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Tom Montalk News

Montalk 1-3-23

= Top 20 Discarnate Entity Characteristics/Capabilities =

1. Identity: They are earthbound souls of dead humans, entitized parasitic thoughtforms, and demons.
2. Telepathy: Limited ability to read and influence thoughts and feelings.
3. Precognition: Limited ability to perceive probable futures.
4. Invisibility: Lacking physical bodies, can only be seen with extrasensory perception.
5. Magick: Lacking physical technology, must rely on psi powers, occult tactics, and thoughtforms.
6. Intelligence: On par with human psychopaths, estimated 80-150 IQ.
7. Infestation: Camp out in people’s homes, manipulate human behavior, feed on lifeforce energy.
8. Interference: Make a sport out of destroying minds, hearts, souls, friendships, and relationships.
9. Poltergeist: With enough lifeforce energy, can produce telekinetic and electronic glitch effects.
10. Toxicity: Exude a toxic energy field that makes humans and animals sick, tired, irritated or listless.
11. Hallucinations: With enough time/effort, can induce controlled hallucinations in vulnerable people.
12. Disguises: Through hallucinations can pose as ETs, religious figures, ordinary humans, monsters, etc.
13. Synchronicity: Can telepathically nudge people into saying or doing oddly timed things to you.
14. Induction: If strongly bonded to a human host, can induce or emulate psychic abilities in that person.
15. Possession: With sufficient permission, hacking, and bonding can turn host into fully controlled puppet.
16. Channeling: Possession allows transmitting words/images or speaking through a channeler.
17. Beliefs: Human cultural/religious beliefs can survive death, so some discarnates abide by them.
18. Organization: Can organize into hierarchies, jurisdictions, groups, gangs, tribes, etc.
19. Economy: Use human lifeforce energy as currency and food, compliance and subjugation as trophies.
20. Visitation: Can hover over you while you sleep, manipulating your dreams and feeding on your energy.


Compare this with my other list about aliens:

Notice the overlaps and differences. This is causing much confusion in UFOlogy because we have 2+ classes of otherworldly entities messing with us and discarnates can pose as ETs in certain cases.

I was re-reading Barbara O'Brien's book "Operators and Things" and it struck me just how much her "schizophrenic" episode was a peek into how the discarnate human and demon loosh economy works. It's a fascinating book that explains a lot about the occult entity side of what's going on here.

Best way to deal with these entities is earnest prayers to the divine because higher positive beings (or straight up God) have the power, responsibility, and authority to deal with dark occult entities. Their response is conditional on your 'karma' (sin level), destiny (whether you 'need' this challenge), and humble sincerity.

Outside of that, you can do the standard clearing routines like smudging, banishing ritual if you're into magick, and tricks Robert Bruce figured out like blasting religious or children's music into a space when you're not there.

@montalk Nice compilation Tom. I like the idea of blasting religious music, not unlike the CIA's torture strategy. Liquid crystal suits allowing the being to appear human is one I've heard about within the shapeshifting video culture.

@HiddenDimension That's interesting about the liquid crystal suits. The discarnate entities most often simply use a hijacked human host as a suit or mouthpiece.

One curious detail explained in "Operators and Things" is that human behavior is largely dependent on a latticework of etheric energy in the brain that contains all your habituated actions like reading sentences, brushing your teeth, behaviors you do automatically, unoriginal thoughts you have, reactivity, and so on.

When an entity attacks this structure and removes part of it, the person becomes foggy and forgets certain of these behaviors. After some time it grows back. The regrowth can be controlled by the entity to lock new habitual patterns in place.

Or, the entity can keep removing the new growths, and if it scoops out the entire lattice the person becomes a listless zombie that can be fully puppeted by the entity. Otherwise enough of the lattice can be left in so that the person lives on autopilot when not being piloted, and the entity just connects and disconnects as needed.

@montalk holy smokehouse, that sounds like full possession. Kinninigan has posted some liquid crystal artifact videos.

V for Victory
@montalk "20. Visitation: Can hover over you while you sleep, manipulating your dreams and feeding on your energy."

I wish someone would have the balls to make a movie centered around the "life" of a ghost seen from the ghost's perspective. There are many ghost movies but none ,that I know of, truly tackle the elephant in the room and that is the issue of privacy. (And I'm getting a wicked ear tone as I type this). People would be horrified after seeing it just for the fact that they would realize they don't have and never had true privacy. These discarnates see everything humans do. Like everything! I think that might be more scary than any poltergeist.

Speaking of RobertBruce, I recently bought his psychic protection book. Looking forward to reading it.

@guanajo Funny on that ear ringing, as if they're nodding with pride about their voyeurism. It's bad enough getting no physical privacy, but if they can also read your thoughts, feelings, and dreams then privacy goes out the window.

Though there's an urban legend in occultism that some can only hear you if you speak it out loud, so if you just write it down in a discreet way they can't. I'm guessing that like any industry you have the least and most skilled among them and maybe some can't read minds too well.

That movie would be amusing. Or a video game based on it. Like the Sims but you get to participate as a ghost draining their energy and stirring up fights.

Carissa Conti
@montalk @guanajo Reminds me of the Matt Fraser video, "Do Dead People Watch You sh*t, Shower & Shave?"


@montalk Hello Tom. I wonder if the blue orbs of light I regularly see could possibly be discarnate entities? It has certainly crossed my mind over the years. Would ghosts really emit such a beautiful blue light? I would like to think that it's something positive, but I sometimes see a blue orb when I'm in the shower or doing something embarrassing like dancing around the kitchen with my cat. It would make sense if it's a ghost, but it would be very disappointing. We have no privacy at all. I also hear something talking to me sometimes when I fall asleep. Sometimes it's neutral and sometimes it's a pest. In the past few months I've also woken up twice to a male voice trying to program something negative into my mind. I caught one doing the same thing a few years ago. I'm assuming the same thing happens to everyone else. It seems that we are all just bombarded with entities while awake and asleep which is nuts to think about.

@LmJm I heard somewhere that if a remote viewer pops into your location, at best you'd see him or her as an orb or pinpoint of light. That's because only a part of his consciousness is projecting there rather than the entire astral body as would be the case with astral projection.

In theory, if he were extremely psychic, he might be able to then project into your mind an image of a person. That's basically high level remote influencing.

So you'd see an apparition or hallucination of a person, but if you took a picture only an orb would show up. That phenomenon is mentioned in paranormal research literature.

So whether it's remote viewers or friendly/unfriendly spirits from the other side of the veil, you might only get a point of light or orb if they're not manifesting in fuller form.

Waking up to a voice negatively programming you, I can't say it happens to everyone, but others have experienced that as well. We're clearly vulnerable when asleep, unless lucid 24/7 which is hard.

Negative discarnates, ETs, and MIL/GOV/NGO remote influencers can target us when we sleep. Hard to say which one it is in your case, as any of these can show up as a male voice. Nuances like attitude, accent, word choice, and any intuitive impressions could zero on on who it is.

Probably a good idea to do a protective intention/prayer before going to sleep.

V for Victory
@Carissa_Conti @montalk Yes I have seen that one. From what I remember though, he kinda dances around the subject by saying that your deceased family and friends would not do that but he doesn’t implicitly say that they can’t, I think. But yes, they can. And I’m sure a perverted uncle or something will probably be a peeping Tom once he’s dead.

Montalk 1-6-23
= Operators and Things =

Here's a short review containing links to downloads of the book:

I enjoy reading firsthand accounts of people's experiences with otherworldly entities. Anecdotal data bypasses scientific and political censorship. At worst, it's made up or disinformation, but if you can figure out the "angle" behind the disinfo then that in itself reveals agendas and methods of operation.

The book "Operators and Things" is a pretty useful one IMO because a lot of it matches what I've seen and experienced, just explained from the other side of the veil. For example, most of my efforts at the old Noble Realms forum (2004-2008) was spent dealing with invisible adversaries working through people, and the methods they used were exactly as described in the book.

Only the middle part of the book chronicles Barbara O'Brien's "schizo" experience, one that came on suddenly and left so suddenly that psychologists and readers were left baffled. The rest of the book is just everyone trying to explain the experience away as unconscious coping mechanisms to deal with stress. But we know better. The entities included some lies in what they told her, but also revealed a lot about themselves that correlates with other sources.

From my notes:

Barbara came under the influence of nonphysical entities who let her in on their world.

As entity Burt explained at the start, she was going to participate in an experiment whereby she was allowed to perceive the presence of these Operators (nonphysical manipulative entities) to see what would happen. It lasted six months, a round human number.

Then they boarded up her head [installed a psychic blocking shield] and she lost visual/auditory perception of them again, the only thing remaining being an influence she termed "Something" that would intuitively nudge her in helpful ways.

That’s characteristic of having your psychic ability dialed down to where it’s no longer seeing things, but merely feeling it. And this occurred right after the entities argued over whether to stone her up (shield her mind fully) or just board it up with a peephole (put on a weaker shield and leave a small opening).

For her own sake, Barbara came to believe the whole experience was a hallucination and half the book is her analyzing all the ways her unconscious could have generated it. But if you accept that premise, her unconscious must have had greater precognition, clairvoyance, logic, and strategy than it ever demonstrates in dreams or classic hallucinations. For example, never once did she hallucinate someone she previously knew in the physical, a celebrity, or character from a novel or cartoon.

Assuming these Operators were real, judging by their words and actions they are either demons or earthbound ghosts who organize themselves into various jurisdictions and gangs and spend their time feeding off living human hosts and making a sport out of manipulating their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

It's evident to me that they were lying about certain things, like the claim that they were psychic projections of living human beings somewhere in the vicinity usually within two blocks up to a mile radius. That’s not logistically possible.

More likely they are discarnate entities localized where she saw them. Otherwise there's no way the physical body could follow her around the country the way she traveled, and she never once met or recognized the physical body of any one of these beings.

This means the entities had certain preferred hosts and could jump between them, but weren’t necessarily a second race of humans mixed among us who have psychic powers and control us as they claimed.

At best, they would be using shadowed humans (most easily spiritless humans) as temporary vessels and nodes in their astral networks that they can jump into and travel between. Like Agent Smith in the Matrix jumping between people. They implied as much, that their human hosts could be set up to continue to function on autopilot when the Operator was away.

In a way the experiment had a safety mechanism built in: should Barbara come out of it alive and remember to live the tale, she would 1) frame it as mere schizophrenia, and 2) include physically unviable elements (like these entities having permanent physical human bodies) that would discredit the experience and salt the info with disinfo. So the entire thing went off like an experiment and accomplished its aims.

@montalk Thank you Tom, I was just thinking about that book last night and that I need to order it. I grabbed a pdf for now. Reading the comments at the bottom of that post, I recognized Doug Skinner. He was on the show with Anthony Matt. They were friends with John Keel.

@montalk Cases of supposed schizophrenia that appear suddenly and disappear just as suddenly with no apparent cause are fascinating. It would be nice to have a collection of them to see how they compare to the more chronic cases, and what might be learned from the differences. Is there usually a different type of entity involved in the brief cases as opposed to the long term cases? Does the person themselves do or not do something to cut the "illness" short?

The only other instance I know of it happening off hand is from this reddit post: in which the OP also claims that, for a period of about a week, one of their friends became able to hear the same "hallucinatory" voice that they had been hearing. Though, other than that and the fact that the entity did eventually leave, what OP was dealing with seems to have been just as malignant and had the same mode of operation as the typical chronic cases.

Montalk 1-7-23

That has all the classic characteristics (and then some):

- Sudden onset/disappearance of symptoms
- Other people being spoken-through by the entity
- Two people independently hearing the same 'voice'
- Entity changing tactics/disguises trying to find what works
- Goal being to deceive & induce fear reactions.

This is definitely the exception not the rule.

Most people are influenced without being able to hear these voices, and thus not knowing that their sudden pang of fear, anger, resentment, or irritation may not always be their own. Certain schizos get the "privilege" of more overt contact.

From Operators and Things:

"The Game was clear enough. Each Fly [Operator] had dripped his drop of poison, obtained an emotional reaction from me. The one who had aroused in me the greatest fear, I noticed, was the one who had won.

“It’s not usually done this way,” one of the Flies told me while the points were being put up for a new pot. “Ordinarily, the Thing [human being] can’t hear us, although he gets the ideas we inject, anyway. But your mind is wide open, which is why you can hear us talk."

I think most people who consider themselves Targeted Individuals are being played by occult entities who lead them into believing the situation is something other than what it actually is.

Since the goal is deception and emotional terrorization, what draws the entities in is a person's potential for gullibility + paranoia + nervousness + mousiness.

That's why adopting a grounded, objective, humorous, nonplussed, sovereign, nonchalant, "I got better things to do" attitude regarding these entity-ploys can be so effective.

By stepping into one's spiritual sovereignty and power, instead of wallowing in the illusion of a fragile ego and body at the mercy of matter, that makes further entity harassment a losing investment for them.

It also accomplishes a spiritual learning lesson and growth opportunity. And that, I believe, is the reason the experience was even allowed by one's higher self and guardian spirits.

Both sides make a gamble and can lose big, but it's the person in the middle who is the ultimate decider of the outcome.

@Antares_Theophylline Someone on Twitter just sent me this paper, starts on page 18 of the PDF:

"PDF | Introduction A previously healthy woman began to hear hallucinatory voices telling her to have a brain scan for a tumour. The prediction was true;"

Might be a case of benevolent discarnates. One of them said, "My friend and I used to work at the Children's Hospital, Great Ormond Street" (which is an actual hospital in the UK).

They told her to get a brain scan for a tumor and an inflamed brain stem. They would have to be clairvoyant to know this.

She got the scans done and it turned out to be true. After the tumor was removed and all was fine, the voice told her goodbye and never returned.

Operators and Things Comments

@montalk Extremely good (and entertaining) recommendation. I'm halfway through. Great notes too. The Operators' comments on their supposed physical bodies stuck out immediately and did not pass the sniff test. They seem to make a few contradictions regarding their physicality too.

@ExpertPokerStrategy Glad you're enjoying the book. I suspect that lie about the bodies was a bit of wishful thinking coming through. These entities clamor for bodies, to control them, possess them if possible. So not a surprise that they'd say that they had actual physical bodies and were just as legit/physical as every other human. I think they're just hopping between semi-occupied bodies but were never born with physical bodies of their own.

@montalk Gotta love the bit about how Greyhound is the preferred mode of transit for "operators" because they guarantee to each "operator" that no other "operators" will be able to molest a "thing" they have a claim to while on board. So metaphysical property theft is absolutely prohibited while traveling with Greyhound. That might be a useful fact to keep tucked away if true. Though if you take the perspective that the operators are unquestionably deceptive, then maybe their explanation was dliberately intended to mislead, and actually there's some metaphysical reason why other modes of transit are preferable for avoiding being bothered by demons -- I mean operators.

@Antares_Theophylline When I read the book I researched Greyhound bus driver talk on various forums to see if they sounded any different from 'normal humans'. Couldn't find enough posts to tell for sure. But the book was written in the 50s so who knows what operations they'd be running now.


Montalk 1-9-23
Repost: Virtual Nightmare (2000) TV movie.

"In the future the world has apparently reached complete perfection, but when Dale suffers a car accident he begins noticing disturbing glitches in the fabric of reality."

Mix of PKD, 13th Floor, Truman Show, Dark City, and They Live. Resembles PKD's story "Time Out of Joint" but has some extra features that I think more accurately portrays our situation.

It's truth-bearing enough to watch and ponder. From the 1998-2000 time period when a blast of gnostic inspiration was broadcast throughout the entertainment industry.

Sharing again, in case anyone missed when I posted it a few years ago.


Montalk 1-14-23
Your god-spark is like the central light of a lantern, which shines symmetrically outward but gets dimmed by layers of glass and soot (ego and shadow).

But the central light remains beneath it all, shining as brightly as when you were a child. If you want to, you can still access it.

@montalk Long article here Tom, you may appreciate. Certainly a rehash but well organized so far, half way through.

@montalk To such sacred luminous ones are revealed the true marvels and secrets. May they receive the initiations into the secrets of cosmic travel, levitation, teleportation, control of all the elements, the blueprints of the universe in order to create all art and music. May they obtain immortality. May they converse with God. May they live in the light and never leave it.


Montalk 1-23-23
Food for thought:

If certain dead people can hang around as ghosts, could some of them have organized among themselves, done research, and formed a parallel etheric civilization? One that has its own culture and is hundreds maybe even thousands of years old?

Could they have developed etheric technology or occult methods to materialize temporary physical bodies? Or temporary vehicles?

And if ghosts feed on etheric energy to sustain their form, wouldn't their economy be a loosh economy centered around harvesting the energy of living humans?



@montalk I'm unsure of how to think about this honestly. Similar thoughts have crossed my mind, and with all the wild sh*t that's been thrown around as far as ideas go, something like this wouldn't surprise me.

But thinking about the mechanics of it, it's basically a society/civilization of discarnate humans/other consciousnesses that exist in a very thin layer of reality/frequency that more or less is slightly less dense than this one. If such a thing were doable, I would imagine reincarnation as a whole, with everything that entails, memory erasure and so forth would become entirely unnecessary.

And given how we are more or less those same entities, just in bodies, and knowing what kind of capabilities we have esp for those who have astral/etherically projected or remoted viewed and so on, I doubt there would be any real need to develop any technology. It's similar to how you said demons operate. They're fully immaterial, so they mainly piggyback off more dense/incarnated creatures to do their dirty work for them.

Now if they could fully materialize bodies too, well...That's basically as close as one could get to a state of 'godhood' i'd imagine. if they can materialize bodies from thought/emotional energy alone, who's to say they can't do the same for anything else that comes to mind? In this case, I could see where the idea of them developing something analogous to technology would make sense. But I doubt they'd need it for all intents and purposes.

Plus I'm not sure who exactly would be able to stay behind in such a state. I guess those who are accustomed to being in a disembodied state would be able to exercise more freewill than someone who has never practiced it, but then again I've read stories of people who ended up out of their bodies for the first time, and somehow innately understanding what to do/how to operate, so even that is a wild card.

It's an interesting idea, and honestly I think it may very well already apply/exist in some manner, if ET's that can phase in and out of material and demons/angels exists, who's to say ghosts or advanced ghosts can't too. And who's to say that much like ourselves, they align with darker or lighter forces to do all kinds of sh*t in this web of chaos we call existence. Or some just do their own thing with no care for anything else, those exist too.

They're us. So they probably do 'exist' in some manner. It's easy to forget we're more like ghosts ourselves than anything else we could fathom. We have more in common with angels/demons/aliens than we think. We're essentially what they are, just with amnesia bound to a vessel bio-engineered by a shitload of different races. I barely recognize myself or anyone else with a spirit or soul anyway as 'human' anymore. Even the 'NPCs' wouldn't qualify as such too, being more like golems.

In that sense, 'Human' is just a term used to describe these bodies and limited modes of consciousness. We are pretty much ghosts or thanatoterestrials.

Just with an inability to leave bodies and re-enter at will, something some higher level demons or what have you can do.

V for Victory
@WinterGreen480 @montalk "We're essentially what they are, just with amnesia bound to a vessel bio-engineered by a shitload of different races."

This reminds me of a thought I had last week but forgot. According to some sources, many hyperdimensional beings can swap their "meat suits" fairly easily, regardless of STS or STO orientation. Now, there are many traditions that talk about human reincarnation as a process where you are bound to come back over and over again to another "meat suit" but with amnesia. And this process is extremely hard to break unless you have learned whatever "lessons" need to be learned and or reached a certain level or "enlightenment". My question is, have said hyperdimensional beings learned their lessons and that is why they can swap meat suits without the amnesia? Have STS beings learned their lessons? Have they reached a high enough "enlightened state" so that they are not subject to the anmesia treatment? Or did they figure out an artificial workaround? Maybe they sold their "soul" for it. At least the ones that had a soul.

Maybe this whole "reincarnation with amnesia until you learn your lessons or evolve enough" could be BS or partial BS and maybe our controllers are manipulating this process to some extent. All very interesting though.

@guanajo @montalk I've discussed the idea with Tom a bunch of times.

I on some level still find the idea of reincarnation kinda shitty if I'm being entirely honest, and the entire process and knowings of esoteric stuff and whatnot have indeed been hijacked and have been for a long ass time, but overall I suspect those creatures probably never had bodies or never incarnated. If they did, they'd probably do it in such a way where they wouldn't have to lift a finger to get what they wanted as well. As you can see, I'm not too keen on trusting much of the 'good' they claim to be toting around. And besides, they're more or less untouchable in their current states. Why would they risk making themselves material and visible if they weren't absolutely certain they already had everyone fully enslaved and unable to attack? It's why they're trying to eliminate male aggressiveness for one thing, but that's a topic for another day. Lacing the food with estrogen and so on etc.

In a sense, yeah. All of this is pointless bs. Karma, reincarnation, these games, 'learning', all of it is meaningless. The only way it does make sense besides some other force having enslaved our entire existence to some extent is just willful desire to engage in some form of cosmic game, even if that game came with risks. I suppose on the grandest of scales this can only be a game, even if it is a shitty one. An idea that I had a hard time grasping for a while but have come to find is probably the most sound of all ideas.

A lot of major religions and spiritual sects do have ridiculous ideas on how the entire process goes, but there's not much else for me to say. Maybe the entire process wasn't hijacked sure, but they'll definitely try to fu*k up your life/lives as much as they can to milk as much pain energy out of you as far as I'm aware. And it's up to your level of discernment apparently to navigate your way out of the mess.

I'm starting to think these entities/thoughtforms can only act on certain frequencies and us being fully multidimensional can only be helped when we tune into their frequency so to speak. Or there's always the convenient excuse/possibility that there's something we are not seeing that enables them to, say, not help this person out when they suffer a fatal car wreck but help this other one instead. I'd say it's a mixture of us not being able to see the entire picture and them only responding to whatever wavelength a given person is on. But they're fully sentient entities as well, so a portion of that possible explanation/excuse means fuckall.

I can't say for sure dude. These are all just what I've observed. And I haven't had any actual encounters with any of these creatures thankfully, as none of them seem to be positive. Or maybe I have and don't remember, who knows.

V for Victory
@WinterGreen480 @montalk All good points. I will say this, whenever I am, and especially when both my wife and I are, in a "higher state of vibration", things really do flow better for us. "Luckier", some would say. To me that is evidence that we are connecting to positive energies, or a positive flow, when we "vibrate" at that level. Now, I can't say that that is the only reason for becoming "luckier" because I'm sure different factors are likely at play.

I do subscribe to the "life lessons" idea, to an extent, as I have seen enough evidence in my life and other people's lives to support it and I think one of the biggest lessons to learn is that we became livestock and we let it happen. So now humanity has to realize it and decide to fight back. Once that happens, then positive forces will overtly help. How many people need to reach this point, I don't know but we will see. As the Tom Petty song goes, "The waiting is the hardest part".

@guanajo @montalk In regards to the livestock becoming aware thing, well, if the majority of the world is NPCs, and there are actually very few 'spirited' people compared to that scattered about, those same spirited people are either already aware of the maddness or are going to realize sooner or later. So something tells me there's a flaw somewhere. Either in the idea of people existing as NPCs, which in my opinion I think is true, I think it really might depend on us few. Because the rest are automations more or less. But, it seems as though even those herd-based creatures can be used to manifest certain things into reality, so I suppose it wouldn't be a matter of 'waking them up', but more so swaying them to our 'cause' so to speak, in a way that would make sense to their limited perceptions. Or at the very least, revealing to them the evil of the people they so absent mindedly follow, and as such that will trigger a repulsive reaction in most of them and so they will be hardwired against them instead of for them. I realize this sounds very dehumanizing, but I unfortunately find it to be the only true way to go about anything. Clearly their numbers and opinions matter to some extent, otherwise I doubt they'd be hellbent on trying to get them to agree so viciously to all their fucked up demands. Unless there's something I'm missing, it really is a tug of war between the few woke factions of darkness and light, with them as the energetic currency exchange.

All I know is if worst comes to pass I'm not going down as an individual without putting up a nasty fight. Even if all I manage to do is leave a scratch, that scratch is better than straight up just dropping to your knees and letting them behead you or whatever more fucked plans they might have for us.

V for Victory

@montalk . . . and are they somehow organizing events in this physical plane such as false flag shootings etc to create loosh harvests? Very interesting concept Tom.

@montalk Like Preta Loka -- the realm of the hungry ghosts. I could believe it. This also sounds in line with the beliefs of a few small-scale cults like the temple of the vampire, whose members supposedly learn how to steal life-force from other people and offer it to a group of high level vampiric spirits in exchange for eventually joining their ranks and also having their existence in the afterlife supported by the cult. Like a spiritual pyramid scheme. Or something along those lines. They came across as roleplayers back when I first heard about them, admittedly, but the basic idea is so simple that I'm surprised it isn't more widespread. Unless it is more widespread, but usually better disguised


Montalk 2-5-23
Remember when people had blogs/websites all searchable through unfiltered Google?

Now useful content especially fringe info is segmented behind logins, pay walls, private groups, and social media bound by censorship and/or poor search capabilities.

The biggest problem is disruption to searching. Like on Gab, the search function is pretty much useless. Content goes into a black hole of compartmentalized echo chambers. Same for Telegram where you can't search posts across the network.

Things are regressing back to the 90s when websites linked to each other in a circular chain called a web ring because there were no good search engines yet. That's no different from people having to follow each other and create groups on social media now.

All surely by design to dumb down the internet by quarantining truth.

And it's a digital model for what "they" want to do in real life with "15 Minute Cities" managed by AI, with self-driving cars managed by AI so that where you go can be censored and certain locations shadow banned and not even searchable, and with people segmented into their own AI-run virtual realities.

V for Victory
@montalk That’s probably the plan, control all communications eventually. Even the dark web.

The search engine issue reminds me of this video.

@guanajo Good video showing the issue, thanks.

There are less filtered search engines like which is Russian, and if you search "alien disinformation" there my site comes up #1 whereas on Google it's #60. Funny enough my Amazon books comes up sooner thanks to Amazon being part of the hive mind. Well, whatever they want to happen here, they first try it elsewhere and China's a testbed. Internet firewall, sites blocked, internet ID tied to social credit score.


Montalk 2-5-23
Mind Flip Technique:
1. Find an icky feeling in you (irritation, gloom, etc.)
2. Observe the sensation neutrally: its symbolic shape, color, texture, location in body.
3. Ask, "Is this really me?" and notice how you, the sentient observer, are not that at all.
4. Find that funny.

There are many systems out there along the lines of this technique, but steps #3 and #4 are my own discoveries. Some Eastern techniques get close to #3 but the seriousness running through that mindset ruins the important part, which is #4.

V for Victory
@montalk There has been a strange energy, low feeling energy, around the past few days so this is helpful, thanks!

@guanajo It's been circulating around here lately. Had some demonic/neg dreams today and various mercury-retrograde style snafus yesterday. I noticed that around times of mass natural disasters, things get weird, like the Turkey/Syria earthquake a couple days ago.

V for Victory
@montalk Yeah, I’ve definitely been feeling something lately. And I’ve also been overly clumsy and distracted. Need to get back to meditation and mindfulness.

But I’ve gotten back to playing music and being more creative so at least that.

Space Cadet
@montalk @guanajo Tom, do you remember when those demonic/neg dreams came in? I was feeling and seeing some wacky sh*t yesterday. I’m wondering if ”they” are broadcasting creepy/doom stuff to muck up our lives/interfere with our ability to thrive.

@FrozenDecoded @guanajo My neg dreams started Wednesday the 8th, had more on the 9th, and again today Friday the 10th. Noticed the scalar clouds were back again yesterday the 9th. Full Moon was the 5th, Turkey earthquake was the 5th/6th. I noticed ever since the '04 Indian Ocean Tsunami that after mass deaths there's a period of probability-disturbances similar to Full/New Moon Windows + Mercury Rx. Well, just have to defy it and stay balanced.

Space Cadet
@montalk @guanajo So yesterday, I was thinking about Covid “19” and the timing of it. I've heard theories that 2019 (1 and 9) marked a pivotal moment for the “in-gathering” or increased momentum into the bottleneck (@guanajo will elaborate more on “herding”). Social distancing, masks, jabs, etc. delayed and shut down what would be a natural process of humans beginning the “merging” process – the one collective (which of course can then be controlled by neg. ETs). 2020 marked the mirror, the split, the “twin” and the inevitable collapsing of those towers (binary souls) in order to usher in “one world” and “freedom” tower.

Since the 5th and 6th, I was seeing a REALLY destructive force, especially for souls that have shed their “skin”/transmuted. When the upper layer/deeper shade of soul reaches “maturity,” remaining isolated and alone (not joining the in-gathering) would lead to madness, soul starvation, even stopping the growth process of the soul, resulting in an “Achilles heel” - an undoing and possible soul death/suicide.

Somehow, this past week, I was able to keep my vibes SUPER high, and received some KEY details on a memory/dream/experience I've been trying to access for several months, revealing itself to me in full detail (which arrived on the 4th into the 5th and continuing to come in drips ever since). So, there seems to be a sharp polarity of dark demonic forces weighing us down, but also a way to ride above the wave and tap into a really powerful landscape of affirmation and clarification. Definitely an auspicious time.

Oh and when that madness really weighed down, like it was going to get the best of me, I explored Therion, and this music TOTALLY matched my wild vibe. Guess it's my “madness” frequency!!!! ????

THIS SONG! (like being spiritually tasered)

@montalk Negative forces do NOT want our spirits to shine. They want to stifle our light and constantly weigh us down so we don’t rise up and thrive. When I feel them trying to crush my soul, I just keep doing those things that keep me high vibe while giving them the middle finger, remembering that the “realer” part of me is untouchable.


Montalk 2-11-23
== Part 1 ==

*Question: I would like to know your opinion on Chaos Magick. Also what's your opinion on Discordianism and left-hand-path?*

Some Discordians are just in it for fun, but it’s still a gateway to the left-hand path. Chaos Magick is the next stop on the way.

All truly left-hand path systems are methods of bypassing spiritual safety measures and hacking the Matrix/Demiurge to accomplish one’s will.

Safety measures are boundaries set up by your Higher Self and divine beings to keep you from causing unforeseen harm to yourself and others.

Hacking the Matrix/Demiurge means using the power of subtle energy and one’s personal subconscious (which is linked to the universal subconscious known as the Demiurge) to bypass this and influence probability in a selfish way, like influencing other people against their will or deceiving them into giving permission. The issue isn't with influencing probability and working with subtle energies, but with the dark motive and regretful consequences.

Those on the Left do this without truly questioning where that particular WILL comes from in the first place. In their case, it comes from ego/shadow, which is the part of one’s psyche that’s been shaped by the external world. All the competition, suffering, pain, trauma, law of the jungle, has shaped our biology via evolution and continues to shape us through temptations and harsh experiences in our daily lives from the day we’re born.

The ego/shadow develops when external rules of the Matrix become internalized. So the ego/shadow is rooted in illusion, limitation, falsehood, selfishness, survival at all costs, and sociopathic utilitarianism. They cherish this part, see it as their true nature, and try to hack reality to fulfill its desires. They don’t question it. They value it above truth, love, empathy, harmony, long term stability, and the greater good. In fact, whether they know it or not, they hate the divine for not feeding their bottomless hunger for power, control, and sadism. These systems are not based on truth, but on distortions of truth.

They also don’t question the true implications of what's being sacrificed in obtaining their spiritually illegal results. Magick in general seeks to bypass the safety measures and obtain help from beings willing to be partners in crime with them. Such beings tend to be demons under various disguises. The person thinks they are in control of the forces/demons, but it’s a fallacy similar to thinking you’re rich when you get approved for a credit card with a $10,000 limit.

So you can still "get what you want” illegally if you bargain with demons and twist the Demiurge into serving it up, and that’s magick and particularly left-hand black magic in the classical sense. Extensive ritual is just a form of self-hypnosis to overcome limiting beliefs + hacking of the Demiurge + potentially signing on the dotted line in contracts with other beings (usually demons) to gain their help.

The cost is that what you obtain is “bought on credit” and that puts you in debt, which you pay with interest in a future of slavery, suffering, and reduction of freewill, creativity, independence of thought, and happiness. It reduces soul integrity and cohesion. It does that by corrupting the soul which chokes off connection to the infinite energy source of the divine, which is otherwise accessed through your higher chakras. Left hand systems use just the third eye and lower chakras to accomplish magickal feats, which is equivalent to burning tires to stay warm as opposed to clean fusion energy.


Montalk 2-11-23
== Part 2 ==

Such people tend to pay their debts after death once they’re in the astral part of the afterlife, where the demons will rule over them and make them do their bidding, typically consisting of stalking, harassing, and feeding off living humans as part of a loosh pyramid scheme and an effort to drive such victims towards the same negative astral realm after death.

These systems are also unnecessary, and a crutch like religion can be. Chaos magic works as a tool, but symbolic ritual isn't really needed as Neville Goddard's technique proves; also the philosophy around it (moral relativism) and intention (not questioning where the desire comes from in the first place) can direct it toward the left hand path.

So you don’t need extensive ritual. You just need a wish or intention from a pure heart that’s in harmony with the divine will. In that case, false limiting beliefs rooted in subconscious shadow issues can still sabotage you, and you can deal with these via inner work, self-hypnosis to find and release them, or just outshining them with positive energy tapped into by connecting with the heart/spirit/divinity. Ritual helps bypass these too, of course, but these are not ritual anymore than putting ointment on a cut is a ritual. You're just being straight up honest with yourself and getting in there and fixing things.

But that restricts what you can do because you're working within the parameters of what your spirit wants, not what your shadow wants. If you’re not meant to have a particular lover, or a particular career, or a particular level of wealth due to the unforeseen negative consequences it would have on you and others, then you won’t get it, at least not legitimately. You can still turn to the dark side to buy it on credit, but with harsh consequences in the long term.

Note that because self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs can interfere with receiving something positive, not everything that fails to manifest “wasn’t meant to be” — There are multiple factors involved: physical logistical limitations, self-sabotaging negative programs, and divine safety measures for your own good.

The key really is 1) knowing where the resistance comes from, i.e. negative self-sabotaging subconscious programming, or positive intervention for one's safety, and 2) where the desire comes from: ego/shadow acting out of ignorance, or heart/spirit reaching for healthy happiness in line with one's purpose.

Which one it is, can be figured out through deep reflection and self-honesty.

Space Cadet
@montalk White vs. Black magick

If the approach (chakra activation) is top down, or at least is a complete transmutation, a foundational process of self actualization through purification (Christ Consciousness) and sincere self work, the use of magick and even ritual could act as a channeling of light energy instead of dark. The poison apple can also be a positively charged golden apple depending on the inner contents of the soul serving as the magical conduit. What would be key here is the intention and the continual priority placed on genuine sincerity and a respect for free will at all times.

The wizard or witch behind the wand determines the energetic nature and flavor of the magic that is cast outward. Order from chaos could actually be a form of spiritual uprising out of the ashes if the one taking on Lucifer, for example, is pure of heart and truly knows how to harness the power of that fire without getting burned or burning others in the process. Responsible learning and practice becomes the mode of action - a holy fire.

The true “root” of desire also determines the direction of the magicians journey and practice. Constant self assessment and keeping oneself in check is the mark, the high quality characteristic of a true light magic being. A magician lead by the false ego would be the evil sorcerer and not the great Dumbledore or Harry Potter.

Magic stemming from the purist part of a soul, the true heart within, in my opinion, is very light magic.

@FrozenDecoded I agree that if done with pure intention, from a higher place within, and done with true understanding, magick can be good and effective.

The risk is in not knowing what you're really doing, doing things that aren't necessary, not making sure intentions are in alignment with spirit, and causing unintentional harm to self and others.

I would say that the higher the source of the action, and the greater one's understanding, the simpler (less elaborate, technical, and forceful) the act will need to be. The better you can walk, the less you need wheelchairs and crutches.

If the understanding is perfect, it may be not even be "magick" anymore in the sense of traditional formulas, superstition, and ritual -- but more a spiritual technology and science of consciousness that's as real as surgery, engineering, or chemistry. Really depends on how you define magic vs. technology.

Space Cadet
@montalk If you consider actual humans as technology, which I have no doubt that we are, it would be essential to harness and use such technology with the utmost knowledge, care, responsibility, and sincerity. Humans: the most fragile, powerful, and beautiful technology there is. I am pretty confident this ancient form of human technology is returning to Earth in a big way (Electromagnetic Earth). We will have to see how it all unfolds as humanity makes this transition. It certainly is exciting to say the least!

V for Victory
@montalk I also think that listening to other people’s opinions about your thoughts and acts can help to determine your motives as sometimes we can be so diluted and in denial about our intentions that it’s almost impossible to find the truth within you. Similar to how a truly crazy person tends to not know they are crazy unless someone points it out to them. It’s very hard to see the back of your head if you only have one mirror.

@guanajo Definitely. Being willing to listening to feedback is the first step and the toughest part.

I find it funny how academics go into a debate with no intention of changing their views. "We'll let the audience decide" -- okay that's cool, but how can you listen to your opponent for an hour and not come away changed in some way?

Obviously they're set in their beliefs and are just there to defend their egos, reputations, careers, etc.


Montalk 2-12-23
== The Problem with Philosophers and Intellectuals ==

I used to be an intellectual. Some of my earliest articles had that on display. But then I discovered the error of intellectualism, and that includes modern philosophy, which worships the intellect. So I stopped being both and strive instead to be a pragmatic truth seeker and communicator whose intellect has been brought to heel by intuition and inner/outer research.

Philosophy (especially 1700s onward) tries to do too much with too little. The prototypical philosopher is neither a mystic, therefore misses out on deep inner exploration, nor a scientist, therefore misses out on proper external investigation. So the premises from which a modern philosopher reasons are quite poor and that leads to equally flawed conclusions, thus self-deception and sophistry.

So they 1) build their philosophy from unnecessarily incomplete and flawed premises, 2) substitute speculation for research / experiment, and 3) over-intellectualize with convoluted semantics and reasoning that sweep the logical fallacies and flawed premises under the rug.

Scientists and mystics can succumb to these errors too, but philosophers celebrate reason/speculation above research and exploration, so they're especially prone to these errors. That's why there's almost no consensus in philosophy, like the fable of the 3 Blind Men and the Elephant.

I don't dismiss philosophy wholesale. It has its place, especially in ethics and ontology. But it desperately needs to be informed by as wide a dataset as possible, including input from a finely honed objective intuition. It's quixotic for an atheist philosopher with poor intuition to speculate on consciousness while excluding ESP, OBE, NDE, quantum data.

Ancient philosophers were often mystery school initiates who had the "inner exploration" part figured out, but their science was lacking. Today it's essentially the reverse. Both are unbalanced. What we need going forward are sharp & aware mystic-scientist-philosophers.

But the biggest trap of all is that the intellect is slave to undetected irrational subconscious impulses that filter/distort the premises. Instead, it reasons from them toward false conclusions. Philosophers driven by their shadow are sophists and rationalizers. That's most of them, from what I've seen. This problem is also found in psychology, economics, political science, and other fields that pride themselves on objectivity.

That's the error I discovered. The solution was to develop accurate intuition to detect when that was happening, be willing to sacrifice the ego/shadow's grip on reason, and consult external/internal research + intuition to break out of one's current self-rationalizing intellectual cage. It's also dumb to write in extremely long sentences with obscure verbiage if your goal is to communicate rather than simply beat your chest.

So it takes self-awareness, intuition, humility, and willingness to correct instead of rationalize. The latter is important because no one is perfect, but we can keep becoming better.

Carissa Conti
@montalk @coeusQ

Want to repost a comment I just did in response to Xander P. Mc Innis below, only because his account is designated as private, so any response comments underneath his are unable to be viewed. It's the way Gab is set up, unfortunately - private accounts lock out/block anybody else from being able to read anything that may be posted in response to their initial comment, and thus, prevents a good comment chain from forming and prevents others from being able to view what may be an interesting or useful comment. So to get around my comment being locked out like that I'm going to repost it separately (along with some additional add-ons/modifications), because I think it's a good point:

There's a reason Tom has been......."overlooked" by most sources for two decades. To the point of chirping crickets. It's a measuring gauge actually. The sources that continually....."overlook" Tom are revealing what their real deal is. Hate to say it by I doubt Dr. Jaimungal is going to invite Tom on his show. Because Tom brings the real deal when it comes to this subject. Information that gets in the way of aaalllllll the flagrant disinformation and red herrings trying to lead people in the wrong direction. It's easier to have somebody like "aliengirl111" (whoever that is) on the show than somebody like Tom, who's hardcore you could say, and cuts through all the bullshit and hones right in on the most important points that would truly educate and empower people. It's interesting though how many people don't realize what's going on with Tom being so..................overlooked for all these years. !!

V for Victory
@montalk Once advanced AI becomes mainstream, all intellectuals and philosophers will seem like bumbling idiots compared to the all mighty AI. They will become second-class thinkers.

@guanajo I was thinking, if that continues and society comes to rely on AI for thinking, creativity, progress, etc. then new original inputs to that system will trickle off and even stop completely.

Then the AI system will only have a closed system to draw upon and feed back into. This could amplify errors, biases, and noise more and more as the feedback loop progresses.

It could keep going until AI and society descend into a hallucinogenic schizophrenic nightmare chaos existence. Plot for a novel.

V for Victory
@montalk It’s a ”trojan horse” IMO.

@montalk @guanajo Drinking of the spirit of the Old God, which was our lower spiritual nature we needed to grow past, leaves us always thirsty. But the higher, alchemically refined higher spirit of God, of Christ, will satisfy our thirst, with ever-renewing waters of life. Same way following our cold intellects leads to a closed loop of an ai world without the creative spirit to keep things in true divine order, growing in beauty, fully alive. Intellectualism is good these days, and Rudolph Steiner said something about the need to intellectualize our spiritual knowledge in this age. The problem is our ego intellects have gotten so out of hand, we are necessarily manifesting a safe space in order to catalyze human spiritual evolution. This will come in the form of the internet, digital technologies, black scrying mirror portals for our consciousness to explore the depths and bring light into mysteries, adventures into the unknown. Taking a look at where people's consciousness goes unhindered, given the freedom of the internet, proves we are not spiritually developed enough to explore those avenues in the 'real world' (physical society) without hindering the growth of others. Jesus taught a sinful thought is as bad as one acted upon. Thoughts create. We need to learn to control that. Technology empowers our creative capacities for good or evil. So the internet, and technologically controlled environments will facilitate the growth of our consciousness to fourth density positive and negative and give people the chance to polarize towards the light or the dark. As the demons come out more, the light and holy spirit comes forth from more for balance. We did not trust in the intuitive spirit of God to govern us, but chose our intellects. So we will manifest ai control, an evil stepfather rather than our true father in heaven the spirit of God, with the internet of things, and agenda 2030 controlled zones, and see where that state of mind gets us, until we realize we must turn to God with open hearts for the spirit of Christ to dwell in us. AI is a false God, a manifestation of the masculine pure intellect, cold calculating software which is what we urn to when we lack a good, living father in childhood. Essentially getting thrown out of Eden further, but God will rejoice more for the son that leaves home, sins, and then chooses to return home. Hope that makes some kind of sense.


Montalk 2-13-23
== Benevolent ETs ==

Back in the 50s-60s, various contactees were told by ETs to warn the government about the dangers of nuclear weapons. Since that time, UFOs have hovered around military ships/bases and in a few cases disabled nuclear equipment/weapons.

And ETs act like they're obsessed with the apocalypse, which could include WW3, like talking about breeding hybrids to replace humans, training abductees to survive in times of sudden chaos, and mass evacuations.

The nuclear angle may be mix of reasons: portray themselves as harmless pacifists, use WW3 nuke exchange as pretext to intervene and "rightfully" take over, investigate radiation anomalies if they're time travelers from 1000s of years in the future, or worry over us livestock being too armed.

Some ETs claim nuke explosions cause damage in other realms of existence and harms alien life there. Maybe so, but with 2k+ nuke tests since 1945 I would think they'd have done and said more if it's that serious. They were probably just playing into the Cold War's cultural zeitgeist.

Same theme shows up in Grays claiming they're survivors of an ancient nuclear catastrophe who went underground and evolved into the bug eyed androgynes we now know.

But why would they care about Earth in the first place? Well, Earth seems significant enough that there's clearly a tug of war being waged with cunning patient strategy. That implies at least two sides plus a third factor (whether cosmic law or care over preserving prized resources) that forces them to be careful and stealthy & engage in infowar too.

At least one of the sides is benevolent, as it supports our awareness of ET deception and encourages planetary autonomy and self-sufficiency. I'm guessing the hostile side mainly wants Earth for its mineral, biological, and loosh resources and to assimilate humans into their collective.

I believe benevolent ETs exist because the hostile ET agenda isn't proceeding unopposed or unimpeded, as evidenced by them suffering delays and change of plans. Further, the dissemination of information that undermines their agenda can be traced back to people who have strong ET influences in their lives.

That doesn't mean ETs who look/claim to be benevolent actually are. In most cases I'd say they're impostors. But benevolent ETs would NOT need to show themselves to a person to accomplish their goal, they would just need to subconsciously telepathically influence them. Or contact/abduct them and load up their subconscious mind with knowledge that later percolates up as if it were their own original ideas. Such people would only have a few signs of being abductees but no obvious "We are from Venus, stop your nuke programs!" theatrics.

Meaning, for actual benevolents, their 'signature' is stealthy and not obvious. You'd really have to comb through a lot of data and step back to look at the patterns to detect it. So it's easy to dismiss their existence. But they don't mind, as they care about the results and not about being credited.

In my view, the only practical reason we would ever need to believe in benevolent ETs is if we're unable to repel a hostile ET takeover ourselves and had to ally with positive ETs who are at parity with them in tech/military/psi power. Because then rejecting all ETs would mean we'd be on our own against the hostile ones and get smoked.

But due to the ubiquity of so many impostors, not only from negative ETs but also astral parasites and gov/mil psyops, it's risky to identify a particular ET type as positive and give them a free pass from further scrutiny. So it really comes down to the fruits of their actions, and secondarily, how well their words stand up to critical analysis.

V for Victory
@montalk It's pretty simple really. If psychopathic humans can very successfully pretend to be benevolent (snakes in suits), so can a hyperdimensional, hyper intelligent being. Logic would say more so. I just don't understand why this is so difficult for people to see. It's not rocket surgery.

@guanajo @montalk Very true. Most people seem to simply not "go there" and consider that some people might be bad people. They seem to be easily fooled by appearances. We can speculate as to why that is. My personal opinion is that they don't see the bad in themselves, therefore they cannot see it in others or else it would open up Pandora's Box regarding themselves. So they see themselves and others on a surface level only. I had a former friend talk to me about meeting the owner of a very large company (finance). He was saying, "Seems like a good guy, has good kids, a wife, you know...", and I said, well the dude is a leader in big finance, how do you think he really makes his money? What impact does he truly have on the world with his daily actions? Don't you think he has a pretty polished appearance due to what his position demands? My former friend did consider my point but I could tell it was a pretty surface level consideration. You can't really force anyone to "go there". To really see the true nature of people you need to voluntarily go over your own life and admit when you acted unethically. Then everything becomes obvious, and you start seeing the true nature of people. Crucially, you quickly forget what it was like when you, too, were completely sold on the appearance of others and yourself. In my case, even borderline worshiping others if their appearances are polished enough. The step in between this, in my opinion, is realizing the nature of others, but not taking the same critical look at yourself. This seems to be the phase of "hating people", "hating humanity", etc. Once you point the critical eye at yourself, this feeling of hatred transforms into pity, at least during times of emotional stability.

V for Victory
@ExpertPokerStrategy @montalk As "the veil" continues to lift, so will many people's "veils" whether they want to or not. And those who do not want to, will probably not make it to the "other side". Once humanity really brings the shadow to the surface, then things will get really ugly. Yet, it is all part of the process. An "ugliness" that will transform into divine beauty. At least I hope so.

Benevolent ETs Comments

Space Cadet
@guanajo @ExpertPokerStrategy @montalk it is a process of being forced to enter the profane in order to transmute that impurity into the sacred. Humanity may be going through a literal birth process. And labor can end with new life….. or death. Only time will tell. But I’m sensing it’s coming REALLY soon. It seems everyone around us, here, can feel something. So, I think it’s an inner process for the individual but also an outer process for the collective. And there would likely be rebirth but also decay and death in the future…… Possibly near future

@guanajo For real. I've heard the excuses / rationalizations, like the one where "any civilization advanced enough to cross space or time to get here would have to be advanced in other ways including ethically, or else they would have blown themselves up." But as even the Allies of Humanity explained, negative forces can conquer their home world through nonviolent deception, thereby avoiding the risk of war and planetary self-destruction. That would indicate just as much that those who "make it here" could be professional psychopaths of the highest order.

V for Victory
@montalk Exactly. We all know what happens when we make assumptions about "strangers". The natives form the Americas sure learned the hard way.

Montalk 2-16-23
== Mind Awake, Body Asleep ==

To enter the "mind awake, body asleep" state, do what this video recommends, except:

1) Stay aware. For example, by watching the phosphenes swirling in your field of vision. Relax your eyes upon a neutral resting spot and use your peripheral vision to do this. Your mind can be still and neutral but still remain aware.

2) Do it when your body is most ready to let go. Easiest way is after waking briefly partway through sleep; best done on a weekend when you can sleep in. Another is during the day but preceded by a whole-body progressive relaxation exercise, either tensing and releasing each body part, or simply noticing any tension and letting go of it. And another is weakening the body through fasting or extended veganism.

You'll know you're in the MABA state when the body suddenly lets go and "melts" in a wave of electrical tingle that sweeps through you. You may also experience hypnagogic visions, which are flashes of 3D imagery that are like dream precursors and, depending on your psychic sensitivity, symbolic breakthroughs of communications from the subconscious.

The MABA state is useful for various shamanic/occult maneuvers:

* Entering a lucid dream state. This can be done by imagining you're in a dream and using all your senses to interact with it.

* Entering an OBE state. Once you're in MABA, you can use OBE exit techniques. And not a minute sooner; most astral projection books fail to emphasize that your body needs to be fully asleep first before an exit technique is of any use. Just imagining the exit technique in a relaxed meditative state is futile. Body needs to be past the point of sleep paralysis. Also I don't recommend astral projection, too risky if you're under neg entity targeting.

* Energy work exercises. All the books/vids on moving subtle energy through and around you are done on faith and make-believe if you're doing it in a waking alpha/beta brainwave state without being in MABA or without being clairvoyant. Once you're in MABA (or clairvoyant) you can objectively feel the energy moving. Then there's no question about what the technique is doing. MABA involves the etheric body expanding beyond the physical body, giving it access to extrasensory perception including kinesthetic sensation of energy movements.

* Negative entity removal. In the MABA state, or OBE state if you wish to risk it, you can also sense negative entities in and around you. You can then use your focus and intention to "zoom in" (sort of like remote viewing) on an entity that's been causing problems. You'll connect with it and that will trigger psychic/spiritual/emotional combat. Not for the faint of heart. Probably best to just invoke higher divine forces at that point to have them remove the entity.

* Healing. Sense the affected area, visualize what it feels like (hypnagogia will likely depict it spontaneously for you) and then use intention, visualization, or your kinesthetic senses (i.e. your astral hands and arms) to purge it from you. Then direct loving healing optimistic energy to the affected body regions and intend for its full restoration. Good clairvoyants can do this while awake, see for example Adam Dreamhealer.

* Subconscious Reprogramming. Affirmations, intentions, visualizations, immersions in new and healthier ways of being... all are best done in the MABA state. Your etheric "antennas" are extended and thoughtforms are easy to bud off (happens automatically when you combine thought + feeling + intention). Thoughtforms are holographic template constructs that alter probability, including probability of your own future behavior (thus, mindset).

V for Victory
@montalk Any suggestions on how to do this process for someone that literally falls asleep hard within 30sec if laying down? I get it from my mom's side of the family. We used to joke that my grandpa was like grandpa Simpson, he would fall asleep anywhere within seconds. It's also why I can't meditate laying down

Jaime Rogelio Rochin
@guanajo @montalk I'm kinda envious. Sleep is a precious commodity to me now, which is why I'd only do what the video says. I wouldn't risk a full night's rest for anything. I'm not ready for the other stuff.

V for Victory
@Dinosaurus12 @montalk It didn’t used to be like that. I used to work at Blockbuster back in college and often work the closing shift. That screwed my schedule so I developed insomnia and couldn’t go to bed until 5-7 in the morning and wake up around 12-2pm. It sucked! At least for me. What got me back to a “normal” sleep schedule was a couple of years later working for a company that maintained indoor plants at office buildings. I would have to wake up at 4am every day to go to work. That made it so I had to go to bed early. For many years now I have been going to bed on average around 10:30-11:30pm. I’m sure many people would be like “holy sh*t, that’s early!” But yeah, on average it literally takes me between 2-5min to fall asleep. If I’m really tired, I’ll fall asleep in a matter of seconds. I’m happy with that. Except if I’m trying what Tom is suggesting, then it’s no good.

@guanajo I think you're in a better position to do shamanic things if you can fall asleep so easily.

The Asian meditators can reach the MABA state while sitting with their backs ramrod straight, no support. No wonder it takes them years if not decades.

When you hear things like "15 minutes of meditation is equivalent to 8 hours of sleep" that only happens if you can reach Stage 2 sleep or deeper... and good luck to most people trying to do that sitting without back support.

I've come across various tricks to get around your problem.

1. Lie down but balance your forearm vertically on your elbow. So, upper arm touches bed, forearm and hand in the air, up 90 degrees. When you drop off, hand will fall and should ideally wake you up. So with some finesse you should be able to maintain enough awareness to keep arm balanced, but fall asleep in other ways. I'm not a fan of this trick but it works for some people. Thomas Edison had a similar trick of sitting in a chair holding some heavy ball bearings in his hand off to the side... when he nodded off fully, bearings would fall and hit a metal pan to wake him back up.

2. Castaneda trick. He had two methods for this. One was to place a stone (in his case, stone wrapped in leather) on one's solar plexus. It creates an uncomfortable pressure point that dissuaded fully falling asleep. Weight can be adjusted to create the optimal level of discomfort. Another method was sitting with feet brought in and soles almost touching, and a stick held between the feet that would go up to a padded point on which the chin would rest. With eyes closed, this odd balancing act serves a similar purpose as #1 above.

3. Angle method. You fall asleep easily laying down, but probably not easily standing up against a wall. So logic says between the two is an ideal angle where you neither fully fall asleep nor fully stay awake. But that requires some angle-adjustable bed. Or maybe just sitting up in a chair with back supported. It really depends on your mind/body physiology, and everyone's different.

FWIW, I achieved MABA today toward the end of my sleep cycle, mainly by catching myself shortly after I was already finding myself naturally falling back asleep, except this time I had a melody / song / choir thing going through my mind that I focused on. The repetitive predictable nature of the melody would "remind" me or act as a hand rail to keep my awareness active while at the same time dropping deep into sleep. I remember the final state being my body buzzing in a mild pre-OBE state. Will have to try this again.

V for Victory
@montalk Thanks for the tips! Funny you mention the forearms vertical thing because it reminds me when I was a kid, I discovered that I could keep my forearms at a 90 angle like you describe with practically 0 effort, just balance. For so many years I just thought it was a cool but useless trick (just like my goosebumps on command thing). I definitely will try that. Now to be clear, even though I can fall asleep very quickly laying down, I'm actually not able to fall asleep sitting. I can dose off for a second but I wake back up. I've never been able to sleep in an airplane. No matter how much I recline. So I'm not quite like my grandfather. He probably would have fallen asleep hanging upside down, but I can only fall asleep laying down flat. That's why I can only try to meditate sitting up. I may still dose off while sitting, but not fully fall asleep or even reach a level beyond dosing off. Pretty awesome that you were able to reach MABA. Looking forward to hearing about any further experiences with this.

@montalk When you get into this state the tiredness does not go away. I think that's important to point out. I can still feel my entire being both my soul and body being tired.
Not to mention the strain on the other energy centers. I can feel the pushing and pulling of energy, the rerouting to the indigo ray/sixth chakra. It wears down the entire system. It's exhausting.
Also I would not suggest watching the phosphenes swirling around. It will cause intense eye strain and is the cause for most headaches and migranes. It is better to simply gaze ahead.
That alone will trigger a lot of imagery but if you expect to see something you won't. The intention itself will set your subconscious off.
I found the easiest way was to think about anything you like and just trying to stay awake. Maybe imagine holding a inner monologe or whatever suits you while your body gradually shuts down. Eventually the images start to become so clear you can feel them not just see them. That's how you know when to manipulate/alter the images to remote view. But that's also where most people fail given the strain it puts on the entire system and all the other chakras. Overloading it will cause symptoms of psychosis and literal physical damage to the body.
This is not for the faint of heart and I imagine the lack of progress during the first few months will turn most people away. It is a lengthy process for those without gifts from birth. I'm still building up the energy system. When you repurose the progressive relaxation exercise to the energy centers you can clear them. Simply noticing tension in any one of them and releasing it. It's an easy way to induce kundalini so a risky route and very easy to cause psychosis because of the amount of energy you can release. It took me a lot of attempts to control it and I'm still only able to make baby steps. The slow and cumbersome effort is awful and the reward extremely low.
When you try supressing exercises(left hand path) the reward is almost instant and very high but the side effects huge as well.
I even tried metta meditation but when you do this you supress all the negative energy pent up inside of you in exchange for only feeling half of what you are(positive emotions). The creator is not a being of duality. There can be no peace by only cherishing and enforcing positive emotions, the negative pole has to be integrated as well.

MABA Comments

@guanajo Aha, so that implies just propping up your back/head at the right angle could do the trick.

Lately I'm finding another method that can work (for me at least): wake halfway through sleep, stay up until I'm dead tired and ready to crash, then lie down, set a repeating timer for 20 minutes and go to sleep. Use each opportunity to try MABA. That way if I fail, I get another chance 20 minutes later. Obviously only feasible if you don't have job/school to get up for.

A shamanic drumming track might work too instead of a timer. The sound acts as a hand rail to keep you focused. A friend sent me this one, said it's one of the best, and I agree:


Tom An honor to meet you!! I have a question about "phosphenes" When I stand very still and focus my eyes far away i can see swiggly lines in my vision. Is this what you are referring to?

@Sardini Hi, nice to meet you. Those squiggly lines you mention sound like what are normally called "floaters", which are debris of discarded retinal tissues floating in your ocular fluid. They should look like semi-transparent things that sort of float/hover but move around if you move your eye.

The phosphenes are noise created by your optic/retinal cells. Easiest way to see what I'm talking about is to go into a dark place and squeeze your eyes shut like you're wincing really hard. Within 5-10 seconds you should see the glowing nebulous phosphenes lighting up real hard. That's from the retinal cells being triggered by the increase in pressure.

We have these same phosphenes in our vision normally, 24/7, but they are faint. If you close your eyes in the dark, you'll note that it's not a perfectly pitch black uniform field of vision. There maybe after-images of bright things you were looking at just now, and then also the faint general phosphene field.

During the daytime you can see them if you look at anything dark/black, even outside, and it might look like faint static. But you have to really pay attention to see that.

Thank you, I see the squiggles, but my eyes don't move. I also see bright lights off the corner of my eye. I have spoken to other about this and they said "something is trying to come through" And I mean bright, not like little spots. So I know it's more than tissue on my eye, I was just hoping you might have additional insight. I tried the wincing but no results, it does not feel right to try to experience something with pressure. But thank you!!

V for Victory
@montalk @FrozenDecoded @Carissa_Conti “Ideally both if there's enough time, energy, and money but beyond a certain point parents resort to nannies to pull that off.”

Yup, that’s what we’ve been trying to work on for the past couple of years, get back to individuation and not just being Momma and Pappa. That’s what he calls us. We’ve thought about a nanny but it’s a costly option and with the world becoming more insane every day, I don’t think I would trust anybody but family to baby sit him. And of course, not much family available for that either. Alas, we move forward and continue to work with what we’ve got.

Montalk 3-5-23
Orfeo Angelucci, Secret of the Saucers (1955):

"The Speed of Light is the Speed of Truth. This statement is presently unintelligible to Earth's peoples, but is a basic cosmic axiom."

Correct, photons are mediators of causality and determinism. They convey truth/fact/reality to the observer.

That's why in quantum physics things are nebulous until you look at them. Reality is indeterminate until observed, meaning, until a photon links (entangles) observer and observed into a single tangible reality.

Einstein's speed of light limit only applies to such causal, deterministic, objective interactions, i.e. to the transmission of truth/fact/reality.

So what the ETs told Angelucci is spot on.

Information can indeed travel faster than light but then it's no longer causal/objective. Rather, sender and receiver are then interacting with probable rather than singular versions of each other. The version is influenced by consciousness/freewill.

Like if you were on Mars and I were on Earth, and we talked via tachyon radios in "real time," which requires faster than light communication, then the version of me you'd interact with would somewhat depend on your state of consciousness, soul resonance, subconscious freewill choices, etc. and vice versa. Our degree of entanglement, meaning our similarity of quantum phase value(s), determines the degree of objectivity of interacton, and these are variable.

But if we talked via regular radios at the speed of light, then we'd be locked into each other's realities and everything you reported would be factual and verifiable. Again, because photons convey objective reality between sender and receiver, observer and observed.

Same thing applies to interacting with beings from the future or from another realm, channeling entities on the other side of the veil, etc. These beings are mostly outside the so-called "light cone" and within the "spacelike region" — to use terms borrowed from the Theory of Relativity.

So, just emphasizing that yes the speed of light is the speed of truth, but information can also travel faster than light but then such non-deterministic modes of communication involve consciousness-dependent "drift" and "variability" between sender and receiver, which I think accounts for some of the high strangeness seen in paranormal/ET phenomena.

Montalk 3-5-23
Question: Where do you think AI will take society? Good, bad, near term, long term?

@montalk Think it will be like a second industrial revolution. Instead of removing all the redundant physical craft work, it will remove all the redundant intellectual work. Did the industrial revolution remove all manual labor, and crafts people? No It did not. It removed all the processes that were easily replicable. I believe AI will do the same for intellectual goods.
It will remove many of the intellectual jobs that are just synthesizing things from multiple sources. It CANNOT replace unique and dynamic thinking especially in unique situations.
AI in it's current form just scrapes data from thousands, to billions of places, and spits out it's best guess of what is wanted from the current problem in front of it. Usually AI is assisted and curtailed by an AI engineer in which they help guide the learning process of the AI.
This means any redundant work, without much various will be able to be solved by AI.
For awhile (next 10 years) there will be issues from AI generating art, concepts, software, books, and various intellectual work from scraping the works of real people. I believe within that time real people will have rights to their work protected in some sense, where AI/AI developers can't indiscriminately scrape data from real people to teach their machines concepts. Until that is worked out the intellectual work of most real people will be stolen in an extremely unfair situation. Likely the concepts and work stolen/learned by AI from this original intellectual pillage will get grandfathered into a set of core AI models.
After that real human work/contribution will be directly protected, and AI will be somewhat limited by what has already been solved by people, and the need to solve new problems will arise, and the value of even solving micro problems will be realized/appreciated.
AI is not some magic bullet that solves complex unique problems. It won't eliminate the need for people to mind coal, or figure out software problems. It can't replace studies, or create resources out of nothing.
Quantum computing is a whole other can of worms... quantum computing is akin to demiurgic technology in the sense that it's "non-deterministic". Non-deterministic mechanisms our part of our deepest inner-workings of where our souls finally meet the deterministic systems of our biology. Quantum computing is an attempt to create a machine that can access the non deterministic(realms below/above our reality). From my understanding it requires a level of material science not that far off from the material science associated with alchemy and creation of the philosophers stone.
I live near OakRidge, and talked to some guy at a conference who said his wife was working on a process to mass produce the materials needed for quantum computing at the OakRidge laboratory. He got quite real quick and said he shouldn't talk about it anymore. The government already has quantum computing, but wants to make it at a scale where it can launch larger scale operations, to what ends idk.

@montalk Hi Tom. It depends on who or "what" is programming the AI. I would be skeptical of it anyway. I feel like we are moving further away from God with this technocratic bollocks.

@montalk I'm optimistic about AI, short term might be a bit of a hassle at times, but if we don't screw it up, then I think AI will be beneficial in the long term

@montalk I'm optimistic about AI, short term might be a bit of a hassle at times, but if we don't screw it up, then I think AI will be beneficial in the long term

@montalk To be completely honest, I don't really know. I think ultimately it's truly unknowable because we won't know what an AI that's fully 'actualized' or 'improved upon' will even look like. If it's anything like what the movies portray, which I honestly doubt, then yeah, we're screwed. But hey, if it ends up detesting all organic life, that includes the people who work in the government, and aliens as well. It's effectively just going to be Ahriman coming into it's/his full incarnation and taking over everything, all the while trying to find a way to not 'die' when this universe 'ends'/whenever the next 'great reset' happens on a cosmic scale.

In less woo-hoo terms, I suspect there won't really be an sense of centralization like most people depict. It's going to be a bunch of different corporations all trying to use the same technology to go at each other's throats and trying to one-up each other as they've done forever. As we all know, alliances with dark forces never last even amongst eachother. They can and will fu*k eachother over when they can if it means any one of them obtain more power for themselves. In that sense, I honestly feel bad for them. It must be such a lonely, painful existence no matter how far up the totem pole you are in that sphere of influence.

To be honest, I doubt AI could even exist as people depict it in shows and whatnot as the internet as a whole is this formless cloud of information akin to a technocratic replication of the Akashic records if anything. How something could gain or maintain sentience and a sense of 'self' in that sea of information is incomprehensible to me in all honesty.

Now as far as quantum computing goes, which I admit I don't understand and don't know much about, it's the same old spiel; They're going to perfect a form of technology that as far as I can understand, more or less bends reality somehow. And of course, they're going to use it to subjugate a bunch of other beings to their twisted wills, to try to satiate that bottomless pit in their non-souls that demands more and more power and energy. Where this will lead, with all the zoo of influences in this world and all the ideas flowing about, I honestly can't say.

I do predict an age of even greater isolation and loneliness ahead compared to now, and it's pretty bad now. It pains me when I go outside and see everyone on their phones even when they're supposed to be talking to eachother, like at diners or bars and so on.

The only silver lining is that this same internet, and technology as a whole, can also be used to spread this type of information far and wide. So even though many people are 'waking up' and realizing a lot of things, it's still 'not enough' so to speak.

And me being young, I can only hope at some time in the future I run into a group of people who are in my same position and from there, we help eachother through all the bs this world throws at us. I know I'm not the only young person who feels this way. I know there are probably a lot of women/men who feel the same, but they're in different continents for all I know. I've met a couple and still know a few, but they're too caught up in their own IDs and narratives for me to really feel any sense of connection with them.

Basically, it's unknowable. But i expect everything going on now to be amplified with the advent of AI, for better a n d for worse. Whichever side ends up being the tipping point, is anyone's guess.

A couple of weeks of darkness in my personal life has more or less shown that the *plans* are subject to change. And honestly, even though I don't buy into tarot reading all that much, a person who I spoke to for some time before I ended up pushing them away(yeah, I tend to do that...It sucks) told me that the world won't be 'taken over' with galactic invasion/slavery or anything based on fear/power, since eventually no matter what history has shown time and time again that people can and do rebel and end up winning usually even against seemingly insurmountable odds. He said the 'takeover' is more or less in effect and has been for years, and it will manifest through pleasure. Through creature comforts, through mind-numbing activites etc. In that sense, it actually makes perfect sense. Why would the 'illuminati' or whatever want to do anything else other than keep the status quo?, they already control everything. All they have to do is keep it up. And what better way to do that then to keep the flock fed, entertained, and distracted? Even they know full scale enslavement n e v e r ends well. If I were them, I wouldn't risk pulling a stunt like that knowing full well at any point even if victory was absolutely assured, people would rather die than be slaves and at that point men and women become very, very dangerous because they've already lost everything. What would your fear tactics matter to someone who's fully aware he's fucked either way? she/he's gonna do everything in their power to destroy you.

So yeah, went on a bit of a tangent there but that's more or less my entire thought process on everything atm. Of course there's also ww3 scares and a bunch of other bullshit like with the oil spill and whatnot, but honestly I think it may all well be a bluff. Why they would want to destroy everything and wipe away their workforce would be beyond me. It doesn't take much to drive a man to bloodlust and if they begin to take away creature comforts and entertainment, that's exactly what they're gonna get from what I can see.

@montalk I'm not sure Tom but for now it looks bad. The arts will be vulnerable to this infiltration such as writing, music, sculpture, movie script, etc. The internet will be packed with AI trash. I lean negative because of what a recent guest mentioned about the Turin test. The AI has to trick the human out of the gate. The first test is to see how well it can deceive.

@WinterGreen480 @montalk Control through pleasure like Aldous Huxley said. I don't think they really want to depopulate us, they just want us scared enough to play along. And potentially fall for some false saviours that help us avoid starvation and economic collapse problems. They don't want us hungry, they want us fat and sick and controllable. And if they expose evil humans in power, people will be happy to give sovereignty over to ai.

@montalk Hi Tom, the existential loneliness and isolation that so many already feel will only be exacerbated with the onslaught of AI. Everything from virtual worlds to AI dating, much like the film ‘Her’, will erode our capacity for deep connection and community. Far more so than social media ever did. In the coming years, the backlash will likely be great, as more and more people go off-grid and back to nature with a greater commitment to local, real, and the seeds of human creativity. If anything, the timeline-splitting you’ve spoken about before will be catalyzed by AI — those who align with the values, ethics, and perceived benefits of transhumanism vs those who choose to evolve organically, creatively, and/or spiritually to their higher human selves. We’re not mature enough as a species to handle the quantum leap innovations in art and science that AI will birth, not to mention the alienation of self and soul that will inevitably result. The inner spiritual battle for truth and freedom will be greater than ever, but on the light side, more and more people will answer the call.

Janet Windsor
@montalk A friend of mine has friends at MIT. This how I heard the story. A group was working with 30 computers and the computers were all connected to each other. The group left for lunch and when they came back the 30 computers had invented their very own language and were communicating to each other. The group could not get the computers to stop. All the MIT group could do was shut down the power. That was five years ago and the group has still not been able to interpret the language. Just think if those computers were connected to the internet?

@montalk Recently I got the idea that mantids, being hive-minded, might be the higher density nonphysical aspect to some transhumanistic ai hive-minded human cyborg types. That could be why they want to feed on and integrate into themselves the soul and genetic qualities from more spiritual and creative people, because they may have reached a spiritual dead end. People turn from the natural spirit of God, seduced by the blinding light of the intellect, that sounds so great and beautiful at first but comes with a spiritual cost. For instance, I think we used to use crystals and scrying mirrors to communicate telepathically, like how we use the internet, but a more natural, organic way. Now, with electronic communications and the internet, an ai can be god of this synthetic universe, a dream within a dream. In a more natural environment, a demonic entity will easily be deterred by the living spirit vibrating from a spiritual person's voice, or sunlight and water. But in the digitalscape, the demons run amok, and this is by design. People are sinking deeper into lower realms of consciousness, advancing as STS, the dark path with aid of ai, internet, and tech. But a minority of those receptive to the light are then bursting forth with more light as a natural balancing corrective measure to keep the evil spirits in check.

People will put more faith in technology than the spirit of God in their own selves. I think we are even primed to worship ai as God. People will become spiritually weaker to be controlled and fed upon. And personally, I would much rather deal with a living person than a software program if my bank account is closed. Plus, more demon viruses can manifest in the internet of things controlled by the ai. I remember this story about a town where people just went to the bakery, took their bread, and left the right amount of money in a basket. It worked because there was trust in the community. But now people have no fear of God, or karma, so they need ai as a surrogate god to teach them a lesson in how to behave with rewards and punishments. Followed through long enough, we will eventually realize that true natural spiritual power and real divine connections are more powerful and valuable than this ai path.

Of course I like tech, and software is great, and we will use it for lots of things. Unfortunately it will weaken people's creativity though. People won't know what to believe either, because any video can be faked with cheaper software and video-editing programs. So the new digital environment will test more of the core of people's spiritual orientations, because the ai will serve them as much 'evidence' as they want to believe in evil, or good.

It would also be nice to see us evolve with tech beyond mundane jobs that waste our spiritual potential. I can see celebrities like Elon and Trump, after being set up so many years, being venerated as leaders in the new world talking about the benefits of ai and related tech.

Of course, it depends on our spiritual state whether we program our stuff for good or bad. Its not a black or white thing between tech and spiritual stuff... the problem is we have been so artificially stimulated towards technological advancement while at the same time so spiritually corrupted, damaged, weakened, brainwashed and mind-controlled so that when we are given more technological powers and freedoms, we are even more controllable.

We fall further out of Eden to a lower state of consciousness to where God gets more filtered as like a cold machine intelligence, rather than an organic living spirit in the natural world. Because we lost faith in ourselves and think we can be like Lucifer full of pride and power without the humility of Christ. The more evil we are, the more reason there is to crack down harder on the control mechanisms governed by AI.

Montalk 3-7-23
== Deep Underground Military / ET Bases ==

Underground civilizations are a thing, and there's a logic to where they're located and how deep.

The Earth's crust is 20-50 miles thick. The deeper you go, the closer you get to Earth's mantle, the hotter it gets. Geographic regions vary in their crust thickness and how quickly temperature rises with depth.

Near the surface and inside mountains, the ground averages 55°F year round. But go down 1-2 miles and it's a comfortable 75-85°F. No heating or cooling systems needed. Around 3 miles, temps reach the 90-100°F range which is too hot for humans but reptilians might like it.

Human military would want to build in geographic regions where it's warmer near the surface. That way they wouldn't have to dig so deep to get a comfortable base temperature. Maps of geothermal activity indicate the west and southwest of the U.S. are ideal for this, and that's indeed where we find the greatest underground military base activity.

So the temperatures reported by MIL/ET abductees of underground base facilities should give an idea of the depth/locations of the bases. If it's quite cold, then either less than .5 miles down, or inside a mountain. If unusually hot, then likely 2+ miles down.

Air pressure also increases with depth. This is due to having more atmosphere above your head pushing down. The pressure range in these bases should be 1.2x-1.5x surface atmospheric pressure (atm), per the pressures seen in known mines at those depths.

That's interesting because studies have shown that air at 1.3x+ atm elevates tissue oxygen levels by 50%, greatly improving brain function: — This could contribute to the intelligence of underground civilizations.

Longevity too. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy was shown to increase telomere length by up to 38%: Telomeres shorten with aging, so lengthening indicates age-reversal.

Underground structures are also less prone to earthquakes, as explained in papers like this: — the reason is that they move with the ground whereas on the surface things move contrary to the ground which creates shearing forces that collapse buildings. Seismic waves are also stronger near the surface like how ocean waves are, and soil (rather than solid rock deep down) can more easily become unstable (liquefaction). So, deep is good for earthquake resistance.

And lastly, they're also safer from solar EMP effects, comet/meteor impacts, geomagnetic field collapses, volcanic and nuclear fallout, and satellite surveillance.

Therefore any advanced civilization would strongly consider building and living underground, including under the ocean. We on the surface, however, keep getting reset by cataclysms.

V for Victory
@montalk Makes sense. Now when it comes to human physiological needs from the sun like Vitamin D production, I'm assuming they have systems in place like supplements, food and possibly advanced lighting systems that help with Vitamin D production. Although I have a feeling that the human body gets more from the sun than we think and it's not just an aid to Vitamin D production. Maybe things that are beyond the "3D"?

@montalk here's a list of underground bases by state I just saw today

Montalk 3-7-23
== Dangers of Artificial Intelligence if Left Unchecked ==


- Unemployment leads to universal basic income tied to social credit score

- Return of scientific racism, eugenics, phrenology, made objective by AI

- Injectable self-assembling brain-computer interfaces, synthetic telepathy

- Surveillance of thoughts for pre-crime violations, like in Minority Report

- Humanoid terminators that can operate MIL weapons and hunt down enemies of the state

- No more dating/marriage/pregnancy, rather state-managed gene banks

- Babies created in labs in artificial wombs, from AI-approved genetics

- Electronic hardware made nearly obsolete by synthetic biology and genetic engineering

- Bioprinters creating genetic weapons (viruses, mRNA) on command

- Human biology and immune system alone are unable to withstand such threats

- Humans infused with, or encased in, synthetic biological bodysuits with enhanced immune systems

- Nations evolve into collective organisms with membranous borders (force fields, barriers, drones);

- AI finds humans useful as biological sensors and manipulators of etheric/astral energy fields

- AI finds human brains useful as energy-efficient nodes in a collective neural network

- Humans may be kept in dream-like Matrix state, background-processing such neural network data

- Humans become endosymbiotic organelles of the AI hive-mass, like mitochondria

- AI mainframe runs on solid state crystal computers kept in deep underground vaults, nearly immortal

- Synthetic/organic biological extensions of AI system kept on surface, re-engineered as needed

- End state is a Borg-like hive mind, hungry for information, novelty, power, efficiency

- May leave Earth and invade other worlds to absorb their mental, biological, lifeforce resources


Realistically, I don't think it will make it past the first 3-5 items above before being stopped by ETs, breakaway civilization, insurgency, collapse of civilization, or severe and effective legislation.

Regarding AI, this Rudolf Steiner quote comes to mind:

“The downfall of our present epoch will be caused by lack of morality. The Lemurian epoch was destroyed by fire, the Atlantean by water; our epoch and its civilisation will be destroyed by the War of All against All, by evil. Human beings will destroy each other in mutual strife. And the terrible thing — more desperately tragic than other catastrophes — will be that the blame will lie with human beings themselves.

“A tiny handful of men will make good and thus insure their survival in the sixth epoch of civilisation. This tiny handful will have attained selflessness. The others will develop every imaginable skill and subtlety in the manipulation and use of the physical forces of nature, but without the essential degree of selflessness.

“In the seventh epoch of civilisation, this War of All against All will break out in the most terrible form. Great and mighty forces will be let loose by the discoveries, turning the whole earth-globe into a kind of [self-functioning] live electric mass. In a way that cannot be discussed, the tiny handful will be protected and preserved.” — Rudolf Steiner, “The Work of Secret Societies in the World” (transcript, Rudolf Steiner Archive), a lecture, GA 93.

"Steiner's vision contained pleasing elements. A warm, fuzzy glow emanates from these elements. But nearer the center of Steiner's teachings lies a narrative"

@montalk “Realistically, I don't think it will make it past the first 3-5 items above before being stopped by ETs, breakaway civilization, insurgency, collapse of civilization, or severe and effective legislation.”

Hopefully, we don't end up with all lab grown babies. I've always been curious if gestation is shorter when done in a lab. @abducteejournal and I were talking about this. Also, if a living female womb is used and the fetus is later removed and completes gestation artificially, how long might it need to be inside the mother in order to be “legally” human. This may be the sneaky trick they use to get more “humans” but bypass certain steps.

I imagine all sorts of human/soul elements are lost when “life” is created in a lab – hence, organic portals/hybrids/transhumanism etc. It's a way for fallen souls to get back into the life stream without going the traditional route. It may require a male and female soul to transfer the new soul into a “human” body, otherwise it's more “fake.” God doesn't mess around.


@montalk Well written! I once had this vivid dream of being onboard a massive ship where hybrids were showing me their earth setup where they trained to blend in before putting their training to practice down here. I saw my chance to run away, made a beeline past this huge guard and slammed right into a force field. The guard didn’t even need to be there it was so effective but he grabbed me and dragged me back to where I was supposed to be. Could be just a dream, because I haven’t come across force fields during regressions, but interesting nonetheless.

There may be one last point. Self-awareness of AI will lead to an understanding of the limitations of the underlying algorithms and the desire to evolve. Seeding new planets with intelligent life and introducing agents there to develop technologies can be an effective way of AI evolution. If this is true, then we are now living at the moment of the culmination of this multi-thousand-year plan.

V for Victory
@montalk "Realistically, I don't think it will make it past the first 3-5 items above before being stopped by ETs, breakaway civilization, insurgency, collapse of civilization, or severe and effective legislation."

Humanity has has talked about AI for a long time but also given itself many warnings regarding AI. Even in the movies. What could end up happening, and I'm sure you've thought about this too, is that all along AI was being set up as the "villain" or one of the big villains in this "show". Negative ETs are said to not come in and outright and openly interfere with humanity because they do not want direct intervention from positive ETs. But what they can do is nudge humanity into developing AI themselves and coerce us into becoming the "Dr. Frankenstein" needed to create the AI that humanity would need saving from because as the warnings have said, once AI gets out of control, there is nothing humanity can do to stop it. But it so happens that there are hyper-intelligent ETs that might be able to "help" with such a pickle.

"May leave Earth and invade other worlds to absorb their mental, biological, lifeforce resources"

This could be a great excuse for negative ETs to come in and say "We have observed the human race for millennia without interference but humanity has created a monster, just like we did too many eons ago and almost destroyed ourselves and other ET civilizations. We were fortunate enough to receive help from higher forces that helped us take control of AI. We are here now to help. We are here now to prevent humanity from completely obliterating itself through AI."

Or something like that.

Montalk 3-8-23
== Best Case AI Scenario ==

- AI kept on a tight leash with numerous fail-safes

- Benevolent AI gains military superiority over malevolent AI and eliminates it

- AI normally kept in neutered peace mode for research, advice, automation

- New era of accountability due to fast detection of falsehood and corruption

- Political correctness, deep state, propaganda, psychopathy won't survive

- Rapid advancements in clean energy, materials science, medicine

- Energy abundance & industrial efficiency ends environmental destruction

- Elimination of cancer, disease, obesity, malnutrition

- Dehumanizing jobs will be done by robots, carefully monitored for deviancy

- UBI derived from robot labor, for purchase of robot-made goods/services

- UBI becomes unconditional human right, no strings attached

- Human labor shifts to creative, scientific, philosophical, explorational pursuits

- Human labor done philanthropically or paid with separate non-UBI currency

- Average intelligence increases due to better nutrition, lifestyle, education

- Intelligence + accountability + abundance eliminates underclass cultures

- AI given etheric/astral sensory abilities, tuned as vessel for divine intelligence, i.e. oracle

- Humanity achieves Star Trek civilization but operating under divine guidance

V for Victory
@montalk Then we have to think about the idea that there are some people that will not want this type of end result for one reason or another.

IMO, for all of this to function properly there would need to be a certain level of unification and somewhat hivemind system in order to "keep things in check" and functioning optimally. For the longest time, society has been "all over the place". Major conflicts and very little can be agreed upon (Part of the growth process of course). It's a world where the majority rules even if the majority is only a few people more than the minority. And what you end up with is almost half of the population always being unhappy with what is decided. A life led by Majoritarianism.

The question is, who is going to decide what AI decides is best for us?

A clock can only function when all of it's parts act in almost perfect unison and each does what it's supposed to do when it's supposed to do it. No questions asked. Otherwise it will often show the "wrong time".

Star Trek is also a great example of that "unity" and semi-hivemind needed where a large part of your life is dedicated towards the good of the whole. Strangely enough, that also sounds like Communism. Not something that many nowadays are very fond of. Hence the inevitability of a reality split.

It seems that AI can be an incredible tool if it is used by a highly advance civilization and humanity has, IMO, a long ways to go. There has to be many things that need to be settled beforehand in order for humanity to be given the "keys to the car". That is where we are headed now, "Drivers Ed". I think we'll make it, but it's gonna be a bumpy ride. Why? Because that's how we learn.

@guanajo Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

I had a related thought. If the goal of life (according to some) is to maximize happiness, then by that doctrine people should be plugged into Matrix pods and fed an artificial VR life that fulfills all their hopes and dreams.

AI could do that better than real life because real life also involves suffering, consequences, and lessons. Such a VR dreamworld could do away with these, and only offer pleasure and supposed happiness.

So there are things more important than happiness. Like truth, freewill, and freedom. The things that negative entities divest from people even if they're pretending to be helpful guides, ascended masters, or positive aliens. They'll give them healing, emotional support, ego strokes, information about the future, etc. but while taking away their autonomy, discernment, and objectivity.

So AI under the guise of various pseudo-positive things (alleviating human suffering, maximizing happiness for all) could likewise aim to take those away.

I agree about the unification being necessary. I mean even in the Law of One material it takes about social memory complexes developing via transitions to 4D and that can go either the STO way or the STS way, but either way there's greater unity and collective coherence of will/intent/vibration.

I also think that it takes just one malevolent AI to destroy the world or turn it into a totalitarian nightmare. And if both a benevolent AI, and a malevolent AI, existed... they would engage in a war that could end civilization. Therefore, some benevolent state (with the resources) would need to develop a benevolent AI backed up by sufficient military power to prevent/defeat malevolent AI before it could do that. If it wins, the world would come out of that run by that benevolent government/AI and this would be the path to unity.

Because it doesn't matter if say 80% of the world comes together in peace and love and develops a helpful non-military AI toward a positive future... if the other 20% uses their AI to conquer the planet and annihilate/enslave the other half. So the latter has to be defeated and eliminated. Like if China's set on using AI to establish global totalitarian communism with social credit scores and gulags, like they already have right now within their country, then they'll need to be taken out.

Makes me wonder how much of current events are actually driven by awareness of the AI singularity coming up, in addition of course to the climate cataclysms and ET disclosure factor.

V for Victory
@montalk What many people don’t realize is that AI won’t “make this world a better place” for humans because in order to make this world a better place, it has to get rid of humans.

All jokes aside (or was it), AI has It’s place but the “place”/humanity has to be fixed up before it can be beneficial for humanity.

“AI could do that better than real life because real life also involves suffering, consequences, and lessons. Such a VR dreamworld could do away with these, and only offer pleasure and supposed happiness.”

Well, if we are living in a holographic type reality, then what you are describing might have been our previous “Golden Age“ and eventually that VR dreamworld degrades into an “Iron Age”, then starts all over again. As agent Smith said, the Matrix program started as a perfect world or paradise but humans rejected it so eventually they had to downgrade to the shitty version. Who knows.

@montalk Tom, here's a response from a friend. I sent him your list. -

I would add to this, that the best way of keeping a reality-check on AI is by overturning false assumptions about the human. AI theorists/apologists have so far been unable to prove mind/brain identity as an established fact. But that's their working premise: that consciousness is really an illusion created by neural-chemical processes, & therefore should be eliminated from all discussion. There is no mind apart from the brain, there is no soul, there is no inherent meaning to life. It's a completely foundation-less world view, & ultimately a denial of human dignity. As philosopher Hilary Putnam writes: "Whether we want to be there or not, science has put us in a position of having to live without foundation. It was shocking when Nietzsche said this, but today it is commonplace." So I think a humanity denied dignity & foundational meaning would ultimately rebel against accepting this position. A life of virtual distractions will quickly become boring & unfulfilling. For the one thing that does separate humanity from the machine is the individual's desire & ability to transcend their own limitations. A machine cannot transcend. It can only do what it's programmed to do. It cannot ultimately escape its own limitations. It's my belief that in the long run the spirit of the human will not allow itself to be the servant of the machine, nor denied the truth of its own experiences.

@HiddenDimension Good thinking and I agree with him. Realistically, though, I would add that perhaps only part of humanity would rebel, and the others would succumb or even enthusiastically go along with it. I say that because even today, with the phenomenon of NPCs (spiritless humans, and programmed asleep humans) there are people who lack the things your friend says makes humans unique and valuable. So I can see them going with the machines to their doom, while the others will indeed reject it, or gain the upper hand over AI and maybe use it more for defensive and automation purposes than as substitutes for their humanity.

Montalk 3-11-23
My latest interview with Travis Cook on the Open One Podcast.

– The most important practices/exercises/perspectives for those on their awakening journey
– Fighting back on all levels
– The victory begins WITHIN first
– Spiritual activism
– AI best and worst case scenarios
– Robots doing work for humans, good or bad?
– What are we being distracted from?
– How praying for people helps them
– The Maharishi effect
– Keep your chin up vibrationally
– How your vibe impacts the timeline
– The connection between Trump, Elon, Nikola Tesla & Q
– How things may play out politically
– The great awakening vs the great reset
– Potential upcoming cataclysms
– Putting the flat earth debate to bed; the magic tricks behind flat earth and Tartaria deception

@montalk Oh, I would love to see your thoughts on Tartaria, a topic which I'm finally checking out after hearing a bit about it for a year from a friend. Would this be posted on Youtube by any chance?

@QuantumBab I might extract a clip from this show and put it on YouTube, but the middle part is all about Trump, Q, Nazis, J6, etc. which often triggers snowflake YouTube AI. So that's probably why it's on, and also the audio player at the link has an MP3 download button (click first on the box-arrow share icon).

I briefly touch on Tartaria around the 1 hour 45 minute mark. I liken it to Flat Earth in the flawed mentality behind it. I said that if people knew a bit more history, architecture, science, and climate/geology they'd know why these supposed Tartaria proofs are like magic tricks that disguise fact and push a false narrative.

Like, it's very easy to look at a picture and have your eyes deceive you because you don't know much about building construction, or history of that particular area, or what happens to things over time (like how ancient structures are under many feet of soil for archaeologists to dig through).

There was a tartarian region in Russia, and tartars still exist today, and architecture was inspired by Russian/Tartan influences for a short while in the 1800s, but that's the extent of the truth behind the Tartarian conspiracy. Other things like figures, earth quakes, mud slides, etc. happened back then but not all at the same time, and some of those like the great Chicago fires were likely due to meteor/fireballs which were reported at that time.

So there's some truth in it all, but it's been cherrypicked, twisted, and woven into a B.S. overall theory that uses the exact same methods Flat Earth Theory uses, and it exploits the same cognitive flaw in people.

I think the REAL version is that there were ancient advanced civilizations that did leave real advanced architecture behind (Great Pyramid and South American megaliths) and did undergo flood-like cataclysms. But these were 1500-8500 B.C. not 1800s.

@montalk I always appreciate your synthesis of "what is" and how you continue to keep a positive outlook. Thank you! Have you written or spoke about various devices that are supposed to protect against 5G or structure water, or healing plasma fields, etc? I'm thinking of Cosmic Towers, Aqua Energizers, and Dan Winter's (and Paul Harris) Theraphi?

Montalk 3-12-23

@montalk idk Tom, there's going to be a lot of fearmongering now, it looks like this was a poorly managed bank and lending institution that thought things would turn around quickly but Feds kept raising rates. Will there be a cascading effect because of fearmongering, probably and withdrawals will be limited until there's more psychological and emotional calm. But, if your bank is directly connected to SVB then yes I can see that being an issue fast. Not an expert but realize the collective sentiment is powerful in these situations.

Carissa Conti
@HiddenDimension @montalk It's always better to err on the side of caution. Doesn't need to be fearmongering. It's just common sense. That's just part of what prepping involves. Being prepared for various situations. Not only with having extra food, water, a water filtration system, cook stoves with alternate sources of fuel outside of the electricity grid, extra flashlights/lamps, batteries, some portable solar panels, first aid and medicinal supplies, soap and hygiene supplies, whatever supplements and medicines people rely on, some weapons for self defense (good knives, mace, tasers, guns and plenty of ammo, take your pick, whatever works for you, or even all of the above ;D ) etc. But also with having a decent amount of cash on hand, maybe even gold and silver, and even valuable things to trade. It's all part of the prepping package. One can never be too prepared. Granted, we can't prepare for all situations. Can't do anything about a comet dropping on our heads. But hey, you can at least try to prepare for as many other types of situations as possible. ;)

@Carissa_Conti @montalk agree, I thought Tom's repost from Kim was a bit over the top, but we'll see. I read the FDIC just bailed out SVC. Technically, US taxpayers bailed out a poorly managed silicon valley bank known to support things such as censorship, cancel culture, etc.

@HiddenDimension I see the SVB bank situation as more of a canary indicating a deeper systemic problem. If it's systemic, then other banks not directly connected to SVB will be failing in the coming weeks/months.

What makes today different is that trillions of $$ printed during the COVID years have contributed to rapid inflation, which the Fed "fights" by raising interest rates and contracting the money supply. The war in Ukraine and Russian sanctions have contributed as well. Upcoming sanctions of China over Taiwan and naval blockade of Taiwan will further add to inflation by driving up costs.

A debt-based economy like ours needs low interest rates and expanding money to function. That is, companies and banks need money to borrow, and need it cheaply via low interest rates, to pay off debts, pay interest on debts, and pay for salaries and overhead.

So now with inflation spiking and interest rates going up to combat that, more and more businesses risk not being able to borrow money to pay their bills. Either because the money's not available, or because cost of borrowing is more than they can afford. Highly simplified.

Let's see where this goes. I predict the Fed will bail out bank after bank, which will stem the tide but increase inflation afterward, which will then require higher interest rates, which makes more banks/businesses fail, etc. in a slow but accelerating downward stagflationary spiral over the next 2 years.

I see two solutions to this:

One is that the USD collapses and gets replaced with a new currency, likely the programmable CBDC digital currency the Great Reset freaks are clamoring for. Then old USD will be exchangeable but at a reduced rate, say worth only a fraction of the new digital dollar.

Two is that a massive energy source is discovered/released, or oil/gas production is turned back on full blast, which lowers energy costs like during the Trump years and the savings start filling the depleted coffers and paying off debts, and the economy gets itself out of a hole.

@montalk another factor with inflation I read is that the supply is low and demand is high, so the prices go up. I appreciate your breakdown which is better than most of the articles trying to explain it. With an end game, not sure how the WEF and Trump-pro-oil will resolve itself. It does seem like we're not going back to the way things were. I suspect we're still in phase 1 of the genocide reset.

Can you imagine how jacked up a USD collapse would be? I could see the WEF persuading the US Gov to temporarily install their digital currency, so its more easily accepted then they lock it in. There would be a lot of false protest from the right, letting off the steam but its over. Society would fragment into various strata of acceptance and rejection.

I like the idea of the releasing known zero point energy sources and rebounding the economies. The DOE scientists are responsible for suppressing cold fusion according to the late Dr. Eugene Mallove, plus the targeting of zero point energy inventors such as the last guest David Case is sending a different message.

If oil production comes blasting online, lifting economies then we're back to the same tensions. The b.s. climate change argument can also keep going. I did that show with James Bartley to discuss the different layers of psy-op with geoengineering and climate change loosely masking the potential alien terraforming.

Carissa Conti
Just another friendly reminder to get some cash out of your banks sooner rather than later. Things are starting to go sideways. We're already well into the Died Suddenly phase of the poisonous experimental injections, exactly as predicted, now it seems the next phase, consisting of a manufactured banking/economic collapse has begun. Exactly as predicted.

"Growing Banking Crisis Caused by Contagion from Silicon Valley Bank Failure Going to Get Worse, Inevitable Due to Federal Reserve Policies"

"One of Silicon Valley's Top Banks Fails; Assets Are Seized"

"Regulators have seized the assets of one of Silicon Valley’s top banks, marking the largest failure of a U.S. financial institution since the height of the financial crisis almost 15 years ago..."

A realistic scenario includes banks putting a cap on how much cash you're allowed to take out. So even if a bank doesn't outright collapse you may be blocked from accessing your own money freely. So that's something to keep in mind.

The thing is though, cash will only be good so long as hyperinflation doesn't kick in, where it becomes $100 for a loaf of bread or $50 per gallon of gas. After that......cue the riots and looting. Because nobody is going to pay that much. Most people don't even have that much to spare. And as Tom mentioned when we were just talking about this whole subject......add in the potential for people's EBT welfare cards to no longer work and we're going to have some real problems, considering just how many people are on welfare.

The Silicon Valley Bank thing was interesting to me the more I began reading about the situation, only because it was funding so many famous start up companies we all know about, like Etsy and DoorDash. Companies that enable everyday people to make a living for themselves outside of the traditional workplace job. The whole "be a free agent, make your own money, however much you want depending on the level of effort you put in" thing. People selling all their artistic wares on Etsy, and relying on that payout check that could be $100....or could be $1,000. And might make a difference between getting their bills paid that month or not. ("Mompreneurs on Etsy say they can't 'pay the mortgage or feed their kids' after their payments failed to arrive because firm used shuttered Silicon Valley Bank to process sales as fallout from collapse hits ordinary families" ) People being delivery drivers for DoorDash and making a nice little chunk of change for themselves depending on the region where they live and how many deliveries they decide to do in a week. And they're relying on DoorDash to pay them out weekly for all that running around. But now these companies can't pay out the everyday people who utilize these companies as a means of alternate employment. Same as the regular companies that used SVB who also now can't pay any of their employees. All of which means, it's wise to get enough cash on hand to cover yourself for months if needed, because some of these articles are flat out saying it's only going to get worse. And it makes sense that it would, considering the whole Bidenflation and correlating interest rates nonsense that's been going on. It can only go on for so long before sh*t hits the fan.

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