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David Icke
That is still low pricing, as it is only about $68 US dollars, not sure in Croatia if that is high pricing for something like this but compared to SS seminars that is very low.

To evaluate firstly the intention of the 3x3 frequency –

Who is invited to the private dinners? 

The 3x3 is a program conclusion as you say MC, but it is also the period of time in-between each transition and for David Icke, his purpose and transition is nearly concluded. A great deal of his work is based on the ‘frequency #13’ and also 2012 philosophy, but it is what has happened in-between that anyone serious about research should focus on.  

From February 1998 Neptune has been positioned in Aquarius, and this will change in April 2011, this cycle has allowed the truth/information/misinformation to be so dominate during this time, which again is a ‘tri, three’ intention. And also the reason why so many focus on 2012, self awareness will take on another whole form once in Pisces.  

The intention of Neptune is to educate yet also trust the inner knowledge and it has worked for some but not for others.  it is through this energy that our collective consciousness is reaching a higher frequency.
Perhaps the intention is to keep these certain individuals from attaining that frequency.
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It is not such a low price in croatia.They said that certain people would be invited.
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It is necessary to know who the certain people are or you will not be able to properly analyze if there is an agenda, and/or what that agenda may be. do you have details?
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No,I don't know who is going to attend,and nothing about this seminar of his interests me anyway.
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I understand that you are not interested in the information that Icke will be presenting, I would not expect that and you are beyond that type of seminar, but why would you post this information if there is no interest? Your original post suggests that there is an agenda, and a connection between the workings of SS and Icke, but it is necessary to have facts not just assumptions when two men like this are involved, and also because of the doubt that surrounds Icke currently. just trying to understand your reply.
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I have friends in Zagreb,where Icke is having the seminar. So,I don't have to pay for hotel accomodations.Originally they thought it would be interesting for us to go to this seminar,which would also be a reason for all of us to get together.Yes,I feel there is some sort of agenda here.333 kuna.Dinners where Icke seems to want to do a jesus imitation.I could find out more info about this ,but my friend went on vacation.That there is some foul play is from my intuition Karen.For facts I would have to spy on David or have someone give me all the details of this seminar.
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Your intuition is enough for me and it would have been interesting to know more details, never mind, the truth always finds a way to come out.
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And then Icke and Swerdlow having a joint seminar in Australia.What is going on?
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SS is programming Icke. SS wants to become more popular and he wants to do it through his association with Icke.
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Is this a fact, are there dates set? I don’t go on either websites.

If they are going to come here together, I will be going to that seminar, and I will also be confronting Mr SS, as I have many unfinished things to say to him.

I will not believe it until I see it, SS has a big fear of Australia.
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