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Montalk Updates October 2022
Topics: Scalar Clouds, Mindfulness, Invisibility, Musical Modes, Cataclysm Research, Manifesting, STS Corruption

Montalk - Scalar Clouds
Oct 7

Scalar clouds. For ~15 years I've been noticing these types of striped clouds showing up when things get negative (similar effects as Mercury retrogrades and full/new moon windows).

I suspected that maybe scalar or gravitational waves from the cosmos were impacting the area and disturbing things at the quantum-etheric level, which throws off probabilities and therefore ups Murphy's Law. Or that orgone concentrations in the sky were being subjected to some kind of pulsing, which creates standing waves and where orgone is denser you get water vapor condensation hence striped clouds.

So I finally decided to dig in and figure this out.

Turns out that, funny enough, in meteorology these are called gravity waves. Meteorology says they're not literally caused by gravitational waves (distortions in spacetime) but rather they arise from Earth's gravity pulling back down air that has risen from its place of equilibrium. This causes the air in that region to bob up and down like a cork in the ocean and send out ripples that show up in striped cloud formations (classified as "altostratus undulatus").

Mystery solved? Not yet. The key is that "air risen from its equilibrium" means an upward transfer of energy and momentum that goes as high as 500km in some cases, which is well into the ionosphere. The ionosphere is a distant layer of charged particles (electrical plasma) extending a couple hundred km up. Atmospheric gravity waves are therefore associated with "irregularities in the ionosphere" according to papers I read.

This means the density of electric charges in the ionosphere is disturbed via the oscillations, clustering, expansion, and ripples caused by upward air movement from below. Remember that HAARP technology does this artificially by pumping powerful electromagnetic beams into the ionosphere to modulate its charge density.

There's an equation, mostly ignored in physics, which I'm very familiar with. It says that a charge density that varies over time produces a corresponding "divergence of the vector potential" that varies over time.

And it's the latter that produces REAL gravity / time / longitudinal / scalar waves.

So, the irony is that these atmospheric "gravity waves" are associated with real gravitational waves after all, via the upward moving air's disturbance of the charge densities in the ionosphere. And the resulting scalar waves then somehow impact quantum-etheric processes back on the ground leading to moon/retrograde type effects in our lives.

Interestingly, scientists map these ionospheric irregularities by tracking delays in signals from GPS satellites. When such electromagnetic signals pass through plasma, their velocity changes, altering the timing of when they're received. But guess what, temporal anomalies where time moves slower or faster would produce the same effect, so for all we know these scientists are tracking spacetime distortion fields without even knowing it.

Now, because these ionospheric oscillations are quite low frequency, the scalar waves produced are also low frequency. I therefore suspect that when planets go retrograde, that due to the change in velocity between us and them there's a slight (low frequency) Doppler shift in the vibrations we receive from them, and that similarly impacts the quantum-etheric conditions here on Earth.

If you think about cymatics, when you add multiple frequencies you get a complex standing wave pattern, and changing even just one of those slightly will alter the pattern.

It looks to me like the interaction between various gravity / time / longitudinal / scalar waves produces a complex 3D (or 4D? 5D?) pattern with both standing and traveling waves in it, a kind of dynamic energy pattern with holographic properties. This either adds to, or modifies, or even comprises, our matrix reality. The aura itself seems to include time-oscillating properties, which would be the same thing just on a more local scale and associated with our soul and biology.

Interesting what you find when you dig into anomalies.

Carissa Conti
@montalk Reviewed my various scalar cloud pics with Tom/Montalk to see what would be good contributions to this post, to illustrate. These are the ones we came up with. All feature the telltale "scalar striping." And all were taken in the Boca Raton, FL area. (Most were pointed out to me by Tom, usually when we were out for a walk, which is why I grabbed shots with my camera.)

Pic 1 - 3.1.17.

Pic 2 - 3.12.17.

Pic 3 - 9.11.18.

Pic 4 - 2.3.19. (Includes chemtrails mixed in amongst the striping.)x

@montalk do you think some of the effect observed in astrology could be the result of how a planets gravity effects light? In other words do the planets act as "modulators" of light being "broadcasted" from the sun? The idea is that somehow light entering a specific planets gravity well is modulated and sent back towards the sun. The relative position and angles of planets contributing to how we receive this modulated light.

@Captain_DA Yes I think modulated light in itself can definitely play a role.

There's a whole field (known since ancient times) of astrological healing where the light from various stars and planets can create corresponding healing effects on the human body and soul. I think this can be perceived clairvoyantly, if not found out through trial and error.

In Alchemy, light reflecting off the Moon contains vibrational properties that alter chemical reactions on Earth in surprising way.

The correspondence to astrology isn't perfect though since a conjunction includes both when planet is on other side of the Sun and when it's between Earth and the Sun.

So both full illumination, and no illumination (from our perspective) not to mention it being blocked by the Sun itself if on the other side, all have the same meaning in astrology.

One way that could be explained is if the connecting beam between planet and Sun extends past the planet and hits Earth, or else (more likely) couples with Earth's own beam.

@montalk Fascinating. Perhaps the planets form something like a "parabolic" mirror and this could explain the effect? like this in this diagram

@Captain_DA It's possible but I don't know how a sphere could act like a parabola. There may also be some kind of etheric cymatics going on. If planets emit vibrations, then the way they sum together would create a complex field of wave patterns.

Montalk - Mindfulness
Oct 9

@montalk, I have a question about mindfulness / observing the present moment / observing myself. Assuming I practise this consistently (or at least make a consistent effort as it’s an extremely difficult practice), what practical changes / improvements would I see in my daily life, and how long before I start noticing these changes? Basically, I’m trying to work out if it’s worth practising, given how difficult it is.

@SirianSTO The main effects of practicing mindfulness and self-observation are that:

1) You'll start having more lucid dreams.

2) You'll conserve more subtle energy since you'll catch yourself from getting sucked into negative mental fantasies that waste it.

3) You'll be able to detect and stop implanted thoughts from taking root (whether they're caused by telepathic insertion or hypnotically implanted during ET contact to be triggered afterward).

4) Your emotions will become more stable, due to #2 and #3.

5) You'll achieve inner silence more easily, which allows for steadier meditation. If Castaneda is right, accumulating this inner silence starves the predator/shadow and eventually causes it to flee.

6) You can more frequently and consistently check in with yourself, your intuition and how your body feels, to serve as a gauge when facing decisions or if a good or bad thing is coming your way.

So it's mainly utilitarian.

What mindfulness will NOT do is:

1) Make you more psychic, beyond just being more mindful of your already existing intuitive sensations.

2) Make you transcend the matrix in terms of acquiring superpowers, at least not directly (only indirectly in that, say, the power of invisibility does require mental silence, which you can't achieve if you're not mindful of inner noise).

3) Make answers pop into your head from a higher intelligence. Here's why: when you contemplate a question and the answer hits you, it's not because you were shutting out all thoughts and focusing on inner silence by being mindful — not at all. Rather, you were lost in the question, having forgotten yourself, and become almost "at one" with the question and thus felt into the answer. Or maybe you were thinking about something else later and that created an opening for the answer to come through. If you shut out all thoughts, you shut out the question, the reasoning, and the answer. So it's more about where you place your mind in this case, rather than putting the mind completely on pause by becoming a silent observer of your own formless self-awareness (which is content-less).

4) Increase your reality creation abilities. Again, at least not directly. Only indirectly in that by catching and stopping runaway negative fantasies, you avoid negative reality creation. And if your mindfulness allows you to then intentionally switch into positive thoughts and emotions, yes then that over time increases positive reality creation. But just stopping thoughts and being aware of the present, in itself doesn't do much reality-creation wise. If you want to use "being present" for reality creation purposes, it has to be the future present not the current present.

@montalk @SirianSTO
"But just stopping thoughts and being aware of the present, in itself doesn't do much reality-creation wise" very true. People misunderstand mindfulness and are actually using repression and denial instead. We need to recall and process painful emptions so the energy of that is liberated from us. We then are free to focus on now because trauma and pain are not pulling us away from the present moment.

@montalk Interesting. I was pondering yesterday about what your general stance on Castaneda would be. I have a friend who is following his concepts of inner silence closely and that's all he talks about. Would you agree that the shamanic path is more about experiencing and the esoteric path is more about knowing?

@quinta_essentia About Castaneda, I suspect he used his Mexico experience as inspiration to create a fictional universe into which he could incorporate initiatic knowledge he gained elsewhere. I don't think most of what he recounts happened as written.

There may have been a don Juan early on that served as inspiration, but he continued as a fictional character soon after.

The actual content of the teachings, though, a good portion of it makes sense and fits, at least in their general essence and maybe not the exact detail.

Like the assemblage point idea, yes it seems our subtle energy field tunes into different reality layers and that's how we perceive 3D, and if that is altered then we perceive and think differently. But its ordinary position, concavity vs crevice, and other fine details I think could be made up.

Yes I agree that the shamanic path is more about experience. It can't be done without astral travel, lucid dreaming, and other altered states of consciousness. Esotericists can get pretty far just through research, contemplation, observation, and revelation. Definitely more mind-based. But experience leads to knowledge and knowledge gives you the tools to expand your experience so they probably converge at some point.

@montalk @quinta_essentia two points:

1. I read Castaneda's first book, but found it to be dense and rambling about things that aren't (for me) very interesting, so I gave up about 3/4th of the way. Maybe his later books are more focused? Following this conversation, I have now ordered his "Active Side of Infinity".

2. I have recently come across the idea of an assemblage point on our back via an unlikely source: Vadim Zeland in his book "Tufti the Priestess". Here he says (via Tufti) that if you observe yourself and the present moment, then mentally "light up" the assemblage point (called the "plait" here), then imagine a desire being fulfilled, and if you keep doing this consistently, your desire will be fulfilled.

@montalk Thanks. I'm new to Castaneda, and have only read pay of his "Journey to Ixtlan", but something feels pretty off about the tricks that Don Juan plays on him and the whole "ally" (inorganic being) concept. Physically tackling an inorganic being to merge with it or invite it inward like that seems foolish.

@montalk been reading Castaneda's "Active Side of Infinity" but finding it too fluffy, meandering, too wordy and thin on actual useful information. Like a neddle in a haystack. Any other book recommendation on self-observation?

PS. It turns out that the chapter "Mud Shadows" towards the very end of the book has the crux of the matter. The rest is fluff.

@SirianSTO That's Castaneda for you. If you really need that needle, you have to brave the fluff. I feel similarly about Rudolf Steiner, where the really useful info is scattered piecemeal across various books and each book alone has too many aspects I find irrelevant, strangely worded, sometimes dubious... and yet those rare puzzle pieces can't be found in any other source, so I still value Steiner a lot.

Castaneda's "The Art of Dreaming" is interesting, if you haven't gotten enough of him yet.

Theun Mares's books are more technical, serious, and practical than Castaneda but of the same culture/paradigm (Toltec). Return of the Warriors, Cry of the Eagle are his first two.

But strictly on self-observation, what comes to mind is Sri Maharshi, Paul Brunton, Boris Mouravieff, Ouspensky and Gurdjieff.

Montalk - Invisibility
Oct 16


Human spontaneous involuntary invisibility (HSII). Overview of history and some example cases. Really makes you think about how reality works, simulation theory, consciousness etc. I've posted this before but the author has her own updated website now with better formatting so here is the link again:

I experienced it myself. Had a migraine, stopped at Walgreens to get some meds, two guys and cashier were blocking the aisle. I did the un-Tom thing and pushed through them, got tangled up in their carts and arms. None of them acted like they saw me, didn't stop talking either. I moved past and looked back and they were still exactly as before, never once glanced at me or acknowledge my presence or rolled their eyes at each other or anything. It's not that they didn't just see me, they were not conscious of me — or conscious beings, period.

I did an extremely improbable thing for me, and I had a migraine so my neural patterns were not the norm either. Guessing the "matrix" didn't expect me to interact with people who were just background characters, and couldn't read my consciousness enough to activate them fully.

Normally, if you think about it, two sentient humans are quantum-observers of each other, "collapsing each other's wave functions." Some kind of synchronization via mutual send-receive. If you don't project or reflect, synchronization may be disrupted.

Maybe we each exist in our own dream-like universe, but our universes are all coordinated into functioning like a shared reality, similar to online multiplayer video games. But when there's lag in synchronization or the connection drops out, we get glitches and discontinuities.

In online video games, one method to get around this is for the game to anticipate what you're going to do next and go ahead and move characters accordingly until the server reconnects and synchronizes everything properly. So if during that dropout period you do something unexpected, the game can't accommodate it, and then like in my case I got tangled up in the arms of some fill-in characters that I was never meant to (or anticipated to) interact with. That's my best theory on what happened.

V for Victory
@montalk "Science reports that such a cloud of free electrons will absorb all light entering it; it will not reflect nor refract light waves, nor are light waves able to pass through a human being. Consequently the observer’s eye sees nothing there and the person surrounded by such a cloud is invisible. Since light is necessary for human sight, when there are no reflected or refracted light waves bouncing off a person and hitting the observer’s retina, the person is not able to be seen and is not visible under normal circumstances."

I'm not sure if the above would be an accurate explanation of what is going on during this phenomena. If a cloud of free electrons is absorbing all light entering it and will not reflect it back to the observer, then that would mean that the light behind the "invisible" subject would be also absorbed by the cloud of free electrons so ultimately the observer would see total blackness, like a black hole silhouette in the shape of the "invisible" person and not see what is behind the subject. I hope I explained myself right with my limited knowledge of this type of science.

I think another more plausible explanation is as you mentioned with the example of a multi-player video game. Something in the "code" has been temporarily changed so that the observers cannot see a specific player within the "video game" for a moment, even if the player is still there. So in other words, the code change is happening within the "invisible" person, the rest of the observers and the environment.

I am reminded of how 4D entities can change their appearance to an abductee. Wouldn't they be able to also make themselves seem invisible? Maybe these invisible people are unintentionally tapping into this ability for just a moment.

I wouldn't mind an invisibility cloak myself.

Great article BTW, thanks!

@montalk Just to add something to the conversation. It seems that it's also not just about the visuals but also about auditive because if they were just "invisible" then you would think that they could still hear the person's foot steps, for example. Or like the example of the guy leaving the bathroom unnoticed. Did the lady waiting for her turn to go to the bathroom not see or hear the door being opened as the guy left? It just seems to me that it's not about "invisibility" but more like the perception of the subject is completely removed within the program from the observers.

@guanajo I think you're right on with that reasoning. I bet if the guy wanted to, he could have knocked the baseball cap off someone's head and they wouldn't even notice.

In my Walgreens experience, I grabbed one guy's bare arm with both my hands and moved it out of the way. It was lukewarm but somewhat limp, like the arm of a sleeping person. But he was talking and standing so wasn't asleep obviously.

So it's more like everyone's hypnotized not to see.

Maybe it's people's own subconsciouses that predict and respond to everyone else's next move. Then if someone does or says something unexpected, out of bounds of the programming of the perceiver, the perceiver's subconscious can't get a fix on that person, has no response available, and therefore isn't able to become conscious of them.

@montalk @guanajo I had a “dream”, but swear it was something that actually happened, meant to seem like a dream. In it the hybrid was invisible but I could use all other senses. Almost like my sight of him was distorted but only that. It was highly physical too, and lasted way longer than what a glitch would be. Obviously two different scenarios but think in my case someone intended for me to not see but to have all other sensory experiences to consciously recall.

Makes me wonder Tom if perhaps you inadvertently caused those guys to not see you by interfering with their perception, like in a psychic way. Another way to look at it but seems your game analogy is more plausible.

Wild! Apologies if I’ve already asked or you’ve already posted on this but have you ever randomly gone to new locations out of the norm of your routine? Forgot what that is called, but I’ve been curious to try. Wonder if that would also cause glitches.

@abducteejournal Long ago I had that idea too and tried it out a few times -- the issue I ran into is that by thinking of something random to do and doing it, I was acting on reason and broadcasting my intention which made it predictable again.

It's almost like you'd have to think of it suddenly and spontaneously and then not think about it too much as you do it. The whole self-aware "hur hur I'm doing something random now" thing seems to kill it, maybe a quantum observer effect?

It wasn't until 10+ years later that the Randonauting phenomenon took off, which is a way more systematic way of doing this.

Randonautica app:

Though, one thing that often pops up with randonauting anecdotes is that nothing happens during the experiment, but maybe hours or days later when they're not thinking about it, the thing they intended before doing it (like reality creation) suddenly pops up in an unexpected way.

It's a given that any action that's based on factors from the already-established past (like your social programming, or stomach grumbles so you get up to eat something, i.e. physical cause and effect) will not be all that original, unpredictable, or improbable...

...Therefore, it stands to reason that the most improbable things happen due to factors that don't come from the past, but from outside linear time. Whether from the future, or literally outside linear time. Precognition would be an example.

I haven't tried it yet, but if you're not psychic yet an ET gives you an ear ringing by scanning/activating you, then the ET is taking action based on things that aren't totally within linear time. And so if you use the ear ringing as a signal to do something solely because you got a ringing, you're doing something improbable. That might generate anomalies, but would need to test this.

@abducteejournal Reddit's randonaut forum sorted by top posts gives you a quick scan of the best things people have found by using the app to visit random places as decided by a quantum random number generator:

@montalk Was looking through it, very cool! ? When I consciously manifest something I set the intention, then start feeling as if I have it but key is to stop thinking about it. So thought ruins it, feelings don’t. Then synchronistically it happens. I wonder if the feeling part is a matter of setting yourself to locate it. Or rather for that experience to locate you. Like seriously, manifested this expensive, gorgeous New York apartment that was otherwise not possible. The day I received it was SUPER synchronistic with lots of eartones and head pressure.

Did the same recently to get my car. Turns out the car I wanted wasn’t available so I got a slightly older one. Later found out the year I wanted was the worst year for the Prius, and the one I got was the best year

@abducteejournal I noticed likewise, that thoughts block while feelings attract. Usually when people do these visualizations, they have enough feeling that it overrides the blocking action of thought (which is needed to specify the target).

What's interesting though is that it seems to be waking conscious thought that does it. I mean, in quantum physics when they say 'observer' what they're really talking about is the everyday ego consciousness in an alpha/beta brainwave state. It seems like, to the degree that awareness is locked into the physical body and linear time, it does likewise to the 'wave function' by focusing it into a definite and specific state we know as physical reality.

But when consciousness defocuses, seems like the wave function likewise does so. Reason I bring that up is that, yes, if you're in full waking consciousness it may take feeling to override that blocking action...

But what if you're lost in a daydream, or in that 'in between waking and sleeping' state, or in a lucid dream where your etheric/astral body is somewhat decoupled from the physical? Well, in my experience and per the better manifesting literature out there, it works even more powerfully in that state... to where feeling isn't needed as much, as there's far less resistance and blockage in that state.

So just saying that the feeling factor isn't primary, but it does play a role. Low resistance via altered state of consciousness + feeling should be pretty high power. Though, interestingly, in occultism that is exactly the state in which thoughtforms are most effectively produced, so I suspect with manifesting we are actually creating thoughtforms as some kind of "holographic template" that matches the probable future we're attracting. Which kind of makes sense if "the future" is simply a thought within the greater universal mind (demiurge) that projects this reality. Which would mean a thoughtform is your own thought/feeling being translated into that of the demiurge which then (hopefully) precipitates the physical experience fully once it's had time to work through the metaphysical machinery.

That's awesome how your car worked out for the better, after all.

@montalk Haha, I know a car and a fancy apartment are petty things to attract but the fancy apartment was the first thing I consciously attracted. As in put in the effort. The car is something I needed ☺️.

So what is precog then? Would it be more of a self fulfilling prophecy since there are many probable futures and I happen to see a certain probability? Then by thinking precog is even a thing, my strong feelings of accepting that may be the component that is making that probability the more likely one. If so I wonder why “they” got into a hissy fit when I was attempting what I think was precog on them.

It’s been wild how accurate mine and Ponti’s have been but interestingly they have been accurate in energy signature and feeling of what I saw but not necessarily the details. Different people, circumstances and location, but the exact feelings I had experienced and same energy of the experience. Maybe I need to be more careful about strongly accepting what I saw in the precog as an inevitable future because I don’t want to inadvertently manifest the undesired probability. Although supposedly next six months will be awesome

@abducteejournal Precog is technically the future perturbing the past.

Without precog, things go they way they would have always gone. But when the future influences the past, things may deviate from their expected course.

It might even prevent that future via the person's awareness of the future exerting a quantum observer effect, or their actions changing based on such knowledge which creates effects that ripple forward in time.

The degree of change seems to vary case by case, person by person, and if you don't care and don't do anything about it then maybe the future come about as foreseen.

But if I were an ET control freak, I wouldn't want humans to have or use precog because it introduces deviations, instability, and unpredictability that make me uncomfortable.

In certain cases I'd imagine precog could indeed become self-fulfilling prophecy. Like in time travel movies where knowing the future and trying to prevent it leads to creating that very future.

But since this must involve an extended suspension of freewill, I'm guessing it's the exception not the norm.

There were a couple times in my life where an ear ringing, which signals a possible conflict coming up, led to my mentioning the ear ringing to someone, which directly led to the very conflict it foreshadowed.

@montalk Fascinating! Perhaps seeing myself working in a research lab prompted me to reach out to my favorite lab, which got me an interview, then a job, then a trip to a conference (which I saw in the precog), then other events started to unfold close to how I saw them. It seems they happened when I forgot I had seen it in the precog so let go of the expectations. I’m even still dismissing the events I saw coming up in Jan to Feb because currently there are too many obstacles.

Then again there has been several major deviations recently that are causing an unfolding of what I saw even quicker. It’s dizzying. Wonder if dismissing the probability of something happening prompts it to happen. So an aspect of self fulfilling prophecy.

@abducteejournal It sounds like the more something is under your control, and the less it depends on chance / synchronicity, the more precognition can inform you of what steps you need to take to make it happen. Then it become self-fulfilling because the future informs the past which helps the past take steps to become that future.

On the other hand, if something's up in the air, out of your hands, dependent on chance or synchronicity, then that's when I noticed it gets blocked the more you know about it and expect it.

Like if you start anticipating exactly how it will go from A to Z, and expect not only what the event will be but when, then it tends to not happen, in my experience.

Conversely, if the case is that "I sense THAT will be the outcome but I don't know HOW or WHEN it will happen" -- then there's enough unexpectedness in there for synchronicity/chance to do its thing.

My takeaway is that if you know and expect too much of an outcome, it turns from synchronistic to deterministic (physical cause-effect), meaning you need to make it happen by carrying out the necessary steps. Which is fine if it's up to you to physically make happen.

But if it depends on synchronicity or chance, then some degree of unknowing is needed regarding the nature, timing, steps leading up to the event.

These aren't 100% hard rules because your precog abilities vary and because probable futures vary in how solidified they are, how much is influenceable by you, and how much it depends on Law of Attraction effects vs. deterministic effects.

@montalk Interesting, I’ll have to check it out! Perhaps the fact they are outside linear time means they have to work twice as hard at catching up with someone. Maybe it is not as simply as tracking your implant location in space, like we would track our cat in the backyard. Time might be an added factor. Then maybe psychic connections weaken, since “they” seem to be obsessed with strengthening them every time I travel.

What was interesting is they hated when I traveled recently with my parents. We were never in one place for more than a few days, and often times were crossing state borders not knowing where we would end up. Needless to say synchs and ear ringing were through the roof and I could feel they were stressed out trying to keep track of us. So that gave me the idea to make traveling my life=

No weird glitches happened to us because we would settle on a hotel eventually. Mom and I both woke up with our right earring out of our ears, both earrings not easily removed by accident. I think that was just “their” petty warning to stop doing what we were doing. Yeah ok, we will just settle in this mountain town in the middle of nowhere then

Carissa Conti
@montalk @abducteejournal

Tom and I noticed that when suddenly acting outside the expected norm of one's routine reality goes a little wonky. So it isn't invisibility, but it's yet another phenomenon that can happen by suddenly going "randonaut."

In our case one that jointly happened to the both of us was detailed in my "Synchronicities" write up:
"Crab – June 21, 2014. It was late afternoon and Tom and I were sitting at each of our computers, doing our individual things, when I suddenly felt compelled out of nowhere to do an internet search on my brother’s name, see if anything new came up since he’s been out of my life since early 2002. Well… did. O.o Turns out he’d just been arrested a few weeks before, yet again. (the crime wasn’t anything major. Just petty sh*t, as usual.) There were stories on the ‘net about it, mentioning how he’s homeless (still) and including this latest mug shot, as well a photo of him being led into the courtroom, cuffed in the front, flanked by several bored looking cops. Decided to go for a walk to process. [NOTE: This was the "randonaut" moment. Originally we had no intention of going for a walk, but I suddenly changed plans/shifted gears unexpectedly.]

As we were walking down a sidewalk on NE 20th Street here in Boca we see a squashed thing up ahead, and Tom thinks it’s a huge spider or something. Turns out it’s just a plant. We stare down at it with its long, spider leg looking leaf tendrils and Tom says it looks like a crab. So we continue on our way, rounding the corner onto Boca Raton Boulevard, and there suddenly is this blue gray colored crab, for real, on the sidewalk in front of us. Big thing too, with large eyes, that was scared and skittered away from us sideways, as they do, with the legs clicking on the cement, disappearing into the bushes where it stuffed itself into an old cup, trying to hide. (Poor thing. :( ) The odds on this are astounding, because neither Tom nor I have ever seen a crab skittering around on a sidewalk in an urban area like that prior to this incident. Until that point I had only ever seen real, live wild crabs once in my entire life, in Key West, in like 2003 or something. I’ve never seen any in a city. Let alone minutes after somebody makes a comment that something looks like a crab. O.o And then the only reason it even happened at all is because I wanted to go for an unplanned walk to clear my head after finding the arrest story about Joe, after having the urge to look his name up out of nowhere. Otherwise…. no synch. This synch has aspects that overlap with category #6, coming up, which I’ll explain in a moment."

And speaking of Joe, back in late 2001 he point blank told me that this reality is artificial, and operates in an A.I. kind of way, "anticipating what we'll do next." So his advise? Never be predictable. If you're going to do something don't think on it in depth, just do it. This way it won't know and can't anticipate things in the event it decides to sabotage us, I guess is what he was trying to convey.

There are problems with this advise though obviously, as it also contradicts what needs to be done to make reality creation happen. You do need to put some concerted thought into what you want, even briefly, before moving on and letting it go to the universe.

But can you imagine if you lived your entire life like this? Always on the move, behaving completely rando and unpredictable?? Our individual realities would probably implode on itself, if there's validity to this theory. Whether the reason has to do with A.I., some sort of quantum principles, or who knows what.

@Carissa_Conti @montalk Haha, that sounds like insanity. A guy reached out to Fore and I on Discord last year asking about a problem he had. At first he seemed normal, but then the more he wrote the more Fore and I realized he had a clear mental instability. He was unable to keep track of events, lots of weird time jumps and blips. Needless to say he couldn’t hold onto a job, relationships and any meaningful experience. He was just homeless and barely making it. He admitted it was hellish to live like that even though he did seem to have some “enlightened” understanding of reality.

Wonder if something similar would happen if you lived that unpredictably. I have told you about “nexus points” I get where it’s almost like there is increased pressure and then all this stuff suddenly happens, often times during the most unpredictable points in my life and the events take sharp turns away from current life circumstances.

Happened in the last few days where a lot of changes happened at once. All it took was for me to be unpredictable

Montalk - Musical Modes
Oct 19

also, to bug you again @montalk
ever gonna go into detail about musical modes? I really resonated with the footnote on soul resonance in music about Locrian being the future so that's why I'm asking

@supercellex4D The musical modes correspond to phases in human history. Here's the Wiki page for modes with audio examples:

We're in the Ionian (major scale) mode now. C to C on the keyboard.

The Rennaissance / Middle Ages were the Dorian mode. D to D.

Rome lasted a long time and spanned the Dorian to Phrygian.

Mesopotamia / Egypt / Greece were the Phrygian mode, E to E.

The Greeks knew about all the modes not just Phrygian. I'm just saying that each of these phases of human civilization had a primary one that typified them.

The Lydian (F to F) and Mixolydian (G to G) modes then are associated with what came before recorded civilization, so early Bronze Age, Copper Age, Neolithic.

If you listen to these two modes, especially the Lydian, they have a Golden or Silver Age (in terms of Yugas) feel to them. Magical and arcadian, probably the time period when the Sahara was green.

The Aeolian (A to A) is the minor scale, which we commonly use as well but it's not our primary mode. Since that one sounds sad, I'm thinking that lines up with the last pole shift / end of ice age and the desolation that followed. And the fact that we use it secondary to the major scale, implies we may be at the cusp of another cataclysm or at least carry the energies of desolation, maybe at a cultural/spiritual level.

So following that progression forward, the next one after us is B to B, the Locrian mode, corresponding in the previous cycle to what came before the pole shift, which would have been Atlantis-like.

Locrian is the only mode that has an augmented fourth in it, aka the infernal Tritone. So Locrian has an occult and transcending quality to it. Makes sense then that Atlantis is identified with it.

The tritone is "evil" if used as is, but is more otherworldly if used together with other notes so that it creates a key modulation instead. I gave an example and discussed this in my Soul Resonance and Music article: (Example #14)

I think this points to mankind's future shift (back) to a 4th Density state, either STS or STO depending on how that pivot to a higher realm is used. If used without intelligence it becomes diabolical, otherwise merely otherworldly and magical.

@montalk I absolutely dig those otherworldly wierd vibe realms for some reason, explains why locrian doesn't even sound 'wrong' to me despite every other modulation in it being some kind of augmented fourth
Gab's UI everyone, making me send the same thing twice

@montalk to continue cluttering your Gab timeline, this time with a self recognizingly foreign thoughtform (I mean it tried to say it's not from my immediate mind, which got immediately concurred by my mind saying "yeah no not lying") that identifies as one of the continuums adjacent to my higher self has connections to
something told me what if the reason it's a cycle is cause of the spiritual sorter aspect of 3D, and that from the perspective of 4D (probably HF due to the increased worldview assets) it's actually not forever repeating and the 4D split off realms just aren't visible to 3D due to loss of data. and then spiritual evo continues in 4D towards your path? would explain a few things...

Montalk - Cataclysm Research
Oct 24

Concise summary of some recent cataclysm research, which I generally agree with (not sure about 2046 specifically, though). It concludes with what I've been saying for a while now, that the Great Reset agenda is motivated by the controllers wanting to maintain their control of mankind through the next dark age:

From Discerning Alien Disinformation, 2008:

"Natural cyclical cataclysms further threaten to destabilize the control system. Possibilities include extreme solar flares, mass volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, super-storms, cometary bombardments, magnetic pole shift, physical pole shift, and the onset of a new ice age. For thousands of years humanity has remained mostly free of these threats, but the cycles appear to all be converging during the coming decades. We are already seeing disruptions to the food supply due to diseases, droughts, and floods ruining crops simultaneously worldwide.

The control system cannot survive intact without adapting to these disruptions. Adaptation means increasing the level of control, like a farmer rounding up his livestock in preparation of a severe storm and confining them to the barn. As a matter of efficiency, the control system goes one step further by exploiting early threats, whether real or manufactured, to gain the control needed to survive the later threats. Example: global warming is largely the result of natural solar system cycles, but by instead blaming human carbon emissions as the sole cause, the control system can lower the standard of living and deprecate the self-esteem of humanity so that, desperate and demoralized, humans are more willing to hand their sovereignty over to seemingly wiser authorities. The authorities then have the necessary means of tying down their human livestock."

Of course, such doomsday prognostications don't factor in:

1. The quantum observer effect, where our own consciousness (specifically our subconscious nature, or soul resonance frequency spectrum) affects the probability of events happening individually and collectively.

2. The possibility of a timeline split and realm shift, where it's only the 3D timeline that unwinds and fizzles out into a cataclysmic dead end while the consciousness of those who are ready flip over (unfortunately for most people through death then reincarnation) into a 4D type existence.

3. That foreseen cataclysms may not always be literal, but can be symbolic same way a dream of a tornado signals upcoming emotional turmoil and not literally a tornado that's going to hit. Hence, a complete inversion and realignment of human perception of reality could be perceived clairvoyantly as a pole shift of the planet. Then again, the two aren't mutually exclusive and "above" tends to accompany "below" so we could get both.

4. Divine and E.T. factors. In the unlikely possibility that the world's human elites are acting on their own ideas about the future and how to deal with it, and aren't just puppets carrying out E.T. agendas, their plans are going to be trampled under the foot of E.T. and divine agendas and thus not come to fruition like they (or the conspiracy researchers predicting their moves) think. Like the Tower of Babel myth. They may think they're going to lock us all into a transhumanist totalitarian dystopia eating bugs underground waiting out the next mini-ice age, but E.T. and divine agendas which are inherently non-deterministic (meaning from outside linear time and therefore full of unpredictables) can make things turn out very differently.

The divine factor is especially interesting because it judo-flips the dark to create an unexpected and more positive outcome than anyone could have predicted based on deterministic factors. The catch is that, in its infinite wisdom and patience, it doesn't always fit our wishful expectations. It just waits to perform the master touch at the right spots to ensure it gets the last laugh.

V for Victory
@montalk “ They may think they're going to lock us all into a transhumanist totalitarian dystopia eating bugs underground waiting out the next mini-ice age, but E.T. and divine agendas which are inherently non-deterministic (meaning from outside linear time and therefore full of unpredictables) can make things turn out very differently.”

They might lock many people in but not all, depending on how this goes. I think that the same way some chose the jabs and some did not, some will choose to remain slaves and some will not. I believe positive forces are taking notes. Making a list, checking it twice.

@guanajo The positive ones respect freewill more, so if someone's stubbornly set on taking the jabs, taking the chip, eating the bugs, I doubt they'll be stopped for their own good. The others who choose the light and do their part should get guidance, assistance, even intervention.

We're not privy to half the equation though, which is everything a soul sees and possibly agrees to before being born. Maybe they want to be the hero who goes out in an act of martyrdom, and we then wonder why such a good person had to die so young.

V for Victory
@montalk "Maybe they want to be the hero who goes out in an act of martyrdom, and we then wonder why such a good person had to die so young."

That's the thing, for all we know the souls that have taken the jab might have agreed to do so before incarnating so that the rest of the human population could eventually see what the globalists were doing via all of these heart attacks, blood clots, and all around excess deaths. These souls, or maybe a certain amount of them, might have made a sacrifice for the rest so that the ones that did not get jabbed could have a fighting chance. Because as you say, we are not privy to half the equation, I tend to refrain from calling the people that got jabbed names or talking trash about them. For all we know, they might have saved many lives.

Frozen Decoded
@guanajo @montalk Trump did say that the jabs would save MILLIONS of lives.... in this context, these people might have, in the end, saved more lives through contributing to the unveiling of the Jabs’ sinister purpose. Operation warp speed could be acceleration of the thinning-of-the-herd process in order to expose it sooner.

@montalk I am glad that I am not the only one who has these thoughts. I see a divine hand at play in all this. Frustrating to have to deal with all this sh*t in the meantime.

@montalk hahaha. the dark is over. that's so obvious by now. wakey-wakey...

Montalk - Manifesting
Oct 27

== Manifesting ==

Thoughts block while feelings attract. Usually when people do manifesting visualizations, they have enough feeling that it overrides the blocking action of thought (which is needed to specify the target). But without feeling, all you have is anticipatory thought, and since reality likes surprises, what you calmly anticipate and are prepared for tends not to happen. But strong enough feeling can override that. This is why it's an empirical rule that one should forget about it after doing the visualization, so that anticipation doesn't block it.

What's interesting is that it seems to be waking conscious thought that does the blocking. In quantum physics when they say 'observer' what they're really talking about is the everyday ego consciousness in an alpha/beta brainwave state, though very few physicists ever dare make that distinction.

To the degree that our awareness is focused into the physical body and linear time, the wave function we 'observe' does likewise, focusing it into a definite and specific state we know as physical reality.

But when consciousness defocuses, seems like the wave function likewise does so. It has to be loosened up like that if it's going to flow into the intended outcome.

Reason I bring that up is that, yes, if you're in full waking consciousness it may take feeling to override that blocking action...

But what if you're lost in a daydream, or in that 'in between waking and sleeping' state, or in a lucid dream where your etheric/astral body is somewhat decoupled from the physical?

Well, in my experience and per the better manifesting literature out there, it works even more powerfully in that state... to where feeling isn't needed as much since there's far less resistance and blockage in that state.

Just saying that the feeling factor isn't primary. You can be lost in a daydream and have a very quick, honest, sincere, but nonchalant "would be cool if ___ " and it can manifest within minutes or hours. I've had that happen many times. I was in a deep alpha state, not divided within myself per a self-aware "gee let's see if this manifests" thought, but more a state of absorption (called confluence in Boris Mouriavieff's books).

Feelings can still play a role, though. Low resistance via altered state of consciousness + feeling should have pretty intense effects. That's why any 'vibe raising' meditation, healing visualization, reality creation exercise, or similar should ideally be done in the twilight state between waking and sleeping or in a lucid dream.

Interestingly, in occultism these are exactly the states in which thoughtforms are most effectively produced, so I suspect with manifesting we are actually creating thoughtforms as some kind of "holographic template" that matches the probable future we're attracting.

Which kind of makes sense if "the future" is simply a thought within the greater universal mind (demiurge) that projects this reality.

Which would mean a thoughtform is your own thought/feeling being translated into that of the demiurge which then (possibly) precipitates the physical experience fully once it's had time to work through the metaphysical machinery.

This is far from the whole picture. There's also the moral question of where within us the desire of what to manifest comes from; like whether it's the ego or Jungian shadow foolishly clamoring after something and not the heart/spirit. And, also the fact that it's often better to not choose anything specific, nor focus on outcomes, but simply hold a sincere and positive mindset in the present which, alone, can attract experiences that validate that positive state in an expanding feedback loop.

Montalk - STS Corruption
Nov 1

I've been pondering to entertain myself recently
what happens if all of STS corruption gets purged somehow? like from the infinite creator, or someone running as 'root user' that decides "aight well you know what fu*k this darkness *yeet*"? would it have to redevelop how it did initially? what even is that initial development?

@supercellex4D If an omnipotent being erased all darkness in our reality, it would also have to erase the darkness within us. That would include the ego and the laws of physics since conservation of matter, energy, and momentum means resources are finite and competition develops which leads to violence.

We would then exist in a nonphysical state without so many rules or limitations, free spirits doing creative things and exercising our imaginations. This is what some people want, and it's what many sources say is our natural spiritual state outside this matrix.

Sounds pretty good, unless you wanted to challenge yourself or go on exciting adventures. Then you'd want risk, not-knowing, and limitation to make these possible.

You'd want time to develop patience, trials to experience glory, amnesia to discover what you're truly made of, separation to experience love of another and not just your self, freewill and karma to learn from your choices.

And you would want to alternate between this "challenge mode" and returning to a spiritual realm of freedom and peace to review your experience, which is what mystical traditions going back thousands of years say happens regarding life vs. afterlife and the reincarnation cycle.

But not everyone who goes through that makes it intact. The risks include forgetting even the good parts of self, getting resentful, getting hurt and vowing revenge, shriveling with fear, and making ignorant choices due to not having the full picture. Then evil takes hold again. No challenge without resistance, no game without risk of loss, no surprise without unknowing.

So it's like we either stop seeking newness, adventure, challenge, games and just exist like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden being obedient harmless naive children forever, or we deal with evil in a quest to become more than children.

Personally I prefer that evil be dialed back, put in its place, as it's out of control now. If it can't be eliminated, it can still be reigned in. Within ourselves as much as outside. Doing so fulfills darkness's cosmic purpose as catalytic resistance.

@montalk ding ding ding
PS: are you psychic? why the fu*k do you keep reflecting my perspective on every query I send to you?

@montalk @supercellex4D I agree. There needs to be balance in this existence. For too long the negative has ruled and tipped the scale in their favor. Personally though the amnesia aspect of this reality proves to be the most challenging. The not knowing or not remembering brings about a great sense of loss.

@montalk @supercellex4D
So would you then agree with this suppose Illuminate Insider, or do you think its an attempt to insert themselves in a positive way into the Law of One narrative?

@Barb64 @montalk I will neither confirm nor deny, depends on if his POV is that the original purpose of darkness is basically so that the metaphorical image isn't just a white screen and actually composes semantic data to be oversimplifying

@Barb64 @supercellex4D I agree with the Law of One material, but Hidden Hand comes off as a copycat of the Elite Family Insider from 2005:

Hidden Hand relies way too much on Ra Material terminology and peculiarities to be the real thing, and says it too cavalierly with this boyish excitement. He kind of makes a mockery of it with his spiel. I picture a dorky man in his early 50s, a student of esoteric material, putting on an act to get his knowledge/theories out there, quite pleased with himself for getting traction on the internet.

So it's like anything he says that I find reasonable, was already said in the LoA books, and the parts original to his narrative happen to be things I found suspicious. So might as well go to the primary source, the LoA books and discuss their merits, as Hidden Hand adds distortion IMO.

There are elite families that function as positive secret societies with occult/gnostic knowledge and wealth handed down through the generations.

But the other families that are high level STS are definitely in it for themselves. I mean they are further up the pyramid than even the economic hitmen, sociopathic politicians, and blood drinking Hollywood celebrities.

So their "goodness" and "purpose" is more about what unintended backfiring effects their schemes might have, and how they are unwittingly used by divine agendas, rather than what they themselves intend. Luciferian reptilians describes their energy.

At best they see themselves as wolves culling the herd of the sick and weak as a necessary function of nature, and that their actions do have a catalytic effect driving forward the game. Just that they get to keep theirs, and the other side gets to keep theirs, in terms of what fish in the sea they snap up.

But they do nothing intentionally to help positive people. Instead they do everything in their power to catch, suppress, if not eliminate them. So they really are malicious, and only by our wisdom, discernment, and fortitude do we turn it around and springboard off them, but that's not guaranteed.

So I agree with some of the general premise of Hidden Hand but his portrayal of himself and negative families is a bit cartoonish IMO: "Me on the other hand, I'm going to have to go and do some REALLY negative things now to make up for all this positivity. Kind of amusing, in an ironic way." -- I mean seriously? Haha.

@montalk @supercellex4D Understood but just keep it under 95%, just to be on the safe side

V for Victory
@montalk Hi Tom. Speaking of manifesting, are there any resources you would like to pass along specifically on how to develop our higher faculties? Aside from inner self-work of course. For example, developing telekinesis, telepathy, remote viewing, clairvoyance, claircognizance, etc.

I have found that there is a lot of material out there but most of what I have found talks about the topic in a general sense but does not tend to give you truly practical exercises in order to develop these skills. Or if they do, it seems very simplistic and wishful thinkish (if that's a word). As an example, a "practitioner" will give you general information about how to develop clairvoyance and then tell you that in order to develop it you just meditate on it, imagine that you are receiving information and that's it. Maybe that does work if you do it for many years but I have a feeling there is much more to it than that.

If all is "as above, so below" then logic tells me that developing higher faculties might not be just imagining it or meditating on it in the same way that we can't just wish or meditate on or imagine going to the gym and imagine exercising and expect to gain 50lbs of muscle not stepping foot in a gym. Although there have been studies about that, but that's another conversation.

Just wondering if you have come across any "developing your higher faculties" material that makes sense to you or has even worked somewhat for you.

@guanajo I haven't come across any one-stop-shops that provide a complete, accurate, and logical system. But if you look into enough sources, common patterns emerge and you can then judge the individual sources against that pattern to see where and how far they're off.

The ones I know about include:

* Kerning System, by 1800s stage actor and psychic J. B. Kerning. This became the partial basis of Alois Mailander's system in Germany, and Mailander was the Rosicrucian master who taught Steiner, Blavatsky, and a few others. I can't find good/complete info on it, but the introductory steps included focusing on body parts, vowel sounds and imagining their letters inscribed on each body part, and charging up the finger this way and touching it to a body part to imbue it with etheric stimulus.

* Clairvision School with Samuel Sagan. His book "Awakening the Third Eye" specifically.

* Commercial hermetic/rosicrucian schools like A.M.O.R.C., where their monographs for the home study course include various exercises. The book "Wisdom of the Mystic Masters" by Joseph Weed contains several of these. You can add some hermetic sources like John Baines' book "Hypsoconsciousness" with a couple exercises for breathing and for achieving the mind-awake-body-asleep state.

* Bronnikov Method. A friend sent me this video. This one aims to be a self-contained system for psychic development. There's a school people to go for this:

* Fore's system. Pontificator and AbducteeJournal developed their own variation of it. But as much as Fore's written, it all hinges on being able to produce 'influence' energy in the first place and being able to sense it. That's like turning the key in the ignition, without which all instructions on driving are pointless. Still, I think his is the most realistic and up to date method, whereas other sources tend to be hand-me-down information from generations ago with corruption thrown in. Here's excerpts from his old posts: -- two main things you'll find in this system is 1) sending influence through and to parts of the subtle body in order to stimulate it, and 2) building an internal graphical user interface to communicate with the higher mind (via the subconscious) in order to decode the ESP data being received thanks to your newly unfolded/developed subtle energy sense organs as well as to send it commands. Your human brain and this higher mind don't speak the same language, as yours is based on human language and 5-sense imagination and memory, so the GUI is needed as a common middle ground.

* Silva Mind Method (or the Silva UltraMind Method) -- this is an independent source that talks about building that very GUI. Basically, going into an alpha/theta state (which involves the etheric/astral decoupling slightly from the physical, which is a lesser substitute for developing subtle energy sense organs that function even while awake). (scroll down)

* Vipassana, Robert Bruce's book "Energy Work", or the Taoist Yoga books of Mantak Chia talking about the microcosmic orbit exercise. These use intention and visualization to circulate etheric energy within and around the body. Third party sources that touch on the same thing involved in the system Fore was taught by his E.T. handlers. Energy flows where attention goes. Fore explained that when you decide to take an action like lifting your hand, what really happens is that the intention of that action originates with or loops through the higher mind, but we don't normally perceive it. But it's that intention that's a command to the higher mind to make something happen, and so when we intend to move subtle energy about the body or generate more of it, that intent when it reaches the higher mind makes it happen. The GUI is a more reliable and effective way of doing that, but when starting out you don't have that, so all you have is intention. Like if you intend that energy flow out your hand into a table or to create a psi ball between your hands, that intention + visualization acts as a crude GUI to get the process started. That's one way to do it. Vipassana, Energy Work, and Taoist Yoga do that within the body to both produce more etheric energy (which causes subtle energy structures to increase in output to meet the demand, thereby activating them) and move that energy through the meridians (which wakes up and stimulates them, and feeds them into growing).

That's pretty much it. I don't know of a single source that has it all in an organized and straightforward way, so it's unfortunately up to us to scrape together the scraps from various sources and try to reconstruct a full and complete system from it all.

Fore did warn, and Bronnikov experienced this early in his school's development, that etheric energy manipulation exercises can cause physical problems. In Bronnikov's case, it was cancer. He made some improvements which got around that. I don't remember what they were, but I vaguely remember possibly incorporating a Buddhist Inner Smile type technique before doing the exercises. Fore said that the heart can get stressed by the energy load and that can lead to arrhythmia and even heart attacks. Some people are more susceptible to that than others. This has been my main blocker.

V for Victory
@montalk Greatly appreciated! It probably would not be wise to try to find a "one-stop-shop" source anyways as it is likely to be greatly corrupted. "They" make sure this stuff is not easily accessible.

I definitely will heed the warnings. I'm a Capricorn after all so I take things very cautiously, sometimes to my detriment.

Montalk - Memory and the Etheric Body
=== Memory and the Etheric Body ===

What's the relationship between the etheric body and memory?

We know from Near Death Experiences that even when the brain appears to be dead, a person can be outside their body perceiving and remembering things including who they were while alive. This shows that memory isn’t located solely in the brain, and therefore must reside in the etheric, astral, and/or spirit.

Can't find the source now, but I recall reading an alien abduction book where a female abductee was given knowledge in an altered state of consciousness that would be sealed away when she was conscious again. The aliens indicated that this compartmentalized knowledge would be stored in the space outside her lower belly, as if to indicate in the aura itself.

We also have Rupert Sheldrake’s work on the morphogenetic field, an invisible field of energy in and around us that can store and transmit information. Animals and humans use it unconsciously, allowing one animal to subconsciously share with the rest of its species what it has learned.

It’s possible that the etheric field is nothing more than the quantum wave function, the part of it that remains “un-collapsed” or “de-localized.” The quantum field is nonlocal, so it can be shared through time or space in strange ways, yet also be somewhat localized so that you could have your etheric body and I could have mine, yet aspects of it could intermingle and thus you and I could be subconsciously linked.

Psychics talks about etheric cords connecting people, for instance. Objects imbued with etheric energy by their owners can be read by psychics via psychometry, which again points to etheric energy as a kind of holographic-like data storage system (among its many other functions like keeping cells alive and influencing probability).

Another clue is the Toltec practice of Recapitulation, meaning to remember your life in as detailed a manner as possible, both to memorize it and to discharge any repressed emotional energies associated with that memory. The idea being, you create a copy of those memories so that upon death you might lose the original but retain the copy.

Rudolf Steiner talks about how memories can become so deeply imprinted that they reside not only in the etheric, but work their way into the Ego/Spirit, and it’s the latter that most easily survives reincarnation. What doesn't survive via death dissolves into the ambient universal etheric field where it can still be accessed just not as personally and easily. This is the Akashic Records.

Steiner recommended memory exercises for improving the etheric body. One is, throughout the day or especially before falling asleep, to remember your day backwards. The act of picturing from memory strengthens the etheric body and its link to your pinpoint of individualized consciousness (which I call Spirit).

Three good links on that:

It's also known that the etheric body is essential to psychic / telepathic functions. Interesting then that the psychic Ted Owens, aka "PK Man" whom I discussed here recommends practicing memorization techniques if you want to communicate with "Space Intelligences." Systems like the Memory Peg System, etc. where you chain one image to another such that you can memorize a hundred objects or numbers just by chaining them together visually in your mind one after the other.

That's a lot of remembering and picturing, which per Steiner strengthens (at least one aspect) of the etheric body. Toltec Recapitulation does likewise, except using your own life as the thing to remember. As you can see, there's a strong link between the etheric and memory.


== Spiritual Use of Sound ==
I learned about overtone singing in 2002 after researching the use of sound in ancient stone levitation. I remember demonstrating it to Carissa back then. I projected my voice into the kitchen, sounding out vowels and using my mouth to modulate the harmonics so that different whistling sounds were emphasized atop the base vocal sound. After my demo ended, we noticed our cat Kitty staring at the ceiling where my voice was aimed, just sitting there and watching it for the next hour fascinated and entranced as if watching television. I think I opened a portal or created a thoughtform that she could see, as she could see cloaked aliens and other entities so she definitely had second sight that could perceive the etheric/astral...

I just started looking into this again, and recalled that the Eckankar spiritual group sings the word "Hu" (pronounced hue) as part of their daily practice. They say it connects them with God and puts them at peace. I suspect this practice derives from Sufi and Rosicrucian traditions.

Then I realized, "hue" is a simplified form of overtone singing. If you don't know about overtone singing, you might sing Hu incorrectly. But with overtone singing you can hit all the harmonics as Hu must have originally been intended to do.

On a side note, what makes vowels distinct is that aside from the base pitch of the voice, the mouth, lips, teeth, and jaw filter out some harmonics and let others through, creating a "color" of sound that we recognize as ohhh vs. ahhh vs. eeeee and so on. Same thing in the Great Pyramid where the vertical sliding slabs in the antechamber filter sounds created in the Grand Gallery to produce vowel sounds in what was likely a dense electrical plasma.

Point being, combining feeling with vowel sounds, especially overtone singing, seems to have positive, magickal, spiritual, etheric, and astral effects. Here are videos that cover the spectrum:

1. Short intro to vocal toning using vowels and feeling:

2. How Eckankar does it:

3. What Eckankar youth think about it:

4. Demonstration of overtone singing with spectral graphs showing exactly what's going on with the frequencies when it's done. Only the first 5 minutes or so are important to check out. Turns out that "Hu" is really an overtone singing technique even if the Eck people don't realize or explicitly say it. Meaning, overtone singing is the proper way to do Hu, and the power isn't limited only to "Hu" but includes other overtone sounds and melodies.

5. Short tutorial on how to do it yourself:

6. Alex Glenfield giving a much deeper and fuller explanation and instruction on how to do it. No need to watch this unless interested in a deep dive:

So, these are different avenues of using sound, from the more general and new agey to the more traditional and scientific, and I'm sure there's a universal "ultimate" system that doesn't publicly exist yet, of which what's in the above vids are just fragments. Since these are just vowels and not words, there's no religious B.S. and no ritualistic "monkey see monkey do" recitation of complex mantras. It's universal and as good on Earth as on another planet where humanoids have vocal cords.

But the above vids give an idea of what directions to explore. I think the important thing is combining sound with feeling, and incorporating overtone singing as it seems they amplify the effects.

Montalk 11-27-22

If I were an ancient time traveler, I'd build my bases out of megalithic stone so it would always be there, align them to sun, moon, and stars to keep track of where I was in time, train the natives do the hard labor of helping build the structures, and leave the same fingerprint over centuries and millennia.

EDIT: Geoglyphs like at Nazca would work well as time markers. Nubs on megaliths could be date codes. Time travelers would also know about past and future cataclysms and revolve their enterprises around them, even come off as obsessed with cataclysms (like ET's today).


Information is an improbable (low entropy) arrangement of matter and energy. Arrangement is a particular way the quantum wave function has "collapsed" into tangible reality. So information needs consciousness to both create/select it via quantum collapse and give it meaning once perceived.

Synchronicity taps into that process directly. Instead of using energy and momentum to move ink from pen to paper, synchronicity is consciousness (at some level) directly quantum-selecting an arrangement of matter and energy that conveys the intended meaning to the lower self.

Comments for Memory and the Etheric Body

@montalk It is amazing how memory improvement is similar to exercise, the more you do it the better it gets. Ironically I also found weight lifting to improve memory recall. Not cardio though, interestingly. At least for me. When I did frequent hypnosis sessions I found my memory recall improved, mind seemed more open. Even started remembering more Russian

Also, not sure if this is related but I’ve discussed with Ponti in detail how it feels having telepathic communication with “them”. The sensation isn’t in the brain when I am actively communicating, it is like in front of the third eye. Perhaps telepathy is communicating aura to aura instead of the energy focused inside the skull. Also the throat chakra seems cut off because it is really hard to vocalize when in their presence. Not from a fear response, just that that mode of communication is suppressed somehow. We were trying to see if we could figure out telepathy. Didn’t work though, although we are able to send sensory information remotely.

Frozen Decoded
@abducteejournal @montalk I also wonder if this might explain how some people have shared dreams and synced up thoughts. A shared auric field.

@FrozenDecoded @abducteejournal Definitely makes sense. I also think thoughtforms can float around after they've been created so that the syncing occurs hours later when the thoughtform finally 'enters' the 2nd person's mind. I've had the syncing many times, including dream elements shared with someone online but hundreds of miles away. Fore once commented on that incident and said that it's possible for two people to be psychically monitored by the same E.T. overseer, through which their thoughts (and dreams) can cross-contaminate. So that's another possibility.

V for Victory
@abducteejournal @montalk I wonder if the throat chakra being shut off is a natural occurrence or if ”they” are shutting it down as I would assume they would want you to focus on telepathy and not talk. @montalk Actually, this is a crazy sync that just happened and felt like sharing it with you because it's so ridiculous. I was checking my Facebook this morning and for some reason an old friend that I haven't seen since my college years came to my mind. I felt the urge to look him up real quick on Facebook to see what he's been up to. There are a whole bunch of people with his name but I noticed one where the tiny profile picture could have been him so I clicked on it. It ended up not being him but on this guy's front page I found the following picture. What are the frikin odds of that? WTF!?

Frozen Decoded
@Carissa_Conti @guanajo @montalk Here’s a theory: you just happened to be the person with that name that stumbled upon that image that got your attention in order to receive a significant com. I recently shared this Musk tweet. So if what he’s tweeting is true, the blue bird is the drama happening on Twitter (the current digital battlefield). Musk represents the VICTOR of this game which is essentially transhumanism. The Victor painted in blood could represent how Musk is leading humanity into a technocracy, a death trap, the end of the human soul. He is a Judas Goat.

My previous comment:
This is a really interesting comment from Musk. It’s almost as if he knows the true size and magnitude of the old beast that must die in order for the new to be reborn. Also, this would confirm that Earth is a matrix prison planet and that Zion is just another space within the matrix. Transhumanism is the end of the human soul.

V for Victory
@Carissa_Conti @montalk Like @FrozenDecoded said, it looks like some sort of voodoo sh*t going on there. Syncs are supposed to tell you something but I'm gonna have to think hard on this one cuz it's a doozie. I'm even tempted to contact the dude and ask him WTF does that on your picture mean?? Maybe not.

@guanajo @Carissa_Conti @FrozenDecoded That's a weird one, a bit menacing. Could be bait to suck you into something. Good thing you're not schizo.

V for Victory
@montalk @Carissa_Conti @FrozenDecoded Not yet.

@montalk Tom, watching a variety of decent ghost channels, such as the Fourman Brothers, Ghosts of Carmel Maine, etc, what I've noticed is that some human spirits don't know that they're dead. (if in fact that's legit and not a negative entity messin around) I know many viewers of these videos wonder how is it that you wouldn't know you've died. Its kind of related to your topic. Have you thought about this?

@HiddenDimension Yes, I think they're in a delirium and it's a bit like how most people don't know they're dreaming when they're dreaming.

Obviously if they're lucid and have good continuity of consciousness and self-awareness and find themselves able to pass through walls and getting ignored by everyone on the planet, they should know they're dead.

But if they're in a dream-like state, mentally impaired, maybe involved in an OCD-like behavioral loop that creates a sense of normality for them (like walking to the store to get food, not finding their wallet, returning home but then remembering they need to get food, etc. on repeat) I can see how they'd not question their state.

I wonder, if they weren't all that lucid or self-aware in life, how much more so would they be after death? The people who never look up at the sky, or notice cool animals around them, or notice something you say that's interesting and out-of-the-ordinary... I'd imagine they would be only dimly conscious after death.

But that's not the case for everyone; seems to just be one of those many "things that can go wrong" with the death/afterlife process.

@montalk @HiddenDimension I've wondered what would happen if the people who don't ever even look at the sky were in the proximity of an alien ship landing, or dragons suddenly existing. Would they not notice, or would they "kernel panic" so to speak because of something that "isn't supposed to exist" suddenly being near them?

@Alderamin @HiddenDimension I bet they would freeze, as has been seen by abductees in some cases. They're with a group of people when an ET ship approaches and contact is about to begin, and most of the people around them appear to be frozen or in some kind of trance. Pretty creepy.

@montalk @HiddenDimension Kind of lines up with one of the 'past-possibilities' in my memory for how whistletickle went undetected. I'm still not sure if it was timestop and physical levitation, a nonphysical state, or me getting levitated up to the wall and everyone in proximity just throwing a linux kernel oops at the paranormal events occurring before them (assuming they're not perception filtered/ignoring), though from the anecdotes I've heard, I don't think they'd've been the types to freeze up from that

@montalk @Alderamin @HiddenDimension So yes, basically the human equivalent of an operating system crash (Kernel Panic)

@montalk thanks for the detailed answer Tom, I can see how a delirium state could effect the afterlife. The comparison of not being aware you're dreaming is unsettling. I want to add in the potential change in time and maybe dimension? I wouldn't know how time in the afterlife is different. Time as we know it is a construct of being here on Earth, but how could it changed when you leave the physical body?

V for Victory
@HiddenDimension @montalk I wonder if the longer you go without going “towards the light”, the worse the delirium gets.

@guanajo @HiddenDimension Like some kind of astral Alzheimers. I did see various sources saying that when such discarnates feed off our energies, they gain cohesion and clarity.

@HiddenDimension One time I was dreaming, in a semi-out-of-body state, and had a precognitive dream about a comb with sharp edges. The phone rang for real and when I answered, it was a wrong number asking if this was Edgecomb's Auto. I know people who've had bigger more impressive precognitive dreams. I've also been in a twilight state of consciousness and reacted to a sound in the room before it happened.

There was that study where the human body could detect events seconds before they happened. That's something subconscious, and in dreams (and when out of body) we're more in touch with that.

So it seems like the physical body and brain, being products of matter and energy here in this linear spacetime, locks us into linear spacetime (not surprisingly). When that drops away or gets bypasses, things loosen up a bit... I'm guessing there's a spectrum that goes from "locked in like a clock" to "swirling around time like smoke, in a nonlinear way" when going from physical to etheric to astral to beyond.

Humans are capable of short-term precognition, study finds
How many times did you find yourself anticipating a certain event shortly before it happened?

@montalk I see Tom, good analogy of locked in like a clock and smoke. It would've been funny if you also knew the person's vehicle and how to fix it, lol. Appreciate that anecdote.

V for Victory
V for Victory
@montalk @HiddenDimension “When that drops away or gets bypasses, things loosen up a bit... I'm guessing there's a spectrum that goes from "locked in like a clock" to "swirling around time like smoke, in a nonlinear way" when going from physical to etheric to astral to beyond.”

For the past few years but especially the past few months, I have been getting ridiculous synchronizities and premonitions. They are not earth shattering, just simple things, but they have been many. Like, a lot! For example I was just talking to my wife right before I logged into Gab about the same concept that Tom is talking about above.

So maybe my own psychic abilities have been developing these past few months at a rapid pace. Now, what if what might be going on is that “the veil“ is thinning which might be messing around with the the “code” within the matrix which might be messing around with probability waves, etc, making many people around the world more psychic than ever before. Tom has talked about this in the past.

Now what if this veil thinning process is also developing many people’s manifestation abilities and they don’t even know it? What happens when you feed “doom and gloom” propaganda to the subconscious of all these people via MSM and “alternative media”? What are all of these people going to manifest unknowingly? Is this what’s been going on during past civilization collapses?

@montalk @HiddenDimension knowing me I'd phase through a wall, realize I broke the laws of physics and immediately do some stupid lucid dream stunt to make sure I'm actually breaking the laws of physics or something, a bit like how I may have accidentally programmed myself to check for weirdness, like I'll check the sky out a window randomly to make sure nobody's accidentally summoned a hurricane or something (I've had storms manifest out of nowhere before it's crazy what the weather in my region is) I've screwed up my conscious focus on 5 sense reality and probably bilocated my consciousness a few times doing weirdness checks and finding a hit, pretty much sends me into a hyper-introspective state instantly, like alt-tabbing from a game to the desktop almost I usually use that time in the psychic desktop environment to process wtf just happened and commit it to memory

@montalk sigh… I just love it! These are the kinds of conversations that peak my interest and excite me! It’s astonishing that more of these thoughts aren’t being shared in any capacity anywhere. Your post reminded me of an astral traveling experience that I tried many moons ago. But I’m not sure if I actually pulled it off.

I was in my room, on my bed and I had read a book about astral travel. I can’t recall the title or author off the top of my head. I’ll edit later if I remember to do so. I decided that I wanted to travel to one of my old office buildings. I had to use my memory to tap into it cuz I hadn’t been there in years! I envisioned the parking lot, the lobby and I was at the elevator. But the elevator design kept changing to another elevator. Just at that moment my phone rings, and it’s my bestie calling to say that her uncle is in the hospital. She’ll be going later that day and would I like to go with her. Of course I said I would and we hung up.

It took me a bit longer but I tried to go back to what I was doing. Again the office building elevator would come to mind, but it was fading and changing just after I had clearly seen it in my minds eye. It was truly frustrating. So to refrain from being irritated with the entire process and losing my train of relaxed, uninterrupted thought, cuz ya can’t do anything of the sort if you’re distracted. I just let go and went with it. I said ok elevator that looks like crap lol compared to the office building elevator, where are you taking me?

@montalk the elevator doors open and I see a well lit hallway with medical supplies (ekg machine etc). I turn right and then immediately to my left is a door opened to a room. I peak in and I see my bestie’s aunt talking to a nurse and I see her uncle laying on the bed. I thought, no way! They didn’t see me. But I could see them. He had made a comment about me to his wife and how their nephew (who had dated me) was an idiot lol. Then suddenly I was back in my room. I don’t recall having anything connected to my body. It was like a dream to me. But very detailed and realistic compared to most of my dreams which I hardly remember half the time. Later that day I went with my bestie to the hospital to visit her uncle. It was the same frickin elevator. His room was exactly where I had envisioned it being. The same layout and set up. That’s the most memorable woo experience I’ve had in my life lol. I was in shock about the whole thing and totally forgot to ask if they had mentioned me earlier in the day.

@LucyBurnett Thanks for sharing that interesting experience! Sounds like you really did pop in at the hospital, either astrally or just remote viewing. I once heard a story of a guy who did similar and the person he visited saw his presence but told him the next day that she was visited by an angel. Some of the "things" that visit us could be living human beings.

@montalk yea I’m not sure what you would call it but it was a cool experience! We have read up on remote viewing and have tried hiding things in another room and figuring out what the items were. We tried and tried and could never get it. We kept getting distracted with our dog or with a neighbor and their dogs! We stopped trying, so maybe we’ll give it another shot in the near future. There are so many things that we just don’t know, but I feel like on some level we instinctively do. It just hasn’t been tapped into. It’s all very fascinating and a great escape from the circus that surrounds us. It’s always a nice dive into your posts /comments and such good stuff to chew on!

Montalk 12-01-22

If you need authority to tell you to think for yourself, you're still doing what authority says and therefore not thinking for yourself. Nothing should be taken solely on authority (titles, group consensus, convention) but on whether it fits, makes sense, checks out, and works.

The more you dive into history, philosophy, metaphysics, law, crime stats, military tactics, and self-defense, the more you begin seeing that it isn't just okay, but a practical necessity, natural right, and moral duty.

Top 20 alien characteristics and capabilities that I've verified through personal experience:
1. Telepathy: Can read your mind, influence your thoughts and feelings.
2. Cloaking: Can be in your room, phased out, watching and influencing.
3. Variability: Can make themselves fully physical, fully ethereal, and in-between.
4. Precognition: Can see probable futures hours and days in advance and act accordingly.
5. Abduction: Can take your body, or just your soul, to their ships and bases.
6. Paralysis: Can induce and control sleep paralysis, like during onset of abductions.
7. OBE: Can induce Out of Body Experiences and be seen from that state even when they’re cloaked.
8. Pets: Can be seen/felt by pets when cloaked; pets react with fear or hostility.
9. Mind-wipe: Can erase memories of an abduction, induce forgetfulness at other key moments.
10. Visitation: Can visit in bedroom while you sleep to implant or telepathically program you.
11. Induction: Can temporarily switch you on psychically simply by being in your proximity.
12. Relativity: Can locally alter the rate of time and scale of space.
13. Ringing: Can induce an ear ringing when they telepathically scan you.
14. Implants: Can install physical or etheric implants to track, monitor, influence.
15. Synchronicity: Can manipulate multiple people into coming at you with a common agenda.
16. Interference: Can bring together and break up friendships, relationships, and networks.
17. Hallucinations: Can telepathically induce controlled hallucinations and manipulated dreams.
18. Electronics: Can cause unexplained glitches, errors, shutdowns in recording devices.
19. Lies: Can give false info on who they are, who you are, the past, present, and the future.
20. Tug of War: Can be in conflict with other alien factions and agendas; there’s more than one side.

Carissa Conti
@montalk And not to state the obvious, but their abductions and visitations will usually result in some amount of missing time. It's one of the *the* telltale indicators that something mysterious has happened to somebody.

And the other major biggie: Mysterious physical marks appearing on the body with no logical source or reason (anything from scoop marks, to red geometric shape "burn" looking marks, bruises, but especially bruises of a very neat and tidy perfectly round variety and various perfect geometric shapes, versus normal splotchy bruising, scratches, and surgery looking scars) and one's physical and mental state in general suddenly being different.

And most of the things on the list can also be induced by hybrids, not just full blown aliens. So for instance, me and @abducteejournal once had a joint experience when talking on Skype one night back in 2018, where we were both visited by hybrids it seems in our respective apartments. Both of us were alone in our apartments, her then-boyfriend was out, and you were out of town completely, so it was ripe for this sort of exploitation to take place. But the end result of this little "visitation" was both of us having sudden physical marks on our bodies appearing out of nowhere (big, freshly coagulated over scratch on my outer left thigh, and I believe bruising and maybe a scratch or two? on her body). As well as what was apparently missing time. AJ guessed about an hour's worth. This visit was to try to deter us from continuing to speak to each other about these subjects and to create that interference, and it seems some physical......kerfuffles took place with both of us while they were trying to drive this programming/message home with each of us. :/ (we're both fighters. no surprise there.)

When AJ did a self-induced hypnotic technique designed to retrace the night backwards, find out what TF happened to us during this talk, she saw as these human-looking men appeared suddenly in both of our apartments, and in her case it was confirmed to be her hybrid handlers, though in mine she wasn't sure who they were. But could easily have been hybrids/hubrids, since they fully pass by this point in the game. And they were able to induce mind suppression on us, leading us off camera in passive dazes. Until we were put back later on, minds wiped, bodies banged up with physical indicators, conversation resuming, but apparently with at least an hour missing. AJ said she remembered, without even using the hypnotic regression technique, a moment in our convo where I seemed confused for a second, then "came to" fully, back to normal.

So, not "obvious aliens"....but something genetically mixed with them, and pulling off the same maneuvers. O.o Very creepy. The reason I mention it is because I think a lot of people view "aliens" as a cartoon-y type of thing, something far away and detached, research it as something fun and funny, not to be taken too seriously. But from my personal research, and large part thanks to my conversations with AJ, and learning so many details about her lifelong abductions and use in the hybrid breeding program, it's no joke. This is happening, humans are being replaced, they're already among us, and the goal is to eventually establish their society, with their hybrids, under their full control. And where Homo Sapiens will be second class citizens, who at best will be allowed to co-exist peacefully with the hubrids (and possibly aliens, who may or may not eventually come out in the open IF they can get things to work in their favor over the next 10+ years), but only if they "Get With the Program," fully endorsing the hybrids/aliens and working to convert as many of their fellow humans as possible. But ideally it seems they'd just prefer as many of us wiped out as possible. :/

Top 20 alien characteristics Comments

@Carissa_Conti @abducteejournal Right on, and we can add MILABs to that. Black ops military abductors with their teleportation/portal tech, invisibility, memory wiping, implants, remote viewing/influencing, and accelerated time rate in their bases.

@montalk Would pets react positively or negatively to the presence of the STO aliens? Do you know if my budgie can warn me of an alien interference/abduction?

@Alderamin I think you need a Level 5 Psychic Combat Budgie to do that. Kidding, though dogs can/do react to otherworldly presences. I don't have enough personal data to answer your question with confidence. From what I heard from others, positive beings especially alien-oriented ones are very good at hiding, possibly even from pets. Negative aliens due to their creepy energies would induce more of a reaction. I would imagine though that a dog in the presence of an angel or cloaked positive humanoid would either not react or act friendly and playful, sort of like how babies will smile and laugh at invisible presences.

@montalk Sometimes it really gets to me. The whole "How tf are we supposed to figure anything out if we are constantly being screwed with like this?" Damn.

@quinta_essentia Well the good news is that this list is only what they can do under optimal conditions.

So sometimes they are hampered by circumstances, metaphysical freewill laws, intervention by divine beings, and other issues. The memory-wipe isn't perfect across the board, as some people remember bits and pieces, for instance.

Also they are sparing with their time and energy so they can't be everywhere, certainly not micromanaging every person down to the smallest detail. Instead they monitor the timeline, profile problem people, and then get to work on those, applying leverage where it counts most.

This means if your actions and their agenda don't intersect, then they don't really have a presence in your life.

Like say you're not researching them or writing/speaking about them, and are only interested in general pop spirituality (meditation and manifesting) and current political events. Unless you're already an abductee, I highly doubt they'd be in your life in that case. Then opposition would come more from demons, discarnate, astral parasites, and the general AI-like thoughtform permeating the Matrix Control System.

But if you do have alien activity and are being suppressed (like me) then it's a real challenge. With spiritual protection they can't kill you outright, but they can circle the waters like sharks looking for any gaps in your protection and abduct and leave posthypnotic timebombs in your subconscious that you have to try and catch and neutralize when/before they go off. Just have to slug it out and inch your way through the gauntlet.

V for Victory
@montalk @quinta_essentia "Instead they monitor the timeline, profile problem people, and then get to work on those, applying leverage where it counts most."

I could imagine that they might be targeting many psychics, especially the ones that can "channel" or remote view by putting implants in them and through those implants feed in "channeled" information or junk data during remote viewings, misdirecting and only giving them enough "truth" to keep them engaged and make sure they don't notice they are being misled. For all we know "they" could have an AI program dedicated to psychics so they tap into the AI program that feeds them the "downloads" and psychics just assume they are tapping into "divine consciousness" or something. I'm sure there is all sorts of trickery going on.

@guanajo @quinta_essentia Oh for sure, psychics can function like megaphones for ETs and other entities to manipulate and disinform through. Schizophrenics get targeted too because certain ones have deformities in their etheric anatomy that lets them hear entities. Seems like everything from demons to discarnate humans, grays to shadow military factions are getting in on the action. It's all evidenced by the lack of originality, quality, and truth in what comes out. If someone's really in touch with divine consciousness, the quality and profundity of the message should speak for itself. But if it's just entities jerking people around, grays/MIL throwing up smoke to disguise their real agendas, then the channeling will be deceptive in just the right places even if the rest seems harmless. Grays can lie 24/7/365 but I think automation via AI or thoughtform would be most efficient, and a lot of junk channeling out there sounds like lazy AI.

V for Victory
@montalk I've heard different sources say that, generally speaking, ETs (Greys, Reptilians and Nordics) in their "natural state" are visually as physical as you and me and that they make themselves invisible when around us. Other sources say that their "natural state" is invisible or phased out so we don't see them and that they make themselves visible when needed. Any thoughts on this topic?

@guanajo ETs are visible to each other and need food, clothing, vehicles, means of reproduction or cloning, have DNA, etc. so they're very much physical in that sense, unlike discarnate beings who only need loosh and then only to "do things" outside their native astral environment.

What I mean is, a ghost or demon fed loosh will have greater telekinetic powers so you get poltergeist effects, but if they were starved of it they would simply exist in the astral plane like some dormant spore and not have as much influence here. They still exist. They can't die because they're already discarnate.

ETs on the other hand, starve them of biological sustenance and their bodies will eventually die. They age, slowly. So they have bodies. Thus they are physical to some extent.

However, you can have a separate 3D space be shifted out of our 3D space via the 4th spatial dimension (technically the 5th if you count linear time as the 4th, and technically it's not a spatial direction so much as a quantum phase shift, sort of like changing the dial on a radio). Sci-fi would call theirs a pocket dimension.

That's why abductees can be brought "up there" to their realm, because it's still a 3D spatial environment with some type of time. The caveat is that just as going up from the bottom of the ocean to the surface comes with a change in pressure, temperature, and light, so does rotation out of our regular 3D environment come with changes in local ambient aether conditions. Time and space are more plastic and etheric energy is more easily perceived and worked with there. As humans we exist in a very pressurized, dense, cold environment. It's a miracle we're even conscious and functional.

So despite their realm having aspects of 3D and physicality, their environment is enhanced in psi/space/time properties due to being at a different hyperdimensional altitude/depth, so to speak. And of course, when they're shifted out of our spacetime, they're invisible to us. They would have to tune their technology and/or consciousness "down" to intersect fully with our 3D spacetime, a form of projection.

On a sidenote, the concept in mathematics of real vs. complex numbers is the best analogy. Might even be a physical explanation of how that all works.

Real numbers like [1], [2], [-3], etc. are very simple and 1 dimensional. Complex numbers like [1+2i], [2 - 4i], [8 + 0i] include not only the real numbers but also imaginary numbers as a second axis, forming together a complex plane which is a higher dimensional space compared to the real number line.

So if our reality is like the real number line, theirs is the complex plane. If your reality is represented by the number "3" then an ET's could be the complex number "3 + 2i." They would have to project down into the real number line to become just "3" like us.

@montalk @guanajo thanks Tom, this topic which is rarely addressed is nicely explained in a way for regular people to grasp. ET is a tricky term it implies entity not from this planet, but maybe from another planet. . . that to me sounds like an assumption. What are your thoughts on that?

@HiddenDimension @guanajo Originally the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) meant non-human beings who traveled here from other planets in spaceships, and who were their own original evolutions. The model excludes interdimensionals, time travelers, and cryptoterrestrials.

At this point, just as UFO has come to mean an alien spaceship rather than just some unknown blip in the sky, "ET" has casually become synonymous with "technologically advanced intelligence foreign to human civilization."

With that broad of a definition, people have included the other categories in there, unless they need to get more specific.

For me at least, and others including Fore/GangaToday1, it's useful to distinguish between ET and UT (UltraTerrestrials) as the latter are nonphysical, interdimensional, and generally more powerful.

Going by Law of One terminology, ET would be 3D and 4D "aliens" while UT would qualify as 5D and 6D, whereby 5D is the first "density" that is entirely nonphysical.

As to whether they come from other planets, unless we're in a Truman Show dome the size of the Earth-Moon system, I don't see what the limiting factor would be for space travel. If they can zip around at ludicrous speeds and do 90 degree turns, phase through walls (which would allow them to phase through interstellar debris) then why couldn't they keep going past the Moon to other star systems?

But the fact that they're humanoid and some can even interbreed disproves the original ETH that they are independent evolutions.

Either they were made from our genetics, or we were made from theirs, or all of us were made from some earlier genetic stock. It's not surprising that we have biological relatives on other planets if space travel is a thing.

Earth's own evolution could have been artificial, i.e. this planet may not even be the original source of life here. Life could have been seeded on this planet from genetic banks older than Earth itself, for all we know. So if we have humanoids 100 light years away that can interbreed with us, I find that no more surprising than European colonists being able to interbreed with natives on the other side of the globe.

That said, ETs are liars, even the supposedly good ones who give white lies to protect their identity and accommodate our cultural beliefs. They might say they're 3D beings from Venus when they might really be 4D time travelers from the future who have lived in underground bases here in the past for five centuries already (just to make up an example).

Or, what if they are indeed native to Earth but left this planet 40,000 years ago, evolved separately in another star system, then starting 8,000 years ago came back to recolonize?

Are they aliens then if they spent 32,000 years on another planet? They may be human, but if they're of superior intelligence and technology and traveled here in spaceships then per the ETH they might as well be aliens.

And if they gained access to complex spacetime as mentioned in my previous repost, they might seem interdimensional to the undiscerning eye even though they're not nonphysical interdimensional entities like demons and UltraTerrestrials are.

Which all goes to show that our definitions can barely keep up with the possibilities.

@montalk @guanajo Tom, thanks for breaking this down. It prompted me to think about walkins and possessions of humans and if when the human is experiencing trauma or severe pain, would the entity abandon ship, if at least temporarily assuming they would feel the pain as well.

@HiddenDimension @guanajo Good question, and I bet it all depends on how integrated the entity is. Because a kid getting frequently abused might have a demon shadowing him or her that feeds on the kid's suffering while it's happening. It wouldn't feel the pain itself, but sticks close by to soak up the loosh. Whereas a fully possessed person (I'm thinking high level possessed sociopaths in positions of power) getting assaulted would probably cause the entity pain too if it can't detach fast enough. With walkins, it's my understanding that the original soul left and so it's the replacement soul now in control of the body, so that one would experience the pain unless it dissociates.

@montalk @guanajo It is possible ETs cannot last long without being onboard but I am sure if hybrids were left down here they would do just fine. Social ineptitude notwithstanding ?.

It is definitely the case that something is different about them, beyond obvious physical differences but I always perceived it as their technology allowed them those “ethereal” capabilities. Perhaps getting you up there requires increased and controlled vibration of your molecules but once onboard we are all vibrating at a “physical” density yet the ship has cloaking technology to keep those outside the ship from seeing it.

So if a grey and a hybrid were dropped down here and left by their group, the hybrid might survive longer due to physiological similarities to us (and perhaps also metaphysical) but ultimately they won’t have capabilities to be invisible without their technology.

All that being said I once asked the handler if they had a God or some higher power and he claimed he once was being directed by a “presence” barely able to condense down to lower density. He mentally showed mantids in a circle using their strong psychic abilities to assist whatever this thing was to appear but it appeared in flashing colors and patterns. So a circle of mantids could only barely get it to condense down to anything that the eye can pick up.

That could be complete bull crap though ?, I don’t know. But it’s like the equivalent to ancient humans who supposedly talked to their God. The handler said it was the most important moment in his life and he will go to any lengths to appease this being. It was conveying orders on the grounds of strategic security. The handler made it sound like it was considered the highest honor to be present but he was at the bottom of the hierarchy in the room.

Long story short I believe those beings are truly the ones on another plane of existence but their hellish creation is not, more like 3D henchmen with advanced knowledge of what their “gods” know and their technology is an extension of that knowledge.

And as an add on, it is possible that the technology based on that knowledge is what causes the woowoo weirdness because it bridges the two dimensions, which is why there are so many weird, almost magical synchronous happenstances when “they” start targeting me. (Btw, between you two, Carissa, Ponti and Fore I’ve been able to piece things together, even if it is still clumsy so thank you! ??)

I think the ETs/hybrids are similar to us (and animals/nature in general) in that we are a dense manifestation of something greater but perhaps the ETs are of a darker persuasion because I sure don’t get a fuzzy warm feeling like I do with most people and animals. Then the earlier the stage of ET (moving towards mantids in the group I deal with), the darker they feel, suggesting that genetic progression is a bridging of a pure evil and pure good persuasion that at the source is on another plane of existence.

@abducteejournal @guanajo I agree the hybrids would have no problems staying down here; probably a big part of what they were made for. That's interesting about the mantids barely managing to condense the interdimensional being. Fore mentioned the upper negative UT looking like colored clouds of light at best. Since you mentioned ancient humans talking to their "God", the Bible did say that the Lord of Israel was a glowing cloud of energy

@montalk Top Notch!!! With the pets thing they can also pacify an animal, did it to my brother’s dogs. Also my one brother’s dog once kept looking out the window and up, whining, which may be that he sensed a ship nearby. I felt that increased pressure and my eye sight had a different tone to it. The dog could probably sense what I sensed but more intensely.

Montalk 12-3-22
== Malta and Time Travel ==

As featured in Graham Hancock's "Ancient Apocalypse" episode 3:

Malta megalithic temples were aligned to Sirius, so their date of construction can be calculated.

"The Maltese temples present another question. Despite the fact that they were all built according to the same typical clover-leaf ground plan, and that their natural decorations and figurative art appear to derive from a single, homogenous culture, why are no two of them oriented towards the same direction?"

"And the clusters of the eighteen temple axes represented in the diagram show a fairly equal distribution in time, ranging from the first, which was built in around 9,150 BC to the very last, built in 4,250 BC."

"Thus we have established that the Maltese temple period lasted nearly five thousand years. Within this timeframe, they could have built a temple every two centuries according to both the rising and setting of the star. This is precisely the time at which Sirius would have moved out of the line of sight of an existing temple, and another temple would be needed, explaining the shift in temple orientations most satisfactorily."

Problem is, how do you maintain continuity of culture with no major changes in art, symbolism, or architecture (clover-leaf layout with rounded rooms) for 5,000 years? All while keeping your numbers small enough to avoid leaving a much larger civilizational footprint?


a) The Earth's axis was shifting so anomalously rapidly during that time that Sirius did 5k years' worth of drifting in just a few centuries.

b) They were ancient time travelers who could skip ahead periodically and cover 5,000 years in just a few decades or centuries of their own time.

c) They were near immortals who could live to 1000+ years so that the culture could be handed down over 5 or less generations and their numbers could remain small as well.

In UFO lore, the Nordic aliens are said to live for centuries in their own time, have time rate change / time skipping / time traveling abilities, and tend to prefer rounded rooms in their ships and homes. Could be a connection there.

Sirius and the Maltese Temples: A Tale of Two Revelations - Graham Hancock Official Website
Few people know that during the Stone Age, dozens of temples were erected in the Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gozo, all in the same style and largely according…

@montalk we don’t have Netflix but I hear it’s a great show.

Carissa Conti
@LucyBurnett @montalk

It's basically the show version of Hancock's "Magicians of the Gods" book. The premise of the book, and also the show, is that there used to be an ancient, advanced civilization on Earth. And it was not only more advanced than modern "experts" would like to give credit for, but was also connected worldwide, the same way we are nowadays, and which "experts" also try to discredit. And, most importantly, this ancient, advanced, globally connected civilization was WAY, WAY older than "experts" want to admit. They want to keep everything at "5,000 years ago" pretty much, when in fact, there is evidence that these civilizations date back 10,000, 15, even 20,000 years ago. The other half of the premise then delves into the ancient cataclysm itself, in the form of the ice age, and the various anomalous things that happened during that time. For instance: why, when the ice age seemed to be winding down, with things warming up and the ice melting gradually, did it suddenly go into full reverse almost overnight? But in a paradoxical way. It went icy cold.....but the oceans were deluded with water, raising the sea levels to catastrophic levels, which is NOT how a normal ice age works. Normal ice ages freeze up all the water and lower the sea levels.

Graham's theory, of which all the evidence points to and is outlined in great detail in his book, is that the Earth was hit by a trail of megaton meteors/comets, including in the northern hemisphere ice sheet, which created that massive meltwater deluge, but also blocking out the sun, and thus, freezing everything back up again right after, throwing the ice age back into reverse. The end result was that the remnants of this existing super advanced ancient civilization was left to disburse around the globe, since their homeland was flooded out and destroyed. They relocated and integrated with the existing more primitive cultures, where they taught them their advanced knowledge, and in essence, were tasked with "restarting civilization." So Graham traces back all the ancient myths and legends that all say the same exact things about the great flood/deluge, and things that we would now recognize as having to do with comets/meteors. As well as showing drawings and carvings depicting the same exact images, of these bearded "great ones," "giants" etc. who showed up on their shores in boats that didn't require paddles to be propelled, carrying the same handled box looking things (some sort of technology) relocating after the flood, and bringing with them what was left of their culture and technology to try to restart anew, and work with the more primitive cultures to rebuild the planet.

Graham brings the receipts in his books, that's for sure, but a huge portion of modern "academia" and "experts" are doing everything possible to supress him and discredit every single thing he says. To the point of obnoxious obviousness. So it can be frustrating to read his books (for me) for that reason, because I find myself getting so furious at the persecution and suppression he describes, the lengths these morons are going to in order to lie and coverup the true history of this planet, and the true origins of modern humans.

@Carissa_Conti @montalk that all sounds very interesting! I just started looking up some of his videos etc. I think I would end up feeling frustrated as well. I didn’t feel like I knew everything before. But I really hate knowing that we’ve all been lied to about everything. Not just a few things here and there, but all of it. For the so called experts to have the audacity to dismiss him and others like him is irritating. We’re all experiencing that with covid etc.

I saw a clip of him speaking with another guy (Egyptologist- Zahi Hawass) that didn’t agree with him and was angry, I mean livid, ya know like demons do when they can’t handle the facts and other peoples views or questions being asked. The case is closed and this is the final say and there’s nothing left to discuss! …Um actually, there’s a lot to talk about, but ok douchebag!

Malta Comments

V for Victory
@montalk I also had the thought regarding super ancient civilizations and the lack of archeological remains of them. Is it possible that there are many ancient remains but we can't see them because these civilizations were not completely physical like current humans so their remains cannot be seen by us?

For example, is it possible that Lemuria/Atlantis never disappeared and are still standing but what disappeared was humanity's ability to perceive it?

Just throwing it out there.

Carissa Conti
@guanajo @montalk I think a lot of things just went underwater, including Atlantis. That's the whole idea behind the story, that they sunk. In fact in the Graham Hancock series (and books) he gets into the sunken archaeological remains of things that they've found underwater off various coasts, showing himself diving down, exploring, and then wondering how much more is out there, under the water, that we can no longer get to. It's in the Malta episode actually. And they show images of what the landmasses looked like during the last ice age, when the sea levels were 400 feet lower. (and island chains as we currently know them were not actually islands. Just larger landmasses.)

But it's definitely an interesting idea, of past civilizations that "ascended"/evolved spiritually, or technologically phased out of the 3D realm into other dimensions maybe. That probably is what half of these other worlds are that are vibrating at a different frequency. Stuff that found a way to move to another plane. Seems like Atlantis just went kaput though underwater. O.o There is an alternate theory that Atlantis is also right under our noses, and is now maybe Greenland, or Antarctica. Though I don't know about that, since Plato described it very specifically as having all those rings and a specific look. (on a side note, it occurred to me as I was watching the Graham Hancock series that holy sh*t....Plato is describing something that supposedly existed THOUSANDS of years before he did. And somehow the story and legend was able to live and be passed along all that time. And meanwhile he was thousands of years before us. And yet we still know the story, and all about him, as if he was just kickin' it only 20 years ago or something. The whole thing is completely insane. I don't know what to make of it. People nowadays couldn't even tell you what they were doing last week. Let alone whatever the hell went on 6, 7, 8 thousand years ago.

V for Victory
@Carissa_Conti @montalk

Yeah, I already forgot what I had for dinner last night. Oh yeah, hotdogs. Ran out of leftovers.

From what I understand, Plato was not a psychic but it does make me wonder if he "received" the story of Atlantis by similar means as Edgar Cayce. Or maybe directly from a "being" and just kept that part of the story to himself.

So many theories, so little time.

Carissa Conti
@guanajo @montalk Interesting theory! I like it. Because seriously, you do have to wonder how he was holding onto a story from like, *9,000 years* before he even existed. And now he's ~2,400 years before us. (putting Atlantis back in the last ice age, which correlates with Graham's research.) I mean....9,000 years?? In an age without advanced technology to keep things recorded forever?? There has to be something else going on, and I like that theory. Makes more sense than anything else.

@Carissa_Conti @guanajo @montalk yes! Lol all of that! In my home, we always think that we’re the only ones that discuss such topics and Atlantis is a biggie! They still exist on another higher vibrational realm but we just can’t see them. They got their get outta jail free cards and bailed! Lol apparently it’s a long and winding road to get there! Life in general is really simple and these bastards always complicate everything unnecessarily causing chaos and drama. I’m just glad I have the ability to just shut up around people. If my thoughts were broadcasted without filters, yikes!

With all the dismissing of ideas etc looking back through my life, there is always an idiot that has to speak up to squelch free thinkers. I guess that’s why I’ve always been an introvert. This is one big playground and there’s so much nonsense. It’s just a big puzzle but we’ve all been given pieces that don’t fit! It’s impossible to try and find their place to make sense of the big picture. Running around like chickens with their heads cut off. How many times have we been through this game of life? The whole thing is truly amazing. As we all just coexist with the insane asylum. Glad you guys are on the ride with me! Lol

@Carissa_Conti @guanajo @montalk speaking of underwater, this still blows my mind with Mike DeGruy:

@Carissa_Conti @guanajo @montalk regarding Atlantis you might find to be interesting reading:

@Carissa_Conti @montalk that all sounds very interesting! I just started looking up some of his videos etc. I think I would end up feeling frustrated as well. I didn’t feel like I knew everything before. But I really hate knowing that we’ve all been lied to about everything. Not just a few things here and there, but all of it. For the so called experts to have the audacity to dismiss him and others like him is irritating. We’re all experiencing that with covid etc.

I saw a clip of him speaking with another guy (Egyptologist- Zahi Hawass) that didn’t agree with him and was angry, I mean livid, ya know like demons do when they can’t handle the facts and other peoples views or questions being asked. The case is closed and this is the final say and there’s nothing left to discuss! …Um actually, there’s a lot to talk about, but ok douchebag!

Carissa Conti
@LucyBurnett @montalk Zahi whoever he is sure made a fool of himself in that clip. !! How embarrassing. Grown man throwing a tantrum because Graham Hancock has some ideas that are different from his programming. Most of the world kind of functions like this Zahi guy though. Was recently mentioning to V for Victory in a comment here on Gab about how closed off most people are nowadays, existing in a little bubble where their minds have been made up about some belief or stance, and they refuse to hear anything outside that little bubble. We see it with the rabid flat earthers for instance, who have gotten so off the chain crazy that if they come across any source that makes any sort of casual mention of the earth being round, or the word "globe" etc., they have a meltdown. Like MELTDOWN. Stop the video, post a psychotic comment saying things like, "HE SAID THE EARTH IS A GLOBE!! I'M DONE WITH THIS GUY!!" and storm off, refusing to watch the rest of the video, which doesn't even have anything to do with round/flat earth. But that's how psychotic they've gotten.

We see it with those who've gone Full Libtard, melting down at the slightest bit of anything having to do with Conservatism/Republicans, full Trump Derangement Syndrome...years after the dude isn't even president. I've encountered it with the rabid religious types, freaking out and clinging to beliefs that were very obviously contradictory and nonsensical and made up by the people who rewrote the bible over the centuries. Unwilling and unable to listen or hear another viewpoint. And I've DEFINITELY encountered it with regards to the COVID programming. :/ It's a sad and unfortunate aspect of too many humans' psyches. Weird NPCs.

V for Victory
@Carissa_Conti @LucyBurnett @montalk Here's a quick review of the show.

Carissa Conti
@guanajo @LucyBurnett @montalk I think it was in the last episode of this series where Graham Hancock tries to diplomatically theorize what all the backlash against his theories stems from. In a nutshell, his ideas (which aren't even just his ideas alone, they actually are supported by many researchers and academics who know the evidence) challenge people's need to be the top dogs in history, the pinnacle of achievement. While reminding people that we too will most likely go the way of becoming just another lost civilization that nobody in the future remembers either, due to violent, life altering, and death bringing cataclysms. And it makes sense, sure. Can't argue that those reasons are probably part of the issue. It triggers the low IQ egomaniacs' insecurity. (see how NOT diplomatic I am? ;) )

I do think there's more to it though. In the same way that the backlash against Trump by the "elite" far leftist establishment become full derangement syndrome, like it was PERSONAL, not just about politics (because it was; he was also against their worldwide Satanic child trafficking/raping/torturing/murdering rings and adrenochrome factories, among other evils they get up to) this is also a bit more. And personal. And it goes back well before Graham's time. When reading his latest book "America Before" (material of which also appears in this Netflix series) he talks about the backlash, censorship and full on destruction of people's careers going back into the 1800s with regards to anything having to do with exposing previous ancient, connected and advanced civilizations. There was one high up academic woman, forget her name, who was downright evil about it all. She had the power to ruin careers....and did. Anybody who stepped out of line with the archaeological and anthropological status quo got "canceled," so to speak. (The original Karen!)

It's not just about fragile egos who can't handle not being the pinnacle and having their culture stripped of the title (like that one Egyptian guy having a meltdown in the other vid that LucyBurnett posted; Oh no! Egyptian culture as he'd like to believe isn't really what he was taught!), or who are being triggered by the idea that "oh no! I too could die suddenly by a comet dropping on my head!" Only because Hollywood has been beating that subject to death for many years, so everybody is well aware of this. And those movies are portrayed as very realistic too, in order to fully convey how this can happen, has happened, and WILL happen again. So what's the deal then with this backlash?

I think it ties back into things I said in my Dinosaurs post earlier in my Gab feed. (In the comments of that post.) And it ties into the Big Picture controllers subject that I and many others are always going on about. Something does not want us to know who we really are, where we really came from and what the true timeline of things are. Or that there was a WHOLE lot more going on here in the past. I've even theorized that humans were just......plunked down here on Earth however long ago, maybe some sort of hasty relocation with no time to engage in "mass cleanup" of what had once already been here. Then we were given a false backstory and history, and meanwhile, the Gatekeepers were inserted in all around us and among us to keep us subdued, passive and non questioning. And anybody who did start to find stuff/dig up stuff, notice stuff and question stuff swiftly met the Smack Down treatment. Rabid attacks, threats and stripping them of their career to make examples for the others. "This is what happens when you question the narrative. This is what happens when you try to start thinking on your own. Your life will be destroyed."

I mean, that's what it looks like to me. How else do we explain the behaviors of so many of these academics......across multiple disciplines? Not just archaeology and anthropology? It's not merely ego, or being emotionally triggered. It's MUCH more than that. It's personal, and it's swift, and very out of proportion. Like they are already in place around us. Knowing the real truth and just waiting to attack anybody who starts to wake up about anything. Gotta keep their People Farm running smoothly. Especially when their livestock have the potential for IQs that are 120 to well beyond.

Montalk 12-13-22
== Question: Are you currently using, or even believe in any psychic protection other than just the cliched "keep your vibration high"? ==

I find the following helpful:

1. Calmly anticipate, prepare to deal with, and catch problems before they happen. Just having knowledge of it can prevent it from happening more often than not.

2. Be a good person and keep your vices in check. Integrity builds protection, "karma" lowers it. This is more about shifting and transmuting internally than forcing a lid on unresolved internal negativity. Transmutation via attitude shift leads to liberation while blind suppression leads to disfigurement of the psyche and explosion.

3. Set your positive intention or do a prayer before going on a trip, going to sleep, starting a project, starting your day, etc. otherwise you're indirectly giving permission for something to interfere.

4. Get your mood/attitude/mindset elevated through prayer, meditation, dance, gratitude, etc. whatever works for you. Note that if your physical body is impaired through lack of sleep or malnutrition you'll have a much harder time doing this, so get those squared away as much as possible.

Developing the right internal relationship to external events and circumstances and not identifying with them. This is profoundly effective in disarming attempts to act with mal-intent in others.

Maintaining continuous inner awareness of thoughts, feelings, and motivations through practice and willpower in order to discover weaknesses, flaws, and egos. These give access to those who feed on us.

Prayers for protection to benevolent guidance when attacks are detected.

Plus all of the above, *especially* abstinence from all vice.

@Dauphin_ @montalk Agreed! All of the above. By not doing anything to empower yourself to be better, you just leave yourself open to more unnecessary drama. I recognize insane behaviors and just chuckle to myself cuz it’s the path of least resistance and I can maintain keeping myself centered.

Or sometimes, I’m feeling snarky and gently push a button to try to let them see their behavior is ridiculous. It’s better than allowing them to ensnare me. On social media you tend to get blocked though lol. I do try to lift the spirits up of people that are not having a good day. I think that helps set things in motion to a better day for them as well as me. Making people laugh is what makes me soar. Laughter is the best medicine! Well, unless you have a cough cuz then you’re just miserable coughing even more!

This suddenly just came to mind, walking through a store and having a parent with an unruly child having a temper tantrum. The parent is worthless or just so used to it that it doesn’t even phase them. Is that a super power? Lol But yet they do nothing about it.

I look at the kid and it immediately stops. But just by looking at them and how ridiculous they’re acting, they cease to act a fool. It’s the same look I give my dog when he’s watching us eat and he knows he’s not supposed to!

@LucyBurnett @Dauphin_ That's funny about staring at a kid into behaving. Works on some adults too. The parents who ignore their kids' tantrums are numbed to it and gave up disciplining them long ago. Good on you for lifting other people's spirits, though

@montalk, what would you say the state of play is currently? Is the negative side happy with where they are with their grand plan, or has it backfired on them?

Their vax drive has fizzled out completely, hundreds of millions of people have woken up, nobody is going back to sleep. Although the negatives always have new conspiracies in the pipeline, it's never been more difficult for them.

So if you were a high-level member of the hierarchy, how would you feel right now?

Montalk 12-13-22
@SirianSTO I see competing alien agendas playing out on the human political, economic, military, and biological fronts now. More than ever.

But what's going on behind the scenes is hidden behind secrecy and disinformation, so it takes a lot of effort to try and suss it out. And because it's become so politicized, you get attacked for being a Q nutter or Putin lover when you try to discuss it.

It's been a slow but steady mass awakening since 9/11, Iraq War II, Ron Paul, then MAGA, Q, and COVID. Compare 2015 to 2022, things are very different now. What used to be fringe is passing into reality.

While there are false saviors, good cop bad cop routines, bait and switch agendas, there's also an undeniable deep and real shift in awareness happening.

Look at Musk's takeover of Twitter, Trump ranting near daily about the election being rigged, Brazil's military on the edge of a countercoup against communist interlopers, Fauci and Big Pharma in the crosshairs now that the jab side-effect cat is irreversibly out of the bag, which is what I think the plan was all along.

I heard a theory that Musk became the DoD's #1 contractor under Trump, raking in billions in contracts, under the condition that the money would be used to buy Twitter in order to "purchase a crime scene" to expose and take over the narrative. That's happening.

So now we have the (once?) world's richest man with ties to DoD black ops projects, Wernher von Braun and JFK's technocracy agenda, Trump, Q/MAGA/alt-right, etc. in control of Twitter, opening the flood gates to yet more awakening catalysts. Talk about capture the flag.

The question is toward what ends is this awakening happening. Could be a genuine positive agenda. Could just be one ET agenda countering another ET agenda. Could be just a single negative ET agenda designed to collapse civilization via populist uprisings and distrust of human authority so that ETs can come in as the solution.

Musk says it's a fight for the future of civilization. We hear the same words from other Trump-affiliated sources like Gen. Michael Flynn and others. I can see how even if they're mason/mafia/nazi types, they would support civilization-saving initiatives when confronted with the threat of a nonhuman demonic scourge trying to create literal hell on Earth.

As I said previously, it may be a battle between two main human/ET factions over what to do with humanity during the impending cataclysms. The world as we know it is coming to an end, but how to create a passageway to the new world? Lock them down like animals and feed them bugs grown from recycled corpses while genetically modifying them until they become servile Grays? Or unleash disruptive knowledge and technology and give them a chance to make it through on their own?

If the Great Awakening is a negative agenda, it shouldn't be seeding the ideals of Second Amendment, Free Speech, Liberty, truth, critical thinking, prosperity, accountability, and justice around the world.

It should instead be pushing the idea of collectivism, sacrificing individual rights for the greater good, authoritarianism as the only solution, genocide of the opposition, blind emotion and idealism. Which worked before in Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. Sure, you can inspire liberty to provoke uprisings, tear-downs of government, and thus collapse of civilization, but the ideals and means of resistance will remain a problem to whoever tries to build a totalitarian state atop that.

That's why I lean toward there being a genuine positive shift happening via accelerating disclosure on all fronts, as a kind of immunization against an otherwise unstoppable demonic totalitarian agenda. The mindset, principles, tools, and motivation being nurtured by this shift are the kind needed to see through and defeat further deception attempts.

@montalk @SirianSTO I agree with a lot of what you said! It seems that the demons know they can’t win, no matter what they try to do. With all of the insanity that surrounds us, people can’t deny the hypocrisy anymore. I just (somehow) know within my own being / soul, that no matter what happens, it’s all going to be okay. No idea how that will happen, but I just don’t have a fear of anything in this crazy playground.

I saw this the other night. Its hard to determine fact from fiction / truth and people that are just in it to jump on the bandwagon to make money. I’m not aware of any firsthand experiences with any of these claims, but it’s all very fascinating! In general, truth really does seem to be stranger than fiction!

V for Victory
@montalk @SirianSTO Another element to add is that not all “wars” are black and white. Meaning that, ”in the end”, negative forces might ”partially“ win. Some people will choose to remain slaves and some will not so ending up with part of humanity as their spoils to keep from the war could be a partial win. This could be what has happened countless times in history.

I also like to ponder on the concept of negative ETs having as much right to have us as their ”livestock“ as we humans do to have our own. Wouldn’t that be an interesting dynamic for negative ETs to bring up in the future.

Life is going to get real interesting in the future. We ain’t seen nothin yet!

@guanajo @SirianSTO For sure, I can't see how it's possible for every last soul on this planet to reach the most positive outcome if their own freewill choices and state of conscious development puts them out of sync with it. Some kind of splitting, or being left behind, or going another way makes more sense.

Funny on the livestock idea. Would be something if there's a certificate of ownership over you in some file drawer somewhere.

V for Victory
@montalk @SirianSTO "If the Great Awakening is a negative agenda, it shouldn't be seeding the ideals of Second Amendment, Free Speech, Liberty, truth, critical thinking, prosperity, accountability, and justice around the world."

Personally, I don't think that seeding "freedom" concepts are necessarily something that only positive forces would do. "They" have a knack for taking positive ideas and ideals and turning them upside down for their own gain. Bait and switch.

As an example the second amendment. More guns in people's hands in a semi-dystopic society where most people are becoming more paranoid and more psychologically unstable is not necessarily a good thing given the "right" conditions. In other words, lock a whole bunch of hungry, desperate, angry people together in a room long enough with weapons and see what happens. As one remote viewer once said, "they" are not concerned at all about humans with weapons since "they" can make humanity aim those weapons at each other.

In a situation where humanity is desperate for resources and sanity, negative ETs posing as positive ones might come in and "help us" regain things like "liberty", "truth", "prosperity", and "justice" which to an extent can be ambiguous concepts as their definition can be interpreted differently depending on belief systems. Humanity will have to pay the price for them.

Is it possible that "Q" and the "Great Awakening" was the negative ETs way of not completely obliterating freewill during this whole process and keeping positive forces from completely intervening? In a way, there might have been an agreement made that they had to give us the option of "Zion"(Q and the alternative media) if they were going to try to enslave us for good yet Zion possibly being a dangling carrot. The "false dichotomies".

Time will tell. I hope.

@guanajo @SirianSTO Yes good points, I've pondered these possibilities too.

I tentatively concluded that a negative agenda would allow weapons only as a concession, something they can still make work (by having people turn them on each other) but not the ideal option, because historically (and currently all over the world) the primary drive has been disarmament before enslavement.

They try extremely hard to disarm people, whether by false flags, UN decree, executive order, vote rigging, media manipulation, suppression polls, ESG like with banks now disallowing firearm purchases, etc. So that seems to be their preference. They're quite neurotic about it.

Also historically, they use famine as their main killing tool. Like in the Irish Potato famine or the Holodomor, people were simply dying of starvation (and some cannibalism) more so than shooting each other up. Alternatively, like in Cambodia, it was federal troops/police rounding people up and executing them by the millions. In both cases, the population was disarmed beforehand.

So yes, it may still be part of an agenda (including the liberty part) like you said. Just that it's probably their Plan B taking into account aspects of U.S. society and culture they can't erase.

@montalk @SirianSTO I'm with you on this Tom. It is what my intuition and logic say as well, though it is of course of minefield of deception of which one must always remain vigilant. Let's pray for a positive outcome.

@montalk @SirianSTO Tom, this is a very positive analysis of a complex and mainly negatively perceived situation humans are in, esp in the west. Miles Mathis wrote about Elon's family blood line and how he was given money by In-Q-Tel to buy paypal and buy Tesla. He didn't create them. Briefly, how do you think he's not a baby blood drinking servant of the dark one? This past Halloween he displayed a baphomet logo on his costume.

@HiddenDimension @SirianSTO Elon's fortune hinges on gov/mil money, so he's dependent on that. Baby blood drinker or not, he's beholden to their demands because he has no other choice. So he may be a flipped gray hat (or a black hat if the string pullers are themselves evil). Elon's whole family is eff'ed up.

The critical thing I want to emphasize is that everything he's doing, including his vision of colonizing Mars, the transhumanism stuff, AI, underground tunnel boring, advanced rocket technology, all carry signatures of mil/gov/ngo black project thinking and tech (albeit the older tech from decades ago).

That's why I think his string pullers are descendants of those involved in the Manhattan Project, Philadelphia Experiment, Operation Paperclip, and von Braun's initiatives. Underground bases, antigravity, occultism, ET dealings, and so on.

And considering Trump's uncle had all the expertise (and was in the right place and time) to be working on the Philadelphia Experiment and subsequent antigrav/teleportation (possibly time travel) - I think it's all part of the same package, so I'm not surprised at all that Trump and Elon were closer than they made it appear. At least, they are two components of a bigger machine.

For all I know, this could be the same old Communist vs Nazi dynamic going on. We know that communism is alive and strong in its ideological or at least political/financial grip on the Dems and RINOs. But what about the Nazis? I doubt they disappeared leaving behind only crude NeoNazi wannabes. If anything they're the ones running the breakaway civilization by now, which has all the tech, smarts, and motivation needed to engineer the future of civilization in accordance with their ET benefactors.

So if the "Great Awakening" has a negative agenda, I believe it's that one. Seems like one side wants a materialistic soul-killing hive mind society where the individual means nothing (like what China is modeling now) while the other wants a technocratic fascist spacefaring utopia along the lines of what was depicted in Man in the High Castle just more advanced and less obvious.

@montalk @SirianSTO I prefer the future scenario without the bug eating, brain chips, 12G poles, 500 million population serving a giant bat winged entity.

Tom, I sent your response to a friend who is low profile. He writes:

I tend to take the more optimistic view myself. Not necessarily that all the worldly turmoil will end happily, but that there are larger segments of the population than ever before who are aware, to some degree, of what's going on. This apparent splintering of the elite class is a fairly new & unexpected phenomenon. A solitary elite, without co-conspirators doesn't wield much power. That's why they constantly need to bond with other elites into these exclusive cabals that pretend to be working for the good of humanity. So when you see elite elements fighting other elite elements, in addition to some general wising up of the population, it gives you hope that agendas like the great reset, which are completely destructive to our civilization, may end up falling apart. You have people like Ed Dowd saying that Wall St. is getting wise to the covid shot casualty tallies, & doesn't like what they see. Insurance companies don't like that they're having to pay out like crazy on life insurance policies. So now that it's becoming clear that the great reset only serves a certain portion of the elite class, there will be increasing bloodshed even in the elite class. Some may be waking up to the immorality of the situation, but others will rebel simply out of self-interest.

@montalk @SirianSTO What is your take on Miles Mathis ( he has a very interesting perspective.

@jaepierce @SirianSTO I've read his material on and off over the years. He's a very bright researcher, but his Achilles Heel is believing what he wants to believe and selectively picking/interpreting the evidence to fit that. I don't think he does it intentionally, just that errors of observation creep in and once he's convinced, he doesn't seem to see what contradicts that even if it's right in front of his face. I know people tend to do that naturally to some degree anyway, confirmation bias and all, but I get the impression that if the obvious flaws were brought up he'd just rationalize them away because he's intellectual enough to do that. The curse of the intellect. I disagree with his JFK analysis, for example, and the math/physics stuff which is all predicated on a couple fundamental principles (flaws in math he thinks he's discovered) that I think are mistaken. The stuff on the Phoenicians from his German reader Gerry is very good. Overall I view his material like any other source, guardedly as food for thought.

Montalk 12-17-22
New audio interview on Rising from the Ashes:

(begins at the 1 hour mark)

- astrological ages & etheric energy
- nature of the alien presence
- UFOs as physicalized thoughtforms
- ancient megalithic mariners
- Grail & Ark technology
- & more

Hail Existors!

Welcome to the final weeks before our transition into 2023, Today were glad to share this conversation with everybody! It is a great capstone episode to close out our paranormal theme Tom Montalk is an O.G in this area of research, and a fantastic author. Check out his work here : https://montalk

New Interview Comments
V for Victory
@montalk Great interview Tom, as usual! The interesting thing is that we usually either watch or listen to stuff at night and often dose off here and there no matter how interesting the topic is. But I can't recall one time where I dosed off during any of your interviews or videos. And this one was one of your longer ones. In fact, we were "wired" after your interview, which almost never happens to me.

I did notice a pattern though. When we watch stuff that is pretty 3D focused, I do end up dosing off here and there. When it's material that is more "4D" focused, it really does stimulate us.

I'm glad that you had a chance to talk about the Ark of the Covenant and the Grail Stone because that's were I'm at right now in your book. I have been wondering something about the Ark though ever since I read Gnosis on your website for the first time.

If the "essence" of the energy driving the Ark was of a "negative" polarity, as Hermetic tradition states, then why would people have to be "pure" or "purified" in order to use it or even be close to it? I wonder what kind of "pure" it needed to be in a "negative" sense? Negatively pure? Maybe the person could not have things like "attachments" that, even though you could say are "negative", they might still disrupt the conduit between the Ark and the person?

I've just been trying to make sense of that detail. Any thoughts on that?

Montalk 12-21-22
@guanajo I noticed that too. Certain topics are energizing, others are just neutral or draining. Whether it's something you're researching, talking about, watching, or listening to... if it really resonates, it can be so energizing that you might even have trouble sleeping or forget to eat. Who needs calories and sleep when you have another source of fuel? It's a sign of being in the flow.

Mouravieff talked about the A influences vs the B, C, D, etc. influences where the latter point out of the Matrix while the first point into it. He also talked about loosh energy under other terms. But it was the B, C, D, influences that energize you and create within you a higher 'magnetic center' which is an inner uplink to higher consciousness. So I think that's where the energy boost comes from, a momentary awakening of the psyche.

Regarding the Ark, this reminds me of something from the Cass transcripts where it mentions how the 4D STS "Lizzies" used the Israelite priests to operate the Ark (called a TDARM there, transdimensional atomic re-molecularizer) because they themselves couldn't do it. So they lacked the vibrational "access pass" and had to employ higher-FRV priests to handle the thing.

This makes sense, in that the Ark Stone(s) was created probably with positive intentions in mind, and would have safety mechanisms built in. So if you wanted to get around that, you'd have to employ those who meet a minimum vibrational threshold but who are nonetheless fooled into being beholden to you. That's where deception and religious programming come in.

Think about a cult leader - clearly motivated by demons, yet his followers are starry eyed with love and familial feelings. Same pattern. The demon feeds off their etheric lifeforce energy via physical proximity alone, which is a different part of the loosh spectrum than the emotions-tinged astral energy.

So with the Ark, what do we see... animal sacrifices, blood sprinkled on the altar, David dancing like a maniac before it, killing enemy soldiers... so mainly raw lifeforce energy.

The priests must have been above a vibrational threshold to avoid getting fried, yes, but the operation of the Ark seems to have relied more on the lower end of the loosh spectrum versus what the Grail knights accomplished. So I suspect the whole operation was a hacking operation by 4D STS using 3D humans as slim jims to unlock the car door so to speak. What was done in the Great Pyramid sounds like an occult hacking operation.

We find a parallel to this in reality creation / manifesting, whereby ideally you're in a very high vibrational state. But, if you can't access that, you can still sacrifice a child or chicken and offer its lifeforce energy to the matrix, like the black magicians do, to get what you want. You can be a good person but have mistaken intentions and manifest things that are bad for you. It would therefore behoove higher STS forces to trick you into wanting those bad things, so that you're the one who does the job of bringing them about. Again, the slim jim metaphor.

Space Cadet
I didn’t sleep almost at all that night. The topics you discussed reinforced (and challenged) a lot of the ideas that have been floating around for me. I went with the flow of how sharp my mind felt and actually stayed up to work on writing. This split, going into the Aquarian age, the negative and positive trajectories playing out (likely simultaneously), have become what feels like two sensed realities now perceivable to those who are tapping into this BIG EVENT in the future.

Considering competing alien agendas, on the one hand, the pull of this dark, demonic, AI controlled realm is very strong and palpable, and many (for awhile now) have settled for a doom and gloom mentality. The idea of a demonic hell has become so normalized and is anticipated.

On the other hand, it does seem that a more positive/optimistic outcome for humanity is piercing through that darkness, and some are REALLY feeling the extraordinary brilliance of that light. For me, it is a subtle but intense feeling of excitement and anticipation (a visual would be a giant flood coming in and me shouting BRING IT ON!)

I’ve mentioned before, a sovereign group of souls building oneness organically and completely by free will vs. a cold and controlling forced neural control system (weaponized neural engagement).

You commented on this in the Top 20 Alien Characteristics post:

“Sounds like a splitting of society into those under control of AI/matter/Ahriman and those under the guidance of spirit/heart/Creator.

Come to think of it, these two things seem like the positive and negative aspects of Aquarius, whose age we're entering.

On the one side you have the cold, intellectual, technological, hive aspect.

On the other the communal, humanitarian, intelligent, futuristic, otherworldly aspect.

It's like the precession of the equinoxes can't be stopped, astrological ages come and go, but they can be harnessed in opposite ways per the available characteristics of each sign.”


So, my latest quandary has been perceiving two outcomes for humanity (of course there’s a gradient) that sharply contrast. One is a glimpse into a future humanity, deeply bonded at the soul level, with developing higher faculties (as you say, expansion packs) that returns to a collective flame, a shared consciousness (cosmic knowledge, Christ consciousness etc.). It is like the twin flame concept but more complex and powerful and experienced in a network. It would empower souls, accelerate access to higher knowledge, and could act as a line of defense against the AI prison matrix.


That window of opportunity for humanity to rekindle that collective flame is ripped from our grasp, and we are thrown back into an extreme form of slavery under these oppressive ETs that will expect to be treated as gods, losing our sovereignty of mind in the process. And, anyone who resists, retains memory of or access to higher faculties and this cosmic consciousness, is eliminated from the game. We wouldn’t want our activated souls shining like lighthouses in THIS world, as this would send a clear signal to “them.”

So, this window of access to an optimal timeline, and it still being relatively safe to polish up our souls, may quickly close in exchange for an urgent need to shut off our beacons of light.

Quite a cluster F if you ask me.

Montalk 12-21-22
On the 3D front, regarding current events I see patterns emerging that could affect us all. So here’s a heads up on some noteworthy trends.

(1) As predicted, corporations and governments pushing COVID authoritarianism have buckled under legal and political pressure and are backpedaling. As truth keeps coming out (the latest curiously timed step being a loosening of censorship on Twitter) they’ve gone on the defensive. The backlash could coalesce into class action lawsuits and criminal prosecutions that do to Big Pharma what was done to Enron. Normally the pharma companies have legal immunity, the exception being cases where they knowingly committed fraud. Which is precisely what they did thanks to being enticed to develop and release the jabs at such warp speed. Out of greed they skipped doing the proper trials and knowingly covered up the failed trials. With millions of deaths and injuries on record now, increasingly being linked to the jabs, there’s no way they can put the toothpaste back in the tube. As the death count keeps growing, any coverup attempts only make them and their accomplices look even more guilty. They’re losing control.

(2) Supply chains continue to unravel due to de-globalization, reduced fertilizer exports from Russia, economic and civil unrest in China, inflation from all the money printing these past years, coordinated attacks on food plants and distribution centers, artificial weather manipulation that’s making rivers go dry, and communist-style famine-inducing policies being implemented by governments beholden to Great Reset directives. Fertilizer shortages and high prices alone can create a massive protein and calorie crisis starting late 2023 onwards.

The decline in gasoline prices right now is not a good sign. It’s a warning that things are starting to take their toll on the economy. Historically, this leads to lower prices for a while as demand shrinks, goods are liquidated, and companies start going out of business. Interest rates are reduced and money is printed in an attempt to stimulate the economy, but it’s been done too many times before and you can only inject adrenaline into a dying body so many times. What quickly follows this is even faster inflation, even deeper shortages, devaluation if not collapse of currency, etc. as has been seen countless times throughout history. Hyperinflation then leads to even higher interest rates to try and curb it, but that makes the cost of borrowing so high that debt-based economies (like America’s) become unsustainable. Economic collapse ensues and the currency becomes worthless. Other economies will experience this first, causing a flight into U.S. dollars during the initial stages, but with Russia, China, UAE, etc. shifting away from the dollar, the demise of the dollar seems inevitable. This would lead to issuance of a new currency, just in time for CBDCs (programmable totalitarian digital money).

What should thrive in that environment is cash (early on), goods, precious metals, privacy-oriented cryptos, and black markets (e.g. dark web). This may all take 5-10 years to play out but could happen sooner if other factors pour fuel on the fire.

(3) Trump’s path continues to follow the Hamlet archetype. Per Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet is a prince whose evil uncle murdered his father and usurped the throne. Hamlet feigns idiocy to get his enemies to underestimate him while plotting his revenge. He eventually gets exiled for some time, but returns to wage his final battle in the king’s court. In a duel he gets mortally wounded by a poison dagger but manages to kill his opponent anyway. Everyone else there ends up getting poisoned too. The final scene is a foreign Nordic king and his entourage showing up at the court and finding everyone dead. In the original Icelandic tale, prince Amleth instead gets his enemies drunk before trapping them in a net and burning the place down. Which particular ending it will be this time remains to be seen, but both sides dying and/or the system burning down is a bit ominous.

Montalk 12-21-22
For now, the trajectory points toward continued exposure of corruption, fraud, and evil. There is no “reverse awakening” happening, as everyday there are new revelations, new catalysts, new injustices being revealed. So since awakening is irreversible, it will continue driving forward and thresholds of change will be reached one after another. As they say, politics is downstream from culture, so this will have political ramifications. We’ve been seeing the FBI, CIA, DOJ, CDC, FED, etc. all being set up in the public eye for implosion. Some kind of collapse, purge, and reset is coming for better or worse. We’re also hitting the end of the 250-year empire cycle. Probably a new government, new currency, new technologies... if we’re not nuked back to the 1300s first, which brings me to:

(4) The Russia vs. US/NATO situation is spiraling out of control. Mainstream sources “predicted” Russia would run out of ammo and supplies back in May. That was propaganda. Unless you’re digging into the right alternative info sources, you’re only hearing propaganda. Reality is that Russia did a limited military operation back then in the hopes that Ukraine would be intimidated into staying neutral instead of allying with NATO. After Ukraine put up an unexpectedly fierce fight (aided by Western money, equipment, mercenaries, and embedded officers) it became clear to Russia that Ukraine was now serving as an expendable proxy for NATO in a war against Russia. That turned Ukraine into an existential threat.

Therefore, Russia has recently taken off the kid gloves, shifted to war footing, mobilized 300k extra troops with more to come, started the process of taking out Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, and has been positioning troops and equipment in and around Ukraine (including with nuclear capabilities) for an upcoming mass-offensive that will be launched after the ground freezes in January. Meanwhile, Poland is arming up and U.S. is staging troops in Romania for the next phase.

This means millions of refugees will flee into Europe, straining economies and welfare systems there, which are already on the brink of failure from inflation and spiking energy prices caused by anti-Russian sanctions backfiring. Populist uprisings against war, immigration, and cost of living will threaten to topple Western governments. Compared to NATO, Russia holds the advantage in food, energy, alliances, cultural cohesion, and military manufacturing capacity. So they will survive this but Europe is on thin ice.

Montalk 12-21-22
NATO may, out of desperation, escalate the war and end up crossing a line that provokes Russia into retaliating in a bigger way. The chain of escalation would be conventional strikes, cyber attacks, EMP attacks, tactical nukes, and finally strategic nukes or the Poseidon system that can create artificial tsunamis. Unlikely but possible. Again, this can take some time to play out. WWII took 6 years start to finish.

I think the Deep State would rather instigate another pandemic or trigger nuclear armageddon than get exposed and prosecuted back home, so they have an incentive to go scorched earth. Thus, nuclear war is a real possibility now. Russia’s nuclear capability is far more advanced than the West’s and they’re considering moving to a first-strike policy. Meanwhile, China’s waiting in the wings to move on Taiwan now that Western weapons stockpiles and equipment have been depleted from so much having been sent to Ukraine. Due to supply chain issues, those stockpiles can't be replenished as quickly or affordably as before.

This all seems by design, though, chess pieces played against each other in service of a larger diabolical dialectic. The only way out of this is negotiations...

(5) Or alien intervention; nuclear war is a perfect pretext for them to take control. They’ve already been marketing themselves for decades for that role by hovering around nuclear bases and interfering with weapons. So is it any coincidence that UFO sightings are up drastically and military officials are so openly discussing UAPs now?

Is it any coincidence that the Deep State types pushing for ET disclosure and acceptance are also 1) the ones with deep ties to corruption in Ukraine, 2) the ones involved in the 2014 Maidan color revolution that laid the foundation for what’s happening now, 3) the ones who began pushing anti-Russian sentiments in the West around that time, 4) the ones who were involved in shady biolabs in Ukraine and China that produced SARS-Cov2, which allowed them to advance their Great Reset agenda and rig the elections ensuring war with Russia could be triggered as planned, and 5) the ones who are sending endless billions of $$ to Ukraine in an attempt to push Russia toward a nuclear response that would roll out the red carpet for ETs?

Takeaway: with things destabilizing, as prices drop in the near term be sure to stock up on what you can while goods are still available.

V for Victory
@montalk I’ve mentioned this on Gab before but as things progress, it continues to look more and more like events are continuing to align perfectly to create an outcome just like Fore was apparently told by his “handler”.

”According to the conversation I had with her more than 10 years ago when she and I talked about these topics. She mentioned at the time that if "the Others" gained "momentum" they would first make the governments on Earth become the scape goats of the people. Playing on the idea that Earthly governments are of something like incompetence, distrust and generally a raw deal.

That scenario was depicted as the People on Earth are supposed to distrust their own governments and adopt/accept the role of the a new government run in part by the ET.

This scenario is depicted with a population in distress, meaning people do not have most of their necessities being met. As a society in that scenario people lack infrastructure and safety.

The scenario depicts a population that is hungry and that the ET have the resources, the food and the technology to cover those needs....for steep a price. Earthly governments are supposed to be approached and asked to accept ET technology (under ET control) which will feed the populations and provide basic necessities.”

At this point I have to, unless convinced otherwise, conclude that this is THE most probable scenario or at least pretty much it. ”Disclosure is a Trojan Horse.”

This whole thing sounds eerily similar to the Hermetic teachings regarding “Moses” and the Ark. Is humanity going to end up “invoking” the wrong energies once more?

The next question is, how to navigate through the storm and find sanctuary through the upcoming “uncharted waters”?

@guanajo I agree Fore's is the most plausible scenario. One wildcard is whether these "Others" will be followed by an opposing ET faction that's relatively benevolent.

Here's something from Fore's old OMF posts in July 09, 2007 and July 12, 2007:

===== START =====

Basically she said their faction (to which she was a small part of allegedly) was interested in correcting errors of the past. Promoting human evolution and making sure that humanity got every chance to evolve properly. She said that the current date of official contact was projected to be some 800 years into the future. Unfortunately, according to her "the others" will screw that up by being projected to jump the gun much sooner.


So she said that once these "others" show up they will come down and present themselves as Gods. She said they will tell people that they were the creators of mankind and that they were the ones who care for mankind. (lies)

She said the current future they were seeing as the likeliest was that "the others" would force power away from the secret governments and the public ones (I'm stretching a little, but more or less).

She said they show off their powers in front of humanity and will be accepted as Gods/royalty/celebrities.

She said later on "the others" will create a new unified religion where they will get people to do as they command. She said there would be regular messages from them and that they would hold the attention of people by probably choosing the prettiest and most appealing among "the others". While "the others" who are less tolerable, to the people, will remain out of sight and hidden while they con the world.

She said that later on they will take on more assertive actions to try and get people to accept them. She said this leads to massive amounts of people using symbols the others bring to show off how they are down with "the cause" the others bring.

She said that the cause would be so popular, that even neighbors would turn in other neighbors if they didn't show their acceptance of "the others". (here it sounds like something in the bible).

She said this would lead to a lot of deaths because the others don't want anyone who isn't with them and their way. She said there would be others walking amongst the streets and would kill anyone who they found with any thoughts of their opposing faction.

She instructed me not to use my abilities whatsoever and to hide if the others ever showed up.


She said after all these things, and if the others were the ones who came first (she said it was very likely according to the future) then her people would arrive and they would make their case to human beings about the truth of the situation. She said "the third" would force "the others" to give her factions the chance to voice their case to the world.

She said if the world accepted them over the others, there was the genuine fear that upon leaving; "the others" would burn the earth in spite.

======== END ======

Now, if this is true, then in theory ETs like her faction should already have been preparing the groundwork for that eventuality here among us, probably centered around anchoring and spreading truth, inducing an awakening of sorts, so that people are less likely to be taken in by these false saviors.

It may be too little too late. Hard to say because with rigged elections we don't know what the true percentage of awakening people is. It might be 70% awakening to 30% firmly asleep for all we know. If it's the opposite then I'd say we're screwed. I think they could have pulled off that deception scenario back in 2008 easily, considering how many eagerly fell for Obama's messianic front.

But over the past decade culture has gotten a bit more cynical, skeptical, and conspiratorial compared to what it used to be. Maybe that just means more starvation will be needed to force compliance. I can see ETs gathering their zealots like Yahweh did with the Israelites and pillaging their way across the lands in some holy crusade to exterminate the unbelievers. Or a V scenario if society is still up and running.

I would wager that the decision will be split, some parts of humanity going with them and some going against. The ratio will decide the outcome, and hopefully there's indeed a "third group" that enforces the rules if the side of truth wins out.

How to navigate the storm... between now and then (alien issue) we have other challenges to wade through. Financial, supply chains, infrastructure, social, political, war. It'll impact everyone differently depending on their location and circumstances, so navigation would involve intuition (compass), research (map), awareness (observation), planning (plotting course), and action (movement). Things tend to take longer than anticipated to happen, so there should be time each step of the way to gauge the situation and adjust course.

@montalk So in summary, besides stockpiling on food and equipment and the like, which if all out calamity happens won't mean much in the grand scheme since those resources will run out, provided we don't die from the fallout itself such as radiation and so on, what can we really do?

Seems like we're doomed no matter how we look at it, at least from this angle.

If people get placed into hell and willingly accept the 'aid' of the ETs that orchestrated it all, I suppose like you mentioned before that negates the possibility of the 'Good Guys' helping us, since we have 'willingly accepted' the two-faced 'aid' that may be handed to us by those nefarious ETs?

I find it very difficult to maintain a hopeful attitude about any of this. I've stopped dwelling on the negative aspects only because of apathy. At this point, I'm just hoping to 'get it all over with' and not much else.

It sucks for those of us who were just starting to develop our lives/find ourselves to be met with the ass end of planetary scale annihilation, or enslavement.

I guess I can hope I get to choke one of those intergalactic bastards out before I go, if nothing else. Half tongue in cheek jokingly of course. Lol.

@WinterGreen480 What you can do personally is pretty simple: 1) make common sense preps, 2) follow your purpose; intuition, soul resonance, and knowledge point the way, and 3) keep your morale up through a spiritual practice that works for you.

I believe there are genuine "good guys" because a) we're still here, b) we can talk about this, c) certain abductees/contactees have been given info about the alien deception agenda that checks out, and d) historically there are signs of covert positive influences that have countered a lot of the negative agendas.

Like I said it's a tug of war. Much of the big stuff is out of our hands, other than reality creation intending for a positive future for yourself and loved ones, and the things mentioned above.

"It sucks for those of us who were just starting to develop our lives/find ourselves to be met with the ass end of planetary scale annihilation, or enslavement."

Well we were all doomed to die the moment we were born, but that never stopped anyone from living while they still could. Ultimately we need to pursue our happiness and adapt to conditions as they change.

I like the Plan A Plan B approach, which is have your Plan A and pursue it, which assumes the future will keep going, and then on the side have a contingency Plan B if things go south.

That way you're neither throwing away your future if nothing happens, nor being caught with pants down if something does.

The future is still somewhat open to wildcards happening that can surprise us in a good way. But other things are inevitable, like I wouldn't want to live in Kiev right now. Look around you, as long as lights are on and society is functioning, there's room for you to chill and enjoy your day.

Montalk 12-21-22
And here's what positive moves can avert much of the above:

* Diplomatic solutions to avoid mutually assured destruction. This is tough because prior agreements have been violated so there's even less trust and respect now. But if Western Deep State governments fall and get replaced by populist ones, negotiations can resume and peace deals be reached. Like during the populist Trump years when foreign conflicts with NK and in the Middle East were defused. So:

* Neutralization of the Deep State, replacement with populist governments grounded in fringe awareness, cultural revolution back to spiritual/traditional values. We're already seeing fringe demographics breaking into the mainstream, displacing it. Mainstream media is on its way out. It won't take much more to complete the cultural transition, mainly just the jab and election fraud conspiracies becoming validated for the masses, followed by alien disclosure of a more balanced type. We need the entrenched divisive psychopaths in power neutralized so that reason and goodwill can reign and patch things back together. The resulting cooperation, innovation, and cohesion will be needed for humanity to make it through earth changes and alien interference relatively intact.

* Release of free energy technologies, most likely from black projects. Either directly, or covertly laundered through universities and corporations who somehow magically "came up" with them. When the world economy is in the hole, it takes real energy, real raw materials, real food and real wealth to fill that hole. Free energy would do that. Something cheaper and faster than fusion which in its current state is a pipe dream. This would also free us from accepting ET bargaining chips when they dangle their tech with the promise of solving our food and energy crisis post-disclosure. It would also provide means of food and warmth during the coming mini Ice Age.

There's no guarantee the above will happen, but I am confident there are higher positive forces (human, alien, and metaphysical) trying to make it happen, because in a way the beginning of that is already happening in improbable and orchestrated ways. It's not a singular march toward doom but a tug of war. The negative side is obvious as we see it every day, but the positive side acts covertly and surprisingly so we'll just have to wait and see.

What you can do personally is pretty simple: 1) make common sense preps, 2) follow your purpose (intuition, soul resonance, and knowledge point the way), and 3) keep your morale up through a spiritual practice that works for you.

@montalk, apologies if you've already discussed this elsewhere, but why is earth such a special case? If farming humans and harvesting our loosh is the main objective, then why didn't they create millions of other such worlds, like we have millions of poultries and farms?

Thinking along the same line, why didn't the creator of earth create another living world like us in the vicinity? What were they trying to prevent by keeping us completely isolated in the space?

Montalk 12-22-22
@SirianSTO Both the Qu'o material (L/L Research) and contactee Fore's ET advisor said there's a third party overseer group (likely 5D STO or 6D STO) that quarantined our planet 3000 years ago.

The gist is that 4D ETs were too openly interfering with human development and so they were forced to knock that off, go covert, and let mankind develop on its own (at least publicly) until they were "grown" enough to reach a legal age of consent. That then ties into the Allies of Humanity material which gets into the legal aspects of planetary consent in the face of alien interventionists.

So these 4D beings are still in the background doing their thing, manipulating certain individuals and human history, but they must do it within the rules/enforcement of the overseer group. Explains why there are sighting and abductions but always limited and ambiguous enough to allow the general public to ignore it.

The appearance of our civilization being completely isolated in space may therefore be a more modern thing, starting around 1000 B.C. More likely 1177 B.C., the Late Bronze Age collapse and start of the Greek dark ages. It was after these dark ages (centuries after 1177 B.C.) that we get most of known history including the writings of Homer, penning of the Old Testament, and similar parallels in China/India. So it's like a reboot happened and the cultures, myths, religions, etc. that are most influential today coalesced around then (the 800-600 B.C. time frame). Video lecture on the 1177 B.C. collapse:

Also around the time the Ark of the Covenant disappeared for good and when the Iron Age went into full swing. Iron as you know is antagonistic toward etheric beings and technologies, so the Bronze Age was still friendly to such abilities. The common use of iron therefore signals psychic blindness and a reduction in paranormal activity compared to before.

That ties into the quarantine being placed. The Q'uo material frames it as our timeline being deviated into a temporary 'shunt' timeline, a fake reality bubble, where things play out to a conclusion before being merged back into the main timeline. Whereas Fore's advisor framed it more as the overseer group simply laying down the law and the ETs having to obey or else. The Ra Material mentions such an overseer group or council controlling the boundaries of the quarantine and allowing ETs in or out depending on what's needed for humanity's evolution.

So the point is that the energy farm may be operating within a larger framework of spiritual curriculum or maybe an experiment of some sort. Like, it's allowed to an extent but there's still a law and a script that must be followed in general.

As for other worlds, the Cassiopaean material talks about other planets where humans are raised in pens for food for the Mantis beings. PKD saw our world as the middle ground between the best and worst possible timelines or worlds.

I'm guessing there's a spectrum of other worlds out there and we're somewhere in the middle. Not too special, except maybe as a curious case of an artificial/slave species acquiring spirit and showing the potential for more. It also seems to me that a neutral or positive higher overseer group is keeping us from being uncontrollably invaded or contacted by random alien civilizations, yet allows the 4D STS agenda and 4D STO counter-agenda to proceed within limits.

V for Victory
@montalk Pardon my ignorance but, what is the Qu'o material?

Jaime Rogelio Rochin
@guanajo @montalk Channeled material from the same people behind The Law of One. Qu'o is a combination of Ra and other entities.

@guanajo The Q'uo material is channelings by Carla Rueckert who did the Ra Material, starting a couple years after the primary Ra sessions ended. This might be the first session, from 1986:

Here are search results for "time lateral" which are pretty interesting:

Like all channeling, I'd take it as food for thought and not as authority. If something works, it works.

Montalk 12-26-22
Tentative diagram of how various types of beings might relate to each other. This is based on all my research and experiences plus many other sources, including some of contactee Fore / GangaToday1's views.

The diagram is divided into three axes: physical vs non-physical ↗️, positive vs negative ↔️, less vs. more advanced ↕️.

The bottom front is where we are in the big scheme of things, physically incarnated and not too advanced. Bottom back are nonphysical beings of a similar level, for example dead loved ones who watch over us from the other side of the veil. As you go up the diagram, beings become increasingly powerful and sophisticated. At the top are ultraterrestrials (upper 5th and 6th density beings) who are the epitomes of darkness (left side of diagram) or light (right side). This means the top of the negative ET hierarchy = top of the demon hierarchy = negative ultraterrestrials (UT).

Entries with (?) are debatable with mixed evidence but worth mentioning anyway. For example, "+ET" (positive ETs) from what I can tell are non-interventionists, careful about whom they contact, very discreet and covert, and too often imitated by negative ETs, demons, astral parasites, New Age psychopaths, and shadow military PsyOps. So some people think they don't even exist, while I think they do exist but leave such light footprints that you really have to look to detect that signal amidst all the noise.

I added this clarifying part: "The bottom front is where we are in the big scheme of things, physically incarnated and not too advanced. Bottom back are nonphysical beings of a similar level, for example dead loved ones who watch over us from the other side of the veil. As you go up the diagram, beings become increasingly powerful and sophisticated. At the top are ultraterrestrials (upper 5th and 6th density beings) who are the epitomes of darkness (left side of diagram) or light (right side). This means the top of the negative ET hierarchy = top of the demon hierarchy = negative ultraterrestrials (UT)."

Montalk 12-27-22
New video interview on Quantum Tangents with V:

Gnostic & Metaphysical Revelations with Tom - Montalk

Gnosis, Alchemy & The Demiurge
Part 1

"In this conversation, hyperdimensional counterintelligence specialist Tom Minderle joins me to talk about his latest book 'Gnosis: Alchemy, Grail, Ark & the Demiurge'. We delve into and discuss the etheric tide theory, bifurcation timelines, synchronicity, AI, predictive programming, propaganda - and only scratched the surface."

Stay tuned for Part 2.

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