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Crystal Pendant
I found this site and it sells crystal pendants with the crystals inside. I am thinking of buying one of the octahedron pendants, and I like the malachite in dodechahedron.

I am wondering what you think of these. And I wonder how the geometrical forms work with the crystal. Will they stay cleansed and energized?

Here is the link:


I thought I posted this in the general discussion thread. Sorry.
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Cool site. I'd be interested to hear what others think about these too.
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I found one with a fluorite octahedron inside a cuboctahedron. I wonder what the properties the cuboctahedron have.
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Quote:I found this site and it sells crystal pendants with the crystals inside.
I meant to write that I found crystal pendants with crystals inside various geometrical shapes, including octahedron, tetrahedron, dodechahedron and other I am not so familiar with.

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I ordered selenite from a different vendor earlier today, it does not need cleansing and is supposed to be good for clearing away destructive energies and shielding. Also communicating with higher realms.

I am also thinking about Cyanite, it does not need cleansing either, and was said to be good for intuition and meditation.

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Let us know how they work out for you, Headspace.
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Will do:)


I found an australian site whith handmade necklaces, I think they are absolutely beautiful. Simple, but they appeal to me.

They also seem familiar in some way, I think.

AmberMoon Designs

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 IMO that kyanite blade necklace on the Amber Moon Site is excellent for you. FWIW:)
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I noticed that one too, and I love it. But she makes customs and I sent her a mail with a design:) Including both Kyanite and Selenite.

Perhaps I should go with the Kyanite, although the custom was a great idea I still want the one with Kyanite:)
Ii thought about making my own Selenite pendant, I might do that:)
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 Either way kyanite and selenite are excellent choices but especially kyanite. I love selenite too . It is somewhat fragile and must be handled with care.
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