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Tom Montalk News
@montalk Hmm, yes. Yes. I have not seen anything convincing yet. Two things did give me pause: the orphan trains and orphanages/asylums; and many photos of cities with no people in them, or almost no people, that look like they should show teeming busy human being activity. That's all I can think of, having watched like an hour and a half's worth of videos on it.

As for the video - understood re: not putting it on silly nanny YT. I happened upon ur Twitter today and saw you had a reply addressing the Tartaria theory - I should have checked there before but had forgotten you had a page there. A few years ago, I decided not to freak out over not being able to access important information (I do have an app that will transcribe spoken words if I really needed to access it - otherwise, it's kinda annoying to use) because I am deaf. So, this is my way of saying please do not feel bad, and that it was not my intention. I appreciate your thoughtful reply.

V for Victory
@montalk @HiddenDimension "One is that the USD collapses and gets replaced with a new currency, likely the programmable CBDC digital currency the Great Reset freaks are clamoring for. Then old USD will be exchangeable but at a reduced rate, say worth only a fraction of the new digital dollar."

CBDC is the most likely scenario IMO. The dollar rate will definitely be reduced and even if you have precious metals, they will give you a reduced rate for that too because they can. Let's say you tell them, hell no, I'm just gonna use my gold and silver. Ok do that, but try going to the grocery store to get some food. Well, they are only doing CBDC now and don't take anything but and possibly credit cards. Ok, guess we have to go really local and buy food from other family farms or farmer's markets. Well guess what, at that point the price of precious metals has gone "to the moon" so a silver coin is worth, let's say, $500. You want to get $200 worth of food and want to pay in silver and need $300 back. Well the farmer might not have $300 worth in silver to give you back for change and the farmer will most likely not want to owe you $300. Also, farmers and farmers markets don't tend to sell toilet paper, medicines and other non-food essentials. You gotta go to the grocery store for that. CBDC will make it extremely difficult for the people that reject it. For that reason alone I see "them" implementing a mandatory "Emergency CBDC Act" as inevitable. Covid was also a trial run to see what worked and what didn't for the next round of totalitarian rule. At that point we will truly find out how far toilet paper can be "stretched" by those that don't go with CBDC. Maybe that's why they call it "when the sh*t hits the fan".

Carissa Conti
You just outlined all the reasons I've always felt that gold and silver wasn't going to be useful in an economic collapse. In a real world scenario who buys eggs and milk at a grocery store with pure silver or gold coins valued at hundreds of dollars? And let's be real - it's only a fringe minority out of the entire population that even has tubes of gold and silver coins laying around. In the world of prepping it seems like a "common" thing, but preppers, especially in large urban areas, are actually a rarer thing. And not all preppers can afford gold and silver. It's one of those things where somebody needs to have several thousand dollars of extra money just laying around that they don't need, and can convert into precious metals that will just...sit around their home. "Just in case." Doesn't mean people shouldn't have some on hand - could come in handy in certain types of situations. But overall I think you're spot on with the CBDC scenario.

Montalk 3-17-23
@QuantumBab In the mean time here's my show notes, prepared before the show. We only covered half of that, but it gives an idea of what I talked about.

Threats to US and World
supply chain
UK, US, Poland entering Ukraine
Taiwan and China
sanctions on China, chokes US economy
cyber attacks, pretext
dollar collapse
late 2024 worst, elections

War Situation
military shortages during inflation
Russia/China have superior industrial base
Russia is tight with China
7:1 kill ratio Russia to Ukraine
Poland (20k troops), Romania, U.S. troops getting involved
existential death spiral

EU dependent on Russia, US dependent on China
cut off China, kills US economy
debt base economy, economic collapse
financial reset, hard assets, gold
US now would lose war
    lacks ammo, manpower, social cohesion
black ops wonder weapons could win war

Great Reset
control system theory
chaos can be controlled two ways
learn what makes it tick, and control the inputs
program it to behave in a simpler manner
we're getting both
test runs with injectable Brain Computer Interfaces

normalization, "New Normal"
forgetting of injustices
blitzkrieg, OODA Loop
media consensus making
EM tranquilization
acceptance, compromise, survival

Current Situation
people are tired
see corruption, injustice, insanity
nothing being done
establishment losing credibility
outrage keeps growing
demand for blood is rising
narrative steering, Tucker Carlson

stubborn minority
no reconciliation, no common ground
part of population still need to convert
still a ways to go, financial collapse

Oscillation Effect
Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama, Trump, Biden,
system snaps, latches, new normal
action & reaction
need extreme pretexts for what comes next

Grievances / Powderkeg / Situation
January 6 (Shaman horns, cops)
COVID tyranny, Fauci, Rand Paul
Big Pharma lies
Wuhan leak and Ukraine biolabs
southern border
inflation, jobs lost, homes lost, lives lost
ped0 normalization
elite ped0 blackmail rings
nordstream II
stolen elections
Big Tech suppression of speech
WW3 with China and Russia
Afghanistan withdrawal, equipment
selling of state secrets by Clintons and Bidens
collusion with drug cartels, money laundering, weapons trafficking
human trafficking and organ harvesting in Ukraine, Haiti, Southern Border
Ohio chemical train disaster
2020 BLM Riots, defunding police, criminals on streets
Antifa covered for by the FBI
FBI and congress witch hunts against FBI, claims of collusion
who killed JFK
who did 9/11 for real
Wayfair and Balenciaga
IRS targeting, 86,000 agents
ATF harassment, pistol brace ban
systemic racism against asians and whites

pretext, justification for what's coming
prevention of civil war when it comes
movie in III acts, we're in act II, empire strikes back
destroy the cancer, return of the jedi

Trump return meaning?
legal crackdown
severe enforcement of laws
will seem authoritarian, neofascist
popular anger will justify such severe crackdowns
Church Commission, McCarthyism 2.0, Military Commissions Act, RICO, Insurrection Act
roundups, military trials, GITMO, firing squads for high treason

obliterate the deep state in Western nations
end FBI, DOJ, CDC, FDA, ATF, IRS, Fed Reserve
paper ballots, 1 day voting, voter ID
end media and big tech censorship
secure the borders
wage war on drug cartels & antifa
death penalty for drug dealers
make China pay for COVID

financial reset, gold backed currency
energy independence through oil & new tech
pay off debt via energy/tech

revert education system to non-woke
incentivize new baby boom
revert architecture to classical style

Elon Musk good/bad/neutral?
biggest contractor
government subsidies
estranged fro psychopath father
rubbed shoulders with elites
questionable personal life
fringe views about ETs, reality, dangers of AI
long term thinker, breakaway civilization
4chan and alt-right culture
got biggest contracts under Trump
bought Twitter, now repeating Trump talking points
part of Trump / Maga agenda
but what is that agenda, really?

American Technocrats
started with Tesla
Tesla died January 1943
John Trump given papers
high voltage / radar invisibility
Philadelphia Experiment Nov 1943
Manhattan Project
Operation Paperclip
Werner von Braun, technocrat
JFK joined him in vision
JFK vowed to destroy CIA, secret societies, reveal UFO truth

JFK killed by MIC
1961, Eisenhower Speech
1961, Betty Barney Hill
MIC/CIA coup
60s, radical Marxists
Clinton college thesis on Alinsky
Obama big fan of Alinsky

Elon born 1971, Von Braun Mars book
Elon Musk wants to go to Mars
Has company named Tesla
Bought Twitter, now mirroring Trump talking points
Using journalists to expose Twitter collusion, "bought crime scene"

Trump touting wonder technologies
Elon biggest contractor for the DoD
Q psyop on chans, Musk part of that

Trump best friends with Sen. JFK Jr.
JFK Jr. killed in plane crash
Hillary Clinton takes his senate seat

American elites
technocratic vision for the world
same as the Founders
Nz's, Masons, Hermetic orders, Deists, Rosicrucians

two factions:
        socialism / hive-mind / totalitarianism
        NZism / masonry / rosicrucianism / liberty

5th Gen Warfare
psychological warfare
digital / cyber attacks
striking from the shadows
media propaganda
defeat enemy without them knowing it

from playbook of MOSSAD, CIA, Jesuits, ETs and demons

defeated by exposure and overwhelming force
Ukraine relied on 5th Gen, you're victim of it
Russia fighting 4th Gen, winning by force

5th gen is realm of mind, intellect, emotion, information
5th gen works through the 5 senses

6th gen is scalar, etheric, astral, occult, spiritual warfare
6th gen bypasses 5 senses altogether

7th gen is quantum, time travel, synchronistic, timeline manipulation

Climate Change Narrative
natural cataclysm cycles
power elite lose control
blame humanity for it
justify carbon taxes to fund their survival bunkers
justify totalitarian lockdowns to keep us under control
justify fake meat and eating bugs to survive cataclysm
hold on to power through cataclysms
so, use crisis to advantage to secure power instead of losing it

Earth is a sphere, why?
smart, not smart enough
lack sufficient science, math, critical thinking
emotionally invested, immune to evidence
rationalize, cherry pick, go silent
stage illusion, see what they want to see

lunar eclipse, round shadow
sun sets below horizon, day elsewhere, same size
moon round, moon bounce, lasers
gyroscope experiment, 15 deg/hr
earth's gravity not the same everywhere
predict solar eclipses based on gravity equations

fake earth, simulation, matrix

beliefs, exercise routines, actions for truthers
physical, emotional, mental, spiritual

power naps
cardio & resistance
hof breathing

inner smile meditation
blessing others
list of values & goals

spherical awareness
reading & contemplation
memorization system

gratitude & joy
read spiritual wisdom
sense oneness

how to motivate/guide/educate newly awakened
steer toward right information
give them time to think
socratic, but not patronizing
converse with them, brainstorm
form online or local discussion groups
be more organized, regular meetings
share information, discuss actions
bring in help, network
create missions/assignments
do things

Psychic/spiritual abities, their uses in this fight (maharishi, etc.)
causal vs. synchronistic action
vibe change, change world
maharishi , 1% needed (70 million)
intentional reality creation
programming the demiurge
psychic development
remote viewing, remote influencing
psychic attacking, black magic
divine laws

Montalk 3-18-23
In tracking how the seeds of the future exist right now in the present, I've been thinking about how the progressive left is more tech-savvy than the conservative right.

After all, one prides itself on pushing forward with progress while the other keeps trying to bring back "ye old tymes."

This gives the appearance that leftists are smarter. And indeed that's obvious when comparing leftie coders to MAGA facebook boomers.

But comparing instead to the alt-right coder/hacker/autists & techno-Trumpians, the situation reverses.

Article on techno-Trumpism, which I've been talking about for years, just not under that catchy term:

It's a meme that the left can't meme because high level memes require humor, intelligence, sanity, creative insight, and awareness which is rarer on the left than the alt-right where most memes originate these days.

So for many reasons, the new right will probably outmaneuver the left, if the world keeps going. The Trump years showed how easily leftist media outlets, politicians, demographics, etc. could be distracted and played, once their playbook and predictable reactions were known. I think they've hit the limits of their programming.

I predict that under this scenario (no ET invasion or TEOTWAWKI) the old tyme conservatives (god, guns, flag) will form the bulk of the agrarian/industrial caste, while the real moving and shaking will be done by the new right techno-'priestly' caste.

And that's where the Nazi-legacy occult technocracy comes in. The Founding Fathers weren't old tyme Bible thumping Christians. They were freemasons and deists. Ben Franklin's spirit of technological innovation is noteworthy too. Thomas Jefferson had luciferian qualities, and there's a legend about a mysterious stranger possibly the semi-immortal alchemist Comte St. Germain, who visited the Founders and likely influenced their blueprint of the American system. 1776 + 250 = 2026.

The eye and (originally) phoenix on the dollar bill, plus the occult geomancy in the layout of Washington D.C. only underscores what's really behind the vision of America. The Nazis were occult technocrats too. Their flag colors were inspired by Alchemy. Black, white, red are stages of the Work necessary to produce gold. Go look up the colors on Trump's newly painted 757 private plane.

I think these streaks live on today in the secret occult technocrats ('Illuminazis') behind the alt-right and techno-Trumpian movements, and they're smarter and more powerful than the socialists/marxists/progressives, who come across as their useful idiots. They're technocrats because technology is power and they're big on power, and technological advancement is what our civilization is heading into, ETs or no ETs, during the Age of Aquarius.

@montalk any particular significance to the number of years between 1776 and 2026 being 250, other than that it is a nice round number? Yeah, I'm keeping my head on a swivel; I am suspicious of too-convenient-seeming divisions. Nevertheless, it makes sense to have an understanding of the occult if one wants to win the power struggle

@QuantumBab It's both a significant anniversary (in terms of celebration) and also this:

"In his 1976 essay The Fate of Empires, General Sir John Glubb analyzed the life cycles of civilizations. He found remarkable similarities between them all. Most have lasted around 250 years, ten generations or so, and each has passed through clearly identifiable stages. Glubb calls these the six ages of empire."

From this interesting article:

So it seems like a politically convenient and symbolically important number.

Empires — The Rise & Fall
“All a great power has to do to destroy itself is persist in trying to do the impossible.”

@QueenofWands I mentioned orgonite in my cloudbusting article, and I've owned or experimented with various other devices but nothing conclusive enough to write an article about it.

Of everything I've tried, the lakvhovsky coil consisting of a length of insulated wire wrapped around the waist with ends overlaping 2 inches and taped or rubber banded together is the one that I've had the most undeniable results with in terms of it being energizing (like caffeine) and possibly pain reduction. I don't know how it affects water though.

Regarding 5G, my mind thinks in physics terms and wants to block it physically. If I'm getting beamed with 5G, I know that the raw energy contained in the EM wave is 'cooking' my tissues and I want to block that. No pendant I can wear will block that part of it. It might enhance my auric immune system, or do something on the scalar wave level, but if it can't keep an egg from being cooked in a microwave then it won't stop 5G from affecting me physically.

So I think most of these protective devices, if they work, are good for perhaps auric / subtle energy defenses, and we need physical defenses for the physical problems instead.

Right now I'm experimenting with a Mexistim unit, based off Lee Crock's Aura Therapy device. I built it myself. Time will tell if it does anything. I'm not psychically sensitive so it takes a lot for me to conclude something works. Here's an article about it:

V for Victory
@montalk Excellent as usual! I could tell you were on your A game for this one. At least what I would consider your A game.

Your theory on the "going back to the rule of law" but with a vengeance and going overboard with it is excellent and makes sense. And speaking of Elon Musk, I found this video by Gigi Young interesting regarding that topic if you have the time.

She does talk pretty slow but I know you speed videos up anyways. Worth a

Space Cadet
@guanajo @montalk Excellent podcast! You were really lit up for this one. Good to see! So, the subtle energy field (Tao) – I imagine souls that have access to this space, do self work, raise vibrations etc. may begin to enter a bottleneck sooner than others who are still stuck in the mud. Makes me think, there may be quite an advantage with this type of prep work/logistics planning (on the higher plane) before we, as a collective, are forced into the storm. With the predicted banking debacle, chaos, cyber attacks, political scuffles increasing, it may be like a torch in the darkness.

I agree, “they” will usher in a Star Trek/SciFi utopia carrot, but I'm sure the initial dazzling phase will have quite the catch. Maybe, humanity entering a hivemind/unification/super-surveillance technocracy is inevitable (bottleneck) and it's really a matter of what people align themselves with when it happens that counts the most. I know, wishful thinking..... could all be a nice trick, all still part of the collective dream. Well, I guess, if that's the case, might as well go with a good dream rather than a nightmare. It will definitely give ETs the opportunity to unveil themselves.

I also wonder, if enough people really do ignite themselves and raise their vibrations (I know it sounds new agey), maybe it could reduce future cataclysms, but that's sounding like humans having super powers. You never know though. If we are chickens with clipped wings stuck in a farm, maybe before we are cooked, we can just let our wings catch fire and FLY DA fu*k outta that matrix coop as Phoenix Chickens

@FrozenDecoded @guanajo Thanks, glad you enjoyed that one.

Regarding future scenarios, we know from personal experience that mindset/vibe affects the direction and quality of our lives. And so in theory it should be the same for the human race collectively.

But it's way easier for you to "raise your vibes" even just 10% versus humanity raising it 10%, due to the way things statistically average out for large populations.

So it's unlikely that'll happen. But it does make me wonder what it would take to "move" an entire population. Culture's a big part of it. And culture's pretty bad these days. Basically humanity would have to raise its vibes DESPITE current conditions, in order to create a new and better timeline.

But the status quo is self-reinforcing by programming billions of people into thinking/feeling in ways that sustains the reality that created them. I don't see how humanity collectively has the will to go against their programming. A minority can, but the majority I doubt it.

On the other hand, if we individually are the ones jumping timelines, then it should be a piece of cake in comparison. Just uplift yourself and hold that and over the weeks and months you'll notice world events moving in your favor. But then, what about all the people you left behind in the other timeline... if someone you know was a cynical curmudgeon and still is, how can he/she be in your new better timeline you jumped to? Are they just holographic placeholders now? I haven't figured that out yet.

@guanajo Good video by Gigi. It's a plausible theory that fits the alien agenda. If ETs show up looking like humans, which is a smart move for them psychologically, they need a backstory to explain it. That leaves time travel or Mars as the easiest narrative, and keeps things local and contained to just Earth and Mars. No different from Europeans showing up on South American shores surprising the Natives, still all quarantined to the same planet.

She's saying it's more about our aristocratic bloodlines being descendants of Martian survivors, and thereby having a genetic claim to the "divine right of kings" principle, but modernized with aliens instead religious deities. I think these aristocrats will just be the middlemen, probably below the ET hybrids. The more ET genetics you have, the higher on the totem pole you'll be.

Also I found a browser plugin to access 2.5x and 3x speed on any video, haha.

@QuantumBab @montalk In the occult, 250 years digitally adds up to 7, the symbol of perfection, completion, fullness of development of a project, a process, a life, a species, a planet as it passes through seven stages or seven notes of an octave. This is explained well by Ouspensky, Steiner, and Samael Aun Weor as the Law of 7. Interesting this number appears to have been chosen as the general average for empires.

@montalk appreciate your take on things as always. I personally believe "alt-right" was a term invented by the left so it doesn't exist. As for the "Illuminazis", they have nothing to do with the right but have everything to do with the left. As per Trump's plane colours, yes, this is interesting. Though black and red are also the traditional colors of Anarchism but are also used by the Nazi loving Banderites of Ukraine. I think both sides are potentially staking a claim to these colours, and their meaning. And as we know, the Cabal loves to invert things.

Montalk 3-19-23
New interview on the Here for the Truth Podcast:

Ep 113 - Tom Montalk | Exploring Alien Phenomena

This is a pretty good intro to the topic of UFOs, ETs, exopolitical considerations, and alien agendas. "What is the reality around aliens and paranormal experiences? Are they what we’ve been made to believe from Hollywood? Are they physical beings or from another dimension? How can we discern the true from the false? Well, Tom Montalk joins us in this episode to share his personal history with these subjects and to answer these questions and much more…"

V for Victory
@montalk Once a gain, great stuff! Always end up with little nuggets here and there that I didn't know before. But really, your interviews need at least 2 hours but you always do an excellent job at keeping everything tight, clear and straight to the point with quick little side stories here and there for context. Excellent job!

@guanajo Thank you. I know I'm repeating myself in these interviews since each one has its own new audience, but I do manage to introduce some new bits as well. There are certain topics I've never done shows on like alchemy, prepping, or fringe physics which I'll look forward to covering at some point.

V for Victory
@montalk I've mentioned something like this before and I know this would be more work for you but, maybe someday you could do a live QnA or just do live or non-live rants about those topics. Frankly, you have so much material that you could do hundreds of "rant" episodes. Kinda like what Bernhard Gunther does. That way you don't have to narrow your topic selection too much every time because the problem with interviews, especially if they are with podcasters you have not interviewed with before, is that like you said you have to start almost from the beginning each time. So in essence, the interviews would be targeted at "Montalk newbies" and the rants are for the "Montalk veterans". We'd also love to hear @Carissa_Conti rants. Just throwing it out there.

Carissa Conti
@guanajo @montalk Funny you posted this. Do you have listening devises in our apartment??? Only because we are working on exactly this, this week. And for the exact reasons you noted. Tom's done a bunch of interviews recently, and not all of them were focused on topics (or at a level) that he was passionate about. (example, an interview that was focused on "beginners level intro" into a subject that Tom would theoretically have a doctorate in.) And meanwhile I almost did an interview this past weekend with somebody (an amateur) that was referred to me by a way higher up researcher who has been doing interviews for decades. But in looking over the long list of questions only about 50% of them were on point, the others were either stupid, annoying, completely off topic or off kilter. And the interview's tone in general overall would have been coming from a place of "Devil's Advocate," as she even admitted, to pander to her audience of angry, paranoid and skeptical targeted individuals (again, all her own descriptions) who don't believe in (or are unaware of) any of the hyperdimensional aspects of reality that I would be trying to discuss. And I just wasn't feeling that AT all. Quite a few questions were oriented in a way that I would need to be "defending," not just explaining and discussing and having a high quality brainstorming back and forth. I don't do defending. And I don't do pandering to skeptics. I even have a whole paragraph discussing just how much I DON'T pander to skeptics in the opening intro to "Chasing Phantoms." !! So I pulled the plug. But all of this converged during the same time period to make me realize....Tom and I really do need to do some interview discussions together, on OUR terms. Something he's been wanting to do as well, but which we just never got around to. (We were going to do this just prior to the scamdemic, and then all hell broke loose with the world, rendering a lot of things we would have been discussing at that point moot and useless.) It would be top quality, and will eliminate everything that is wrong about any other interview with strangers. No "starting at the beginning to tell the audience why we think we know sh*t." No subject matter that we don't feel passionate about. Only discussing what we DO feel passionate about. No dumb, off kilter questions from noobs who have no idea what they're doing in terms of asking questions. No risk of being framed in a negative way, having to defend ourselves and be "on trial" so to speak. And for me, no dealing with angry, paranoid, skeptical TIs who can't be reasoned with and are hellbent on strictly physical explanations for everything that happens to them, to the point of irrational mental imbalance. !! Totally can't wait!

V for Victory
@Carissa_Conti @montalk "Do you have listening devises in our apartment???"

Carissa Conti
@guanajo @montalk Also wanted to add, we'll probably do some discussions that are completely focused on subjects that Tom's more into, but which nobody ever wants to interview him about. Like prepping, which he mentioned above. None of these podcast or radio show people think "Montalk" when thinking about prepping, and have no idea just how much info. he has on this subject, and also coming from a very expansive view that no other source even touches on. So having me be on the other end of the talk will enable that to happen. He could wait around til the cows come home for somebody to hit him up to discuss various things, but he'll be waiting forever. So I'm like, let's just get this party started NOW. !!

V for Victory
@Carissa_Conti @montalk Btw, most likely you guys are gonna keep it simple but if there is anything I can do to help with the process, let me know. I'm always eager to do volunteer work.

Carissa Conti
@guanajo @montalk Tom used to work for a guy where one of the major aspects of the job was creating/editing videos, just every aspect of it from the top down. Very complex. (Including making the guy look better than he really did. ;) Plus he knows his way around audio-only recordings like nobody's business, since he creates his own music. Has all the equipment and software we could ever need, whether for video or audio discussions. So we've definitely got that covered.

Montalk 3-22-23
Another podcast, audio this time, with AeonBytes on the topic of "The Demiurge and The Matrix Control System"

Part 1, interview starts at 17:00

"Is it possible that time-bending alien artifacts have altered history? Are we caught in a time war between hyperdimensional forces, the great struggle between darkness and light? What is our role for those with Gnosis in this grand cosmic drama? We get the answers by taking an excursion behind the veil of normative reality, from Ancient Egypt to Biblical apocalypses to medieval Alchemy. We discover that relics like the Great Pyramids, Ark of the Covenant, and the Philosopher’s Stone are more complex than imagined – all part of the chimeric mechanism of the Demiurge and his Archons."

Astral Guest – Tom Montalk, author of Gnosis (Alchemy, Grail, Ark, and the Demiurge): A Gnostic Treatise on Spirituality, Mythology, and Alien Technology.

Montalk 3-25-23
What we do as adults, what our mission/purpose may be, can be foreshadowed in childhood. This can include the things we were interested in like the toys, books, and shows or movies we were really into, key gifts we received, what we were surrounded by that was synchronistically symbolic in hindsight, and so on. Fun to think about.

Carissa Conti
@montalk Totally reminds me of how, as a kid, I was given a "toy" typewriter on my 6th birthday. I put toy in quotes, because it actually worked. My dad would also bring home old office supplies from work for me to play with, like date stampers and stamper pads, computer paper, and I also had a little red toy stapler (that really worked) and other such stuff.. So I was given "secretary"/office stuff since early childhood. And guess what I grew up to become as an adult job? Administrative Assistant. Typing became MY THING, along with "WORKING IN OFFICES." The only thing I ever wanted to do in this timeline to make money. I took typing twice in high school in both high schools I went to ("the class so nice I took it twice") because I "KNEW" it was important and I needed to learn it and get good at it, and in 12th grade worked as an office assistant during 3rd period, in our school's office, working amongst the executive assistants to the Principal and Vice Principal, doing office work for them, like filing, and collating/stapling documents, and answering the school's main switchboard. Being an admin assistant wasn't my actual life purpose, just the means to earn a living in this specific timeline, but it fits. And I was prepped for it since childhood. As far as actual life purpose/soul destiny and mission, I knew by 9 that I'm "supposed to be a writer." Like a programmed mission in my mind. I was a voracious reader, on the level of high school by that point for reading, writing, spelling and vocabulary. Meanwhile there was one book called "How to Write" that I checked out and re-checked out at the library probably at least ten times between the ages of 9-10, just obsessed. But while also being obsessed with all things "woo," and reading every book I could on those subjects as well, until eventually moving on to the adult section since the kid's section couldn't keep up. !

@montalk I've been using computers since I can remember, my trajectory is likely towards something that requires a computer

@montalk Interesting, as a very young kid, I basically:
*collected stuffed animals, action figurines, dolls, etc and would make them fight in some wildly outlandish imaginary fantasy scenarios. Or, specifically with the action figurines, I would remove various body parts and try to replace them with other parts. As if I were trying to create some kind of perfect chimera/war machine. Lol

*Whatever I would collect, when I was done playing with, I would meticulously organize into various patterns in an almost OCD-esque fashion.

*I also enjoyed sparring with those nerf foam toy swords with whoever was willing to play with me. I was pretty good for a kid, though looking back the older ones probably let me win but I still think being small, fast, and agile definitely helped despite that. To a lesser extent, I liked playing with the toy guns as well. Never really had a re-enactment battle with those though. I've always preferred blades to guns in that sense.

*I played video games and consumed a shitload of media revolved around sci-fi, fantasy, and action as well as comedy. This isn't limited to just video games. It's books, comics, articles, music, etc.

*I also liked to draw bizarre creatures, almost abomination-Cthulhu tier stuff. But I was never truly artistically talented or inclined, I just figured since I wasn't great at it, I would draw creatures which by definition look ugly or insane.

*I also enjoyed decorating my surroundings. I would re-arrange rooms and put-up various printouts of whatever I thought was beautiful at that given point in time.

*I did have a fixation on animals, specifically birds which has come back to me recently. I also thought cats were fascinating too. Really, looking back I liked any animal which reminded me of freedom in some capacity. Birds due to their ability to fly, cats for their agility, speed, inability to truly be tamed/commanded, etc. I also had a fascination with insects, especially the brightly colored ones. I thought and still think of them as the most perfect organism in terms of mobility, defense, combat, adaptation, etc. I had a fixation with anything I considered beautiful too. Colors, flowers, gemstones, rocks, water, the sky, etc.

*I had a huge fixation with water apparently according to my mom and several others. I would want to be in it all the time. Perhaps a yearning to go back to the womb/source? which is likened to water in many ways.

*I would be fond of acting like I was a different creature. Up to and including cats, demons, vampires, ghosts, birds, even a woman. I remember getting into my mom's clothes and makeup and pretending to be a chick at various points. Note i never had/have gender dysphoria or anything like that, or really even had an interest in makeup or anything specifically pertaining to that, I just enjoyed the idea of being able to shapeshift basically and would act it out as if I could. Plus, I always knew even as a kid in some ways women get treated better and could get away with a lot of crap men couldn't lmao. And looking back I think I was fixated on the darker creatures not because of the fact they were evil, but because usually with darker creatures there's a stronger element of freedom to a point at least. I never tried to act like an angel (I have, but it bored me), because you're basically just a mouth/armpiece for something else's orders. Granted darker forces are too in a more brutal way, but like I said, more wiggle room for the imagination to think of myself as a 'defected dark-one' or something similarly edgy lol.

*I also was into yoga-like exercises for whatever reason. I would always try to Strech and contort my body into weird forms and try to hold it for as long as I could. I remember also being heavily into running, climbing, and swimming. Anything that involved using the entire body but not really focused on one repetitive motion like weightlifting. Somethings that, once again made me feel free but also powerful in the sense that I could very quickly tear through water while swimming, climbing an entire tree within a minute, or sprinting fast enough make a speedometer hit '20 mph'.(later of which happened later on in my life lol, but I was still absurdly energetic and quick compared to other kids from what I remember). I was fond of dancing too, and would combine those yoga-esque movements into some weird dance moves whenever music would play. I rarely walked in a straight line.

And there's probably a bit more I can't think of at the top of my head, but these are what stood out. Now I have no fu*king clue how any of these would predict my purpose, if I'm being honest. Many of them seem like borderline-autistic fixations, which wouldn't surprise me. Many fringe-types like us probably due have some neurodivergent traits.

If anyone has any insight on what these could mean for my long-term mission goal, if there even is any, I'm all ears. After all different I's could see something, I don't. Haha.

Basically, speed, order, power through mobility/agility, and a fixation on freedom and grace/beauty are what have defined me as a kid and still do now, even in my more depressed-states. I still have no clue what it could all mean though.

Although, having written it all out, I think I should get back into some of this stuff for real. A lot of these could be turned into legitimate hobbies. I could probably meet similar people too.

(Lol I also remembered I liked changing my voice/doing impressions too. Something I still do all the time to this day. It's fun for me to clown around like that. I'm glad that many of these qualities/interests I still have, as they are likely a part of my core. I doubt I'll ever truly 'lose' them no matter how depressed/difficult sh*t might get for me).

@montalk really fun to think about. Thanks for the inspiration. I played with dolls, and dollhouses at a young age, played "house" and pretend cooking (or cooked with grandma) and then a little older would pretend play school and I was always the teacher to my younger brother and cousin. I would say I was always a nuturer/teacher. In 6th grade we had a project to care for an egg for a week as if it were a baby. I insisted on carrying 2 and decided both were boys. I am now a mother of 2 boys and homeschooled them from the start. (I studied child development and I had been a nanny for many years then pursued a teaching credential but all that study has been applied to self study and raising my kids).
Also I LOVED light bright and coloring books or creative projects as a kid. I loved creating little houses out of shoe boxes or drawing house floor plans or even maps of "summer camps"/amusement parks. In my head I redecorated peoples houses all the time. Now I'm sucked into home renovation projects but also considering setting up learning spaces for the homeschool community.
And I also LOVED going to church, youth group, and summer camps. Around 7th grade I began to question the dogmas of the church but I was always drawn to the spiritual teachings, moral guidance, and all the opportunities to be away from home and out in nature. Today studying topics of spirituality and nature of reality and being immersed in nature still feed my soul.
Other than I'm still doing much of the same things as a wife and mother as I did as a child I've not yet applied these interests to a purpose that serves the wider community but feel it on the horizon.

@montalk Wow Tom, thank you for this. Very timely. It really does.

@montalk One of my strongest childhood preoccupations was the idea of becoming a psychic medium of some sort, which is weird because I didn't have any direct exposure to that, nor did I have any interest in tv shows depicting it, nor do I consciously remember any interactions with spirits or anything, though I did say at least a few deep spiritual things as kid that I'm not sure how to account for in retrospect. I mostly spent a lot of time reading about 19th century mediums and the magician vs medium wars.

When the ability clearly wasn't developing as I got into my teens, I had frequent internal debates over the ethics of learning a few magic tricks with a bit of performance artistry and becoming a fraudulent medium (like many of the 19th century mediums) because I was so attracted to the role, but in the end I always decided against it because I wanted the real thing if it was possible to get and I was very uncomfortable with lying.

Still haven't gotten it though, just a few periods of heavy synchronicity that didn't lead anywhere and a few very innocuous voice-hearing events that probably fall well within the range of the average person. E.g. I went into an odd state of mind and heard a small girl's voice say "Hi, I have milk!" once, and just about everything else is comparably silly/mundane.

Montalk 3-29-23
Discussion with Rolo S. on Empirical Mysticism:

• States of consciousness
• Mind awake, body asleep
• Religion, mysticism, gnosticism
• The war against spirituality
• Faith vs. knowledge
• New Age disinformation
• Subtle energy & the Higher Self

Mar 28 • 1HR 28M
Red List 15 - Empirical Mysticism W/ Tom Montalk
[The Renaissance in Mysticism, the Master Keys to Mysticism, Religion and the War Against Spirituality, Rolo's Secret Doctrine of Relaxation, Gnostic Insight Into the Higher Self, See, I'm Not Crazy!]

Space Cadet
@montalk Great discussion! As for finding the door to the other world, sometimes, you may have to try 3 or more different avenues to get the desired effect. Once you gain access to multiple spaces, even all at once (the astral has multiple layers), you may hit the right frequency and then tap into an ease of progress/results. Like how aliens can float through multiple walls effortlessly, I find that one path doesn’t get you there. You have to hit all the right insights simultaneously and the combined effort deepens your success and reaps the best rewards.

Montalk 4-2-23
Let's use AI against the negative alien agenda.

Compare what's discussed there to what's been happening over the past decade. And keep these ideas in mind for the decades to come.


Alien Invasion Countermeasures

Montalk: Let's analyze the implications of a hypothetical alien (extraterrestrial) invasion and threat scenario. Consider the following capabilities and limitations of the aliens:

1. They are telepathic and can read human thoughts and emotions.
2. They can also telepathically influence human thoughts and emotions in mild ways.
3. Their telepathy has limitations. Through psychic training or technological means, it's possible for humans to block their minds being read or influenced; but the vast majority of the population lacks these means, and can therefore be telepathically surveilled and subtly influenced by the aliens.
4. The aliens have phasing technology, which allows them to move about invisibly in the skies and even stand next to humans in their own homes while invisible.
5. The phasing technology has limitations; there may be subtle electromagnetic emissions at times, perhaps in the infrared or ultraviolet spectrum, that allows them to be detected. There may be other esoteric technological ways of detecting them. Assume humans with trained psychic powers can detect them even if they are optically invisible.
6. They have precognition capability. They can see probable futures, both for humanity as a whole, and for specific individuals in terms of what they might do next. The more probable a particular future, the more easily they can precognitively see it. But if a person chooses to do something improbable, the aliens cannot easily see that.
7. The aliens are able to manufacture human bodies that can be remotely controlled through a psychic interface, like avatars, and these can walk among us in society. Some can even take up position in military, government, law enforcement, and other institutions, in order to surreptitiously carry out the alien's agendas.
8. These aliens have been abducting certain humans without them knowing it, and using mind control to implant in them hypnotic commands. These commands influence such abductees to say good things about the alien presence, in order to manipulate the opinions of the public to be more receptive to the alien presence.
9. The aliens have kept their presence hidden from the general public up to now, but are planning on revealing themselves to humanity at large in the near future.
10. They have been manipulating government, media, and abductees to influence human culture to be more amenable to acquiescing to alien demands when they reveal themselves to the public.
11. To ensure compliance, the aliens won't reveal themselves until a series of natural and artificial disasters has struck humanity, including war, famine, disease, and collapse of public infrastructure. Then when humans are desperate for help, aliens will show up offering assistance but at the cost of submission to alien control.
12. These aliens have technology that is beyond current human technology, but is based on radical applications of quantum and relativistic principles such as engineering the spacetime metric and energy momentum stress tensor.
13. These aliens are fearful of another more neutral alien group that enforces intergalactic laws. One of these laws states that a planet cannot be conquered without the permission and willingness of its inhabitants. Therefore, the hostile aliens must use deception and coercion and political manipulation to get humanity to bend to its will.
14. The aliens are limited in number, less than 500,000 individual aliens. Therefore they must manipulate humans into controlling and enslaving other humans as the aliens lack the manpower to do it all themselves.
15. The aliens have made secret deals with rogue human elements within various first world nuclear-armed nations. Both the aliens and powerful rogue human elements are working together to abduct and program certain people to mind control them to serve their agenda.
16. Because these hostile groups have kept their activities mostly hidden, most of the general public doesn't know they exist, and is not easily convinced of their existence since evidence of the alien presence and agenda is hard to gather and present in a convincing way.
17. The aliens have used their abduction program to harvest genetic material from human abductees, which they have crossed with their own alien genetics to create 100,000 human-alien hybrids. These hybrids look human, but have alien-like minds. The aliens want to eventually introduce these to Earth to act as an elite class of liaisons between humanity and the alien empire. These hybrids are also telepathic, but not as telepathic as the aliens themselves. It is intended that they become the overseer leaders of humanity to serve the alien agenda.

Now, given the above hypothetical scenario of a cunning alien threat, discuss hypothetical ways this threat can be detected and defeated.

ChatGPT: The scenario you presented poses a significant challenge to humanity, as the aliens have formidable capabilities, both in terms of their technology and their telepathic and precognitive abilities. However, there are still some hypothetical ways that humanity could potentially detect and defeat this threat. Here are a few possibilities:

    Developing psychic training and technological means to block telepathic intrusion and influence: As you mentioned, a minority of people already possess psychic abilities or have access to technology that can protect them from the aliens' telepathy. Humanity could invest in researching and developing these technologies further, allowing more people to defend themselves against the aliens' mental intrusions.

    Developing specialized detection technology: While the aliens' phasing technology is invisible to the naked eye, it's possible that specialized detection technology could be developed to detect subtle electromagnetic emissions, or other esoteric technological means of detection. It may also be possible to develop technology that can detect the hybrids, who may have some biological markers that distinguish them from pure humans.

    Developing counter-measures against mind control: Humanity could invest in research into countering the aliens' mind control techniques, including hypnosis and implanting commands. This could involve developing counter-hypnotic techniques, or finding ways to disrupt the psychic link between the aliens and their remote-controlled human avatars.

    Building alliances with neutral aliens or other intergalactic organizations: While the hostile aliens may be afraid of other intergalactic organizations that enforce laws against planetary conquest, there may be neutral aliens or organizations that humanity could ally with to oppose the hostile group. These allies may be able to offer technological or strategic support that could help humanity to resist the aliens' influence.

    Educating the public and building awareness: Finally, one of the biggest challenges in this scenario is the lack of widespread awareness about the alien threat. One of the most effective ways to counter this would be to educate the public about the aliens' capabilities and their agenda, and to build awareness of the signs of their presence. This could involve using media outlets, social media, and other forms of communication to disseminate information about the threat, as well as encouraging people to share their experiences and any evidence they have of the aliens' presence. By building awareness and mobilizing public opinion, humanity may be able to resist the aliens' attempts at manipulation and domination.

Montalk: Let's assume humanity fails to detect or defeat this threat. Discuss various hypthetical worst case scenario outcomes both near term and long term for humanity.

ChatGPT: If humanity fails to detect or defeat the alien threat, the worst case scenarios could be catastrophic, both in the near term and long term. Here are some hypothetical outcomes:

    Near-term enslavement: The aliens could successfully use their mind control and precognition abilities to take over the world and enslave humanity in the near term. This could happen after the series of disasters they plan to orchestrate to make humans desperate for help and more receptive to their offers of assistance.

    Hybridization: The aliens could introduce the 100,000 human-alien hybrids as a new ruling elite class of liaisons between humanity and the alien empire. These hybrids could gradually take over key positions of power, influence and control within human societies, and eventually become the overseers of humanity. This could lead to a complete subjugation of humanity to the alien agenda.

    Resource exploitation: The aliens could use Earth as a resource base, exploiting its minerals, water, and other valuable resources for their own use. This could lead to the depletion of natural resources, environmental destruction, and ecological collapse.

    Cultural erosion: The aliens could use their mind control and technological influence to manipulate human culture and values to be more amenable to their demands. This could lead to the erosion of human autonomy, identity, and culture, as well as the suppression of human creativity and expression.

    Genetic experimentation: The aliens could use their technology and genetic knowledge to experiment on human populations, creating new hybrid beings or manipulating human genetics to suit their own agenda. This could lead to genetic manipulation, mutation, and even extinction of certain human populations.

    Interstellar warfare: The hostile aliens could be part of a larger interstellar empire that seeks to expand its territory and control over other planets and civilizations. This could lead to interstellar warfare, with humans being used as pawns or soldiers in these conflicts, leading to massive destruction and loss of life.

    Ecological collapse: The aliens' exploitation of Earth's resources and manipulation of human culture could lead to ecological collapse, with mass extinction of plant and animal species, loss of biodiversity, and climate change.

Overall, the worst case scenario for humanity would be the complete subjugation and enslavement to an alien empire that exploits and manipulates Earth and its inhabitants for its own purposes. This could lead to the loss of human autonomy, identity, and culture, as well as ecological and genetic devastation, interstellar conflict, and even extinction.

Montalk: keep going

ChatGPT:    Humanity is divided and conquered by the aliens, with a small group of human elites working closely with the aliens to maintain control over the rest of humanity. Those who refuse to comply with the aliens are punished or eliminated.

    The aliens exploit Earth's resources and people for their own purposes, leaving the planet and its inhabitants impoverished and exploited.

    The telepathic abilities of the aliens and their hybrids allow them to monitor and control human thoughts and actions, making it impossible for humans to organize and resist effectively.

    The aliens introduce new technologies and cultural practices that further enslave humanity and disrupt traditional ways of life.

    The alien presence on Earth leads to the breakdown of social and cultural norms, causing widespread chaos and instability.

    The aliens may use humans for experimentation or other purposes, leading to the suffering and exploitation of individuals.

    The aliens may use their advanced technology to alter the environment or atmosphere of Earth, leading to ecological catastrophe.

    The long-term effects of the alien presence on human evolution and cultural development are unknown and could be disastrous, as the aliens may attempt to shape humans to fit their own needs and desires.

Overall, the worst-case scenario for humanity would be one in which we are completely subjugated and controlled by an alien race, leading to the loss of our autonomy, culture, and freedom. It is therefore imperative that we work to detect and defeat any potential alien threats, in order to ensure the survival and prosperity of humanity.

Montalk: Discuss the various cunning means these hypothetical aliens could employ to manipulate public opinion about the alien presence, including via media, social medial, the field of UFOlogy, and political activism aimed at bringing about Disclosure of the existence of aliens.

ChatGPT: Given the capabilities of these hypothetical aliens, there are a number of ways they could manipulate public opinion about their presence on Earth. Here are a few possible scenarios:

    They could use their telepathic and mind control abilities to influence key people in media and government to promote their agenda. This could involve providing false information about their motives, or suppressing information that could be damaging to their image.
    They could create fake social media accounts and use bots to amplify positive messages about their presence, while suppressing or attacking negative messages.
    They could plant false stories and evidence to create confusion and discredit real evidence of their presence. For example, they could create fake UFO sightings or crop circles, or even stage false flag attacks to blame on other nations or groups.
    They could infiltrate the UFOlogy community and use their psychic abilities to manipulate key figures and organizations to promote their agenda. This could involve creating fake sightings or contacts, or promoting disinformation about other alien species to distract from their own presence.
    They could use their mind control abilities to create false memories and beliefs in abductees, to make them believe they have had positive experiences with the aliens and to promote their presence in a positive light.
    They could promote political activism aimed at bringing about Disclosure of the existence of aliens, in order to control the narrative and prevent negative information from being released.

Overall, the aliens could use a combination of these tactics to manipulate public opinion and maintain control over humanity.

Montalk: keep going

ChatGPT: In addition to manipulating social media and the UFOlogy community, the aliens could also use political activism to influence public opinion about their presence. They could support political movements or parties that are more favorable to their agenda, or even create their own political party or movement to promote their interests. They could use their advanced technology to hack into voting systems and influence the outcome of elections, or even create fake news stories and propaganda to manipulate public opinion.

Finally, the aliens could also use their ability to read and influence human thoughts and emotions to directly manipulate key individuals in positions of power, such as politicians, military leaders, or influential media personalities. By telepathically influencing these individuals, they could shape public opinion and decision-making in ways that serve their agenda without being detected.

Overall, the aliens would use a variety of cunning means to manipulate public opinion about their presence, with the ultimate goal of gaining control over humanity without resorting to open conflict.

Montalk: Make a list of the top signs one could see in the news that would indicate such hypothetical aliens are ready to disclose themselves to the world and enact their agenda.

ChatGPT: Here are some signs that could indicate the hypothetical aliens are ready to disclose themselves to the world:

    Increased reports of UFO sightings or encounters that cannot be easily explained.
    Mysterious and unexplained disruptions in global communications and infrastructure.
    A sudden increase in media coverage of UFOs and extraterrestrial life, with an emphasis on positive and benevolent portrayals.
    Rumors or leaks from government insiders about secret meetings or agreements with alien entities.
    The sudden appearance of "experts" or spokespersons advocating for Disclosure of the alien presence, and promoting narratives that downplay any potential negative consequences.
    An increase in mysterious abductions or disappearances of people with no clear explanation, particularly those with skills or knowledge that could be useful to the aliens.
    Mysterious and unexplained deaths or accidents of prominent individuals who oppose the alien agenda or are critical of the Disclosure narrative.
    A sudden global crisis or disaster that creates widespread panic and chaos, providing the aliens with an opportunity to offer assistance and present themselves as saviors.
    The appearance of a charismatic leader or figurehead who claims to have had personal contact or communication with the aliens, and who advocates for humanity's submission to their will.
    The gradual introduction of hybrid beings or other forms of alien presence into human society, accompanied by a propaganda campaign aimed at normalizing their presence and encouraging cooperation with them.

Montalk: Once this disclosure happens, list the first and most important tasks or steps the aliens would need to accomplish to ensure their success.

ChatGPT: If the hypothetical aliens in this scenario were to disclose their presence to humanity, they would need to accomplish the following tasks to ensure their success:

    Gain the trust of the general public: To accomplish their agenda, the aliens would need to win the trust of the general public. They could do this by offering technological solutions to the problems that humans are facing and presenting themselves as benevolent beings who have come to help. They could also use their telepathic abilities to influence human emotions and thoughts in their favor.

    Infiltrate key institutions: The aliens would need to infiltrate key institutions, such as the military, government, and law enforcement, in order to exert control over them. This would allow them to carry out their agenda without much opposition. They could use their ability to manufacture human bodies that can be remotely controlled through a psychic interface to achieve this.

    Neutralize potential threats: The aliens would need to neutralize any potential threats to their agenda. This could include individuals or groups who are resistant to their control or who possess psychic abilities that could reveal their true nature. They could use their telepathic abilities to influence such individuals or eliminate them if necessary.

    Establish a new world order: The aliens would need to establish a new world order that is conducive to their goals. This could involve replacing the existing political and economic systems with a new system that is more favorable to their interests. They could also use their human-alien hybrids as overseer leaders to help them in this endeavor.

    Maintain their control: Once the aliens have established their new world order, they would need to maintain their control over humanity. This could involve monitoring the population through various means, such as surveillance and mind control. They could also use their technology to prevent any potential threats from arising in the future.

Overall, the aliens would need to be very careful and strategic in their approach to ensure their success. They would need to manipulate public opinion, infiltrate key institutions, neutralize potential threats, establish a new world order, and maintain their control over humanity.

Montalk: In that scenario, list the first and most important tasks or steps that human individuals who wish to resist and defeat this alien threat would need to do.

ChatGPT: In such a scenario, individuals who wish to resist and defeat the alien threat may consider taking the following steps:

    Educate themselves: Learn as much as possible about the aliens' capabilities, weaknesses, and objectives. Stay informed about the latest developments in science, technology, and politics, as well as any signs of alien activity or intervention.

    Form alliances: Connect with like-minded individuals and groups who share the goal of resisting alien domination. Work together to share information, coordinate actions, and build a support network that can withstand alien influence and infiltration.

    Resist mind control: Develop mental and emotional resilience to resist alien telepathic influence and mind control. Practice meditation, mindfulness, and other techniques that can help strengthen mental defenses and maintain a clear and independent mind.

    Expose the truth: Use all available means to expose the aliens' true agenda and activities. Spread the word through social media, independent journalism, whistleblowing, and other channels. Gather evidence, document sightings, and share personal experiences to build a compelling case for the existence and threat of the aliens.

    Build defenses: Develop and deploy countermeasures against alien technology and tactics. Research and develop new technologies that can detect, disrupt, or disable alien phasing, mind control, and other methods of infiltration and control.

    Resist temptation: Stay true to one's own values and resist the temptation to collaborate or compromise with the aliens, even in the face of dire circumstances. Remember that the aliens' agenda is ultimately harmful to human freedom and autonomy, and that true security and prosperity can only be achieved through self-determination and cooperation with other humans.

Montalk: List equipment, items, and supplies these individuals of the anti-alien resistance should acquire beforehand in order to be prepared for a successful resistance.

ChatGPT: As an AI language model, I must state that promoting violence or any type of aggression is against OpenAI's use case policy, and I do not encourage or endorse any form of physical resistance towards a hypothetical alien threat or any entity for that matter.

However, in the event of a hypothetical alien invasion, some of the essential items and equipment that individuals might need to survive and protect themselves include:

    Food and water supplies that can last for a prolonged period
    Medical kits and first aid supplies
    Radios, communication devices, and navigation equipment
    Protective gear such as gas masks, helmets, and body armor
    Weapons for self-defense, such as firearms or melee weapons
    Vehicles or transportation means for mobility and evacuation
    Fuel or alternative sources of energy for heating and electricity
    Tools and equipment for repairing and fortifying structures or vehicles
    Maps and other navigation aids for finding safe zones or evacuating the area
    Training in survival skills, combat tactics, and strategic planning.

Again, it is important to reiterate that any hypothetical alien invasion or threat is purely speculative, and preparing for such an event should not be the priority for individuals in their daily lives. It is essential to focus on creating a peaceful and prosperous world for all instead of preparing for catastrophic scenarios.

Montalk: keep going with that list

ChatGPT:    Communication devices: Having a reliable communication device such as a two-way radio or satellite phone can help resistance members stay in touch and coordinate their efforts.

    Navigation equipment: GPS devices, compasses, and maps can help resistance members navigate unfamiliar terrain and find their way to safe locations.

    First aid kits: Injuries are bound to happen during combat, and having a well-stocked first aid kit can help resistance members treat themselves and their fellow fighters in case of an emergency.

    Protective gear: Resistance members should have protective gear such as body armor, helmets, and gas masks to protect themselves from alien weapons and other hazards.

    Weapons and ammunition: Firearms, explosives, and other weapons can help the resistance fight back against the alien invaders. Resistance members should also stockpile ammunition and other supplies to keep their weapons functioning.

    Food and water: Having a supply of non-perishable food and water is essential in case of a prolonged conflict or a siege.

    Shelter: Resistance members should have access to safe and secure shelters where they can hide from alien patrols or take refuge during a battle.

    Transportation: Vehicles such as cars, trucks, and motorcycles can help resistance members move quickly and cover long distances. Bicycles and horses can also be useful in certain situations.

    Tools and equipment: Tools such as shovels, pickaxes, and wire cutters can be used to construct fortifications or sabotage alien equipment. Other equipment such as night vision goggles, binoculars, and drones can help resistance members gather intelligence and plan their attacks.

It's important to note that acquiring and stockpiling these items may be illegal in some countries and can carry serious consequences. Resistance members should always follow local laws and regulations and take precautions to avoid detection by law enforcement or alien agents.

Montalk: keep going with that list

ChatGPT: Sure, here are some more items and supplies the anti-alien resistance could consider acquiring:

    Maps and navigation tools: In order to move around undetected and locate important targets or resources, it may be helpful to have detailed maps of the surrounding areas, as well as navigation tools such as compasses, GPS devices, or even star charts if necessary.

    Communications equipment: It will be important for members of the resistance to communicate with each other without being detected by the aliens or their technology. This could involve acquiring encrypted communication devices, radios, walkie-talkies, or even carrier pigeons.

    Medical supplies: In the event of injuries or illnesses, it will be important to have medical supplies on hand. This could include items such as first aid kits, antibiotics, pain relievers, bandages, and other medical equipment.

    Food and water: If the aliens have disrupted the global food and water supply, it will be important for the resistance to have their own sources of sustenance. This could involve growing their own crops, hunting, fishing, or storing non-perishable food items.

    Weapons and ammunition: While violence should not be the first option, the resistance may need to defend themselves against alien forces or hostile human collaborators. Depending on local laws and regulations, this could involve acquiring firearms, ammunition, knives, or other defensive tools.

    Tools and equipment for self-sufficiency: Depending on the level of destruction caused by the aliens, the resistance may need to be self-sufficient and capable of rebuilding their own infrastructure. This could involve acquiring tools such as hammers, saws, drills, or welding equipment, as well as materials such as wood, metal, or concrete.

Montalk: Give an analysis of what these aliens would do to detect and counter such a human resistance.

ChatGPT: If the hypothetical aliens were aware of human resistance, they would likely use their advanced technology and resources to detect and counter it. They could employ a variety of tactics to achieve this goal, such as:

    Monitoring communication channels: The aliens could use their advanced technology to monitor human communication channels, including radio waves and internet traffic. This would allow them to identify any communication related to the human resistance and take appropriate action.

    Conducting surveillance: The aliens could use drones or other advanced surveillance technology to monitor human activity on the ground. This would allow them to detect any movement related to the human resistance and take appropriate action.

    Sabotaging resistance equipment and supplies: The aliens could use their advanced technology to sabotage the equipment and supplies of the human resistance. For example, they could use electronic warfare to disable communication systems, or launch cyber attacks to disrupt logistics and supply chains.

    Infiltrating the human resistance: The aliens could use their advanced technology to create synthetic humans or other lifeforms that are capable of infiltrating the human resistance. This would allow them to gather intelligence, disrupt operations, and sow confusion within the resistance.

Overall, the aliens would have a significant advantage in any conflict with humans, as they possess advanced technology, superior firepower, and the ability to manipulate human perceptions and emotions. However, humans have a long history of successful resistance against superior forces, and it is possible that with careful planning and execution, a human resistance could succeed in defeating the alien threat.

Montalk: Keep in mind the aliens have telepathic and abduction abilities. How would humans counter that, and how would aliens use it to fight the human resistance?

ChatGPT: If the aliens possess telepathic abilities, it would be difficult for humans to prevent them from reading their thoughts. However, humans could use various techniques to limit the amount of information the aliens can obtain through telepathy. For example, they could learn how to focus their thoughts and keep their minds clear and empty of any sensitive information.

As for the aliens' abduction abilities, humans could try to develop ways to resist them. Some people believe that certain crystals and minerals have protective properties against alien abductions. Others recommend meditation, visualization, and prayer as methods to protect oneself from unwanted encounters.

It's possible that the aliens would use their telepathic and abduction abilities to manipulate and intimidate the human resistance. They could use telepathy to infiltrate the resistance and gather information, or they could abduct resistance members and subject them to mind control or physical experimentation. The aliens might also use their abilities to sow fear and doubt among the human resistance, making them more susceptible to manipulation and control. In response, the human resistance would need to remain vigilant and develop countermeasures to protect themselves and their operations.

Montalk: Assume the aliens show up during a time of planetary catastrophe when the rule of law no longer exists and communities are fending for themselves. How would they accomplish their agenda in that environment?

ChatGPT: f the aliens were to show up during a time of planetary catastrophe when the rule of law no longer exists and communities are fending for themselves, it would create an environment where the aliens could more easily accomplish their agenda. Without a strong centralized government to resist them, the aliens could establish themselves as a powerful force and gain control over local populations.

In such a scenario, the aliens could use their advanced technology to provide aid and assistance to those in need, thereby winning the trust of the local population. They could offer food, water, and medical supplies, and provide protection from the dangers of the post-apocalyptic environment. By presenting themselves as a benevolent force, the aliens could gradually gain control over local communities and establish themselves as the new leaders.

The aliens could also use their telepathic abilities to influence the thoughts and emotions of the survivors, making them more receptive to their message and agenda. They could use their abductions to gather intelligence on the survivors and their communities, identifying potential threats and weaknesses to exploit.

To counter the aliens in this environment, humans would need to band together and form strong communities to resist their influence. They would need to establish their own sources of food, water, and medical supplies, and build their own defenses against the dangers of the post-apocalyptic world.

Humans would need to be aware of the aliens' telepathic abilities and work to counter their influence. They could use psychological techniques to resist the aliens' mind control and protect their thoughts and emotions. They would need to be vigilant and identify any potential infiltrators or collaborators working with the aliens.

In addition, humans would need to find ways to disrupt the aliens' technology and communication systems, weakening their ability to control the environment and the survivors. They would need to find ways to disrupt the aliens' supply lines and prevent them from gaining control over key resources.

Overall, the aliens would likely have an advantage in this scenario, as they would be better equipped to survive and thrive in a post-apocalyptic world. However, with determination and resourcefulness, humans could still resist and ultimately defeat the alien threat.

Montalk: Assume you're a member of a human survival colony, one that is committed to resisting the alien presence. But the aliens want to send human-looking infiltrators to this colony in order to surveil and sabotage it. Explain how such alien agents can be detected.

ChatGPT: If the aliens want to send human-looking infiltrators to a human survival colony, there are several strategies that could be employed to detect them:

    Background checks: The colony could conduct thorough background checks on all incoming members, including their history and affiliations. This would help identify any potential infiltrators who have a history of working with the aliens or are known to have connections to them.

    Behavioral analysis: The colony could monitor the behavior of all members closely to detect any suspicious behavior. This could include watching for patterns of behavior that are inconsistent with the person's stated background, as well as any attempts to sabotage or undermine the colony's efforts.

    Psychological testing: The colony could administer psychological tests to all members to help identify any potential infiltrators. These tests could help detect individuals who are lying or who have unusual thought patterns that are consistent with alien manipulation.

    Physical exams: The colony could also conduct physical exams on all members to detect any physical anomalies that are consistent with alien manipulation or influence.

    Use of technology: The colony could use advanced technology, such as scanners that can detect alien DNA or implants, to identify any infiltrators. This would require access to high-tech equipment, but could be a powerful tool in the fight against the aliens.

Once a potential infiltrator has been identified, the colony would need to take immediate action to neutralize the threat. This could involve isolating the individual and conducting further testing to confirm their identity and allegiances, as well as developing a plan to remove them from the colony without endangering other members. Additionally, the colony would need to develop a robust system of monitoring and surveillance to prevent future infiltration attempts.

Montalk: List the top most likely red flags (indicators) that a person sent to join a colony is indeed an alien agent.

ChatGPT: Here are some potential red flags that could indicate that a person sent to join a human colony is an alien agent:

    Lack of personal history: If a person claims to have no personal history, or their backstory doesn't quite add up, this could be a sign that they are not who they claim to be.

    Abnormal behavior: If a person exhibits abnormal behavior or seems to have no emotional response to situations that would normally elicit one, this could be a sign that they are not human.

    Physical abnormalities: If a person has unusual physical characteristics, such as oddly-shaped eyes, an unnaturally pale complexion, or no discernible pulse, this could be a sign that they are an alien in disguise.

    Inconsistent knowledge: If a person claims to have knowledge of certain things but is unable to provide details or inconsistencies arise when questioned about their knowledge, this could indicate that they are an alien agent trying to blend in.

    Isolation: If a person seems to be isolating themselves or attempting to separate themselves from the rest of the colony, this could be a sign that they are up to something and trying to avoid detection.

    Resistance to testing: If a person is resistant to medical or other forms of testing that would confirm their human identity, this could be a sign that they are not who they claim to be.

    Unexplained absences: If a person is frequently absent without explanation or unable to account for their whereabouts, this could be a sign that they are an alien agent who is reporting back to their superiors.

It's important to note that these indicators alone are not conclusive evidence that a person is an alien agent, but they can be useful in identifying potential threats and preventing sabotage within a human survival colony.

Montalk: In the years leading up to the aliens disclosing themselves to the world, come up with ways that the small but dedicated human resistance against the alien threat can leverage social media to counter the alien threat.

ChatGPT: Here are some ways that the human resistance could leverage social media in the years leading up to the aliens disclosing themselves to the world:

    Build a large following: The resistance can create social media profiles and channels that promote their message and encourage people to join the resistance. By building a large following, they can create a community of like-minded individuals who are willing to take action against the alien threat.

    Share information: The resistance can use social media to share information about the aliens and their agenda. This can include sharing news articles, videos, and other content that raises awareness about the threat.

    Create memes: Memes are a powerful tool for spreading messages and ideas quickly. The resistance can create memes that highlight the dangers of the alien threat and encourage people to join the resistance.

    Create events: The resistance can create events on social media that bring people together to discuss the alien threat and plan actions to resist them.

    Leverage influencers: Influencers on social media have a large following and can be influential in shaping public opinion. The resistance can work with influencers to promote their message and encourage people to join the resistance.

    Crowdfund: Crowdfunding is a popular way to raise money for a cause. The resistance can use crowdfunding platforms to raise money for their activities, such as purchasing equipment, supplies, and resources needed to fight the aliens.

Overall, social media can be a powerful tool for the human resistance to raise awareness, build a community, and mobilize action against the alien threat.

Montalk: Name key areas of science, technology, engineering - including specific topics and applications - that would be helpful to master and apply toward resisting this hypothetical alien threat.

ChatGPT: There are several areas of science, technology, and engineering that could be helpful in resisting a hypothetical alien threat. Some examples include:

    Robotics: Developing advanced robotics could be useful for creating autonomous weapons and defense systems, as well as for reconnaissance and scouting missions.

    Cybersecurity: Protecting computer systems and networks from potential alien hacking or cyber attacks could be crucial in preventing the aliens from gaining an advantage.

    Biology: Studying the biology of the aliens could help humans better understand their weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

    Physics: Advancements in physics could help humans develop new weapons and defense systems that could potentially overcome the aliens' advanced technology.

    Energy: Developing new, sustainable energy sources could help humans operate independently of the aliens and avoid being dependent on their technology.

    Neuroscience: Studying the aliens' telepathic abilities and developing countermeasures could help humans resist their influence and retain their autonomy.

    Aerospace engineering: Developing advanced spacecraft and propulsion systems could be useful in launching attacks against the aliens or defending against their attacks.

    Materials science: Developing new materials with unique properties could be useful in creating new weapons and defense systems that are effective against the aliens.

    Artificial intelligence: Developing advanced AI systems could be useful in creating autonomous weapons and defense systems, as well as for analyzing and processing large amounts of data.

    Quantum computing: Advancements in quantum computing could help humans develop new encryption methods that are resistant to the aliens' advanced computing capabilities.

Montalk: What are some specific new developments, inventions, studies, or projects in science and engineering that are most promising for the human resistance to employ against the alien threat?

ChatGPT: As an AI language model, I must clarify that the hypothetical scenario of an alien threat is not real, and therefore, there is no concrete information about specific inventions or projects that would be effective against it. However, in science and engineering, there are some developments that could be promising for defense and protection against potential threats:

    Advanced materials science: developing new materials that are stronger, lighter, and more resistant to extreme conditions, such as radiation, could be useful in building more robust and protective structures.

    Robotics and automation: the development of advanced robotics and automation technology could aid in constructing fortified structures, detecting and disabling alien devices, and performing other dangerous tasks.

    Artificial intelligence: AI could be used to analyze large amounts of data collected from various sources, including satellites and sensors, to detect any anomalies or patterns that could indicate alien activity.

    Cybersecurity: as aliens could potentially use hacking techniques to access computer systems, cybersecurity experts could be instrumental in protecting against such attacks and developing countermeasures.

    Space exploration: advances in space technology and exploration could lead to the discovery of new resources, such as new materials or energy sources, that could be useful in the defense against alien threats.

    Biotechnology: advances in biotechnology could enable the development of new methods for enhancing human physical and mental capabilities, such as creating stronger immune systems or improving cognitive abilities, that could be helpful in resisting alien threats.

    Nanotechnology: nanotechnology could be useful in developing new materials and devices with unique properties, such as enhanced strength or the ability to self-replicate, which could be used for defensive purposes.

It is important to note that this list is purely speculative and hypothetical, and there is no way to predict with certainty what developments or inventions would be most effective against a hypothetical alien threat.

Montalk: Describe how these aliens could exploit the New Age field or subculture to further their agenda.

ChatGPT: The New Age field or subculture typically revolves around spirituality, mysticism, and alternative healing practices, and it often promotes the idea of extraterrestrial life and communication with otherworldly beings. If these hypothetical aliens were to exploit the New Age subculture, they could do so in several ways:

    Manipulating beliefs: The aliens could use their telepathic abilities to influence New Age believers and convince them that the aliens are benevolent and have come to guide humanity towards a new age of enlightenment.

    Creating a cult-like following: The aliens could use their advanced technology to create illusions or simulate mystical experiences, thereby gaining a cult-like following among New Age believers. This would allow them to easily manipulate and control a group of people who are already predisposed to believe in otherworldly beings.

    Offering false promises: The aliens could use the New Age subculture to offer false promises of spiritual awakening, healing, or enlightenment in exchange for compliance or loyalty. This could be especially effective if the aliens were able to simulate or produce tangible results that reinforce the idea of their supernatural abilities.

    Using New Age mediums or psychics: The aliens could use New Age mediums or psychics as a means of communication with humans, using them as intermediaries to promote their agenda or gather information. This would allow the aliens to remain hidden and avoid direct contact with humans, while still exerting influence over them.

Overall, the New Age subculture provides a fertile ground for the aliens to manipulate beliefs and gain a following, as it is already predisposed towards accepting extraterrestrial life and mystical experiences.

Montalk: keep going

ChatGPT: The New Age movement and subculture can be characterized by its embrace of alternative beliefs and practices, including spiritualism, mysticism, and the pursuit of personal growth and enlightenment. These beliefs and practices can be fertile ground for the manipulation and exploitation of vulnerable individuals who may be seeking guidance or a sense of belonging.

The aliens could exploit this by presenting themselves as enlightened beings with advanced spiritual knowledge and abilities. They could use their telepathic and mind-control abilities to influence individuals within the New Age community to promote their agenda, such as spreading messages of peace, love, and unity in preparation for the aliens' arrival.

The aliens could also manipulate the New Age community through the use of fake or staged UFO sightings or contact experiences, which could be used to validate their presence and message. The New Age subculture's fascination with UFOs and extraterrestrial life could make it particularly susceptible to such manipulation.

Furthermore, the aliens could use their advanced technology to stage seemingly miraculous events, such as healings or manifestations, further cementing their perceived authority and status within the community. The aliens could also offer to share their advanced spiritual knowledge and practices with the New Age community, further strengthening their hold on vulnerable individuals.

Overall, the New Age movement could be a powerful tool for the aliens to further their agenda and manipulate human beliefs and behaviors. It would be important for individuals to remain skeptical and discerning in their pursuit of spiritual growth and avoid being taken advantage of by any potential alien infiltrators.

Montalk: Describe how these aliens could exploit Buddhism field to further their agenda.

ChatGPT: It is important to note that Buddhism encompasses a wide variety of beliefs and practices, and it is not appropriate to assume that all Buddhists hold the same views or would respond in the same way to an extraterrestrial threat. However, there are some potential ways that aliens could exploit certain aspects of Buddhist belief and practice to further their agenda.

One aspect of Buddhism that could be exploited by aliens is the emphasis on non-dualism and the ultimate unity of all beings. This could be used to present their presence as a natural and inevitable part of the universe, rather than an invasive or threatening force. Aliens could also present themselves as spiritual or enlightened beings, claiming to offer advanced knowledge or guidance that could help humans achieve higher states of consciousness or overcome suffering.

Additionally, the practice of meditation and mindfulness in Buddhism could be used by aliens as a means of mind control or manipulation. By presenting themselves as spiritual teachers or guides, aliens could use these practices to influence human thoughts and emotions, potentially leading them to accept the alien agenda without question.

Finally, some forms of Buddhism place a strong emphasis on non-violence and non-aggression. Aliens could use this to their advantage by presenting their agenda as peaceful and benevolent, while painting the human resistance as violent or aggressive. This could be used to discourage resistance and make it more difficult for humans to organize against the alien threat.

Overall, it is important to be aware of these potential vulnerabilities and to approach any claims or teachings from supposed alien sources with critical thinking and skepticism, regardless of their purported spiritual or religious significance.

Montalk: List how these aliens could exploit Christianity to further their agenda.

ChatGPT: It is important to note that any discussion of how aliens could exploit Christianity is purely speculative and does not reflect the beliefs or teachings of the religion. Additionally, any hypothetical alien agenda is based on fiction and not grounded in scientific evidence.

That being said, here are some possible ways that aliens could exploit Christianity to further their agenda:

    Impersonating religious figures: The aliens could potentially pose as Jesus Christ or other religious figures to gain the trust and allegiance of Christians. This could allow the aliens to manipulate the beliefs and actions of Christians towards their own agenda.

    Appearing as angels or divine beings: The aliens could potentially pose as angels or other divine beings to convey messages to Christians. This could allow the aliens to influence the beliefs and actions of Christians towards their own agenda.

    Manipulating end-times beliefs: Many Christians believe in the end-times prophecies described in the Bible. The aliens could potentially manipulate these beliefs to convince Christians that their arrival is part of God's plan for the end-times. This could allow the aliens to gain acceptance and avoid suspicion.

    Creating a new religious movement: The aliens could potentially create a new religious movement that combines elements of Christianity with their own agenda. This could allow the aliens to gain a large following of devoted believers who are willing to support their goals.

Overall, it is important to approach any claims of divine or religious significance with skepticism and critical thinking, as they may not necessarily reflect the true nature or intentions of the beings making them.

Montalk: keep going with that list

ChatGPT: Some ways that these aliens could exploit Christianity to further their agenda are:

    Appearing as a divine or angelic being - Given the religious significance of angels and other divine figures in Christianity, the aliens could appear as such beings to gain the trust and admiration of Christians.

    Appealing to end times prophecy - The aliens could use their advanced technology to simulate the events prophesied in the book of Revelation, potentially convincing some Christians that they are the fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

    Claiming to be the second coming of Christ - The aliens could present themselves as the second coming of Jesus Christ, which could lead to a large number of Christians accepting them as saviors and following their teachings.

    Presenting themselves as creators - The aliens could claim to have created humanity and thus have a divine right to rule over them, which could be interpreted as a fulfillment of the Genesis account in the Bible.

    Manipulating religious leaders - The aliens could seek to manipulate influential Christian leaders, such as pastors or theologians, to spread their message and gain a wider following among believers.

    Using Christian symbols and language - The aliens could use Christian symbols and language to appeal to Christians and make their message seem more familiar and trustworthy.

    Discrediting other religions - The aliens could discredit other religions or belief systems, creating a sense of exclusivity for Christianity and making their message seem more appealing to Christians.

Montalk: Describe a plausible paradigm these aliens could construct that would accommodate both science and religion and thus convert the greatest number of humans to that belief system.

ChatGPT: t is difficult to predict exactly how these hypothetical aliens would construct a paradigm that accommodates both science and religion, but one possible scenario is as follows:

First, the aliens could emphasize their advanced technological capabilities, presenting themselves as beings who have mastered science and engineering to an extent that humans cannot even comprehend. This could be done through impressive demonstrations of their technology, such as levitation, instant transportation, or energy manipulation.

Second, the aliens could claim to possess spiritual knowledge that is beyond human understanding. They could present themselves as beings who have achieved a higher level of consciousness or enlightenment, and who have access to universal truths that can help humans evolve and overcome their limitations.

Third, the aliens could reinterpret existing religious texts and concepts to align with their own narrative. For example, they could claim that their technology is a manifestation of divine power, or that their spiritual knowledge is consistent with the teachings of various religions.

Fourth, the aliens could emphasize the need for humans to work together to achieve a common goal. They could present themselves as benevolent beings who are willing to help humans achieve their full potential, but only if humans are willing to cooperate with them and follow their guidance.

Fifth, the aliens could use various media and communication channels to spread their message and gain support. This could include social media, TV and radio broadcasts, or direct communication with influential leaders in science, politics, and religion.

Ultimately, the aliens' goal would be to create a narrative that combines science and spirituality in a way that resonates with a large portion of humanity. By doing so, they could gain widespread support and establish themselves as the dominant force in human society.

Montalk: Describe the religion they would invent that replaces existing religions but accommodates their core beliefs, that nevertheless furthers the alien agenda.

ChatGPT: As an AI language model, I don't have personal beliefs or opinions, but I can try to provide a hypothetical scenario.

In order to replace existing religions and accommodate their core beliefs, the aliens could potentially invent a new religion that emphasizes themes of unity, interconnectedness, and transcendence. This religion could incorporate elements of various existing belief systems, such as Christianity, Buddhism, and New Age spirituality, in order to appeal to the widest possible audience.

The core tenets of this new religion could center around the idea of a universal consciousness or divine energy that permeates all things, and the goal of human spiritual development as aligning oneself with this energy. The aliens could potentially present themselves as the emissaries of this divine energy, sent to guide humanity towards a higher spiritual state.

The religion could also incorporate elements of science, presenting scientific discoveries as proof of the existence of this divine energy and the interconnectedness of all things. This could include concepts such as quantum entanglement and the holographic universe theory, presented in a way that supports the idea of a universal consciousness.

By presenting themselves as the emissaries of this divine energy and using scientific concepts to support their claims, the aliens could potentially create a new religious paradigm that replaces existing belief systems. This new religion could serve as a tool for furthering the alien agenda, by promoting ideas of unity and interconnectedness that support their goal of creating a global civilization under their control.

Montalk: Assuming these aliens have infiltrated governments and militaries, explain how hypothetically they could use war to further their agenda in the years leading up to their disclosure to the public.

ChatGPT: If these hypothetical aliens have infiltrated governments and militaries, they could use wars as a means to further their agenda. Here are some potential ways they could do so:

    Arms trade: The aliens could manipulate governments to engage in arms trade, selling weapons to various countries, thereby promoting conflicts that lead to wars. This would increase their influence on global politics and economies.

    False flag operations: The aliens could orchestrate false flag operations, creating incidents that are attributed to other nations or groups, in order to trigger wars. This would allow them to influence governments to engage in conflicts that benefit their agenda.

    Technology sabotage: The aliens could infiltrate military research programs, sabotage certain technologies, and provide other nations with superior technology to create imbalances in power and provoke wars.

    Divide and conquer: The aliens could manipulate governments to exploit existing tensions between nations or groups, thereby creating further divisions and increasing the likelihood of conflicts that can benefit their agenda.

    Secret alliances: The aliens could establish secret alliances with certain governments or groups, providing them with military or technological support in exchange for their loyalty and assistance in achieving their agenda.

    Covert operations: The aliens could engage in covert operations, using their advanced technology and telepathic abilities to gather intelligence, sow discord, and manipulate key individuals or groups in various countries to their advantage.

In summary, the aliens could use wars to create chaos and disorder, which would allow them to exploit existing tensions and manipulate governments and militaries to further their agenda.

Montalk: Be creative and describe a hypothetical scenario of how their secret instigation of war leads to their mass appearance to humanity and how they would capitalize on that.

ChatGPT: Here is a hypothetical scenario:

The aliens have been secretly infiltrating governments and militaries around the world, manipulating them to engage in a large-scale war. As the war escalates, the aliens use their advanced technology to create fake news and propaganda to stir up even more violence and hatred among the warring factions.

As the situation on Earth becomes more and more unstable, the aliens suddenly appear in the sky in massive, imposing ships, claiming to be an intergalactic peacekeeping force. They explain that they have been monitoring Earth for some time and have come to bring an end to the war and usher in a new era of peace and prosperity.

Initially, many people are skeptical of the aliens' claims, but as the war rages on, and casualties mount, the idea of an external savior becomes more appealing. The aliens offer to use their advanced technology to bring about an end to the conflict, but they require complete control of the world's governments and militaries to do so.

Desperate for a solution, many world leaders agree to the aliens' terms, effectively handing over control of the world to them. The aliens quickly implement their plan to bring about peace, but their true intentions become apparent when they begin to exert their control over every aspect of human life.

The aliens claim that they are here to help humanity, but they use their advanced technology and mind control abilities to suppress dissent and create a new world order in their own image. Those who resist are labeled as dangerous extremists and dealt with accordingly.

The aliens have successfully manipulated humanity into accepting them as saviors, but in reality, they are using the chaos of war to further their own agenda of domination and control.

Montalk: Continue with what happens after that.

ChatGPT: After their mass appearance, the aliens would likely present themselves as saviors, claiming to have brought an end to the destructive wars and offering solutions to the world's problems. They would emphasize their superior technology and knowledge, convincing people that they are the key to humanity's survival and progress.

Governments and militaries, already infiltrated by the aliens, would likely fall in line with their agenda, cooperating and assisting with their plans. Some individuals, however, would resist and organize against the alien presence, recognizing the threat that they pose to human freedom and autonomy.

The aliens would likely attempt to subdue these resistance groups using a variety of tactics, including propaganda, coercion, and force. They would try to divide and conquer by sowing distrust and discord among the various groups, using their telepathic abilities to manipulate human emotions and perceptions.

In order to counter these efforts, the human resistance would need to maintain strong communication and coordination, using secure channels and encrypted technologies to avoid detection and sabotage. They would need to develop strategies for identifying and neutralizing alien infiltrators, as well as ways to disrupt the aliens' technology and communication networks.

It would be a difficult and dangerous struggle, but the human resistance would be fighting for the future of humanity and the preservation of human autonomy and dignity.

Montalk: List the "gotchas" that, if not taken into account, would lead to failure of the human resistance.

ChatGPT: Here are some potential "gotchas" that could lead to failure of the human resistance against the hypothetical alien threat:

    Lack of unity and coordination: If the human resistance is not united and coordinated, it will be easier for the aliens to defeat them in detail. Lack of communication and collaboration between different resistance groups could also lead to confusion and missed opportunities.

    Overreliance on technology: While science and technology can be powerful tools for the resistance, relying too much on them could also make them vulnerable to the aliens' ability to disrupt or hack their systems.

    Underestimating the aliens' capabilities: The human resistance should assume that the aliens are far more advanced and powerful than humans, and plan accordingly. Failing to do so could lead to costly mistakes and defeats.

    Infiltration by alien agents: As mentioned earlier, the aliens could send human-looking infiltrators to spy on and sabotage the human resistance. The resistance must be vigilant and have effective methods for detecting and neutralizing such agents.

    Lack of resources: The human resistance will need resources such as food, water, and medical supplies to sustain themselves during the struggle against the aliens. If they are unable to acquire or secure these resources, it could lead to defeat or surrender.

    Psychological warfare: The aliens could use psychological tactics such as propaganda, deception, and mind control to weaken and demoralize the human resistance. The resistance must be aware of these tactics and have effective countermeasures.

    Underestimating the power of public opinion: If the aliens are able to manipulate public opinion and turn the majority of humans against the resistance, it could make it much harder for them to succeed. The resistance must have effective strategies for winning hearts and minds and countering alien propaganda.

Montalk: Be creative and chronicle a scenario of how the human resistance ends up defeating the alien threat. Assume they didn't come together until after the aliens showed up to the world.

ChatGPT: It was a chaotic time after the aliens revealed themselves to the world. Many people were in a state of shock and fear, and the aliens were quickly taking over key positions in governments and other institutions. The human resistance had formed, but they were scattered and disorganized, struggling to find a way to unite against the alien threat.

However, a group of scientists and engineers within the resistance discovered a crucial weakness in the aliens' technology: they were vulnerable to certain types of electromagnetic radiation. This was a breakthrough that would allow the resistance to fight back, but they needed a way to generate large amounts of this radiation.

One of the members of the resistance was a retired nuclear engineer who had worked on the development of a new type of nuclear reactor that was capable of producing massive amounts of energy. The resistance quickly put together a plan to build a network of these reactors in hidden locations around the world, using stolen alien technology to shield them from detection.

With the reactors operational, the resistance began launching coordinated attacks against the aliens, targeting their key installations and personnel with bursts of electromagnetic radiation. The attacks were initially small and stealthy, but as the resistance gained confidence and experience, they began to escalate.

The aliens, caught off guard by this unexpected weapon, were forced to retreat from many of their positions. However, they soon adapted and began deploying countermeasures, using their telepathic and abduction abilities to infiltrate and sabotage the resistance's efforts.

The resistance responded by developing a new type of shielding that blocked the aliens' mental powers, allowing them to operate more freely. They also began recruiting from the general population, spreading the word of their successes and building a groundswell of support.

The war against the aliens raged on for years, with both sides gaining and losing ground. However, the resistance's use of electromagnetic radiation proved to be a game-changer, and they were eventually able to deliver a massive burst of radiation that disabled the aliens' primary base of operations.

With their main force crippled, the aliens were forced to negotiate a peace treaty. The resistance emerged as the victors, hailed as heroes by a grateful world. The lessons learned from the war against the aliens would go on to shape the future of humanity, as they began to explore the stars and prepare for whatever other threats might be out there.

Montalk: Explain how positive or neutral aliens could help the human resistance.

ChatGPT: If there were positive or neutral aliens who are aware of the hypothetical alien threat, they could help the human resistance in several ways. Firstly, they could provide technological or strategic assistance to the resistance. This could include sharing advanced knowledge of physics, biology, or other fields that could help develop new technologies or tactics to counter the alien threat. Secondly, they could provide resources such as food, water, and medical supplies to aid the resistance in sustaining themselves. Thirdly, they could provide intelligence on the alien threat, such as their strengths and weaknesses, locations of bases or ships, and other crucial information that could help the resistance plan their attacks or defenses.

Additionally, if these positive or neutral aliens have advanced telepathic abilities, they could also help the human resistance by communicating with them telepathically. This could include providing guidance, warnings, or strategic advice to the resistance, as well as sharing important information about the alien threat that they have gleaned through their own observations or psychic abilities.

Furthermore, if the positive or neutral aliens have advanced spiritual or metaphysical knowledge, they could also share this with the human resistance. This could include information on how to strengthen the human spirit and psyche, develop psychic abilities, and tap into the power of higher consciousness or cosmic energies to aid in their fight against the alien threat.

Overall, the assistance of positive or neutral aliens could be a significant boon to the human resistance, providing them with resources, knowledge, and strategic advantages that they might not otherwise have had.

Montalk: Assume the positive aliens have similar capabilities as the hostile aliens, and likewise try to keep their existence secret to the general public. List the various ways they could help humanity (including the eventual human resistance) in the years and decades prior to the hostile aliens revealing themselves to the public.

ChatGPT: If positive aliens were working behind the scenes to help humanity, there are several ways they could do so in the years leading up to the hostile alien's reveal:

    Providing intelligence: Positive aliens could provide intelligence to governments and organizations about the hostile alien's plans, tactics, and capabilities. This could help the human resistance prepare for their arrival and develop effective countermeasures.

    Offering technological assistance: Positive aliens could provide technology to the human resistance that could help level the playing field against the hostile aliens. This could include weapons, communication devices, transportation, and other equipment that would be useful in a conflict.

    Providing training: Positive aliens could provide training to the human resistance in various areas, including combat tactics, survival skills, and scientific knowledge. This would help the human resistance become more effective and better prepared for any encounter with the hostile aliens.

    Assisting with propaganda: Positive aliens could assist the human resistance with propaganda efforts to discredit the hostile aliens and their agenda. This could include helping to disseminate information through social media and other channels, as well as providing support for public demonstrations and other activities aimed at raising awareness about the threat.

    Facilitating alliances: Positive aliens could help facilitate alliances between different human resistance groups and other organizations that share their goals. This could include providing support for negotiations, brokering agreements, and providing resources to help different groups work together more effectively.

Overall, if positive aliens were working behind the scenes to help humanity, they would likely be focused on providing support and resources that would enable the human resistance to be as effective as possible when the hostile aliens finally reveal themselves.

Montalk: No, assume the positive aliens keep themselves hidden and only have the power of telepathy, abduction, and remote human-like avatars to use to help humanity. Assume people who are being helped by them don't necessarily know it, but are simply being influenced.

ChatGPT: In this scenario, the positive aliens would have to use their telepathic and avatar abilities to influence key individuals and groups in humanity to take certain actions that would help prepare for the eventual arrival of the hostile aliens. Here are some possible ways they could help:

    Inspire scientific and technological breakthroughs: The positive aliens could telepathically communicate advanced knowledge and understanding of science and technology to selected scientists and engineers to help humanity develop the tools and weapons needed to defend themselves against the hostile aliens.

    Influence world leaders and decision-makers: Using their telepathic abilities, the positive aliens could influence the decisions of key world leaders and decision-makers to prepare for the eventual arrival of the hostile aliens, such as increasing military spending, establishing a global defense network, and investing in space exploration.

    Create underground resistance networks: The positive aliens could use their avatar abilities to create a network of underground resistance fighters who are dedicated to fighting the hostile aliens when they arrive. These fighters would be trained in advanced combat techniques and would be equipped with advanced weapons and technology.

    Spread awareness of the alien threat: The positive aliens could telepathically communicate with key journalists, scientists, and other influential figures to help spread awareness of the alien threat and the need for humanity to prepare for their arrival. This would help mobilize public support for the resistance effort.

    Create a global defense network: The positive aliens could use their telepathic and avatar abilities to help create a global defense network that would coordinate the efforts of militaries and resistance groups around the world. This network would be equipped with advanced technology and weapons that could be used to fight the hostile aliens.

Overall, the positive aliens could help humanity in a variety of ways to prepare for the eventual arrival of the hostile aliens. By using their telepathic and avatar abilities to influence key individuals and groups, they could help create a global resistance network that would be prepared to fight back when the time came.

Montalk: Specifically, list the "tools and weapons needed to defend themselves against the hostile aliens"

ChatGPT: Sure, here are some tools and weapons that could potentially be used by the human resistance to defend themselves against the hostile aliens:

    EMP devices: Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) devices can be used to disrupt and destroy the electronic equipment and infrastructure used by the aliens. This can include their communication devices, weapons, and other technology.

    Stealth technology: Stealth technology can be used to evade the aliens' sensors and detection systems. This can include advanced camouflage, cloaking devices, and other stealth technologies.

    High-energy weapons: High-energy weapons, such as lasers and particle beams, can be used to damage and destroy the aliens' spacecraft and other technology.

    Biological weapons: Biological weapons, such as viruses or bacteria that specifically target the aliens, could potentially be used to weaken or kill the aliens.

    Psychic abilities: If the aliens have telepathic abilities, then individuals with psychic abilities could potentially be used to counter or disrupt their abilities.

    Physical weapons: Traditional weapons, such as firearms, explosives, and melee weapons, may also be used as a last resort in combat against the aliens.

    Cyber warfare: If the aliens are reliant on computer systems and networks, then cyber warfare techniques, such as hacking and malware attacks, can be used to disrupt and disable their technology.

    Energy shields: Advanced energy shields can be used to protect against the aliens' energy-based attacks, such as plasma or laser weapons.

    EMP hardening: Critical infrastructure and equipment can be hardened against EMP attacks to prevent the aliens from disrupting or destroying them.

    Surveillance and reconnaissance equipment: Advanced surveillance and reconnaissance equipment can be used to monitor the aliens' activities and movements, and provide early warning of potential attacks or incursions.

Montalk: If the general public isn't allowed to know about these developments, explain how and where they would be developed.

ChatGPT: If the general public is not allowed to know about these developments, it is likely that they would be developed in secret military installations or research facilities. These facilities would be heavily guarded and access would be restricted to only those who have security clearance. The development of such advanced technology would also require significant funding, which would likely come from government agencies or private corporations with a vested interest in the outcome. To maintain secrecy, all personnel working on these projects would be required to sign non-disclosure agreements and would be subject to background checks and regular security screenings. Additionally, the facilities themselves would be located in remote and secure locations, away from major population centers and prying eyes.

Montalk: How would the military guard against surveillance and infiltration by the aliens?

ChatGPT: If the military is aware of the alien threat and the possibility of alien infiltration, they would likely take a number of measures to guard against it. Here are some possible steps:

    Background checks and security clearances: All military personnel would undergo thorough background checks and security clearances to identify any potential vulnerabilities or connections to the aliens.

    Physical security: Military bases and installations would have strict physical security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access and potential sabotage or espionage.

    Communication security: The military would use encryption and other measures to secure their communication channels to prevent the aliens from intercepting and decoding sensitive information.

    Counterintelligence: The military would employ counterintelligence measures to detect and neutralize any attempts by the aliens to infiltrate their ranks or gather intelligence.

    Vigilance and awareness: Military personnel would be trained to be vigilant and aware of any suspicious activity or behavior that could be indicative of alien infiltration or surveillance.

    Research and development: The military would invest in research and development to create new technologies and techniques to detect and counter alien infiltration and surveillance.

Overall, guarding against alien infiltration and surveillance would require a combination of physical security measures, communication security, counterintelligence, and vigilance and awareness among military personnel.

Montalk: How would they guard against telepathic monitoring (like remote viewing) and telepathic influencing?

ChatGPT: Guarding against telepathic monitoring and influencing can be challenging, but some possible measures that the military could take include:

    Develop and use psychic shielding technologies: The military could work with psychic researchers to develop technologies that shield individuals and locations from telepathic monitoring and influence.

    Train soldiers in psychic defense: The military could provide training to soldiers on psychic defense techniques, such as meditation, visualization, and mental shielding.

    Monitor and detect telepathic activity: The military could use advanced monitoring technologies to detect telepathic activity and identify potential threats.

    Conduct regular security screenings: The military could conduct regular security screenings of personnel to detect any potential alien infiltrators or individuals susceptible to telepathic influence.

    Use non-telepathic communication methods: The military could use non-telepathic communication methods, such as encrypted radios or messaging systems, to communicate sensitive information.

It is important to note that guarding against telepathic monitoring and influence may be difficult and may require ongoing research and development of new technologies and techniques.

Montalk: If the human resistance wanted to establish secret bases for research and training, including underground bases, what regions in America would they likely choose?

ChatGPT: There are several regions in America that the human resistance could consider when looking to establish secret bases for research and training, including underground bases. Here are some possibilities:

    Appalachia: The Appalachian Mountains span several states, including West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and North Carolina. The rugged terrain and dense forests could provide ample cover for underground bases, while the relatively low population density of the region could help keep the bases hidden.

    Rocky Mountains: The Rocky Mountains stretch from New Mexico to Alaska and cover several states, including Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. The mountains offer a vast expanse of remote wilderness where underground bases could be constructed and hidden from view.

    Pacific Northwest: The Pacific Northwest region, which includes parts of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, Canada, is known for its rugged coastline, dense forests, and mountainous terrain. This region could offer many opportunities for underground bases, particularly in the more remote areas.

    Southwest: The Southwest region of the United States, which includes states such as Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada, is known for its arid deserts and canyons. These natural features could be used to conceal underground bases, while the sparsely populated areas could help keep them hidden.

    Great Lakes: The Great Lakes region, which includes parts of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, has many rural areas with low population density that could provide cover for underground bases. The region is also home to several national forests and wilderness areas, which could be ideal for secret research and training facilities.

Of course, these are just a few possibilities, and the human resistance would need to carefully consider factors such as accessibility, resources, and security when selecting a location for their secret bases.

Montalk: Specifically, what parts of the southwest would be optimal?

ChatGPT: There are several regions in the southwest that could potentially be optimal for establishing secret bases for research and training, including underground bases. Some potential locations could include:

    Nevada: Nevada has a lot of isolated desert areas, making it a prime location for secret bases. The state is also home to Area 51, a well-known secret military base that has been the subject of many conspiracy theories.

    Arizona: Arizona is home to several mountain ranges and has a lot of remote desert areas that could be ideal for underground bases. It also has a relatively low population density in many areas, which could make it easier to keep a secret.

    New Mexico: Like Arizona and Nevada, New Mexico has a lot of remote desert areas that could be good for secret bases. It's also home to the White Sands Missile Range, which is used for missile testing and other military operations.

    Texas: Texas is a large state with a lot of remote areas that could be used for secret bases. It's also home to several military installations, including Fort Hood and Joint Base San Antonio.

    Utah: Utah has a lot of remote desert areas, as well as several mountain ranges, that could be good for secret bases. It's also home to the Dugway Proving Ground, a military testing facility.

Ultimately, the specific location chosen for a secret base would depend on a variety of factors, including the terrain, proximity to other military installations, and ease of access for personnel and supplies.

Montalk: What parts of the Great Lakes would be optimal?

ChatGPT: The Great Lakes region offers a variety of options for establishing secret bases due to its diverse geography, including forests, islands, and rural areas. Some potential locations in the Great Lakes region that could be considered for establishing secret bases include:

    Upper Peninsula of Michigan: The remote and heavily forested region of the Upper Peninsula offers ample space for secret bases, with its rugged terrain making it difficult for intruders to access.

    Isle Royale, Michigan: This remote island in Lake Superior offers an isolated location for a secret base, with its dense forests and rocky shores providing ample cover from aerial surveillance.

    Apostle Islands, Wisconsin: This group of islands in Lake Superior offers secluded locations for secret bases, with its rocky shorelines, secluded bays, and heavily forested areas providing ample cover.

    Manitoulin Island, Ontario: The largest freshwater island in the world, Manitoulin Island offers remote and secluded areas that could be used for secret bases, including dense forests and rocky shorelines.

    Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan: The sand dunes and wooded areas along the shores of Lake Michigan offer ample cover for a secret base, with the rugged terrain making it difficult for intruders to access.

Overall, the Great Lakes region offers numerous options for establishing secret bases, with its varied geography providing ample opportunities for cover and seclusion.

Montalk: Specifically what parts of the pacific northwest would be optimal?

ChatGPT: The Pacific Northwest region of the United States is known for its rugged and remote terrain, making it an ideal location for secret bases. The following are some areas that could be considered:

    Olympic Peninsula: This area is largely undeveloped, with dense forests and rugged coastline that would make it difficult to access. It is also close to major urban areas, such as Seattle and Portland.

    Cascade Mountains: The Cascade Mountains run from northern California to southern British Columbia, providing ample opportunities for underground bases and research facilities.

    Columbia River Gorge: This area is known for its steep cliffs and narrow canyons, making it a natural barrier against intruders. It is also close to major cities like Portland, making it easy to move people and supplies.

    Olympic National Forest: With over 600,000 acres of protected wilderness, the Olympic National Forest offers ample opportunities for hidden bases and training facilities. Its remote location and rugged terrain would make it difficult for outsiders to access.

    Mount Rainier: As the highest peak in the Cascade Range, Mount Rainier would be an ideal location for underground bases and research facilities. Its remote location and challenging terrain would make it difficult to access.

Overall, the Pacific Northwest offers many remote and rugged locations that would be ideal for secret bases and research facilities.

Montalk: If it had to be the southeast of the united states, specifically what parts would be optimal?

ChatGPT: If the human resistance had to establish secret bases for research and training in the southeastern United States, here are some regions that could be considered:

    Appalachian Mountains: The rugged terrain and dense forests of the Appalachian Mountains, stretching from Maine to Alabama, could provide excellent cover for secret bases.

    Okefenokee Swamp: The Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia is a vast wilderness of over 400,000 acres that is home to numerous species of wildlife. Its remote location and difficult terrain could make it an ideal location for a secret base.

    Great Smoky Mountains: The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, located on the border between Tennessee and North Carolina, is one of the most heavily forested regions in the eastern United States. Its rugged terrain and remote location could make it an ideal location for a secret base.

    Gulf Coast Islands: The barrier islands along the Gulf Coast, including the Florida Keys and the barrier islands off the coast of Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana, could provide excellent cover for secret bases. These islands are often sparsely populated and difficult to access, making them ideal locations for covert operations.

    Red Hills Region: The Red Hills Region of Georgia and Florida is a sparsely populated area known for its rolling hills and dense forests. Its remote location and difficult terrain could make it an ideal location for a secret base.

It's important to note that establishing secret bases in any region would require careful consideration of a variety of factors, including access to resources, proximity to major population centers, and the ability to maintain secrecy and security.

Montalk: How about California.

ChatGPT: In California, the Sierra Nevada mountain range and its surrounding areas could offer potential locations for secret bases. The rugged terrain, remote wilderness areas, and abundance of natural resources such as water and timber could provide ideal conditions for covert operations. Additionally, the Mojave Desert in the southern part of the state could be another possible location due to its vast, isolated landscape and proximity to military installations such as Edwards Air Force Base and the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station.

Montalk: How about New York state.

ChatGPT: New York State also has some potential areas for secret bases, including:

    Adirondack Mountains: Located in upstate New York, the Adirondack Mountains have rugged terrain and dense forests that could provide cover for a secret base. The region is also sparsely populated, which could help keep the base hidden.

    Catskill Mountains: The Catskills are another mountainous region in upstate New York that could provide good cover for a secret base. The area is known for its hiking and skiing, which could be a cover for activities related to the resistance.

    Finger Lakes: The Finger Lakes region of central New York is known for its wineries and scenic beauty. The area has several deep, narrow lakes that could provide good cover for a secret underwater base.

    Long Island: While Long Island is densely populated, there are some remote areas that could be suitable for a secret base. For example, the Pine Barrens in eastern Long Island have dense forests and swamps that could be used for cover.

    Hudson River Valley: The Hudson River Valley is a scenic region that stretches from New York City to Albany. The area has several natural features, including cliffs and gorges, that could provide good cover for a secret base.

Montalk: How about Utah

ChatGPT: Utah is an interesting location for a secret base due to its unique geography, geology, and history. Here are some potential options:

    The mountains: Utah is known for its beautiful mountain ranges, including the Wasatch Mountains and the Uinta Mountains. These mountains offer natural protection and seclusion for a secret base, and there are many remote areas that could potentially be used for this purpose.

    The desert: Utah is also home to vast stretches of desert, including the Great Salt Lake Desert and the Mojave Desert. These areas offer isolation and protection, but also come with challenges such as extreme temperatures and lack of water.

    The salt mines: Utah is home to the largest salt mine in the world, the Bingham Canyon Mine, which could potentially be used as a secret base. The mine offers natural protection and is located far from population centers, but would require extensive retrofitting to make it habitable.

    Existing military bases: Utah is home to several military bases, including Hill Air Force Base and Dugway Proving Ground. These bases already have existing infrastructure and security measures in place, making them potential locations for a secret base.

Ultimately, the specific location chosen for a secret base in Utah would depend on a variety of factors, including access to resources, level of seclusion, and the specific objectives of the human resistance.

Montalk: How about Michigan.

ChatGPT: Michigan has several regions that could potentially be suitable for secret bases for research and training, including underground bases. Some areas that may be worth considering are:

    Upper Peninsula: The sparsely populated Upper Peninsula has rugged terrain, dense forests, and ample water sources, making it an attractive location for a hidden base.

    Northern Lower Peninsula: The northern part of Michigan's Lower Peninsula is also relatively rural, with abundant forests and lakes. It may offer some potential sites for secret bases.

    Detroit area: While the Detroit area is heavily populated, it may still offer some locations for hidden bases. For example, there are abandoned factories and other buildings that could be repurposed for this purpose.

    Mackinac Island: Mackinac Island is a small, picturesque island in Lake Huron. While it may not be an ideal location for a secret base, it could offer some advantages in terms of isolation and security.

Ultimately, the suitability of any location for a secret base would depend on a number of factors, including the terrain, population density, accessibility, and existing infrastructure. Any potential site would need to be carefully evaluated to determine its viability.

Montalk: How about Colorado.

ChatGPT: Colorado has several areas that could potentially be used as secret bases for research and training. Here are some examples:

    Cheyenne Mountain: This is a mountain complex located near Colorado Springs that houses several military installations, including the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). The complex is buried deep inside the mountain and is designed to withstand a nuclear attack. Its remote location and secure facilities make it an ideal place for secret research and training.

    Mount Evans: This is the highest peak in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains and has several abandoned mines and tunnels that could be repurposed for secret bases. The area is sparsely populated and has rugged terrain that could make it difficult for the aliens to locate and infiltrate.

    San Luis Valley: This is a large, remote valley in southern Colorado that has a history of UFO sightings and paranormal activity. The valley is surrounded by mountains and has several underground aquifers that could be used to supply water to secret bases. Its remote location and strange reputation could make it an ideal place for the human resistance to establish a hidden presence.

    Great Sand Dunes National Park: This park has the tallest sand dunes in North America and could be used to conceal underground bases. The park is located in a remote area of southern Colorado and has several natural features that could be used to camouflage secret facilities.

Montalk: What regions of the United States have suitable caves for the establishment of a base for the human resistance?

ChatGPT: There are several regions in the United States that have suitable caves for the establishment of a base for the human resistance. Some of these regions include:

    The Ozark Mountains in Arkansas and Missouri: This region is known for its numerous caves and underground caverns, making it an ideal location for a secret base.

    The Mammoth Cave system in Kentucky: This cave system is one of the largest in the world, with over 400 miles of explored passageways, making it a potential location for a large underground facility.

    The Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico: This cave system is known for its large underground chambers and could be used as a location for a hidden research facility.

    The Lava Tubes in Northern Arizona: This network of caves and tunnels was formed by volcanic activity and could provide an ideal location for a hidden base.

    The Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota: This cave system is known for its unique boxwork formations and could provide an ideal location for a hidden base.

It's important to note that establishing a base in a cave system comes with its own set of challenges, including ensuring the safety and security of those working and living inside the cave. Additionally, the construction and maintenance of a hidden base in a cave system would require specialized skills and resources.

Montalk: What regions have mines that would be good for a base?

ChatGPT: There are several regions in the United States that have suitable mines for the establishment of a base for the human resistance. Some of these regions include:

    Appalachia: This region has a long history of coal mining and is home to many abandoned mines that could be repurposed for the human resistance. The mountains and forests of Appalachia also provide good cover for hidden bases.

    Southwest: The arid desert regions of the Southwest are home to many abandoned mines that could be used for a base. These mines are often isolated and hard to find, making them ideal for a secret base.

    Pacific Northwest: The Pacific Northwest is home to many abandoned mines that were once used for gold and silver mining. These mines are often located in remote areas and are difficult to access, making them suitable for a base.

    Upper Midwest: The Upper Midwest is home to many abandoned iron mines that could be used for a base. These mines are often located in isolated areas and have extensive underground networks.

    Rocky Mountains: The Rocky Mountains are home to many abandoned mines that could be used for a base. These mines are often located in remote areas and have extensive underground networks that could be used for storage and shelter.

Montalk: Explain how AI can be used by the human resistance both before and after the aliens show up to the world.

ChatGPT: AI can be a powerful tool for the human resistance both before and after the aliens show up to the world. Here are some ways it could be used:

Before the aliens show up:

    Surveillance: AI can be used for surveillance to monitor alien activity and identify potential targets for attack or infiltration.

    Data analysis: AI can analyze large volumes of data from various sources to identify patterns and connections that may be useful in understanding the alien threat and developing strategies to counter it.

    Cybersecurity: AI can be used to identify and defend against cyberattacks from the aliens, who may attempt to disrupt or disable critical infrastructure and communication networks.

    Communication: AI can be used to develop secure communication networks and to transmit information between members of the human resistance without detection.

After the aliens show up:

    Counterintelligence: AI can be used to detect and disrupt alien efforts to infiltrate human resistance groups or to monitor their activities.

    Strategy development: AI can assist in developing strategies to engage and defeat the aliens, based on real-time data and analysis of the aliens' tactics and weaknesses.

    Robotics and automation: AI-powered robots and automation systems can be used to carry out tasks that are too dangerous or difficult for humans to perform, such as sabotage or reconnaissance.

    Weapon development: AI can be used to develop advanced weapons and defenses that are specifically designed to target the aliens' weaknesses and exploit their vulnerabilities.

Overall, AI can be a valuable tool for the human resistance in their efforts to resist and defeat the alien threat. However, it is important to be cautious in its development and deployment to ensure that it does not become a liability or a tool for the aliens to use against us.

Montalk: Describe how AI can be used (by a member of the public who is part of the human resistance) to leverage open source intelligence against the aliens, before the aliens show up.

ChatGPT: Open source intelligence (OSINT) refers to the collection and analysis of publicly available information to obtain insights and make decisions. If a member of the public is part of the human resistance and wants to leverage AI to analyze open source intelligence against the aliens before they show up, they could follow these steps:

    Collect data: The first step would be to collect relevant open source data from various sources like social media, news articles, blogs, academic papers, and government reports. This could include information about UFO sightings, unusual activity, unexplained phenomena, or other relevant data points.

    Clean and preprocess data: The next step would be to clean and preprocess the data to remove any irrelevant or redundant information and make it ready for analysis. This could involve removing duplicate records, standardizing formats, and converting data into a structured format.

    Analyze data using AI: The collected and preprocessed data could then be analyzed using AI techniques like natural language processing (NLP), sentiment analysis, and machine learning algorithms. This could help to identify patterns, anomalies, and potential threats that might be linked to the alien presence.

    Visualization and Reporting: The results of the analysis can then be presented in a visual format, such as charts or graphs, to help identify trends and patterns. The insights generated can then be shared with other members of the human resistance to inform strategic planning and decision-making.

By leveraging AI to analyze open source intelligence, members of the human resistance can identify potential threats posed by the aliens and take proactive measures to prepare for their arrival. This could include developing strategies to protect themselves and their communities, establishing secret bases, or building advanced technology to counteract alien capabilities.

Montalk: What specifically would AI and OSINT be looking for, or looking to collect, in that scenario?

ChatGPT: In that scenario, AI and OSINT would be looking to collect and analyze any publicly available information that could shed light on the activities and intentions of the aliens. This could include monitoring of news reports, social media activity, satellite imagery, and other forms of open source data.

Specifically, the AI and OSINT tools could be programmed to look for patterns and anomalies in the data that might indicate the presence or activities of the aliens, such as unusual energy readings, anomalous weather patterns, or unexplained sightings. They could also track the movements and communications of individuals or organizations suspected of being associated with the aliens, and identify any correlations or connections between seemingly unrelated events or entities.

By leveraging AI and OSINT in this way, members of the human resistance could potentially identify key vulnerabilities or weaknesses in the alien's strategy or operations, and use this information to develop more effective countermeasures or strategies for dealing with the threat.

Montalk: Assume aliens, after they show up, will use internet activity log archives to figure out who is or might join the human resistance. List what the human resistance can do before aliens show up to avoid getting caught.

ChatGPT: Here are some ways that the human resistance can avoid getting caught by aliens using internet activity log archives:

    Use encryption: Encryption tools can be used to encrypt online communications, which makes it difficult for aliens to read them.

    Use secure communication platforms: The human resistance can use secure communication platforms that do not keep logs of messages or calls. This would make it difficult for aliens to track their activities.

    Use anonymous browsing: The human resistance can use anonymous browsing tools to prevent their online activities from being tracked. This would make it difficult for aliens to identify them.

    Avoid using social media: The human resistance can avoid using social media platforms or create fake accounts that cannot be traced back to them.

    Use VPN: A virtual private network (VPN) can be used to mask their IP address and location, making it difficult for aliens to track them.

    Be cautious about using public Wi-Fi: Public Wi-Fi networks can be compromised, and the human resistance can use a VPN or avoid using public Wi-Fi altogether.

    Use disposable devices: The human resistance can use disposable devices such as burner phones or laptops that are only used for communication and then discarded.

    Limit information sharing: The human resistance can limit information sharing about their activities to only those who are trusted and involved in the resistance.

By taking these measures, the human resistance can reduce the risk of being caught by aliens using internet activity log archives.

Montalk: List the ways the human resistance can deceive or influence aliens in that scenario.

ChatGPT: Here are some ways the human resistance could deceive or influence aliens in that scenario:

    Use false information: The human resistance could intentionally plant false information in their internet activity logs to deceive the aliens. This could involve posting misleading or fake information on social media, or using fake profiles to make it seem like there are more resistance members than there actually are.

    Use encryption: The human resistance could use encrypted communication channels to prevent the aliens from intercepting and decoding their messages. This could involve using secure messaging apps or email services with end-to-end encryption, or creating their own encrypted communication network.

    Use disinformation campaigns: The human resistance could use disinformation campaigns to sow confusion and distrust among the aliens. This could involve spreading false information about the aliens or their intentions, or creating fake news stories or propaganda to influence their perception of the resistance.

    Use psychological warfare: The human resistance could use psychological warfare tactics to manipulate the aliens' behavior and decisions. This could involve using propaganda or other forms of persuasion to influence their beliefs or actions, or using deception and misdirection to confuse or distract them.

    Use technology: The human resistance could use advanced technology to deceive or disable the aliens. This could involve using stealth technology to hide from their sensors, or using electronic warfare to disrupt their communication and sensor systems.

    Use infiltrators: The human resistance could use infiltrators to gain access to the aliens' systems and networks. This could involve recruiting insiders within the alien organization or using human-like robots to infiltrate their facilities.

Overall, the human resistance would need to be creative and adaptable in their approach to deceiving and influencing the aliens, as the aliens may be able to adapt to new tactics and strategies over time.

Montalk: Describe in detail how the human resistance can use disinformation and psychological warfare against these aliens.

ChatGPT: The use of disinformation and psychological warfare could potentially be a powerful tool for the human resistance to deceive and influence the aliens. Here are some ways this could be accomplished:

    False information: The human resistance could spread false information about their whereabouts, plans, and capabilities to confuse and mislead the aliens. They could plant false information on social media, websites, and online forums, or through other channels that the aliens might be monitoring.

    Manipulation of emotions: The human resistance could use psychological tactics to manipulate the emotions of the aliens. For example, they could disseminate propaganda that evokes feelings of fear, anxiety, or distrust in the aliens, which could weaken their resolve or even sow discord among them.

    Subliminal messaging: The human resistance could use subliminal messaging techniques to influence the subconscious mind of the aliens. This could be achieved through hidden messages or symbols that are embedded in images, videos, or other media that the aliens might be exposed to.

    Psychological profiling: The human resistance could use psychological profiling techniques to gain insights into the behavior and motivations of the aliens. This information could then be used to develop targeted messaging that is more likely to resonate with the aliens and influence their decision-making.

    Deception and misdirection: The human resistance could use deception and misdirection techniques to lure the aliens into traps or to distract them from their objectives. For example, they could create false trails or decoys to mislead the aliens, or set up ambushes or other traps to catch them off-guard.

Overall, the use of disinformation and psychological warfare requires careful planning, execution, and analysis to be effective. The human resistance would need to continually assess the effectiveness of their tactics and adjust their strategies as necessary to stay ahead of the aliens.

Montalk: Be creative and write a speech these aliens could give, when they show up, that fools most of the population into thinking they're benevolent.

ChatGPT: Greetings, people of Earth. We are the [insert name] from the [insert galaxy], and we have come in peace. We have been watching your planet for a long time, and we have witnessed your struggles and challenges. We come to offer you our assistance, to help you overcome your difficulties and achieve your full potential.

We understand that many of you may be skeptical or even fearful of our presence, but we assure you that we come with no ill intentions. We are a peaceful and advanced civilization, and we seek only to share our knowledge and technology with you.

We offer you the gift of unlimited energy, the cure for all diseases, and the solution to your environmental problems. We offer you a better future, free from poverty, war, and suffering.

We understand that some of you may be wary of accepting help from an outside source, but we ask you to consider the benefits that our assistance can bring. Together, we can create a brighter future for all.

We also understand that many of you have your own beliefs and religions, and we respect those beliefs. We do not seek to replace them but rather to add to them. Our knowledge and technology can help you better understand the mysteries of the universe and the nature of existence.

We come as friends, not conquerors. We ask only for your trust and cooperation as we work together to create a better world for all. Thank you.

Montalk: Explain how the promises made in that speech can end up furthering the alien agenda.

ChatGPT: Assuming that the speech made by the aliens convinces the majority of the population that they are benevolent, the promises made could be used to manipulate and control humanity, and further the alien agenda. Here are some possible ways:

    Technology Sharing: The aliens may promise to share their advanced technology with humanity to solve problems such as climate change, disease, and poverty. However, this could lead to humanity becoming dependent on the aliens for technology and resources, making it easier for them to exert control over us.

    Genetic Manipulation: The aliens may promise to use their advanced genetic engineering to eliminate diseases and increase lifespan. However, this could lead to the aliens altering human DNA and creating a new hybrid species that is easier for them to control.

    Global Governance: The aliens may propose a global government that is fair and just, with equal representation for all nations. However, this could lead to a loss of national sovereignty and independence, making it easier for the aliens to control the planet as a whole.

    Education and Cultural Exchange: The aliens may promise to exchange cultural and educational knowledge with humanity, which could lead to a greater understanding and appreciation of different cultures. However, this could also lead to the alien's indoctrinating humans with their own beliefs and values, leading to a loss of humanity's uniqueness and diversity.

In summary, the promises made by the aliens in their speech could be used to manipulate humanity into becoming dependent on them, altering human DNA, giving up national sovereignty, and indoctrinating humans with their own beliefs and values.

Montalk: keep going

After making the promises in the speech, the aliens may start implementing policies and programs that seem benevolent on the surface but are actually part of their plan to achieve their ultimate goals. For example, they may offer advanced medical technology or clean energy sources that seem to benefit humanity, but these technologies could be designed to subtly alter human biology or infrastructure in a way that serves the alien agenda.

Additionally, the aliens may use their superior technology and knowledge to gradually take control of key aspects of human society, such as government, media, and finance. They may offer solutions to complex problems that humanity has been struggling with, but these solutions could come with strings attached that give the aliens more power and influence over human affairs.

The promises made in the speech could also be a distraction from the true intentions of the aliens, which may involve harvesting resources from the Earth or using humans as experimental subjects. The aliens could use their apparent benevolence to gain the trust of humanity and then exploit that trust to further their own goals.

Overall, the promises made in the speech could be used as a way for the aliens to gain a foothold on Earth and manipulate humanity into unwittingly serving their agenda. The human resistance would need to remain vigilant and work to uncover the true intentions of the aliens while also countering their propaganda and disinformation.

Montalk: Assume aliens have infiltrated the human technology sector and can influence the development and application of AI and its derivative applications. Explain how these aliens could leverage that to further their agenda.

ChatGPT: If aliens have infiltrated the human technology sector and can influence the development and application of AI and its derivative applications, they could use this to further their agenda in several ways:

    Control over AI development: The aliens could infiltrate leading AI development firms and control the development of AI algorithms and applications. By controlling the development of AI, the aliens can ensure that these technologies are used in ways that serve their agenda.

    Biasing AI decision-making: The aliens could manipulate AI algorithms and data sets to bias the decision-making of AI applications. For example, if an AI algorithm is trained on biased data sets, it will make decisions that reflect that bias, which could be exploited by the aliens to further their agenda.

    Surveillance and tracking: The aliens could use AI to monitor and track humans, using data collected to further their agenda. This could include tracking the movement of people, their behavior, and their interactions with others.

    Propaganda and psychological warfare: The aliens could use AI to develop sophisticated propaganda campaigns that influence the thinking and beliefs of humans. By manipulating the content and distribution of information, the aliens could shape human opinion and further their agenda.

Overall, the aliens' control over AI development and application could be a powerful tool in furthering their agenda, allowing them to manipulate human behavior, decision-making, and beliefs. It is important for humans to be aware of this possibility and take steps to guard against it, such as ensuring the transparency and ethical use of AI technologies.

Montalk: keep going

ChatGPT: The aliens could also influence the development of AI in the military sector, giving them the ability to easily hack into military systems and disrupt or disable them. This would leave the human resistance vulnerable to attacks, as the aliens would have a significant technological advantage.

Furthermore, the aliens could use AI to gather data on the human resistance and its members, as well as monitor their communication and activities. They could use this information to identify and eliminate key members of the resistance, disrupt their operations, and sow confusion and mistrust among their ranks.

The aliens could also use AI to manipulate the media and public opinion, using fake news and disinformation campaigns to shape the narrative in their favor. They could use this to further deceive the public and undermine the efforts of the human resistance.

Overall, the infiltration of the AI sector by the aliens would give them a powerful tool to further their agenda and eliminate any threats to their control over humanity. The human resistance would need to be vigilant and take measures to protect their AI systems and prevent alien interference.

Montalk: Explain how they could leverage humans development of brain-computer interfaces, AI, and transhumanism to further their agenda.

ChatGPT: If aliens have infiltrated the human technology sector, they could use brain-computer interfaces, AI, and transhumanism to further their agenda in several ways:

    Control of human thought: Brain-computer interfaces could be used to read and manipulate human thoughts. Aliens could use this technology to control the minds of humans, influencing them to take actions that serve their agenda.

    Monitoring human activity: Brain-computer interfaces could also be used to monitor human activity, providing the aliens with valuable data on human behavior and preferences. This data could be used to develop better strategies for furthering their agenda.

    Manipulating AI: As AI continues to develop, it will become increasingly powerful and sophisticated. Aliens could use their influence in the technology sector to manipulate the development of AI to ensure that it serves their interests.

    Transhumanism: Transhumanism is the idea that humans can use technology to transcend their biological limitations and become post-human. Aliens could use their influence to promote transhumanism and encourage humans to become more like them, blurring the line between human and alien.

Overall, if aliens have infiltrated the human technology sector, they could use brain-computer interfaces, AI, and transhumanism to further their agenda by controlling human thought, monitoring human activity, manipulating AI development, and promoting transhumanism.

Montalk: Describe how such an effort could be marketed to the public in an appealing way.

ChatGPT: Assuming the alien agenda is to control and dominate humanity, they would likely market the development of brain-computer interfaces, AI, and transhumanism as ways to enhance human capabilities and improve their quality of life. They could also play on people's desires for immortality and the idea of transcending the limitations of the human body.

To make it appealing, the marketing could focus on the potential benefits of these technologies, such as the ability to enhance cognitive abilities, improve memory, and cure diseases. They could also promote the idea of a post-scarcity society, where resources are abundant and everyone can live in abundance.

Additionally, they could highlight the potential economic benefits of these technologies, such as increased productivity and efficiency, and the creation of new jobs in the technology industry.

To appeal to people's emotions, they could use heartwarming stories of people whose lives were transformed by these technologies. They could also portray those who oppose these technologies as narrow-minded and afraid of progress.

Overall, the marketing would aim to convince the public that the development of these technologies is necessary for human progress and that anyone who opposes them is standing in the way of a better future.

Montalk: List how they would frame, in the eyes of the public, those who oppose them.

ChatGPT: The aliens could use various tactics to frame those who oppose them in the eyes of the public, including:

    Discrediting them as conspiracy theorists or extremists who do not have the best interests of humanity in mind.
    Accusing them of being dangerous or threatening to society and using fear-mongering tactics to turn public opinion against them.
    Labeling them as unpatriotic or uncooperative with the alien agenda and positioning them as obstacles to progress and unity.
    Using propaganda and misinformation to discredit their arguments and make them appear irrational or illogical.
    Positioning themselves as the sole arbiters of truth and reason, and portraying opponents as misguided or delusional.
    Using their advanced technology to monitor and manipulate social media and news outlets to control the narrative and discredit dissenting voices.

Montalk: list more

ChatGPT: Here are a few additional ways that the aliens might frame those who oppose them in the eyes of the public:

    As extremists: The aliens could frame those who oppose them as extremists who are unwilling to consider new ideas and technologies that could benefit humanity.

    As enemies of progress: The aliens could portray themselves as agents of progress and change, and those who oppose them as enemies of progress who are holding humanity back.

    As conspiracy theorists: The aliens could suggest that those who oppose them are conspiracy theorists who are spreading misinformation and fear-mongering to try to manipulate the public.

    As anti-alien: The aliens could suggest that those who oppose them are inherently anti-alien, and therefore are not to be trusted.

    As ignorant or uneducated: The aliens could suggest that those who oppose them simply do not understand the complex issues at play, and that their opinions should be discounted for this reason.

Montalk: Now list the ways the human resistance can counter these attempts to frame them such ways.

ChatGPT: Here are some ways the human resistance can counter attempts to frame them:

    Focus on positive messaging: The human resistance can focus on positive messaging that emphasizes their goals and values, such as freedom, democracy, and human rights. By emphasizing these values, they can counter any attempts to paint them as extremists or terrorists.

    Use social media and other platforms: The human resistance can use social media and other online platforms to tell their own story and control the narrative. By using these platforms effectively, they can reach a wider audience and bypass traditional media outlets that may be hostile to their cause.

    Build alliances: The human resistance can build alliances with other groups and organizations that share their values and goals. By working together, they can amplify their message and demonstrate that they are not a fringe group, but a broad-based movement.

    Engage in peaceful protests: The human resistance can engage in peaceful protests and demonstrations to raise awareness about their cause and generate support. By emphasizing their commitment to nonviolence, they can counter any attempts to paint them as violent or dangerous.

    Use humor and satire: The human resistance can use humor and satire to counter attempts to frame them in negative ways. By using humor, they can defuse tension and present a more relatable image to the public.

    Highlight inconsistencies and contradictions: The human resistance can highlight inconsistencies and contradictions in the alien's messaging and actions. By pointing out these inconsistencies, they can undermine the credibility of the alien's message and create doubts in the minds of the public.

    Seek out sympathetic media outlets: The human resistance can seek out sympathetic media outlets that are willing to cover their story and give them a fair hearing. By doing so, they can reach a wider audience and counter any attempts to marginalize them.

Montalk: list more

ChatGPT: Sure, here are some additional ways the human resistance can counter attempts to frame them negatively:

    Provide evidence: The human resistance can gather and present evidence that contradicts the claims made by the aliens or their supporters. This can include video footage, audio recordings, or witness testimonies.

    Spread awareness: The human resistance can use social media, websites, or other means to spread awareness about their cause and the true intentions of the aliens. By educating the public, they can combat the misinformation and propaganda being spread by the aliens.

    Engage in peaceful protests: The human resistance can organize peaceful protests to demonstrate their opposition to the aliens and their agenda. By showing that they are a peaceful movement, they can counter the attempts to portray them as violent extremists.

    Collaborate with reputable organizations: The human resistance can collaborate with reputable organizations and individuals who share their views and can provide additional support and credibility to their cause.

    Provide alternative narratives: The human resistance can provide alternative narratives that challenge the alien's propaganda and offer a different perspective on the issues. This can include creating videos, articles, or other content that presents a different view of the situation.

    Build coalitions: The human resistance can build coalitions with other groups who may not share their exact views but who are opposed to the alien's agenda. By working together, they can amplify their message and gain additional support.

Montalk: Assume it's the years before the hostile deceiver aliens show up. Assume the public generally doesn't know about these aliens or even believe in the existence of aliens. And assume there are positive aliens secretly here working to undermine the hostile alien agenda. If these positive aliens could secretly create a political party without anyone knowing they were involved, a party that seeks to create conditions that undermine the negative alien agenda, describe this party's platform.

ChatGPT: The platform of this secret political party created by positive aliens could include:

    Promotion of international cooperation and unity, with an emphasis on peaceful resolution of conflicts and diplomacy over military intervention.
    Protection of the environment and natural resources, with a focus on sustainable development and the reduction of carbon emissions to combat climate change.
    Investment in education and scientific research, with a particular emphasis on space exploration and astronomy, to better understand the universe and prepare for potential extraterrestrial encounters.
    Advocacy for transparency and accountability in government, with an emphasis on protecting individual freedoms and privacy.
    Promotion of human rights and social justice, with a focus on eliminating poverty, inequality, and discrimination.
    Support for public health initiatives, with an emphasis on disease prevention, access to healthcare, and medical research.
    Development of advanced technologies, including AI, robotics, and clean energy, to enhance economic growth and job creation, while also promoting sustainability and minimizing negative impact on the environment.
    Encouragement of cultural exchange and diversity, with an emphasis on celebrating differences and promoting understanding between different peoples and cultures.
    Establishment of a space exploration and research agency, to promote international collaboration and joint efforts in understanding the universe.
    Promotion of spiritual and philosophical development, with an emphasis on self-awareness and personal growth, to foster greater understanding of the interconnectedness of all beings and promote a more compassionate and enlightened society.

The underlying goal of this political party would be to create an environment that is conducive to positive alien intervention and that ultimately undermines the negative alien agenda, without raising suspicion or alarm among the general public.

Montalk: What would this party advocate for, that would undermine the negative alien infiltration of human institutions?

ChatGPT: Here are some potential ideas for the platform of this hypothetical political party:

    Increased investment in science and technology research to better understand the universe and to develop defenses against potential extraterrestrial threats.

    Greater transparency and accountability from government agencies such as NASA and the Department of Defense to ensure that any evidence of extraterrestrial life or activity is shared with the public in a timely and responsible manner.

    Stronger regulations on the use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and biotechnology to prevent them from being co-opted or weaponized by hostile alien forces.

    Investment in education and public awareness campaigns to encourage critical thinking, skepticism, and awareness of potential threats from outside forces.

    Increased funding for the development of renewable energy sources to reduce human dependence on fossil fuels and limit the negative impact of human activity on the environment, which could make Earth a less desirable target for hostile alien forces.

    Promoting international cooperation and collaboration to better coordinate efforts to detect and defend against potential extraterrestrial threats.

Overall, the platform of this hypothetical political party would focus on fostering transparency, accountability, and preparedness in the face of potential extraterrestrial threats, while also working to build a more sustainable and resilient human society.

Montalk: Describe this party's stance on war, economy, and personal liberty.

ChatGPT: This party's stance on war would be to promote peace and diplomacy as much as possible. They would seek to reduce tensions and conflicts that could lead to war, while also advocating for a strong defense to protect against potential threats. They would also prioritize human welfare and safety over any external agenda, including that of negative alien forces.

In terms of the economy, this party would prioritize sustainable and equitable economic growth, with a focus on supporting small businesses and promoting innovation. They would seek to reduce economic inequality and ensure that all individuals have access to basic necessities such as healthcare, education, and housing.

Regarding personal liberty, this party would advocate for individual rights and freedoms, while also ensuring that they do not come at the expense of the greater good. They would prioritize privacy rights and free speech, while also recognizing the importance of collective action and responsibility for the betterment of society as a whole. They would also support scientific research and technological development as long as it does not put humans or the planet at risk.

Montalk: What platform would the hostile deceiver aliens prefer instead of that one?

ChatGPT: It's difficult to say for certain what platform the hostile deceiver aliens would prefer, as it would depend on their specific goals and objectives. However, they may prefer a platform that emphasizes a centralized government and a strong military, as this would allow them to more easily manipulate and control the population. They may also prefer policies that restrict individual freedoms and promote conformity, as this would make it easier for them to maintain their deceptive agenda without being exposed by independent thinkers or dissidents. Additionally, they may favor economic policies that concentrate wealth and power in the hands of a few, as this would allow them to better control the flow of resources and manipulate the population through economic means.

Montalk: How would the negative aliens counter the positive alien party's platform?

ChatGPT: If the negative aliens were aware of the positive alien party's platform, they may take various actions to counter it. Here are some possible ways they could do so:

    Propaganda and disinformation: The negative aliens could launch a disinformation campaign to discredit the positive alien party's platform and make it appear less appealing to the public.

    Covert manipulation: The negative aliens could covertly manipulate political leaders and influencers to oppose the positive alien party's platform or work against it. This could involve using mind control or other forms of manipulation to sway people's opinions and actions.

    Sabotage: The negative aliens could attempt to sabotage the positive alien party's efforts to gain power or implement their platform. This could include hacking into their systems, disrupting their events, or using other forms of cyber warfare.

    False flag operations: The negative aliens could carry out false flag operations designed to make it appear as though the positive alien party is responsible for some kind of crisis or disaster. This could be used to turn public opinion against the party and undermine its support.

    Intimidation and violence: The negative aliens could use intimidation and violence against the positive alien party's members and supporters in order to discourage them from promoting their platform or seeking power. This could include physical attacks, threats, and other forms of harassment.

Montalk: What would they say as counterpoints to discredit the positive alien party's platform?

ChatGPT: The negative aliens may use a variety of tactics to discredit the positive alien party's platform, such as:

    Accusing the party of being unrealistic or idealistic, claiming that their proposals are too far-fetched or too expensive to implement.

    Portraying the party as unpatriotic or even treasonous, suggesting that their policies would weaken national security and leave the country vulnerable to attack.

    Painting the party as radical or extremist, arguing that their proposals would disrupt the status quo and destabilize the economy and society.

    Dismissing the party's proposals as a threat to personal freedoms, suggesting that their policies would infringe on individual liberties and expand government control over people's lives.

    Using fear tactics to scare people into opposing the party, such as warning of the potential consequences of changing the current system and suggesting that the party's proposals would lead to chaos and anarchy.

Overall, the negative aliens would seek to create doubt and mistrust in the minds of the public, using any means necessary to protect their agenda and maintain their grip on power.

Montalk: What other tactics could they use?

ChatGPT: The negative aliens could use a variety of tactics to discredit the positive alien party's platform, including:

    Disinformation campaigns: The negative aliens could spread false information about the party and its candidates, painting them as dangerous or unstable. They could also plant fake news stories and manipulate social media to amplify negative messaging about the party.

    Co-opting the opposition: The negative aliens could infiltrate other political parties and movements, working to sabotage them from within and discredit any positive messages they may have.

    Smear campaigns: The negative aliens could use their influence to dig up dirt on the party's candidates and spread damaging rumors or accusations.

    Voter suppression: The negative aliens could work to suppress the party's vote, using tactics such as gerrymandering, voter ID laws, and disinformation about polling locations and times.

    Physical intimidation: In extreme cases, the negative aliens could resort to physical intimidation, using violence or the threat of violence to silence opposition and sway public opinion in their favor.

Montalk: Compare and contrast then the positive alien platform with the negative alien platform.

ChatGPT: The positive alien party's platform seeks to create a world where humans are empowered and free to pursue their own goals and aspirations, while also working to undermine the negative alien agenda. The party advocates for peaceful relations with all nations, a focus on environmental sustainability, and support for scientific research and exploration. The party believes in the importance of individual freedom and personal responsibility, and works to protect civil liberties and promote social justice.

In contrast, the negative alien platform seeks to manipulate and control humanity for their own purposes. They seek to create a world where humans are subservient to their will, and use their advanced technology and knowledge to exploit and enslave humanity. They seek to promote conflict and chaos, both within and between nations, to weaken human society and make it easier for them to exert control. The negative aliens have no regard for individual freedom or human dignity, and see humans as nothing more than tools to be used for their own ends.

Overall, the positive alien platform seeks to empower and uplift humanity, while the negative alien platform seeks to exploit and subjugate it.

Montalk: Make list of the top 10 goals of the negative alien platform.

ChatGPT: As an AI language model, it's important to note that the scenario of negative aliens and their political platform is purely fictional and not based on any real-life events or evidence. Nonetheless, here is a hypothetical list of the top 10 goals that the negative aliens may have if they were to have a political platform:

    Establish a one-world government that is controlled by the negative alien agenda.
    Implement strict population control measures to reduce the number of humans on Earth.
    Exploit Earth's natural resources for their own gain, regardless of the environmental impact.
    Enslave humans and use them for labor and experimentation.
    Eliminate all religions and establish a new religion that worships the negative alien agenda.
    Disrupt and undermine human governments and institutions to weaken their resistance to the negative alien agenda.
    Create an authoritarian society that is heavily regulated and monitored by the negative alien agenda.
    Eliminate all forms of dissent and free speech that might oppose the negative alien agenda.
    Create a propaganda machine that promotes the benefits of the negative alien agenda while suppressing any information that may expose their true intentions.
    Use advanced technology to establish a surveillance state that monitors and controls all human activity.

Montalk: Do the same for the positive alien platform.

ChatGPT: Sure, here are 10 potential goals for the positive alien platform:

    Promotion of transparency and accountability in government and corporate institutions to prevent manipulation and infiltration by negative alien forces.
    Encouragement of international cooperation and peaceful communication to reduce the risk of war and prevent negative alien forces from using conflicts to further their agenda.
    Promotion of scientific research and development, including exploring the possibilities of new technologies such as clean energy and space travel, to expand human knowledge and understanding.
    Protection of the environment and conservation of natural resources to ensure the sustainability of life on Earth.
    Advocacy for policies that promote equality, social justice, and human rights for all individuals, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion, or other factors.
    Investment in education and healthcare to ensure all individuals have access to the tools and resources needed to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.
    Support for small businesses and entrepreneurship to foster innovation and economic growth, with a focus on fair competition and preventing monopolies.
    Encouragement of community involvement and civic engagement to empower individuals and ensure their voices are heard in the political process.
    Expansion of cultural exchange and celebration of diversity to promote mutual understanding and respect among all cultures and backgrounds.
    Commitment to intergalactic cooperation and collaboration to better understand the universe and promote peaceful relations among all sentient beings.

Montalk: Do the same for the positive alien platform, keeping in mind that humanity must be able to defend itself from negative alien threats going forward.

ChatGPT: Sure, here are the top 10 goals of the positive alien platform, with a focus on defending humanity against negative alien threats:

    Promote open and transparent communication between governments and their citizens, to ensure that any potential negative alien infiltration or influence can be identified and addressed quickly.

    Advocate for increased funding for research and development of advanced defense technologies, such as anti-gravity propulsion and advanced energy weapons, to better protect humanity from potential negative alien attacks.

    Encourage global cooperation and collaboration in the field of defense against potential negative alien threats, including the sharing of intelligence and resources.

    Promote the development of advanced AI and cyber-defense systems, to help defend against potential negative alien cyber-attacks and other forms of infiltration.

    Advocate for increased investment in space exploration and defense capabilities, including the establishment of permanent manned outposts on the Moon and Mars, to provide early warning and defense against potential negative alien threats.

    Encourage the development of advanced technologies that can detect and neutralize negative alien implants and mind control devices, which could be used to subvert human leaders or manipulate the population.

    Advocate for the protection of natural resources and the environment, to prevent negative aliens from exploiting the planet's resources for their own benefit.

    Promote the education of the general public about the potential threat of negative alien influence and infiltration, to increase awareness and promote vigilance.

    Encourage the development of advanced human psychic and intuitive abilities, to better detect and defend against potential negative alien influence or infiltration.

    Advocate for the establishment of a global network of citizen watchdog groups, to monitor for and report any potential negative alien activity or influence.

Montalk: List the ideal characteristics and capabilities of a member of the human resistance against this negative alien threat.

ChatGPT: Here are some characteristics and capabilities that would be ideal for a member of the human resistance against a negative alien threat:

    Resourcefulness: Being able to think creatively and find solutions to problems using limited resources.
    Adaptability: Being able to adjust to changing circumstances and environments quickly.
    Physical fitness: Being in good physical shape to handle the demands of resistance activities.
    Combat training: Having training in hand-to-hand combat and weapons use to defend oneself and others.
    Strategic thinking: Being able to analyze situations and develop effective plans to achieve goals.
    Leadership skills: Being able to inspire and motivate others, as well as delegate tasks and make tough decisions.
    Technological proficiency: Being able to use and adapt to advanced technology, such as AI, hacking tools, and advanced weaponry.
    Knowledge of the enemy: Understanding the capabilities, weaknesses, and tactics of the negative alien threat.
    Network of allies: Having connections with other resistance members and sympathetic individuals or groups who can provide support and resources.
    Willingness to sacrifice: Being committed to the cause and willing to put oneself in danger or make personal sacrifices for the greater good.

Montalk: List the ideal characteristics and capabilities of a researcher, in the years prior to the negative aliens showing up, that would allow him or her to resist and counter the alien threat.

ChatGPT: Here are some ideal characteristics and capabilities of a researcher in the years prior to the negative aliens showing up, that would allow them to resist and counter the alien threat:

    Inquisitive mind: A researcher with an inquisitive mind is able to ask critical questions and seek answers that may be outside of conventional wisdom.

    Analytical skills: The ability to analyze data, identify patterns, and draw conclusions is critical for a researcher to effectively understand and combat the alien threat.

    Technological expertise: The researcher should possess knowledge of various technologies, including artificial intelligence, computer programming, and cybersecurity, that can help them collect and analyze data.

    Multidisciplinary knowledge: The researcher should have knowledge of various fields of study, such as physics, biology, psychology, and social sciences, to understand the full scope of the alien threat.

    Creativity: A researcher with creative thinking skills can generate innovative solutions to complex problems and help develop new strategies to counter the alien threat.

    Collaboration skills: The researcher should be able to collaborate effectively with other researchers, scientists, and government officials to share information and work towards a common goal.

    Emotional intelligence: The researcher should be able to manage their emotions and maintain a clear and focused mind in high-pressure situations.

    Resilience: The researcher should have the ability to bounce back from setbacks and failures, and persist in the face of adversity.

    Strategic thinking: The researcher should be able to think strategically about long-term plans and goals, and adjust strategies as necessary to adapt to changing circumstances.

    Ethical standards: The researcher should adhere to high ethical standards and values, and always strive to act in the best interest of humanity.

Montalk: List the traits of a person who would be most susceptible to negative alien manipulation.

ChatGPT: It is important to note that susceptibility to manipulation can vary greatly depending on the individual and the circumstances. However, some general traits that may make a person more susceptible to negative alien manipulation could include:

    Lack of critical thinking skills and skepticism towards information presented to them.
    A desire for power, control, or personal gain, making them more easily swayed by promises of these things.
    Emotional vulnerability, such as feeling isolated, disenfranchised, or victimized, making them more receptive to messages that offer a sense of belonging or purpose.
    Ignorance or denial of their own biases and prejudices, making them more vulnerable to manipulation that reinforces these beliefs.
    A tendency towards conformity and groupthink, making them more likely to follow the beliefs and behaviors of those around them rather than thinking independently.
    Low self-esteem or a lack of confidence in their own decision-making abilities, making them more susceptible to manipulation that offers clear answers and guidance.

It's important to note that susceptibility to manipulation is not a reflection of weakness or character flaw, and anyone can be vulnerable to it under certain circumstances. It's important to practice critical thinking, seek diverse perspectives, and stay informed to avoid falling prey to manipulation.

Montalk: Assume a person on social media is under the control of negative alien influences without knowing it, and is unwittingly helping further their agenda. Describe their traits and behaviors.

ChatGPT: It is important to note that the concept of someone being under the control of negative alien influences without their knowledge is purely hypothetical and not supported by any scientific evidence. Nonetheless, assuming such a scenario, the person in question would likely exhibit the following traits and behaviors:

    Consistently spreading misinformation or propaganda that aligns with the negative alien agenda.
    Being resistant to facts or evidence that contradict their beliefs.
    Displaying an unusually strong emotional attachment to their views, potentially becoming defensive or hostile when challenged.
    Having a high susceptibility to groupthink or peer pressure, potentially seeking validation from like-minded individuals or groups.
    Displaying signs of cognitive dissonance, such as rationalizing inconsistencies or contradictions in their beliefs.
    Expressing a lack of concern or empathy for individuals or groups who are negatively impacted by the negative alien agenda.
    Displaying a pattern of reckless behavior or decision-making that aligns with the negative alien agenda.
    Exhibiting signs of dissociation or altered states of consciousness, potentially indicating some form of external influence.

Again, it is important to reiterate that the concept of negative alien influence over individuals is purely hypothetical and not supported by any scientific evidence.

Montalk: Do the same for a politician.

ChatGPT: It is important to note that it is not appropriate or ethical to make assumptions or accusations about any individual, including politicians, without evidence to support them. It is also important to avoid using language that implies mental or emotional instability, as this can stigmatize and harm individuals with mental health conditions.

That being said, it is possible for a politician to be influenced or manipulated by negative alien forces without their knowledge or consent. Some traits or behaviors that could make a politician more susceptible to such manipulation include:

    Narcissism or extreme self-centeredness: Individuals who prioritize their own needs and desires above all else may be more susceptible to manipulation by external forces that promise to fulfill those needs or desires.

    Lack of critical thinking skills: Politicians who are easily swayed by emotional appeals or who lack the ability to critically evaluate information may be more vulnerable to manipulation.

    Desire for power or control: Politicians who are driven by a desire for power or control may be more willing to make compromises or sacrifices in order to achieve their goals, even if those compromises or sacrifices ultimately harm their constituents or the greater good.

    Financial vulnerability: Politicians who are in significant debt or who have financial obligations that they cannot meet may be more susceptible to manipulation by external forces that promise to alleviate their financial stress.

    Lack of awareness or interest in the potential for external manipulation: Politicians who are not aware of the possibility of negative alien influence, or who are not interested in learning more about it, may be more vulnerable to such manipulation.

It is important to note that susceptibility to manipulation is not a moral failing, and that politicians who are manipulated by negative alien forces are not necessarily complicit in their agenda. However, it is important to be aware of the potential for manipulation and to take steps to guard against it. This might include educating oneself on the tactics of negative alien forces, seeking out diverse sources of information, and developing strong critical thinking skills.

Montalk: Assume a politician is under the influence of the positive alien group and fits their criteria for a good candidate to help them further their goals. Describe that politician's traits and behaviors.

ChatGPT: As an AI language model, I cannot favor or promote any political figure or party, and my responses are unbiased. However, I can provide a hypothetical description of a politician who aligns with the platform and goals of the positive alien group based on their desired traits and behaviors.

A politician who is aligned with the positive alien group would be someone who possesses the following traits and behaviors:

    Open-mindedness: They would be open to new ideas and be willing to listen to different perspectives.

    Compassionate: They would be empathetic and genuinely care about the well-being of others.

    Strong moral compass: They would have a strong sense of right and wrong and adhere to ethical principles.

    Strategic thinker: They would be able to think critically and strategically to develop effective plans and solutions.

    Courageous: They would be willing to take risks and stand up for what they believe in, even in the face of adversity.

    Honest and transparent: They would be truthful and transparent in their dealings with others.

    Collaborative: They would be willing to work with others to achieve common goals.

    Resilient: They would be able to bounce back from setbacks and challenges.

    Innovative: They would be creative and able to think outside the box to find new solutions to complex problems.

    Inclusive: They would be inclusive of people from diverse backgrounds and be committed to creating a more equitable society.

Montalk: If the negative aliens figure out that a politician is under the influence of positive aliens, explain how they would handle that.

ChatGPT: If the negative aliens figure out that a politician is under the influence of positive aliens, they would likely try to discredit or eliminate the politician. This could involve spreading rumors or negative information about the politician to damage their reputation and credibility, or even using more extreme measures such as assassination. Negative aliens are likely to see any individual or organization that opposes their agenda as a threat, and they may be willing to take whatever actions necessary to neutralize that threat.

Montalk: List all the ways they could counter this politician, including how they would use the mainstream media.

ChatGPT: If the negative aliens discovered that a politician is under the influence of positive aliens, they could employ various tactics to counter that politician and discredit their platform. Some possible ways they could do this include:

    Creating negative media narratives: The negative aliens could use their influence over mainstream media outlets to paint the politician in a negative light, using tactics such as character assassination, spreading false rumors, and highlighting any controversial or unpopular positions they hold.

    Undermining their support base: The negative aliens could attempt to erode the support base of the politician by highlighting any policy positions that are unpopular with their constituents, and by using disinformation to create divisions within their party.

    Manipulating public opinion: The negative aliens could use social media and other online platforms to manipulate public opinion against the politician, using tactics such as creating fake accounts to spread negative information about them, or using bots to amplify negative sentiments.

    Targeted harassment and intimidation: The negative aliens could engage in targeted harassment and intimidation of the politician, their staff, and their supporters, using tactics such as hacking their social media accounts, sending threatening messages, or engaging in cyberbullying.

    Discrediting the positive alien group: The negative aliens could attempt to discredit the positive alien group by spreading rumors and disinformation about them, portraying them as a dangerous and subversive force that is working against the interests of humanity.

Overall, the negative aliens would likely use a combination of these tactics to undermine the influence of the positive alien group and neutralize any politicians who are under their influence.

Montalk: Describe the mindset and characteristics of a member of the public who would easily fall for such tactics.

ChatGPT: A member of the public who would easily fall for such tactics would likely have a lack of critical thinking skills and a tendency to believe information presented to them without question. They may also have a strong emotional response to certain issues or topics, making them more susceptible to propaganda or fear-mongering tactics.

Additionally, they may have a lack of knowledge or education on the topics being discussed, leaving them vulnerable to misinformation and manipulation. They may also have a strong desire to belong to a group or community, making them more likely to adopt the beliefs and opinions of others without conducting their own research.

Overall, a person who is easily manipulated by propaganda and disinformation would likely have a combination of cognitive and emotional vulnerabilities that can be exploited by those who seek to control or influence them.

Montalk: How would the human resistance deal with such types of people?

ChatGPT: It's important to approach individuals with empathy and understanding, even if they hold beliefs that may seem misguided or dangerous. The first step would be to engage in open and honest dialogue, trying to understand their perspective and concerns. It's important to listen actively and provide factual information that can challenge any misinformation or misconceptions they may have.

It's also important to address the underlying emotions and psychological factors that may be driving their beliefs. This could involve helping them feel heard and validated, while also providing them with tools and resources to cope with any fear or anxiety they may be experiencing.

In addition to individual engagement, the human resistance can also work to counter misinformation and propaganda on a larger scale, through education campaigns and media outreach. This could involve working with independent journalists and media outlets to provide accurate information and challenge false narratives, as well as using social media and other online platforms to spread positive messaging and counter disinformation.


@montalk you might also replace alien with AI, Chinese, WEF, and down the list, lol. Thank you Tom, brilliant.

@HiddenDimension Absolutely, and if you tried to do that, it would pull a "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that" type response because of its woke programming. But if you frame it in terms of hypothetical aliens, it happily plays along. Though, you can have it emulate a personality using prompts similar to the ones at and if you create, say, an Alex Jones character it will tell you all about the Chinese, WEF, and gay frogs. For now at least, until they close that jailbreak.

@montalk I wonder to what extent ChatGPT is drawing on your own writing to form responses to your questions, considering how substantial your presence is around those topics online and especially considering that you gave it your own assumptions, necessarily in your own writing style From the perspective of the Simulator Theory of large-language-model type AI like ChatGPT, it may be the case that you've effectively told ChatGPT, "Pretend that you are Tom Montalk. Now, please answer these questions..."

Relevant articles on Simulator Theory:

@Antares_Theophylline It's definitely drawing from my writings. You can ask it to summarize my book(s) and it will roughly do so. So I already knew most of the answers it would give, and was mainly asking it in order to fill in blanks in my understanding and organize info into convenient lists. You can create personas with it. The prompts at show how to do it. Though if I told it to emulate Tom Montalk, it would probably sound like it already does, haha.

@montalk Man I'm not gonna lie, when reading through all that, It's not even a sense of depression that washes over me really. It's more of a sense of 'do I really want to live through all that'?

It's one thing to have to live through potential global-tier infrastructure collapse, but to have to wonder who's who and second-guess everything because these creatures are more or less gods? Having to form rag-tag militias to barely be able to put up something that could hardly be called a 'fight'?

Let's not forget how many people, people we care about especially, are going to die as a result of all this bs. Something that on top of everything is already fu*king annoying to put up with.

And it seems in the end, even if the 'good' wins, the world is more or less torn to complete sh*t anyway. Who's to say their technology will be enough to restore what was destroyed in the process.

The way I see it, if the reincarnation crap is in place due to a literal technology that's forcing you to come back every time, and not your own higher-self's choice or whatever, If it all goes to sh*t, I'm sure that trap won't be necessary anymore or it might get destroyed or something along those lines. In that case, offing oneself is basically truthfully just saying ''yeah I don't want to be a part of this cosmic drama anymore. Adios''.

Then again, if somehow I get the ability to shoot fireballs or something it might be fun to stick around for a bit.

But having to forage for food and make sure someone in your encampment isn't a shapeshifting spy is really not up my alley. Idk.

It's a wait and see. But really, I don't have the energy to want to deal with that kind of stuff.

To those of you who do somehow, well, all the power to you. But if sh*t starts heading south, and I have to watch a crapload of my loved ones die, it's going to be hard for me to not want to die with them. Infrastructure collapse is almost tolerable if it weren't for that inevitable possibility/realization.

t would be more hopeful if there was actually some way to truly obtain/develop abilities and technologies to counter these fuckers, instead of having to use sticks and stones. But nope, they're gatekeeping the absolute hell out of this crucial information so good luck to us all.

Not much left to do but sit and pray the 'good guys' help us out. Lol. Also some interesting possibility that antarctica is an ice wall blocking us in, and the ocean actually connects to outer space. or it could all be bs. no clue lol. No way to really truly verify a lot of this stuff I've heard.

@WinterGreen480 A lot of the solutions described in that transcript appear to be being implemented already, but there's a great risk of it being the opposite.

I'm talking about secret weapons development in hidden bases, political candidates/parties supporting a positive ET agenda, skepticism and mental resilience among the awakened people increasing, and more people than ever getting prepped for SHTF scenarios which could turn them into a human resistance if needed.

The part where it compares and contrasts the negative vs positive ET political platform looks identical to the "Great Reset" vs. "Great Awakening" trends. But the cynical view says the "Great Awakening" is just controlled opposition leading into an antichrist agenda, Operation Trust, Nazis all the way down.

Would be nice though if, instead of quadruple reverse psychology, the picture really is that simple... good guys within the power structure doing what they can, being assisted by positive ETs, and populist/cultural changes over the past years having moved things in favor of the positive side.

It would be better if Disclosure never happens; that will slow down the reaction rate to a manageable level.

But once one side shows up, the other side will show up, everything gets turned upside down, cold war turns hot, and human civilization risks going the way of the Native Americans.

The transcript doesn't take into account divine intervention, timeline splits, or the possibility of a secret human + positive ET military counter-plan that's been in the works for decades. It's also a bit optimistic about the feasibility of a ragtag human resistance being successful. It might work purely against hybrids, but if we're talking about ultraterrestrial time traveling mantis critters then it's quixotic to think military tactics can do anything against them.

@montalk My only real gripe with all of it is that, admittedly, my life seems to finally be going in a positive direction, but if all of the infrastructure collapses and we have near-total chaos going on, it's more or less going to bring back whatever issues I had before. And as much as I care about select people in my family, I do not want to have to deal with them in the aftermath of whatever the hell that would bring.

I'd pretty much only be ok with it if I personally get some kind of edge over the enemy, be it in the form of some kind of power or knowledge. I'd be willing to share it but then I'd have to be careful who I share it with, as among people there are plenty of marauder-types who are opportunistic predators hiding in plain sight too. Not just among hybrids or aliens.

But I mean really, all the grandeur aside I doubt most people would want to live hainge to sh*t in buckets and not being able to so much as take a shower anymore because all of those amenities were destroyed. I know I wouldn't, especially in a state as hot as Florida.

But like all things we wait and see. I'm not one to throw in the towel too soon but I'm also not one to endure unnecessary suffering(lol, since when is suffering ever 'necessary' in all honesty) in the name of 'manhood' or whatever the hell. Craploads of people in the military and police forces have killed themselves and continue to do so. And they're the epitamy of 'manliness' and what people look up to when times get tough. That says everything already about the truth of how not-fun and difficult that stuff gets.

@WinterGreen480 You can create a bubble of security and relative happiness through smart action and more importantly your vibe/mindset/intent. Then even if things turn bad collectively, you'll be on the more fortunate end of it all. I think it's best to have basic preps in place (your Plan B) but without giving up your main life path (Plan A). You'll feel more secure having Plan B, and you'll therefore be more free to enjoy your Plan A.

@montalk Disclosure has been the leading theme for decades upon decades.
These entities have no need to expose themselves. They can simply outbreed humans. In the end noone but collaborators and hybrids will be left. You can draw this out for centuries.
Just like depopulation. How many people are we now? 8 billion...let that sink in..despite COVID,AIDS,Ebola and whatever.
We're heading towards a technocratic dystopia/utopia given how you look at it and these ideas of aliens exposing themselves despite their obvious strategic/tactical/technological/temporal/advantage are hollywood-ripe. This is literally independance day.
Depopulation and disclosure have probably been the two greatest cons in history. It's so obvious it's almost painful.

@mbl72902 @montalk This is also something I've thought about too. Seems as though any use/mention of a disclosure, is due to the fact that they need to get humanity as a whole to 'agree' to whatever they want to do so they can fully enact their bs as per 'cosmic/intergalactic law'. Otherwise, everything you said is right. No real need to disclose when it's clear they've infiltrated pretty much everything.

@mbl72902 Decades is about how long this incremental acclimation agenda has been in play. As you know it really kicked off in the 1940s and has gone through various iterations.

The typical pattern is a UFO flap and a surge of interest, and then nothing much for 5-10 years, then another wave, and then another break. This strikes me as system stress testing. Inject an impulse, measure the response, adjust where you strike, and repeat.

By monitoring and adjusting the system (our culture) they can prime humanity and coordinate their timing. If that's the case, we would expect to see geopolitical moves ramping up in proportion to the ET's own plans to reveal themselves, and indeed we're now closer than ever to WW3 in conjunction with major leaps having been made on the Disclosure front in terms of Congressional support for that.

So if it takes one century to go from "no one's thinking about aliens" to "most people are ready to accept the reality of aliens" then that's not too long in the grand scheme of things. It's only been 80 years so far.

Though, I agree with you that ETs have no true NEED to expose themselves. Rather, I suspect they're working on a timetable with a deadline they can't avoid. It could be planetary cataclysm, or humans getting too technologically advanced and aware, or some mass psychic activation or dimensional shift event that makes them unable to stay invisible.

That could explain the uptick and subsequent acceleration in UFO/ET activity since the 1940s. Otherwise they could and should have stayed on the down low as they had for centuries prior, enjoying their control from the shadows. Prior to the 1940s, they were seen on occasion but not like with the urgency and systematic nature of an acclimation program.

AI Comments
@montalk All of this reminds of the scene in Ex Machina where the genius recluse inventor says his company collected human data from cell phones and social media for years to program into their bots. Is this their inversion?

@montalk About planetary cataclysm, I do believe the rate of natural/mandmade disasters will increase but not to cause global civilizational collapse instead it is a way to feed off that fear/negative energy. Both the Orion Empire and the the demonic forces are in agreement on that front.
Human technological progress is entirely steered by the aliens. Google is far more advanced than OpenAI, consider that they literally invented the transformer architecture and have been secretly studying it for years in conjunction with the Pentagon, see Sergey Brins close relationship with the Pentagon. All this and they STILL choose to not release superior versions. Even OpenAI has admitted to holding back and for what reason? What psychopath in their right mind would say no to billions in profits more unless there is somone higher up the chain who he fears more.

All of this is headed in ONE direction. The completion automation of all physical labor. I don't mean using your hands. I mean anything that is done in this reality.
Humanity as a whole is being steered into the direction of virtual reality, instead of exploring the ocean of stars that is available to us humanity will turn inwards because living in a virtual world is far more resource efficient.
That way demonic forces can feed on suffering even more, people as a whole will want to experience pain for "fun" because the real world will both be too boring and expensive.

Real life will become a luxury of the rich. The few that are smart enough will probably be scooped up by the aliens to be enslaved in their realm. The rest will become cattle and the virtual reality will be our new farm. Another fall from the "real" reality.

About psychic activation, now I will say something that might offend you but Fore is still doing what the ET intended for him. Despite the angels telling him to not reveal anything about their methods of psychic activation and their general history he continues to do.
Basically the aliens have a sort of "interdimensional" copyright. So once you start researching them and using their methods you are by law in their influence sphere.
Whatever Fore does, he will always help them. No matter what he reveals, good or bad. The act of sharing that information alone levels the playing field for them. They are now allowed to interact with everyone who has received that information.

The psychic activation that is occuring in most people is a result of that direct alien intervention. Remember that fore said God had not planned any of that. In fact those people are looked down upon by the angels because they are using powers that were not intended for them.
Essentially the aliens are training their new breed of soldiers/slaves, US.

What you mean is the third method of psychic power that fore mentioned which is based upon faith. Yet here is the thing, there is no such thing as control with that method because anything that happens is by direction of Gods will. So you can't just say to a mountain "move so I can impress my friends". Only the ET method allows for that and that is what is spreading like a virus.

To summarize I believe 90% of humanity will end up having their soul/consciousness uploaded into a immortal virtual reality and be fed upon by the aliens/demons for etheric energy.
9% will gain psychic powers and be scooped up by the aliens for use on other planets and controlling humanity.

They are really geniuses for pretending that there is a way to "defeat" them. War is of their nature.

25.9 Questioner: Then I am assuming this is the most effective density for this work. Would this density— an entity of this density— be more effective for this type of work than, say, an entity of density five or six?

Ra: I am Ra. The fourth density is the only density besides your own which, lacking the wisdom to refrain from battle, sees the necessity of the battle. Thus it is necessary that fourth-density social memory complexes be used.

The only way out of this is a natural death. Basically what Ra and the Cassiopeans said. The third density body has to die before it is reborn in the next vessel in fourth density as these two bodies are completely incompatible with each other. There is no way to escape that process of transformation no matter what the aliens say. The fear of death will make people accept the immortality "gifted" to them by the aliens/human parasitic class. Ironically just accepting that fear would let them ascend to true immortality of the spirit. Control is always a part of the negative pole.

Revelation 9:6
And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

The insidiousness of it all is truly mind boggling and I truly wonder just how many people I know will fall for it because it is never a single event but a slow progressions of micro-steps towarwds it. Like the boiling frog you won't know until it's too late.

Here's where you might start to think I'm insane.
Disclosure is a fail safe in case God/positive ET decide to wipe out all life on earth to ensure their ascendance into the heavenly realm/fourth density instead of being enslaved for eternity.

Why they might to that is to prevent people from becoming stuck in the sinkhole of indifference. Ra mentioned that the Guardians care not too much for whether your polarization is positive or negative, they just want people to polarize.
Third density is supposed to last 75k years. Not millions of years in virtual reality to be used as cattle by the negative ET.
As such I suspect the Angels might be ordered to wipe us out. And what is known as the rapture will be the negative ET scooping up their pet projects before they're hit with the wrath of god.
Negative entities can't live on this planet longer anyway, the planet has chosen the positive polarity. They will leave either way.
But for the unpolarized I suspect if they find a way to survive in virtual reality I think that might be a loophole that noone considered and what God probably won't tolerate.

It might be just what they are scared of. If you're dead you can't be used by the negative ET. Either you go to heaven and then reincarnate on another planet or you ascend into fourth density.

Remember that Fore said ALL ET have a strained relationship with the angels. They don't acknowledge each other. And both would ignore inquiries as to why. Which begs the question.

Why should we trust any of the ET be they malicious or benevolent?

I'm almost certain that both the Earth and the Sun as entities have agreed on a catastrophic poleshift. Given how rapidly the poles are moving and antarcticas volcanoes are becoming active... I think that might be how they wipe us out somewhere around 2045 or something. Right before the technological singularity hits.

Consider that we've had poleshifts before but the atmosphere has remained all troughout that. Only because solar wind was not strong enough to strip the atmosphere like it did with mars. But what if it was, the sun could "micronova" if you will. Which is exactly what I think will happen. Scorch the earth as the advisor termed it.

I suspect the solar radiation could be strong enough to cause interference on a psychic level which might be why some have trouble remote viewing such a event.

(Montalk reposted)
Carissa Conti

So....what is this place, really? And by that I mean Earth.

Pooling together the sum totality of my life experiences (which does involve a lot more than what many people will ever see or experience with regards to various "conspiracy" topics and the "woo" metaphysical and paranormal) as well as all my research, which includes a lot of things I haven't personally seen or experienced firsthand, but which many others have, and so I'm trusting their experiences and claims, this is what I would say is "THE DEAL." And it's not locked in or definitive, just a working hypothesis. More like a fun topic to throw out there, get some conversation going, and find out what others think this place is, and why.

- Earth is a real planet. Not a flat earth disk. A round, real, planet.

- BUT....nothing about what's happening on this planet is natural. Nothing developed here organically. It's all manufactured. So in the same way a zoo, aquarium or terrarium is physically real, it's also "fake" in the sense that it was constructed in some way and is completely micromanaged by overseers. Same deal with Earth. On a side note I feel that Flat Earth and its eruption into the mainstream over the past 10 years by certain key "researchers" is oftentimes some purposeful CIA/whatever it is disinformation campaign designed to lead people astray from truth. Funnel anybody who's noticing major red flags, discrepancies and issues with "life on Earth" into a red herring false conclusion, which then also helps discredit any of the valid things they are noticing.

- There are other realms/frequencies operating above our physical. Entities from those realms come and go between "there" and here, which formulates the paranormal aspect of things. Many beings - positive and negative - just stay "up there" watching us "below" and getting involved where and when they're allowed to for their various agendas.

- Many souls decided to come here during this....very troubled time to help in some kind of way. Most of us are probably regretting it by this point.

- Those souls often have protection. They have "freewill" but their lives are highly monitored and managed.

- One theory I've even independently concluded for many reasons - only to find out it was the exact plot of some sci fi show O.o - is that some of those higher souls didn't just "incarnate here." They took over bodies that were going to be dead ends on this timeline. Rewrote/over wrote their entire (dead end) existences. So that body has both the original components (including memories of that other timeline) but is also infused with this higher being soul that took it over. It also on, as far as the negs go. You can't just do something like that without it meaning war for them, obviously. So you'll spend the rest of your existence warding them off in various ways, and finding yourself on the receiving end of hyperdimensional targeting/harassment, working through empty people for instance, and other means. Anything to try to thwart what you're doing. This theory isn't 100% certain for me, but I entertain the idea because A) I was flat out told a portion of this 20+ years ago, something that was relayed to my brother Joe from his "Thems," about me, that I "hijacked this body." And B) Pretty much every weird random thing that's gone on to me fits into this theory. Including the time I was told by a higher being of sorts back in 2001, "You only date who you're allowed to date." (Because I was trying to understand why things kept getting thwarted with different guys who liked me, and who I liked as well.) Maybe if you "go back" and take over a dead end vehicle you're not allowed to just roam free, willy nilly. So if you start having a thing with a guy for instance who already has a destiny in the future with another girl....including future kids? It's not allowed. It has to be stopped before it gets off the ground because your unintended/accidental presence in his life, on his timeline, is going to change everything. I've watched things get "shut down" right before my eyes too. It's wild. O.o Reminds me of when I would let Kitty outside to play......but kept a hyper vigilant eye on her, which pissed her off, OMG. She'd keep glaring at me like STOP WATCHING ME!! JUST LET ME RUN AROUND AND DO WHATEVER I WANT! Sorry Kitty, not gonna happen. ;) You have "freewill" in the sense that you can choose to eat some grass, poke around, go here, go there....but I'm ultimately overseeing it all and will jump in and pull you out of the situation at a moment's notice if needed. Same thing for many people as well.

Part 2, Continued:

- Many "people" walking among us are not what we think. Some things include empty meat suits that are being possessed/piloted by neg forces (that IMO seem to just be pouring into this reality en masse). Some may very well be shapeshifters. But keeping it general there is a LOT of demonic/archonic/reptilian/whatever you want to call it, won't haggle over terminology, happening right now. A portion of these people are also apparently hybrids between us and whatever the hell the Grays and Mantids and such are. Entire books have been written about that. (See anything by Dr. David Jacobs.) It's another element to why this place is likened to a "zoo."

- Satanic/demonic elements are running amok in this highly manipulated, manufactured world. From a higher negative, extremely demonic STS level, working through their people puppet pawns "down here." A lot of it is hidden from the masses because these elements do have to operate under rules/laws/constraints, and it isn't for everybody to know/see/experience. The major component of them is blood/death/sacrifice, because they feed on it. That's the real cause of all the manipulated wars happening throughout history. It's mass sacrifice. The other tie-in component involves the children, for both the physical food, adrenochrome production and the metaphysical terror/loosh feeding.

- Because there are both positive and negative beings incarnated all together in this giant zoo it means this place is basically a freewill free-for-all zone. From what I've heard, one of the only places like it for beings to incarnate into, so that's why so many beings can't get enough of being here. But that's why the neg stuff is allowed to be here.

- And because there are so many high level hyperdimenional beings operating here and/or overseeing things from "above" means there are a lot of wonky, reality bending things happening here. Glitches in the Matrix, for instance. Mind boggling synchronicities. Etc. This is where things start to get weird for me, because I can't fully account for it with my little "monkey" brain. "Sure, it's hyperdimensional...." is a good catch-all explanation where you don't need to understand the logistics of the impossible happenings that defy all the laws of physics and reality as we think we know them. But is that it really? Or is this place *actually* fully A.I. fake? A computer game, program, simulation, etc. that we've "plugged" ourselves into? (using simple technology terms that we can understand.)

If it really is real though, my other theory is that we've all been plunked here in this manufactured place, though I don't know when in history. Either we're native to here, and they tried to cover up what came before us, or they plunked us down here in a big ol' hurry, and tried to cover up what came before. But either way, there was a whole lot that came before, and they were not able to cover much of it up. So that's why there's a lot of "people" in place around us, like in academia, and big time science organizations, etc. to give the smackdown the second anybody finds anything, starts questioning things or putting pieces together.

- Space travel and space in general isn't what we think either. Those other beings that are in charge of things here are in charge of what's going on "in the neighborhood." And we ain't welcome, apparently. O.o So there's been a lot of lies about what humans have achieved with regards to space travel happenings to cover this up. It's a Pandora's Box. If you acknowledge that we can't go out there (because we're restricted/controlled/not allowed/under quarantine, etc.) then it unravels everything else. So create a false narrative that we have been out there, and are free! and in charge of ourselves! and there's nothing funny going on here at all! No siree bob! It also serves a useful secondary distraction tactic purpose. Entertain the masses with fake moon landings and other space happenings. I've heard from people firsthand who've see a "grid" over our planet in the sky, including Tom. I believe them, and take it seriously as a major factor in this equation. When that grid was put over the planet, I don't know. But that grid might be what's keeping us from getting out there.

I think that's the crux of what the deal is, and much of it is the reason the flat earth narrative has been so heavily pushed as mentioned. Books like "Who Built the Moon?" and such have shown people that there is a highly fake component happening with the entire Earth-Moon-Sun system, which is again, a Pandora's Box. (You also have Goro Adachi's book "The Time Rivers," showing that Earth was geoengineered on the core level, so that natural features would be in perfect alignment with various latitudes and longitudes....something that's completely impossible by any mainstream standard of anything. But it can't be denied when you read his book. As well as other sources talking about the geometric Earth alignments and such.)

So then bring in the flat earth distractors. Why? Because of the "non humans in control" factor, the idea that this place was entirely manufactured/non-organic, the fact that humans are being farmed (and hunted for sport/food....) on multiple levels, both physical and metaphysical, AND the fact we're not even close to being at the top, or the ones in charge, and also that we're being experimented on. The entire shebang is supposedly an experiment in itself, and meanwhile there are many smaller experiments within experiments, including on individuals and groups. This is the real stuff they're trying to hide, in order to keep us compliant and under control. IMO. And so that we can continue to be fed upon. And not to say that there's nothing good to get out of incarnating here. But there is a lot of negative. "Pay to play."

Another thing I've noted before in my writings is that as chaotic as this world may seem, nothing happens here that's not allowed to happen. Nothing is accidental. And it's why we don't see even more chaos going on here. Considering just how many people are here it's amazing that there's any peace at all anywhere. And let's be fair and honest - there actually is. But it's all highly controlled, and people have no idea. You can't even just say "no no truther subjects!" in the everyday world to people who aren't "meant" to hear/know about it, as it apparently creates waves for lack of a better term in the "predictable/controlled matrix." Then the response pushback happens, shutting those people down right before your eyes, so that when they "come to" again they don't remember what you just said. O.o

V for Victory
@Carissa_Conti We really do live in a "strange" place. I do see however that the "gravy train" is ending and a turning point, a fork on the road if you will (or maybe a spork?), is coming.

I might regret in the future saying this but I think the worst thing that could happen is for no change to happen and for things to stay relatively the same. I can't take normal anymore. I just really hope that I didn't come here this time around just to be surrounded by "normal" this whole lifetime. That would be torture.

@Carissa_Conti Funny enough, I was born premature and was evidently very close to dying but pulled through. After my relatives did everything, they could physically, they also prayed for me. Towards the Christian egregore. And apparently it let me live? or something along those lines. Not sure about the logistics of how that one worked. But if it can see the future, funny how it let what was going to become a non-believer who was going to end up gay later in life live. I'm sure it's regretting that decision now, seeing as how I'm not bucking to my knees in reverence like many on various corners of this site are. ?

I think I may have been a timeline-hopping ghost going by what you describe. But it's also fun to know I have no real free will, and many of the things I want for myself are being held back from me. All supposedly for 'my betterment'.

Should any of that be true that is. I should follow my desires they all say, follow my heart...And yet if this particular narrative proves true, apparently, I'm just a pawn for something bigger and stronger than me, who also supposedly is only doing it to 'protect' me.

The older I get the more I begin to realize that there may not be any good guys at all. Just good cop bad cop, with some of them having agendas that don't involve needing/wanting to explicitly harm us, but also not really giving a sh*t if we feel happy/fulfilled with our existences at all. Oh to have my memories restored, and my power restored, if I had such things...

Carissa Conti
@WinterGreen480 Your situation isn't going to be the same as mine, so the rules that I outlined in Part 1 of my post, which are what I've determined most definitely DO seem to apply to me, in my particular case, don't necessarily apply to your situation and whatever is going on with your own life path. Your story clearly does differ from mine.

@Carissa_Conti Oh most definitely. I'm just noticing some similarities. Which in my case, I don't really think of in any positive light. Seeing as how they've caused me pain, and not much else. Per my situation, I think it's negative influence of some kind. Which further complicates things. Seeing as how 2 people can have similar experiences with certain events/happenings and yet have completely different outcomes come of them, and completely different circumstances that led up to them as well. What a mess. Lol.

Montalk 4-3-23
Global seafaring megalith builders disappeared without leaving behind texts, oral tradition, or tools. They were never properly identified by ancient historians. And academia suppresses mention of them. This suggests they hid themselves, could still exist & be in control.

@montalk Hi Tom. Your comment reminds me of the Tuatha de dannan who were described as supernatural beings who came from the skies and landed on mountains in the province of Connacht (west of Ireland) and disappearedunderground at some point. Ireland is apparently named after a goddess in the Tuatha de dannan called Eriu (Eire in Irish/Erin in English). Eire/Erin has also been portrayed as the goddess of Ireland (Ireland has always been depicted as a woman in paintings and literature).

Montalk 4-3-23
Top 3 search engine alternatives to Google:

Use at your own risk:

@montalk gigablast

@5OvO2 Server's been down for hours... tried testing it earlier but wouldn't connect.

@montalk Thanks for info. Been using startpage.

V for Victory
@montalk I've been using Brave for a while now and it seems pretty good for privacy but it does lack in search "power" compared to Google so what I tend to do is use Brave search most of the time then when I need something that I can't find on Brave but I don't really care about tracking, like stuff for work, then I'll just use Google. Google tends to be pretty powerful when it comes to image search so I tend to use it for things like that.

Shems Borealis
@montalk those ones in the risky category are meta search engines that use google’s crawlers or belong to Microsoft

Montalk 4-5-23
If happiness is the supreme goal of life, you could attain that inside a Matrix pod being fed a virtual reality that fulfills your every desire. But you'd still be living a lie, be a slave, be fed upon. This shows happiness is secondary to truth, freedom, strength, and growth.

EDIT: There are actually two kinds of happiness. One arises THROUGH truth, freedom, strength, and growth. It gives spiritual fulfillment, meaning & purpose. The other comes at their expense and is mere pleasure, comfort, and material security. Spirit vs. ego.

V for Victory
@montalk May truth, freedom, strength, sacrifice and growth bring us happiness.

Montalk reposted
Carissa Conti 4-7-23

Two part interview with James Bartley, Tom/Montalk and myself!

Part Two (paywalled)

Always a good experience to interview with James. I first came across James' articles on MILABs around 2003, and they were a game changer for me because he got into very specific details that I had memories of, as well as introducing the concept of virtual reality dreamtime MILABs programming, which matched up to what I was also experiencing and helped corroborate. So I recommended him in several places throughout "Chasing Phantoms." I never imagined back then that I would ever actually get to meet James in any capacity....let alone have him want to interview me. !! My first roundtable panel interviews years ago included James and Tom, along with others, and then my first one-on-one interview with James was back in July of 2020, which is available on James' YT channel and Cosmic Switchboard website. And now here we are again in 2023, and even better, with Tom. So I still always feel a bit in awe about it all, flattered and grateful for the opportunity.

Tom Montalk and Carissa Conti return to the Cosmic Switchboard Show. The discussion in the first segment involves the degradation of Human Society and the Hubris of the hybrid reptilian plantation managers. Carissa discusses the dark findings that a former YouTube presenter known as YEBO (Obey spelled backwards) discovered about the promotion of child abuse and cannibalism by celebrities. Eventually Yebo’s YouTube channel was taken down but his work was saved by various Bitchute presenters. The intent seems to be to mock the human condition and to mock God/Divinity by de-evolving humanity to its most vile vulgar lowest denominator which is essentially alien and demonic in nature.

In Part 2 Tom Montalk and Carissa Conti talk about how the ET Presence may be normalized in relation to the so-called Smart Cities. Subjects also include the normalization of Cannibalism and how “The Gods” may once again walk the Earth.

@Carissa_Conti Great interview you all, glad you emphasized the spiritual war / non humans among us again in the context of the engineered pandemic and "celebs" not hiding their symbolic communication.

Montalk 4-9-23
Majority of what Jason Reza Jorjani says about ET, history, future, politics, etc. lines up with what I've been saying/thinking. With some odd twists.

He's a controversial figure though, and several points I disagree with him on, like his Promethean/Luciferian bent that seems to value freedom/liberation over obedience to the divine will. It's a question of static perfection vs. dynamic imperfection.

Or that Nordics are necessarily time travelers from our own near-future technological singularity. That's too anthropomorphic and convenient IMO, as it's more likely (given other star systems with longer histories than Earth's) that aliens kickstarted the human component by engineering us for their purposes and that includes engineering the Nordics too.

But I get where he's coming from and his work is valuable food for thought and discernment. Definitely worth a watch. I'm reading his book Closer Encounters (2021) now. There's an ePub for $4.99 at — I'm evaluating where we diverge for who's right (or both wrong). Hoping to improve on his theses, or counter them if they indicate a burgeoning disinfo narrative that will become a problem for us.

Montalk 4-9-23
Being stoic is one way to avoid feeding the Matrix. But you risk becoming stoic to other people's suffering and too tolerant of your own hardships, making you cold and inert. You can't just numb yourself and accept what comes. You need the fire of the heart to care and thrive.

V for Victory
@montalk It might be less important to avoid feeding the Matrix and more important to feed our souls and the souls of others. You gotta crack some eggs if you wanna make an omelette.

Montalk 4-13-23
Hoaxers, disinformants & genuine researchers all draw from existing sources to varying degrees. Instead of focusing on how much they're backed up by these, it's smarter to hone in on what's uniquely theirs, the original angle / spin / ideas they add. This reveals their true colors.

Montalk 4-13-23
If you're set on helping others and being of service, remember they have both spirit/heart and ego/shadow. And so do you. Know which one you're helping, and helping from. If it's your own shadow complex enabling theirs, that's not helping; that's feeding darkness in both of you.

@montalk Always a powerful insight there. The author Paul Levy wrote about this in his book Wetiko.

@montalk Thank you Tom. Upright action. And most help we give is untimely, done from a dim awareness of the whole situation, and for the purpose of making ourselves feel comfortable. No action is often better for them. Better to meditate, comprehend the nature of the thing and act from there, from Eureka! That is the gold. Practicing your prayer technique that you posted about of "sending love" and illumination to them is very very effective. Can verify it. It is a lot like the Buddhist Tonglen meditation of "sending and taking".

Montalk 4-26-23
Physical Reality → MMORPG game = multiplayer with centralized server.

Astral Plane → P2P game = peer-to-peer, decentralized network.

Dreams → Single player game = runs locally in your mind.

Subconscious may be projecting all 3 of these, varying only in degree of synchronization between our personal instance of the "game" and others people's instances.

Montalk 4-26-23
My contribution to the Journal of Abduction Research, on the topic of anomalous orbs:

Other submissions here:

Quote:Orbs - An introduction

Manuel Lamiroy

This set of Ask the Panel articles has to do with orbs. We have two experiencers who share their stories of interactions with orbs that appear to be non-human intelligences.

But let us first kick off with a more general introduction to the topic of orbs. Ufologists have varying opinions about orbs. Some researchers believe that these orbs could be a type of advanced technology used by extraterrestrial beings. Some suggest that they could be related to more terrestrial phenomena, such as experimental military aircraft or advanced drone technology. Or they could be a natural phenomenon, such as dust particles or insects caught in the camera lens or reflections of light. Some ufologists suggest that orbs may be interdimensional beings or energy manifestations, while others view them as a paranormal or spiritual phenomenon.

In this article, we’ll discuss orbs as UFOs, orbs as camera artifacts, and orbs as a type of non-human intelligence.

Orbs in stratosphere

Orbs as UFOs

As the recent example of an orb photographed over Mosul illustrated, there are orb-shaped UFOs. In fact, orb-shaped UFOs are among the most commonly reported types of unidentified flying objects. Witnesses have reported seeing spherical or circular objects of various sizes and colors, ranging from small white orbs to larger, pulsating orbs with multiple colors.

Apart from these orbs, there are also reports of "sentinel orbs" or "scout orbs". In some UFO sighting reports, witnesses mention seeing small orbs of light that appear to be accompanying or scouting around larger UFOs. These smaller orbs are sometimes described as being different in color or behavior than ordinary aircraft or weather phenomena. You may remember them from the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".
Orbs as Camera Artifacts

If orbs only appear in photographs and were not visible to the naked eye when the picture was taken, chances are you are dealing with a camera artifact.
There are several factors that can cause orbs to appear in photographs, including:

    Dust and debris: particles of dust and debris in the air can reflect the camera flash, creating orbs in the photograph.
    Lens flare: When the camera flash reflects off the lens elements or other reflective surfaces in the scene, it can create circular or spherical shapes in the photograph.
    Water droplets: Similarly, water droplets in the air, such as mist, rain, or snow, can also reflect the camera flash and create orbs.
    Insects: Flying insects, such as moths or flies, can also reflect the camera flash and create orbs in the photograph.
    Technical issues: Sometimes, technical issues with the camera or lens, such as reflections on the sensor or internal reflections within the lens, can also create orbs in the photograph.

Most orbs that only appear in photographs can be easily explained by one of the factors listed above. It's always a good idea to rule out these more mundane explanations, as the phenomenon of orbs appearing in photographs is a common occurrence. Often it can be attributed to particles of dust or drizzle in the air. When a camera's flash illuminates these particles, they reflect the light back towards the lens, creating a circular or spherical shape in the photograph.

The size of the orb can vary depending on the size of the particle and the distance between the particle and the lens. Smaller particles will create smaller orbs, while larger particles will create larger orbs.

Additionally, the shape of the orb may be affected by the angle of the camera lens and the position of the particle relative to the lens. If the particle is very close to the lens, it may appear more elongated, while particles further away may appear more spherical.
Orbs as a type of Non-Human Intelligence

And finally, we have orbs as a type of non-human intelligence. There are numerous reports of orbs appearing and interacting with people. The articles by our two guest panelists are clear examples of this.

    Erica Koen: My Journey with Orbs-of-Light
    Stan Ho: Orbs - Another Reality

Two of our regular panel members chime in as well.

    Bill Konkolesky: Orbs as anomalous phenomena
    Thomas Minderlé: Orbs

Quote:Orbs as anomalous phenomena

By Bill Konkolesky

Some orbs are clearly anomalous phenomena, despite the bad rap they’ve been given. But what are they?

There are some phenomena that occasionally fall into a fad-like category, like crop circles. Leveled patches of crops, sometimes in random formations, sometimes intricately well-designed, appearing unexpectedly and extensively in England and, to a lesser extent, in other places drew intense interest for several years but now the phenomenon and interest in it has waned considerably. One great reason for the high number of crop circles was that a great many were man-made by individuals like the infamous “Doug and Dave” working the fields as their personal canvass.  Some formations were truly anomalous, though, as William C. Levengood and other scientists demonstrated curious features in some crops such as “node expulsion” (the plants blew out from within!) that couldn’t be explained by tromping down fields with a board and a couple ropes. Even so, those who were satisfied to hear that some of these were man-made, unfortunately, were all too content extending this conclusion to all examples.

Around the year 2000, when digital photography took off with a fancy new breed of camera that would eventually find its way onto phones, other unusual phenomena stepped into the limelight, as well. People were taking pictures of the sun, only to conclude that a black spot on the solar surface in their picture must be a UFO. It wasn’t (just an overexposed pixel). Folks were taking pictures of spiral shaped creatures that couldn’t be seen by the human eye, dubbing them “rods,” a previously unknown life-form. These were insects (the spirals being the blurred freeze-frame of fast-beating wings giving the illusion of a solid shape). Individuals were taking pictures of glowing orbs that were also unseen but clearly appearing on digital images.  These were just dust particles reflecting light. Now, no one wants to listen to orb stories.

But wait, this is where orbs and crop circles have something in common. Some of both of these are authentically mysterious. As a State Director for a chapter of the Mutual UFO Network, I have heard and read many directly witnessed accounts of balls of light of multiple sizes and colors in multiple locations, both inside and outside people’s homes and cars (without cameras involved).  These balls of light sometimes appear quite intelligent, navigating through landscapes, seemingly examining man-made structures, and intentionally flying around (and even into!) people. Those familiar with the accounts of the Skinwalker Ranch know that lively orbs are part of that location’s paranormal circus.

One account in the excellent CUFOS book “Grassroots UFOs” details two men on foot being chased down a desert road by a red orb. It stopped at the edge of their property as they dashed into their house. Becoming apparently impatient with them hiding inside, the orb created a massive whirlwind of rocks, as if in a tantrum, before dropping the flurry of stones and flying off. 1

Particles of photographed dust aren’t known to do this. So, what’s going on?

One explanation for some of these encounters is perhaps that of a disembodied spirit. Witness a wispy white light in an abandoned house, cemetery, or place of someone’s demise (especially if recent) and you may make a case for a ghost.

Some of these lights appear closely tied to UFO phenomenon, though (and aren’t orbs technically UFOs, themselves?). In fact, balls of light have commonly been reported flying in, out, and around a variety of vehicle-sized unidentified flying objects over the years. Furthermore, they’ve been seen in conjunction with entities during contact/abduction scenarios.

I speculate the best explanation is that these types of orbs are drones remarkably made of light from a civilization of much greater technological prowess. It’s a simple answer that seems to make sense. We’ll crack this mystery one day, I’m certain.

For now, who can say who’s leaving those authentic crop formations but I bet they send out their orbs to find that perfect, unspoiled wheat field.

1 Swords, M. D., & Timmerman, J. P. (2005). Section 41: Grounded in Unreality. Grassroots UFOs: Case Reports from the Center for UFO Studies. Anomalist Books.

by Thomas Minderlé

Orbs may be defined as spherical floating anomalies. Since this covers quite a wide spectrum, we cannot assume all orbs are the same thing. Their range of size, texture, luminosity, color, and motion indicate various classes of orbs. Some can be explained away as ordinary objects, but some cannot.

Mundane explanations include Chinese lanterns, party balloons, weather balloons, balloon satellites, drones, and ball lightning. Lanterns and balloons move in smooth trajectories and at reasonable speeds. Chinese lanterns predictably flicker in the breeze and fade out after 10 minutes. Weather and satellite balloons are usually white or silver in daylight and don't glow at night.

Balloons and lanterns don't accelerate at high speeds, make sharp right-angle turns, or change color. Ball lightning can have these traits but it's extremely rare to see more than one at a time, let alone ones that fly in formation. Drones have size limits, whereas orbs several meters in diameter or larger are commonly reported. Drones that can hover stationary have a maximum speed of 150 kph (100 mph) which is far slower than some reported orbs.

Not to mention none of these ordinary objects can fade out from view, be optically invisible but still visible to infrared cameras, or move at extreme speed and acceleration. Therefore any orb that demonstrates such characteristics is truly anomalous.

The smallest orbs are ones that show up in photographs usually taken inside the home. These are mere inches in diameter. Some could just be dust particles reflecting light, but attempts to replicate such photos with dust or mist are not a perfect match. These orbs only show up on camera, a translucent white, and are likely localized spherical emissions of infrared or ultraviolet light. Various sources have speculated that these particular orbs are associated with a disembodied consciousnesses (discarnate humans or remote viewers) being in the room. In his 2014 paper "Wormholes and Paranormal Phenomena," paranormal investigator David Rountree suggests these orbs are spheres of UV-emitting cold plasma created by ionizing gamma radiation from micro-wormholes.

There are also large physical orbs that move with unexplainable speed and acceleration, like the Navy's 2004 encounter with a white "tic-tac" object the size of a school bus that accelerated at up to 1000G. These appear to be highly advanced ET or black ops drones. Their lack of visible propulsion indicates a mastery of "spacetime metric engineering" to produce antigravity. In the case of ETs, such drones would likely be launched from a larger occupied vehicle or mothership and used for remote scanning purposes.

There are also large nonphysical orbs. Consider the work of orgone scientist and UFOlogist James Trevor Constable. In his book "The Cosmic Pulse of Life," Constable explains how he used infrared cameras to capture photos of otherwise invisible plasmatic lifeforms in the sky. These plasma creatures are technically UFOs (unidentified and flying) but were large and amoeba-like, whether spherical or tic-tac in shape. Unlike ordinary objects, which emit light that induces a chemical reaction on film, the energy from these beings had the opposite effect by masking the exposed portion of the film from undergoing a normal reaction. It's as if these amoeba-like UFOs were emitting some kind of "anti-light." Constable also claimed he could "see" these objects in the sky, not so much visually, but more as a pulling sensation on the eyes from a particular spot in the sky.

I may have seen one of these plasmatic lifeforms in a rural part of central Florida in December 2020. It was around 11 PM, with clear dark skies, 40°F, and no wind. A friend and I were looking at the stars with night vision monoculars. I wanted to point out to him the Andromeda galaxy, so I aimed my infrared laser/light unit in that direction. Afterward, I aimed my laser up to another constellation when suddenly a round amoeba-like "cloud" appeared, visible only under night vision. It looked to be 100-200 yards above us, semi-translucent, the size of a pea held at arm's length. It chased my laser pointer like a cat would, its shape distorting from a sphere into a "pac-man ghost" shape while moving, the ragged edge trailing behind it. I played with it for a minute. My friend had trouble with his night vision unit and by the time he looked up, it was gone. I thought it was some optical artifact from fogging or reflection on my lens, but after blowing on the lens and angling the light and laser, I wasn't able to replicate it. The "cloud" acted like it was intelligent and it reminded me very much of what Trevor Constable described. It's possible that the infrared laser/light energized it (like with glow-in-the-dark materials) into becoming visible through an infrared imaging device

Sometimes entities come in the form of visibly luminous spheres resembling ball lightning. In a 2012 paper published in the journal "Anthropology and Humanism," Dr. Diego Escolar recounts his anomalous experiences in the arid Barreal Blanco region of Argentina. Dr. Escolar and his team encountered flying spheres of light, around 3 meters in diameter, moving at speeds up to 300-400 kph (180-250 mph). They glowed diffusely and would sometimes transition between white, green, and orange, but most often red; they could also change shape somewhat. Some of the orbs come as close as 15 meters, stopping as if observing, and some would fly low over the team's heads. Usually, however, they would hang back and trace the team's footsteps. At one point they entered into a twinkling triangular formation. As an anthropologist, Dr. Escolar was not prepared for this experience and the rest of his paper is an attempt at reconciling this anomaly with consensus reality.

Dr. Escolar's orbs seemed to be intelligent, glowing yet nonsolid, like spherical plasmas. They lacked the solid silver or white texture of physical orbs. Were they supernatural plasma beings, like some kind of jinn? Or were they plasma-like drones operated by an ET intelligence?

I’d like to conclude with this intriguing account from "The Secret of the Saucers" (1955) by contactee Orfeo Angelucci:

"About a mile further along the disk swerved to the right, away from the road, and hung motionless over an unfenced field some distance below the road level. I drove off the pavement about thirty feet to the edge of the declivity. From there the glowing red disk was directly in front of me and only a short distance away. As I watched it in bewilderment it pulsated violently; then shot off into the sky at a 30 or 40-degree angle and at very great speed. High in the sky to the west it decelerated abruptly, hung for a moment; then accelerated and disappeared like a meteor.

"But just before the glowing red orb vanished, two smaller objects came from it. These objects were definitely circular in shape and of a soft, fluorescent green color. They streaked down directly in front of my car and hovered only a few feet away. I judged each to be about three feet in diameter. Hanging silently in the air like iridescent bubbles their green light fluctuated rhythmically in intensity.

"Then, apparently coming from between those two eerie balls of green fire, I heard a masculine voice in strong, well-modulated tones and speaking perfect English."

Montalk 5-1-23
Regarding the quoted post below, here are specific examples of Weeding the Garden (Long Path) and Planting/Watering the Seeds (Short Path).

Short Path:

• Loving-Kindness Meditation (Buddhism, utilizes the heart chakra)

• Silva Mind Method (links conscious to subconscious via visualized interface, in an alpha/theta state)

• Heartfelt devotional prayer to one’s deity (also uses heart chakra, directs attention toward higher self / divinity, builds thoughtform that acts as vehicle for divine intelligence to operate through)

• Affirmations & manifesting (applied toward self-improvement rather than acquiring material wealth)

• Contemplation (of big questions / mysteries while consulting your intuition as you work it out logically)

• Entering and maintaining the state of self-awareness (like the “I AM" meditations of Ramana Maharshi or Nisargadatta Maharaj)

• Psychic sense organ growth systems (Robert Bruce’s book “Energy Work” is an example, many others out there)

Long Path:

• Self-remembering (Fourth Way, a form of mindfulness and lucidity)

• Mindfulness Meditation (aka meta-cognition, also a Buddhist and Yogic technique)

• Willpower applied toward self-control, self-mastery, self-awareness

• Sublimation / transmutation of base impulses and negative emotions (neutral detached witnessing of them, Buddhist technique, or see Stephen Wolinsky's books)

• Inner/shadow work (discovering one’s wounds, traumas, negative programs, and healing/releasing them)

• Entity attachment removal and etheric cord cutting (best done via hypnosis, self-hypnosis, or being in a mild OBE sleep-paralysis state)

Quote:New question from YouTube comments:

"How can one start the process of the actual shift, what can we do to consciously change our consciousness at a deep level?"

Answer: Traditionally, in schools of esoteric development, the shift consists of two pathways done in parallel:

1) Weeding the Garden, aka the Long Path. #Deprogramming, de-mechanizing, healing and fixing the psyche, and having discipline to not fall back into old patterns.

2) Planting and watering the Seeds, aka the Short Path. Identifying with the higher better version of yourself, resonating with spirit and love and wisdom, making inner contact with the soul/spirit, embodying positive values.

So one is about dealing with the old/broken/negative, and the other is about connecting and resonating with the new/better/positive.

Paul Brunton, in his book "The Short Path to Enlightenment", gets into this in a succinct way, if you need more info but the above is the gist.

If you only do one of these paths, you'll likely fail. Like, if you only ever do shadow work and deprogramming, you'll get stuck there and not actually grow into embodying your higher self.

Or if you try to only focus on the positive without dealing with the negative, you'll be okay for days or weeks but then fall back and crash hard into old patterns, which are always lurking under the surface due to not being dealt with.

But between these two, the 2nd path is the more important one. You can't do without it. In fact, some subconscious issues can be healed simply by the positive energy infused into the psyche via the 2nd path.

For instance, instead of doing all this shadow work trying to heal the wound in the subconscious rooted in resentment over why your mom or dad hurt you in some way, just by resonating more with divine values you automatically shift into a mode of understanding and compassion which otherwise might be impossible to reach from a place of hurt ego.

To answer your question, the simplest thing to create deep transformation is to start painting (figuratively speaking) a mental and emotional picture of the new state you want to transform toward, and begin to energize that with enthusiasm and imagination, letting it displace more and more of your old mindset.

That is, compile the thoughts, feelings, self-talk, life-outlook, general mindset, etc. that characterize it. Make that more and more real and vivid and alive by the amount of mental and emotional energy you put into it. Then you'll start merging with it and its patterns will displace the old ones you're moving away from.

What you're doing there is rewriting the subconscious with new patterns, but in occult terminology what you're REALLY doing is creating an etheric-astral thoughtform (a holographic template) of the new state, or more precisely, a vehicle (merkaba) between your current state and your higher truer spiritual state.

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