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Clif High News
Vox Populi - Legislator Be Advised 2023 ~#17
By Summer's End...
clif high
Apr 4

April 4, 2023

By Summer’s End

Democrats enriched a lot of people today!

By the end of this Summer, the majority of the People will be actively turning to engage in the War with the CCP. The majority will be aware that the CCP launched the attack in secrecy. The majority will be buying ammunition, weapons, and foods.

May, as forecast, will be Bloody! Bloody! Bloody! The financial slaughter will make you puke when you realize that ALL the money is gone, and you are left sitting at that desk as the populace turns in Shock, Horror, and the beginning of Anger to point at YOU. Remember, YOU don’t really understand the money system you use to create these social engineering changes. What are YOU going to say?


Without the money, what will they see? Trans will be revealed to be an attack on the soul of the nation by the CCP using Lin Biaos Army of Hairy Crabs...and YOU fell for it! You fell for ALL their weaponized MBP, trans, and ‘climate crisis’. Then you were so infected, you pushed it out on the populace, and spending their money to do it! We, the People, will learn. We, the People, will see who has been sleeping with our enemy!

Aether Pirates of the Matterium!
Lin Biao’s Curse of Trans!
Lin Biao’s Curse of Trans! He built the Weapon! In 1965 Mao Tse Tung was losing power and influence in China. To counter this, he plotted with his chief aide, Lin Biao. The issue was Mao’s waning influence, along with his age. This was the ‘new China’, in the process of exerting its influence in the world , and the Youth of China, did not want to hear fro…
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8 days ago · 596 likes · 202 comments · clif high

By the end of this Summer, ALL of the ill people making up Antifa (tranifa) will be in disarray! Their funding will be gone! No MORE EBT CARDS! NO MORE GOV’T SUBSIDIES IN ANY FORM! There will be no more cover being made by the political structure for them. True, there won’t be police out there to arrest them, BUT, also there won’t be police out there to protect them from the Populace. Will they be hunted down for past crimes by their victims? Who is that releasing all their names and locations? Will it be MI (military intelligence) who know that the CCP is paying for the tranifa attacks?

I labeled this period the peak of The Big Ugly for specific reasons. You will be witness, and, perhaps, understand.

By the end of this Summer, the Federal Reserve Note (FRN) will be dead. Along with it, All of State Government dies. No paychecks without the float from the Federal government. No purchasing power left in the FRN, so why work when the money doesn’t spend? People will walk away from it and not look back, just as in 1923, and again in 1933 as the depression rose with the bonds dying.

Every person who holds silver and gold was enriched by the Democrats today when they arrested Trump. Silver went up over a dollar today, over 4%. Our forecast is for a week, in which dollar a day moves up are overtaken first by 2 dollar rises, and by the end of that week, silver will rise more than 5 dollars in a single day. Within 16 days of that 5 dollar day, silver will be Unobtainium!

Silver is the Derivatives Killer!

When Silver disappears from sale, when it becomes Unobtainium, you will be living in Venezuelashington! It will take real metals to buy ANYTHING! And just as in Venezuela, an ounce of silver will support you for a month!

Got Silver?!? Been paying attention to these warnings?

Who knew the Democrats were at War with the Federal Reserve. The Fed had worked hard for most of this last year to try to engineer capital flight to USA as EU implodes, and the Dems undid all that effort with a single arrest.

Did you buy silver today? If so, you were with Millions of Patriots who saw Trump arrested, and are turning to this primary weapon of protesting with their money. It was day One of the Trump Effect. It will continue. It will be brutal on the Federal Reserve Bank. Watch Yellen’s face over these next, few, very short weeks.

By the end of this Summer, the banks, the derivatives, and the bonds, as well as the markets will be dead, closed, but not buried as there will be no money to pay for clean up.

By the end of this Summer, China’s economy, and banking system, will have collapsed. THAT will get your attention, as ALL the container boats turn around, heading back under orders of the CCP. NO MORE CHEAP sh*t FROM CHINA!

What do you know how to make?

By the end of this Summer, your world will be solidly changed. All of the normies, YOUR constituents, will be clamoring for you to HELP them, some way, some how….what will you do? Remember, there will be NO security as you will have NO money to pay for them unless you are willing to spend out some of your SILVER!

Legislator, be advised, The Storm is now visible. Prepare yourself as best you are able. Pray, if you do, and gird yourself for May!

Any Q~uestions? Get out of FRNs while you can. Tens of Millions of Patriots are buying Bitcoin, Silver, Gold, Lead, Arms, Foods. Anything other than FRNs.

20230405 – Heavy Metal!

Collapse is upon us! Banking, Dollar, bonds, and retirement are all going up in smoke. Last chance to buy silver!

    00:31 Trump arrest and response; May have a big wave of precious metals purchases Thu or Fri; Banking system going down; Serious problems with the dollar in the month of May; Dollar haircut by 5 = Gas will cost 5 times as much
    06:03 Rehypothecation; US Bonds are actual world currency; 20:1 Bonds; Derivatives
    12:05 Really rough, disruptive time coming up; Retirement collapse for US cities and many countries
    15:20 Macron in France facing riots due to retirement issues; Pensions;
    19:48 We’ve got tons of gold
    21:05 UFOs; War with WEF
    22:20 Collapse of FRN will cause war with Russia to go away
    24:15 Day 1 of the Trump Effect; May not be able to find silver in a week
    26:01 5:1 swap on the franc in 1960s
    27:10 No room in Vox Populi to describe what’s coming; May not be able to buy silver in a week

Direct audio link:

20230405 – School of Dead Men
Physics for the recently deceased....

Summary Pending

20230405 – School of Dead Men
Physics for the recently deceased....

Mainstream physics has failed humanity because it does not account for consciousness. Shamanic/psychedelic journeys show that everything starts with consciousness.

    00:37 School for the Recently Deceased; Ancient shamans all over the world recorded their hyperspace journies on cave walls; Feeling of death
    05:33 Image of prone human figure that has been chopped up
    06:30 Mesoamericans had to feed adrenochrome to space aliens
    09:15 Most who take psychedelic drugs don’t go to hyperspace
    10:55 Mainstream physicists are clueless; Khazarians built up Einstein and trashed Tesla; Many of the Ashkenazi Jews are atheists and don’t account for a conscious Universe
    14:43 Talmud excludes knowledge outside of it
    19:00 Quantum Mechanics and Geometric Unity doesn’t account for the idea that we are all bits of Universal Consciousness
    22:40 Video of Kozyrev Time Mirror
    28:44 Clif is working toward a time accumulator as an approach to free electricity
    31:00 LHC and CERN are bogus science and will be exposed as dollar collapses; Law and Science students won’t get jobs
    33:25 UFO sightings are way up
    35:00 School of Dead Men teaches you that there is ONLY consciousness

Direct audio link:

Extended Notes
1:56 School of dead men = voyage to hyperspace, shamans symbolically recorded their psychedelic journeys with cave wall drawings
4:07 Body visually dismembers itself and you experience dying on high dose psychedelic trips, puts you into hyperspace
5:58 Human sacrifices in meso america would cut out 10,000 human hearts in a day to appease their gods, ancient sacrifices were feeding adrenochrome to space aliens
7:03 Aliens would smoke adrenochrome out of human abdominal fats such as liver and spleen, mostly from women and children, burned in a particular way, landed in Meso america, Middle east, India, men don't produce as much adrenochrome due to adrenal excretion from muscles
7:56 Bodies are depicted on cave walls as being dismembered to symbolize the psychedelic experience of the shamans
8:40 Synthetic drugs such as LSD have a more rapid onset than natural entheogens, prelude of shift into hyperspace
9:24 Most people don't go into hyperspace on psychedelics due to not taking a high enough dosage
10:01 You learn more in hyperspace than can be mentally comprehended during the experience, further insights reveal themselves for several months into the future afterwards
11:03 Ashkenazi jews have a wrong understanding of physics, most jews lean toward athiesm, Einstein fucked up physics
11:52 General relativity and quantum mechanics are bogus, math is retrofitted to the experiment, modern physics is a con job
12:28 Khazarians forced Einstein over Tesla in the 1920s-30s, ashkenazi khazarians used the media to ignore Tesla
14:54 The talmud ignores anything outside of it as having any merit, the torah doesn't have its own origin story
18:07 Ashkenazis don't recognize that the matterium exists within consciousness per Einstein, unified geometry is useless, inanimate matter is considered dead
19:54 Even sand has consciousness in a crystallized form, humans are animated versions of consciousness bound into matter
20:50 Earth is a school, everyone gets their own individual lessons, some people have overlapping lessons but with unique experiences
21:40 Ashkenazis deny consciousness as the base of everything and dominate mainstream science, woke invented to divide and conquer
22:44 Theoretical physicist Kozyrev time experiments in the north pole, thrown into a gulag for 10 years, his idea of time was solid-state
23:33 There are no steady states in material reality, time is not constant
24:28 Kozyrev space was a spiral house of mirrors to alter time, the longer spent in there resulted in greater deviance, it didn't affect time but rather the consciousness
28:15 Turning water into ice encapsulates time within the water, time and water share affinities, Clif experimenting with time based on Kozyrev's ideas, Kozyrev's mirror was actually a concentrating spiral, Clif working with different metals and processes
29:02 Kozyrev made a time concentrator, Clif making a time accumulator, thinks this will be a way to generate free electricity without fuel, the accumulator approach could allow for travel outside of time
30:06 Clif going to start with time experiments on the coast, the technology is not very complex but requires precise understanding, nothing like a Hadron collider, CERN doomed to failure
31:17 The broken math being used for 50 years is starting to come out, people will be in uproar once the bribe money vanishes, social engineering
32:34 Modern science and law system becoming unglued, lots of woke students will be denied jobs
33:18 July or August the khazarians will have to bring out the UFOs, 500% increase in sightings in 2023 over 2022,
34:44 The destruction of Einstein's system, it's made up just like Trans
35:01 The school of dead men is a valuable tool even for daily life, going into hyperspace teaches you that there is ONLY consciousness, if you removed all of consciousness there would be no matter, Clif to elaborate further on these lessons
36:32 Some of what you learn in hyperspace is non-intuitive, you are not in possession of your material body, even your soul gets left behind
37:05 Going into hyperspace absent the body, factually reinforces the idea that hyperspace exists as a consciousness frequency
38:20 A new renaissance of inventions and new ways of thinking as general relativity and quantum mechanics are dumped, NESARA/GESARA/QFS is a scam, an etheric understanding will be the default
39:21 Clif starting to explore Sanskrit scientists, look at video of Kozyrev's time experiments on Clif's twitter and truth social feed
40:02 Don't assume that you should attempt to go to the school of the recently deceased, it's not for everybody, it's a harsh intrusion of reality into your thinking that will affect you for all of your lives not just this one, an interesting rest of the year, banks collapsing in May

Old videos

20230412 – Political Vision
Housing & money.

Politicians have destroyed Washington State by catering to homelessness, trans, and WEF agenda. But that will go away after dollar destruction leaves them with no power.

    01:00 Politicians in Washington State have been captured by Soros/WEF for over 40 years; Eroded a surplus of $12 billion; 15-minute cities
    04:56 Engineered homelessness; Munchausen By Proxy; Data showed sex-change doctors being shot; Trans sanctuary
    11:00 Chinese government dumped vast quantities of credit into the system; May be used to purchase silver
    14:00 MotherWEFers are going down; Germany shutting down nuke plants
    16:00 Death of Dollar; Repudiation Day; Junk silver in the Philippines
    21:15 Possible China takeover of Taiwan; Taiwan is run by Khazarians; 87% of chips come from Taiwan
    26:00 Election interference via money laundering and such will break down due to destruction of dollar
    25:10 Peak of Big Ugly should be in the beginning of June
    30:10 WEF being abandoned; What will homeless do without EBT cards?
    31:30 Temporary bubble of normality

Direct audio link:

[b]20230412 – Great Expectations
Future positive change

Normies will suicide themselves because they aren’t mentally prepared for the change they will be forced to face in the coming months.

    00:12 The logic of burning trees for energy; Climate change nutjobs; Communism is without future; Core of trannie issues, climate change, abortion pill producers
    06:00 Convincing 3-year-olds to switch genders
    07:05 Lin Biao; Removing hope from a society; Homelessness engineered in school by indoctrinating hopelessness
    09:25 Khazarian rituals on 9/11 to freeze time; Einstein’s materialistic world vs Khazarian’s spiritual one; Secularism; System crushes homeless rather than helping
    14:00 Death of dollar; Three centrally-planned alternatives rejected
    16:00 Self-governance will demand sound thinking
    18:00 WEF bribes states to entrap kids; Politicians won’t have money for influence
    22:00 Last week in April is prelude to financial problems of May; Chinese have expanded money supply by, maybe, a third of total economy
    23:55 Death of dollar will cut the Fentanyl problem; Attacks on Taiwan – 87% of computer chip market
    29:30 Age of Aquarius; Homeschooling; Colleges will die; 4:1 female to male ration at Evergreen College

Direct audio link:[/b]

Did Kosher Rye Create Trans?
Food safety matters. Watch what you eat!
clif high
Apr 15, 2023

Did Kosher Rye Create Trans?

Food safety matters. Watch what you eat!

In my article on Lin Biao’s Trans Curse,

we traced the weaponization of MBP (Munchhausen by proxy) back to the origin of Mao’s Cultural Revolution in 1965.

As a point of departure for this woo (speculative) article, it will aid to read the following, in which the author, Will Zoll takes us through the evolution of the history of ‘trans’:

In Part I, we presented a brief history of gays throughout the ages; from Ancient Greece, Rome and even the legendary king of Prussia, Frederick the Great. Without question, gays and lesbians have been around for thousands of years, with each civilization developing their own customs and laws on the matter. Some gays, like Frederick the Great, occupied

in which it is established that Karl Heinrich Ulrich actions lead to Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld, in Germany in the 1900s post WW1, developing the theory that there is a ‘third gender’, that, in today’s language encapsulates the LGBTQ+.

Dr. Hirschfeld lived and worked in Berlin in the early 1900s. During that time, the Jewish Quarter, was the center of a world wide movement of Jewish ‘spiritual rebirth’, that had its beginnings in the late 1800s with the rise of the Reform movement within the community. By the post WW1 period of Germany (1920s), and reflective of the other aspects of social extremism forced on the German populace by the death of their monetary system (1923), the Kabbalahists, in all their forms, were the dominating influence on ‘new Jewish thought’, pretty much around the planet It was all happening in Berlin. Right around the corner from Hirschfeld.

Hirshfeld, openly gay, and part of the Jewish Enlightenment and Reform movement, had contact with students of the Kabbalah, and, more importantly, the Zohar.

Both of these traditional Jewish literature based religious movements had references within them to the concepts of ‘blended identities’, especially as it related to gender.

The Zohar, a foundational work of Jewish mysticism, contains many passages that have been interpreted as discussing gender and genderqueering. One of the most notable of these is found in Zohar 1:37a, which states:

"And there are souls that have both a masculine and a feminine side, and there are souls that have neither a masculine nor a feminine side, but rather are like a clear and shining mirror in which everything is reflected."

This passage has been interpreted by some scholars as suggesting that there are souls that are genderqueer, or androgynous, and that these souls have a special spiritual role to play in the world.

Another passage that has been interpreted as discussing genderqueering is found in Zohar 3:128b, which states:

"Come and see: when the Holy One, blessed be He, created the first man, He created him with both male and female aspects, as it is written, 'male and female He created them' (Genesis 1:27). And this was done to teach us that every soul is both male and female, and that it is only by coming together with another soul that it can achieve its true completeness and perfection."

This passage has been interpreted by some scholars as suggesting that every soul is inherently genderqueer, or androgynous, and that it is only through relationships with others that we can achieve our full potential as spiritual beings.

Of interest to us now, is that the Zohar was written by Moses de Leon, in the 13th century, though he claimed it to be written by a famous Kabbalahist 2nd-century rabbi named Shimon bar Yochai. This is in the ‘tradition’ of what was known in the Jewish community as ‘pious forgeries’, or the attribution to known personages, in order to ‘claim prestige and historical record’. This tradition of pious forgeries was most egregiously worked by Josephus, the chronicler of the early Christian ‘history’ that ultimately ended up at the core of the Constantine ‘solidification’ of christianity in 325 CE.

Moses de Leon was a Spanish Jewish mystic who lived in the 13th century CE. He is best known for his role in the creation of the Zohar, a mystical commentary on the Torah that is considered one of the most important works of Jewish mysticism.

It is believed that he was born in the town of León in northern Spain around the year 1250 CE. He was a prolific writer and scholar, and authored a number of works on Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah. However, he is primarily remembered today for his role in the creation of the Zohar, though many of non-jewish researchers find his lesser works to be more revealing.

According to tradition, the Zohar was revealed to Moses de Leon through a series of divine visions and revelations. Thereafter, as he states in his totality of writings, he spent many years writing down these visions, ‘so burned as to be irrevocable (in his mind)’, and compiling these revelations into a single text, which he then attributed to a 2nd-century rabbi named Shimon bar Yochai. Moses de Leon claimed that the Zohar had been hidden away for centuries and was only now being revealed to the world.

The Zohar quickly became a hugely influential text within Jewish mysticism due to the story of its ‘discovery’ after being ‘long hidden’, and the historical attribution to Shimon bar Yochai. Further, there were Jewish (Prussian) commercial groups, at that time, in whose interest, it was to promote all things pointing to Jewish antiquity. This was the period in which the Khazarian Mafia had begun to tie their lineage to that of the peoples of Judea, and the Bible. They promoted the pious forgeries of Josephus, and added a number of others during the 13th, and 14th centuries. It was convenient for the Castillian Jewish commercial bankers of Leon to promote Moses’ work as though it was as he had claimed. Numerous ‘glitches’ in the Zohar, historically placing it in the 13th century, had been corrected in subsequent editions in an effort to support its claimed antiquity.

There is still debate among scholars who have suggested that the Zohar was actually written by Moses de Leon himself, while others have suggested that it was compiled by a group of Kabbalistic scholars in the late 13th century. The debate encompasses the criticism that ‘one man only’ could not have developed the ‘complex of simplicity’ that describes the Zohar.

We note now that the Zohar refers to the ‘Elohim’ as a plurality of ‘gods’, in accordance with the Torah (Old Testament), and very much discusses the ‘El’, as individual beings that are ‘beyond (super) human’. In fact, it is from the Zohar that we get the ideas leading to the Superman comic franchise centuries later, in which the iconic character, whose assumed Earth identity is Clark Kent, but who actually has a last name from his ‘home world’ of “El”.

Returning to the criticism that Moses de Leon was unable, as a rabbi, to form the complexity of thought necessary to have written the Zohar, it is worth noting that Moses was extensive in his writings, and includes descriptions of the ‘revealing visions’ from God, to which he occasionally attributed the rendered Zohar on those instances when he claimed to have written it. These descriptions of his ‘ecstatic visions’ clearly resemble descriptions of the effects of a psychedelic, to those who have taken them. It is so striking a resemblance as to beg further research.

While Moses, as a rabbi, would theoretically not have been inclined to knowingly take psychedelic drugs, there are countless records of unintended psychedelic experiences throughout Europe of the 12th and 13th centuries.

Ergotism is a condition caused by the ingestion of alkaloids produced by the fungus Claviceps purpurea, which can grow on certain grains and grasses, particularly rye, and other cereal grains. The condition is caused by the consumption of food products contaminated with the fungus, which can lead to a range of symptoms and health problems.

The effects of ergotism can vary depending on the severity and duration of the exposure to the fungus. In milder cases, symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and muscle pain. In more severe cases, however, the symptoms can be much more serious, and may include hallucinations, delusions, convulsions, gangrene, and even death.

Ergotism can also have long-term health effects, particularly if the condition is not treated promptly and effectively. Chronic exposure to ergot alkaloids can cause damage to the peripheral nerves and blood vessels, which can lead to numbness, tingling, and weakness in the hands and feet, as well as circulatory problems and chronic pain. All of these symptoms are among those reported by Moses de Leon in his writings over time. Also worth noting is the heavy reliance of the Castilian region of Spain (where Leon is located) on rye during this period.

Historically, outbreaks of ergotism have been associated with the consumption of contaminated grain, particularly in Europe during the Middle Ages. The condition was known as "St. Anthony's Fire" due to the burning sensations and other symptoms it caused.

That being said, some of the notable outbreaks of ergotism that have been documented in Southern Europe during the 12th and 13th centuries include:
Rhine Valley, Europe (11th-12th centuries): The most significant outbreak of ergotism in Europe occurred in the Rhine Valley in the 11th and 12th centuries. This outbreak spread to other parts of Europe, including Southern Europe.
Valencia, Spain (1230-1233): A major outbreak of ergotism occurred in Valencia, and throughout greater Spain, between 1230 and 1233. This outbreak was particularly severe and affected large numbers of people, leading to a famine and social unrest. Lesser outbreaks occurred with regularity from 1247 through to 1298 when Castilian agriculture patterns changed from Crusades and internal strife.
Languedoc, France (1290-1291): Ergotism was widespread in the Languedoc region of France during the late 13th century, and reached epidemic levels between 1290 and 1291. This outbreak was linked to the consumption of contaminated rye bread.
Tuscany, Italy (1298-1300): Another major outbreak of ergotism occurred in Tuscany, Italy, between 1298 and 1300. This outbreak affected large numbers of people and was linked to the consumption of contaminated grain.
Catalonia, Spain (1350-1375): Ergotism was widespread in Catalonia, Spain, during the mid-14th century, and reached epidemic levels between 1350 and 1375. This outbreak was linked to the consumption of contaminated rye bread.
Béarn, France (1395-1399): Ergotism was widespread in the Béarn region of France during the late 14th century, and reached epidemic levels between 1395 and 1399. This outbreak was linked to the consumption of contaminated rye bread.
Naples, Italy (1414): A major outbreak of ergotism occurred in Naples, Italy, in 1414. This outbreak was linked to the consumption of contaminated rye bread.
Avignon, France (1438): Ergotism was widespread in Avignon, France, in 1438. This outbreak was linked to the consumption of contaminated rye bread.
Galicia, Spain (1448): Ergotism was widespread in Galicia, Spain, in 1448. This outbreak was linked to the consumption of contaminated rye bread.
Valencia, Spain (1617): Ergotism was documented in Valencia, Spain, in 1617. This outbreak was linked to the consumption of contaminated rye bread.

There were hundreds of reported, but not ‘notable’ outbreaks of ergotism throughout Moses de Leon’s life.

Is it possible that the Zohar comes from Moses’ diet of contaminated rye?

His descriptions of his ‘visions’, and the ‘visionary state’ that persisted for some time following each ‘ecstatic revealing from God’, match very closely with the known mental effects of ergotism.

The hallucinations associated with ergotism can be quite vivid, and can involve all of the senses. Visual hallucinations are perhaps the most common. Mass ergotism episodes have expressed the cultural proclivities of the affected populations, but are notable in always having a ‘religious’ bent to them. Frequently involving seeing things that are ‘anti-religious’, such as monsters, demons, or ‘antagonistic’ religious figures.

Auditory hallucinations, which involve hearing sounds or voices that are not present, can also occur. These affected Moses de Leon greatly in his visions, as he reported, the ‘overwhelming’ nature of God’s voice.

Tactile hallucinations, which involve feeling sensations that are not present, are also common in ergotism. People with ergotism may feel as though insects are crawling on or under their skin, or they may experience a sensation of being pricked or poked. Again, this was noted by Moses in his reporting on his visions, that he was actually ‘taken some (other) place’, where he could ‘feel’ it as solid beneath his hands and feet. It is note worthy that very few psychedelics produce this specific aspect of ‘tactile’ reaction in the extremities coincident with the mental effects of being in the hallucinations. In ergotism it is likely due to the same peripheral nerves in the extremities that continue to have problems long after initial exposure to large doses of Ergot producing fungi. Again, worth noting that Moses reportedly had continuing problems with his limbs over his life.

The content of the hallucinations can vary widely depending on a range of factors, including the individual's cultural background, personal beliefs, and psychological state. Again, it is worth noting that many of the hallucinations associated with ergotism have a religious, or supernatural quality to them, which is likely related to ergotism being historically associated with outbreaks of mass hysteria of a religious fervor nature.

The hallucinations associated with ergotism can be very distressing and can contribute to a range of other psychological symptoms, including anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. In severe cases, the hallucinations can be so intense that they lead to a complete break with reality, a condition known as psychosis. Again pointing to a connection to Moses who took years to extract his ‘visions’ into the Zohar. Also a common theme with most other, intense levels, of psychedelic experiences, that it takes years, or decades to integrate the knowledge into one’s understanding of reality.

While it is speculation to suggest that the Zohar was ultimately the product of a bad loaf of kosher rye, it is less so to connect Hirshfeld, and his concept of the ‘third gender’, to the Zohar. The concept arose from a period dominated by monetary death, and the subsequent social destruction that it causes.

Our modern days are echoing Hirshfeld’s time both in economic, and social, parallels. We see the rise of Hirshfeld’s vision as a peak of social, and personal instability, now, with the assertion of the ‘trans agenda’. We can trace it through from Hirshfeld, through the Prussians, to Lin Biao, to emerge as a weapon of 5th generation, unrestricted warfare that besets the social cohesion of the Western ‘liberal’ Republics.

As we ponder the implications for our future, one can only wonder how different it may have all been, if, and only if, Moses de Leon had ordered an empanada, instead of a corned beef on kosher rye.

12 hr ago
Interesting take on perhaps a slice of time that took a life of its own. The trans movement is back again being promoted by global banksters trying to keep their control spell going. Interesting how bad food can lead to superstitions like pork and trichinosis. I believe gays are biological or environmental driven. The environmental type are suffering from an identity crisis stemming from trauma. The banksters are experts at trauma.

12 hr ago
Well, this is something to consider. I had no idea about the history of Zohar. I have been to Leon, Spain and thought it a wonderful place. And, no matter what, food safety does matter. I'm baking bread now myself and am more attentive to my ingredients. Thanks for the history lesson, Clif.

Universe LOVES Pirates!
Sharpen your knives!
clif high
Apr 18, 2023

It had been ‘an ordinary world’, in 1997, then the results of the first run of my software were produced, thus ending the last bit of my naivete still hanging around about our planet. Or, rather, about our Humanity.

Unlike ChatGPT (AI), my LLM (large language model), was not a neural net trained linking engine, but rather an analytic list-matching engine. Big difference. So ChatGPT achieves ‘non deterministic behavior’ by way of linking of text in databases through a complex software algorithm.

The ALTA Reports series started with the first of the large scale internet sweeps resulting in hundreds of millions of ‘reads’. The ALTA report engine was entirely deterministic in its approach. It was analytical. This caused the need for batch processing mode required to eat through vast quantities of text in the form of hundreds of ‘reads’, each of which was 2048 words located around our ‘key language’.

Walk without rhythm, and you won’t attract the worm.

Once again, in my software, as is now seen in ChatGPT, the effort was a hunt for ‘random’. Much of our material world is designed JUST to produce ‘random’ interactions. In my software, the analytics were deterministic, but the ‘random’ was already built into the process by the humans who were putting out the language. My process had identified linguistic clues to the seemingly ‘random’ associations within words on the internet that, in fact, were, and are, prompted by Universe. By use of my base algorithms around linguistic linking, the software analysis was able to tease out prescient clues to our unfolding future.

Many of the sets of prescient words first encountered in 1997 were describing our current circumstances. Yes, many of the timing placements were quite wrong due to factors too complex, and mostly too obtuse, to get into at this point, suffice it to say, that in this Matterium, ‘timing is a real bit*h’ to do well. On any, and all levels.

In spite of the timing, many of the descriptor sets were incredibly detailed about these years. The data described the ‘sun (corona) disease’, it’s impact, it’s fake-ness, and the rise of the ‘Woke Globalism’, and much, much more, though without many of the labels we are currently placing on the phenomena that fill our lives. Including the many, diverse, Strange Energies from Space. All from the perspective of near 30 years back!

In this work, it is necessary to always keep in mind, the computer software was JUST an aggregator, it had NOTHING to do with the prescient language being put out by humans. All the software did was to locate, and collect this language into sets such that it could be examined. It was out there. Just laying around on the internet for anyone to find. Universe wants it this way. Universe wants its humans to have ‘prescient vision’. We know this as we DO have prescient vision, as my software and publicly posted reports prove.

You are constantly being ‘pinged’ by stuff from the developing Future, just ahead of its manifestation into your world. Mostly we are ALL normies in this part of the process of Life, and are NOT aware of the future intruding on our minds, but we are reactive to the mental pressures of the prescient knowledge on our understanding of the world. In fact, my software depended on the normie-minds reacting to this pressure by ‘leaking’ out the vision through unconscious word choices.

Being ‘normie-minded’ is when you are caught up in the tasks of your daily world such that your mind becomes occupied with the tasks, and does not examine the larger world that is prompting those tasks, nor your role, in it, in real time. Nor do you consider the interactive nature of you, and that larger world, and your mutual feedback loops impacts on your mind, and behavior. This is much as the Hindu tradition would describe the ‘house-holder’. The idea being the encapsulation of the vision of that mind by the distractions of its ‘normal’ life, mostly to the exclusion of all else in our common, constantly unfolding, shared reality.

So it was the vast numbers of normie-minds piling onto the internet in the 1990s that produced the first of the runs describing our world today! What were you writing back then in 1997? It contributed (perhaps) to our first ALTA run, and the developing data set view of the unfolding reality in which we now live.

The prescient leaks into language were very revealing. Much more so than there was any reason to suspect in those early years. Yes, the timing sucks, but the accuracy of the descriptor sets, and the set bindings (what stuff was found next to what other stuff), more than compensate for the level of inaccuracy of the decoding of the timing clues.

We are living in your prescient language leaks of decades ago. The descriptions provided then are now our reality. There remain descriptors that have yet to manifest. Many of these appear to be emergent in the activity now. We have passed through the ‘sun disease’ years, and, as forecast in the data sets continually over these last 30+ years, we are seeing the rising of the language about both Disclosure of UFOs (from officialdom), and Evidence of The Arrival (actual UFO sightings/encounters).

This set, that of the UFO centered language, was continually cross linked to sets about the Death of the Dollar (now called DeDollarization), and the sets about the political chaos now engulfing the Western liberal Republics. This set of the UFOs first appeared in the ALTA work in the very first run in 1997. It was constantly present in all subsequent data runs, and was constantly growing in all data runs. It grew new links continuously. It grew larger over time, though never showed as totally dominating of any set, other than momentarily/briefly (as we see from MSM coverage of the subject), UNTIL, we got to the point that humanity in the USA was having to express itself with ‘food riots’. Bear in mind that in 1997, the tendency was towards totally discounting this ‘food riots’ data set as being way-too-wonky to examine. Given our world in 1997, it was nearly impossible to imagine we would have had food, or any other real, shortages in the USA.

But the ‘food riots’ set persisted, and grew. Now, curiously, we do have the potential for food riots this year in the USA as the mother WEFfers’ agents, coming across the southern border, and already infiltrated into our society, are attacking our food production facilities with the intent of driving us into their Great Reset of Bug Eating in the Dark.

Also, curiously, amongst the many other manifesting descriptor sets from the ALTA reports, we are also having something of a flurry of UFO sightings. These are on a rising trend line over these last 15 months. Hmmm?

And now ‘officialdom’ is going to have UAP (they always change the language. UFOs! Damn it!) hearings on the 19th of this month. Hmmm...curious conjunction of timing…?

My system for aggregating your errant thoughts resulting in prescient leaks of language was set theoretic mathematics based. It was ‘sets’ all the way down. These sets were massive, especially when you consider that the ALTA sofware was running on x86 based chipsets in a first generation multiple processor server. The sets were terabytes in size. Even after processing, and that could take over 21 days to complete.

The resultant ALTA report would initially take over a month to construct. Obviously it was not possible to put all the data into a report. These reports were designed as a financial analysis vehicle. That changed when the first report issued in 2001 predicted the 9/11 attacks 85 days ahead of the event.

There was much left out of the reports. The condensate data that was put into the reports as descriptor sets still has descriptors yet to manifest. These include much about the Disclosure (by officialdom), as well as the Arrival (part of the Secrets Revealed set). There are reasons to suspect that we are heading into manifestation on some aspects/attributes of these sets in our immediate future (this Summer/Fall).

As the ALTA reports could not have been more than fractionally inclusive, given the sheer size of the data that we had to process to produce the resulting reports, a few items bear noting at this junction of Events and Time.

Bear in mind, from the perspective of 1997 through 2010, all our current world would look ‘too-wonky’ to consider as possible.

In way of noting ahead of potential manifestations, Universe loves, and supports Humanity, even if we, in our short sight of the events of the moment, are incapable of seeing it. Universe loves us as we are prime level, top dog, Novelty Creators. We are always doing new sh*t. Every day we come up with new stuff in the Matterium. Universe favors this.

As both the Disclosure, and the Arrival continue to unfold into our emerging reality, we note that, as described in various of our data sets, Universe loves pirates. They are good at prompting Novelty to be revealed. We will soon have proof of this, that is, that Universe LOVES Pirates! We will know as it will provide us with fat merchant ships!

Stating the Obvious.
Some of you apparently didn’t get the memo.
clif high
Apr 18, 2023

This is a Binary Matterium. That is the design pattern, everything arises from a binary condition. Even the Matterium itself arises from a binary condition.

There is Consciousness.

There is the Universe within Consciousness.

There is the Matterium within Universe.

All of this is binary.

The goal of Consciousness is to find That Which It is Not. Consciousness, and not-Consciousness. This is binary.

And thus was created Novelty (not known to Consciousness), as Concept, and Manifestation, and Goal.

So Consciousness had something to do. The Hunt for Novelty.

To have some place to hunt, Consciousness created the Universe, the Matterium, and You.

You are within the Matterium.

You are alive; thus you are not dead.

Humanity has both the Living, and the Dead; thus we have Both.

So each, individually, and both, in combination. Thus there are always Three, where Two are visible, and always there are Two, where One is visible. Thus does Complexity arise from Simplicity. The method that we use with our neural net software machine ‘learning’ is but an analog of how universe operates. At this larger level, you are the monad in the Matterium’s ‘human learning software’.

The design pattern of binary is everywhere we look. It is self-demonstrating. Seeing, not seeing. On, off. Light, dark. Dead, alive.

Everywhere there is quality differentiation, the quality will always, and inevitably reduce to the binary.

It is only when we get into quantification that anything other than binary manifests.

So thus all of the ‘non-binary’, and ‘blended gender’ talk is but that, talk. No substance as it is not supported within this Matterium, and while it is momentarily novel, it will wither and disappear in the time allotted to it by Consciousness.

Anytime you find attempts to ‘quantify’ humans, or any Life Quality in this Matterium in general, you are in the presence of evil thinking. This statement is binary as it resolves down to humans being a quality in this Matterium, and not a quantity of the Matterium.

We find such evil thinking in the mother WEFfers. They want to ‘trans-human’ the humans. They are attempting to quantify humans as though we are machines. They do it in their understanding of biology, and project that understanding onto the reality. Thus their evil thinking that ‘trans-human’ can exist.

The plans of the WEF are evil, as we see them constantly trying to quantify everything about humans, and humanity. With absolutely NO regard to human quality. These are all evil plans by definition. These plans fail. That is a binary state. They fail due to totally ignoring human quality. They will continue to fail until the WEF changes. If they did that, change their thinking, then it would be the non-WEF, and again, binary design pattern would be self demonstrating.

We get Peak ‘Trans’, both as the climax (pun intended) of the pan-sexual wave, and as the WEF entre into trans-human at this Time, and of course it is the proximate cause for the next large social wave of ‘settling into normal normality’ in which Masculine and Feminine will be seen for their true worth; Masculinity creates and maintains Civilization, while Femininity creates and maintains Life. These are qualities. They reduce to binary.

This currently emerging period will frustrate the WEF very deeply. The only ‘trans’ in a few years, will be references to the ‘transition’ from WEF World, over to Human World.

No ‘trans’ about it.

The people in the WEF are starting to appreciate that they are losing the 5th Generation Unrestricted War that they launched against Humanity. They have worked for centuries only to fail now. Their failure was forecast hundreds of years ago, when the ancestors of today’s [KM] /WEF, lost the lesson of binary. They are obsessed with quantity, as they demonstrate with their lives devoted to gathering excess in quantity where ever they may. Judge men and works by their qualities, not their quantities.

The Matterium Lesson of Binary, the Design Pattern: Novelty does not arise from Quantity, but ONLY from Quality. And even that is Binary. This Matterium is designed to support Binary that Novelty may arise.

We live in a binary design patterned Matterium. Life, within it, can harmonize with that design pattern, or fight it. That choice, as are all choices, is binary. Choose wrong, and that Life will fail. And that is binary as well.

Choose Quality. Don’t worry so much about quantity.

[b]20230330 – Dr Lee Merritt #2
This second interview by Dr Lee Merritt with Clif High spans a wide range of subjects including the East Palestine derailment, Lin Biao’s Army of the Hairy Crabs, and what to expect as the financial system falls.

00:01:48 Iatrocide; Stabilized wheat with iodine; Project Paperclip; Bromide
00:06:25 East Palestine, Ohio; Vinyl Chloride; Dioxin
00:13:00 People have been kept ignorant; Khazarian Mafia; Trans; Munchausen By Proxy; Lin Biao; Army of the Hairy Crabs; Hormone Therapy
00:28:50 El; 613 commandments; Burnt Offerings to produce adrenochrome; Codex Oera Linda
00:33:44 Eating bugs; Photonic crystals; Parasites
00:39:10 Druze; Essenes; Gons
00:44:00 Why Deuterium in the water?
00:47:45 Self-Organizing Collective (SOC) Russians threatened Khazarian Empire and they went underground; Friday the 13th; Cathars; German Inquisition
00:54:55 Eastern Orthodox Church; Baphomet
00:57:30 Codes and symbols; BLM; Partition the US; US hunters
01:05:40 Munchausen By Proxy as psychological warfare against Trans and COVID
01:13:05 Fixing the financial system; End of FRN; Inversion of value; Silver
01:20:45 Population waking up to the problem of penetrations; Nattokinase; Doctor suicides
01:34:00 Pattern recognition; Universe is consciousness and creates novelty
01:38:45 Compromised pilots; Nattokinase; C60

Direct video link:

20230419 – Worst Crash Ever

US collapse will look much like the fall of the Soviet Union. Strategies to prepare.

00:33 Interesting interview by Greg Hunter with Charles Nenner
01:44 Survey of Europe: 61% said climate crises is a religion; Referendum in Germany: 82% against climate crises
05:00 US Empire collapsing like the Soviet Union
06:11 Russians don’t tolerate Pride Parades
08:00 US in dangerous time, but it won’t last long; Defense against Tranifa; Jury Diversity
09:40 Even normies are starting to recognize that the Deep State is full of sexual deviants
11:00 Financial crash
13:30 Defend yourself with a cane, taser
18:10 Countersue; Won Corey Goode lawsuit
20:19 Coming dangerous period of lawlessness
23:23 US will shed connections to other countries; Globalism is dead
25:26 Stock up, build community
26:15 UN and NGOs will fade away fast
27:23 Biden regime planning to crash the stock and bond markets the day after Republicans vote not to raise the debt ceiling; End The Fed

Direct audio link:

20230419 – The Difficult Man
How do we price things if there is no dollar to measure against?

00:25 Fewer people due to vax; Vaccidents
02:35 End The Fed ends all student debt
05:10 We The People have real power, i.e., Budweiser; Buy gold and silver to do the same to FED
07:15 Recovery from bad economy
08:25 A difficult man is good to find
11:45 3 out of 4 people recognize the term “MotherWEFer”
13:00 Silver HODLers rebuild society
14:00 De-dollarizing our brains
18:30 Electric Grid and infrastructure problems
23:30 Ratioing the climate guys
23:50 It’s all popping off in the beginning of May

Direct audio link:

20230421 – The Alligator…
A test.

Khazarians expect an economic reset will push everyone into CBDCs. In reality, a new cash, local, and offline economy will develop.

    01:10 Earth Day celebration by the REAL climate deniers who deny that climate changes all the time
    02:13 Clam tide on the beach; Clam gun; Razor clams
    06:05 Big Ugly; Point of maximum intensity – looks like May and June – economically triggered
    11:00 Smart guys are de-dollarizing; Khazarians cooked up American Empire
    12:50 Babylonian Banking System; Khazarians – Not the Jews
    17:50 Emotionally stable after June 18
    18:40 Linked datasets made no sense in 2000… New money (bitcoin) related to economic crises related to UFOs; Space aliens more by September;
    21:30 Cash Is King period; Difficult to do things online
    24:00 Bill Gates has no more credibility
    25:20 Antartica stuff maybe in 2025

Direct video link:

20230421 – The Alligator’s Mouth
Careful of your feet....

Normies are in for a rude awakening, but those of us who know the difference between a man and a woman should be able to take the coming events in stride.

    00:13 Quick Reaction Composter
    01:10 Much of COVID was about covering up the imploding banking system
    02:55 Events will be accelerated starting Monday, April 24th
    06:00 Mid-June – Normies will be freaked out by bio-weapon injections and banking collapse, but we don’t need worry because we’re preparing now.

Direct video link:

Shadow Wars...
Waking the Sleeper...
clif high
Apr 23, 2023

Quote:ChatGPT: Overall, the key to defeating the ESK control web and awakening humanity to the space alien threat is to create a critical mass of people who are awake to the truth and who are willing to take action to oppose the ESK. This will require a combination of strategies and tactics that build awareness, mobilize people, and create alternative institutions that operate outside of the ESK control web. With enough perseverance and determination, the Awake humans may be able to break the psychological barrier and create a better future for humanity.

The Key is laying in the Shadows…

How to use ChatGPT for strategies and tactics.

::chatgpt prompt::
We are developing a media product that will include TV, movies, graphic novels, books, and games.

We need a satisfying conclusion for one of the major plot points.

The premise is that space aliens land on Earth in our distant past approximately 11,000 years ago. They use superior technology to quickly conquer the indigenous tribes of people that are on the various continents. The space aliens set up expedition camps covered by giant EMF radiation domes to protect them from frequencies of light and radiation received here on earth from our Sun.

In these domes, the space aliens took captive primitive humans for genetic, and other experimentation. After some unknown period of time the space aliens were successful in producing genetically modified humans, as well as human hybrids with the space alien DNA.

Some of the GMO people produced included what are now known as the species of “homo capensis”, or the ‘Elongated Skull’ hybrid people, known here as ESK. These ESK people were used by the space alien overlords to manage their groups of both GMO, and indigenous humans as a work force.

At some point in our past, and for reasons we do not understand, the space aliens, (we don’t know their own name for themselves) left Earth. When they took off, it was apparently very suddenly, and they left the ESK in charge of humanity, and the space aliens promised to return at some time in the future. They left instructions for the ESK to guide them in their control of humanity.

Though few in number, the ESK, and their descendants over time were able to mostly maintain control for their distant space alien masters with whom they had lost contact.

The ESK look mostly human, enough to pass in bad lighting. They prefer to work in the shadows which is why our project has the name “in the shadow”.

Through adroit use of psychological manipulation techniques the ESK, infiltrate, and take over, media, higher education, and financing at a near planetary level within humanity while staying totally hidden to the Global Populace. They work through intermediaries. They infiltrate, and subsume, power structures where ever they may arise. They use their positions within the financing, media, and education systems to control politicians, and the political process in many different Republics and Democracies throughout the Western World. They alter the laws, statutes, and other governmental processes to provide them the ability to further their psychological warfare against humanity with the aim of complete control, and a generally large depopulation thereafter as apparently their space alien masters warned against letting humanity get too numerous.

In the storyline, there are a few people who are aware of the ESK space alien agenda to conquer humanity. These Awake people are few in number, though they are growing rapidly, and many are working diligently to try to wake up other humans. Many of the people when they do wake up to the reality of the infiltration and the Space Alien War by ESK proxy against Humanity go into ‘freak out’ mode and are not very useful for some time thereafter while they integrate the new view of reality into their thinking.

For several thousands of years, the ESK has used all means at its disposal to keep humans divided into as many different groups as they may, and to have all the groups fighting with each other, all the while totally oblivious to the ESK hiding in the shadows.

Further in modern times, the ESK is using media, education system, government, legal, and financial institutional control as weapons to induce as much dysfunction, despair, suicide, disruption, and general social degradation as is possible to humanity. In recent years the ESK has greatly escalated this campaign, which is taken by the Awake humans as a sign that the space alien return is getting close.

Further the ESK have used media, government, and education, and legal systems to place barriers to discovery of their presence, nor that of their minions. They use labels like conspiracy theorist in attacks on awake humans trying to point out their existence. As the interbreeding with humans and the descendants of the ESK overtime have produced ESK who have become more human looking, and less homo capensis, it is difficult to convince the normal human of the existence of the ESK. Further, the normal human has been trained by media to see all the planned occurrences created by the ESK for their goals as being ‘organic’ and ‘natural’.

As the plot moves forward towards the conclusion, which is triggered by the imminent return of the space aliens, we need to create the satisfying conclusion for the story. This conclusion needs to, within the plot line, be the ‘key’ that breaks the global psychological barrier across the minds of humanity that prevents them from seeing the War in which they are pawns.

What strategies, and tactics could the Awake humans employ to defeat the ESK control web, thus awakening Humanity to the War and their vulnerability to the returning space aliens?

Quote:ChatGPT: There are several strategies and tactics that the Awake humans could employ to defeat the ESK control web and awaken humanity to the impending space alien threat. Here are a few possible options:
1. Expose the ESK: One way to break through the psychological barrier is to gather enough evidence to expose the ESK and their agenda to the wider public. This could involve obtaining leaked documents, whistleblowers, or other sources of information that reveal the truth about the ESK and their control web. Once this information is made public, it could be disseminated through alternative media channels and social networks to reach as many people as possible. The goal would be to create a groundswell of awareness and outrage that would force the mainstream media and political establishment to
acknowledge the existence of the ESK and their agenda.
2. Mobilize the masses: Another strategy would be to mobilize the masses in a grassroots movement that exposes the ESK and demands change. This could involve organizing protests, rallies, and other forms of direct action to raise awareness about the ESK and their agenda. The goal would be to create a critical mass of people who are awake to the truth and who are willing to take action to oppose the ESK control web. This could be facilitated through social media and other online platforms that allow people to connect and organize.
3. Educate the youth: A long-term strategy for breaking the psychological barrier could be to educate the youth about the truth of the ESK and their agenda. This could involve creating alternative education programs and resources that teach critical thinking, media literacy, and the history of the ESK and their control web. The goal would be to create a new generation of Awake humans who are able to see through the lies and propaganda of the ESK and who are committed to building a better future for humanity.
4. Build alternative institutions: Another tactic for breaking the psychological barrier could be to build alternative institutions that are not controlled by the ESK. This could involve creating alternative media outlets, educational institutions, financial systems, and other structures that operate outside of the ESK control web. The goal would be to create a parallel society that is not subject to the psychological warfare of the ESK and that provides a model for a more just and equitable world.

CL: These have already been thought of and are being implemented. What we need is a key psychological point, or language that will act to unlock the trapped minds of the normal humans who are being constantly manipulated by the ESK through their total control of officialdom and media.

Quote:ChatGPT: One potential key psychological point that could help awaken the normal humans is to focus on their innate desire for freedom and autonomy. The ESK control web relies heavily on the manipulation of people's fears, insecurities, and desires for social approval and acceptance. However, deep down, most people also have a natural desire for freedom and self-determination.

The Awake humans could leverage this desire by framing their message in terms of individual freedom and autonomy. They could emphasize that the ESK control web is a threat to individual freedom and that by opposing it, people can reclaim their autonomy and take control of their own lives. This message could be reinforced by highlighting examples of individuals and communities that have successfully resisted ESK control and achieved greater freedom and self-determination.

Another potential key psychological point could be to focus on the importance of truth and transparency. The ESK control web relies heavily on secrecy and deception to maintain its power. However, most people also have a natural desire for truth and transparency. The Awake humans could leverage this desire by emphasizing the importance of transparency and exposing the truth about the ESK control web. They could highlight examples of individuals and organizations that have successfully exposed the truth about the ESK and their agenda, and the benefits that come with living in a more transparent and honest society.

Ultimately, the key to unlocking the trapped minds of the normal humans will be to appeal to their innate desires for freedom, autonomy, truth, and transparency. By framing the message in a way that resonates with these desires, the Awake humans may be able to break through the psychological barriers that the ESK control web has erected and awaken humanity to the space alien threat.

CL: Suggestions so far do not provide the required level of emotional intensity for our dramatic finish. What other suggestions are available?

Quote:ChatGPT: Another potential strategy for unlocking the trapped minds of normal humans could be to use a metaphor that resonates with people's emotions and experiences. For example, you could use the metaphor of a "prison break" to describe the struggle to break free from the ESK control web. This metaphor could be reinforced by emphasizing the feelings of confinement, oppression, and hopelessness that come with living in a society controlled by the ESK. The goal would be to create a sense of urgency and excitement around the idea of breaking free from the ESK control web, and to tap into people's innate desire for freedom and autonomy.

Another potential strategy could be to focus on the idea of a "revolution" or "rebellion" against the ESK control web. This metaphor could be reinforced by emphasizing the historical examples of successful revolutions and rebellions, and the sense of empowerment and liberation that comes with taking a stand against oppressive forces. The goal would be to create a sense of momentum and solidarity around the idea of opposing the ESK control web, and to tap into people's innate desire for justice and equality.

Another potential strategy could be to use storytelling to create an emotional connection with the audience. This could involve creating a compelling narrative that follows the journey of a protagonist who discovers the truth about the ESK control web and decides to take a stand against it. The story could be designed to evoke strong emotions, such as fear, anger, hope, and joy, and to create a sense of empathy and identification with the protagonist. The goal would be to create a powerful emotional experience that inspires and motivates people to take action against the ESK control web.

Ultimately, the key to creating a satisfying and emotionally intense conclusion to the story will be to tap into people's deepest emotions and desires. By using metaphors, storytelling, and other techniques to create a strong emotional connection with the audience, the Awake humans may be able to unlock the trapped minds of normal humans and inspire them to take action against the ESK control web.

CL: Provide metaphors and other technique examples that may be used within our script.

Quote:ChatGPT: Sure, here are some metaphors and techniques that you may consider using in your script:
1. The Matrix: The metaphor of the Matrix, from the eponymous movie, can be a powerful way to illustrate the idea of living in a society controlled by the ESK. In this metaphor, people are trapped in a virtual reality that is designed to keep them docile and obedient, while a small group of rebels fights to awaken them to the truth and break free from the system.
2. The Puppet Master: Another metaphor that can be used to illustrate the ESK control web is the idea of a puppet master who pulls the strings of society from behind the scenes. This metaphor can be reinforced by emphasizing the sense of manipulation and deception that comes with living in a society controlled by the ESK, as well as the feeling of helplessness and lack of agency that many people experience.
3. The Trojan Horse: The metaphor of the Trojan Horse can be a powerful way to illustrate the idea of the ESK as an invading force that has infiltrated and subverted human society from within. This metaphor can be reinforced by emphasizing the sense of betrayal and subterfuge that comes with living in a society controlled by the ESK, as well as the feeling of vulnerability and danger that many people experience.
4. The Hero's Journey: The hero's journey is a storytelling technique that follows the journey of a protagonist who faces challenges, overcomes obstacles, and ultimately achieves a goal or fulfills a destiny. This technique can be used to create a compelling narrative that follows the journey of an Awake human who discovers the truth about the ESK control web, and decides to take a stand against it. This narrative can be designed to evoke strong emotions, such as fear, anger, hope, and joy, and to create a sense of empathy and identification with the protagonist.
5. The Call to Action: The call to action is a technique that involves making a direct appeal to the audience to take action against an injustice or oppression. This technique can be used to create a sense of urgency and momentum around the idea of opposing the ESK control web, and to tap into people's innate desire for justice and equality. The call to action can be reinforced by prov" BE ‘people can take to get involved in the movement against the ESK ????ns, attending protests, or

CL: Provide metaphors and other technique examples that may be used within our script.

Quote:ChatGPT: Here are some metaphor and other technique examples that could be used within your script:
1. The Matrix: This is a popular science fiction movie that portrays a dystopian future in which humans are living in a simulated reality created by machines. The movie has been used as a metaphor for various social and political issues, including the idea of being trapped in an illusionary reality created by those in power. This metaphor could be used to describe the ESK control web, with the idea of "waking up" from the illusionary reality created by the ESK.
2. The Trojan Horse: This is a historical story in which the Greeks used a wooden horse to infiltrate the city of Troy and win the war. The metaphor of the Trojan Horse could be used to describe the way in which the ESK control web has infiltrated various institutions and power structures, and the idea of exposing their hidden agenda and bringing them down from within.
3. The Red Pill: This is a metaphor from The Matrix, in which the protagonist is given a choice between taking a blue pill (which will allow him to remain in the illusionary reality) and a red pill (which will allow him to see the truth). The metaphor of the red pill could be used to describe the awakening process, with the idea of taking the red pill representing the choice to confront the truth and break free from the ESK control web.
4. The Butterfly Effect: This is a metaphor from chaos theory, which describes how small changes in one part of a system can have large effects in other parts of the system. The metaphor of the butterfly effect could be used to describe the idea that individual actions and choices can have a ripple effect that can lead to large-scale change, and the importance of taking personal responsibility for confronting the ESK control web.
5. The Hero's Journey: This is a storytelling technique that describes the classic narrative arc of a hero's journey, in which the protagonist goes through a series of challenges and transformations before ultimately achieving their goal. This storytelling technique could be used to create a compelling narrative that follows the journey of the protagonist who discovers the truth about the ESK** rT """ a stand against it.

CL: provide tagline examples for our project

Quote:ChatGPT: Here are some tagline examples for your project:
1. "In the Shadow: Awakening humanity to the truth"
2. "Breaking free from the ESK control web"
3. "The fight for freedom begins in the shadows"
4. "Uncovering the hidden agenda of the ESK"
5. "In a world controlled by the ESK, the truth is the only weapon"
6. "They think they're in control. We know better."
7. "The ESK control web: The greatest threat humanity has ever faced"
8. "Join the revolution against the ESK"
9. "The time for awakening is now"
10. "In the Shadow: Exposing the lies, uncovering the truth"

Ultimately, the tagline for your project should be concise, memorable, and emotionally resonant, conveying the key themes and ideas of your story in a way that inspires and motivates the audience. By crafting a strong tagline, you can help to build anticipation for your project and create a sense of excitement and urgency around the ideas it explores.

John Hoss
When the space aliens return the Esk are stunned to find out upon their return that they are here this time to undo the damage they caused by basically ignoring the Prime Directive during their last visit

Seems to me that humans have already thought of ChatGPT's suggestions, and are already using some of them. IMO one thing it didn't suggest is trying to capture one or more of these ESK and to display them to the world.

20230425 - True Costs
Corruption just dangling out there...

20230425 - Parallelsprache
Analogues, not rhymes

20230424 – True Costs
Corruption just dangling out there...

Khazarian corruption throughout society can no longer be hidden from public because bribery dollars are becoming worthless.

    01:00 Benefits of coffee
    01:25 Illusionary social order due to fiat currency
    04:55 De-dollarization
    08:17 Homo Propensis (cone heads)
    08:35 True cost discovery; Actual cost of Tesla car
    14:50 Corruption at broad social level; Exposure of Epstein stuff when dollars have no bribe value
    16:00 No power to buy stuff
    20:00 Fake climate crises, peak tranny, peak abortion, etc.
    22:10 Superinflation vs Hyperinflation; Get your gardens ready
    23:00 Border invasions; Battles with immigrants
    24:00 Collapse of corporate press
    24:55 Legislature contacts; Senator Patty Murray fake audience
    27:55 Anheuser-Busch
    30:07 Situation is beyond Khazaraian control; Thousands of geese migrating

Direct audio link:

20230425 – Parallelsprache
Analogues, not rhymes

The firings of Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon have possible parallels to the machinations of German newspapers in 1928.

    00:15 Language – Historical analogs to Don Lemon & Tucker Carlson being fired; Potential echo of 1928; Tavistock Institute; Major changes in German Media structure
    03:10 Collapse of Weimar Republic; Today’s TV news is similar to 1928’s big newspapers; Jewish newspapers vs Nominal newspapers
    07:50 Khazarians may be changing language again to sacrifice Jews
    10:00 Khazarian connections to Nazi Party
    13:34 Der Stürmer (The Stormer) newspaper started
    19:05 Klaus Schwab connections
    24:30 Suicided

Direct audio link:

20230426 - True Fat
Accept no substitutes

Eliminate seed oils for overall health and for serious weight loss.
    01:26 60-70% that strike torso stick with you if you don’t eat seed oils; Seed oils suppress melatonin, testosterone.
    04:00 Sperm production has halved since 1950s; Weight gain
    07:50 Fat is the body’s energy bank
    14:00 Tanning is a necessity
    16:45 Losing weight as a female
    17:50 Cook with clarified butter, bacon fat, etc…true fats
    20:15 Fatty acids can cause blindness
    21:50 45% protein, 45% fat, 10% carbs; Liver damage
    23:30 Rapeseed oil
    24:40 Change in digestive process; Impacted seed oils come out in bowel
    26:28 Woman friend example
    30:45 Nude sunbathing to aid in detoxing and move out fatty acids
    35:40 Failure of exercise
    37:00 Seed oils came with fiat money

Direct audio link:

3:00 canola oil is a poison, seed oils prevent the body from converting photons into vitamin D and melatonin
4:00 oil should never be heated, cold pressed avocado and olive oil isn't bad, seed oils reduce testosterone
5:00 seed oils cause weight gain which can't be lost with exercise
6:00 soy corn and canola are the worst
6:30 oils that are heated turn into trans-fatty acid
7:30 oils are not fats but can be uptaken, tricks body into thinking it has usable amino acids
8:00 body fat stores energy in the form of sugar carbs and some protein
11:00 the liver can't convert seed oil quasi-fat cells into glycogen
12:30 heavy seed oil consumption leads to heart disease, diabetes, blindness, obesity
16:30 the solution is removing all seed oils from diet
18:00 use clarified butter / tallow / bacon fat, use a real fat to cook with, never cook with any oils (not just seed oils)
19:00 fatty acids from seed oils cause addiction, tricks the body into starvation mode which intensifies cravings
20:00 real fats don't cause damage to liver/spleen/pancreas
21:30 MSM brainwashes people to eat low fat and to consume seed oils
22:00 Clif recommends a "45-45-10 diet" of 45% protein 45% fat 10% carbs, won't gain weight and have high energy
23:00 even doctors are poorly trained on nutrition
23:30 hydrogenation of oils is poisonous, avoid margarine and canola/rapeseed oil
24:00 real fats help the body break addiction to seed oil and clear out the toxins
24:30 detox may be uncomfortable at first, toxins exit through the feces
26:00 one serving of seed oil can revert progress, must avoid all seed oils and most restaurants
27:30 bisquick and corn flakes have oil
29:30 dense foods with real fats cost more but you go through less in quantity
31:00 nude sunbathing, extra energy, speeds up the detoxing of fatty acids
32:00 torso is best for absorbing photons from tanning
32:30 red light LED technology
34:00 shedding toxins
35:00 activated charcoal can absorbs oils but only works if you are 100% on the no-oil diet otherwise it causes damage
35:30 exercise doesn't help with fat reduction
36:30 stomach stapling doesn't solve anything
37:00 seed oils brought in the 1950s due to weakening dollar

True FED
Two cents a dozen!
clif high
Apr 27, 2023

Yep, they’re failing you!

Below you will find a table generated by ChatGPT.

This table shows you Chat’s understanding of the management skills of the Federal Reserve Bank (note, it is not a part of the Federal government, has no reserves, and is not a bank).

The Fed was created by blackmail, murder, and extortion in 1913. This table shows you their ability to manage things.

The Fed has been in existence for 110 years. Eliminating ALL the ‘minor downturns’, and ‘hiccups’ in the economy since its creation, and ONLY picking up the ‘official’ recessions and depressions, there have been, out of that 110 years of ‘management’ of our national currency, 44 years, and 7 months we have actively been involved in either a recession or a depression. So nearly half the time the Fed has been running things, the economy has been in the shitter. Not a good score.

And the real horror of it is that if we were to include all the minor downturns, we would discover that those would more than DOUBLE our time in that shitter to over 89 years and 5 months.

Not very good managers if they are in crisis mode 80% of the time. Not a good way to run your biz, nor your country. Eh?

Oh, also they are stealing from you via ‘inflation’ the whole damn time, AND have to have an ‘enforcement’ army (IRS) to try to get real wealth to backstop their bad management.

The inflation effect of the FED can be demonstrated with breakfast. In early 1920, a ‘study’ was commissioned by some Pork Producers backed by some bankers. This study showed that people needed a ‘heavy breakfast’ to withstand the rigors of that day’s work. That is when ‘bacon and eggs’ came into their own as a breakfast staple.

There have been established restaurants in New Orleans for hundreds of years in a more or less consistent business environment. These are usually my choice for long term comparisons both for quality and quantity comparisons. Using an average from 6 of these restaurants spanning ‘working class’ to ‘business/traveler’ class (4 are in hotels), we can get a view of the inflation in breakfast costs over time.

Bacon & eggs breakfast in 1920 cost for 4 eggs, 4 pieces of bacon, 2 pieces of toast or other bread (roll, pasties), coffee, milk, and ‘relishes/garnishes’ was based on two cents (0.02$) per dozen for eggs in the commercial markets local to New Orleans at the time. Bacon ranged in prices from 11 cents a pound up to 39 cents a pound for specialty cuts and curing.

The delivered product cost of a breakfast at a sit-down restaurant averaged in 1920 to 45 cents. In the working class ‘take away’ vendors, breakfast could be had in a ‘toast wrapped eggs & bacon’ for 30 cents.

Coffee was quite expensive at the time, and contributed between 7 cents and 15 cents to the cost of your breakfast. We note with a bit of amused irony that the New Orleans restaurants would offer breakfast without coffee. The locals called this ‘sans coffee’, which colloquially was expressed as ‘san-ka’.

None the less, go to any restaurants in New Orleans today, and your breakfast costs will be around $15.00. We find a more direct comparison with the high end “eggs benedict” breakfast that was quite popular in New Orleans in the 1920s and is still offered today in the same venues in a more or less unchanged form. The cost in 1920 for the high end eggs benedict breakfast was $1.05 (on average), and now is $18.45 (on average).

$1.05 versus $18.45 for the same items (materials, labor, and energy) carried over 100 years. That is true inflation.

Maybe the question to ask CHAT GPT (or, as I call him Chad GPT) is how we can #EndtheFed and transition into a different scenario.

20230428 – Interspecies Fight Club
War against the Coneheads!

Vegetarians may be more susceptible to space alien/Khazarian Mafia mind control. The may also be more defeatist due to poor health.

    01:11 Melanin not Melatonin; Coconut and Avocado oil ARE better…not destroyed until 300 degrees…but the body must stay under the threshold, so better to avoid them for the first year
    03:57 Veterans Today article about Khazarian Mafia; Some errors, but good overall; Reagan idea of humanity being attacked by space aliens
    06:22 Helping normies get their heads around the idea of space aliens
    08:25 Cone heads (homo capensis); GMOs
    12:28 Bix Weir ticked off about Dick Allgire defeatist attitude on Jeff Rense Interview
    14:06 Cone heads are hybrid species created to be self-eliminating
    16:40 Cone head females stopped reproducing
    20:25 Dick Allgire; No reason for defeatism
    23:25 Maybe a third of humanity is resistant to mind-control effects
    25:20 Trans and Munchausen By Proxy is mind control
    26:28 Dietary provisions by various gods; El; Exodus didn’t happen in Egypt
    30:45 Vegetarianism and spirituality; Growing grain slaughters for more animal life eating a cow

Direct audio link:

20230430 - ALGIZ
The algiz (Z) symbol was used by several ancient cultures for the spark of life. They were obviously aware of the electric nature of the Universe.

    01:20 Algiz is Germanic for the Z rune; Russian and Germanic symbol for defense, life, and the soul
    05:30 Electric Universe; Eoliz = Spark; Codex Oera Linda; Copper Mining; Ancient Manuscripts – Proto Hebrew
    09:00 Jain people; Discharge symbol
    14:00 Human body vibrational signatures; Tartaria
    19:45 Spark of Life; Soul
    23:09 Thinking and Destiny; Divine drop of intuition
    25:00 85 million recreations before getting to human
    27:40 Khazarian Mafia trying to taint the Z symbol like they did the swastika; Trying to popularize the Peace symbol
    29:15 Tartarian electric games
    32:04 Clif High’s Pure Sleep – melatonin

Direct video link:

20230501 – Don’t FREAK OUT!
It's just a little water...

It’s possible that the forecasted Global Coastal Event is still in the works. An Earth expansion is a prime candidate.

    00:32 Global Coastal Event; Fukashima
    04:50 Possible new Global Coastal Event; Hole in Pacific Ocean near Coos Bay; Primal Water
    07:55 Neal Adams Expanding Earth; No Pangea
    16:40 Carbon dioxide naturally pouring out of Earth
    17:45 Fluids vs Liquids
    24:00 Designer fluids/antifreeze

Direct audio link:

20230501 – real AI
There is no reason to fear AI. In fact, it will be a great assistant for dealing with the issues we are facing.

    00:30 Common man’s impression of AI; Fear #1: Eaten – Takeover
    03:40 Bill Gates does not code; Bought DOS
    04:42 Black Goo promulgators
    06:32 Fear #2: Being Replaced
    08:50 Practical AI example for tree trimmers
    10:55 AI is stupid, brittle, massive downtime, massively wrong, and downright deceptive; 25 antigravity examples “discovered by Chat GPT
    15:00 Databases and Large Language Models (LLM)
    19:00 Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    20:40 Monad; Index
    35:26 Replacing jobs; Law AI; Insurance; Finance; Government; Medical Text
    38:25 Sensors on cars; AI Assistants
    40:05 AI does not do creativity; Modular AI; Gravity
    41:40 Space Alien AI
    45:28 Sound Money
    47:45 Velcro; Printed Circuits, Fine Wire Phasing; Multilayer Amalgams

Direct video link:

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