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David Icke
Mercy Now Wrote:Dark Eternal,

 Do you mind elaborating on this. I' m not asking you to divulge  the memory but what you mean by imprinted and  the how and why of it and how you came to understand it for what you believe it is?

Answering that question would take a great deal of time, and is not something care to drudge up today in any kind of detail.  I mean I was imprinted with the memories of a CIA opperative during a session in which a reptilian attemped to form a symbiosis with me many years ago, and it has taken me a great deal of time to differentiate between my own memories, consisting of both my regular life as well as that of being in the Illuminati/Brotherhood... from that of this imprinted set of memories.

It is only recently that I've even been able to do this, because of the research and psychic work Blondina (see I gave you credit this time) and I have been working on... the nature of which I am not comfortable yet giving out the details of.

In any event, given the nature of all of this, I do not fully trust my own memories to yield truth.  Rather I'm learning more to trust my higher self, and increasingly, my soul for informantion. 
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Okay ,Thanks for the response.  
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Hi everybody,

Long time no speak.

Little interesting 'update' re Icke. He has removed the link to SS's site (???...!!!).

Also, he's going to be (according to his site) in Zagreb, Croatia on May 23rd.

He's really doing a 'Euro-tour', speaking in Holland, Sweden & Greece. He's all over the continent, except...(weird?)...he's isn't going to France - or Germany. I wonder why that is...

France is major Freemason territory. Even more so than Germany. It's right up there with the UK.

The other day I listened to his interview on Conscious Media Network which has a somewhat dubious reputation of having some serious d-/misinformation mixed in with the 'real' news. The interview is rather long but what really struck me is that although he keeps talking about 'the body being a computer' & relaying "death" experiences rather flippantly, in addition to seriously pushing that it doesn't matter how your body is, functions or/& that it is nothing but a shell, continuously re-iterating that we are nothing but consciousness yet he never once mentioned [color="#0000ff"]Spirit[/color].

In my humble opinion (& pls correct me if I'm wrong), consciousness & Spirit are not  one & the same...

Consciousness is awareness of beingness, of Self, while Spirit is pure energetic form. They are inadvertently connected but I dare say that if you are not conscious, your Spirit still exists in spite of you being either conscious of this fact or not...

This is rather odd considering that he seems to 'think' he isn't "functioning" from the left hand hemisphere of the brain, which, ironically, he continuously does so very much indeed to anyone who actually takes the time to properly listen & discern the misleading 'analytical approach' between the lines what he is trying to 'sell' as "spirituality".

What surprised me even more was that he seriously referred to the Matrix as an 'information grid'....

R-i-g-h-t....! Uhu...

I have always been rather circumspect about his claims of being 'right-brained', given his extensive factual (i.e., intellectual-"mind" based) research.

I also am beginning to seriously question what he really stands for because up to now I am still waiting for some solid, down-to-earth very applicable SOLUTION to all the unravelling that's been happening & picking up speed on a truly global scale...

It's what I have noticed time & again, whether it was SS, Icke, or Jones - none of them offer any genuine workable & truly common sense solution beyond the "waking up" state on a very practical day-to-day basis & level.

I also find it [color="#0000ff"]very[/color] disturbing that Icke seems to not give twice a thought to the millions of people that no have internet access, who are too weak physically to even contemplate raising up, that have no shelter (the numbers of which are increasing on a daily basis), no food, no nada.


It might run against the grain of most posters' intuition here but when I listened to his interview my gut feeling was that in & of itself - the very core of what he was conveying - was deeply inhuman almost despising humanity's suffering - those that can't care for themselves, that have no clean water, no food, no medication of any kind (not even the bare minimum to survive).

It's literally, as if these people were considered "not important enough" to be mentioned nor did he come up with any tangible solution as to how these people are supposed to help themselves when they've got nothing left on their backs to make it from one hour to the next.

It really appalled me & it really makes me wonder whether in the end, he is not a major fake who is deliberately programmed to lead people further astray and leave the real suffering masses to their own devices. I have noticed on his website that he never really mentions the African people's plight - or the Indonesian peoples' suffering, the many places around the world where it's just naked survival. India is another such country in spite of its economical 'boost' it's experienced over the last few years.

The bloodshed, the famine, the lack of proper care - no solutions whatsoever to solve these very fundamental issues.

All he rants about repetitiously is the police state/world gov't - which is correct but extremely unbalanced & very, very biased, IMHO.

In addition he decries the whole system - the banking & finance mayhem but again, he has nothing to offer to 'replace' something workable that would allow the world population to function outside of that model. I have yet to hear him come up with a solid, structured & humane functioning method of making our lives work that can take the place from the solely monetary based 'banking & finance capitalism' to a form of "banter & exchange" that would work for the planet as a whole (impossible, as far as I'm concerned...).

Nothing forthcoming on that level by Mr. "B/-Right Brain".

Nobody has had an answer to that as yet. Politically it would be very difficult to sell any of the old modules because they go back to the same pyramid based power structures that have had their grip on us since time immemorial.

If David truly was who he says he is, he'd have been able to come up with a least a basic outline by now, don't you think?

As it stands right now, it's a lot of hot talking but nothing else backing it up with serious meat & potatoes helping ourselves after the whole unravelling will have unfolded. (One thing I know is that it will cost a lot of lives. Ugly but true. And it ain't gonna be pretty - even if Icke seems to be "very optimistic" according to his own claims...)

The unravelling is happening & gathering speed as we speak.

I might of course have missed it & if so, please let me know what David Icke's "answer" to the undoing of the financial system is. I am seriously interested!

But if my gut's anything to go by, I've funny idea, he's the wolf in sheep's clothing...  I wouldn't pay any money to go see him...he's seriously programming people as well...

It's not enough to simply expose the 'agenda'. And, his approach won't work for those I have mentioned here - they are maybe 'successful' with a handful of Westerners but - like SS - it throws up more questions to the "how do we truly solve this mayhem?" instead of the 'How we got here'.

If there is one thing I know, it is that if people fight for their bare survival they sure as hell do not have any energy, space or interest in dismissing their 'body as unimportant & thinking that they're nothing but "pure consciousness"'.

It runs against the grain of our survival instincts.

In other words - Icke leaves me thoroughly wanting with anything to go by other than his questionable ramblings on 'consciousness'- and that we are not our body - which is a very old new age 'ism' and is about as misanthropic as one can get in the face of children suffering from the wars & the consequences of the worldwide financial crisis & meltdown.

It's despicable & lacking any genuine compassion for the suffering of the millions who don't have the same outllook as he does.

There's too much that doesn't make sense & is in pretty much of a contradiction (going by my own experience), especially in terms of his 'pseudo'-spirituality and his former, rather questionable associations. He's turning dark - or, should I say, he's finally showing his true colours?

The problem is that he has gotten so much exposure & akin to the 'Obamaniacs', has gathered a tremendous following having become a kind of messiah in the 'anti-NWO movement'.

And, like any good 'guru', he has fallen for his own myth...feeding his ego.

I have begun to seriously question Icke's true agenda...especially since Jones & Icke seem to 'co-ordinate' their efforts of getting the messsage out...

Jones & Icke have both been exposed as 'crypto-Zionists'. Jones is an even worse & more obnoxious 'NWO outer' than David. If that is not anything to ring anybody' alarm bells I do not what is...

And, as far as his 'explanations' on death & dying go, they're forgettable hogwash - unless one has confronted death & survived to tell the tale, there's no way one can authoratively claim to 'know' what dying & death are about - what happens - not just on the physical, mental plane (which is where Icke is coming from), but moreover, the spiritual process. I have experienced death from a lot of different angles - both my own (survival) as well as other  people's processes & what they went through & David seriously has no bloody clue.

In spite of his proclamations to the contrary...he is extremely left-brained in case you haven't noticed as yet...

Just thought it'd be important to at least try to look at him with a new pair of eyes...

Beware the shyster in disguise...he'll be leading you off in the very opposite direction if you don't catch the messages in between the messages...

I feel he's an Illuminati dis-info agent. That's why he's still around & getting bigger with every month that passes.
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I tend to agree with you  that they are  wolves in sheep's I've felt this way fo a few years now and most disagree with me. I've never seen either one of them in person and ,depending on the price of a ticket,I might like to check Ickes energy myself.

These are indeed times of things being revealed.

I'm looking forward to Karen's report.
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Hi MN,
I couldn't agree more with what you're saying...

I feel the unravelling will not only 'undo' the social structures as we have known & taken them for granted until now, but moreoever, all the fakes or those trying to pretend to be 'whiter than white', or holy moley will be undone as well. The masks & the gloves are coming off, like none of us have seen before...

Ironic isn't it, that no-one has ever thought of this in the context of the whole 2012 hoola baloo (what hogwash! If that isn't major mind control programming, jeez...! It's enough to make your neckhairs stand up!).

It has really struck me that we don't need to "sit around & wait" for 2012. It's already here, huh! One just needs to look around at what's going on & things are gathering up speed - events are getting ahead of themselves, newspapers can't keep up with it or are going bust - they're literally 'old news' by the time you've bought them.

Seems the whole events unfolding faster by the minute are giving old sayings a whole new meaning...

The whole alien agenda is 'unfolding' very timely, too, yes, thank you very much, in conjunction with the all other energetic unravelling.. oh...yeah, it's gonna be one helluva ride!

The 'interesting' thing here to observe is that the rate/speed at which things have been coming undone.

This is why Icke's "information matrix" explanation is rubbish. The matrix is actually an energy grid that keeps us tied in together to the planet as such. Like a heightened more complex gravity energy field that keeps us 'locked' into a certain vibration.

However, due to the UFO's messing about, the grid has gotten 'holes' which I intuitively feel is in direct relation to the unravelling. I have absolutely no means of proving of this & I have not read anyone's "ism" or position  with how these events interact & affect each other - this is purely my gut feeling.

I'm not too much for reading too much of anything or following one particular school/theory of thought or ideology. Or Icke for that matter. Or SS.

For all I jknow I could be completely wrong. Or whacky in my 'ism'. Whatever.  To each their own.

Right. Back to topic.

I feel the increasing sightings of UFOs plays a major role in this speeding up of events. The fabric of the grid has been loosened & the 'holes' have been created (wider gaps in between the holes) by those 'interferences' on a more drastic scale since the beginning of this century & millenium - which I feel will be the last of real humans. The rest will be "plastic" people - either artificially created, robot-men or hybridised to an unrecognisable degree.

Animals made to look like people. People losing their humanoid looks or maintaining them while being robotic inside - to live 'infinitely'... Real DNA will be gone. The distortion of humanity. Infiltrated by lesser dimensional energies.

The UFOs are like triggers, especially given that they have been seen in major key locations all over the globe.

I generally am extremely cautious in mentioning them because their energy is very, very unsettling to say the least (which I feel is proof of Icke's 'matrix-ism' being pure BS). Make no mistake, they're messing with us pretty badly.

Energetically more than anything else. It doesn't matter how that expresses or manifests itself. Be that in the food chain, the water, the weather, technology (God forbid!!!), genomes, DNA, ad infinitum. The mind/brain is the least of it. It's kid's play.

Every new 'guru' is proof of this. They may not refer to themselves as such, or will even be called for what they are by their followers, they wear different garb, they're born in different places, of diverging origin, of seemingly opposite spiritual, political, ideological or 'religious' stance.

It's the same con game - 'distracting' from the Truth proper in its core. BSing the willing sheeple who don't want to know, who prefer easy answers to pure essence of Spiritual knowledge which can never be sold, told or taught. There's no school for this. And no price. It is literally price-less.

That's what the real issue is. The alienation from pure essence of Spirit. The loss of it is devastating - we see it if only look to really 'see'.

People like Icke propagate a further alienation from this essence even if on the surface they may not appear so at first. They will continue to increase their 'outings' as the masses await 2012 breathlessly as if that was the moment where things will fall "ah so heavily into place"! (I think I have to puke it's so obviously dumb - pure sect & cult programming - urgh).

The shills will be coming out of the woodwork in increasing numbers. It'll be like a file of "line in waiting" to the fraudster's podium. They'll be exposed for who they really are. I feel that's part of the whole show (hey! you don't even need a ticket! You just need to stay awake & watch them fools as well as the fooled masses in amazement as they keep repeating the very same modus operandi they have made themselves believe they have "surpassed" & "overcome" - NOT!)

Madoff, Obama, the banking/Fiat money fraud, the Zionist scam/scare-mongering, the Pope (Nazi fart that he is), the increasing police state agenda (Fema camps shooting up like mushrooms all over the place - it's spring time, right?), people popping off right & left like flies, or popping each other's head off - ah - it's lovely.

Real-live TV 24/7 - who needs David Icke?

So, it doesn't surprise me one bit that those that are truly willing to question even those they have not questioned previously are truly beginning to 'switch it on' big time instead of remaining fast asleep to the de/dis-illusion they've been fed by the so-called "goody two shoes" of self-proclaimed "white" magicians...

Icke will go over board...just continue watching... Something's cooking & it don't smell good...

As the saying goes, they're all expendable. Especially at that level.  He's a dark knight in disguise.

I have had a 6th sense of where world events will go (politically, financially as well as on a 'human' as well as global level) - and, I know that what I am & have been able to see often years in advance - has unfolded & manifested.

Icke'll turn around eventually & reveal who he really is.

Going back to that interview which was recorded March 2009 'talking' about the financial crisis (ahem! R-I-G-H-T!), what really struck me [color="#0000ff"]MN[/color], is, when I watched him every now & again on the site (for the major part I was running other errands as he was speaking) is his complete lack of human energy. It felt as if he was a shell...

No real-life energy. No human vibe.

It felt as if he was 'robotic' (so ironic given that one of his first few books was "The Robot's Rebellion").

I've been able to just pick up people's energy via the dream state, or through their voice - without knowing them personally - knowing their state of beingness. His voice was 'lively' enough, but his eyes were...I don't know how to describe it... Just odd.

Cold. Stone cold. Soul energy was absent...

If I wouldn't know better, I'd seriously say, he's been "re-possessed" (David has been foreclosed! Oops!)

Another thing I wanted to mention here is one of the reasons I had 'dropped off' the planet so-to-speak was that I had some creepy dreams involving greys resulting from reading Clive's account... It really freaked the living daylights out of me.

Also, again, yesterday, after having finished my post here, I went to bed around 2.45 am & was wide awake by 9.30am this morning when my normal 'sleeping rate' is some solid 9-10 hours sleep. I also couldn't remember my dreams, which I normally have a recollection of every single night.

And then this morning my pc just got 'stuck' it wouldn't work in terms of keeping the net running...

Don't know what's it in terms of vibration, but that's why I was sort of being...uh...'gone'...

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To be sure Xanthas Icke isn't the only network agent that refers to the matrix as an "information system" . That catch phrase does seem to be part of the script.

Xanthas wrote: 

Quote:It's the same con game - 'distracting' from the Truth proper in its core. BSing the willing sheeple who don't want to know, who prefer easy answers to pure essence of Spiritual knowledge which can never be sold, told or taught. There's no school for this. And no price. It is literally price-less.

That's what the real issue is. The alienation from pure essence of Spirit. The loss of it is devastating - we see it if only look to really 'see'.
 Yes alienation of spirit and the inversion of spirit IMO from within to without.All done deliberately of course.And I agree most don't want to know.

Quote:I've been able to just pick up people's energy via the dream state, or through their voice - without knowing them personally - knowing their state of beingness. His voice was 'lively' enough, but his eyes were...I don't know how to describe it... Just odd.

Cold. Stone cold. Soul energy was absent...

If I wouldn't know better, I'd seriously say, he's been "re-possessed" (David has been foreclosed! Oops!)
 Xanthas ,I had a similar experience with another popular  charismatic agent. Not through the dream state but in person. Many people saw and see him as angelic but I saw his eyes and he knows I saw his eyes...they were solid black....he has a dark soul.Many are conned by his bag of tricks ,charming animals and such...hah! And this fellow freely says he is a walk-in as he calls it.And like SS he tells of his association to the NSA and CIA. BTW...he's a friend of Icke's.

I've said it before and  I know I sound like a broken record but  I can't stress it enough.....ultimately they want your soul. In the beginning and in the end it's all you have .

  My pc has been in crisis too and still is. Comes with the terrritory I suspect.

Don't be a stranger and take care.:)
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Ah thank you for your encouragement MN (and! confirmation of what I've been picking up beyond the 'normal 5 senses'...! to 'borrow' Icke's terminology). Icke's been known, too, to plagiarise & distort his 'accounts' to better suit his agenda... Politicised "truth".

As to my pc's "antics" (or, should that read 'resistance' ?) wouldn't you believe it, yesterday as I was writing this post I 'received' a kind of "update my windows version" message & bam! my system's been 'taken over' (pun intended!) informing me that I've probably been "subject to a fraudulent windows copy!"


Is that eery or what? Seriously...

What really strikes me though in this whole scenario, is that people who have been had by SS can't see it when it appears in a new (better wrapped to better fool the easily conned...!) 'garb' à la Icke & company. (Nothing really surprises me anymore, not the extent or the audacity of it). What does take me aback more & more is people's un-consciousness to their own BS, the delusional 'idea/belief' that they are somehow aware/awake while fully falling for Icke's or Jones' ramblings.

As the saying goes: "Fool me once - shame on you. Fool me twice - shame on me". And then some. And then people wonder why they're not going anywhere nor really evolving towards the freedom they all claim to seek yet stay stuck in neutral?

Desperation makes one blind to the false prophets.

Another thing that came to my mind was that Icke keeps mentioning & re-iterating his "Russian doll" analogy.  It kind of struck me that he is a Russian 'doll' (ahem!) himself. And, I suspect that he's only kept far ahead enough of the 'game' to be kept locked up in the self-delusional belief that he himself will be "protected" as he claimed on the CMN interview.

I bet my bottom dollar he'll be 'eliminated' when the time is right. Or, as they prefer to call it "replaced"... In any case, he's been taken over already, he's not "owning" himself anymore.

He's already fried. Besides, what I've always found very disturbing is that he doesn't really have any inborn spirituality - or, in other words, it's not really part of his innermost core make-up. It's not there & I don't think it ever was - I certainly never felt that. He's "appropriated" it during his years of working but it isn't an innate part of his nucleus.

And, something tells me that is part of making it easier for the dark forces to 'make themselves at home in your shell' given that if you still have a deep inner connection to that which is beyond the mind or consciousness or any of those mindfu*ks Icke (or anybody else in that vein for that matter) 'sells' as "awakening" (much like the "Law of Attraction"), because those entities know they can't really destroy what is an inherent part of your being, provided you're born with that knowledge & memory of another level of beingness, of energetic vibration.

Which is why it can't be taught or sold. Which is really the way it should be. Re-membering one's true origin has to be earned. It's not just handed over to you on a silver plate "finger-food" style at the ready as you please. There's no instant gratification.

Ayahuasca can truly propel you in that direction & really 'rev up the engine' but Icke obviously couldn't handle it. It freaked him out, that's all I know (it should - but he didn't go beyond his fears...! Didn't want to surpass his own demons...and, resolve them in the process - which then leaves you 'open' & accessible to be messed around with real good if you don't do your homework by integrating what ayahuasca teaches you). 

It's very hard work, extremely challenging & downright scary as hell. But the rewards are priceless.

Loose ends make you susceptible...gotta tie 'em up after the journeys...'groundwork' it's called...

True spirituality doesn't have any monetary (or in this specific context, energetic) value that can be turned or twisted however which way the one 'promoting it' may wish 'appropriate & adjust' it according to their agenda.

Esther Hicks (boy, is she con-artist! Urgh!) is another such case in point - a channel "virgin" so-to-speak, those who have no previous experience or intuitive awareness of Truth & Pure Essence are much more likely to be easier (i.e., 'easier to manipulate & mislead') to 'access' as a channel than somebody who is more 'tuned' on vibrational level (radios come to mind here...) because they can't distinguish the authentic energetic force behind the "incoming flood of information" (there's that word again!).

Helen Schulman (I think that's the name) of "A Course in Miracles" is another such example. No previous 'connection'. And thus, easy (fair) game... Again, ACIM is a mind-based concept it doesn't come from a soul-level energetic basis.

And, given that I've spent quite a bit of time running with one sect/cult or another (but never got pulled in deeply enough to be completely 'possessed' by them - thank God! Literally!) most of the movements that are 'run' on bigger platform have a cult-/sect like energy to them. They're certainly 'imprinted' & maintained by it.

But I'm very happy indeed I'm not on my own even if in a rather in small number (wink!).

My pc's messing up again... Oh dear... I've an inkling what it is about & why but I won't divulge it here...

Have a pleasant Sunday afternoon ya'll or whatever time zone you happen to be in.Cool



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xanthas said:
Quote:As to my pc's "antics" (or, should that read 'resistance' ?) wouldn't you believe it, yesterday as I was writing this post I 'received' a kind of "update my windows version" message & bam! my system's been 'taken over' (pun intended!) informing me that I've probably been "subject to a fraudulent windows copy!"


Is that eery or what? Seriously...

What really strikes me though in this whole scenario, is that people who have been had by SS can't see it when it appears in a new (better wrapped to better fool the easily conned...!) 'garb' à la Icke & company. (Nothing really surprises me anymore, not the extent or the audacity of it). What does take me aback more & more is people's [color="#0000ff"]un[/color]-consciousness to their own BS, the delusional 'idea/belief' that they are somehow aware/awake while fully falling for Icke's or Jones' ramblings.
Hmmm...that's exactly what my pc did.

What happens, xanthas, is when people start waking up to one agent they go running into the waiting arms of someone else in the network.There is usually a common underlying demoninator or theme with these guys.

The New Age is actually an old age revived. IMO..:D
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Hi xanthas,

Thanks for you views and I appreciate all people that contribute to this original question I asked, I remain open minded, if I was sure that he was sending the wrong message, I would not attend his seminar. I must ask who is Clive?

Event though I have my suspicions, I want to feel the energy around him to confirm what the truth is, as I know that assumption can be a conviction of personality, also the message that he provided to the world no longer has the energy to push it, astrologically that era is over, and we have currently entered a new cycle of knowledge.

I am looking forward to the seminar, and it is not just to see David Icke, but to rest my curiosity of why it is on Easter Saturday and also the people or non people that will be there, David Icke could very well be a diversion for the real invasion, and that could be in the audience!

There is a small group of us attending, and I completely trust the awareness of all, so anything I might miss, they will surely pick up.

Thanks again
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Hi AJ,

Sorry, I meant Cliff instead of Clive (slip of the consonants & vowels, I'd say!).

Quote:if I was sure that he was sending the wrong message, I would not attend his seminar. I must ask who is Clive?
Your ability to discern is what will make the difference of how much of the real thing you'll take home with you. That's for you not to "decide" but to 'listen' with another ear. Listen to the messages between the messages - and, try to not become too distracted by them other 'visitors'... You can try & focus on them later. Best would be to actually close your eyes - it'll help. Seal yourself energetically before you take your "bath" in the mass energy of the crowd...

It'll be a very mixed bag, there'll be some real crazies. Just feeling, intuiting the crowd - is all.

Permit me to impart that I have been able to do this for quite a while... It's part of the whole 'clairsentience-/audience-/voyance as well as having 'seen' beyond the primary basic level, my ability to travel in my dreams.

As you might remember, I have a rather an unusual way of dreaming that is neither properly a 'classic' OBE or astral kind of 'experience' but I feel, something that is going on on different levels - a kind of 'tapping into the Akashic records mingled with psychic as well as an extremely personal level of awareness/presence - I really can't explain it.

As far as being able to pick up people's inner core's energy & essence, David's energy has changed - it has become distorted or, polluted - which is why I feel he is akin to the Russian doll he constantly mentions. He's a Russian doll - both to himself as well as to those who rally around him.

Quote:the message that he provided to the world no longer has the energy to push it, astrologically that era is over, and we have currently entered a new cycle of knowledge.

As you also might remember, I am rather quite familiar with the concepts of astrology & while I consider the teachings to be of valuable & helpful insight I am quite allergic to applying astrology in everything on every level whether that may be mundane or otherwise. I am sure you know he's born on May 11th (a master builder number which is masonic - together with the symbolism of "Easter" - if, as it appears to be in your case, you adhere to Christian mythological/religious doctrine, that is!), it might, in your understanding & 'interpretation' be symbolic of some sort of "rebirth" of humanity 'reawakening' to itself, if you like, or, rather, as it fits within your personal frame of mind/allegiance of & to beliefs/convictions (again, a mindbased-/intellectual outlook rather than originating from purely spiritual Truth that does not need any outside 'input' to know Spiritual essence).

Again, I have appreciated astrology for what & how it can serve you if you so choose but ultimately, it should really only be but a part of a much greater holistic overall outlook - and, in this case, holistic in my understanding means that astrology consists but a small part in a multitude of teachings that help you see the greater whole, part of the puzzle to complete the picture proper.

It cannot, however, teach you to 'see' see, if you know what I mean.

In & of itself it is not sufficient to fill in the spaces in between, to fill the gaps as it would be the most adavantageous to contributing in better grasping the vastness of spiritual knowledge in its entirety.

One should never get stuck on one doctrine, methodology, teaching or 'exercises' (be they hyperspace or my space! Oops!) to the point that one becomes so hooked (dependent) on one teaching by & of itself that one can but understand the world & events proper in no other context other than astrological movements of stars, planets, progressive aspects, nodes &/or vortexes or hyperspace mental convolutions to completely mess up your mind for good!

It leads to a serious risk of acquiring a sort of peephole outlook by filtering everything through an astological or HS p.o.v.

Talking of which, Neptune is also known as the great illusionist, the dreamer, mystic, confabulator, hoaxster, of betrayal, fraud & nebulous shenanigans (Wall Street anyone?!?), fog-enducing unclear & hazy ideas & inventions - or, a somewhat romanticised & highly idealistic yet utterly removed from reality (down-to-earth) perception, leading to a lack of seeing things for what they are (Ludwig the II of Bavaria was a Piscean as well).

Neptune is beyond that, the ruling planet of self-deception, of illusiory high-held ideals & an approach toward life that is not based in the material but very much in the cloudy dreams of make-believe.

I know what I'm talking about - I have a Pisces moon (dble water, shrieks!).

The challenge for Pisces is to bind its highly creative if somewhat occasional flippant & off the trolley ideas to the material plane of the hard material (earth-based energy) world we live in (oh dear - sorry I'm a party pooper!).

As you might know, Einstein, the classic Piscean, was horrified when he found out what his discoveries of Plutonic/atomic energy were able to 'manifest' on the material plane. The devastation it created was merciless.

What I mean to say with this is that as the Age of Pisces has been coming to an end (also, as you know, the sign of self-sacrifice at the expense of one's own well-being, giving up oneself, at times seriously leading the individual to be locked up in mental institutions, or solitary confinement of some sort, be that metaphorically or otherwise, in a social context) the veil of illusion & self-i-/delusion has slowly been lifted.

Maybe that is the new 'knowledge' you are referring to - not that it really is important to know the ins & outs of it - people do it without needing to be familiar with astrology...

If we were to strictly speak from an astrological gravitation of energetic 'change', I dare say that the Age of Aquarius, which is less easy to be impressed as the Pisces energy, the age of 'society & the individual in it' reclaiming its rightful place on the world stage & having to grow through the very difficult process to look out & care for itself, the single individual truly having to learn to OWN his life, warts n' all", is in full display as the whole societal structures of the last 200 years are falling apart, none of the 'old system' is update anymore, relevant to this 'day & age'.

Including the time of gurus - which is a very Piscean theme BTW.

JC was the first guru, make no mistake! -- and thus, all the false prophets, the fake gurus & 'make-believe saviours' be they called Obama or Icke will be exposed for who they are for the larger populace is no longer willing to simply go on "good faith alone" (a Piscean characteristic) a kind of 'blind trust', but to actually ask for "a new human (Aquarian) order" that can be backed up with more than just 'promising', 'ideological/hopeful/delusional' but ultimately misleading & unsatisfying rethoric, leaving the people to suffer in silence (Piscean).

This is not to say that Neptune is in & of itself a 'bad' planet but it bears a lot of hidden traps (12th house zodiac of the hidden enemies), drugs, alcohol/spirits, debauchery & an inability to deal with the world as is rather than as &/or how we would like to 'adjust' it to our heart's desire, the escape to fantasy worlds 'out there', be that through alcohol or weed.

Mind expanding yet if one does not know where to put the stop sign, it condemns the individual to solitary suffering, pain & the 'confinement' of his Soul, his Spirit.

All the various religious/spiritual movements & the sects jumping up all over the place ad infinitum since JC first 'popped up' in people's consciousness are still remnants of this Piscean tendency to "flee the world" & live JC's "I am not of this world"...

The Ganja plant would be symbolic in that context.

And so, as you can see, I only do a mental flip & voilà I speak astrologian (twisting & misappropriating the English language for a sec while I'm at it!).

Do you see how easy it is to put it "just so" yet it is in of itself only a part of the bigger picture?

As to 'seeing', I have been able to "see" the core, people's essence for as long as I can remember. It's a lot to do with my childhood which I'm not going to go into here. But I've been able to 'see' "into" them, their core, of who they really are without ever having met them before.

Sometimes when first meeting them - at first glance.

Now, it has, as you know, been sufficient for me to but read about or hear about them via a forum & I never needed to meet them yet I was still able to live through & with them the last few nights/days prior to changing their energetic form. I have had this experience a few times - both w. & without being on an aya journey.

The strongest was 'off' solely through consecutive nights for one week. On top of that I have survived different processes of being at the threshold myself which is why I say that David simply doesn't know what the dying process really is, how complex & how highly individual an experience it is for a soul to depart.

It's never 'easy'. And, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, a Swiss researcher who has extensively worked with terminally ill children all over the world is more an authentic authority than David ever will or can hope to be.

Dying is the ultimate transition. Period.

One should never forget that the biggest shysters are excellent speakers - Obama is a case in point (mind you, he's as dull as lard without his teleprompter, poor sod!).

David is selling his tag line, just like SS has. The best way to pick up someone's energy is if you watch them without sound, not hearing their voice. Just watching them.

And then repeat the process but this time without watching them - solely listening to their voice... It is like 'concentrating' your ability to focus on but one aspect of who they are without further "outside stimuli" - not being distracted by either one or the other...

One of the things that kept me from being 'pulled in & getting hooked' by any one cult was my ability to stand on my own - spiritually - & listening but to my own judgement - never surrendering my spiritual essence & independence to be "swayed" & "taken in" by a certain 'number of people' or groups' opinions or energy.

Any group movement will, if one is not "switched on" sufficiently to move away in time, end up "swallowing" up your energy, 'taking you in'. That's how mind control works...yes? Today it is even harder to resist this  due to the net spreading its fingers throughout the 'web of information' that is falsly referred to as the 'matrix' (outright BS).

Group energy on any mass scale becomes 'cult-like' eventually & it is appealing all right, which is why it still works.

And would you not think that somebody like Icke, who has extensive knowledge of the techniques (let's not kid ourselves here, shall we?) wouldn't know how to apply these very same techniques for his own ends & his own agenda...?

I'm just pointing out the obvious.

And, as the saying goes: "By their associations you will know them" (slightly "adjusting" the term here), i.e. Alex Jones, SS, et al.

A. Jones has a more obvious 'in-your-face' repulsive energy as SS. But it's the same energy...the same vibration or 'frequency' as SS would say.

Vibration is really all you need to know, energy in all its forms (money is one form of energy, too, BTW) & manifestations, sound, colours, noises, pitches, music (major - classical, not funk, hip hop, rap or "metal" - urgh!), mass energy. You'll be wrapped up all right - I can already see you. You'll love it!. It's easy.

Interestingly enough, neither SS nor Icke have ever mentioned classical music. Classical music is the basis to learn about 'music' (vibrational energetic fequency). Drums are very powerful, too (shamanically speaking).

True music does not need language, no words. It never has. The energy of the music itself is enough to 'speak' to you. If you can 'see' music you'll understand what I mean.

So, yes, by all means have fun but don't be pulled in to the degree of eating the whole pudding lest you end up sick.

Nibble & keep your wits about you. And, ditch astrology every once in a while. I assure you, the scope of perception will considerably widen...

There is so much more than astrology or the Greys or Hyperspace (bores me stiff!). There really is. None of them can teach Spiritual Truth. As I said it cannot be taught or conveyed. It is like the Tao. Imperceptible, beyond the 'books', lectures, gurus, monks or churches...

Tao cannot be taught - if you "do" you do not know the Tao.


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