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Is Google Hiding Search Results?

Google whistleblower, Zach Vorhies bravely came forward though Project Veritas last August with documents that strongly suggest special interests are colluding with Big Tech and the corporate media to oust the President and to silence and financially disenfrachise anyone in their way (like me).

This is a talk given last weekend by former Google Senior Software Engineer, Zach Vorhies at the American Priority Festival in Miami, Florida. Vorhies provided nearly one thousand pages of documents to the Department of Justice, demonstrating the vast scope of the felonies and frauds being perpetrated by his former employer. He gives his insider’s perspective on how Google is actively engaged in a subtle psychological war against the US populace and in the financial destruction of certain targeted sectors.

Google is undertaking to re-program the world according to their disingenuous application of “Social Justice”. Social Justice is the friendly-sounding name for an insidious movement that seeks to raze the entire cultural legacy of the West by gradually destabilizing all norms of rationality and logic, according to academic, Michael Rectenwald, who says its ultimate purpose is to implement a global corporate technocratic superstate.

The question remains as to who, exactly is behind Social Justice? Is it a smattering of San Francisco Commie militants drunk on their technocratic power? Is it the CCP? Or is all of this being orchestrated by the éminence grise that controls the world’s money supply?

The statements above may sound overblown if one forgets that the Internet of Things (IOT) will soon be online. The Internet of Things is an AI-driven interactive facsimile of the world, in which all mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals and people will be given unique identifiers (UIDs) and will be constantly transferring data over a global network without human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. Using the 5G network, the IOT will enable self-driving cars and aerial vehicles and it will supposedly save a lot of energy. Such centralization will also make our infrastrucure eminently hackable, especially once quantum computing makes encryption impossible, which is soon.

In financial terms, the Internet of Things may quickly eclipse the power of the physical world and it will enable the Big Data giants, like Google to scale up their de-platforming and de-banking activities of entities large and small into the real world, making China’s social credit system look like a 2 year old’s birthday party by comparison.

The purported ethos guiding Google is “Social Justice”, which rejects objective reality. Google calls objective reality “algorithmically unfair”. They seek to re-shape reality “product interventions” within their search algorithms.

Check it out for yourselves. Go to and enter “men can” into the search bar. For me, the auto-completes that I see today are: 1. men can have babies 2. men can get breast cancer 3. men can cook 4. men can have periods 5. men can think about nothing 6. men can have babies now 7. men can get pregnant.

Needless to say, these are not the top-searched results for “men can” in the real world. These auto-completes have been savagely intervened upon with the most ham-fisted transgender-centric ideal of “Social Justice”.

Vorhies says, “I started to ask myself, why is Google doing this? Why are they intervening in your search results by intervening in their Google News and I think I’ve got the answer.”

He then shows a couple of slides that he discovered in Google’s corporate intranet, displaying the flowchart of this particular operation, where it was explicitly stated that the intended outcome of this project was: “People are programmed”.

Vorhies shows a video of YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki at a tech talk, describing her plan to aggressively boost “authoritative news” outlets, such as the thoroughly discredited CNN and to deboost and “push down” on “fake news” through their machine learning programs. He notes that such “product interventions” went into high gear after the election of Donald Trump.

Vorhies then looked into what was being categorized as “fake news” and found that most of the time, these were bonafide news events. He says, “I started to realize that maybe this wasn’t about fake news, maybe this was about controlling the narrative.”

Vorhies shows internal slides from Google about how the staff sought to de-platform Right Wing news outlet, Breitbart from Google’s advertising program and how they aggressively sought to blacklist certain sites and to disassociate search results that showed any relationship between the Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock and the DNC, while strengthening suggestions of ties between him and Donald Trump.

He gives a chilling, documented example of another intervention by Google, after President Trump famously tweeted upon his return from Saudi Arabia on May 31, 2017, “Despite the negative press covfefe.” Vorhies says that originally, “cov fe’fe” existed in Google’s translation program as the Arabic term for “I will stand up” but that after a New York Times editorial came out the following day on June 1, 2017 excoriating Trump for his “garbled message”, Google engineers then took that article as the justification to eliminate the word from their Arab dictionary.

So, we see here how the corporate news and Big Tech are in lockstep, constantly working to re-shape “reality” in a death by a thousand cuts.

Vorhies notes the team who took it upon themselves to make this particular change called themselves the “Derrida Team”, after the French philosopher, Jacques Derrida who advocated the destruction of Western culture through the manipulation of language (I read a LOT of Derrida in college).

Then he saw how the media proceeded to cite the “covfefe” incident to advocate the removal of the President by invoking the 25th Amendment, which deals with the succession of the US Presidency if the Commander in Chief becomes disabled, dies, resigns or is removed from office.

“I’m sitting there, looking at this stuff and I’m asking myself, ‘Is this sedition? Is this collusion for a coup attempt? What exactly is going on here, because it seems to me that the media might be colluding with Google to remove the President of the United States. And if I don’t do anything about it, then I myself am complicit.’

“And so, I had a really hard decision to make and ultimately, I realized I had to do the right thing and so I decided that I was going to bring this information and give 950 pages to Project Veritas, so that the American public could know the reality and the truth about the largest tech company in America…

“What I realized through all of this is that if you don’t have a free market of ideas, then you don’t have a free market of commerce. So, what I want to finish off with today is a sector of the economy that’s being absolutely destroyed right now.”

He shows us the analytics for, whose traffic went from over 2 million views per month to less than 1% of that, after Google launched its new pharmaceutical division. was a massively popular website that had similar traffic to InfoWars. While the latter was very publicly de-platformed and de-personed from all major social media sites for their wrong think, Mercola’s tageted demise was more like a sniper hit.

“This is the power of Google. How can any one of us, as entrepreneurs enter into a marketplace if a tech giant, in one day can flip the switch and destroy you and destroy everyone else in that market sector? We can’t have prosperity, we can’t have a free market if a company like this can just destroy entire sections of the economy at will. This is incompatible and the reason why I’m coming here is because I ultimately want you to be happy. I want you to be prosperous and I want your children to inherit the same kind of free America that I was able to inherit.

“It’s a big problem. I’m happy I’m on the other side. I hope that by exposing this, we can start to come and have a discussion about what we’re going to do, now that we know this information because we don’t want to have the Chinafication of America’s marketplace.”

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