as the center of our Great Year (apparent) orbit. This is due to the rising and falling of our motion around the edge of our minor spiral arm as it is also moving.

The primary effect for our solar system, and thus for Earth and Humanity, is a rising and falling amount of Galactic Center Emanations (GCE). This is a descriptor for the radiation that comes from the massively collected solar systems at the galactic center. The radiation levels are many millions, if not trillions of times that of our sun in the collective emanations emerging from the galactic center.

The effect of more of the GCE is thought to be a higher quality of intelligence being available throughout the Earth biosphere at all levels, including that of human intelligence. It is this ‘intelligence increasing on exposure to more GCE’ that forms the mechanism that powers the Hindu concept of the Yugas.

In Hindu cosmology, the Yugas are cyclic ages that follow one another in a specific order: Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga, and Kali Yuga. The Kali Yuga (the Iron Age) is considered to be the darkest and most spiritually challenging period, characterized by a decline in righteousness and moral values. The Kali Yuga is the last of the cycles, and represents that point at which most of the GCE radiations are blocked from our solar system by the density of the galaxy between earth and the galactic center.

The Kali Yuga is bracketed by the Dwapara Yuga, or “Bronze Age” on either side of the 2400 Kali years. The ages leading down toward the increasing density of the central mass of the galaxy are considered to be the ‘descending’, while those rising away from the obscuring mass are labeled as ‘ascending’. Again the idea is a ‘descending’ level of consciousness, awareness, and intelligence as the Yugas descend down into Kali, and a rising of, a blossoming, an expanding of those qualities as more of the GCE reaches earth, and Humanity.

Pretty much mainstream thinking in India, and for several billions of people in Asia, the Yuga cycles have recently been under scrutiny in the ‘black projects’ world of the Western Liberal Republics, being led by the USA. This new interest in these cycles is apparently prompted by deep research within the Russian UFO community since 2001 into the Yuga cycles with the expected focus on UFO activity here on earth over these last few millennia.

The application of the Yuga cycles as a template for activities here on Earth, especially as related to Humanity and the Other (Space Alien Invaders), is a very good fit. A temporal map is provided that shows the activity of the Space Alien Invaders over this past Yuga cycle, and their impact on, and interaction with humans.

This temporal map is a work in progress, and will be augmented in subsequent chapters of this guide when interactions between the Space Alien Invaders, and disparate human civilizations are explored.

Sources, mostly in Sanskrit, but also in Hebrew, and other languages, when interpreted in light of our modern understanding, suggest that the GANZ of the Space Alien Invaders was a radiation shield of considerable size, perhaps covering many thousands of square miles in some instances. This word, GANZ, is inappropriately translated as ‘garden’ in the christian Bible, and some versions of the Torah. It is not a hebrew word. It comes from the Elohim/Annunaki themselves.

These GANZ were electro-magnetic bubbles over the genetic laboratories of the Space Invaders. These bubbles were what allowed the Judeans in the Old Testament to live 900+ years. It is suspected that it was the level of the GCE within the bubbles that provided humans with this lifespan.

A central issue for many researchers into these subjects had been the technology of the GANZ relative to the environment of the Earth. It had been assumed early in the process that the GANZ shield was to keep radiation out, that is to moderate and eliminate radiation types that the Space Alien Invaders found to be troubling.

Current thinking is that there is evidence for the opposite case to be made; that is, that the GANZ were radiation shields that effectively concentrated, or captured, the Galactic Center Emanations. This line of thinking includes some tangential evidence suggesting that the Space Alien Invaders were able to augment the environment within the GANZ to somehow boost the levels of GCE.

Further, the research also suggests that there are indications that the Space Alien Invaders came from some region much closer to Galactic Center, thus would be expected to be adapted to, and requiring, higher levels of GCE than was being experienced in our solar system at the time of the descending Bronze Age, the last Dwapara period.

Many further speculations exist with this new line of research of GCE dependent Space Alien Invaders. These new lines of research will be explored as they are developed.

Below is the first publication of the Conspiracists’ Guide Map of the Yuga. It will be updated in subsequent chapters as indicated by conclusions.

20230607 – Med Beds….ain’t
It's tech. Tech has precursors...

Despite Simon Parks’ peddling, med beds simply do not exist as he’s presenting them. Grow opium poppies as a practical response to the breakdown of Big Pharma’s supply chain.

    00:48 Jim Willie interview – Trump investments in med beds; No med bed chips or software mentioned in tech publications
    04:00 SCENAR
    06:38 Charlie Ward; Simon Parks
    08:58 MRI equipment example
    10:40 Kerry Cassidy
    12:25 Super Soldiers; CRISPR; Clean gene editing does not exist
    15:15 Yugas; Adam and Eve were GMOd; 191 years to produce Adam
    17:30 Video of Fauci’s chief of staff in a WEF meeting excited that spike protein was attached to coronavirus shell
    20:00 Simon Parks and Charlie Ward peddling med beds
    21:13 Notch in new silver and gold coin from Treasury
    24:00 RIFE Frequencies no longer work in an EMF-filled environment
    25:48 Robert F Kennedy (RFK) on climate change
    26:45 Poppy seeds for opium; Big Pharma supply chain breaking down; opium tea for pain; Papaver somniferum

Direct audio link:

20230607 – Judge’s nuts…
Grab hold & squeeze...

Leveraging the emerging reputation economy. When battling motherWEFer bureaucrats, remember that they are normies and use their own procedures against them.

    00:43 Reputation Economy; Bud Light;
    04:05 Clif High’s Pure Sleep
    06:00 MotherWEFers have caused the destruction of the reputations of their salesmen (politicians)
    12:45 Emerging Constitutional Money + Reputation Economy
    15:50 WEF politicians are normies…useful idiots
    18:37 Corey Goode lawsuit strategy – bury them with procedure
    27:40 Kari Lake vs Katie Hobbs
    29:15 Charlie Ward’s reputation

Direct audio link:

Nut Soup.
How to win at Law.
clif high
Jun 7, 2023

War is war.

Love is war.

Law is war.

Of all of them, Law is predictable, though not as you may think.

Yes, there is LAW, and legal, and Law, but rarely if ever do these influence the outcome of legal cases.

Grasp this firmly: Legal cases are decided by judges based entirely on the judges own self interest.

Yes, the judge will cite law, and LAW, and legal precedent, but in the end, it always, inevitably comes down to their own self interests. Law is simply the justification that the normies will accept as they have been trained by their schooling.

Rule One in Winning legal cases is to align your interest in the case with the judge’s interest. If either happen to actually align with Law, so much the better, but it is not necessary.

If the judge’s interests do not align with the outcome you desire, then your strategy evolves to changing these circumstances. In the USA today, all the judges must be assumed to be corrupt, therefore it is very unlikely that any judge will naturally act according to Law, and render a verdict suitable to your goals. You have to assume that the corruption in the country is so endemic as to have affected both the judge, and the system as a whole.

Given this understanding, to Win at Law, means you must wage very effective war, but not so much against your opponent in the legal battle, but rather against the judge.

As Sun Tzu notes, before engaging in battle, you survey the terrain. This includes surveying your real opponent, the judge, for vulnerabilities, and weaknesses that will provide you with leverage in the upcoming fight. Research the individual. Use OSINT tools to seek out background material off social to give you hints as to how their mind functions by their choice of language. Yes, this is inductive & reductive reasoning, but you will get the hang of it soon. The idea is to get to know the judge’s mind, and life circumstances as well as your own. When you know where they can be hurt, you own them.

Grasp this firmly: Legal cases are decided by judges based entirely on the judge’s own self interest.

Grasp as well: As has been proven repeatedly the judiciary in the USA is infiltrated, and corrupted. Do not expect Law from these people at this time. Get real in your appraisals.

Judges have several, generic vulnerabilities. You can use their system against them. By learning the small(ish) rule books for either Civil or Criminal Procedures in our law system, you can learn to respond rapidly, thus taking the system’s timing as a weapon against the judge, and your nominal opponent in the actual case. Further, Procedure is their BIG GOD. Use it against them at every opportunity.

To win at Law in today’s American corrupted legal system, you must be very realistic as to the rules of the Game.

There are NO RULES other than what may be found within the Rules of Court Procedure (Civil or Criminal as may be pertinent).

NO RULES except in that thin little book.

So, there is Law, but that is merely the covering excuse the Judge will proffer when making their ruling which will be in their own self interest. Law is the coating that makes it all palatable to the normies. Law is the cover that the system works in an impartial way. Law is the perfume that attempts to disguise the stink.

Knowing this, the path to Victory in Court, can easily be stated as the discovery of circumstances which make the judge’s interests align with your own. Once you can visualize those circumstances, it is then necessary to engineer their manifestation in order to win.

Note that this is what the ‘protesters (violent Trannifa and the Cult of St. Floyd activists)’ in front of judges’ houses are doing. They are engineering circumstances to make the judge think differently about their particular case. Mob action, though sometimes briefly successful, is the stupid way to approach this problem.

Recognizing that no being on this planet will willingly act against their own self interest, which, by the way, is why the WEF works so hard to disguise their intent with language designed to disorient the normies, so the concept is to find one of the judge’s interests that can be seen by as compatible with the outcome you desire. Once located, then it is just a matter of elevating that interest to the top of the Judge’s considerations in order to also elevate your chances of winning.

If you can engineer it so that this becomes the Judge’s dominating concern, then you win as the ruling will naturally go your way, with the Judge’s mind then working out the reconciliation language necessary for them to live with the ruling they just delivered.

Remember, you can say the same thing about the Courts, as you can about the Military, that is, “the system works, when you work the system”.

You know going in that they want to tell you “no”. So your goal is to figure out what would make them want to say “yes” to you.

Companion piece to the Judges’ Nuts podcast.

@The One Miggy.
Jun 7

Ponzi Explained.

The Federal reserve also controls the courts given the fact that we are run by UCC code “codified” in (((their))) courts jurisdictions which was created for contracts with Fiat dollars because they couldn't use Fiat with common law because common law requires gold and silver subsidence.

Our monetary system of debt, bondage and enslavement explained in one sentence.

To fund CORPORATE Gov't our Board of Directors aka CONgress Representatives - took out loans thru the Private Banking Cartel known as the Federal Reserve - instead of issuing currency they issue Debt Notes.

We are all collateralized property of the Federal Reserve. And, collectively we are worth Trillions & Trillions.

The loans got rolled over and you got owned by the Central Banks.

That, in a nutshell describes the UCC Federal Reserve Con with the Black Robe Cult and CONSENT fraud being waged on the American People since 1913.

What I can say is that humanity gives these nit wits way too much credit. (((They’re))) nothing more than a few psychopathic highly Compartmentalized Satanic evil families at the top and (((their))) Compartmentalized levels beneath (((them))) that have all SOLD out humanity to the blood sacrifice alter on Jekyll Island where the Federal Reserve was conceived.

It’s (((their))) fiat aka “money.” Used to control humanity in (((their))) UCC CONSENT world of Oz YOU contract with everyday with (((their))) “money” while (((they))) print exorbitant amounts to themselves and issue (((themselves))) exorbitant amounts of fake credit to (((themselves))) to purchase the entire resources and labor of the planet for (((themselves))) and distribute the resources as (((they)) choose to see fit if at all.

Seven Rules for what to do when you shoot a Space Alien.
Remember what your mama said.
clif high
Jun 9, 2023

It’s going to happen.

You know it.

Probably will happen soon.

Some alien is going to crash, or land, in the wrong part of town.

Probably we will never know why. Maybe they were beamed at by military and crash. Maybe they were just goofing around and chose the wrong damn street.

But whatever the cause, some human is gonna shoot a Space Alien.

Probably they will kill it.

Stupid alien bastard will run into a farmer protecting his family, or a city crew protecting their turf, and it’s going to get itself all fucked up.

That’s when the ‘protocols’ come into play. These are all the things, the ramifications, of the first alien to normie interaction, whether being scattered with a shotgun, or stitched up with a Mac10, the protocols take over when the alien bits go flying.

Of course, there are all the Government to Space Alien WhatEverTheFuckTheyGot for a control structure issues. Maybe it’s the start of the Great Inter Species/ Inter Planetary or Inter Galactic War, but those only begin when officialdom, their’s and ours, learns of the shooting.

Prior to that, the serious Seven Rules of What to Do When You Shoot A Space Alien are El Jefe.

First up; Remember what your mama told you! Don’t Touch It! Or if you have to touch it, use a stick, or pliers or something. Don’t let your bare skin come in contact with it! You don’t want Space Alien Cooties!

Second Rule; Make sure the damn thing is dead! Poke it! Poke it twice. Maybe shoot it again. Whatever it takes. Make sure it is dead. Space aliens are tricky. We’ve all seen the movies.

Rule Three; You don’t party til the job is done. Grandize to Brandize! Make your videos, audio, take pictures, store your media safely….pesky aliens like to EMP stuff. You will be planning on making a BIG NOISE as the first human (that we know of) to blast a Space Alien so go wild. Video, maybe even streaming if it’s the start of an invasion...but copyright it, put your brand on it! You’re the FIRST! Glory in it!

Four is always about Time; Get your proof! Before Time spoils it. Bag some samples (with tongs or gloves!)! Put them into the freezer.

Five is to remember that Father knows Best: A crowbar provides good leverage. Store some proof at an alternative location. Just in case government gets pissy about sh*t. They love to just disappear you to end their problem. Don’t put all your alien in one basket and make it easy for them.

Six is to be always be Sanitary; Wash those hands (and clothes) after cleaning up your mess. Wear gloves. Assume that Alien Gunk, including Guts and Slime, are NOT healthy for humans, and other living earthy critters. Be sure to keep your dogs, cats, and livestock away.

Seven is Situational Awareness; are there any more? If so, reload.

Admittedly these are more guidelines than rules, after all, you will be the first, so you will get to decide how it is done, but do remember what your mama said, “kid, don’t touch that. You don’t know where it’s been!”.

Change of Nature.
Wash, rinse, repeat.
clif high
Jun 12, 2023

There is your consciousness, and everything else.

Your consciousness is the ‘you’ that is understanding these words, but not the being that is reading them.

It’s a little bit complicated.

You are Consciousness. Everything that is not your consciousness, that is, everything of which you may become aware, is Nature.

So all the atoms, dust, and other grit in this Matterium is Nature. All of Universe, and all the beings that are in it, are Nature. All these things are not your consciousness, and you may, should circumstances permit, become aware of them.

You are consciousness, trapped, bonded to Nature. Your body is Nature. Your brain is Nature. Your mind is consciousness dancing across the electrical Nature of your brain and body.

Every thing you perceive is Nature. Including other consciousness also bonded to Matter as other beings, of all sorts. All this is the Nature in which your Consciousness exists in its never ending flow of awareness.

All of this Matterium is powered by the Pulse of Time (22 trillion per second). That existence, and awareness, is so powered, provides a design pattern that may be discovered in all things. This is the Change of Nature pattern.

The Change of Nature pattern directly derives from the Time Pulse which is what drives the Wooble, the primary magnetism of Universe that first glues together, then destroys Nature as it is perceived by your consciousness.

Your mind, though ephemeral, is dependent on the supporting matter of your brain to exist. This necessarily limits your mind, especially in its operating speeds. These speeds will always, necessarily, be slower than that of the 22 trillion times per second continuous creation and destruction of this Matterium. Thus your mind tricks your consciousness into perceive your experience within this Matterium as ‘real’.

We can acknowledge that the Matterium is an illusion, an artifact of our minds, and leave other aspects for another discussion at another time, as the current object of our subjective awareness is the Change of Nature.

Nature changes in patterns that are, like all in this Matterium, sub-harmonics, in form, and enumeration, of the Pulse of Time itself. This is to say that we find the Change of Nature Pattern, replicated constantly, at all levels of scale within our perception.

We see this pattern emerge in the price action of any commodity from stocks, bonds, cryptos, foods, metals, energy...everything. The same fundamental pattern drives all that we perceive as the patterns of ‘trading’.

The Change of Nature pattern is found within Time itself. Kozyrev, first, and foremost, but not the last, discovered that all demonstrations of any form of Causality, that results in Change (Irreversibility), will always follow the same pattern in structure, and in its expression.

Time creates this Matterium as a Pulse that puts energy into our Existence. This Pulse expresses itself within the Matterium in a self-same similar manner to its own manifestation, in that it imparts all energy into the Matterium

as a form of a pulse, though at suitably smaller levels of the sub harmonic built around the 22 trillion times per second continuous creation of our ‘reality’.

All energy expressions within this Matterium will necessarily reflect the originating Pulse of Time. This is true from the vibrations of the tiniest particles, to the movement of the biggest waves, it is all reflected as harmonics of the Pulse.

As Kozyrev discovered, the Time Pulse has a particular pattern that may he described as “building, threshold, change, then decreasing oscillation to stability in order to repeat the cycle”.

If you think about it, you will recognize this building tension, then threshold, then the perception of Change in everything you do, and all that you encounter, and of which you become aware.

This was the pattern noticed in my linguistic work of the last 35 years. A pattern that expressed that I described as “building tension”, threshold, then “release tension language”.

It’s all the same. The same design pattern that repeats billions of times per second in the vibration of the nucleus of the atom, and the nearly imperceptible movement of the galaxy; it builds, reaches a peak, then releases into a new state. Thus is Change of Nature perceived.

At every step of the process, at every level of scale, once a threshold has been crossed, the building tension is released into change that can be described as Causality achieving Irreversibility. At that point, Change has occurred, and cannot be undone.

It is the Irreversibility manifesting from Causality that removes any possibility of any form of “Time Travel”. It can be seen that this Matterium creates Change that cannot be undone, that may not be reversed. Thus if Time Travel, in a corporeal fashion could exist, then Change itself could be reversed, and this violates a key structural element of this Matterium. Further, the nature of the Matterium existing only 1/22 trillionth of a second at an instance, then being destroyed to be recreated, also prohibits the idea of corporeal time travel.

Irreversibility is one of the primary operating mechanisms of this Matterium. Without it, our existence ceases.

THE point of this Matterium, and all your experience in it, in all your lives, is for Consciousness at the Universe level to discover if it can create ‘Novelty’.

Consciousness, being all, being Universe, has a difficult task in creating conditions that would allow for something ‘new’ to come into existence. That is, something ‘new happening’, that Consciousness, itself, would not know about prior to its appearance.

Think about it. This is the ONLY difficult task that Consciousness faces. The only area in which it could fail. Of course, if you think about that deep enough, you realize that even failure, at this level, is ‘novelty’.

Consider that if Change could be undone, then everything that possibility could happen, may happen eventually. Thus no novelty...if it can happen, and eventually will happen, no surprise, no ‘shock of the new’. No ‘rush’ for Consciousness as ‘surprise’ happens.

This is the Realm of Change. Created by Universe that Novelty may be explored. A key attribute within it is Irreversibility.

Without irreversibility, you would not learn. Your brain has to have irreversible acts, at a biochemical level, in order that it many change to support the Changes that occur in your mind. All acts, and all Change that emerges after a threshold is reached, must be irreversible in order that true Change should manifest. After all, if it can be reversed, it is not Change. Thus, no time travel, no potential can exist for the ‘undoing’ of some Change that has already achieved the threshold of manifestation.

It is this attribute that necessitates that, Time as the powering aspect of this Matterium, may only flow in ‘one direction’.

You are an embodied (bonded to matter) consciousness. You are down here, in this Matterium, to muck about in the grit, in order to create as much potential for novelty as you may. And you are constantly, continuously, being subjected to, and expressing, irreversible actions. These happen to you as the trillions of biochemical processes that form your material body manifest the building of energy up to a local threshold, then the emergence of change, at that local level into the Matterium. Your body is a walking manifestation of constant irreversiblility right up to the Big Irreversibility that we call Death, wherein a threshold is reached, and the energy of consciousness is no longer bound to the matter of your body.

Time can only ‘flow’ in one direction. Life is living, self-witnessing, testimony to this.

Mostly, Life is too busy to notice any of this. It is interacting with the Nature here in the Matterium to the point that its ‘local consciousness’ gets too occupied to pay any attention to the larger issues of its own irreversible path through what we laughingly call Life, Here in this Matterium.

Even our own awareness expresses the building, threshold, release seen in the Change of Nature pattern. First there is a small ‘pressure’ on our mind, our sense of a ‘something’ is disturbed, gently at first, then with rising pressure until it breaks into our conscious awareness, and Aha!…..look, it’s a ….whatever, but the thing is to notice how it is that you become aware of it. This same pattern is repeated with all aspects of your awareness in this Matterium as it is an artifact, and a sub harmonic of how this Matterium comes into existence 22 trillion times per second.

How we wake in the morning, how we become aware that our butt itches, how we reach orgasm, how we learn, how our blood pumps, our liver, and spleen work, how our guts move food, how your hormones build until emotion manifests, all of it, all of our body’s entire life is governed by this pattern….building tension, threshold reached, release of tension. Then repeat from that plateau.

It is this way for all of our physical universe here in this Matterium, this pattern dominates. From the smallest motion of the atoms, to the largest waves of collective actions moving through Humanity, it is all an expression of the same pattern.

There is building tension, then a threshold is reached. Then there is the release of that tension as Causality manifests into Change through Irreversibility.

Then we go on. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Remember this over these next few days of manifesting Irreversibility.

20230614 – Innovation Fading Away
Shadow controllers...

Humanity is emerging from the Khazarian-created illusion and will awaken to truths around the Jewish Culture, new tech, harvesting by space aliens, and the stupidity of the peer review process.

    00:30 Trump arrest is a sign of brittleness; Communism and Marxist ideology is brittle
    01:45 We’re in the shift; Khazarian Mafia’s system is breaking down; Jewish population being used/manipulated; El = Space Aliens; Coming to terms with the Holocaust
    06:05 Contention within the Jewish cultural dynamic
    08:00 Prussia Gate Series on Will Zoll Substack
    08:55 Steven Greer Disclosure Project Event
    14:50 Historic efficient engine systems vs current electric vehicles
    20:00 Emerging from the illusion
    20:45 Humans harvested by space aliens that love abdominal fats
    22:38 Seed oils
    26:15 Peer review process is horseshit
    31:00 Missing people; Human Trafficking

Direct audio link:

20230614 – Crispr Critters…
Your burnmark is showing....

Humans appear to be genetically modified…damage at DNA site #2 indicates the original gene was burned away. By space aliens?

    00:35 Seed oils and inter-abdominal fats
    01:50 Burst exercises and systemic enzymes; Pregnant man belly
    04:40 Ab Zapper Belt
    09:15 Developing Space Alien Theory – We are all basically GMO specimens
    11:00 Why did the space aliens come?
    13:10 CRISPR – Gene-editing machine
    15:55 Artifact of editing in the number 2 gene that is different from apes and such
    18:00 Adam and Eve
    20:00 White people are GMOd
    22:00 Space aliens came from galactic center and left before the Kali Yuga
    24:00 May be coming back now that we are moving closer to the galactic center again
    29:18 White people and Asians have the most damage in DNA site #2
    30:30 Food animals and plants have also been altered; Poison plant turned into 300 varieties of potatoes in a span of 40 years or so. Same with maze and more; Darwin’s evolution is horseshit
    35:25 Pressure on dogmatic religion

Direct audio link:

We didn’t see them coming.
clif high
Jun 16, 2023

That day the Invaders came.


We didn’t see them coming.

They hit us hard from Space. Brutally hard.

It took them about twenty hours to attack and defeat Earth’s defenses, so the war was over at that point, technically anyway, but it took the Invaders another thousand years to mop up residual problems.

The attack was coordinated to be simultaneous on both hemisphere’s of the planet. The central hub of Earth’s planetary civilization located in the Southern hemisphere was destroyed, it’s infrastructure in shambles, it’s population damaged, and in shock, rocked by the ferocity of the attack, never to recover. All they could do was to flee the ruins. Most of the refugees, tens of millions, perished in the attempt.

The continents in the Northern Hemisphere were not spared. They were devastated. Vast regions of deserts were created by the initial Attack of the Invaders. Their weapons destroyed large regions of heavily forests in the Western parts of North America, as well as in Siberia, and Europe. Fires burned with an intensity that fused clay soil vitreous. Land dried and cracked deep into the Earth. Soils down to the level of bedrock were blasted away. Giant new valley systems were scoured out by the Attack, though it decades for the forms of the valleys to stabilize.

Vast grasslands in Northern Africa and Mongolia were set ablaze as millions of inhabitants fled the attack and the flames, only to be harvested by the Invaders.

So much biomass burned around the planet that the weather was changed in a day. Smoke blocked the sun in most of the Northern hemisphere. Falling ash in amounts in the millions of tons brought a sudden Winter. Freezing rains collected around the ash, falling as giant, dirty hail. Snow storms began that lasted for years. Tens of millions tried to flee to the South. For decades the northern Hemisphere weather was in chaos, with large regions blocked from light. It grew cold, and the Ice Age that would end with the Younger Dryas began.

In the Southern hemisphere the attack was even more destructive. A large land mass, nearly 500 miles by 500 miles, or about 3/4s of the size of the island of Great Britain including England and Scotland, was completely destroyed. Obliterated. It was as though a giant thumb had come down and pressed the land mass into the ocean while dragging it along, scraping it down to a few loose rocks.

This land mass was the connection between South America, and Antarctica. It formed a nearly complete land bridge between the two continents. It was the reason that the South pole, and Antarctica were a tropical paradise. The island was a key element in the wind patterns of the whole of planet Earth. It directed warm equatorial winds across from the Western edge of South America, down into the warm inland seas, and fjords of Antarctica that were the site of a densely populated central city in a pan global civilization. Antarctica was the home of the capital, known as Atlantis, that governed a global empire.

Atlantis was hit first by the multiple tsunami waves as their causeway to South America went under the water, ground down to rubble and spread over nearly a 1000 miles of sub ocean self. The waves were very destructive to a canal, island, and inland sea based civilization. The tsunami waves, originating so close to the fjords, and rising from deep in the ocean due to the displacement effects of the island being broken, and moved, swept inland into the heart of Atlantis, and then reaching terminus, turned on themselves, and rose rapidly up the terraced sides of the populated valleys, scrubbing them of life.

Water, the Ocean, long a staple, stable, primary partner of Life in Atlantis, with its many canals, bridges, and tunnels, turned on the populace that day that the Invaders came. Water rose up from the depths, drowning Atlantis, sending the population scrambling, scraping their way up to the tops of mountains, and pyramids, in a desperate bid for life.

For most of the populace of Atlantis, that effort failed. No sooner had the waters pushed them, desperately seeking height, than the Great Noise began. A terrible giant sound emerged from the melee of noise of the waters assaulting land, buildings, and infrastructure, to slowly, then more rapidly dominate not only all of the ear, but also, all of the mind. The Great Noise was so huge as to be a force of its own, a jaw vibrating, mind numbing, eyes blurring force that threatened to melt the very flesh of those clinging to rocks in what was, in but a brief moment, reduced from being the center of the World, to rapidly become, a fading legend.

Then the Great Noise roared it’s presence and became the ‘GREAT WINDS’.

Never before had WIND grown so large, so powerful on Earth in the Ages of Men. The equatorial breezes began rushing down from South America, pulled, gathering speed and mass, by the sudden freedom to circulate. The Great Antarctic Circumpolar Winds, also known as the South Pole Westerlies, had begun once the barrier, that island, had been removed. Instantly the whole of the weather on the planet was changed.

The opening of the passage between South America, and Antarctica, created a region in the 40s and 50s of latitude without any barriers, and the Winds began to run free. The speeds rose, and lacking impediments other than friction with the waves, continued to rise. The Roaring Forties were born. They still exist to this day. These are still the most dangerous waters of the planet, the Southern 40s of latitude, even to this day. Due to these Winds. These, never ceasing since the Attack of the Invaders, winds.

The Invaders used the planet as a weapon against Humanity. It worked. Humanity was defeated.

It was a real war; brutal, deadly, swift, and final, this war ended the Peak of the Golden Age (Satya Yuga) here on Earth. 10,981 BCE. It had been a good year up until that Day.

The Great Winds howled, and pulled, scraped, and sucked, the Atlanteans to their deaths in the roiling waters of the once placid canals that defined their great city before the Attack. The winds forced the refugees off their perches on the peaks of anything tall, and down, seeking relief, and boats, in what remained of their Empire, now dead at its heart, its inhabitants hiding and dying under the gathering mass of dark clouds formed and herded by the ferocious Great Winds into a towering column of dark mass of smoke, and water vapor, reaching almost to Space.

Once it reached a threshold, the column began to rapidly freeze, sending down a torrent of frozen water as ice that was hundreds of miles across.

It poured down as a ‘dynamic Ice’ that froze everything instantly on contact. It came down in the center of the continent, and started expanding rapidly to the coasts, forcing those few still alive to flee, or freeze.

Fed by the oceans, still unsettled from the loss of the island, and the continuing friction with the water as the Roaring Forties gained mass and width, as well as the sudden shifts in tropical moisture patterns now that all the winds of Earth had been altered, the Ice Mass of Antarctica was created. Humanity fled, leaving the Splendor of Atlantis, to those few animals able to withstand these new conditions.

Note that this is why Antarctica is frozen, the swirling Circumpolar Westerlies not only form an impenetrable wall preventing equatorial heat from moving south beyond 40 degrees of S. latitude, but also as they form a dynamic siphon drawing down cold from Space. Unless the ‘wind break’ is restored, no amount of ‘climate change’, or ‘global warming’ will ever melt Antarctic Ice.

The many volcanoes of Antarctica, now growing larger under ever increasing snow and ice, pressured by the swelling Great Ice Mass, eventually relented, forcing back magma into seeking other routes. Thus new volcanic fields emerged in the altering of the plates of the continents of the Earth as Antarctica went under the crushing weight of the Ice, and the shape of the planet was changed. As were all wind patterns, and Humanity, its development, and future.

Tens, if not hundreds of millions died that day, when the Invaders arrived. They used weather against Humanity, at a planetary scale. It would not be the last time.

The northern hemisphere went under the snow, and ice, in larger regions owing to the ‘nuclear winter’ effect of so much burning biomass being ejected into the atmosphere. The masses of planetary life once thriving on the now desert regions became a great solar shield, and the Ice Age settled on Northern Earth, to join the deeply freezing Antarctic continent.

Your world was born that day.

20230621 – Aggressive Cancers
get serious about it to live....

Prepare for hyper-aggressive cancers in those around you who were penetrated.

    00:27 Solstice – longest day of the year; Ugly will start piling on
    01:38 All vaccines have adjuvants; Contention that Clif’s colon, breast, and skin cancer were augmented by vaccines he was forced to take as a military brat
    04:00 Always producing cancer cells
    05:00 Colonoscopies ALWAYS find polyps
    08:00 Clif’s Substack on Cancer; What if Cancer Was Already Cured?
    10:08 Nattokinase
    12:30 Massive die-off over the next two years; Expect doctors to be killed by those they vaccinated; Soros
    15:20 Hyper-aggressive cancers
    17:30 Fragging on military bases
    19:50 Antibodies to clots
    21:20 Vitamin D

Direct audio link:

20230621 – Emotional Tension Forecasts…
rest of this year into 2024

Near term peak of Big Ugly has been hit. Lots of financial upheaval in third quarter. Breaking free of the Babylonian Money System.

    00:10 Soltice = “Stand Still”; Interesting alignments over the next few months
    01:14 Near-term peak of the Big Ugly at the Trump Arraignment
    02:32 Third week of September to first week of November – In shitter around banks and currency
    04:20 Possible rejection of CBDC or rolling out of CBDC in Nov
    05:50 Exotic tech = “free energy”
    17:12 Crash of stock market is meaningless
    10:23 Government squeezed at all levels
    12:38 Largest cause of death has always been government
    15:20 Civil war with Jewish community
    16:04 Ongoing, self-supporting interest in space aliens; All religions based on space aliens
    18:15 Purpose of the Torah: Manual on dealing with the El (space aliens)
    19:20 Hell of a winter
    24:45 Babylonian money system for last 6000 years
    26:00 No Jews in the bible; Constantine’s consolidation of 1200 Christian sects

Direct audio link:

Ulysses's Odyssey.
Apologies to Joyce.
clif high
Jun 26, 2023

The technicians gathered around the screen, chattering away like a group of prophets reading the intent of Universe in the dancing pixels popping into lighted existence at the command of stream of consciousness pouring out of the body laying motionless on the glass enclosed platform in the corner of the room. If examined closely the body of the man could be seen to be breathing under the temperature controlling sheets.

“itsnotmuchofasecret” the screen snapped into place.

“It’s not much of a secret”, intoned one of the 12 technicians.

“We’ve got it, Sid. It’s not that complicated. No spaces.” said another, clearly annoyed at Sid.

Sid replied brusquely, “Bob, I am reading it aloud for the recorder. For posterity…”

Just as Bob was going to tell Sid where to relocate his posterity...Sid’s headset crackled, and snapped.

“Ok! Tammy got text to voice tapped on!” Sid said. “Great!”

“it’s incredible incredibly bright but no light without light” said a disembodied voice from the speakers in the ceiling. “I keep moving, though I don’t know how. At least it feels like movement. But I know not how. My body is not involved, yet I am moving. I remember leaving my body some place. I forget where…”

All eyes in the room focused on the man’s body, laying on the platform behind the glass. The thermal sheet covering him rose gently around his abdomen. Ulysses's Coburn was alive, but no longer in his body.

“...Faster than our solar system. I am leaving the sun behind me. ” Said the voice in tandem with the screen appearances. The voice was mechanically calm, measured, sedate even, in spite of the language.

The overhead speakers continued in a stream of consciousness pouring out. Everyone was intently quiet, listening as it flowed over them, steady, measured in pace, and anything but in content.

“I am still moving. There are Sparks around me now. Also moving. Rapidly. Faster than I can imagine speed to be. My body’s experience with movement does me no good now. They won’t believe how fast movement can be. The Sparks are keeping up. Some pass by me. Some are aware of me. Are the Sparks others? Like me? Are the me? They are like me! They are alive! Also moving! Faster. We are all moving faster. Where!?! In-bound! I am in-bound! It’s there. I can see it even with no eyes! No body! It is glory! It is the Center of the Galaxy! It draws me/us/all faster faster faster. Going faster. It’s so bright! So incredible! I Know Now! I See Now.”

The room was so quiet that each would swear later that they could hear the blood pounding in everyone else’s ears. The technicians were more silent than the lack of sound conveys; they gave Silence a presence, a weight not normally felt.

Ulysses's voice, coming through the overhead speakers continued, apparently unfazed by his losing the location of his body.

“….There It Is!...The Goal. It’s the most incredible sight! I must tell them...them?...when I...get...back. Back? Where? Where is my body? Well, I am here. Now. Close enough to see. It is the Never Ending Engine of Life! Life is pouring out...flooding is magnificent! I must tell them! Who? Some one. It was important. It was meaningful. I promised. Who? No. It was what I promised that was important. I won’t be going back. He will have to find others to ride this linkage. I am gone, and I am staying gone. Elon will just have to be pissed. This was not in the plan! I am at the Overflowing Well of All Souls… is incredible…..”

Abruptly the mechanic voice stopped. Everyone turned to look at Ulysses, laying on his bed. He was no longer breathing. He was no longer just laying there. His body floated, just a few inches, but it was noticeable. Then, without so much as a ‘poof’, Ulysses's body was gone. Vanished. The thermal sheet hung suspended for just an instant, then floated down.

End of Experiment 0.10x. Awaiting next prototype neural linkage implant as first one vanished with test subject #1.

20230628 – Crypto Summer
and crises and aliens and more crises, then comes FALL!

Events will be heating up in July. Hard assets like gold, silver, bitcoin, used cars, and certain real estate will be much better stores of value than central bank fiat.

    00:45 Huckleberries
    04:28 Bad winter because central banks are dying; Dollar at the end of its lifespan;
    07:35 Real goods trading; Inner workings of banks; Weimar Republic; Crashing real estate
    19:45 Derivatives reevaluation
    24:25 6000 years of stuff to be undone; Kali Yuga
    30:50 Bitcoin ETF can’t be cheated/manipulated like gold

Direct audio link:

mirror of no-consequence
it's a small the center of your mind.
clif high
Jun 29, 2023

true willpower,

that is, the power of mind to discard suffering, endure pain, and still think clearly, comes only from discipline.

This is an aspect of Life for men only.

Women are protected from this aspect of Life by virtue of their body’s ability to withstand the pain associated with childbirth.

Men are not so created by universe. It is necessary that men feel pain, physical and psychic pain, in different ways than women. Thus, together, we can endure all the pain that Life will provide to us both.

A male, encountering pain, repeated pain dealt by Life, reacts by creating suffering for self (why else is pain delivered than personal fault?). For reasons beyond our ken, Universe provides, in the midst, at the very center of all our suffering, a small hole for the key to conquering it.

When we look into this hole, if we are diligent, and work at it, Universe will reward us with a vision, of ourselves, as though a reflection in a mirror that does not exist. This “mirror of no-consequence’ is the key to conquering Self, such that the subject of the suffering disappears, leaving only the objects, now unattached, and without meaning.

All males are born to this Life of Pain. Some few will discover the release in the center of suffering that comes with discipline of looking into that mirror. In our present age, rootless, without boundaries, without limitations, the deep meaning of passage rituals have been lost, but there is one passage that is its own marker of a change of personal state. In this discovery of self discipline, the male, finding that he, too, can possess this state, becomes a man.

Such a discovery, is its own, continuously, daily, reinforcing, ritual of passage.

A man can say, I used to have suffering. Then I sought the center of my suffering, and it became merely pain. Then one day, the pain revealed to me, myself.

Pain is without consequence to the disciplined mind.

Suffering needs un-examined pain in order to arise.

A man able to thus discipline his mind, will never be defeated.

Such men sustain their disciplined minds all their days,

exiting this Realm of Changes, on their own terms.

That’s the goal, boys. Just in case no one told you.


Masa katsu agatsu

True victory is victory over oneself.

Jun 29
Hello Cliff, just taking a minute to thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing a great service to humanity. Your posts kept me going during the pandemic. I was completely down and out. Anyway, your current post touches me very deeply. I believe it contains a direct message to me personally, and to many others I am sure. Your words confirm, with the exact choice of words , a direction I should take. Thank you from the bottom of my heart my dear friend.

Hat Bailey
Jun 29
It's taken almost 79 years, but I am getting to that point. Feels pretty good, the pain doesn't matter injuries always heal with a little time, and the satisfaction of accomplishment is always worth it.

20230629 – El of a situation
What is indigenous?

arly data sets were polluted by elite propaganda about natural disasters. Very exciting Summer as 100 years of control structures fall apart.

    00:39 Intriguing changes in the landscape of language around space aliens; Avi Loeb
    02:00 3 sets in 1997: 1) Death of fiat; 2) Death of Khazarian movement; 3) Disclosure
    05:37 Food riots in August and Delaware area
    12:45 New appreciation for the weighting of opinion; Natural disaster propaganda
    17:50 El in the Torah
    22:18 Rediscovering history; CRISPR; Coneheads
    27:53 Trans and El which had 6 genders
    29:50 El and circumcision
    31:00 Goy = cattle
    34:00 Catastrophic change in Antarctica geology
    36:30 Very exciting summer; 100 years of control structures coming down

Direct audio link:

20230702 – Dynamic Dayz Ahead
Hot damn! Summer in the City....

The emerging civil war in France portends many temporal markers that ultimately lead to the bankruptcy of the EU, WEF, and UN.

00:37 Active civil war emerging in France; Spreading in Europe
03:20 Trans Munchausen syndrome by proxy; Estrogen making Dylan Mulvany crazy
06:00 Long columns of trucks/people to flee northern Europe; Sweden temporal marker
09:02 Racial issues in Holland
10:40 Death of Dollar will cause downfall of woke ideology in Europe
11:55 Temporal markers around Rothschild estate invasions
14:15 Global international airfleet is operating at 40% due to vax
15:40 EU is teetering on bankruptcy
17:30 Weapon trafficking has surpassed human trafficking in France
19:28 Bill Gates malaria mosquitoes
20:32 Globalists engineered the supply chain breakdown; Religion formed in the Kali Yuga; Further supply chain issues due to weather
24:47 Bankruptcy of EU, WEF, and UN

Direct audio link:

20230705 – Macro behavior…
Humanity has had Contact!

Latest thoughts on what Clif and his group of alternative Bible translators are thinking about human history and the El.

00:49 Dynamic part of the Big Ugly; A Strange Energies from Space peak
02:15 Babylonian banking interest; Jews and Torah psyop; People no longer fear God or the priests; The Naked Bible
05:30 Invasion of the El; Parting of the Red Sea; 50% Essenes killed
12:00 Fats and human sacrifice; Gons – Electromagnetic bubbles
20:00 Human harvesting trade and adrenochrome
26:55 Pantheon of gods
32:30 Indus Valley; Narcoworld

Direct audio link:

20230705 – Redheads!
Eh, them's some pale ass rishi!

Rebuilding a human timeline based on known history that has been excluded from normieland.

01:45 Recreating a reconciled timeline; Humanity before Adam and Eve
06:30 English expansion factor
11:45 Satan = Lawyer
16:20 Redheaded rishi
20:30 Monasteries built to preserve human knowledge
22:42 Tartarian alphabet

Direct audio link:

This will Light Your Fire!
clif high
Jul 7, 2023

Hyperculture for a hyper-culture!

The MANIA has not yet begun, though its source is already bubbling up into Humanity.

Mania is about emotion. It is hyper-volitilized emotion sweeping through Humanity, jumping, sparking, from one to another, and reflecting back again. Gaining power with each reflection, with each emotional sparking, MANIA changes the course of events and history.

Our usual maniacal mental aberrations are most frequently about money, or, as is usually the case, the mania is really about Gold, during times of money distress and death. Mania for Gold has compelled large segments of humanity to relocate their lives and has changed the course of nations. Mania can be focused on abstractions, such as religion, or hard reality, such as precious metals, or other treasures.

Mania is about the human mind being presented with an opportunity that so shakes its foundations, is so cutting to the ropes of the current reality, as to permanently change that mind. Mania dominates the mind and emotions of the individual, conquering all resistance, destroying lethargy, obliterating complacency, eliminating doubt, hesitation, and reluctance, until finally propelling dynamic, energetic movement that somehow jumps like a spark into a cloud of flammable fumes, igniting all of mankind.

Or more accurately, igniting ‘mind kind’. Only some minds will be susceptible to the mania. Not all human minds are operating at the same level, at the same time, which is what prevents us from having the risks of species capturing mania as may be seen with insects and some small rodent species. These mania states have been known to reduce some insect populations in large regions by 90% due aberrations in usual patterns of behavior. Humans are more complex, and complicated, and manias, while dominating the social discourse, usually only involve a portion of humanity, though that can be significant in size. Gold manias will move men in tens of thousands to regions of new gold discoveries who will then be followed by hundreds of thousands of men and women acting in supporting roles, not digging gold, but still within the mania for it.

There can be little manias, that affect people in small regions, where the rest of the population, learning of the mania, stands back, saying “WTF?”. There can be large manias, such as religious mania that overtakes whole nations, upending existing social orders, and their power structures. A true joke among political wonks is that the politics of France are dominated by long boring periods of creeping authoritarianism, punctuated by popular manias sweeping away governments over either the price, or recipe for bread.

Humanity is about to enter a Pandemania. This is to say, a mania that will over take the entirety of humanity.

Not all of us, at least not simultaneously, but it will reach everyone eventually.

No, it is not a mania about space aliens, though they are involved, and it can be said that they actually participated, in a round about way, with the cause of it all.

This first Pandemania is going to be about biology. More specifically the non-human biology resident in each of us.

In 1894, an Indian scholar by the name of Yukteswar made predictions about the currently unfolding Dwapara Yuga, or the Ascending Bronze Age, which is now in its 325th year. His prediction was that as the Dwapara progressed, and not too much further, humanity would learn to harness electricity, and delve into the ‘fine matters’ (aka atoms & nano stuff). Yukteswar lived in the years following Maxwell’s work on the electrical equations, and other breakthrough thinking that provided the basis for Tesla’s inventive genius in the 1900s.

Just as Yukteswar could see the implications for the future in the discoveries unfolding in his present, we, too, can see the base building for new understanding of reality that will be shaping our future as this Bronze Age progresses.

Our future will be shaped by new discoveries in biology. Specifically, microbiology, the ‘fine matters’ of Life Itself. These new discoveries will be sparking a Mania, that will, once it takes hold, rapidly evolve into a Pandemania.

Biology is not engineering. Biology, in spite of the many analogies applied to it, is not machinery. It is much more subtle, more elusive, yet far more powerful than mechanized approaches to altering our reality. It’s limits are not yet even in sight of our vision. At some distant future, our discoveries in microbiology may well get us back to the technology of ‘softening stone’.

At this point, in this Bronze Age, and at this level of our skills, our biologic discoveries, are focusing on the microbiology in order to alter the macrobiology.

As a species, we are starting to grok the situation.

Humanity is a very long way away from being able to create life in cells. That is even further away than our being able to create effective components of life, such as ‘genes’. We are lacking the ability to do gene splicing. All we are capable of is gene burning. Thus the name of our principle genetic manipulation tool, Crisper. Humans are not able to be genetic engineers, but we have smart human biology explorers who are retrieving treasures from the ancient human past.

Manias are not about the past. As with all manias, when this one, this mania, this Pandemania, takes you over, it will be about your personal future.

This Pandemania is going to be about riches, and wealth. It is about the Treasure of Human Health. This mania is going to be fanned into flame as people realize that their health need not be ‘all down hill’ from puberty.

This Pandemania is all about humans learning to heal themselves, from the gut out.

This is to be the Pandemania of the Microbe. As we move ever further into this Bronze age, we are learning not only how badly abused we have been over this last 12,000 year cycle, but also, and more important, how to heal this abuse.

It turns out that all mental illness is very likely mitochondria malfunction in the brain. Think on that for a minute. ALL mental illness will one day be treated by restoring brain cell health. Perhaps a staggering amount of human mental illness may now be addressable by fixing the gut microbiome. By getting the correct colonies of gut bacteria in place.

Similarly, perhaps as much as 90%, or more, of all other human diseases, including the chronic condition diseases, are directly related to an imbalance of gut bacteria within your gut microbiome.

The good news is that you can fix this. Yes, when you correct the gut microbiome species distribution, you can correct eye problems, skin disease, weight, fat distribution through the body, bone problems, joint aches, mental illness, and much of the suffering that humans now take as ‘part of life’, the inevitable, bad part of life.

Yes, better, cleaner, digestion, more bio-available nutrients, and all manner of anti-toxin benefits. Better mental health, better emotional health, better physical health, and longer, happier, life. All from managing your gut microbiome.

OF COURSE, as a woo guy, I suspect/know that space aliens did this to us, and will write more about that at another time, BUT even if I am correct about them nasty bastards, the good news is still that you can correct this damage….at least some of it. More on the conspiracy aspect in another article.

We are having success in overcoming this damage. Generalized conditions spread throughout humanity are inducing thinking leading to approaches to solutions.

We know that modern humans are lacking vital, absolutely vital for health, happiness, longevity, and peace, bacteria in our gut. Whole strains of species are missing.

Researchers are discovering the missing species, and locating the few repositories of them in our species, and now, recently, speaking out about their reintroduction.

These successes will introduce microbiology into our common language over these next years. Success will propel new names into the public awareness. Some of them may be humans, but you will certainly hear of all of the non-humans involved, such as the Lactobacillus Reuteri, also L. Gasseri, and many more will emerge from the research, and be touted, then folded into our recovery efforts.

New companies will form to explore, locate, isolate, cultivate, and distribute the found microbiota treasures. These companies being founded now, over this decade, will be the one of the legs of our evolving Bronze Age society. These firms, and their laboratories, and culture facilities will become the power behind the newly emerging economy centered on human excellence through health.

Repair the gut, repair the body and mind. Replace that which as been taken from us, proper gut microbiome, and we once again come to the correct human lifespace of 120 years, and the proper human lifespan which is healthy and active right up until death.

This is the Longevity Pandemania. This is the Health Pandemania. This is the Vitality Pandemania. This is the “personal responsibility, I can finally fix my own health, fu*k the Rockefeller medical industry” Pandemania.

Yes, you can do it yourself.

Are you feeling it yet? Are you ready to ignite?!

Here are links to light YOUR FIRE.

There is more, much more to say on this topic, including bringing it all back to the door of those raspy bastard space aliens, BUT, for now, this needed to be published to get y’all started.

Happy hyper-culturing…!

Check back at this substack for further discussions.

Be sure to participate in the Pandemania & ignite all your frenz.

Principles of Human Farming.
Welcome to the farm, mind where you step.
clif high
Jul 8, 2023

Anxiety. A general daily state of low level anxiousness. A vague feeling of a ‘something’ coming from the future, as in a sense of pending doom.

Depression. A pervasive mental attitude dominated by negative thoughts, and negative emotions being applied to all thinking coloring all decisions, and perspectives. All thinking affected by the inability to anticipate positive change in the future.

Mind fog. Inability to think completely, and clearly. Inability to sustain thought. Lost thoughts, mental confusion, poorly formed thoughts, inability to sustain effort to reach conclusions.

Addiction. The general tendency toward addictive behavior built around any, and all, physical responses that relieve the daily state of anxiety and dread. The addictive behavior includes non-physical, perceived triggers of bodily relief responses. These can include religion, government,ideology, and tribalism.

Body malformation, and mal-operation. The generalized state of operating with less than optimal bodily functions. Hormones poorly formed, or incompletely formed. Body formation incomplete, or interrupted. Daily biochemical operation impaired to the point of creating persistent disease conditions.

The above is a partial listing of the effects on humans from an inadequate gut microbiome. These are just the major categories. A complete listing would run into the tens of thousands of identified health problems and states including such as autism, and cancer, and all forms of mental illness. We all know these states of ill-health, if not personally experienced, then just from the constant barrage of Big Pharma advertising around them. It is safe to say without the possibility of refutation, that all aspects of human life, both individually, and collectively, even up to the level of the society itself, are directly controlled on a daily basis by the state of general health of the individual’s gut biome.

There is no aspect of your life’s history that has free of impact from your gut bacteria. In a very real sense, your gut bacteria control, and direct your life. In a much more real sense, the LACK of certain gut bacteria, such as those producing the effects listed above, allow your mind and life to be controlled. The lack of specific gut microbiome bacteria strains, affect your ability to generate, and sustain, WILL POWER.

It’s complicated. It arises from the micro-biochemistry involved in cell mitochondrial interactions as well as sustaining biochemical transfer layers in your various systems, most frequently impacting the shared resources of the Vagus nerve complex. Lack of the L. Reuteri (96% of humanity no longer has this major, systemic control, and mind enhancement bacterium), and L. Gasseri strains, and others, will degrade the ability of the Vagus nerve in its functions, thus impacting all the connected major organ systems. As stated. It’s complicated.

The main premise here is not that complex, that is, that the invading force of Space Aliens needed to turn the wild humans into something more domesticated such that we could be more easily harvested for the biochemical treasures that our vagus nervous system creates.

Further the premise is that the Space Aliens started tinkering with our genetics, much as we do with cattle, to produce their domesticated version of a human. This necessitated that they first establish control of the wild humans, and to do that, this premise argues, they set about depriving their human stock of several specific strains of gut bacteria.

Then they started their GMO operation on the wild humans, using a CRSPR like device that burnt out the existing gene array (chromosome) at J2/J3 junction, thus reducing humans from 24 to 23 chromosome pairs.

The Space Aliens fucked up. They were aiming to make us dumb(er), and complacent, much as we have done to cattle. It is stated that domesticated cattle are about only a third as smart as their wild cousins. That was the goal of the Space Aliens, a dumb, and complacent humanity that would be easily harvested.

Their problem was that they also were trying to increase aspects of our biochemistry and physiology. They were/are harvesting adrenochrome from our Vagus nervous complex, and its specific, inner-abdominal fats (storage) structures. They wanted us to produce more adrenochrome, and to store more, thus more fat cells in-between the organs in the abdominal cavity.

Apparently the Space Aliens could not have it both ways. Their attempt to get humans to produce more adrenaline to be oxidized into their drug, adrenochrome, worked, but it also produced a tendency towards smarter, more perceptive humans. Oops.

After many many many failed experiments with hominids, the Space Aliens, due to developing circumstances, ended their GMO efforts. They were content with our productive capacities, but still needed their control over the herd such that we would not panic en masse at harvest season.

That is when their mind control system was developed and put into place on their Human Farm.

First thing that the Space Aliens did was to instruct their cattle on what could not be eaten. Many foods were restricted to humans. Further there were restrictions placed on how the foods should be prepared, then consumed.

One of the forms of scientific studies is what is called a ‘literature review’, or ‘meta study’, in which many other studies are analyzed. This material derives from such an effort. In our literature review, it is noted that every instance of a pantheon of gods showing up in human literature has always been followed by those humans being told not to eat pork, among other items.

This prohibition is so consistent as to beg for examination. Further, it cannot be explained by the diseases that can be passed from swine to humans as we are examining a global phenomenon, and disease was not ubiquitous, nor continuous enough to explain this constant prohibition that always arises first whenever the ‘gods’ are involved. The Devas of Vedic fame, the Theoae of the Greeks, the Elohim, the Annunaki, the Baal, the Molachi….all of these pantheons, including those in Meso-America interacting with the Aztecs all demanded that humans abstain from pork.

One of the results of the literature review of ancient documents provides some hints that the reason, the ‘why’ of this particular food prohibition was that pork fats taint human fats (adrenaline) with a flavor that the Space Aliens find unpalatable. There is a body of evidence on the interactions of the Space Aliens and humans in a personal body presence way to support this conclusion.

The other conclusion, that is that the space aliens don’t care about the human herd at an individual level, is also easily supported. It is in the interests of the Space Aliens that we be controlled to the point that harvest is not obstructed or reduced, and that the rate of harvest is reasonably consist over time. To that end, it is desirable from the view of the Space Aliens, to have overly large herds, of generally weakened individuals.

The general state of poor health not only makes individual members of the herd more easily controlled, and thus harvested, but also provides a slight increase in adrenaline production over time due to the constant stress of poor health, and environmental conditions.

The Space Alien overlords have a very sophisticated understanding of minds, mind control, biology, and environmental factors affecting each. They are equally sophisticated in understanding our social order, and as with all good managers, use the systems available for their purposes whenever possible.

A key area in herd management in human farming is to stop all human advancement, and restrict where ever possible, the path towards optimum health.

A healthy human is NOT an easily controlled, nor easily harvested herd animal.

In fact, for the Space Aliens, a healthy human is a menace.

The Space Aliens, going back many thousands of years, including the Akkadian Empire, Sumerian, Egyptian, and other empires in Meso-America, and Central Europe, all had the same sets of prohibitions of foods, spices, and preparation techniques. Further these civilizations also display a consistent resemblance to each other around writing being a ‘gift’ from the ‘gods’, as well as the institution of ‘scribes’ whose early, primary function, was recording for dissemination, the ‘commandments of the gods’.

If we examine the nature of the prohibitions at a global level, we find that the Space Alien created cultures specifically coerced use of antimicrobial, antibacterial spices and substances. These were not for human health. These were induced into the diet to force a continuing degradation of the gut biome around specific clades of microbiota including strains of L. Reuteri.

The Space Aliens were intent on depriving humans of both whole classes of microbiome bacteria, as well as individual strains of specific species. This was in support of the overall effort to control the human herd by ‘domesticating’ our gut biome to serve their control purposes as well as to increase adrenochrome production.

Other food restrictions were also commanded as they furthered the effort at mind control of the human herd. Restrictions on salt intake (going to ion control in Vagus nervous system as well as neuron networks in the brain), and other essential nutrients were put into place to effect the electrical efficiency of the human body, again, thus providing a degrading factor to aid in control, at individual, and collective levels.

Where ever is found food restrictions commanded by the ‘gods’, the Space Alien human farmer is revealed.

We see this, even now being attempted to be introduced yet again, by the mother WEFfers with their whole ‘you will eat ze bugz’ campaign. All the actions of the mother WEFfers point to them acting as the managers for the Space Aliens of the human farm that is Planet Earth. All their efforts can be summarized as being directed to getting the human herd under control, and ready to be harvested for their Space Alien masters.

Given the literature review, and the exposure of the Space Alien agenda in human diet restrictions, and given the recent language and actions of the WEF, along with the associated global control network, it appears that the WEF is being pressured by the thought of their Space Alien masters returning to catch them with the farm in disarray. Thus they are redoubling their efforts, as we have all witnessed. And though the results are less than they expected, they will keep on with their management program, even as the herd is breaking free from their mind control. The WEF and the global control structure is desperate, and becoming more so with every day, as they think there is a ‘owners’ meeting for the Planet Earth Human Farm in the near future.

Now, me? I favor the pirate model, the wild human point of view. I want to take these space aliens, and their management crew, and really fu*k them up!

Fight Space Alien control. Fix your gut microbiome! Become a better, ungovernable, human. Resistance is NOT useless! Humanity will achieve Victory!

21 hr ago

That’s some pretty deep sh*t Clif.

Great to know I can increase my bacon intake so the space aliens won’t want to eat me.

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