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What is a Psychopath?
Laura Knight-Jadczyck on psychopaths. Some astute observations, in my opinion.
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She's definitely a psychopath and Stew is a friends with her. Birds of a feather flock together.
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I don't know much about this woman. If SSwerdlow is really friends with her, then that is not a good sign.
Some info of this woman strikes me as rather accurate.

EDIT: I highly doubt if she really is friends with SSwerdlow. Sounds more like enemies to me relying on this article:
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I spent some time last night watching her videos and reading this link above. Plus I've been following info. on SottNet for years. Although she (like 99% of them) stop shorts of revealing the flawed nature of this mistaken universe from the get-go...the Gnostic perspective - she provides very good info.

I respect her rigorous approach and redeems the best of science for me personally. The scientific method applied to the esoteric as free of bias as possible which is probably why she won't go out on a limb with something she can't prove. I like her approach to material.
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(01-08-2014, 09:03 AM)Filter Wrote: EDIT: I highly doubt if she really is friends with SSwerdlow. Sounds more like enemies to me relying on this article:

How long have you been reading expansions info? Stew did a conference for her cult members. His members we outraged because they know she's a fake. Stew doesn't have ethics. He'll go anywhere that pays him money.

Things must not have gone well between them and that's why she still has her page up about Stew. So I'm wrong about saying they're still friends.
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She has a cult-like following based on the Cassiopaean channelings and interesting analysis of esoteric material? I could see how that could happen. It's how she handles her devotees and the power they give her.
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These false profits the Illuminati put out there are correct about a lot of their info. They do that to reel people in. Just because they're correct about some things doesn't mean they're correct about everything. Just look at Stew, Icke, and Jones. A lot of what they report is true.
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I gather they had a certain relation years ago. I didn't know this.

Most of such people like Laura Knight have their stains and dubious sides and behaviour. It's really up to our own discernment when it comes to such matters. 

I heard they don't tolerate too well different perspectives and critical remarks on that Cassiopean forum. That forum does seem to have a cult-like tendency indeed. 
Cult-like behaviour seems to be enclosed in the human mind anyway. There is the bloody ego as well.
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She displays a rose which has long been a symbol for Isis. Her name has Knight in it. Who knows...good thing I've burned-through wanting to follow any specific human being any more - YAY - progress!

Gleaning a little bit here and there and passing it through the gut seems to work pretty well...that and following up on hunches. The ego, emotional body and intellect meets demonic deception, programming, propaganda and our dumbed down DNA.

We were engineered to worship and crave ritual. Yaldaboath made our bodies, souls and minds this way. Here we have Matthew Delooze brilliantly illustrating how they then USE all the energy and emotional respect/reverence/approval from us and gain the power to rule over us. The fact that it's unfair or that a higher authority could construe humankind's partaking of this behavior - due to being decieved - as our truly asking to be ruled over is BEYOND ME...anyone?

That's where my mind really starts to flip out pondering the nature of the benevolent (?), - maybe not - higher authority above and outside of this hell region...this isn't the worst hell region certainly.
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Elizabeth Clare Prophet was another false prophet Stew gave a conference for. I don't know how these people get so popular but she had a ton of members. Before her husband died he made a video confessing the whole thing was a scam. Then Elizabeth died around 2009. It's like they say in the bible in the last days there will be many false prophets and we sure have a ton of them now.
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