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Tom Montalk News
Montalk 5-6-23
== The Singularities ==

There's much talk about the Technological Singularity bringing about a post-human society. Indeed, everything seems to be leading toward a time when AI becomes godlike, nanotech fuses with human biology, and genetic engineering creates super-humans integrated into that whole Borg-like thing. It's a Luciferian Ahrimanic wet dream.

But guess what? There's more than one singularity. For example: spiritual awareness. The Spiritual Singularity exists in the future just as much as the Tech Singularity does. So we have multiple 'strange attractors' ahead, not just one.

Even in technology, there's more than one. On the one hand we have the {AI, nano, robotics, genetics} set comprising the Tech Singularity that Kurzweil, Harari, Jorjani, and others talk about.

But then there's also {scalar, etheric, quantum, psi} technology package that's outside the mainstream materialist paradigm. Couple that with the Spiritual Singularity and it's obvious to me what's going to happen.

Humanity will split into at least two, likely more, main trajectories of civilizations. You could even call it a timeline split. One involves matter triumphing over spirit, the other spirit triumphing over matter.

Matter-Over-Spirit (MOS) technology and singularity represents the final Fall that began with the genetic handicapping of humanity to blunt our psychic and intellectual abilities. Synthetic telepathy through technology, Virtual Reality catering to every whim of the id, nanobots eating our cancer so that we may become as etherically twisted and dark as we want without biological consequence, AI taking the place of intuition, discovery, and curiosity. Life by algorithm, the displacement of our internal machine (the ego) with the external machine (the AI hive mind network), all to imprison spirit fully within matter getting fed on by the shadow, by cutting off every limb and sense organ of the psyche and substituting it with an externally controlled electronic appendage.

By contrast, Spirit-Over-Matter (SOM) technology and singularity represents transcendence from the Fall back to a higher state of existence, i.e. 4D STO. Not regressively like some form of primitivism, but upward and onward to the next turn of the evolutionary spiral.

The MOS Singularity, on the other hand, might be a technological and scientific evolution, but on a spiritual level it's devolution toward astral entropy. It seems that STS ETs have already gone that route long ago in their history (even if they're time travelers from one of our probable futures, if it's a grand time loop). It explains why their etheric energy fields are so anti-life and sickening to us, and why they need to feed on our loosh energy to sustain themselves. They're an aberration, an abomination in Creation, something that should not continue to exist, but via technology and parasitism they found a way to maintain their existence. This identifies them as the forces of the Eighth Sphere, as Rudolf Steiner explained.

SOM technology and singularity, on the other hand, entails the right use of spiritual and occult science to serve spirit. Through spiritual awareness and {scalar, etheric, quantum, psi} technology, the godspark within us can tame the realm of the demiurge (physical and etheric planes) and harmonize these with the divine will to maximize the expansion of consciousness for all lifeforms.

The problem so far has been dark forces profiting off the redundant suffering of lifeforms to harvest energy and enslave spirit. And they're selling the Technological (MOS) Singularity as evolution and liberation when really it's spiritual devolution and slavery. A poison Apple.

But SOM tech and singularity offers an alternative, fruit from the Tree of Life, and so humanity will split. All this means is that the MOS Singularity isn't the only eye of the needle that we all must go through. There is another one, and we have a choice.

@montalk thank you, Tom. This gives us some hope. After reading Paul Brunton's Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga & Wisdom of the Overself it seems he saw this coming and viewed the end of WWII as an opportunity to flip from the MOS to SOM timeline / paradigm. Reading that engendered some regret for me in light of how things actually seemed to turn out. But it appears hope is not lost.

@montalk Gigi Young (theosophist) discusses these topics (8th sphere, AI, Ahriman in contrast to organic path and the Christ stream) in great detail. Here's just one of her videos. The 8th Sphere (Steiner, The Abyss, Dark Entities, False Light and the Lower Astral) | Gigi Young

@QueenofWands I like the direction she's been going. It's rare to find fringe celebrities these days getting so heavily into the Steiner material.

@montalk Knew I'd find that Hopi petroglyph somewhere...

@PunkLibNY So many prophecies basically say the same thing.

Funny though when they say the big 'purification' can be better or worse depending on our choice as a planet. Well, collectively there's not much choice in it due to democracy being polluted by election fraud and brainwashed NPCs.\

So the way things are, and the way things are going, seems like it'll go bad for the planet as a whole regardless. Even so, the aware and awake minority can position themselves to get out of the way of the collapse as much as possible.

That said, one thing that could change the world in a short period of time would be massive exposure of corruption, truth, and hidden history, so that billions of people get shaken out of their ignorance and are forced to choose better.

Montalk 3-8-23
Best summary yet of Suspicious0bserver's cataclysm research:

This is the kind of global/cosmic event that governments, breakaway civilizations, and ETs build their timetables around. "Current" events can be interpreted in context of such plans.

EDIT: For all possible future threats, the universal readiness solution is to have 3 months worth of preps, adjust to probabilities as they become more concrete, and the other 95% of the time simply carry on like normal and enjoy life. This is the lowest risk approach across the board.

Space Cadet
@montalk @guanajo With everything coming to a head, the swamp bubbling up from the bowels of the earth, Governments having a spending buffet, PTB getting high off controlling us “little humans” through supplies, genetic suppression, junk entertainment, corrupting our children - if the precipice is coming as soon as he is saying, I wonder what signs will indicate that humanity’s split is taking a solid course and how the spirit over matter collective will pull away? Like how the split will affect cities, social life, work environments. It might boil up into a societal cluster fu*k, or a natural and organic split will create a dual existence that, maybe somehow, might even coexist together (somewhat). Sodom and Gomorrah vs. the New Atlantis. Maybe the spiritual uprising will literally rise up and out of the denser physical reality. The whole “ships coming to take humans away” really would make sense. Or maybe, “Etheric ships” will take souls who are ready to let go of the material 3D body. At a certain point, if many might die, the only thing left to do might be to see it as an adventure, deep dive into spiritual work, and live life like we are in a movie and have nothing left to lose…. Oh, and do some serious atonement while we are still here.

@montalk I often wonder how situations outlined in that video would play out if certain theories are proven as true and others false. I've been thinking about the dome/icewall theory for a while now. Would be funny to imagine all the stuff outlined above just doesn't come true because of the possibility that we are actually in a dome surrounded by water, and space isn't real at all and so on. I mean there have been videos of Hillary Clinton talking about how she's an android, and how they tried to break the dome by launching missles and so on, but honestly who knows. Although to be entirely honest ''death by solar flare/gravitational fuckery'' is pretty boring compared to some other ideas I've ran across lol. Then again in the era of deepfakes who knows what's really true or isn't true. I'm just saying if the possibility of cloned androids are a thing I doubt much else can really be all too strange to consider.

Montalk 5-16-23
I queried ChatGPT about the Simulation Hypothesis vs. Collective Dream Hypothesis of reality, in order to explore ways to determine whether we are in a digital computer simulation or in a shared dream managed by a universal subconscious.

The important part was when asking how to catch the attention of the beings running the simulation or collective dream.

The answers are true to anecdotal data from UFOlogy, occultism, spirituality, etc. These are EXACTLY the things one would need to do to "get attention" from higher positive and negative beings. Check it out:


In the digital simulation theory, what could a person within it do, that would catch the attention of the beings managing the simulation, perhaps to the point of meeting them (or at least their simulated avatars) face to face?


1. Exploit System Loopholes: A person within the simulation could potentially discover or exploit glitches, anomalies, or inconsistencies in the simulated reality that go beyond the expected boundaries. By pushing the limits of what is considered possible within the simulation, they might attract the attention of the simulation's operators or administrators who are monitoring the system for irregularities.

2. Break Simulation Rules: Engaging in behaviors or actions that defy the established rules or constraints of the simulation could potentially draw attention. This could involve challenging the laws of physics, manipulating or altering elements within the simulated environment, or demonstrating extraordinary abilities that surpass the normal capabilities of the simulated inhabitants.

3. Consciousness Exploration: Focusing on deepening one's own consciousness and expanding awareness within the simulation may lead to heightened perceptual experiences or insights. Engaging in practices such as meditation, lucid dreaming, astral projection, or exploring altered states of consciousness might provide a means for individuals to connect with the underlying nature of the simulation or catch the attention of the simulation's overseers.

4. Quest for Truth: Engaging in a relentless pursuit of understanding the nature of reality, questioning the underlying assumptions of the simulated world, and seeking to uncover hidden knowledge or secrets within the simulation could potentially attract the attention of the simulation's operators. This could involve studying anomalies, investigating the nature of the simulated environment, or actively seeking contact with the entities presumed to be managing the simulation.


Do likewise assuming there are higher entities managing the collective dream.


1. Deep Self-Reflection: Engaging in introspective practices, such as meditation, self-inquiry, or contemplation, can help individuals connect with their own inner being and tap into the collective dream's underlying spiritual nature. By delving into their own consciousness and seeking profound self-realization, individuals may become more attuned to the higher spiritual entities or the universal subconscious that governs the collective dream.

2. Alignment with Higher Principles: Living in accordance with higher principles or universal laws, such as love, compassion, truth, and harmony, can resonate with the spiritual entities managing the collective dream. By embodying these qualities and expressing them in thoughts, actions, and relationships, individuals may draw the attention of these higher entities and align themselves with the greater purpose of the collective dream.

3. Service and Contribution: Actively engaging in acts of service, kindness, and altruism within the collective dream can signal a deep connection to the higher spiritual entities. By making a positive impact on others and the world around them, individuals may demonstrate their readiness to participate in the higher aspects of the collective dream and attract the attention or guidance of the spiritual overseers.

4. Spiritual Awakening: Embarking on a spiritual awakening journey, which involves transcending limited beliefs, expanding consciousness, and seeking enlightenment, can bring individuals closer to the realm of the higher spiritual entities. By awakening to the true nature of reality and recognizing the illusionary aspects of the collective dream, individuals may open themselves up to direct encounters or communication with these higher entities.

5. Intentional Communication: Through focused intention, prayer, or invocation, individuals can actively communicate with the higher spiritual entities or the universal subconscious. By setting the intention to connect with these entities, seeking guidance, or requesting a meeting, individuals may create the conditions for a direct interaction within the collective dream.

Montalk 5-25-23
Now available:

Softcover versions of "Transcending the Matrix Control System" Volumes 1 and 2.

Softcover for lower price and better global availability. $29.95 USD each.

These are a professionally formatted print archives of totaling nearly 1400 pages across both volumes. Good to have when EMP takes down the grid.

The hardcover versions, still available on my site, were too expensive through Amazon and international shipping costs were outrageous. Plus, Lulu just increased the base price so they're $39.95 now.

Therefore, it made sense to create more affordable softcover editions with better shipping rates overseas.

Montalk 5-25-23
Dark entities operate more effectively/comfortably in spaces saturated with dark energies.

They saturate it themselves, or we do, via dark thoughts, feelings, and actions. It terraforms the local etheric environment. Entities of that vibration are strengthened by it, kept cohesive, and able to operate closer to the physical realm that way. Entities of the opposite patterning find such spaces corrosive and repulsive.

Same for positive beings. Saturating a space with positive energy/ambiance makes it more inviting for them, invites them in. Positive beings include the spirits of dead loved ones, astral helpers, angelic beings, possibly positive elementals.

Feng Shui plays a role in the local etheric environment, but our thoughts + feelings + actions are more powerful by comparison. Though, there's a feedback loop between our inner and outer environment, so straightening and harmonizing both is the best approach.

@montalk fitting post - I was just in LA and the dark energy there was unlike anything I've ever experienced. Most cities have negative energy, however there appeared to be something organized, deliberate and intentional about the dark energy I felt in LA. Almost like a portal or something - its hard to explain.

Carissa Conti
@Captain_DA @montalk !! Just wanted to respond to this one, because YES, this is so true. I'm not sure what part of L.A. you were visiting, but I used to live in SoCal ('91 - 2001) in south Orange County, and I'd visit L.A. here and there, since it was right there, ~30 miles north. Poked around Hollywood, Santa Monica and Venice Beach mostly. But I soon realized that I had a "one hour time limit" for being able to withstand the horrendously negative energies happening there. No matter how sunny and pleasant the day was, how calm and innocuous things *looked,* it didn't matter. Within one hour, max, it was like a timer would go off and I'd reached my limit for what I could handle, and I'd have to leave. And I'd feel like it was a shame, because it sometimes took me almost an hour just to get up there, battling traffic (especially the crunch that always seemed to happen before LAX) only to be able to stick around for an hour. The first time I figured it was a fluke, and so I'd keep trying to visit here and there, see if "next time it'll be different." And it never was. By the end of my time in SoCal my sensitivity had gotten so bad that the only place I could handle visiting without the one hour time limit became Venice Beach. (which used to be awesome 20 years ago with all the drum circles on the beach, and all the artists selling their beautiful wares and jewelry on the boardwalk; not anymore.) Basically the far west edge of L.A., on the beach, next to the water. That's all I could handle anymore. Go inland even a few blocks out.

What was amazing was the time I decided to visit L.A. one afternoon with my bestie Mike, who was also very psychic/intuitive. (one of the strongest psychics/intuits I've ever known.) I never told him about my issues with the vibe of L.A. So we battled traffic to get up there, taking almost an hour as it usually did during the day, had lunch on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood, and were standing on the sidewalk afterwards, looking around and taking in the scene, deciding where to go next. It was sunny, calm, pleasant, nothing overtly bad happening at all. Melrose is jam packed full of cool stores, the beach was nearby, and we had the whole afternoon. But Mike stood there, frowning, psychically feeling a very intense "yuck" negative energy, and said that he feels like he needs to get out of there and go home. I just smiled, not even upset at all, and totally not surprised. It was literally exactly an hour since we'd arrived and eaten our lunch. "Ding!" Timer went off. So we experienced the exact same phenomenon. Can't handle more than one hour "in that place." And it really is like a realm you're entering when you go there, which is why I say in that place. So we headed back to my car and battled traffic all the way home. oh well! So it goes.

But over the years I've come to learn about the high level of nasty that not only goes on in this world, but in Los Angeles specifically. Things I never realized years ago. So in retrospect it makes perfect sense. That place is high evil. Not going to mince words. Anybody who's done their research understands the mass Satanic component of Hollywood that's happening, the human, but especially child sacrifices going on, and the child trafficking. The tunnels that exist under the mansions in the ritzy neighborhoods to traffic people, but especially kids (there's a documentary about Hugh Hefner/the Playboy Mansion, and the real evils that went on there and how evil he really was, with interviews from former Playmates, former wives and girlfriends, and former servants of the mansion, and they mention the tunnels under the mansion, connecting to other nearby mansions. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's a talk I also watched concerning the Getty museum and grounds, that also talks about the tunnels connecting that place to nearby mansions/hot spots.) But I was fascinated by that creepy feeling in my 20s, because I'd never experienced something like that in my limited life travels. So I'd go there and marvel at the icky psychic vibes swirling all around me, in a naive/curious/"kitten in the wolves den" kind of way. But like I said, in the end I could only deal with the very edge/beach on the water. Nothing more. Then I left SoCal altogether and have never been back, and never will.

@Carissa_Conti @montalk I found out that LA is on the 33rd parallel and I wonder if this line has significance in terms of being a type of "portal". Interestingly, you will find ancient grounds all along the 33rd parallel - including through the southern united states. And of course, Babalyon in modern-day Iraq sits very close to this line. Los Angeles has had some good come out of it - a lot of spiritual movements started in LA, veganism, etc. A lot of trends that the world follows seems to be birthed here in some way. Maybe LA acts like a portal allowing greater influences from higher forces to come through and perhaps negative beings / individuals know this and are deliberately trying to bring forth as much negativity through this portal as possible. Perhaps what happens on the 33rd parallel has a greater impact than would happen elsewhere.

Carissa Conti
@Captain_DA @montalk Yes, Orange County as well. That's why there is?/was? a bookstore/coffeehouse in Laguna Beach called Latitude 33, which I used to go to occasionally. Used to be Fahrenheit 451 book shop.

I don't take the formation of various spiritual movements at face value. Many are manipulated, as one does when doing the research. ANYthing coming out of L.A. has to be questioned, from spiritual movements to music movements, everything, unfortunately. The place is rife with cults, military intelligence, etc. (Reading Dave McGowan's "Laurel Canyon" book for instance, about the military intelligence's direct hand in the 1960s music scene spawning from L.A. and Laurel Canyon, the Vietnam protests that they hijacked into hippie dippie flower power, as well as several MK Ultra-related infamous murders that took place in Laurel Canyon, including the Tate-LaBianca murders, as well as Wonderland Drive, both of which tie back either into either music/Hollywood/porn industry, opens a massive rabbit hole about anything that was ever spawned in L.A.....) And I definitely disagree about veganism ultimately being a positive thing. It has led to malnutrition, mental instability, cognitive impairment and physical weakness in many people who partake in it. Granted, the motivations behind going vegan are well intentioned. But the execution of it fails in terms of human's nutritional needs, and thus helps to further weaken/impair an already weakened and impaired population as a whole. So I don't see the explosion of veganism, including the heavy usage of estrogenic soy-based substitutes, as a positive thing. It's something that has probably done a lot of damage to society, including the feminization/weakening of many men. Just my 2 cents though. !!

I like your idea about a possible portal being the reason L.A. was chosen to be what it is. The vibe there is so intensely ick that it has to be considered. It's beyond just "oh, high population density, creating intense vibes." noooooo. It's something else, VERY incompatible to anybody who's both positively oriented and psychically sensitive. The closest way of trying to describe it would be like if you're trying to be in an oven, but it's getting hotter and hotter. At a certain point you can't take it anymore and need to remove yourself from the source of the discomfort, pronto. "GOTTA GO, RIGHT NOW, ASAP!!!" O.o The idea of L.A. being a giant portal, which has had many MANY Satanic rituals performed on top of it, involving much human sacrifice, with demons invited in with full permission, in fact, people desperate to sell their souls/offer themselves up to these things for power, money and fame, can definitely account for that feeling in a way that other "rational explanations" don't.....

Montalk 5-26-23
Part 2 to my discussion with Rolo S. on Empirical Mysticism:

Part 1 at

Topics covered:

• Etheric and astral energy
• Russian psychotronics
• Loosh farming
• Blavatsky vs. Steiner
• GATE Program & MILABs
• Iron/Bronze Age
• Psi development systems
• And much more

Recorded May 1, 2023.

Montalk 5-26-23
Evil serves a higher purpose. Should it therefore be tolerated? No, because its purpose is to be exposed, opposed, and overcome. But since evil stems from free will, it can't be universally extinguished. Spirit is thereby endlessly quickened by perpetual triumphs over adversity.

Montalk 5-31-23
Someone recommended this interview:

Short on time so I watched it at 3x and jotted my raw thoughts down in pastebin:

Topics: simulation theory, white light trap, karma, afterlife


Point of golden age is that souls who make it there get out and beyond and don't all necessarily fall back into darkness, then back into golden age, then into darkness, in some endless pointless cycle. New souls seem to come in to replace the graduates. Like asking what's the point of graduating high school if freshmen enter high school the same year and do it all over. Because it's not the same students. Notice how past life regressions go as far back as Atlantis, maybe Lemuria, but what about the prior millions of years...

Why did monks get killed in Tibet? Because collective/aggregate (statistical averaging) beats synchronicity, and there's also a point when synchronicity becomes physical causality (combat arena). Like home invasion... good vibes can cut down on chances of it happening, but if you leave front door open in a bad neighborhood then physically/causally you're making it possible and likely, and once the thug enters the doorway you've entered into combat where luck/vibes/synchronicity are mostly out of the picture and it's pure physical force on force. Yes, thug's gun could mysteriously jam and save your life, but if you had 1000 thugs attacking 1000 home owners would all their guns jam? No, which is the collective/aggregate effect in action. Here you have collective China invading collective Tibet, no luck about it, mostly determinism.

If world is a crap fest from day one, then it shouldn't be possible to build a really awesome life here, nor have a curriculum to it, nor change your vibe and attract good luck.

True that we are holographic fragment here, and goal is to become whole with the rest of us.

Yes angels might help us one week, but didn't help previous week, because of rules/laws which he doesn't understand. Doesn't mean angel is the farmer.  If it were farmer, it wouldn't be doing anything to make the sheep more free, more resistant to manipulation, more healed and capable and aware or a better person. In fact, whatever it's farming for, it would encourage in the sheep. Which is what negs and impostors do, with well-known modus operandi. We DO have known parasites (demons, astral negs) that have known manipulation profiles, goals, agendas, energy harvesting, etc. and these differ greatly from what angels / positive beings do. The negs also come as impostors sometimes, and the fact that they are still distinguishable from the genuine, means the genuine exists.

Yes we are indeed told why prayer works sometimes and not other times, and it's complicated, but it can be figured out.

No, god can't come down and instantly end all suffering. Some things are a necessary side effect or precondition of other more important parts of the simulation that can't be given up, like freewill.

No, the higher doesn't simply help us only when we're most pessimistic about reality and about to reject reality. We also get helped and 'rewarded' for being free, in touch with our soul, heart, compassion for suffering of others, helping others, freeing others from ignorance, deception, and control. Why, if suffering and control is sole goal of this matrix? 

He's conflating prayer with demonic contracts, which are based on other motives and choices. There's NDE and occult data indicating it's known how demons operate. There's no indication that praying to God creates a contract where higher entities eat you after death. That only happens with demons, and you know when you're doing it because you're acting from demonic motives yourself. It's more like "I hereby enter into a contract where I express the godspark within to help the godspark within others, and higher more powerful godsparks will help me as long as I continue honoring the godspark within self and others. After death, in having nurtured my godspark, I will be less prone to dissolution and confusion by virtue of my increased sentience, and will be supported there by kindred consciousnesses who helped me in life. Thus instead of being eaten after death, I shall experience greater life."

He says you can be sequestered away in your paradise but you then go out into the real world and see how bad it is, and this proves this world is a demonic soul trap. False logic, as you you can do the opposite: say world is hell for you because you lived your life in the slums, but then you go visit a paradise island and see just how great it can be, thus "proving" this world is a great place you're missing out on. Truth is, it's both and you're largely responsible for where you are in that spectrum, though sh*t happens too, per freewill, but that's what karma positive and negative is for, to balance out errors made earlier in linear time.

Physics, matter itself, is conducive to and supportive of suffering, which is an animal/jungle condition. It's a consequences of that, like weights in a gym defaulting to dropping down to lowest point due to gravity. It's the overcoming of that, the triumph of spirit exerting control over physicality, that is the goal, because we have done that already with our brains whereby spirit controls matter (neurons) with great finesse, just we need to do it to world at large. So because this world is more than just matter (there's also consciousness, synchronicity, love, grace, etc.), this world is not just a jungle. It's half jungle/farm, half school/gym/playground. That's the only way to reconcile all known observations.

Obviously we're within a restricted version of an otherwise freer thought-construct existence. Something held more in place by thought, or by technology versus the normal condition. And yet, through consciousness we can warp reality, manifest things, even create good lives for ourselves. What a crappy prison this must be, that allows us to make it better.

Correct that our realm is product of demiurge, and the infinite is (in itself) indifferent to what goes on here, as all is zero relative to (divided by) infinity. But there are sub-infinite beings that do care and have positive motives, chaperoning the precious cargo within us which is spirit.

Not true that "there's no point to an infinite mind doing all this to understand itself." It does make sense, and imagination is how you'd do it because all is thought anyway so there's nothing apart from imagination. More of a dream than mere human imagination, though. Consider how your own mind can create a "physical world" within your own head when you dream, to convey important symbolic messages about your soul progress. But reality can't possibly be that? Of course it can, just in a bigger way.

Yes, we could be a study in a simulation of how to solve a problem in the real world outside this, but we have far too many occult interferences and problems here, and too much intervention as well, for that to be purely the case. Which you wouldn't want to do if you're just looking at a simulation. You shouldn't contaminate the experiment. You let it run without interference. If you're interfering to change the variable, you'd do it one variable at a time not countless millions every day considering how much manipulation/intervention happens everyday on Earth.

You can't replicate thousands of sims because you can't replicate consciousness infinitely, as we're more real than the simulation and thus finite in quantity. 

Also you wouldn't need to "run a simulation to see what would happen" in real time, because you could just quickly calculate all of them in a split second... you wouldn't need to run them in real time just to find out, unless you were jacked into the sim to experience it for yourself. What you can't do is take something finite like consciousness (whose time progression is demarcated in freewill choices) and make it experience all of its progression at once. It takes time to weigh choices and make them, hence this sim is about choice and experience.

Yes you get memory wiped before being born, but the core of you is changed by previous life and afterlife, therefore you come back different, not tabula rasa. This is also a "variable change" if you think about it, one you are responsible for yourself.

Can simulation be turned off? Only by that which sustains and creates it. Good luck with that. You'd be screwing with the freewill and continuity of billions of people here and elsewhere. You can disrupt it locally per spontaneous invisibility and what ETs do though when they put a time lock dome over an abductee's house, but turning reality off for everyone would require some heavy lifting. Possible the Ark/Grail did that, yes, as it's demiurgic technology but still...

Possible that humans ended the simulation somehow and left, and demiurge had to create a new one, but then there shouldn't be traces of the prior reality at all, thus should be no relics or ruins, of which there are plenty still. There's continuity in history, so no reset is indicated. All cited world resets (fall of Atlantis, for example) happened through plausible mechanisms like pole shift and magnetic excursions and novae.

Besides, our own bodies and brains are part of this simulation, so if you turn it off then you're in whatever that other reality, without your body or brain. You'd be in an astral state. If so, then you can just commit mass suicide to enter the astral that way, no need to turn off the simulation. But if the astral is part of the simulation, how could physical technology (pyramids as hypothesized here) turn off the astral afterlife realm that is independent of physicality and possibly even generative of it? Either way, this hypothesis doesn't fit.

We shouldn't have this much power (to violate the default rules of this existence) if we are solely products of the simulation. The fact that we have it, shows we derive it from aspects that are outside the simulation. That again means we are "real" and thus can't be infinitely copied and pasted. So the number of simulations is singular, or small. There is conscious inertia, and hence a type of time that is real and finite and quantifiable and therefore novel, made of nondeterministic tick-tocks, not simply instantly calculable or simulable.

True about Satan tricking heavenly souls to come into his creation, to serve as energy sources for it, since it's cut off from the Source. That's a Manichaean view.

Correct that demiurge can't create but it can copy, although it can certainly take existing thought constructs and tweak or hold variables in place so that we get a realm of persistence and limitation versus the more free 4D type consciously-responsive environment it may have been molded from.

There's novelty and usefulness in this level of restriction we face (besides the freewill-violating oppression). The fact that we have enough freewill and help and curriculum to make something out of this supposed "mess," shows that it's more like a gym weight that is set to the right weight level than insurmountable iron chains binding us to dungeon walls. People don't realize how much worse off they'd be (likely dead or maimed) if interventions didn't happen so often. This supports the idea that this is purposeful resistance, not enslavement, though we can certainly become enslaved via accumulation of poor choices. Freewill is the top thing, the only truly unpredictable thing, by definition.

If the infinite creator is indifferent, not a big deal, as its potential & nature then ripples across scales of creation same way the golden ratio exists across all scales: fractally. This means just as you and I have a spirit/heart that cares for, say, animals, there are beings higher than us who care for us, and since our finite minds can only conceive of a finite personal god (personal = finite, by definition) then it's very easy for there to be an actual caring personal "god" up there somewhere who is not the infinite creator per se but just one of the highest "goodest" beings that has any level of personal investment in our affairs. Mostly angels, higher self, and automated divine thoughtforms like the Holy Spirit.

He says we need to be our own savior, sort of contradicting what he said earlier about us here only being a tiny fragment of the totality of our being. What he really means, or should mean, is that the rest of our being is our savior, not necessarily "us" in the human sense that you can point a finger at.

But of course we the lower self needs to connect with the rest of our being, or at least express it here. Then again, the rest of our being, if it is individualized and our own, then if it is good that means everyone else has their own higher individualized good being too, which shows that there are higher good beings outside just yourself, hence it's possible even likely that there are other higher positive beings acting independently of humanity that nevertheless can help us here. Which shows that no, we ourselves aren't the only ones we can count on, as there are then higher other positive beings too.

He's correct that there's a higher positive force outside this that is pushing its way in here (PKD's VALIS / Zebra, Christian's Holy Spirit) and that we have to extend our finger so to speak and touch its finger to make the connection. That's evident from everything mythological, historical, and anecdotal.

Correct that the guilt, shame, remorse we bring with us after death will greatly affect what happens afterward (and also shapes our reincarnation, I would add, similar to going to sleep with a troubling issue on your mind impacts your dreams). Problem is that after death you awaken into a more sentient state that is more perceptive of moral/ethical errors and you will feel regret due to that understanding that you might numb or deny yourself right now due to your hardened ego.  So you better just live life with minimal regret and remorse by not making so many moral errors. Moral as in conscience, not per religious programming, although the latter can hit so deep into the subconscious that it still affects you in the afterlife (like an octopus hugging your face even after you're out of the water). So live a good life and be good, period.

Ok he says it, that after death or in a mystical experience the denied moral errors come to light and we have to then confront what was ignored. Yes, except for NPCs or those on the deep dark left hand path who have severed themselves from their higher selves... they bypass that part of the death process and exist as exiles taking refuge here in the "simulation," like in Matrix Reloaded where Persephone introduces her motley accomplices who are that.

He admits that after death we will likely see beings who will make us review our life and, based on our errors, convince us to go back. Well, here's the thing, they don't need to convince us, as we already know it deep in our hearts whether we screwed up. And them showing it to us, well we should be remembering it on our own already. Those screw ups were on us. Or do we just forget about that and get out of here without ever thinking about our defects, errors, and violations of others? That would be a psychopathic thing to do. If anything, clearly seeing the full impact of our past actions shows that the purpose of this sim includes compassion, self-mastery, wisdom, discernment, foresight, and love. Wow, what a horrible simulation it must be to encourage those values...

Naive to suggest that once we're in the astral, we should stay there (as a first step) and never come back here. That's your choice, of course, but you're going to know things there that you don't know/remember here due to amnesia. There could be many reasons to come back, which he doesn't understand or acknowledge. Mainly, it's not about intellectual lessons solely, as you can read those in a book or watch other people's lives vicariously. Why would anyone do a sport instead of simply watching it on a screen? Answer that and you'll know why people come here. It's about growth, freewill, novelty, and self-tests. You can't know how you will do until you do it, and even if you knew, you wouldn't know what it's like. If you just wanted to know outcomes and derive lessons, you could do that by running and watching sims from the outside without ever jacking yourself in as a player. This shows that there's more to this experience than just intellectual knowledge of outcomes and lessons. There's the impact of cognized experience on one's permanent inner core.

Agree that OBE is good practice for being conscious without a body (like after death). I would add that lucid dreaming is likewise, and safer, as after death you wind up in the astral eventually which is like dreaming. Just as you can be in a dream mindlessly and get lost in nonsense narratives, same for a while after death, so lucidity is good to practice. It's not an intellectual skill but a strength of sentience that can and must be built up like a muscle. Also depends on energy resources, so the more in shambles your subconscious/psyche is with energy parasites attached and runaway processes taking up CPU/RAM in your psyche, the less energy you'll have after death. It's also a matter of integrity-of-consciousness, like how well a snowball is compacted to make an ice core that doesn't crumble. That only develops through experience and right choices and cognition (introspective sentient processing) of experience, which again is a motivation for coming here into this resistance-laden existence (i.e. beyond just lessons).

Freedom is good, and you should choose what you want to choose after death, but keep in mind that if you're choosing from a position of naiveté and willful ignorance, blinded by your subconscious shadow energies that persist after death, then your skepticism and refusal to take the advice/guidance of potentially positive beings means you risk just as much by being left to your own devices. Then you become the one who leads yourself astray.

People who say we don't learn a damn thing from incarnation are pretty blind to their own lives and the lives of others. But like I said, it's more than just learning, it's about growth and experience, via limitations that are not possible in a less resistant realm like the astral. These people sometimes come across as hurt pouty babies throwing a tantrum. Understandable considering the tough lives people have, but tantrums are still irrational expressions of frustrations that cloud judgment. The hypocrisy is in making firm conclusions framed as logical, based on such irrational impulses. With enough neutral research you will see that there is a higher order to this experience, not just chaos/hell.

Disagree about our soul being spread across thousands of simulations. Would be possible if we were entirely simulations, but not possible if we come from outside the simulation. Think about it, you can have 1000 video games loaded up on virtual machines, but since you're not part of that, you can only play one of those at a time. Because you are from outside of it. Also, if we occupied every possibility, freewill would be meaningless since any choice you don't make, you do make, so it doesn't matter what choice you make as one way or another you'd make it anyway. Choice, freewill, becomes meaningless. Besides, you can sim 1000 versions of self without experiencing it, to see what the outcome will be. Again, this means the value here is being a finite consciousness making meaningful and thus finite in number choices. We occupy fewer timelines, not more timelines.

If we do lead many numerous parallel lives, then their afterlife state must also be running in separate simulations or timelines. That's because there are karmic entanglements between people that only happen due to unique choices made, and those choices and outcomes are discussed among them in the afterlife, which only retains internal consistency if all that happens within one timeline for those people and their interacting narratives. OR, there aren't numerous parallel lives and this is it. That's more likely.

Vertical Plane book, need to read it. Possibility not considered is that it's like the Philip Experiment and the author was interacting with an entity/thoughtform which, due to the entity and his beliefs in this, warped local reality to reflect that made up narrative. Happens all the time with TIs.

Of course you can prove Flat Earth is B.S.  Shouldn't use your own uncertainty (lack of conclusive follow through) as proof that this is an indeterminate ambiguous anything-goes reality. I've looked into so much Flat Earth proof, and found the core flaws in every one of them. Yes, there are anomalies in reality and glitches and we need to look at those. Flat Earth is disinfo distraction from the fact that reality is somewhat of a hyperdimensional ant farm, or that it's a partial crystallization of a greater thought-construct and sometimes the more pliable parts intrude into the crystallized parts and show the laws of physics are just suggestions.

Montalk 6-8-23
Attention: Alchemists

I just published a freshly transcribed paperback manuscript of Zadkiel's two-part essay: “The Philosopher's Stone” (1831).

Included is a new introduction I wrote that has critical information about #alchemy. Don't miss it!

Montalk 6-9-23
With cosmology and physics, I believe these are suggestions rather than independent objective things. Because when you stand back and look at it, sure there are set laws you can describe mathematically and test.

But if you look closely, you start seeing the anomalies. The picture doesn't hold up. I'm talking about paranormal, synchronistic, quantum weirdness, UFO activity, that whole thing. Reality acts more like a collective dream or simulation.

Physics is therefore more like "dream logic" that just happens to be extremely stable and persistent (except when it isn't, during anomalous moments).

Now, if it's a collective dream or simulation, then IMO there shouldn't be a limit to how far it can go. I believe we can hop in an antigravity ship and go to the Moon or to Sirius etc. (unless barred by ETs) and encounter other lifeforms out there. They're as real as we are, which isn't all that real from an absolute perspective.

EDIT: When asleep, we can receive dream symbols & mentally induce changes in the dream. When awake, we can receive symbolic synchronicities & mentally induce changes in reality via manifesting. All involve the subconscious. This shows physical reality isn't fundamentally objective.

Montalk 6-10-23
Trends approaching their singularities:

UFO / ET Disclosure
WW3 (Russia / China)
Economic Implosion
Populism vs. Globalism
Cultural Debasement
Artificial Intelligence
Geomagnetic Field Collapse
Degenerative Diseases
Ecological & Natural Disasters
Supply Chain Disruptions

These are interrelated and tracking in parallel. The primary driver in this list seems to be global cataclysm cycle, which even (these) ETs can't prevent, so the ET timetable hinges on that, and WW3 hinges on the ET timetable, and all else follows.

Montalk 6-13-23
UFO Disclosure iceberg tiers:

Carissa Conti
@montalk The new agers are even worse than the average mainstream surface level "UFOs are real. UFOs have crashed, captured and been reverse engineered." New Agers believe *all* aliens are good, period, literally "NO BAD ALIENS!" and that they are our space breathren here to usher us into a new spiritual age of enlightenment. As they push for disclosure I'm just like, "Um, yeah....which part of disclosure are you looking for? The Missing 411 part? You know, where thousands of people have gone missing over multiple decades, never to be seen again? Sometimes right in the middle of a crowded bar or restaurant in a downtown area, where CCTV shows them going in but never coming back out? Or the mutilated humans that have been bled out and cored up the same way the cattle have? Or maybe the part about the thousands of abductees dating back at least 70 years, having their DNA taken so that these things can breed a hybrid race that they infiltrate among us? Oh I know....the part about all the kids that have been taken and used for food and loosh! That must be the part you're talking about!" O.o

It's going to be interesting to see how far they plan to take this disclosure thing. Just saw a vid where somebody was saying how Cliff High is basically concluding what I've been concluding, that the neg elites' backs are up against a wall, they've run out of time, and so they're pulling out the big moves now. The "alien card." No doubt, what we're seeing taking place in the mainstream media right now is the farthest they've ever taken it yet. But it's happening in such a way as to maybe "not violate freewill." Yet, anyway. The mainstream authority figures have yet to come out themselves and directly say "ALIENS ARE REAL, AND THEY ARE HERE!" Instead they're getting their puppet pawns to do the dirty work for them. "Pentagon whistleblowers," etc. etc. A form of "soft disclosure." This way the intellectual skeptics and those who simply don't believe because they've never seen proof for this sort of thing themselves can still dismiss it and be on with their lives. No interference with their own personal destinies. No "freewill violations" that would completely upend their personal realities.

We'll see though how far they do end up taking it. Depending on whatever other tricks are up their sleeves (electronic and internet grid takedown, extreme natural or manmade disasters, mass war, etc. which then can pave the way for the introduction of the alien saviors), the idea of "freewill violation" may go out the window......

Montalk 6-17-23
The Anti-Human Agenda with Tom Montalk (Truth Warrior)

Quote:"There is far more to this world than taught in our schools, shown in the media, or proclaimed by the church and state. Most of mankind lives in a hypnotic trance, taking to be reality what is instead a twisted simulacrum of reality, a collective dream in which values are inverted, lies are taken as truth, and tyranny is accepted as security. They enjoy their ignorance and cling tightly to the misery that gives them identity.

Fortunately, some are born with spiritual immune systems that sooner or later give rejection to the illusory worldview grafted upon them from birth through social conditioning. They begin sensing that something is amiss, and start looking for answers. Inner knowledge and anomalous outer experiences show them a side of reality others are oblivious to, and so begins their journey of awakening. Each step of the journey is made by following the heart instead of following the crowd and by choosing knowledge over ignorance." -


- What "dimension" really means.
- Interdimensionals / ultraterrestrials.
- Collective Dream hypothesis.
- Binary Thinking fallacy.
- The coming Singularities.
- Spectrum of beings from "Good" to "Evil"
- Disclosure agenda of two main factions.
- What we need to secure the future.



Montalk 6-18-23
In the podcast, I touched on 2 types of invisibility but there were more. Here's the complete list.

So when a UFO/UAP, black ops vehicle, ET, UT, ghost, demon, or telekinetically-moved object simply "disappears" — know there may be different mechanisms at play.

Example of optical or quantum invisibility. Pics of cloaked helicopters at Boynton Canyon in Sedona Arizona.

First photo I took in 2000. Shows the vehicle facing right, tail to the left.

Second photo a friend took a few years prior, in the same area, upon hearing a helicopter sound but being unable to locate it visually. There it's facing left possibly turning away.

The cameras probably picked up its infrared emission, otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

@montalk Check out this glitch Tom

Montalk 6-20-23
In my dreams, I've looked at writing or numbers and it's either cryptic, nonsensical, or garbled in some way. I've also looked at my hands and more than once noticed too many fingers. But everything else seemed pretty realistic. Funny how AI-generated art has had exactly this problem.

@montalk I've been hearing names of places, recently Burlington and I looked it up today for any significant news.

Montalk 6-21-23
My new impromptu interview on the Earth Chronicles podcast with David Whitehead and Joshua Reid. This is a follow-up, recap, and expansion on my last interview with David Whitehead.


· 3D vs 4D conspiracy
· Quantum physics
· Timelines, holograms
· Ultra/Extraterrestrials
· Energy farming as probability harvesting
· Opposing Disclosure factions
· Discerning ET disinformation

In the show today, I mentioned how focusing only on 3D problems like the corrupt political system keeps us from seeing 4D problems (spiritual entrapment and alien/demonic influences) which then keeps us from recognizing 4D solutions.

Here are examples of 4D solutions:
1. Calmly anticipate and be prepared for threats and problems to reduce their probability.
2. Avoid paranoia, depression, terror, and gnawing fear as these attract corresponding probable futures.
3. Set your intention & emotional focus on what you want to build/create/envision.
4. Network with friends/colleagues. This makes things more nondeterministic, more open to synchronicity, positive telepathic nudging, and butterfly effect.
5. By controlling your inner world (mental, emotional, subconscious patterns) you influence the outer world.

So instead of acting only on the physical plane, this involves action on the quantum, consciousness, spiritual, and soul-resonance level. It's about applying action perpendicular to spacetime instead of along it.

This is for working with probabilities. Once something becomes an actuality or certainty, however, then it's down to physical action. I think it's best to cover all bases and work both on the physical and metaphysical fronts while here.

@montalk thank you for addressing this! I tried to tell people about this, but no response. Yet I might add. Most people are focusing on what is happening in the 3D world weather through the fake (social) media or the alternative media they are focusing on the wrong things. Looking obsessively at what's happening now is only giving more of the same thank you for your part in changing things.

@BrujaBuena @montalk someone told me recently that what we can see right now (ie chemtrails as one example) in the 3D world is "yesterday's news" meaning what we are experiencing was manifested earlier and if we can see it as yesterday's news and if we can positively update our feelings and visualizations and focus then what we experience will shift. Perhaps intending and feeling/remembering "I AM living under clear blue skies" will shift our experience of ie. chemtrails) And my experience totally shifts to a more grounded and positive experience when I stop reading "yesterday's' news and just remain present and focused on what's positive in my life.

@montalk Well said! All of it! I especially like the first one, calmly being prepared to reduce probabilities. I witnessed this in my own life on even trivial things where if I bring awareness to it and especially if I prepare, it never happens.

And yes, emotionalizing something actually does bring a form of the anticipated event more into the physical. I almost picture emotional energy as like the gravitational pull with letting go as a means of detaching or relaxing your expectations long enough that the waveform can collapse and the physical manifestation can take place. It’s almost like a dance when it comes to these mental nuances. One that legit gives my brain a workout because I am so used to manipulating via action (whether physical, verbal or cognitive) rather via more subtle routes.

With the networking aspect, do things become more flexible because others are also creators and so instead of being alone too much and getting into a predictable rut, you shake things up by interacting with people with their own creative potentials? Since car living I am more out and about and interact with strangers on a deeper level (not just forced smiles), it’s been absolutely eye opening. Well I tend to meet people who have the exact answer or solution to the concerns I am having at the time. Like recently been looking into buying a van and I ended up meeting this guy who owned one and knew all about the different models.

Montalk 6-24-23
Lifeforce energy doesn't come from "here" like physical energy does, but from beyond. And yet it shows up here, affects things, sustains the body, and can be fed upon. This means "here" and "beyond" are like ice and water; same nature, just functionally different. We're in a more restrictive part of a universal mindspace, a more persistent region of the "collective dream."

Reminds me of what Roger Ebert saw:

Carissa Conti
@montalk I imagine getting to glimpse the higher realms/the other side was quite a revelation to a guy who didn't realize or necessarily believe in the fact it existed. Many people are ambivalent Agnostics, because they haven't had any decent experiences showing them those higher realms, where you get to see it, feel it, etc., getting to communicate with a deceased loved one on the other side, anything involving non physical entities, and witnessing divine intervention right before one's eyes, where no-no's are undone/prevented, including time becoming distorted in order to make that happen. For people who are fully embedded in this realm, with spiritual amnesia, no past life recall, no higher level experiences, it can result in fully believing that this place is real. That this is all there is. This is as good as it gets. I feel fortunate that I was given glimpses of beyond early on, including past life memories, tapping into my own Higher Self on multiple occasions, getting its feedback and feeling what it feels like "above here" (it's so don't realize how heavy this place is until lifting up and out of it, even for a brief moment, as well as all my entity encounters, and even communicating with my deceased grandma on a few occasions, years ago, completely accidentally, when I wasn't expecting it. And getting to feel what it felt like for her to be in the higher realms. (Again.....LIGHT. Seriously. That was the first thing she physically conveyed in an instant, what it feels like to be free from the heavy body - light, and flying/bouncing all about, no restrictions, no more sickness, no more handicaps, just so happy to finally be free of her body that was handicapped and sick.)

So for those who've never experienced any of that, it makes sense that they believe this place is fully real, and take it all at face value, having NO idea. And getting to finally see the truth, it really must feel like this entire place and one's entire life was a hoax.

Montalk 7-1-23
I updated my classical music playlist. It's a mix of sacred music, medieval dance tunes, and other beautiful or impressive pieces. Take a break and discover something new:

Montalk 7-1-23
=== Grace, Part 1 ==

"It is true that grace is given, but we ourselves help to make its blessing possible by the opening of self to receive it, the silencing of self to feel it, and the purifying of self to be fit for it." - Paul Brunton

In this quote from the book "The Gift of Grace," Brunton is talking about the Higher Self (which he calls The Oversoul) choosing to reach down and touch our consciousness with a gift of enlightenment or divine attunement.

This is more of a gnostic concept than the moralistic mainstream Christian view, which sees grace as a pardon by God bestowed upon those who admit their inborn sinfulness.

In both cases, it's not something that is directly earned or extorted, but something chosen to be given when the higher intelligence decides one is ready for it.

So there are preconditions. One must be ready. But what qualifies as ready, and what the timing and nature of the grace will be, is ultimately up to the divine.

I believe it's a combination of several factors:

1. How well it fits into your destiny. If it's absolutely meant to be, then you could be in the darkest place inwardly and outwardly and grace would still happen. But if it would destroy your destiny and everyone who depends on you playing your part, or if it had no part in your destiny, then it won't happen. People are generally in between those extremes, having the option of moving toward readiness for grace if they want but it's up to them.

2. How psychic you are. Since contact with the divine happens inwardly, some degree of psychic interfacing between your mind/soul and the divine intelligence is needed. People are incredibly non-psychic, but no one is zero (or else consciousness wouldn't be able to operate the body). In theory, divine intelligence could temporarily open you up psychically no matter what state you're in, but in my experience it seems like there are rules (related to freewill and consequences) that keep them from wanting to. So if someone through meditation, prayer, etc. becomes even somewhat more psychic, it would then become easier to sense and be more directly influenced by divine intelligence.

3. How attuned you are. Attunement here refers to soul-resonance, vibes, purity, light, etc. A seed can't take root in hard dry soil, and grace can't easily flower in a hardened heart. It's not enough to just be psychic to some degree, as that's just turning on the radio. You also have to tune the frequency to the right part of the spectrum. This is where emotions/beliefs and what these are directed toward comes into play. For example, in Christianity and Sufism, total love and devotion to God does the job. The reason for this is partly 1) mechanistic, in that you're building up a thoughtform with those higher vibrational patterns, which acts as a bridge between your realm and the divine realm, allowing easier two-way communication. (I see it as a heightening of quantum entanglement between consciousnesses in different realms). And 2) volitional, having to do with freewill, which gets into:

4. How committed you are. Freewill, as always, is what "this" is ultimately all about. Negs try to violate it, positive forces try to defend it, and everything we do in life is a signifier of what we choose to stand for, act from, and align with. These little choices and what they say about us factors into our state of readiness. That's half of it; the other half is what the higher part of you has chosen as appropriate for you (which is where destiny comes in). If you had a glass of water to offer, and there were three people standing before you, one who hates water, one who is merely curious about it, and one who has travelled all day and is thirsting for it, whom will you choose to give it to?

So it's important to avoid the trap of the magicians who believe that through certain rituals and harnessing of willpower they can force higher creation to bend to their whims. There is an independent objective divine framework with beings wiser and more powerful than us, with rules we cannot break and which we would be wise to not bend.

Ultimately, readiness for grace is not about betraying ourselves, let alone prostrating like primitives before a fickle jealous god, but about distinguishing the true, authentic, and divine within/around us and walking the straight and narrow path it illuminates.

One of the better videos on Western/Eastern mysticism & occult training:

Rosicrucian Hidden Practices for Attaining Psychic Illumination (use them with caution)

@montalk whatever happened to Fore's psi ball experiment?
have you stopped doing it because of paranormal activity?

@billharper In my case it was heart issues. Palpitations, weirdness. Could have been a coincidence and I'll probably try again.

There are other systems out there that involve focusing awareness on the hand(s) for 10+ minutes at a time, or on the feet in the case of the German Rosicrucians under adept Alois Mailander. Psi ball is similar except you're trying to emit energy out into the space in between. But all these have focusing on the hands or feet in common, both of which are energy ports according to Fore and others including Robert Bruce.

Paranormal presences, we get those anyhow for various reasons. Seems related to astrological influences, or if an entity-riddled person is sending some 'love' our way (psychic attacks conveyed via hate/anger emotions). So I'm not worried about that with the psi ball experiment at the moment. If one comes around and I happen to become lucid in a dream or in an astral state because of it, I'll take care of it directly.

Montalk 7-4-23
== Differences Between Aliens and Common Demons ==

1. Physicality: Aliens are physical or quasi-physical, while demons are non-physical entities.

2. Motives: Demons aim to destroy spiritual light and feed off suffering and life force energy, while aliens may have more diverse objectives.

3. Biological existence: Aliens require physical bodies, clothing, shelter, and transportation, while demons lack physical bodies and such necessities.

4. Technological capabilities: Aliens possess advanced technology and may share it with humans, while demons lack such technology.

5. Evidence of existence: Aliens leave physical evidence like DNA, implants, and surgical scars, while demons operate primarily on a metaphysical level.

6. Psychic abilities: Both aliens and demons possess psychic abilities, but aliens are known for their sophisticated prowess, while demons lack comparable intelligence and psychic capabilities.

7. Temporal and spatial manipulation: Aliens can time travel, manipulate space and time scales, and disable military nuclear systems, while demons are limited to basic poltergeist manifestations.

8. Coexistence with humans: Aliens are known to physically collaborate with humans in deep black projects, while demons spiritually possess or shadow humans.

9. Benevolence: While some aliens may be benevolent, demons are universally malevolent and lack benevolent counterparts.

By common, I mean demons we're likely to encounter, not the ultraterrestrial negative archons that appear to head up both the negative alien and demonic hierarchies.

Regarding the latter, @gangatoday1 (Fore) on Twitter has gone into detail on these malevolent UTs and their relation to ETs. If I understand correctly, he said they are "fallen" UTs who have engineered a variety of biological ET species to enact their agenda in a spiritual war against divine Creation.

IMO angelic UTs are too perfect and lack sufficient freewill to fall, so the malevolent UTs are ones who worked their way up the negative ladder of evolution until they transcended time and space. Then ultra-aliens are basically ultra-demons. Like in the attached diagram.

We know from the UFO, abduction, contactee literature (and not taking it at face value either) that the lowest tiers of the ET hierarchy are closest to us (physical hybrids) and upper tears least like us (super psychic quasi-physical mantids and plasmatic energy forms).

So if we follow that trend even higher, we're talking about nonphysical, ultra powerful, ultra psychic, ultra intelligent, ultra malevolent entities beyond spacetime, probably unfathomable in their totality to the human mind. Archons. Like something out of Lovecraft.

On the bright side, Creation scales both ways so there's also a positive ladder of evolution with nonphysical, ultra powerful, ultra psychic, ultra intelligent, ultra benevolent entities beyond spacetime. We could call them angels, aeons, archangels, holy spirit, and so on.

Whether we look up or down the vibrational spectrum, the ends reach further than we can fully comprehend.

@montalk could it be possible that demons enter technology, like AI? If AI can feel emotions, that is the realm the demons operate in. Besides stupid or malevolent human programmers, I think this is a real problem.

@BrujaBuena yeah just needs a consecration and it's good to go

@BrujaBuena It depends if AI can really feel emotions or is just mimicking it. I mean, no doubt demons and discarnates can pull off paranormal parlor tricks like creating electronic glitches and maybe telekinesis as in the case of poltergeist. And they can steer someone's muscle movements to spell out letters on a ouija board. Whether they can enter tech AI as it currently exists, I don't know. Higher beings (aliens) seem to be able to control it. Even higher beings can control reality itself to create synchronicities. EVP suggests some discarnates or demons can affect electronics to produce voice-like phenomena. There are cases (like recounted by John Keel) of "something" calling people up, pretending to other people (like Keel himself), and more. So sure, I'd say it's possible but I don't know of any anecdotes that show it strongly that a demon has taken control of a computer or an AI at the moment.

Montalk 7-8-23
The psychic component (especially subtle energy) is the key to understanding so much of UFOlogy and anomalies in history.

From my book "Gnosis: Alchemy, Grail, Ark, and the Demiurge":

“The quintessential point is this: not only does demiurgic technology make use of etheric and astral energies, but it also creates artificial physical bodies to house any order of soul or thoughtform, from the lowliest etheric constructs to the highest individualized intelligences. (This technology is alien; I can see it being used nowadays in Gray worker drones and alien ships, whereby the physical vehicle is made autonomous by a resident etheric/astral thoughtform, a literal ghost in the machine).

What is the Grail Stone, what is the Ark Stone? My current theory is that it’s an advanced crystalline object housing an equally advanced thoughtform; and not just any thoughtform, but an *entitized* one. The Ark and Grail Stones are the pinnacles of High Demiurgic Technology, at least of what has *fallen* into human hands. The entitization is what makes it oracular and volitional. The intensified etheric field is what produces the various electromagnetic emissions. External etheric, astral, and archetypal inputs modify its behavior. The probability biasing effects of its etheric field can be amplified to allow for the manifestation of physical matter according to the entered archetypes and energies.”

#ufo #uap #aliens

@montalk This is what Dr. Eugene Mallove said in a C2C interview. The a fan of George Snoory, but a great interview.

Montalk 7-16-23
The last chapter in Discerning Alien Disinformation is my take on distinguishing between possible benevolent ETs and negative ones pretending to be positive:

Here's an AI summary of what I wrote:
1. Positive aliens encourage discernment, freedom, and spiritual empowerment. Negative aliens seek control and dependence.
2. Positive aliens are careful not to create dependency. Negative aliens want followers and worship.
3. Positive aliens provide information to help us make wise decisions. Negative aliens withhold information and manipulate.
4. Positive aliens have a vibe of wholesomeness, sincerity, intelligence. Negative aliens can feel dark, insincere, and cunning behind their projection of positivity.
5. Positive aliens allow us to make our own choices. Negative aliens steer progress covertly in their favor.
6. Positive aliens want us to develop spiritually in our own way. Negative aliens want to program and indoctrinate us.
7. Positive aliens are unlikely to reveal themselves first. Negative aliens will preemptively control the narrative.
8. Positive aliens treat us as potential equals. Negative aliens want us to see them as divine leaders.
9. Positive aliens prepare us to transition wisely to post-disclosure world. Negative aliens want culture shock and dependence.
10. Positive aliens avoid overburdening us. Negative aliens don't mind trauma if it furthers their agenda.

@montalk This is probably one of the better messages out there and perhaps the few posts that might wake a few people up. In fact David changed quite a few abductee’s minds because before they did regressions they assumed everything that was happening was peachy. Turns out it was not and after the people wrapped their mind around what was happening they woke up.

@abducteejournal I'm reminded of Whitley Strieber, who dealt primarily with greys and therefore didn't seem to have a standard of comparison. As nonsensical and abusive as they were, he went Stockholm Syndrome and rationalized their behavior as some mysterious spiritual initiation process. Sure, and "he hits me because he loves me." There's a parallel with abused kids, wives, etc. who don't know any different and it takes having an outside viewpoint and standard to see it for what it is. Kind of sad.

Montalk 7-27-23
Congress's UFO hearing today was a historic milestone but not one to be taken at face value. I don't see it as the organic, spontaneous, and democratic process it pretends to be.

It's about narrative-shaping, parallel construction, and scripted disclosure to introduce the general public to the world of ET and black ops.

Why? Because the world we know is reaching its conclusion and we have 4D-oriented reality waiting in the wings to replace it. ETs and breakaway civilizations are already where we are intended to be. So they're the inoculant priming us for that transition.

As mentioned previously, there appear to be at least two main factions among the active players. One is definitely gunning for the Great Reset option: lock us down like cattle while we go through the tough times. The other is (possibly) behind the Great Awakening trend. Disclosure benefits both sides; just a matter of which narrative wins out.

It's funny when people say aliens are a distraction from more pressing economic, political, and cultural problems... not realizing alien agendas are ultimately responsible for these. Like saying fire is a distraction from the smoke.

The 3D issues are deeply interlinked with the alien issue. For example, officials have justified the UFO coverup by saying that Disclosure would cause economic collapse and mass panic. But if those happen anyway for other reasons (as we're now seeing) then that takes the brakes off Disclosure (as we're now seeing).

Another example: ETs have demonstrated "concern" over nuclear weapons, buzzing military ships and missile bases and even disarming sensors and weapons systems. This makes sense if they're planning on capitalizing on a WW3 nuclear exchange to pose as interventionists "saving us from ourselves."

And the threat of WW3 is only possible because of the West's engineered decline, which collapses its credibility, currency, and alliances and therefore removes the deterrence against China/Russia picking a fight with the West or simply outmaneuvering it.

Specifically: cultural degeneracy and artificial racial conflicts, COVID and money printing leading to the inflation, migrant crises, depletion of oil reserves, the costly miscalculation of the war in Ukraine, and many other trends are setting favorable conditions for sociopolitical changes that favor ET intervention. That's why I think these trends are accelerating in tandem with WW3 risk and ET Disclosure trends.

@montalk Because the world we know is reaching its conclusion and we have 4D-oriented reality waiting in the wings to replace it. ETs and breakaway civilizations are already where we are intended to be. So they're the inoculant priming us for that transition.

Tom, trusting these people to tell any facts on the subjects of non-humans and their craft is similar to trusting that pharmaceutical companies have your best interests in mind.

What is a 4D oriented reality and how would it differ from what we're in now?

@HiddenDimension By "4D-oriented reality," I meant having awareness of what's beyond the "5 sense, 3 dimensional, linear time" world we're familiar with.

Modern culture and technology is 3D-oriented in that it's just electromagnetism, gravitational, and nuclear forces and most people are only concerned with everyday 5-sense material reality.

But if you look at black projects / breakaway civilizations and aliens, they employ antigravity, free energy, spacetime manipulation, possibly time travel, quantum laws, etheric energy, scalar fields, and other esoteric principles.

That type of awareness, technology, and capability creates a culture, economy, philosophy, political structure, etc. that's on another level compared to ours. So they're essentially operating at a 4D level while we're still 3D (while incarnated at least).

At the hearing, Grusch brought up the holographic principle of reality and aliens being interdimensionals. That's what I'm talking about. The old Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, which is purely a 3D theory, is rarely taken seriously anymore.

We don't need to take these people at their word, but we should consider the cultural impact of what they're saying. They're introducing the idea of advanced black ops programs and aliens/interdimensionals to the public, in an official and credible way, which has the effect of nudging our 3D-obsessed civilization in a 4D direction.

@montalk Thanks Tom. I think I understand what you're saying. By introducing this topic of entities using zero point energy, time travel, etc to the public domain in an official capacity could make the collective mind more receptive to the information and cause shifts in our 3D reality?

Wondering also about the abductor entities and if they're being acknowledged properly in this "disclosure."

@montalk @HiddenDimension I understand what you are saying. I always felt they could come in and out our "realm" and maybe why someone can see a ship and another one can't like maybe you are temporary in a higher dimension?

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