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Prophecies: When Russia dominates the world...
Date Posted: Thursday 25-Sep-2008

[Putin is a clever man. I am always wary of him. Here are some prophecies from Russia. I tend to take prophecies these days with more of a pinch of salt because all prophecies are only accurate in retrospect, and very few that you know of beforehand actually come true. Jan]

But the lives of people and the fortune of nations are very different stories. While the fortune of a person is his or her own affair, those of countries, and of the world, are the problems of mankind. Philosophers, astrologers, and fortune-tellers have been giveing advice on these matters through the ages. Yes, people may have different attitudes to prophecies, but regardless of one's opinions about them, one thing is for sure: they are fascinating.

One historical figure that has come to be synonymous with prophecies is Nostradamus, whose name happens to be one of the most frequently searched on the Internet. His "Centuries" are said to have prophesied the burning and devastation of Moscow in 1571, Napoleon's defeat in 1812, the victory of communism in Russia and the subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union.

Recently, Russia pulled off a hat trick: hockey, football and Eurovision. The country was ecstatic and there was jubilation in the air. The press was obsessed about it, and still are. Among all the chaos I read the following comment on the Internet: When the Northern Empire wins on Ice and Grass and its Clown sings his song, Red Clouds will cover the Sky and the Apocalypse will come. This grim prophecy was said to have been one of the Bulgarian prophetess Vanga's predictions, and that made me think about Russia's future. Sear­ching for some evidence to substantiate the claim, I found out the passage was a harmless joke. Still, there are lots of prophecies about Russia that make people sit up and pay attention.

Vanga was born at the turn of the 20th century and died 12 years ago at the age of 84. Her gift of prophesy made her popular, and soon politicians visited her to have their fortunes told.

Among her most shocking predictions is what she had predicted in 1980: In August of 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be covered with water and the whole world will be weeping over it. Twenty years later, the nuclear submarine "Kursk" perished in an accident.

In January 1988 she said: We are witnessing events of paramount significance. Two big leaders shake hands. But we have to wait for a long time before the Eighth one will come forth and sign a final peace agreement on Earth. The first part of the prediction made reference to Gorbachev and Reagan, and the second to the fact that Russia joined the Group of Seven, now the G-8.

In the same way, she predicted some other events of world history. In 1989: The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel bird. The wolves will howl in the bush, and innocent blood will flow. It happened as predicted: The "Twin" towers of the World Trade Center in New York collapsed apparently because two commercial planes - "steel birds" - were flown into them. She predicted lots of things - the Chernobyl disaster, Boris Yeltsin's election win and so on. It is even said that Adolf Hitler left a visit with her looking very upset.

One of the popular predictions about Russia is that when the permafrost thaws and the floods come, nothing will survive on Earth but Russia. The climate will change and Russia will occupy the best inhabitable zone. Plus, Russia is predicted to herald in world peace and flourish in the face of good fortune.

Vanga also once said: "Everything melts away like ice yet the glory of Vladimir, the glory of Russia are the only things that will remain. Russia will not only survive, it will dominate the world."

Russia is on a roll with assorted victories. Whether we can believe that Russia will initiate world peace, however, remains to be seen.

By Daria Chernyshova
Source URL:

Posted By: Jan
AfricanCrisis Webmaster
Author of: Government by Deception
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Interesting.  Perhaps it is time to move to Russia.  icon_megagrin
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I was thinking the same thing. Cool
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im packing my bags now
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LOL!  Thanks for the laugh.  I needed that.  Things are rather grim here at the moment.
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These prophecies are most likely written by former KGB associates as a part of wider propaganda.

Many aspects of the life in Russia are worst than they ever have been. Their most developed industry is mafia that sells weapons and drugs, and the use of vast resources in Siberia is troubled with corruption and bad organisation. The development of technology and science under Putin is in worst shape than even before.

Even if Russia do make some progress most of population doesn't feel anything of that and live under relative poverty and constant government harrasing.

Russia is good for those who have something of crocodile nature in themselves. But for most folk it's a living hell.

Most people do not understand that Russian government, Kgb/Fsb, Gazprom are 'state within a state' and function like private organisations that only care for their narrow self-interests.
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But Komrad,aren't you in Moskva?:P

Everywhere,it's the same.Shall we talk about the Balkans?

Vanga,was not a KGB associate:Dalthough I don't agree with her predictions which go into many years into the future.No one can predict,especially that far into the future,because it's always subject to change.
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OK that was interesting, yet prophecy seems predictable to me, i think the way that prophecy works is on a tribal subconscious level, I'd say the way it works is someone has the natural gift to perceive possible events in the future by watching timelines, then they write down what they think will happen and other people read it setting it subconsciously into motion on a tribal level thus causing these things to happen. Maybe we should get a lot of people together teach them this then prophesize good things and see if they happen.
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I'd like to have a look at some of Vanga's prophecies that pertain to recently occurred times, in an effort to attempt to establish any credibility that she may have, and I'd like to do so using existing FACTs as well as basic logic. 

Russian Disaster
In 1980, she stated:

Quote:[font=Garamond]"At the turn of the century, in August of 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be covered with water, and the whole world will be weeping over it."
Kursk was the name of a large city in Russia, also the site of the largest tank battle of WWII. Nobody could understand how the city would be covered by water but the meaning was clear on August 12, 2000, when the Russian submarine, Kursk, named after the city, suffered an explosion and left the survivors for dead at the bottom of the ocean.  The Russian government did nothing to try and rescue the survivors while the British and Norwegian rescue attempts failed. Baba Vanga was even able to predict the month and a 50% chance of the year this would happen.

It should also be noted that the construction of the Kursk submarine (K-141) began immediately after it was designed in 1992 at Severodvinsk near Arkhangelsk and it was first launched in 1994.  It was then first commissioned in December of that year.  The design blueprints for the sub took 4 years to complete by a team of 15 professionals - 10 leading Russian military architects and engineers, and 5 non-military.   Which means that the submarine was not even known of by anyone in the world in 1980; hence people's complete unknowing as to what Vanga was referring to when she made this prediction. 

It would be reasonably safe to conclude that this was not an erroneous or chanced prediction, nor could it be a false prediction that she may have had some form of insider information about and was contrived on the basis of misinformation for vested interests or power control. 

WTC Disaster
In 1989, Vanga stated:

Quote:[font=Garamond]“Horror, horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves will be howling in a bush, and innocent blood will be gushing.”
Many feel that  the beginning of its second sentence metaphorically refers to GW Bush individually, but the word 'bush' is preceded with an incriminating association to numerous entities, and not just one.  Now when some one is metaphorically said to be 'in a bush', including humans, it refers to it or them as being concealed or hidden or out of normal sight.  Hence this statement has two relevant inferences in pointing out who the culprits were.  One being the metaphorical expression of "sheep in wolves clothes"; howling falsely under the guise of being innocent little creatures as sheep are, but in reality they're dangerous and savage killers.  The other, indicates that they howl, or communicate, whilst inside a 'bush' and in the context it is used would make reasonable reference to where these wolves lurk when they are addressing others.  So what was the congressional administration called who were laying all the false blame when 911 occurred and were do they reside?  I do know that The Bush administration resided in the White house, which by many is considered a house of the highest prestige and is not to be questioned. 

It would be reasonably safe to again conclude that this was not an erroneous or chanced prediction irrespective as to the exact meaning of Vanga's interpretation of who the responsible party were because all of them can be reasonably referenced to metaphorical 'bush' pertaining to the family name of Bush. 

Vanga predicted:
Assassination attempts in 2008

I have searched the inet and have found two slightly differing interpretations of what Vanga stated exactly in this prediction of hers as follows: 

Quote:[font=Garamond]2008[/b] - Assassination attempts on four heads of states during conflict in Indonesia. That becomes one of the causes for the start of WWIII.

[font=Garamond]2008[/b] - Baba Vanga speaks of conflicts in "Indonesia" leading to the upcoming WWIII, but I've seen some people say that Indonesia had been mistranslated and it's meant to read "India". This will also involve the attempted assassinations of 4 heads of state.[/b] 

So I will include such occurrences that happened a year either side of 2008 as she has already exhibited that her predictions are not always ‘precise on the year she states they will occur’.  With such things, if they occur one year either side of there predicted timeframe, that is by no reason for them to be out ruled as erroneous altogether.  When predicting something short term, as is a decade or two in advance, most would agree that a tolerance factor of 1 year is quite good.  When predicting something medium term, as in 1 or more centuries in advance, a tolerance factor of 10 years is quite good.  Equally so when predicting something long term, as in 1 more millenniums in advance, a tolerance factor of 50 years would be good and a tolerance of 100years could also be acceptable.[/font]

Now in this prediction generally, there is no reference made to the direct linking of assassination attempts or the conflict in either Indonesia or India.  It that I mean we cannot concisely imply that the assassinations or the conflict are events that occur as a result of one leading onto another, or that one has direct relevance or bearing on the other.  All we can conclude is that they will both occur and that either one or the other or BOTH will be 'some kind of catalyst' or have 'some kind of bearing' on the onset of what will be generally considered by future generations as the start of WWIII.   Keeping in mind that events like world wars are never something that can be started on an exact date or point in time, they are something that takes years to reach and can often be seen to begin long before their main thrust has impacted.  WW2 did not technically begin exactly in the year of 1940 nor did the first in 1915.  Conflicts and fighting had commenced in both, years before their official establishment date or year, and continued for long after their official year of cessation.  Many believe that WWI never really ended till the commencement of WWII, as do also believe that WWII is still going on to this day, and as others believe that WWIII commenced in 1987 with the coup of the then exiled Ayatollah of Iran in France or with the occurrence of 911.  But in all those cases that is not what the worldwide majority believe, irrespective to the fact that they only believe what they are told.  What has relevance in this case though is that Vanga referred to the end of the first 2 world wars as being that which is commonly known or believed, as she has made inference to this in other talks of hers.  So it would therefore be safe to say that her understanding and belief of the beginning of WWIII would be that which the masses 'or general consensus' will be in future, as it would be shown to be the year that the main thrust of its existence commenced or that official documents were signed to the effect.  The scopes of her predictions are long term and as such would no doubt structure them using terminologies that will be relevant long after our time. 

The following politically motivated events occurred in 2008. 

Assassination attempt on 2 Heads of State:
Rebel East Timorese soldiers invaded the homes of the President and Prime Minister of East Timor on February 11, 2008, leading to the shooting and serious wounding of President José Ramos-Horta[/b], the shooting up of the car of Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão[/b], and the fatal shooting of rebel leader Alfredo Reinado.  Gusmão was born to mestiço school teacher parents in Manatuto and attended a Jesuit high school just outside of Dili. 

1 assassination attempt:
On Tuesday July 15th 2008, Mideast envoy Tony Blair[/b] called off what would have been the first visit of a top Western diplomat to Hamas-ruled Gaza, after Israel's Shin Bet security service received "pinpointed and imminent" intelligence that there was going to be an assassination attempt on his life.

1 plot in preparation for an assassination attempt:
On August 26th 2008, four people are under arrest in connection with a plot to assassinate Barack Obama[/b] at his Thursday night acceptance speech in Denver. 

The following occurred in 2007: 

1 assassination attempt:
On February 27, 2007, at about 10 a.m., a suicide bomber killed 23 people and wounded 20 more outside Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan during a visit by Cheney. Qari Yousef Ahmadi, a Taliban spokesman, claimed responsibility for the attack and said Cheney[/b] was its intended target. 

1 assassination attempt:
On October 18th 2007 bombs exploded alongside a road in Karachi Pakistan as the convoy of former Prime Minister Bhutto[/b] passed by. Many people were killed and there were also a number of injuries. The assassination attempt was condemned by the White House, the United Pakistan Assassination Attempt Kills over 100 People. 

1 assassination:
On Thursday 27th December 2007 Pakistani former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto[/b] was assassinated in a suicide attack. 

So if we look at the prediction from the Indonesian perspective, we have 4 assassination attempts of relevance that took place, and if we look at the prediction from the Indian perspective, we also have 4 separate assassination attempts of relevance that took place.  Not forgetting that Pakistan is well within the Indian region and has in fact being in conflict with India for a long time.  I would therefore tend to lend more weight to the latter perspective as it has more relevance than the first given that the Pakistan attempt was historically denoted by being followed up with a successful assassination on the same person. 

It would be reasonably safe to once again conclude that this was not an erroneous or chanced prediction irrespective as to the exact meaning of Vanga's regional inference as it essentially covers both, and she may have not totally clarified the situation knowing somehow that what she said was enough to establish its being and main validity when the time was right. 

Given all this, I would personally find it hard to reject her as being an outright hoax.  I say that not only because of her apparent accuracy in the predictions I've covered, but also due to the manner in which she used her psychic ability, and because of her character; of which both are mandatory characteristics of one who is truly psychic and not one who thinks they are or is made out to be.

- She never charged or asked for any money for her gift.

- She has never published any books or any other money generating item about herself or her predictions.

- She never boasted about anything to do with herself.

- She never used anything to support any claim from anyone, including herself, of her processing any kind of supernatural power or ability.

- She never even faintly pursued fame or glory of any sort what so ever.

- She never had any religious or political preference. 

- She never spoke ill of another person who was claimed to be of similar supernatural ability.

- She lived a poor and humble existence as all do who know the true value of money and non essential materials.

- People of very high status believed in her and seeked her opinion on their own issues.

- She never used more words to express herself or her seeings than what was necessary.

- She never used any device, or occult-esoteric 'symbologies or scriptures or 'archetypical shapes or symbols'' to portray any form of supernatural support  or assistance of her gift... as only truly naturally psychic 'people and seers' do, unlike fakes such as Nostradamus and most others.

- To date, she has never had any form of recognition from the powers like other 'Jesuit-principle aligners' such as Nostradamus, Cayce and Malachy have.  Malachy having played such a large role in creating mankind's ‘deceitful belief that the world shall come to an end of sorts, conveniently enough, just at the time that the NWO wish to introduce global Marshall Law to aid in their total consolidation of a global Luciferianism society’, that they falsely ordained the traitor as a saint; if in fact he ever did exist.  Same for Nostradamus; no one can prove that such a person did exist either, and I'm not referring to proving that a bloke by that name lived in France around that time.  Characters such as these were IMO all created by the Jesuits long after they were supposed to have been alive.  In reality, they are fictitious. 

The list goes on and fits perfectly into the cast of what a truly powerful spiritually gifted human being is.  Unlike the falsely conceived ideas of today’s average person of what a true seer or true psychic are, of which commonality is also not one of them.  This notion that a true psychic exists around every corner is the thing that fairy tales are made of.  It has been allowed to propagate by 'the powers' as it serves them well in confusing the hell out of people thereby reducing their ability to focus on what they should.  True psychics are as rare as hen’s teeth or tits on a bull, sorry to say they do not exist in ANY forum nor can you find one to go and pay money to in an effort to have your future accurately foretold.  That is NOT how a true psychic works or lives; their purpose is far above that.  People with restricted psychic ability can be categorized by 'some or many' as being more intuitive than the norm, but this doesn’t make them truly psychic, and their mannerisms and beliefs on the subject lay testament to that.  True psychics, seers and prophets are never partly right, they are never rich or middle classed, they are never loud and they never seek the acceptance or attention of anyone at all.  They never use excuses such as, “An outcome of any time frame cannot ever be predicted as things can change.”, because the true and powerful psychic’s predictions take 'all that will change' into total account.  That inadvertently means that all is ‘set’ anyway and that 'change' per ce is part of the 'outcomes' finality and not of its determination.  Mind you even the latest developments of Physics’ String Theory has now mathematically proven beyond any doubt that we in this dimension cannot alter anything that is meant to occur until such times as we have elevated to at least TWO or MORE dimensions higher than the one we are in.  This kind of elevation is of such an enormous increase of mental magnitude that there would be little reason to warrant anyone having reached it to bother affecting our timeline anyway.  Matters of this world would be almost irrelevant to such a mentally superior being.   I posted a URL here to a video outlining the basic principles of how this works using String Theory a while ago.  We cannot say that, “Time is a 'human-collective creation' of this dimension as everything in this reality occurs at the same time and we devised it as a means of separating each event into a moment so that we could track it all.”, and then go on believing that nothing in this occurring reality is fixed; that is simply paradoxical and contradictive.  Anyone wanting further explanation or expansion on this feel free to ask. 

I would like to add that total and undisputable proof of Vanga's psychic integrity, as with any seer, will be left in the hands of time.  Luckily for us in this case, all we need do is wait for a couple of years for this enlightenment, as per the two successive predictions she made after the last one I discussed:

Quote:[font=Garamond]2010 [/b]- The start of WWIII. The war will begin in November of 2010 and will end in October of 2014. Will start as a normal war, then will include usage of nuclear and chemical weapons.
Quote:[font=Garamond]2011[/b] - Due to the radioactive showers in Northern Hemisphere - no animals or plants will be left. Muslims will begin chemical war against Europeans who are still alive.

In the totality of her predictions leading up to the last one it dawned on me as to why the Jersuits&Co have kept Vanga out of the mainstream limelight.  It is not obvious at first, but if you think about it you will see why.  It implies that everything that the Jesuits have so ''painfully and evilly planned' in the most 'deceitful of manners' for so long' will come to an abrupt ending very soon.  Furthermore it shows that she had no relationship with brotherhoods or secret societies as they would not have allow one of their own to imply anything that refers to their lack of success.  If you read between the lines of other things Vanga has said you will come to the same conclusion.  Perhaps people feel she may have been on one of the Jesuit’s sides because of the bagging she has received by the media to date so as to avert the masses consciousness away from her.  This would aid in their ‘collective focus’ having minimal effect on the outcome of reality; hence they avert it to the reality they want.  By the time they realized what Vanga was truly about it was too late for them to stop the spread of her words as they had already been too widely propagated in underground circles and beyond.  Her simplicity of speech and seemingly vague manner of expression would have aided in her concealment from the powers till it was too late; everything has its purpose. 

Like Tesla and so many other truly gifted human beings before Vanga, she too has been replaced with false-substitutes that only the Jesuits would consider as fitting because they were and are also of their Order.  May they enjoy the harvest that they have sown, but it 'has been' is and 'will be' a true tragedy as to how so many more innocent and naive lives will be lost soon for this final reaping of theirs.  In truth we all pay for our mistakes whether we realize we are committing them or not; denial or ignorance are not exceptive of the fact.

In this life, all is paid for.

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I for one didn't say that the lady was not for real.I got info from her from someone who knew her and knew about her,
way back when I was in Australia.BUT,to predict that many years into the future,that's very difficult,because the future is not written in stone.
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