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Clif High News
This website has all of his latest material

20221116 – Yank Them Chains
NOV 16, 2022
Preparing for a world after the fall of central banks in which we no longer pay a 50% tithe to the Khazarian Mafia. Direct podcast link:

20221114 – Bix Weir #12
Clif High joins Bix Weir to explain how we are seeing only the tip of the iceberg of the FTX debacle and paints possible scenarios for Veritaseum and silver.

00:48 “The Bug Ugly” period has officially begun with the designed fall of FTX
03:50 Entirely related to COVID; Petal #2 of a 1000-petal lotus; Links to 100s of crypto companies; SBF PR build-up and family connections
07:55 Analog to 1932-33 gold mining and bond crash; Today’s cryptos are equivalent to 1930s bonds
10:50 Something big coming on December 13th
18:40 2017 predictions around Veritaseum
25:15 Problems around cleaning up exchanges
27:55 Reggie Middleton (Veritaseum) will be asked to help rescue the system
29:15 Loss of surety by the normies
30:40 New monetary model; Multiple-species trading model
33:45 Circular workings of FTX with COVID, political, judicial, regulators; Emotionally-stunted people; PEDO connections
37:15 FTX and Data Analytics; Seizure of our society by seizure of the databases; Sara Fisher Ellison
41:55 $600 silver; Raphi on Silver; 75oz of silver = $1 million; Community bartering; MAGA movement
49:00 New pricing structure for silver
51:00 Electric car resources; Silver in military equipment and 5G towers
52:55 $1 billion in the Post Office system; Postmaster General
55:58 Clif has been asked to run for office in Washington State
58:00 Prepping for what’s coming

Direct video link:


Interviews last week with Graham Hancock and Steven Greer indicate we are entering the period of New Electrics where there will be abundant energy.

00:34 WooTech; Graham Hancock on Joe Rogan; Tartaria; Tesla Coils
02:55 Steven Greer; Free energy tech; Electric Cars; Electric Planes;
09:15 Antennas in Tartarian buildings; Aether
13:12 Khazarian Mafia destroying ancient monuments that describe free energy tech
15:15 Electric resistance and Resistance to control
17:40 Wu is Chinese for Shaman
19:30 New Electrics; Electric healing tech; SKENAR; RIFE Tech
25:29 New Electrics timing; Crossing threshold;
26:42 Space Aliens
29:00 Jews never mentioned the pyramids; Dutch archeologists dicovered mass grave of ~28,000 bodies
34:15 Biosphere not at risk; Woo Tech could bind normies against Khazarian Mafia
37:45 No existing words for New Electric discoveries and inventions; 9/11 described as “Military Accident”; New Electrics linked to Antarctica
40:20 Induction electrics; 5G is not dangerous unless you are close to it; 5G is all about tracking you; Graphene Oxide
53:35 Biosphere is not at risk
54:10 Big Ugly; Normies entering wake-up moment
55:20 Transreincarnationist
56:40 Twitter bots destroyed
57:35 FTX emotional tension increase from Nov 13 to Dec 13 to Jan

The tide has turned, but we have a long way to go. Rediscovering our true history is critical to our societal cohesion. And an interesting new twist on an old Web Bot theme.

00:20 We’re winning the war, but there is still much to be done; Trump back on de-woked Twitter; This is much larger than 4-year election; Let’s peg it at the JFK assassination
01:55 Khazarians are being defeated on every front; Life discovered below Antarctica; Ukraine = Khazaria; Vax war is won
03:35 We must undo all the polluted history; Jesus was an Essene, not a Jew
05:11 Many of the secret societies were created by the Khazarian Mafia; Jesuits; Talmud; Torah; Gadriel (Gabriel) monkied with DNA
11:00 Battle to eliminate the Jesus strain of DNA; Book: Redemption Through Sin
12:20 Long time to redo the narradym; When we have consensus on our history, we’ll have cohesion
14:43 Declass; Web Bots may have run into another undefined descriptor; Maryland food shortages lead people to discover big caches of government documents; Same kind of situation in Vatican library; 9/11 described as “Military Accident”; Possibly declass of documents around DC, Vatican, and West Coast

How to not speak to Space Aliens
Shouldn't we just ignore them?
Clif High Nov 22

This is a pertinent subject now. Recent videos appear to show captured communications between, that is, among, space aliens in the direction of the constellation of Orion.

In a separate instance, there are other rumors, not yet officially denied, therefore unsubstantiated until so denied, that the USA government, perhaps with others, is in communication with space aliens in the direction of Andromeda. These rumors have a tag attached that says that this communication, although, on going, is without understanding. That is to say, the rumor explicitly brings up the point that the government(s) involved, cannot decode the received communications, however, they are receiving something suggesting of an intelligence on the other end.

Suggesting of an intelligence is clearly the point. We don’t, and can’t for a long while, know for sure. There are many issues, one of which, ego-centrism. This is demonstrated on the captured signal from Orion video, where in the latter few minutes, the video creators show space ship (UFO) activity in deep space that appears, from our perspective, to show the exact ratio within the Golden Mean. This can’t be allowed to proceed beyond us recognizing it as ego-centrism run amok. The reasons are many. First, these space ships, the UFOs, are separated by vast distances, in fact, distances so vast that there is not any indication whatsoever that these two ships were aware of each other, as clearly the plane, upon which they seemingly interacted, is only visible from our, far distant, perspective. The constellations forming the background of each of these UFOs are not in the same plane of reference from our view, even though they look it. They are separated by millions of light years in direct line distance, but also one is closer to earth by several thousands of light years. So, given that understanding, are the two ships aware of each other? Are they interacting? The rational mind would say no. Thus, also, they could not be interacting with each other specifically to send a message to earth. Again, rampant human ego-centrism. Our mind sees a pattern, ergo it is a special communication meant just for us.

However, in the case of the first part of the video, the sounds that their long range antennae are receiving, if not a hoax, have some clear signs of being of intelligent origination. BUT, they are NOT sending to us.

That’s the issue. We humans have to check our egos, and assumptions prior to entering the door of inter species communications.

First. There is no indication that any of these captured signals are aimed at us. Second, there is yet no clear sign that any of these signals are actually aliens. It could be the machinery that aliens built that is talking among themselves, as in the case of say, asteroid sweepers reporting automatically when ever they snag an asteroid. They would report a burst of information that would have all the characteristics of a conversation. It would have repeatable elements that we humans use to differentiate from noise, but enough variation that it could be seen to be something more complex than a mere space beacon.

Any number of completely automated inter device communications could be expected to be part of any sufficiently advanced civilization. So we must be cautious in assigning ‘understanding’ to such signals. Especially when any nutter human starts to say that these signals are ‘proof’ that the distant civilization both knows about us, and its attempting to communicate with us.

That’s why groking the government’s rumored problem is so easy. Government, by its nature, is dumb. That is, of below average intelligence. This is also true of the people that government can hire as advisors. They will necessarily be of a very narrow mental viewpoint to be able to work for, or with, government, thus the propensity for large, glaring, obvious, and catastrophic errors by government under the best of circumstances, such as when they are actually trying to do something.

It is easy to understand why government would not be able to decode the ‘communications’ from Andromeda. It may well be that they are interacting with an automated garbage scow heading out to deep space to dump in a near-by sun. Our government is so mentally constrained that they would not know, nor, IMO, could they devise a method for determining if they were the intended recipient of the ‘message’. That’s just government for you. It may not have occurred to them even yet that they maybe ‘talking’ to an automated device. The rumor says that the communications have been on-going for a number of years.

My multiple decades experience of government, within the higher levels of the military, as well as working as a civilian contractor for various sections, has provided an interesting perspective on ‘gov think’.

It is worth noting that government usually relies on consultants to do their thinking for them. Even in the military, consultants are used when the parameters of the problem stray outside the areas of ‘assumed competency’ of the officers who have been placed in charge of the ‘situation’.

The basic issue to be taken with the military, as an example of government, hiring consultants, is that the criteria established for what constitutes a good, qualified, consultant does not really encompass the actual skill sets that are required by the ‘woo stuff’.

My father’s rank in the military allowed me the privilege of being in the background of some amazing, and history affecting personalities at times. While in Germany in the very early 1960s, my family attended a large, quasi-official, Independence Day Celebration that drew officers, and their families from all over what was then labeled, ETOP the European Theater of OPerations.

At this gathering, a very famous General, who was then 3 stars, was accompanied by several European Market Community representatives (civil servants trying to engineer the EU into existence), as well as several British, French, and German military and diplomats. It was quite the party.

Several hours into the party, in a corner of the garden, after the foods, and beers, had been consumed, the General held court with many officers, and other guests gathered around. At one point so many people wanted to hear that the General had to get up on the small stage, and use a microphone and speakers.

He was a physically brutal looking man from too long a time in too physically brutal an activity, War, and it was reflected in his thinking as well as his body.

This impromptu lecture that he gave has stuck with me all these decades. He spoke about ‘creativity and the Army’. By extension, over the years, I have applied his words to all of government to good effect.

“The Army is NOT interested in creativity” he had said. This was in response to a question unheard, but that was related to the current issues of the developing Cold War with Russia, especially as it involved the politics of Germany.

The General went on to say that it was the actual goal of the US Army, especially all the units under his command, to totally eliminate all creativity from all soldiers, and especially, all officers.

It was here in his speech, that he pointed to my father, then a new Major, standing near the front of the rather sizable crowd, as an example. He went onto say that my father was known to him from the Korean War, such-and-so battle, where the General had had to make a decision on the battlefield to commission my father for his bravery, but also his creativity in saving several companies of soldiers after their entire chain of command had been wiped out. The General then stated that such creativity was exceedingly rare, both in ‘real life’, and the US Army, finishing the thought by asking the assembled crowd of officers to look around and note that High was the only one among the many hundreds who had ‘come up through the ranks the hard way’, on the battlefield.

Further, the General commented that whenever it was possible, he had ‘kept an eye on High’ as he had stated it, over the years. This was not out of affection, but rather, as the General had said, so that he could ‘corral the very creativity that had prompted the promotion in the field’ as “the US Army cannot tolerate creativity in its ranks”, excepting in war, and only rarely then.

The General continued in the theme of the US Army and creativity being incompatible. He spoke about how the goal of the Army in all things was to ‘follow procedure’, and that ‘procedure’ always worked, until it didn’t. It was then, when all the ‘procedures’ had failed, that the Army needed creative officers and men, but until then, nope, they were not going to have it. Creativity gets in the way of orderly operations.

The real problem of this ‘rule book’ approach to life is that even when the military, and by extension, government, reaches a realization that they need creativity, in the form of a consultant to help them think about a problem, their ability to hire such creativity is constrained by the very systems they have in place to do exactly that, limit the hiring to ‘approved’ people.

Encapsulated, the military & government problem is that they have rules to define whom they may hire, and for what. These rules are part of their procedures, and, on their surface, seemingly make sense, however, those very rules, arising from the constraints they were supposed to overcome, do not. That is, these rules hobble government’s ability to locate, and recognize the creativity that they are seeking.

We note that government always hires from academia. There is an inbuilt, nearly incestuous relationship between government and academia, that promotes continued hiring (at exorbitant fees) of academics, when the government is seeking creativity to solve new problems, on those rare occasions when it actually wants a solution, yet, the academy of arts & sciences is no more ‘creative’ than government. In fact, the Academy is arguably operating on much more rigid, mind limiting protocols, than the wider, encompassing government.

If well considered, all this makes sense, and is proper. It is not the role of the government, nor the military, nor arguably even Academia, to be ‘creative’ in the problem solving sense. This is never more true than our current situation wherein the government, and academia, are infiltrated, and dysfunctional. With the corruption of both government, and academia, now is the worse time to seek ‘creative solutions’ from either.

Apparently, however, this is the time, as the Space Aliens are ‘communicating’ with us, that is to say, with government, or at least government believes this to be the case.

We may feel assurance that our deduction that government has hired consultants is accurate, and further, that these were chosen from the very best academics they could locate. Or, in this corrupt age, at least from within the ranks of college professors deemed ‘trustworthy’ by the government people in charge, all of whom are likely corrupted to some greater or lesser degree as is evidenced by the mere fact of their participation in such an effort at this point in the progress of our larger society through a phase of intense state corruption.

The consultants employed by the government to think about these (rumored) communications with Space Aliens in the direction of Andromeda are set up for failure by the very system, and people, that have hired them to to succeed. We note that it is not always the case that government wants their consultants to succeed, but in this instance we will proceed with the related ideas that the people involved in this ‘decision tree’ are really, personally, freaked out, and that they do, really, wish for their consultants to achieve the goal.

Likely the government people hired the best, trustworthy, which means, ‘tight lipped’, consulting academics they knew. Part one of the problem, they only hired from a limited set bound by ‘self interested alliances wrapped in secrecy’. Probably this is not the best of criteria for using to find someone to translate Space Alien Speak for you.

There are a slew of related and self-magnifying, and self-reinforcing problems associated with the finding and hiring process that we can just skip over as we head to the larger issues of government’s approach to THE QUESTION of HUMAN HISTORY, or ‘how to talk to Space Aliens’.

It is very doubtful that any academic hired will be allowed to know it all. This is to say, that ‘briefing documents’ that are ‘SITREPS (situation reports)’ will have been prepared for the consultants which will limit their view of the situation from the very beginning. Likely it will be limited by the wording chosen by a government employee of long standing and trustworthy to a very great degree. Again, another HUGE problem here. As we can note at any, and every, point along the way, Secrecy Imposes Limitations. Further, the constraints on the minds imposed by secrecy may not be discussed as they involve secrets, nor even acknowledged in most instances, as that betrays secrecy constraints placed on the consultants.

We know that it is very likely that our government’s consultants are hugely constrained in their work with the ‘supposed’ Space Alien communications. This is just a natural outgrowth of military paranoia and the nature of the subject. We can also speculate that the consultants have not the ability to determine if this really is communications from Space Aliens, or is the government thinking that their capture of an automated process or beacon, is ‘talking’. The SITREPs likely have very limited information about how the ‘messages’ are captured, nor what in form they arrive, nor much at all about the ‘larger picture’ of their reception. This will turn out to be a key element.

If one thinks deeply about these things, it occurs that, if we use human civilization (such as it is here on earth) as our model, any ‘outside’ group would be much more likely to encounter our automated process reporting technology, than actual humans at First Contact. This is to say, they are more likely to pick up our signals from our satellites, and probes in space, than other sources. In such an instance, it could be decades before there was any indication that Space Aliens had been monitoring human civilization.

The extension of automated reporting devices into wider areas of physical Universe is an expected, and predictable, step along the path of progress of civilization as humans have defined it. As we grow, we will naturally be inclined to send out more and more machinery ahead of our Space based activities. There are reasons to suspect this would be true of other civilizations venturing into Space.

Not that Space Aliens have to model themselves after the same patterns as humans, however, there are limits imposed by Life itself, within this Matterium, suggesting that even Space Aliens must conform to some of the same forces as control human aspirations.

We can hopefully assume that our government consultants have some basic understanding such that they will be able to recognize automated, perhaps even very sophisticated algorithmic controlled responses, over those that will originate from Life.

But, perhaps not. It may not have occurred to them that all contacts will be with Biological Beings of some form.

There are many, otherwise intelligent people, who have no technical grasp, especially of digital technology, and therefore make many, very wrong assumptions. One of these glaringly wrong assumptions is that ‘AI’ in the sense of a general purpose artificial intelligence computer program actually exists. There are people, in academic circles, who believe that AI exists, and further that “Alien AI” could come here to earth and infect our computers to our detriment. People can be sold any form of misinformation about such things as digital technologies if they are not technically inclined.

We can predict that the constraints imposed by government, as it seeks creativity to solve the ultimate in problems involving creativity, How to Speak Space Alien, will devolve into a SNAFU (Situation Normal, All Fucked Up).

However, this may well be a saving grace for humanity, given the Global War On Fucktards now ongoing. It would be good, for a while, if government was unable to Speak Space Alien. Even if they are talking with a garbage scow and don’t know it, it’s just better that this current crop of [DS] not be involved.

As noted, it is very probable that no actions on the part of this government [DS] will be successful in speaking with the Space Aliens. A survey of government, and academia fails to find that either have put any thought into the “hormone issue” as regards Space Aliens and communications. Without considering this aspect of our situation, it is very probable that government, and their academic consultants are stymied.

Don’t worry if you don’t get why hormones are important to this problem. Lack of this understanding is clearly no barrier to government employment.

Quote:Write a comment…

The Ram
Nov 22
In the first paragraph of this post, I am going to assume that Cliff may be referring to Courtney Brown of the Farsight Institute who assumes has had some ongoing dialogue with an extraterrestrial. I have watched a few of the Farsight videos on this topic- they seem a little ridiculous, but whatever.

What I do know about Farsight is that they are total trolls for MSM propaganda. Two things come to mind. First, they did a segment back in 2020 on the 'Corona Virus.' This presentation was supposedly a 'deep remote viewing dive' into the entire pandemic (scamdemic). Naturually, the 'deep dive' repeated a lot of MSM chatter at the time - ie, it was an accidental leak from the Wuhan Lab. Naturally, there have been various versions of the story in the MSM. The analysis was superficial and flimsy to say the least. In fact, despite everything that has happened in the 'covid space', Farsight has not ventured into this area since 2020 - especially the vaxx! I guess they don't want to contradict the MSM if there 'viewing' was indeed real. Talking about ET is always safe - who is going to say 'no, that's not what the ETs are saying'!

Second, I track events in the war in Ukraine everyday on multiple forums. As a former Marine officer, I just happen to have an interest. All 'remote viewing' of the Ukraine situation by Farsight concerns the 'Russians' and their 'atrocities' and 'aggressions'. I knew then that their work was BS and just shilling for the MSM. By the way, Farsight did do very good RV work when Dick Allgire and Daz Smith were viewers - I suspect they were not willing to be compromised like the young viewers there now - anyway, just an insight on the extraterrestrial communication thing at Farsight.

20221128 – World War WEF

Uprisings, riots, chaos, and new discoveries happening on every continent indicate World War WEF has begun and there are interesting connections to the Balenciaga train wreck.

01:21 Clif High’s Pure Sleep; Human Growth Hormone (HGH) precursor; GABA
02:08 War against WEF; Election issues in the US, Volcano in Hawaii, Brazil election, Australian birth rate reduction; Ukraine war; Sweden immigration policy
05:32 Riots and protests in China; Red QR code in social safety app means buying and travel don’t work and you must check into COVID facility at your own expense
10:40 All continents involved in information war; Antarctica underground area; Bolsonaro in Brazil; Worldwide election redo
14:05 China is doubling number of coal plants
15:25 Information war involves rediscovering our past; Destruction of used books
17:25 Discovery of huge cache of books in Tibet
18:32 Balenciaga fashion pedo images; Baal was used as a title for the El; El instructed slaves to move from Yemen to middle east; The word Pharoah does not exist in ancient Egypt
28:16 Baal is in charge of DNA, fertility; Associated with words Lord and God, storms and rain
30:12 Mauro Biglino translation of the bible
31:50 Talmud and space aliens; CERN from Zohar and Kabalah
32:53 Huge collapse of China economy; Riots
35:05 Interconnection of themes through history; Baal and Salvador, Brazil; Thank you not to local Baal for rescuing wounded ship with flying ship; Phoenicians; Book: The Naked Bible by Mauro Biglino
42:15 New DNA strains from Baal;
44:35 New Q posts about DNA
45:55 Did Balenciaga include BAAL on crime tape as a distraction?

Clif High - Mind your state!

Stay focused for a long-lasting battle to undo Khazarian-tainted history. DECLASS may have been predicted by the Web Bot way back in 2006.

00:16 Thanksgiving message to the troops; We’re winning, but prepare for a long battle; Twitter; Bigger than election; Started with JFK assassination
01:55 Khazarians being defeated on every battlefront; New Antarctica discovery
03:24 We must undo all the tainted history; Jesus was a Judean Essene, not a Jew; Secret societies created by the Khazarians;
06:17 Khazarians created Jewishness, pitted against Catholic Church; infiltrated Jesuits
06:48 Bloodline; Talmud; Torah translators; Yemenis and the El
08:50 Talmud describes the Gadriel (Gabriel) monkeying with DNA; Battle to eliminate the Jesus strain of DNA
12:15 Book: Redemption Through Sin
13:35 5th Generation Warfare
14:55 DECLASS – Web Bot may have predicted it, but had no defined word; Declass around Delaware, Vatican, and the West Coast

Direct podcast link:

Clif High - Huckleberries of the living dead

Considering approaches to warfare in context of the huckleberry. Awakened ones may be able go beyond 5th Generation Warfare to do 6thGenWar by changing the context of the world.

01:10 Huckleberry is a unique plant; Northern Hemisphere; High ORAC; Preservative; Fruit and blossom throughout the year
05:50 European settlers learn about huckleberries from the natives; Huckleberry syrup was 2nd commercial export; Essiac Tea
10:10 Siberian government and others prescribe huckleberry syrup; Solzhenitsyn Cancer War
11:43 I’m your huckleberry = I fill your need
14:00 Living Dead; Length of this body’s life
18:20 Metempsychosis; Long Sleep; stronger impact on the materium mean longer metempsychosis
24:25 In elapsed time, we’re mostly dead; Makes us the living Dead
26:00 Life is war; Boyd; 5GW – 5th Generation Warfare; Observe, Orient, Act, Decide
34:18 6G Warfare changes the context of the world
34:45 Book: Thinking and Destiny

No Glink Oil here.

What else you got?

Government is stupid.

Having governments is also stupid, but that is not the subject here.

Government is stupid. It bears repeating.

This is necessarily so, as the employees will always be blind to anything that is outside their schooling, including instructions they receive as part of their employment.

Government has a tendency in their hiring to replicate the types of minds already dominating the organization. This is one of the reasons that government is so difficult to change. As all organizations, to greater or lesser degree, will reflect the composite, aggregate, average, of the employees, in all aspects of intelligence.

In my long consulting life, there were many occasions of interacting with government. Both local, and state governments. My work for the Federal government was rare, though not due to lack of opportunity. It was a matter of personal choice.

In one of my programming jobs for the Telco industry, and while working at a large, secure building, I had by chance come in contact with a fellow who was a Captain in the US Army in Pleiku, Vietnam, serving under my father, who, at that time, was the ‘military governor’ for the province due to the break down of the civilian authority. This was at the end stages of that war against the communist insurrectionists. It was from that war that our current 5GW strategy and tactics emerged, but that is another, longer, story going in another direction entirely.

This is about stupid government.

We all have interacted with it, and recognize that government can, is, and always will be, stupid.

Curiously, even government employees, when they are interacting with other parts of government, recognize that government is stupid. Do they ever apply that understanding to their own part of government? Hmmmm?

To continue, my work at the Telco firm placed me in the general proximate of this fellow for months. We can call him Agent Captain Baldy. His role as a Captain in my father’s command in the highlands of Vietnam was a fake. He was a CIA agent who had been given a cover as a Captain in the 101st Airborne. This was known to my father as the CIA informed him that Agent Cpt Baldy was there, but that he, my father, was not to hassle him in any way. That Baldy was doing work for the CIA, not the Army.

Decades later, I meet Agent Cpt Baldy on the stairs going into work one spring day. He recognized me as we had met in the early 1970s when he had come by the house in Washington state to see my father and I was there.

Time passes and we meet walking up into work. Over the course of a few weeks several conversations developed, including discussions about both his, and my work.

Agent Cpt Baldy was still in government. He was then the head of that division of a subsidiary of a major government sub contractor. His company handled all manner of things, legal, illegal, and black, for the government. They have their own assigned space at Groom Lake, and other, military, bases. They work primarily for the DOD. Over a decade later, this firm had to change their name as some of their staff became embroiled in the ‘Iraq War Prison Torture’ scandal. It was “that” type of company.

As my work was with the Telco OSP that owned the building, and had occasion to hire his firm, and was a security clearance covered site (meaning all employees were background checked), Agent Cpt Baldy felt reasonably comfortable talking with me.

He was a congenial lunch companion, though not a trustworthy one...the whole CIA thing meant he was a schooled, professional liar. Still, there was nothing for me to fear from the association, so we lunched frequently, and discussion was mainly concentrated on technical subjects, an area that fascinated us both.

Jumping forward, after several months, Agent Cpt Baldy was waiting for me one morning at the building stairs. He wanted to ask me to skip work that morning if possible to attend a presentation that his firm had prepared for government masters in DOD and DC.

It was intriguing, so I accepted.

The meeting was in a plush small theater room in our building, but within the several floors that Baldy’s firm leased. It had a central table on a stage in front of a projection screen. These were what we had before cell phones. The whole audience would look at the image on the large screen projected from the back of the room. It worked.

Anyway, the presentation was all about Space Aliens. It was the product of this firm’s think-tank division’s very expensive, and long research into “First Contact: Our Response”.

There were maybe twenty-five of us in the audience, and eight people around the table below the screen on the stage.

They were allowed to show us this presentation due to it being ‘out of embargo’ and being presented, or had already been, in DC that day.

It was sort of cool. There were quality graphics, not quite movie grade. There was quality, known voice actor, narration. It was snappy & really state-of-the-art for the day.

The whole of the movie, and the presentation by the panel that followed a break and a snack, was about how government should react when the Space Aliens came down to talk to them. It was over five hours long. Many pee breaks.

The discussion by the panelists was interesting, and revealing of government-think at its finest. There were plans, charts, graphs, tables, and numbers in quantity. There were assayed, weighed, compared, analyzed and statistically correlated cross table fields being brought out and displayed.

The whole effect would please government. It was a very good effort that had resulted from over three years effort with an unknown quantity of people.

At the end of the session, they allowed for questions. As I felt myself to be a back row guest, I had kept silent. At one point a questioner had mentioned an insight I had given to him during the lunch break, and I was drawn into the discussion.

I had had to leave, needing to make an appointment on time, so was reluctant to get into it, but did ask some questions as I was walking out of the theater room without expecting any answers. They were basically along these lines.

Why did you assume that First Contact would come from the Space Aliens as representatives of a government? If we had Space Exploration technology as was described by the movie, would our government be spending our citizens’ resources mounting giant expeditions into space? If so, what would motivate them?

Why assume that Space Aliens would arrive in large ships? If even 1% of 1% of the USA population had access to space exploration ships, how many would take off daily in pursuit of purely commercial interests? How many of those, if they landed on a planet with life, would involve themselves willingly with the local’s governments? Would we ask to be taken to the local’s leaders?

As noted, government is stupid and mostly blinded by their schooling and the types of minds they employ.

In my opinion, first contact is more likely to be with a “Yankee trader” pursuing technology, archaeology, or resources for personal gain, than a big, government backed, expedition.

Either way, it’s very dangerous to assume that the Space Aliens are coming here for any reason other than their own self interested motivation. With that understanding, I sure fu*king hope we don’t get First Contact with Space Aliens by way of their government. It will be stupid too, and we have enough problems with our local versions.


The SOC (Self-Organizing Collective) is actively and deliberately changing the nature of humanity on this planet.

00:20 Aborted coup in Germany
01:42 5th Generation Warfare to 6Gen; Book: The Art of Peace by Morihei Ueshiba
07:15 Current war
08:00 Communism created by Khazarian Mafia who wrapped themselves in Jewishness
12:15 Conquered Algeria and Tunisia with Twisted Mohammadism
12:40 Conquering the US with Green New Deal – Save the planet for MY descendants; Limit plane travel; Oxfordshire County lockdown; UK won’t exist in 2024
15:15 AmRev 2.0 (American Revolution 2.0); First US, then other countries
20:20 SOC (Self-Organizing Collective) is self-selecting

20221212 – Oumuamua Caused Covid
Did the appearance of Oumuamua accelerate WEF plans to put the world under their subjection?

    00:10 Oumuamua caused Covid; Detailed description of Oumuamua: metallic, tubular, 800mx80m, 196,000 km/h to 225,000 km/hr, hollow
    04:25 Strategic outgassing created thrust – artificial gravity
    06:45 Radiation harvesting
    08:08 Announced in 2017, but probably were aware around 2009
    09:08 WEF are almost all Khazarians; Khazarian Mafia, Talmud, Torah, and Zohar; Fascination with the number 11
    15:50 Second Coming of the El (space aliens); 11 years of total domination
    18:50 Two horns
    19:55 Agenda 2050 accelerated by appearance of Oumuamua
    23:40 Bifurcation of beliefs around prophecy; Forcing deity to do something
    26:50 Agenda 2030 was supposed to happen 11 years after 2019 Covid takeover
    29:00 Oumuamua = “the sound”; Two more on the way
    32:23 Clif High’s Pure Sleep with GABA to recover from the stress of the times

Direct video link:

WTF, eh?
WTF, eh?

There is work coming to you/us/I.

On July 13, 2018, I died from colon cancer. I was 65 years old.

It was painful. When entering the hospital, I had no fear as I did not assume I would be coming out. There was lots of pain though. We won’t go into the how & why that this occurred. A not very pleasant diversion from where we need to go today.

As you are reading this, you may be guessing that things did not work out the way I had assumed.

You would be correct.

I died just as anesthesia was being brought up to the table. It was something of a relief, death I mean, but one that did not last.

I had floated to the top of the room, and joined with the other parts of my over-all being, my ‘higher being’, as most would grok it. All was good at that point. I remember feeling really sad about the state of the body laying on the operating table, being sliced up, and the abuse it had taken to get to this stage. But, it was not my issue at that moment, I had died, and had been released from the corpse.

Or so it seemed. But as things progressed, the idea came across that I was not to be allowed to go on, but rather was being thrown back into both what remained of that body, and this world. After all, I was, still, technically, the ‘active Doer-in-the-Body’.

I objected. Seriously. There was still the feeling of some small level of ‘physical energy’, and I put that into my objections to my ‘higher self’ about this raw deal, as I saw it then.

It was kind of stupid thing to do. I was trying to argue my ‘self’ into some other position. LOL. Wasn’t going to happen. I tried pointing how badly the body was being mangled, how abused it was, how much was being removed, how thin it was, how weak, and it was all to no avail.

As the surgeon assistant stitched me up and the anesthesia levels dropped, I felt myself being hauled back into the corpse. As I was returning into the body, I was told “there is work coming to you/us/i”.

I was really really pissed about it.

My body was a wreck. It was at 128 pounds with clothes on. Usually it ran about 172. Big difference. And it was old. The cancer had depleted more than muscle, it had taken teeth, bone, and cartilage before killing me. Gruesome way to go. I know. Been there. Did that. Did not want to do it yet again.

One has no control over such things in this Matterium, in this Universe, so here I am, back with y’all.

Initially, I tried to die again over those four days of ‘recovery’ in the hospital. Then, on the fourth day, I realized that dying wasn’t going to ‘take’ with me, and I set about real recovery.

It was a serious challenge. I have healed from injuries intermittently throughout my life, some big, involving hundreds of stitches, and this was the roughest to date. It took me almost five months to get sufficiently through the anesthesia amnesia to regain some mental abilities. That’s when the difficult work began.

I needed to heal, so I researched healing. Right off I discover that our bodies only heal during sleep, so I set about creating my PureSleep formula to aid my body and to aid its capacity to sleep, and to sleep well.

There was more, much more... research and decisions to be made. I fired the oncologist team as I determined that they had no knowledge of how to heal from cancer, only how to ‘treat’ cancer, and even that, they did poorly judging by all the patients gathering in their waiting room, all dying, some fast, some slow. I could see it, having crossed so recently.

We won’t go to the health ‘care’ description, we are headed elsewhere in this Universe.

So, along through 2019, and 2020, as I was healing, I was also sued.

At first, for over a month, I did not accept the suit as real. It was sooo much horseshit strung together I was certain it was a joke.

There had been several ‘interactions’ between myself and an internet personality that I characterize as “butthead Corey Goode”, and that personality decided to include me in a lawsuit he filed against a number of people alleging, among other things, ‘cyber stalking’ that rose to the level of a R.I.C.O. claim.

Corey’s lawsuit against me sought 5/five million dollars as compensation for the ‘damages’ he claimed I had done to him. Basically it came down to that I did not accept his Gaia TV show as being factual, nor did I accept any of his claims as factual, and I said so.

Ok, so maybe I as a snarky fucker in how I said it. Could be. I was being subjected to huge body level issues at the time. Not only body issues in the cancer dying process as the affront being claimed took place in the years before my cancer induced death, but also attitude issues from that process of dying from an undiagnosed cancer, so I may have been reacting badly to Corey’s many attacks on me. Not only was he fighting on-line with myself, and some of the other defendants from his many cases, but he had, allegedly, also set actual stalkers, as well as a cyber stalking gang, into motion, or so it would seem from events that transpired over those years from 2015 onward.

So time passes, the lawsuits wax and wane, and I get impatient. I fired my attorneys, and went Pro Se. Within just barely a year, my strategy produced results, and the judges release me from this legal obligation through lack of jurisdiction. Hooray, say I.

Then what?

Sitting back, I realized that my feelings about the case were always of it being a ‘preliminary bout’. It dawned on me early that Universe was guiding this process. That the Corey lawsuit had been there to get my ‘fighting spirit’ back after the beat-down by the cancer (you cannot imagine how much cancer takes our ‘ki’ force). It worked. Corey’s case was just such a huge pile of bullshit, and so un-just, that it got me really angry at a very deep, core level.

Universe knows what it’s doing. That’s when covid came along.

I was already engaged in one battle, but the lawsuit was sloooow, many days happening between events, with me being a fast-study, and quick responder, I had time to fill so sliding over to doing battle with bullshit medical claims over our developing, unfolding, plan-demic was just a natural.

Of course, we all know where that led, to videos, to fights with foreign governments (AU & NZ) for things I suggested in those videos, to FBI contacts (which I refused... fu*k’em) on behalf of those foreign governments, and ultimately my saying absolutely foul things like “Vitamin D, Zinc, CHAGA” and getting my Twitter account banned.

Along the way, though, Universe rewarded me, kind of like a pat on the head bit of encouragement by having the judges in the Corey case agree with me, and grant my Motion to Dismiss filing.

Such are the ‘cookies’ that Universe hands out. Proof you are on the correct path is not hard to find, IF you are on that path.

There are others. One arrived recently. It came in the form of the Corey Goode deposition on another of his lawsuits. In there he admits that the whole blue space chicken thing was made up. He also says that calling them chickens is slander, but what he fails to grasp, among much else in our, common reality, is that an ‘idea’ cannot be slandered.

So it goes. There are two aspects to such battles as the Corey lawsuit in which I was engaged. These are Victory, and Vindication.

I had my victory when the judges granted the MTD. Recently Universe provided the vindication. Link below goes to a twitter thread with video clips from the deposition referenced herein.

Twitter avatar for @DrewMKay
Drew @DrewMKay
Here's the coup de grace.

Corey says that the Anshar, his inner-earth people, are fictional characters and are no more real than Han Solo from Star Wars.
1:42 AM ∙ Dec 13, 2022

Now, of course, all the Woo People will also be thinking, as I had when Corey’s suit came along, that, well, this lawsuit is not very much ‘work’. Probably not enough for my higher self to throw me back this way. It seems far more likely that the lawsuit was just a warm-up to help me heal up, man up, toughen up, and anger up.

Likely the real ‘work’ is the World War WEF thing. Global total unrestricted 5G war is truly ‘work’. Note that this War also involves both Victory, and Vindication.

To those who can see, the ‘seers’, there are absolutely no coincidences in this Universe. None. It’s all part of a plan. You can trust that, to a point.

So it goes in this Matterium.

My advice to those who, like myself, get thrown back here with the admonition “there is work coming to you/us/i”, is to take it seriously.

You/us/i ain’t lying to yourself.

Antisemitism is the new climate change.

Antisemitism is the new climate change.

Jews are carbon too.

The [DS] is desperate.

Nothing is going well for them now.

The [DS] is powered by the Khazarian Mafia.

The [KM] has very limited imagination.

The [KM] will always revert to type.

It is for this reason that the Jewish community is now at risk. The [KM] will sacrifice Jews to promote the idea of antisemitism. How else can they sell it? There MUST be evidence. Just as in the pogroms in the past, in Poland, in Spain, in Italy, in Austria, and on and on. They need bodies in the streets, they need Jewish bodies horribly mutilated in order to sell a False Flag lie by their lying media.

This is no joke. This is a forecast of potential events to come.

My ALTA (Asymmetric Linguistic Trends Analysis) reports had frequent forecasts for this time we now are living through in which “pogrom” was a primary descriptor for the sets of events being forecast.

These forecasts included specific references. One was to an entire subdivision being surrounded and the Jewish houses attacked with fire. The descriptor set was truly horrific in tone.

These descriptor sets were included in the reports for many reasons, chief among them that perhaps forewarning would lead to prevention. The future is developing constantly and as such may be susceptible to efforts to change it.

Now that we are several years into this global, unrestricted war, the questions are more cynically presented as the times now demand that reality comes down to assessments of potentials and probabilities relative to strategies and tactics.

Just how many dead people will it take for the [DS/KM] to sell the idea that antisemitism is the new climate change? Who will they decide to sacrifice to that end?
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By clif high  ·  Launched a year ago

Vox Populi - Legislator Be Advised

Dec 13
·edited 14 hr ago

It’s been obvious since Russia went into Ukraine to clean out that viper’s nest that the [DS] and [KM] would eventually strike back. Their attempts at trying to start brushfire wars around the periphery of Russia, in Kazakhstan, Serbia, Armenia in fact across all of Central Asia has so far failed to ignite anything significant. Their attempts to start WW3 seems to have similarly failed.

In fact it’s finally dawned on these pea-brains that they’re losing and badly.

Unfortunately they don’t have a good Plan B except to panic.

The anti-Semitism False Flag is the [KM]’s desperate attempt to wrap themselves in the shroud of the Holocaust to protect whatever is left of their power and their ‘culture’.

As the truth is revealed about their crimes nothing is going to protect them, not claiming to be Jewish and being persecuted.

The KM really do think their old playbook is still effective, hence pulling the same stunts.

They will try and flee to Israel to claim refuge from their ‘oppressors’, once the world sees through their fake Jewishness nothing is going to save them.

Israel will indeed be the Armageddon of the KM.

The problem is that true Jews need to recognize the imposters among them and to take appropriate steps to deal with them.


Some comments have pointed out one thing I missed.

Many of these KM rats carry dual citizenship with Isreal.

How many in the US gov’t in high places have such dual citizenship?, this is one way to sniff out these KM rats.

Nice and handy to use if things get too hot and it’s time to flee.

It’s also nice and handy to control a tiny nuclear armed nation to use as a shield and a fortress to retreat and rebuild their power from, with nobody daring to attack you.

Unfortunately Revelations 16:16 would say otherwise…

These roaches will find Israel will be their final stop in their earthly existence.

Edit2: This isn’t to imply all people holding dual citizenships with Israel are KM, but that it’s interesting that so many US gov’t officials in high positions seem to be duals.

20221214 – P2 and P3
A description of Protocols 2 & 3 as scenarios for ancient space alien interaction with humans and instructions that were left for their second coming.

    00:19 Protocol 2 and Protocol 3 for First Contact
    02:22 Summary of Protocol 1: It is likely that a space alien expeditionary force visited Earth more than 6000 years ago. Those that remained concentrated in Yemen, Meso-America, and Antarctica; The remnant left approx 2000 years ago
    08:00 Protocol 2 adds layer of complexity; Element of design in space alien interaction with Earth; They left us with religions
    09:36 Cargo Cults
    14:33 Protocol 3: Tactic used while they were here, not for after they left
    20:38 WEF/Khazarian Mafia is preparing for the second coming of the space aliens; As a result, some of their actions can be predicted
    23:00 Phoenician religion
    25:05 Talmud did not exist during the time of Jesus; Many of the books were formulated in the middle ages
    27:05 Some Old Testaments differ from each other as much as 60%

Direct podcast link:

20221214 – Complicated Currents
Expect a fun new year as government secrets start flooding out. Watch the January 6 court case.

    00:15 Political currents; Illusion about the US republic
    02:59 Kennedy Assassination was a coup
    04:20 Our reality is closer to Ancient Rome and Caligula
    05:30 Toxic Testosterone and Chemical Castration
    07:00 Two battling forces; SOC (Self-Organizing Collective)
    08:08 Attempted coups on Justinian by the Khazarians
    09:00 In 2023 some of the currents will be exposed; Supreme Court has scheduled the Brunson case for January 6
    12:53 Roe v Wade was bogus and has been undone
    15:42 Were Clarence Thomas and his wife poisoned?
    18:50 MotherWEFers aware
    19:52 Government secrets will start coming out like a flood by January
    21:35 Juan O Savin is tied in; SGANON and Charlie Ward are idiots; Kash Patel and Gen Flynn
    24:14 Transition from Roman Empire to the Byzantine Empire

Direct podcast link:

Masakatsu agatsu

Masakatsu Agatsu.

Lessons are incoming…

Universe is in charge of this Matterium.

This Matterium is your ass, and all that stuff that you sit your ass upon, and all the stuff that supports that stuff. All those ‘atoms’, all that ‘matter’.

We are matter, partially, here in this Matterium.

This Matterium is going through one of its Grand Shifts.

This shift is the movement out of Pisces into Aquarius.

These shifts involve Great Energy, Great Changes, and great opportunities for individual change that we call ‘personal growth’.

These Great Shifts of the Ages are filled with opportunities that only exist during these Times. Many souls seek to participate. Universe decides which are among the Fortunate Ones.

Note that it is ‘which’ that is applied to ‘souls’ as the individual soul is not self-aware, it is only aware of its tasks, thus is not a ‘who’ or ‘whom’.

You are a Fortunate One. It may not feel so fortunate here in the midst of a Great Change.

But remember, you asked to be here, now. In fact, you were desperate to be here, now, in the midst of all this.

Yes? Nod your head in agreement.

You wanted to be here, now, explicitly for this opportunity for Change, both writ Large as it affects all of Humanity, and our World, but also as it is writ small, but perhaps far more meaningful, at a truly personal level.

Universe has gifted you. Universe likes you, the proof of which is that you are here, now, swimming in this heady mix of the Forces of Change that occurs only every 2580 years!

Starting to grasp how Fortunate you are?

Change is difficult to achieve, in this Universe. Thus the existence of this Matterium is exactly as a vessel for Change. All changes occur at the personal level, becoming combined to create such Great Changes as we now experience. All Change, great and small, only comes into manifestation due to Opposition. Without the force of Opposition, there is no movement, at any level, within Matterium. Thus is revealed why, frequently, you think your life to be sh*t. It is because, in the action and chaos of personal change, you took your attention off the need for the opposition, thus took it ‘personally’.

These are the days of the Great Awakening. The Great Awakening requires Great Opposition. The normies are going to take both of these very personally indeed, and will not have any appreciation for what the fu*k is happening to them. They will be annoying during this Shift.

It is always thus. Annoying normies. The ‘opposition’ that Universe provides between the Great Awakening, and the Great Reset intended to put the normie population back to sleep and under control yet again, may be very accurately labeled as a ‘war’. This is in spite of everyone, excepting a bare handful of humans, actually understanding what purpose ‘war’ serves, here in this Matterium.

That is the way it always is, for those of us awake on arrival. We are here to serve the annoying normies. It’s our work. Don’t ask about the ‘why’ of it all, but recognize that, as you are awake, you are a participant, therefore, a ‘warrior’ at some level, in this Great War of the Shift of Ages. Note that ‘samurai’ means ‘to serve’, and is a very accurate label for all of us, selected by Universe, to serve in this Great War.

The Great Awakening, at one level, is about normies graduating to some greater awareness. This is the ‘prize’ of this War. At other levels, and particularly pertinent to you, it is about the potential for personal change or growth. These opportunities, at these levels are rare, 2580 years apart rare.

Don’t worry, you are not wasting your opportunities. Proof of which is that you are reading these words.

This War will last a long time. During this War, you will have many roles. These roles will be offered to you within the Matterium. You will see the signs in your personal changes as you need to. Matterium works that part out for you.

You are one of the few, the Fortunate Ones, those who are swimming in the Currents of this Shift of Ages, not bobbing along as a cork (normie). Swimming means that you are taking personal responsibility by self-movement, self-direction.

Take heed, and care, of the normies you encounter in your splashing around in these Times. They are like you, only they need a few more lifetimes to get clued into how it works, down here in the Matterium.

As Above, so Below.

As it is Outward, thus it is Inward.

To see all of Universe,

I need only observe my own Nature.

To understand all that manifests,

I need only Touch the Void.

Masakatsu agatsu (True Victory is Victory over Self).

{an aikido ‘reflection’ said quietly as you start your zazen session. }

20221217 – You Are Delusional
The future is merely a potential range of possibilities being created in our present. Wokians have brittle delusions that have been reinforced by motherWEFers.

00:28 Book: Behave by Robert Sapolsky
01:40 Reality; The future does not exist except as we create it just ahead of our current reality; The future is a range of potential
06:20 Cocreation
10:20 Past has faded out; You can’t go back
12:02 No such thing as time travel; Cory Goode is full of sh*t
14:10 Communist and socialist mind virus; Video series: Kleo
15:50 Nobody is buying communism anymore; Renamed “Green New Deal” and other woke stuff
17:40 Freud’s ideas were horseshit; Delusions
21:40 Sapolsky’s approach is better Bahaviorial complex forms personality; Hormonal Pump; Three self-reinforcing areas; Emotional; Hormonal; Behavior
27:45 Personalities will shift over time
28:20 MotherWEFers fu*king with hormones; Hormones can reinforce an invalid mental state
30:45 Delusions are hormonal stuff attached to a false understanding of reality
33:00 Clif’s encounters with delusional people in Starbucks
34:30 Cory Goode’s delusion
36:25 MotherWEFer forced reality is very brittle
40:10 Major shift of the ages due to the delusions being global
41:50 Social order delusions fall away faster than personal delusions because there is no hormonal influence affecting the social order; Karens are fading away
43:50 Cory Goode’s time travel delusion
44:55 Past yellow Sun vs current white Sun
46:56 If you’re interested in this kind of stuff [behavior, reality and delusions], you can read Sapolsky, his understanding is far better than Freud.
47:13 Larger range of possibilities will be exposed immanently

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