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Hello Everyone, I have known about this site for a very long time and just recently decided to join the community. I have always been hesitant to share my experiences/travels but this is one place I feel people can relate. I have no real connection physically with the Swerdlows but I have had ample amount of encounters with Stewart in the astral. They were never "negative" but they were generally invasive and he was always trying to ask questions or tell me things. We have had extensive discussions there. Sometimes he had reptilian energies around him, which this is of course no surprise. I am not here to slander him nor do I really care what he's doing. Most of the astral experiences were after my comments on the old question and answers he used to have 4-5 expansions ago when I shared more information than he wanted shared about the Keiper Belt beings. 

But enough of the swerdlows... 

I have been an "open vessel" so to speak since birth. When I was young I saw apparitions often, generally very sacred as a young child when this would happen. I had my first NDE when I was 8. I choked and slammed my head on the ground. I remember every detail of the experience and also returning to my body. This was when I was 8 years old in this incarnation. After this, I was taken to the hospital because I wasn't breathing and then suddenly came back. My physical body shook as I entered it, which later was diagnosed as a seizure. Which never before that nor after that have I had a seizure. I became deeply immersed in studying religions, spirituality, and esoteric theories. It was interesting cause i'd lead a pretty normal 8 year old life other than being immersed in books. This is also when my grandmother died and I had constant contact with her until she decided to actually leave and return back to "God-Mind". 

My 2nd NDE was when I was 21. Which was the largest life turning event in this incarnation. I ended up leading a pretty bad life when i was around that age. Far from living a healthy and constructive life style and making horrible decisions. 

I will share the experience because many of you may find a lot of information in it based on ETs and Hyperspace. 

When my heart stopped I found myself in my living room watching me and my girlfriend fight. I was standing there watching as if it was a movie yet i was in the room. I was translucent and I could see right through my hands and arms. I was very confused yet I was very neutral at the same time. The confusion probably came from the fact I was so neutral. All i could think about was why was I beings so mean... There was no love, I saw no love what so ever. 

To my right I felt a familiar energy and i "looked" right to see the being, imagine a 6.5 foot human form, good build of full light, clear translucent light in the middle almost like a line down the center of its "body" and then outwards with translucent gold, violets and Blues, No facial features, just pure light. The being was neither male or female yet came off masculine in energy. The being said to me telepathicly to me, "Have you learned anything?" and as the answer hit me like a ton of bricks it replied to my thought and said, " Your soul personality was suppose to re-experience love". 

Instantly a royal blue light opened up and as I went through the royal blue light tunnel (best description i can give) I ended up at a Golden wall of light... Then suddenly I went through this golden wall of light into what can only be called Home. Here, I remember everything being connected, there were separate identity yet there was no separate identity and you were in constant communication with a force of energy that was purely neutral and balanced yet pure unconditional love. There were no words, only knowing. It was complete oneness (cliche word I feel) yet there was this slight seperatness of being of this energy but not being its entirety. At this moment it was like I thought something that was like making a decision, I can not really explain this, but another royal blue light opened up and the only thing I remember after that was being back in my body. I remember this feeling of returning as reforming from the inside out. As I came back into "form" I couldn't open my physical eyes and all i could see was vibrant colors of blues, purples and violets with streams of silver. When I finally opened my eyes I saw the energy and "imprint" of energy making physical reality. I truly felt like i was going crazy but did my best to keep calm due to having a huge euphoria of what just happened, yet returning back to the physical body left me feeling a bit confused and "longing" to be back. I also had memories of past/simultaneous existences on/off planet/inner-dimmensionaly which took a long time to really integrate into an every day life back on this little floating planet ;) haha

After this I had a lot of ET encounters in hyperspace, all positive and also "reunited" with energies to put it the best way possible. Of course non of this was physical, ETs will not come here, and if they did your body would increase in vibration you would probably spontaneously combust. I started to have alphabet agencies follow me and started to have alien/government attacks astrally which Im sure I don't remember all of them, but many i have full recollection of them. of course, there are always ways to protect yourself. But generally experiences are just that, experience... and I only share these ones with you to give you a possible better understanding of my soul personality in this incarnation. we are all humans here, lets make the best of it ;)

I know a lot about hyperspace and yet there is so much more to learn as we are all constantly learning and expanding to greater heights as energetic beings. I have taught many workshops on the stuff I've learned and applied to my path and all of it is Hyperspace (non-swerdlowfied). I hope to share information, gain insight, learn, and have deep conversations while I am here. From reading this forum I feel the people here are very knowledgable and have great personality to boot. 

Keep up the great work on the forum, glad to be here.
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Welcome to the forum Sophrosyne, sounds like you've had some interesting experiences in your life. What have you learned from your ET encounters?
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