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The Mysterious Mt.Rtanj
I moved it. Cool

Ok,thanks Richard.

I'll add,there's an alien base there.I know where it is and where to go into it,is something out of an Indiana Jones movie.
There was one woman(Polish)who discovered it.She went with the man I met into the mountains and ended up about 10 miles away from the place she entered.She literally walked underneath the mountain.There's a Pleiadian race there.With reddish skin.She had to wait for an opportune moment to exit and when she came out,she said she will never again come to Serbia or go into the mountains.There are a lot of reptilain genetics in this country.Do you people know how many Roman rulers were born in this country?Many.I am quite sure they had many offspring who were not eligible to rule but who nevertheless had a high % of reptilian genetics.
In the mountains of Rtanj there are still werewolves.This man who I met was with an older woman in the forest picking wild fruit and she went ahead of him and got attacked in broad daylight by one of them.This man ran towards her and her attacker with a machete and he saw what he looked like.He said he was dressed as a man with pants and a shirt but that he had the head of an animal and claws and was hairy like.He was going to kill the woman,and then he ran off down a ravine that this man said,no human could run down into.There's another mountain called Jastrebac where of course I went as well and 2 women went walking into the forest which was not even near the mountain and disappeared.
Btw,I did get confirmation that at the time of my nightly adventures on Rtanj several years ago that a woman disappeared and is most likely the dead woman in the forest.

Thanks for talking about your experiences, MC. That was more than interesting for me, as like reading about such places. I know that there is a high reptilian percentage in certain groups in the balkans. So I first thought that might have been a reptilian base at Mt. Rtanj. But now it seems like it's a pleiadian group. You will not go through that underground opening, or will you? ;)
"This is life, boy, something we can't fight." - Keith Richard's mother.

"The way up is the way back." - Heraclitus

"Adieu, dit le renard. Voici mon secret. Il est très simple: On ne voit bien qu'avec le cœur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux." - Le Petit Prince, chap. XXI

The underground is a labyrinth and in some areas I think you need an oxygen tank with you.No,I do not plan on going in under any circumstances although the man whom I met,wants to go in.He was inside when he was younger and him and his cousin got lost and getting lost meant coming out of there the next day.No thanks.

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