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Yippy a "conservative" non-tracking search engine
Yippy is hands-down the best search engine I've ever used.  That's quite a statement coming from me, but I have good reason.  I'll give a few examples below.

I'm tired of the leftist DuckDuckGo.  Without knowing anything about DDG, you can see in their search results that they return the same leftist garbage Google and Bing return.  When I search Google or DDG, I'm accustomed to finding what I need five or six pages down, if at all.

Yippy does not hide results.  It's somewhat of a change in mentality with their "cluster" filters on the side, but it adds an entirely new dimension to your searches once you get it.

I support the smaller search engines that brand themselves as conservative-friendly because they mean well, but if you're going to put forth a viable search product, you must use artificial intelligence.  Without AI, nobody will continue to use the product because in this day and age, we're accustomed to search engines figuring out our intent or being able to determine "what we really meant".  Just parsing and tokenizing search keywords and running LIKE or MATCH() queries on your DB doesn't cut it.

Yippy uses the IBM Watson AI platform, which is a solid and sophisticated product that handles some heavy-duty enterprise applications.

Finally, Yippy doesn't track you, like DDG:

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