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How do!
Am a new member interested in a variety of alternative and fringe topics.

Pleased to meet others who are of like mind.
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Welcome to the forum mzacharias. Biggrin
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There doesn't seem to be many interactively active members?
I suppose social media serves to suck the life out of both forums and foreheads these days.
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We do what we can.
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Social media has hurt forums but that might change with all the censorship Facebook and Twitter are doing. You can hardly say anything on social media without getting banned.
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Oh no...I came here looking for fortean, anomalous and fringe topics to sink my teeth into but have been drawn into the realm of conspiracy theories. That is really sad for me. I appreciate (full well!) that there are bucket-loads of corruptions and injustices going down on this planet, and in real life I aid in dealing with those, but this is my surf-time...

Are there no planetary and inter-planetary explorers among us?

I've an open mind (but not so open that my brain falls out - or becomes washed in another's lukewarm soap-suds.

Seriously...I am going to do my best to stay away from the conspiracy topics and current local news trends - but is there anyone here that is interested in debating other topics available on the forum?

Or maybe I just don't fit well with others here? If that is the case, please just let me know and I will move on...
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I use to be into those topics but my attention changed to current events because consciousness is shifting from 3D to 5D. Since mainstream media is mostly lies I felt it was important to get the truth out there. You think they are conspiracy theories because you've been conditioned to believe the liberal lies from MSM and the government, so the truth is unrecognizable to you. The term conspiracy theory was coined when people didn't believe the official story of JFK's assassination, so they called the truth a conspiracy theory to try and make the truth sound like some crazy theory.

It's just like the term alternative health. Natural health was the norm from the begging of time until around 100 years ago. That's when they came out with chemical health. Chemical health should be called alternative health since it's the newest kid on the block.

I'm guessing you have no clue about the real rulers of this planet and how they control everything. Maybe info is more limited out where you live, so you were never exposed to the truth. America has always been the land of free speech and we have access to more truth than any other country. However liberals here are working hard to get rid of free speech and have all info controlled like the rest of the world.
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