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Sacred Secretion, CHRIST Oil, JESUS-Christ Within~, Gnostic Teachings-Spiritual Awake

Christ is not a human nor divine individual. Christ is a Cosmic substance, latent in each atom of the infinite. The Christ substance is the substance of the Truth. Christ is the Truth and life.

When a man assimilates the Christ substance physically, psychically, and spiritually, he becomes Christified; he is transformed into Christ; he is converted into the living Christ. We need to form Christ within us. It is urgent to incarnate the Truth.

Ancient esoteric teachings reveal the "Chrism." It's a scared oil AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE that is essential to enlightenment Showing Biological,physiological and cosmological connections. Primitive Christians, the Essenes, fully realized and taught the great truth that Christ was a substance, an oil or ointment contained especially in the Spinal Cord, consequently in all parts of the body, as every nerve in the body is directly or indirectly connected with the wonderful "River that flows out of Eden (the upper brain) to water the garden."

The early Christians knew that the Scriptures, whether written in ancient Hebrew or the Greek, were allegories, parables or fables based on the human body "fearfully and wonderfully made."

These adepts knew that the secretion (gray matter — creative) that issues, (secretes) from the cerebrum, was the source and cause of the physical expression called man; and they knew that the "River of Jordan" was symbolized in the spinal cord and that the "Dead Sea" was used to symbolize the Sacred Plexus at the base of the spinal column where the Jordan (spinal cord) ends, typifying the entrance of Jordan into the Dead Sea.

The thick, oily and salty substance composing the Sacral Plexus, "Cauda Equina," (tail of the horse) may be likened unto crude Petroleum, (Petra, mineral, or salt, and oleum — Latin for oil) and the thinner substance, oil or ointment in spinal cord, may be compared with coal oil; and when this oil is carried up and crosses the Ida and Pingala (two fluid nerves that end in a cross in medulla oblongata where it contacts the cerebellum ( Golgotha — the place of the skull) — this fluid is refined, as coal oil is refined, to produce gasoline — a higher rate of motion that causes the ascension of the airship.

When the oil (ointment) is crucified — (to crucify means to increase in power a thousand fold — not to kill) it remains two days and a half, (the moon's period in a sign) in the tomb (cerebellum) and on the third day ascends to the Pineal Gland that connects the cerebellum with the Optic Thalmus, the Central Eye in the Throne of God that is the chamber overtopped by the hollow (hallowed) caused by the curve of the cerebrum (the "Most High" of the body) which is the "Temple of the Living God" the living, vital substance which is a precipitation of the "Breath of Life" breathed into man — therefore the "Holy (whole) Ghost" or breath.

?Seek and ye SHALL find~Knock and the ?door SHALL be OPEN unto YOU !!!
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