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Clif High News
20221221 – Once, and Future Rinpoche

The impact of your current incarnation has an influence on your next one.

00:34 Question about impact of life and length of metempsychosis
03:19 Book: Thinking and Destiny
04:40 Influence affects next life; Pay it forward
08:28 Well-positioned birth; Healthy Active
11:18 Yoga Rinpoches
13:39 Trivalent Being: Knower, Thinker, and Doer; 12 parts; Reincarnation order
17:00 Clif’s next 11 incarnations
18:30 Da Vinci
21:06 Spiritual quests; Realm of change vs realm of permanence
23:30 Time travel does not exist; Simulation?
27:00 Gender Queering; Body Dysphoria
29:43 Book: Thinking and Destiny

20221221 – 100 Years of Squishiness

Predictions in the original 1997 ALTA Report that we are now living through indicate that humans have a 30-year psychic window that may extend into 100 years of squishiness.

00:26 Old ALTA Reports; Asymmetric Linguistic Trend Analysis; Clif’s first computer in 1979
01:45 BitChute video: You Are Delusional; Time does not exist ahead of us; Cory Goode
03:38 Clif’s consulting contracts in 1990; Flew to Mexico in 1993; Teaching SQL; Designing efficient database queries
06:40 Plane struck by lightning; Idea for ALTA Reports; Psychic thoughts leak out in human vocabulary
08:40 Emotion Reduction Engine; Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions
13:38 First test run in 1997: Some 1997 datasets described what we are experiencing now; Future is about 30 years wide, maybe 100 years wide
20:00 Scaled down efforts to Major Descriptor Identifiers due to censorship since 2006
23:35 30-year bulge in 100 years of squishiness

20221228 – Holey History
Rediscovering historical truths by looking for what has not been reported. The creation of money, for example.

02:30 Examining history for what’s NOT reported; When was money invented? When was currency invented?
06:01 Chinese paper currency
06:22 Rise of Greek empires
08:10 Since 1420, the Khazarians dominated book reseller businesses
10:23 Beings from other worlds
11:00 Checks in 600 BC, ancient Sumer, Europe
12:15 Money in Codex Orea Linda; Namestealers
14:40 Tartaria; Chicago Fire; Masons
16:15 Goblekli Tepe; Potatoes and tomatoes
17:54 Persons of knowledge
18:45 Maze; Corn
20:45 Optimism for real human history
22:45 Possible ancient UFO crash
24:35 Corey Goode – Useful idiot for CIA; Gaia; Catherine Austin Fitts secret space program
26:40 2023-24 money collapse to shutdown secrecy bureaucracy
29:30 Cusp year; Similarities to 1177 BC collapse of Bronze Age
Direct podcast link:

20221228 – TEOTCAWKI
Did the Bonze Age end due to the collapse of a Khazarian financial system? And how does that relate to us today?

00:16 Bronze is an alloy of copper with other metals
01:11 Bronze Age collapsed in 1177 BC; Lasted thousands of years; Bronze is hard but it can’t bend
05:30 Bronze appeared concurrent in a number of cultures; Collapsed in a mysterious fashion
07:17 Collapse Scenarios: Disease, politics, invasion, money collapse
08:33 Lots of intercultural activity; Mines throughout Europe, Russia, Indonesia; Britain had tin mines
11:00 Difference between fishing and transfer boats
14:30 300-year shaky period before the collapse of Bronze Age
17:00 No large bronze activity in the Americas; Official history of the Americas is bogus
20:00 Bronze Age collapsed because money system collapsed
21:48 Book: Codex Oera Linda
23:25 Khazarian money system collapsed; Float loan or float boat
25:30 Lack of respect for academics; No Rus invasion of Germany and England
29:00 MotherWEFers are attempting to collapse current civilization
29:53 Downside of EV lithium batteries
Direct podcast link:

20221229 – Envy Much?
Sumerian cuneiform is better adapted for computers than modern languages. Will the superior technology of space aliens subsume current human culture?

00:27 Culture and Technology; Saying: Cultures don’t survive first contact with a superior culture; Cargo Cults
03:30 Essenes and 12 Yemeni tribes
04:00 Reading is a technology; Roman Alphabet vs Sanskrit; Hebrew, Greek, Russian are difficult to read
08:40 Sumerians and cuneiform; Cuneiform may have been a language for computers
12:15 Hebrews inherited Sumerian language; Zecharia Sitchin bunk
16:00 Ziggurat collapsed during Iraq war full of Sumerian tablets
19:40 Technological splits; Example: Driving a standard car
24:00 Average age of death for Clovis people was 28
25:18 Humans are not native to this planet
27:00 History is mucked up; Kingless
30:36 History classes are bogus; Gender studies going away
31:35 Credentialism leads to corruption (Trust the experts); Aikido techniques
34:19 Absorbing superior space alien technology
36:28 Hints that WEF-managed government run by intelligence services are expecting clash of cultures with superior space alien tech
Direct podcast link:

20230102 – System: End

The first three years of a decade often set its emotional tone. 2023 seems to be the decade of “The Great Revealing.”

00:12 Zeitgeist – Emotional tone for the decade is pretty much set in the first 3 years of that decade
02:10 2023 may usher in “The Revealing” or “The Great Revealing; The other half of The Great Awakening; Normies will be very unstable because they don’t have a mental peg for this new reality
05:55 Battle between the Khazarians and the Rus
07:48 Defeat of Ukraine, WEF, Khazarian Mafia
10:13 Cultural Revolution needed for WEF to be completely destroyed; Example: Universities
13:00 Paper currencies will die; Death of the dollar; Without banking system, Klaus Schwab and the motherWEFers have no power
17:20 End of 6000-year cycle of control by a “hidden hand”; Extremely packed year
18:50 Election theft in Brazil
20:00 Space alien revealing in May or June; Death of financial system; True asset revaluation process; Rise of entrepreneurs vs collapse of large corporations; Banking collapse and explosion of derivatives
30:15 Hints at first flash crash in European derivative markets
32:00 Khazarians have attacked Russia through France, Germany; Ukraine…
Direct podcast link:

It don't come easy...

It don’t come easy…

Leg email addresses list

So there is a newly ‘elected’ (* IMO selected, not elected, and by the WEF) crop of legislators here in Washington State as we enter into the new 2023 Washington State legislative season.

Thus it is time, once again, to renew the efforts of the Vox Populi series of newsletters delivered to the legislators, and, perhaps more importantly, their legislative assistants.

This necessarily requires a visit to the Washington Legislature’s web site where, for my kind of action, they do NOT make it easy.

The ‘officialdom’ version of contacting a Washington state legislator is here.

They want you to do this one at a time. That does not work for me. My goal is a mass mailing of a newsletter, and specifically, a mailing to their legislative assistants as it is my opinion that most, perhaps nearly all, of the (S)elected legislators are not capable of reading in any meaningful way.

Thus it necessary to use a few computing skills to go around the officialdom control mechanism in order to gather all the email addresses & reduce them to a mailing list for the purposes of delivery of the Vox Populi newsletters.

A new Vox series for this year will start posting soon(ish).

In the interim, here is the reduced list of legislative emails, both (s)elected officialdom, and their legislative assistants.

It is a comma delimited format so you should be able to copy and paste into your email to create a mailing list of the 2023 Washington State Legislative emails.

Hint for other states. If you are not able to find your legislative representatives emails as a list, hunt for them under the term “roster”, another name for a list that officialdom doesn’t think you know.




see the full list here

Vox Populi - Legislator Be Advised 2023 ~#1

January 3, 2023

Don’t Freak Out!

Panic won’t help now!

Legislators, and even their assistants, to some degree, are abysmally ignorant of the Zeitgeist. This is due to the nature of the forced isolation that politicians endure as isolation from the public is presumed necessary by the power structure in order to ‘ensure the safety’ of the politician.

The rationale is that once a human chooses to become a politician, they are at risk of harm from the body politic, presumably due to the ‘tough’ decisions that they must make as a politician.

We both know this is bogus.

The premise ONLY exists as the political system here in America, as well as most of the western liberal republics, has been infiltrated and subsumed by the WEF. This is the World Economic Forum, for those of you truly ignorant of your role as a stooge for the globalist masters. The cognoscenti refer to them as the ‘mother WEFfers’. Jay Inslee is a mother WEFfer, and, reputedly, is rather proud of it.

We are no longer playing the WEF ‘ignorant voter’ game. The People are waking up to the WEF media control and perpetual lies in support of perpetual slavery by the western central banks (WEF owned & controlled) in support of the perpetual wars.

The populace now wakes to the knowledge of the fake pandemic, the bioweapon called ‘covid 19 vaccines’, also known now as the “#deathshot”. It is known now that Fauci lied, and that covid was created for certain, and released quite deliberately by the WEF. Some of the goals of that bioweapon release was the stealing of the USA 2020 elections via mail-in voting, and drop boxes, among other mechanisms, all of which were created in the C19 bioweapon release. We know that foreign governments, as well as WEF controlled ‘intelligence services’ both here in the USA, and in other countries were participants…

We, the People, know SO much more. And we grow that knowledge by the day.

We, the Awake Populace, also is growing daily. Every day new people are awakened to the reality of the planetary take-over by the WEF, and their partially successful attempt at global depopulation.

As a ‘normie’ wakes, several things happen; as with all newly awakened people, they cannot stop talking about what they are now seeing in their reality that had been so carefully hidden; and the speak with passion. That passion ignites other humans, other normies to also awaken, and the process spreads like a developing neural net in learning mode.

We. the awake Populace, also know that the mother WEFfers will be DEFEATED in 2023.

Yes, it will take decades to clean up the mess created by these ‘globalist elites’ composed of self-selected, self-reinforcing evil pedophiles.


Panic won’t do you any good now!

Yes, there will be the inevitable over-swing of the pendulum as the Populace, then totally Awake, and Enraged, overwhelms the [DS] ( the “deep state”). Yes, this will be against the background of the total collapse of the USA and international banking system, thrusting the whole of the planet into a Greater Depression than in the 1930s, BUT as long as YOU personally have not committed any crimes, it is likely that you will NOT be prosecuted.

Persecution? That’s another matter. That’s why the ‘selected’ Federal level reps (senators & house members) voted themselves EACH to have $2.5 million dollars in ARMED private security starting now, in January, 2023. They know what is coming. They have been told by the ‘intelligence services’, that soon, there will be a day, where they dare not show their faces in public for fear of the reaction it will induce. So they need to understand, soon, state, local, or federal, NO politician will be able to walk the streets, safely.

This likely WILL affect their staff. As soon as it becomes known to the general public that a person is a staffer for a mother WEFfer stooge politician, well….there you go.

Yes, there will be the inevitable ‘mistakes’ as some in officialdom try to lay off their crimes on their assistants, but, even in the chaos of those rapidly approaching days, there still should be some ability for you to establish your innocence. Perhaps. may be wise for people in lower power positions to collect such proof of innocence as they go along...just as a precaution. The over-swing of the anger, the actual Rage, of the Awakened Populace is not able to be judged from this point in time.

The take-away message is still DON’T PANIC.

It’s too late, and you have much more important things to do with your time, such as to really really think about what is happening in the world, the global WAR against the WEF by humanity, and just where YOUR destiny will place you, in this hugely energetic year of 2023.

Welcome to your new officialdom position. Note that the advice is to understand and act on the knowledge that your POSITION is NOT your JOB. Your job in 2023 is to NOT make mistakes and get ground up in the change of course now becoming visible in Humanity.

You can breathe a bit easier. It has been revealed recently by the Twitter files that, as the conspiracists thought, it is the [DS], the [deep state] that is the actual assassin of politicians. We know now that it was the CIA, in league with a cabal of politicians, who killed JFK.

All the other, so called ‘lone gunman’ attacks on politicians are now called into question as well. If the conspiracy experts are correct, this actually lowers the general risk to you as the [DS] will crumble significantly as the central banks fail, and their ability to bribe and extort vanishes. Then your only real concern will be to be navigating your RESPONSIBILITY to WE, the PEOPLE.

20230105 – Vox Populi

Clif High outlines his very deliberate strategy around the Vox Populi newsletters to his Washington State representatives and their assistants.

00:30 Vox Populi = Latin for Voice of the People; Clif High Substack; The selected in public office are still subject to the citizens through rights ancillary to the Bill of Rights: Petition, Sue, Protest, Opinion
02:25 Corey Goode frivolous lawsuit
05:55 Vox Populi project includes sending a weekly newsletter to Washington State officials
08:30 Getting into the heads of the Legislative Assistants
11:00 Evidence of crimes
14:00 Practicing magic legitimately
17:40 Lawsuits are won on trickery
18:20 Clif High’s Pure Sleep
19:20 Don’t threaten; Give advice; There to help; Acting in legal, lawful manner as a citizen of specific jurisdiction
20:00 Dozens of committees
20:53 State IT departments collect email addresses of all representatives and legislative assistants; Bulk emails
28:50 Armed security coming
30:00 5G Warfare
31:12 Concern of each NFL player who was penetrated

Direct video link:

20230105 – Tempoflavonoids

Tempoflavonoids provide the flavor of time. The expression of Time passes through the lens of the human mind which is filtering the human perceptions.

00:30 Bioflavonoids are created only by life; Salt
03:30 Bioflavinoid is a complex key that fits into cell receptor sites; Sinuses have more receptor sites than tongue
07:30 Spices and herbs are super high in bioflavonoids
12:00 Cranberry juice and UTIs
13:00 Tempoflavonoid = the flavor of time
17:40 We experience changes in time; Time has qualities other than simple duration
19:35 Expression of Time passes through the lens of the human mind which is filtering the human perceptions
22:47 Web Bot system attempted to pick up the shift of tempoflavonoids
26:30 Atmospheric rivers; Currents in the rivers of time – currents of tempoflavonoids
28:55 A new river of tempoflavonoids related to the Big Ugly is affecting humans
30:45 No such thing as parallel universes; Universe needed to have a place to be used as a test bed where randomness exists
34:54 Book: Thinking and Destiny
35:15 The Big Ugly tempoflavonoid current

Direct video link:

BIG UGLY in NormieLand
What does this mean for You?

clif high
Jan 7

Below is the second Vox Populi of 2023. These are mailed out on an irregular, but semi-frequent basis throughout the legislative season here in Washington State in order that our dismal politicians may get some contact with actual reality.

Vox Populi - Legislator Be Advised 2023 ~#2
January 7, 2023

BIG UGLY in NormieLand

The BIG UGLY is the condition created in the minds of ALL the Normies, that is, those people injected with the covid19 serum labeled a ‘vaccine’ as they come to realize what has been done to them, how they participated, and your role in their poisoning.

As a member of the ‘elite’ class, albeit at a minor level, as a Washington State legislator, it is presumed your body escaped the covid19 injectibles due to privelge of exception by status. The very definition of ‘elite’.


Daily, the Normies are witnessing the public collapse, and death of people who should be at the pinacle of health. You know, you have seen these videos yourself.

These unfortunate Normies are now faced with a reality that includes many reminders of their ill-fated choice. The minds fo the Normies, as they slide into the Big Ugly state, will superimpose their own face upon the images of those who collapse from the same shot that they also accepted. The Normies won’t like this.

Soon, these reminders will escalate in frequency to many a day.

The people see the Consequences of Untruth now in the social order. The people see the deaths, the disability, all from lies. The connection is being made in their minds now, and is daily reinforced by manifesting events that your allies, the media stooges, can no longer hide.

How many saw the NFL player collapse on the field in real time? Millions! Tens of millions then saw it in replay, or in vid clips! Tens. Of. Millions. Soon, hundreds of millions of people will have seen.

How many do you think will accept the MSM spin stories on the event? Really? You think that many? Maybe you are being a bit naive, a bit hopeful…

The Normies are waking. They are slow, and easily steered, as the corrupted WEF owned politicians put into positions of power by election theft, cheating, bribery, extortion, and murder (Seth Rich? One among legions.) clearly know. But, the Normies Awake, and as with the American Buffalo, once the herd turns, it is impossible to stop, or deflect.

The herd is moving straight toward You.

What does this mean for YOU?

Every day in 2023, you will interact with Normies on the edge of breakdown. They are worried about their health. They are worried about the health of their relatives. They are worried that they may have taken poison, even if they can’t yet frame it that way in their disturbed thinking.

They don’t know what to do. They are experiencing mental pressures unlike anything they have ever encountered, even during the bogus lockdown exercise. Their minds are starting to destroy them with worry.

Every time they turn to media, yet another athlete, or ‘journalist’, or celebrity, or politician, or other public figure is either dropping to the ground dead, collapsing near dead, getting cancer, retiring early due to some unnamed illness, or disappearing from public view from some other, unnamed, cause.

They, these Troubled Normies, are coming to You! They are coming for Help and for Hope. You are officialdom. The Normies, yet for another small while, still trust their officialdom.

You can offer them neither as you are NOT allowed to acknowledge the reality of the situation. You are NOT allowed to react to their poisoning with any form of Solace. Only yet more Lies.

Every Normie, every time they encounter yet another instance of the damage from the covid19 injectibles, wakes a little more. Every Normie, every time they wake a bit more, trusts officialdom a bit less.

The trust from the Normies of their Officialdom was not that large as a result of these last few years. What remains will not take long to erode. You know this. You see it in your Normie relatives. They are jittery. They sense the Herd turning.

When the last of the trust is lost, that’s when the Normie is now living in the Big Ugly.

That’s when you have real problems.

What do you propose to do about this developing situation? Have you considered how you will react as the social order plunges deep into the Big Ugly and you are on the front lines of the Global War against the WEF?

In the Big Ugly, there are no blinders to vision. It is easy for the Normies to see the mind of the WEF directing the hands of the politicians, media, academia, and medicine, into their ‘great reset’ which the people will call Genocide when they prosecute those of the guilty who survive the Big Ugly of 2023. In the Big Ugly, the Normies will have NO TRUST, nor faith, in YOU, nor their institutions.

In the Big Ugly, the Normies will see the War against the WEF.

It will be UGLY, very very UGLY.

It’s here in 2023. Legislator, Be ADVISED!

20230109 – The Great Takeover Plot of the 21st Century

Prepare for one of the most energetic years ever! Banks, derivatives, penetrations, propaganda…it’s all breaking down.

00:14 Brunson Case; Big Ugly; NFL player that died
01:40 MotherWEFfers are fleeing; Brazil election/protest
02:50 Epstein
04:00 Entering banking crises now; Banker death
06:22 Lula vs Bolsonaro in Brazil; Lula fled
09:09 Vaccinated people are in Hell with fear
10:45 NFL players are freaked
11:34 Vox Populi: Legislators Be Advised
14:55 Kennedy Assassination
16:07 Historical timelines are fucked; Spontaneous generation of insects
17:05 Universe’s purpose of people who don’t accept sh*t
18:10 WEF faithful are being killed off and waisted; Clif has met Bill Gates; Outliers will reproduce
19:40 MotherWEFers are really stupid
20:45 Vengeful attacks by the vaxxed
23:05 Rename St Valentine’s massacre with new vaxxed-related massacre
24:30 Breakdown of banking system; Derivative crash
26:00 Promising bitcoin and silver action
30:45 Biden regime will not survive this period
31:25 Prepare for one of the most energetic years ever
32:19 Infiltration of colleges in 1950s and 60s

Direct podcast link:

20230110 – Deflation Kills Central Banks

Listen now (29 min) | Scary, real world, freedom is getting close to manifesting…

The crash of the current financial system will make the motherWEFers instantly poor. Organic rise of new economy and US treasury-issued dollar.

00:13 Days when chemtrails don’t take
01:25 WEF would not exist without ability to print money from nothing; That system is dying
02:38 US is resource wealthy
03:34 MotherWEFers want to crash the FRN and replace with CBDC
05:11 Data sets indicated death of dollar
07:50 Dick Allgire remote viewing deep distress in the halls of Congress; Possible connection to the Freedom Caucus 20 delaying funding
14:15 Three replacements for FRN will be rejected: First CBDC, then two more; New economy will emerge organically and everything will rapidly improve
16:15 Former elite and traders will become new poor
17:45 Number of deaths will impact the economy at all levels; All assets will be revalued based on demand; Deflation; Rampant infertility will cause crash in schools, baby formula, diapers, children’s clothing
19:54 Real Estate is hosed
21:25 Jsnip4 Realist News; $6 silver; 20 cent XRP; XRP can’t replace SWIFT; 3rd tier option
25:38 Rise of bitcoin; Russia moving toward setting with bitcoin

Direct podcast link:

CRACK! Well, there goes the Narradigm...
Vox Populi - Legislator Be Advised 2023 ~#3

January 13, 2023


Well, there goes the Narradigm….

A ‘narradigm’ is the operational paradigm in the normie mind. It is the normie’s POV for all their decisions on a daily basis.

The ‘narradigm’ is a paradigm that is created, not by education, and cumulative experience of the world forming a cohesive understanding of the reality encompassing us, but rather, the narradigm is worn into the normie’s mind by constant, and endless repetition of a narrative designed to support and enhance a specific agenda of an outside organization.

The current narradigm in Washington, and all these other, united States of America, has been a work in progress for at least the last 60 years, ever since the assassination of JFK. This has been a very expensive, and long process, the creation of this current narradigm.

Narradigms are engineered cultural delusions. We are living in the times of the WEF (*world economic forum) narradigm.

The WEF’s narradigm is dying now.

The death of the narradigm will also finish the WEF.

Events seen daily confirm the death of the WEF’s narradigm. We see it in the people’s rejection of WOKE, and CRT globally. We see it in the people’s rejection of the WEF ‘climate change’ hoax. We see it in the awakening to the covid pandemic scam among the populace.

These are all signs of the Cracking, the splintering, of the WEF narradigm.

More proof is easily located in current statistics. How many hundreds of millions of doses of the covid injectibles (not vaccines, the WEF had to change the definition of ‘vaccine’ to get their injections to be ‘legal’) have been destroyed?

All around you, the signs grow larger daily. The US military no longer enforces WEF mandates for #deathshots for a pandemic hoaxed up from statistics and ‘selected’ politicians acting in unlawful, and unconstitutional ways. Another crack in the WEF wall of delusion supported by captured media and controlled social media.

The release of the Twitter files to date has been extraordinarily well received by the normies, waking them in their millions to the corruption endemic in the WEF controlled system in which they labor, and with which the WEF formerly controlled the normies’ paradigm with their narrative.

See now how the Deep State [DS] has released their hellwhores, the media, to finish off the Biden Regime, now that his corruption has tainted it too much for recovery. Yet another crack in the narradigm.

As the Narradigm cracks and splinters and crumbles before their eyes, the WEF has only the recourse of the Coward...denial, fear, and flight.

Look now to their Splendor, on display at their Davos meeting. The finest of foods, the finest of accommodations, the finest forms of travel, and the worst of humanity, all protected by tens of thousands of police, and military as the WEF is just so certain of the reaction of the Populace.

The WEF is certain, absolutely convinced beyond doubt that they can accurately predict the reaction of all people to their plans.

That is why they live imprisoned by their ‘security’.

That is why the WEF lives in fear.

They KNOW.

Legislator, do you know where you are in this manifesting reality? Are you sure you understand what is happening as the WEF Narradigm comes apart, exposing all?

As the FRN, the Federal Reserve Note, dies, so goes the ability of the WEF to bribe, or extort anyone.

Does the word, Apocalypse have meaning for you?

The Great Revealing is upon us! This year IT has begun! For even the youngest among you, none of their days upon this planet will be without the Great Revealing, no matter how long their life.

Remember, Legislator, ALL POWER DERIVES FROM THE PEOPLE. Be guarded in your actions, lest you be judged poorly by the populace as Justice returns to our Constitutional Republic. For surely, you will be judged.


Jan 14

We have all been doing our part in this war. I feel like I have a duty everyday to shoot the narrative every time it pops it’s ugly head up. Just like a sniper, but with language, to mock, lambast, ridicule, show the hypocrisy and the tyranny, for what it is.

As you have said many times, these people are stupid, really stupid. They are trying to control a hornets nest and using a lot of naive stooges who are clueless and of little fortitude.

So thanks Clif for your inspiration and insight. I have tried to use it to well to sniper from my trench.

Keep cracking on.

20230114 – Reality Werkz Perfek
The Khazarian Mafia has used secret societies to seriously control and manipulated American since the Kennedy assassination. We are entering a new era of Shamans who’s purpose is to SAY.

    00:32 Overwoo is subsuming the narradigm
    01:29 Australian government committee to determine what Australians shouldn’t think about; MotherWEFers want to cage thought
    02:55 Petrie dish illustration; Universe can’t have a stasis; Consciousness wants to explore variants
    09:00 MotherWEFers is a generic term; Generally the Khazarian namestealers
    13:57 Randomness is difficult to achieve in this reality
    16:35 Book: Thinking and Destiny; 70-80% are gullible; Kol Nidre;
    18:37 Secret Societies started with Khazarian Mafia; Woke = Namestealing
    20:30 Cancel Culture existed during Justinian’s time
    25:10 Secret Societies lost lots of support due to exhaustion from WWII, Vietnam, etc.; Secret societies search for pedophiles
    28:00 Khazarian Mafia dominated by religion
    32:10 Addicted to secrets; Secrets cost big $$$; January 19 budget ceiling
    35:35 Shaman approach is opposite of secret societies; Psychedelics; Shaman seak relief, they encounter, and then they say
    41:25 We will be hearing about shaman from Mexico; Brujo; Curendero
    43:20 Secret societies are breaking down because we are now in the Age of Aquarius
    45:10 Intense period of the Big Ugly
    51:15 Secrets since 1947 vs the Great Revealing from 2023 to 2030 or so
    54:20 Magic of 9/11 was expected to freeze humanity for 50 years

Direct video link:

20230117 – Half Off WEF…
while they last....

Great news on a variety of fronts: Half of WEF didn’t show; Deep State has abandoned Biden; And more.

    00:56 Good news Tuesday! 50% of RSVPs for WEF didn’t show up! They are aware that the light is shining on them
    03:50 Washington State attendees?
    04:58 WEF is scrubbing their website
    06:45 Looking for emotional spike toward the end of February
    07:25 Permenant suspension from Twitter
    08:10 First of a major series of events affecting the Federal Reserve system/banks; Unexpected emotional response link between Brazil and the US
    11:08 Deep State has abandoned Biden
    12:27 Exchanging dollars for other things
    16:28 Hospitals collapsing; Hospital chains for sale
    19:45 New info to flood normie world
    20:40 Perhaps no more food production facilities destroyed; Good news on oil front; No more climate change nonsense; No more windmills and solar panels
    23:45 Vernadsky; Boscovich; Tesla; Energy calculations

Direct podcast link:

Time Yet Remains!
But you must hurry!
Vox Populi - Legislator Be Advised 2023 ~#4

January 19, 2023

Time Yet Remains!

But you must hurry!

We, the People, blame ourselves!

Obviously, we need to work harder to impress upon you the lateness of the hour!

These writings are for YOUR benefit!

Forecasts have been made in these pages in order that you would know, such that you would have proof in front of your eyes, that the path into the Future IS predictable before its manifestation into our reality.

This is for YOUR benefit. Time yet remains to you, but it is running short! You must start acting NOW!

Look! It is now easy to see the signs and portents emerging to guide you!

Others see!

Jacinda has Jumped. The crypto-trans (hidden, unacknowledged transvestite (* a man pretending to be a woman with deliberate intent to decieve)) Jacinda has announced that he is leaving the position of the PM (Crime Minister) of New Zealand! It was sudden. Why do we suppose this occurred? Does he smell rust being rasped off the pitchforks? The oil being poured on the torches? The ropes being knotted?

Klaus Schwabbed! The employees of the WEF have mutinied! They are going public with details of the Haus of Schwab’s disfunction, disarray, disagreements, and, now, its developing dissolution! What do we think? Will this fracturing of the WEF, predicted in these advisories, lead to revealing of their crimes? Is this why Klaus is threatening to unleash a “catestrophic cyberattack that shuts down the internet” in the next two years? We know he says years, but means months….

Boula Pfizered! The CEO of Pfizer, Boula, was confronted about the deaths and disability caused by the Pfizered covid injectibles. This was on a public street in Davos. He answered NONE of the 29 questions put to him (probably waiting for his trial)! And you should see his body language! This man was afraid! He was fleeing!

Note the Brand Assassination. This is now an on-going strategy of Humanity’s Push Back. We, the People, are going to OBLITERATE the brands of ALL these WEF “partner” corporations. We will PFIZER them until the MODERNA gets squeezed out of their collective colon by the pressure. Do YOU have money in any of these corporations?!? A word to the wise…

Fink Freaks! The CEO of Blackrock is freaking out! He is reacting badly to Humanity exposing his crimes and stupidity. The WHOLE of the ESG (Environmental Social Governace)“initiative” is collapsing. Fink freaks over the exposure that Blackrock is controlled by the WEF. Further the ESG plan that has so curiously taken control of ALL the WEF corporate partners, causing them to try to FORCE their customer base into the GND (WEF’s Green New Deal= global fascist control of humanity) is now being examined, in detail, and that really has Fink Freaked Out!

Public exposure is NOT good for criminals!

The “elites”, the crimimals at Davos required a regiment of the Swiss army with machine guns to feel safe! They cannot walk the streets ANYWHERE that they don’t have armed security! Why? Hmmmm….?

Over these next 40 days, if you follow unfolding events, you will witness many more signs of the Future that YOU are now choosing! Over these next 40 days YOU will see that the minions of the WEF are also NOT SAFE on the streets. The ‘press’, the workers for the Global Propaganda Machine of the MSM, will be NOT allowed to produce lies in public. You will see instances of the ‘press’ being mobbed, and hounded out of public spaces! This will be in many countries! You will see instances of people hurling urine, and feces, at the ‘press’ in public. It’s coming...

This is YOUR FUTURE as well!

Soon you will know what happens when hundreds of people are so repulsed by your actions, your associations, that they refuse to tolerate YOUR face in their presence.


Are YOU treating that RESPONSIBILITY well?

Your future life is created by the decisions you will make TODAY!

Legislator, be advised to take care with your actions!

We, the People, are watching!

20230121 – Hyper Code Hyper Woo

Psychedelics at shamanic levels are a legitimate biological technology for discovering the “mysteries” of humanity.

    00:32 Psychedelics at shamanic levels, hyperspace, and the “mysteries” of humanity; Psychedelics are a biological technology
    03:45 Book: The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley
    04:45 Some avoided the Banda Aceh earthquake through a shamanic connection
    07:00 Talmud
    08:45 Hyper Code
    10:25 Conveying a body in Hyperspace
    17:30 Magnetism
    19:17 CERN advertisement

Direct video link:

20230121 – Hyper Code Hyper Woo II
Like PCR tests pick up bits of DNA, in hyperspace there are bits of source code—floating around known as “wraiths”.

    00:40 PCR test looks for DNA debris; Detoxing
    02:40 MotherWEFers got themselves in a loop with their schools and colleges
    04:30 Hyper Woo: The rules of hyperspace; Rude to be present without a representation of yourself
    12:45 Book: Thinking and Destiny; Inner Earth; Golem; Jinn; CERN, Wraiths
    20:00 Magnetism
    24:35 Book: Thinking and Destiny by Harold Percival; Book: The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali; “wraiths’—source code—floating around…can’t express itself on its own

Direct video link:

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