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The Mysterious Mt.Rtanj
Dear Moon Child, I'm glad you responded to my post.
I don't know which book you are talking about, but there are 2 other books, written from Serbian author about this mountain and about different creatures that live here...unfortunately these books haven't been translated to english yet, but I've met the author...and we've talked...and he also has some psychic abbilities, as well as I do have, and as well as you have, ha,.ha.h.a...
I'll try to tell you something more tomorrow since i'm pretty tired now, (it's 11 p.m. at my place, so I'll be soon going to bed)
I'm also very interested in your techniques of protection, since several people who know this mountain very well, told me that I really need to have a very strong protection. In addition, Im very sensitive to all kinds of energies and my body is some kind of "Geiger counter" for all sorts of different energies...
looking forward to communicate with you more about this subject tomorrow.

Your posting tickled my curiosity,immensly.The book I'm talking about is titled the notes of prof Miskovic,something like that.I have to find the book.What other books are you talking about?
You can tell me here,or privately.I don't need for them to be translated,as I know enough serbian not to need a translation.You met the author? My techniques of protection will not work
for or on everyone.There is a secret to it,and I found out,by having to make a choice.It's amazing that I was able to do anything,having walked 30 kms.That is my specialty.Being able to tap into any and all energies in creation.And I'm afraid the reverse is also true.Don't tell me you want to go the long route? There is nothing on the side of the
mountain that we were on.There IS something on the other side.I specifically went with people with abilities.What needs to be done is that the mountain needs to be scanned.It is essential to be able to see inside the mountain and what's below it.From the other side,which has something.I
await your mesage in private.Of course,you will also build up a lot of suspense regarding this topic.

As I said earlier, I've climbed only about a mile but if you want to come in contact wih these creatures you don't have to climb to the mountain at just need to come at the foothill of the mountain and the energy is already can just dive in it...and receive all that you need...

Yes,thanks for confirming.I knew that we wouldn't have to climb the mountain all the way to the top,that the ones that I'm looking for are at the base of the mountain. There is a picture on the internet of a spaceship on top of the mountain.Someone was taking a picture of someone who happened to have their back to Mt.Rtanj and this came out in the picture.Planes cannot fly over the mountain as the electromagnetic currents makes the planes crash.And there is some sort of powerful crystal there.The important thing is,which side did you go on.The side that goes through the forest and when you come out of the forest,you end up close to the foot of the mountain?

I wrote you a private message. There I have explained some other things, I hope you'll answer to some of my questions.

I can't explain which side of the mountain I've visited because I'm not familiar with the surrounding, but according to your story regarding the forest, I think be both have walked the same side of it...

We will now go through private messages,as there's no further need to elaborate here.We both went on the southern side.Now,the North side needs to be explored.

I have discovered unbelievable things about this. It is not wise for 1-2 people to go.A small group is much better,and I'm not going to tell you that there is no danger.

First,is crystalskywalker still around?

Second,I plan on making another attempt with discovering the secrets of Rtanj.I have found another person who feels the pull of going here.He lives near this mountain.He's spoken about strange things here.A man going here and entering some area and re-appearing 60 years later,and not aging.Well folks,if you don't hear from me after I go here, I'll come back to the forum in 60 yrs.

What I find odd is that the story was first put up here on July 22nd, 2007. It's a bit out-of-date, is it not?

Yes,but I wanted to see if this person was stil on the forum,and even though it's from 2007,I still have unfinished business there.:)

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