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Hi Everybody!!
I hope I am in the right place?

I have had some strange experiences in my life and struggle to feel a sense of belonging even amongst my closest friends.
This year I decided to investigate who/what I am and it has so far led me here.

I must say tho I feel apprehensive about talking in detail due to not yet knowing where is where in the forum and what the contents of my crazyness even means.

your guidance is very much appreciated!


T x

Hello and welcome to HCF! There are many interesting discussions here, and the more I learn, the deeper the rabbit hole gets. I would advise taking some time exploring each sub-forum to see what topics pique your interest. Best of luck with the journey ahead

Welcome to the forum Vanrangii, what kind of strange experiences have you been having?

Thanks for the welcome guys
for clarity;
I don't think I am psychic of clairvoyant or visited or anything special.
First things first;

I have a recurring dream since being young.
I am stood in a black void and in front of me is a wall
The wall is made from spheres.
Though i view them from the 3rd person they appear my size.
They are each infinitly huge.
I reach out to pick one up as they are but a pin prick in size also (tho they are infinite in size)
as my fingers touch a high @ping@ rings out and the entire wall crashes down onto me.
This repeats until i wake up.

Sounds like a weird dream but I don't have a clue what it could mean. Since it is a recurring dream I know it must have some importance.

Varangii! I also want to say welcome to you in this community. I am sure in this community you will get that stuff which you want. Because in this community you can talk about anything according to your interest. So keep connected here.

Well, I know i am too late but I have read up to this post now so would like to say you welcome. I hope you will spend here a nice time. Take part of this forum and have fun with yourself. I wish we all spend here a memorable time.

I had a similar dream like yours when i was a kid.

Hello Every one I have just joined this forum and am looking forward to getting up to speed with some of the contents.  I hope i am on the right place. After learned all comments I must say, this forum look like very amazing and I'll learn many content from all of you guys. This forum give a best opportunity for express your own thoughts. I hope I'll spend here a memorable time. I hope everyone you will say me welcome in your conversation.

Welcome to the forum Tiana

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