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David Icke
What Richard says about SS and Icke makes sense considering .

Karen, Why is SS afraid of Australia? I know his views have made others afraid as well.
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As usual it is not a simple answer, he visited Australia many times before starting expansions or meeting JS, and I will not give out names on the forum but he had a few ‘missions here’ against particular important people.  

he has told so many lies to people about Australia and I could write a big long explanation but to put it simply he fears the energy here, the spirit of Australia is Lyrean, it is a sense of freedom, we are not scared here of being sued, or beaten by police, most of our food is fresh, our forests hold unequal energy, our animals are like no other, no other place in the world has such a diverse eco system.

Australia has its problems but it is the last place left that freedom is part of living, we are not living in a controlled jail.  

When he stayed here he could never relax, he was always scared, and I never knew why until years later and realized that he was not scared of any authoritative enforcement, he was scared of freedom, of not being controlled, he fears it because he has lived it for so many of his life-streams, he has always portrayed the double bladed sword act.  

But please people I do not want to get on a rant about SS again!
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I agree with Richard that SS (most likely subliminally) programmed Icke...

Talking of Icke's 'change' in his energy, there are two things that I feel are important to take into account, other than what Richard has already hinted at.

The first is, that I actually read on a link off a website that Icke is majorily "white magician". Now, one could argue that this is actually 'good'...but then again, dabbling in those realms invites its opposite by the very fact one'practices' this particular "brand" of magick.

The simple logic being, that the "whiter" one tries to 'be', the more likely one has plenty of 'open loops' for dark energy to place its hooks into one's fabric to the oblivion of the "white magician"....

The other thing is, that when I was in Brazil on my 2nd aya retreat in Sept '05, there were rumours making the rounds that Icke had been 'visited' by the reptilians themselves.

Now I don't know when Icke paid the SS's a visit, but it wouldn't be all that surprising if he 'stumbled' across SS just prior to the reptilians' "visitation". Again, I don't know to what degree this is true, but it wouldn't surprise me at all.

I've read "The biggest secret" - I was living in London around the time it was first published & everybody thought he was crazy - & the other book I actually had asked for as a x-mas present was "Tales from the Time Loop" where he talks about his ayahuasca experience...

I wasn't particularly impressed with his account because it was very noticeable that he only ever did one week & it scared the living day lights out of him...

Ayahuasca is very very difficult to 'explain'... It is really completely impossible... Maybe I'll talk about it more some other time, but suffice to say that Icke's experience didn't really 'surprise' me that much, not only knowing his 'general' personality but more over how ayahuasca works on people individually...

As to Icke having 'morphed' into something else than what he previously was, I still feel him to be at least somewhat more authentic than his "jumping on the Icke bandwagon-trundeling behind & being envious of it" shyster 'buddy'.

After the reptilians' visit, it would also not surprise that he's "switched" sides...especially what with that Illuminati #13...

I have found his books repeating themselves quite a bit....
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When I came to Australia,I told him that I really like it there.I liked the energy of the country.He looked at me like I was crazy,and asked me why would I ever like it there.I was so excited about coming to Australia,it must be something connected to the far past.
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Could be all the nice aussies..... :D
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He does not want anyone here, because he knows this is one country that will not be hit like the others and also what you say about the connection to the past, there is a majority of atlan genetics here, and the aboriginal essence of ancient knowledge as well. Oh and also the nice Aussies!
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Yea,I found Aussies to be nice,and friendly.I had a great time there.Enjoyed every minute of being there,although it took me 23 hours to get there.
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I imagine getting Icke’s endorsement has helped SS’s business a lot. A lot of people read Icke’s site. Icke even has moderators on his forum making sure no one says anything bad about SS. What is strange is SS no longer has Icke’s ad on his site. They were displaying each others ads but SS quit doing that. It seems Icke is getting the short end of the stick in his deal with SS. That’s the way it usually goes when dealing with SS.
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Glad to hear you had a good experience here, and yes we are far away from everywhere! I do believe that is part of the reason why we are not influenced like the rest of the world with the negative energy, although oz is not perfect, I think we have more hybrids here but less illuminati energy, if that makes sense?


Interesting Richard,

I have heard that he is coming here next year, but no mention of SS like originally suggested, but I can not find any info on dates and stuff, Ickes site is big and hard to find particulars, I will be going to his seminar to find out for myself if he has switched sides, and if SS comes I will somehow get a backstage pass, imagine his face when he sees me?
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I think Icke believes he is one of the good guys but I think the Illuminati are using him to prepare us for the return of the reptilians to rule out in the open. They want to recreate the glory days by 2012 and they need people preparing us for that.
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